“George Clooney is distantly related to President Abraham Lincoln” links

Ancestry.com reveals that George Clooney is distantly related to Abraham Lincoln. [IDLYITW]
Halle Berry looks like a Star Trek villain in this dress. [LaineyGossip]
Daniel Radcliffe probably got to see the Hamm Dong. [Dlisted]
A dude chimes in on breastfeeding, and he’s not horrible. [Jezebel]
Most of these fall hair trends are pretty rough. [Pop Sugar]
I was sucked into this post because of the Fassbender GIF. *sigh* [Pajiba]
Ke$ha looks….? OK, she doesn’t look good here. [Go Fug Yourself]
I think Katie Holmes is aiming for “preppy”. It’s not working. [A Socialite Life]
That Cee Lo Green sexual assault story is getting worse. Ugh. [The Blemish]
Team USA does “Gangnam Style”!! [OMG Blog]
Isla Fisher, out with her two daughters. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Jessica Chastain looks like a cyborg on this mag cover. [Evil Beet]
Michael Nouri was arrested for domestic violence. [CDAN]
Kendell Jenner really does have a model-y figure. [Reality Tea]
Some women look awesome in menswear-inspired pieces. [Yeeeah]
Dear Todd Akin: FTLOG, STFU. [The Frisky]
Jennie Garth says that Luke Perry wants to set her up. [Wonderwall]

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  1. Amelia says:

    I’ve gone off the Clooney of late, and I don’t know a great deal about American Presidents so I’ll leave that one alone.
    But does anyone else find it a little creepy some website went around snooping into his ancestry?
    The Team USA video made me chuckle :) I just bought the 2012 Olympics DVD box and I’ve been getting nostalgic for the summer already!

  2. Blue says:

    Ughhh. Todd Akin. Smh. I don’t even have words for how much I loathe this guy.

    • Green_Eyes says:

      Totally agree… Plus the other 11 men running on the same issues.

    • Me Too says:

      And yet, this idiot will probably win. Or, if he doesn’t win, it’ll be close and women will have voted for him.

      The Dr. In Tenn. Who has run on ” family values” and has made being pro life a central part of his political career, cheated several times on his wife…with patients. His last “girlfriend” got pregnant. He told her to get an abortion. His wife found out about her and, in an “effort” to prove to his now ex wife that he was dumping her, the Dr. Taped a phone call where he yells at his mistress for not having the abortion. He tells her he’s paid and why hasn’t she gone? He arranged for it out of state. She cries and says he promised to go. The tape continues on. His wife was disgusted and separated from him. She made the tape available and he admitted it was him. He’s winning…

  3. Sarah says:

    As if Clooney wasn’t insufferable enough!

    • Roxy says:

      Soooo sick of Clooney and his jerking-off B.O. too. Of course he’s related to Lincoln. Aren’t we all? Seriously. I love most of his movies, but he’s a snob about everything. Cannot stand him. Tired of his politics and buddying up to the black president. Like that gets him points? LOL. Big deal! Yea, claim Lincoln, he freed the slaves, B.O. is the black president, you gave him millions. You are an american hero! NOT!!!! If movie stars would just make movies and STFU, it would be fine!

  4. DreamyK says:

    If what I read on TMZ is correct, and CeeLo admitted to doping a girl up and having sex with her when she wasn’t able to give informed consent, and it’s on tape..then..wow. So full of wrong.

    At that point it’s not having sex, it’s having rape. Damn.

  5. Elceibeno08 says:

    ” Mommy”s baby, daddy’s maybe” I doubt very much how real genetic heritage can be accurate.

    • LucyOriginal says:

      You would be surprised. If you are able to track down your maternal ancestry through mitochondrial DNA analysis. IN his case, he can “track down” maternal and paternal DNA analysis (since he is XY, they can analyse the haplotypes for Y chromosome). It’s not a 100% accurate (you must account for SNP’s, etc), but the likelihood can be high.

  6. Elceibeno08 says:

    No one knows for your sure who your true ancestors are.

  7. Incredulous says:

    Does George fight vampires though?

  8. Amy says:

    Millions of people are “distantly related” to historical American figures. This/Clooney is not special.

  9. Cody says:

    Oh yeah, I notice the resemblance between Abe and George. They have the same nose and chin.

  10. SusieQ2 says:

    I’m loving ‘Nashville’!

    I’m really surprised but Hayden Panettiere is so good in it as Juliette. I’m rooting for her. The music is awesome and Lennon and Maisy are so cute!

    BTW, the baby panda in San Diego zoo has his first tooth!! He’s soooo cute!


  11. DB says:

    I’d believe it more if they said that Clooney was related to Cary Grant…

  12. DT says:

    George needs to lay off the Grecian Formula. If you’re going to dye your hair go to a professional. Don’t comb that lead based product through your hair it looks horrible. By the way, I loved the silver and wish he’d just stay natural.

    • Me Too says:

      As much as I agree that some “celebrities” are too much in our faces, George Clooney is not to blame for the Lincoln story. He had nothing to do with it. Probably wishes it would go away as except when he’s trying to sell a movie, he pretty much stays out of the limelight. Yeah, he’s a womanizer and his choice of girlfriends is sad. But he’s not a huge jerk who sits around looking to see who famous he’s related to and promoting it. Give the guy a little break!

      • Sakota says:

        Maybe not in this way, but he does more than enough schmoozing with Obama and the rest of the UN whenever he can. He is such a tool. He’s always portraying himself as some high level diplomat when in fact he’s climbing like a social climber instead of getting a solid education.

      • e.non says:

        how horrible of clooney to use his celebrity for humanitarian purposes. the nerve of him traveling repeatedly to the sudan to witness the plight of the dispossessed and testify to congress.
        oh, and if you don’t think the celebrity means anything, check out the attendance of members of congress when one testifies — against the testimony of the experts. not to mention the resulting media coverage.

  13. O Brother!!!! says:

    Did you see his sister Ada on ET? She does’t look like she gets any help from him. He keeps his famewh**** in luxury but forgets about his own flesh and blood. What a snob.

    • Me Too says:

      Excuse me but you are making assumptions based on a few photos that look like they were taken without his sister’s permission. And, how do you know his sister wants his help? How do you know he doesn’t help? Perhaps she would rather have help with her kids education and doesn’t care about a new car or diamonds? Yes, George Clooney is a womanizer and he picks women based solely on their looks who seem to care greatly about money and fame. I think maybe you’re attacking him for not helping his sister because you don’t agree with his politics.

  14. mandy says:

    Abraham has to turn around in his grave the poor man!

  15. JFS61 says:

    So what? If you go far enough back into anyone’s genealogy, you’ll find all sorts of connections to famous/infamous people.


  16. norm says:

    He looks identical to Jay Leno these days. Can’t tell the difference.

    I’m related to Adam and Eve…

  17. Green is Good says:

    Epic Word with the gentleman on Jezebel . Breast feeding is a personal issue. Lay off on the guilt.

  18. Peachy says:

    Four score and seven years ago, I decided Clooney is as gay as the lay is dong.

  19. Amy C says:

    I think Clooney is clear cut better than leo anytime.