Brad Pitt is a furniture designer now, his new collaboration comes out soon

Note: Previously we included some photos from Architectural Digest’s slideshow, which they have asked us to take down. You can see AD’s slideshow here The photos are property of AD and Pollaro Custom Furniture. In one of the photos, Brad is sitting with furniture maker Frank Pollaro “in the wine cellar at the actor’s home in France.”

Anyway, you might ask yourself, “Why is Brad hanging out in his wine cellar with a furniture maker? Is he having some new, specially-designed pieces added to his sex dungeon? A coffee table perchance?” Well, sort of! Brad is collaborating with Frank Pollaro on a small line of furniture, from bed frames/headboards to dining tables to armchairs. I’m including some of the Architectural digest images of Brad’s designs at the bottom of the post, and you can see the AD slideshow here. It’s not my taste, but you have to understand, I don’t really think all of this “modern” stuff is very liveable or half as “utilitarian” as it looks. Brad sat down for an interview in the December issue of AD to preview the collection, which you can read here at Architectural Digest.

I could totally see a bunch of rich people clamoring for Brad’s pieces. I’m being serious – there are probably a lot of rich people who want to own some Brad Pitt Designs. I like simplicity of design too, but my style is more eclectic, and I think a little modern goes a long way, you know? If you go full-blown modern, pretty soon you’re just living in a white box with lots of glass and chrome. Which brings me to some photos of Brad’s designs… I think the woods chosen are ugly, and the “uninterrupted line” tables look like someone was playing with a paperclip and got an idea for a table. I kind of like the white leather armchair….? It’s impractical, and it says “I’m a bachelor with no animals”… but it looks comfortable.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • Gwyneth says:

      Big LOL. He is a homewrecker, he is a bad actor, and he is a bad designer. Just look at his engagement rings.

      • maya says:

        Aww, you’re still not over him Gwyneth? Lol!

      • poppy says:

        too much competition for you, goop? was taken, you’re safe. for now.

      • Lana says:

        No. Brad has never been a homewrecker. Get your facts straight. Aniston was the one who cheated Brad, destroyed their marriage, and now homewrecked Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux. She is the only homewrecker and skank. Try getting your facts straight before making a fool of yourself.
        Edit: funny you chose the nic ‘gwyneth’ this time around, when Brad was betrayed by Gwyneth when she cheated on him and they subsequently ended their engagement. Brad knows the pain of being cheated on, unlike Jennifer and Gwyneth who are cheaters and homewreckers yet to experience their own karma back. You have a habit of supporting homewreckers and cheaters (Gwyneth, Jennifer) – are you one too, perhaps?

      • May says:

        LOL I didn’t know that Jennifer was cheating Brad with Angelina. I don’t remember “Mrs and Mrs Smith” movie.

      • Misnomer says:

        Whats Mr and Mrs Smith got to do with anything May? Brad didn’t cheat during that movie. Have you heard of Wanderlust? The movie Justin and Jen cheated together on.

      • Lishka says:

        If your home is in order, if your home is strong, aint nothing and no one that can wreck it! Just sayin. All these whiners about homewreckin blahdiblah, they are all scared someone will come and steal their man because they don’t treat their home how they ought to, living in fear!

        As for his designs, I like it. Modern, yeah, slightly impractical (I mean, can you imagine trying to fit your knees under the dining table without hitting some protrusion?) yep…but they look cool as hell. And if you read the interview he is very modest and self-depreciating, so its odd that people can get so full of it when criticizing someone who is fortunate enough to have the luxury he does but obviously KNOWS and appreciates how fortunate he is.

        And CB – the shirt is by FOX racing. They do motocross gear and motorcycle gear.

      • deehunny says:

        @Lana– I think it’s common knowledge that Brad cheated w/Angelina. I haven’t heard anything that Jen cheated on Brad during their marriage.

        But that was a long time ago. He deserves to be happy with Angelina. And I too think that Jen picked career over children and marriage.

      • Bluedog says:

        As a mature adult woman, it is puzzling and saddening to see other chronological adult women obsess over Brad, Jen, and Angelina. Guess what, people? You do NOT know them nor will you EVER know them. It’s weird and strange that some people are getting so emotional over a years old love triangle that group of strangers made.

        Get a grip!

  1. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    Don’t quit the day job Brad. Tacky and unoriginal.

  2. Ruth Dunbar says:

    I like “modern” furniture, and I like the glass top coffee table, but you’d be better off just going to Design Within Reach, Room & Board, etc. There’s nothing special about any of these pieces.

  3. mandalala says:

    I just think about what a pain it would be to vacuum under that coffee table.

  4. kosy says:

    “For me there is something more grand at play, as if you could tell the story of one’s life with a single line.”

    Jesus. Between this sentence (it’s furniture not Chanel!), that shirt, and the tacky pieces itself, I honestly don’t know what’s worse.

  5. lizbet says:

    Wow. He really did design Angelina’s ring all by himself.

  6. Starlight says:

    This guy is not only very good looking but also talented. No wonder Jennifer is very bitter. Who wouldn’t?

    • Lana says:

      Totally. But serves Jennifer right. But it was her choice. Her decision to wreck her own marriage. She betrayed Brad and chose a movie career over her marital vows. Now she is stuck with a cheating short bald greasy-looking con-artist. When Jennifer seduced and stole Justin on set without a thought to poor Heidi, I just knew she showed her true colours and now she is engaged to a cheating dog. I can’t wait for Justin to cheat on her just like he did to Heidi. How you get em is how you lose em, and I have no doubt Jennifer is regretting spitting on her marrital vows to .Brad now. Brad was too good for Jennifer anyway. She deserves a piece of trash like Theroux. Once a cheater always a cheater and Jennifer is a cold homewrecker. She is the loser out of them all.

  7. tracking says:

    That top picture is Brad Pitt? Seriously?

    • Cherry says:

      I KNOW! That photo cracks me up. He looks like a homeless drunk. Is that… a ponytail? And a tracksuit? Go figure, this is apparently what he looks like when he’s wandering down the house. Poor Angelina.

    • Chatcat says:

      Can you say mid-life-crisis? Brad is my age and does nothing for me at all. Now he’s going to try to push seriously overpriced bad furniture? UGH!

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        Well, I don’t think he’s exactly pushing his furniture line at ‘you’ specifically as he is at people who can afford to buy it.

        I think the furniture will do very well in Europe. It seems very ‘Scandinavian’ to me.

        I think the bed is very practical. Who wouldn’t like a ready stand when they’re in bed watching TV for a cup of something hot, a snack, or an iPad/Kindle?

      • Chatcat says:

        Emma…how many people can spend $45K on a chair? Even in Europe now-a-days… I know I can’t, and if I had hundreds of millions of dollars that I could just piss away, I would hope it would be on something nicer then that ugly ass chair or tacky table. Really, some people have more money then sense.

        Actully the more I tortured myself by looking at the chair, the more I thought “God that looks like the tooth replica I saw in the dentist office the other day. Maybe my dentist wants and can afford that chair…that would be a novelty while waiting to be pained and overcharged for it!”

      • Lana says:

        Erm, I think he is designing it for the Hollywood market as Emma tried to explain to you but you didn’t get it. His market will be people that can well afford it.

      • Chatcat says:

        Jeez Lana I got it! It’s called sarcasm. You just want to be vile to anybody on this thread that doesn’t or doesn’t want to kiss Brad’s ass or aren’t infatuated with him as you seem to be. It’s actually funny how riled up you are on a Sunday afternoon about something as unimportant as ugly furniture and Brad Pitt.

      • Lana says:

        Woah. Talk about getting riled up! Calm down or you’ll blow a blood vessel. You’re the only one getting riled up. I’m afraid for you if you get that worked up. And you obviously didn’t get it because otherwise you wouldn’t have said: “Emma…how many people can spend $45K on a chair? Even in Europe now-a-days… I know I can’t” which has nothing to do with his niche market in Hollywood. You just got all offended, angry and got vile and nasty to cover up for the fact you didn’t get it. Calm down! There is no need to really lose it like that and attack other posters. Chill. Its not that serious. (slowly backs away).

      • Chatcat says:

        Thanks for the concern but really no need to worry about me, I am not the one ranting and raving in response to multiple poster’s all over this thread here today. Cheers!

      • Lana says:

        Actually, you might not be replying to many people but you are the only one ranting and raving. Perhaps you should stand back and read the intonation of your posts. You sound positively scary with your attacks. Take it easy! Enjoy your day.

      • Chatcat says:

        Says the person who, on no less then 3 posts here today, goes on tangents about “skanks”, “cheating dog”, “loser”, “homewrecker”, telling other people to “calm down”. Skimming this thread, you’re the winner of the most number of posts on this thread today, but hey I’m the one that is “scary” according to you. You need to put your obsession with Brad away for awhile and take a break from all this angst against non Brad fans on CB.

    • Hmmm says:

      I’m danish and it dose not look scandinavian – many scandinavian people would call it very tacky.

  8. jinni says:

    Between the Chanel commercial and this article, I really feel like he and Goop were soulmates. They should have never broken up. Can you image what a force of pretentious intellect they would’ve been? It would make James Franco weep.

  9. MrsBPitt says:

    $45,000 for a chair…$45,000 FOR A CHAIR…gulp! Wow…I really have NO idea how the other half lives…if I paid $45,000 for a chair Brad Pitt better be sitting in it….naked!!!

  10. MoxyLady007 says:

    Nothing unique or original here although I am sure he is so insulated from criticism he will never know and will continue to consider himself a cutting edge designer of importance.

  11. Eleonor says:

    I’m not that much into modern design fornitures, but the Brad’s stuff look like something déjàvu.

  12. Addison says:

    Just looking at the examples in this story, I don’t think there is any talent there. Thank goodness I am not rich so that I wouldn’t waste my money on these ridiculous things. I am an artist and this doesn’t look artistic to me. Blech.

    • Kimlee says:

      I can say the same about your art if I saw it and you as an artist but would that make me right?

      As an artist (if thats what you really are) you should know art is subjective, and just because you don’t like it or find it interesting dosen’t mean someone eles won’t.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        +1. I agree with you Kimlee.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Kimlee: Addison didn’t say she was ‘right’ about anything. Addison’s comment is just her opinion. She says ‘I think’ and ‘to me’ which is language you use when giving a personal opinion.

        I think being an artist would give Addison a pretty good idea that art is highly subjective.

        There is no need for snide asides i.e. ‘if thats what you really are’.

        Her negative opinion of Brad’s furniture is just as valid as someone else’s effusively positive one. Addison didn’t say anyone else’s opinion was wrong.

      • Raven says:

        Agree, Kimlee. And if someone didn’t want their opinion on art to be considered more valid or important, the person wouldn’t let us know she was an artist.

  13. Cathy says:

    I prefer furniture that I wouldn’t mind if it got used. I would be to scared to use any of that furniture. I want a comfy house, not a showpiece that I can’t sit on or put a drink on.

  14. Sarah says:

    The shirt is made by a well-known motocross company. There’s a track down the road from my house. I have nothing to say about the furniture.

  15. spinner says:

    How very under-whelming. I had to look twice at the pic of Brad to make sure it was really him. What has happened to this man? Looks like his over-inflated ego has taken over. This totally smacks of the horrible Chanel ads as well.

  16. Jean says:

    He looks unwashed, half stoned, and his “designs” are not new or inspiring… This is a clear case of believing one’s own PR and the only thing the man has going for him is he’s obsceneley rich and can buy all the accolades, press write ups, and smoke blown up his ar$e that he wants. Nothing of interest here folks, move along.

  17. RN says:

    I just love the white chair and would snap it up. The bed would look amazing in a certain setting, as would the glass table with the gold base. I’m interested to see what other designs he comes up with in the future.

  18. videli says:

    If my husband wore that shirt I’d take it as a personal insult. On the other hand I’m a big fan of modern design, including some of his products.

  19. SusieQ2 says:

    Brad is not a generous host – look at the size of his glass of wine compared to the teeny one poor Frank has.

    I have to say I love Art Deco stuff so that bed is making me swoon. And the glass side table is nice. But the other stuff is meh. The chair looks as if it’s made of porcelain and I bet if you sat in it, you’d keep sliding off.

    • videli says:

      That looks like a port wine glass to me.

    • jinni says:

      Maybe the other guy doesn’t drink as much as Brad. Not calling Brad a drunk; just saying.

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Or maybe the other guy drinks his slower?

        Geebus, what ridiculous things to criticize this guy for.

      • jinni says:

        @Camille: I wasn’t even criticizing him. I even made a point to say I wasn’t implying that he’s a drunk. Some people just drink more than others. Some people don’t drink alcohol at all. How is what you said any different from what I said? Someone can look at your respond and think that you’re implying that Brad drinks like a fish, since what you said implies that Brad goes through alcohol faster than the other guy. Are you criticizing Brad? All I was doing was trying to give a reason for why Frank didn’t have as large a glass as Brad, since the OP thought that this was a sign that Brad was a bad host.

        But of course anything that can’t be seen as praising Brad to the Heavens for being the most perfect being on Earth is considered criticism on this board.

      • Lana says:

        Er, jinni, calm down! I took Camille’s post as she was agreeing with you and adding to your comment. And she stated the OP was being ridiculous, not you. Gees, calm down and re-read before foaming at the keyboard! :( People can’t say a word in favour of Brad or Angelina without being jumped upon by angry haters on this board who rush to comment without thinking through. smh

      • jinni says:

        @Lana: Maybe she was, but I’m so used to being attacked for even the most mundane comments relating to those two that I’ve become defensive and hardly even come to their posts anymore. If she wasn’t criticizing me than I’m sorry for my comment.
        PS. No one is foaming at the mouth. Do you see any all CAPS or exclamation points in my post? So, yes am calm, thanks for asking.

      • Journey says:

        or maybe they’re just drinking different types of wine, i ain’t no wine afficianado, but even i know that different wines call for different size glasses. and what’s the point of having the meeting in a wine cellar if you don’t sample more than one wine?

        (okay, truthfully, the meeting was probably in the wine cellar because it’s the only room in the chateau that isn’t over run by wild jolie-pitt children! ;)

      • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

        Lana: You’re right :) .

  20. Jayna says:

    I always loved how he was saying he wanted kids and then he and Jen’s new home which she said was his taste was all hard edges. Very cold. I remember thinking he must not want babies if this is how he’s furnishing his home.

    • Kimlee says:

      “all hard edges. Very cold. I remember thinking he must not want babies if this is how he’s furnishing his home”

      That’s like saying you most not want kids if you live in a house with a pool.

    • Loira says:

      And look who is the one who has children now. Modern furniture and all. Maybe aaall the modern architects never had children and were cold persons.
      What an statement.

      • Lana says:

        Agreed. Jayna’s comment is ridiculous. Firstly think of the amount of rich celebs in Hollywood and Beverly Hills (think RHOBH) who have all these really, rooly truly expensive and ostentatious items, and guess what. They all have children. You won’t find a celeb parent that has that money, lifestyle and opulence and hasn’t got expensive artwork, furniture and gadgets. Jayna didn’t think her comment through. Also, I think it would be worse if the house was filled with expensive rare antiques, with children, rather than modern stuff and children. Many celebs fill their houses with breakable very expensive and very, very rare and irreplaceable antiques. And some have young children/toddlers running around. Which one seems more children-friendly? The extremely rare, irreplaceable and priceless heirlooms and/or antiques around thousand years old? Or ‘modern stuff’ that can be easily replaced? That comment from Jayna is completely ridiculous.

  21. Suze says:

    I can’t wait until the six kids get a hold of that white chair and transform it into a 45,000 dollar fort or a dollhouse – which will be kicked to the curb dirty and scuffed after a year of abuse.

    I think Brad is having a mid life crisis – one day he woke up, realized that he was an engaged-to-be-married dad of six – and no longer hunky or hip. He grew his hair out, stopped bathing, bought some ridiculous clothes, smoked bunch of weed and embarked on a bunch of pseudo-hipster vanity projects.

  22. Seagulls says:

    Given his love of the underwhelming and overrated designs of Frank Gehry, these pieces arwn’t as awful as I would have expected, honestly.

  23. maya says:

    Design is a matter of taste. No need to get all angry and worked up about it if you don’t like it folks. Take it easy. No one is moving this furniture into your homes, lol.

  24. A Fan says:

    Hmmmm, going commercial now…


  25. Starlight says:

    Lots of nasty comments. Since when did we become a rich hating nation? He is trying to sell his products to the rich so that he can help the poor by donating some of the money. If he can not make money how can he give money to the poor.

    • vvy says:

      Agree. The people who want to be rich are the same ones who put down and condemn rich people. It’s a case of jealousy and of resentment because they aren’t rich. That attitude won’t get you anywhere. Only appreciation attracts in good things.

  26. Hmmm says:

    why dose actors have to be designers too! It really is awfull – But im danish so I don’t go for the heavy stuff – more for classic and simple, the second tables and the chair is just no no.

  27. Tuxedo Cat says:

    In Brad Pitt’s defense, he is known to be a long-time collector (and knowledgeable) of Arts & Crafts era furniture.

  28. sunnyinseattle says:

    The bed looks like something from IKEA. ;-)

    • Lily B. says:

      Are you blind? Go to the full sideshow and look at the profile of that bed. It might not be your cup of tea, but it’s a work of art.
      A lot of these comments reveal people who just look for reasons to trash celebrities. Whatever you may think of him, at least he has the social consciousness to give back.

      • normades says:

        Agree with Lily B; the side profile of that bed is pretty stunning. The front picture doesn’t do it justice. I really like the bed, the other pieces not as much (but I’d still take them if offered :-)

      • OPN says:

        Unfortunately, people are criticizing just because of the person involved. They are blind to the aesthetic value of the design and has no appreciation of the craftsmanship involved. The people who handmade this are artisans. This kind of endeavor should even be lauded because Brad Pitt is encouraging for domestic production which the furniture industry needs all the help they can get to give it a boost. The sheer amount of work, creativity and creativity in creating uninterrupted lines of the metal works, bending the wood/veneer to follow the curves (without breaking/checking/cracking or veneer lifting), the symmetry is just amazing craftsmanship some posters are not appreciating. Its a work of art.

    • wild flower says:

      Yup. Or maybe something you’d find at a beach resort in a cabana for happy times. Just the right amount of room on the nightstand for the umbrella drink.

  29. Lmao says:

    If his chanel ad didn’t prove how up his own butt and cheesy he is these lame arse designs sure do. Isn’t it funny that a father of six has free time to ~design furniture~. Lmao

  30. Kim says:

    All the money is going to charity just like Angie’s jewelry line.Human Rights. Campaign raised $200,000 in 24 hours thanks to Brad challenge to match donations.

  31. vvy says:

    The tables have a lot going on…very chaotic…nothing calm about them at all. All the furniture seems super modern and very cold and not cozy or comfortable at all. This says a lot about Brad’s personality I think. Scary.

    • Katherine says:

      Chaotic? LOL! I guess you’ve never seen one of the most iconic and beautiful tables ever designed in my opinion and that of many others -
      go check out the Noguchi Cyclone table.

      Movement in furniture design is desirable. Everyone is entitled to their own tastes but to suggest that this is not art or design is just ignorant. It’s simply not art or design that you like.

      The tables are wonderful – while I like the look of the bed, it’s not for me. The chair is actually too 1980s for me – i.e., not modern enough.

      This guy is lucky as hell. He can explore his interests and actualyl do something about it. He certainly is no slacker sitting on a couch frittering his life away.

  32. keats says:

    Have you guys seen the episode of 30 Rock where Jon Hamms character is a terrible doctor/tennis player/ etc, but nobody notices because he’s so handsome? I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

    • EscapedConvent says:

      A great episode—”The Bubble.” Jon Hamm’s character couldn’t hit a tennis ball at the broad side of a barn, yet women were running up to him asking if he gave tennis lessons!

      Liz Lemon had to explain to him that his life was charmed because he was so great-looking. Ha!

  33. lena80 says:

    Well at least we know what he and Gwyneth had in common.

  34. joyce says:

    I love it because I love modern design.

  35. G says:

    I love modern design and I own a good bunch of some similar designs.

    It doesn’t hurt my feelings that some mini-van moms don’t care for it.

    Congrats to anyone who trys to stretch themselves creatively.

  36. Amy625 says:

    Why is it when it comes to Brad and Angelina people get so angry? Plenty of celebrities design their own clothing, perfume, etc but none receive the rage they do. If you don’t like the furniture don’t buy or look at it. Raging over something so insignificant is baffling.

    • gennline says:

      It is called the green eyed monster(JEALOUSY).He was suppose to remain a ken doll,the mythical boy next door and only act in films where people could comment on his looks.He wasn’t suppose to change,grow.He is not to leave the house unless perfectly groomed and he is not supposed to relax in his own house.He was not supposed to find true love and create his own family.AJ was supposed to have lived fast and died young.Even though they were both born in America,they are not suppose to fulfil their dreams(even though the American dream is all about succeeding no matter where you start).They are not to live the life they chose for themselves because it upsets anonymous people on the internet,who are so talented that if BP&AJ were not around these anonymous people would be the ones appearing in films and designing furniture.How frustrating it must be to have to hide your talents behind a computer screen.How dare a grown man&woman follow their dreams!

  37. Lola says:

    He looks drunk. That “almost empty” glass of wine next to him I guess tells it all. He needs to get cleaned up.

  38. norm says:

    I think his designs are perfect for small space homes and even offices. Clean lines.

    As far as sofa, every bedroom, even living rom looks great with a seperate unique sofa. I would rather have one with color, that brings a little warmth and pazzaz to the room, but the white looks comfy. I would buy it if red, orange, even purple for what I have which is whites, cream colors and only the seperate color sofa and good colorful paintings will do…

    Brad is a creative soul. He can only get better with experience and seeing what seels. He travels the world and could easily combine two looks in one.

    A little modern, combined with a little antique look adds a nice ambience. Too many antiques make a room look frumpy, and too much modern furniture make it look cold and uncomfortable.

    A combination of both would be perfect.

    He should also focus on patio furniture for rainy days. There’s not much out there and most are repeats designs.

    Wish him luck. Still think Anjie should start a clothing collection named MonteNegro since she brough it up ounce and it could resemble beach/casual, yet fun designs with a clean edge to them since a lot of beachware is bulky.

    Her daugher looked great with the lean black shorts and black shirt. To me that was MonteNegro style, lean, clean, yet comfy. It’s what students, even teachers wear for elementary schools as comfort is essential.

    When Are they getting married?
    Hope Anjie cuts her hair shoulder lenght to give her some bulk. She is stunnig, looks healthier these days and a new hairstyle could really give her new vibe.
    Use a Henna, or Celophane color for shine and it will make it fuller and shinny without the paroxide and damage.

    I think Katie Holmes uses it at times,
    but because it washes out it has to be done ounce or twice a year.

    Ok, enough. I get their creative sides, and scholar ambitions and the need to make/add changes to life…

    • guest says:

      I agree, I love modern furniture mixed with Oriental. If I could afford it, I would buy that coffee table in a heartbeat. My bed in my first apartment was a similar style platform. Some people don’t like this style, but there are many like myself that do. I hate that shabby chic “Laura Ashley” style furniture.

      • OPN says:

        Yeah its a matter of taste. Some likes shabby chic whereas others like a more sophisticated slimmer silhouette and sleek lines.

        And these are accent pieces that can become heirloom pieces also. Its also nice to break the tone like for example if most of your furniture and furnishing are Old World or English reproductions.

  39. ernie says:

    Design community is going to rip him apart.

  40. Amy C says:

    I like them all. Simple but just perfect looking.

  41. Melissa says:

    Frank Pollaro is a fantastic furniture maker. I’ve been on his e-mail list for awhile now, but unfortunately can’t afford his stuff – he does reproductions of some great famous Art Deco pieces as well as some originals.

    Pollaro’s collaboration with Brad surprises me since, with the exception of the bed, it doesn’t really match Pollaro’s usual style. I find the white chair interesting, although I wouldn’t like it for my own home. The glass table with the gold base is positively ghastly. It looks very Seventies, and not in a good way.

  42. Bowers says:

    Looks cold, and I don’t mean temp. I believe Brad Pitt is less than he thinks he is.

  43. Jill says:

    These pieces are fantastic and Brad is a multi-talented guy. Good design and quality materials and workmanship will always be expensive. And while Pottery Barn is cheaper, it’s hardly comparable. One of the nice things about being rich is that you can afford the best.

  44. EscapedConvent says:

    Whatever you want to say about Brad Pitt, he is donating the profits from this design line to humanitarian efforts, & so I say Bravo to him.

    He is someone with gobs of influence & wealth who gives help to others. And is thereby teaching his kids how to help others too.

    Selling luxury objects to rich people to give the profits to the needy—that’s a Robin Hood business “model” & fine by me.

  45. skuddles says:

    I somewhat like the gold coil glass table but the other pieces look cold and austere and uninviting. I do like that he’s donating profits to charity though. It seems his head and heart are in the right place.

  46. Misnomer says:

    Not exactly my style but a mans gotta have a hobby.

  47. norm says:

    I like the badroom idea with the tables, but only if the tables turned in so I could put my labtop on top. Righ now I use a wood cutting board to keep the labtop balanced.

    The idea would also benefit people who need to eat in bed, or teachers who do grades nightly, or just to read a book, have coffee or tea.

    It’s practical and would leave the room to be filled in with something else, like a nice sofa.

    I like the tables, but if they had a different design, like a black head, or girage, or some kind of bird, duck, something more artistic.

    Love his tables for the corner of the kitchen, but would want more design, heavier look for the dining room.

    The sofa is funky. If it was red, even yellow or any color it would add that x factor to the bedroom, or library, or anywhere else…

    Glad his designing furniture. As I said in previous note, patio furniture could use a change.

    Anything with yellow and white, sort of like the colors used in Portugal I would love.

    It makes the yard seem as if filled with fowers, even though it’s just the patio bright colors.

    Everyone has white. Boring…

    Walls and most furniture should be like a canvas, but there should be color with uniue pieces to add chic.

    Modern furniture is making a come back because people like the clean look it gives an apartment, not to mention it adds space and keeps things clean.

    If a floor is crowded, or even dirty, the entire homes looks dirty to me, so clean, elegant pieces such as his, plus some orient, antique pieces, ligh walls, elegant lighting, would be just fine with me. I love rich/heavy look furniture, with modern touches here and there, so his pieces are an excellent addition.

    The gold stand on the table is very interesting, but if a diffent color, like black, royal blue, green, yellow would be more appealing to me since I don’t like anything gold.

    Gold and animal prints are a huge no no for me.

    Great job Brad…

    • OPN says:

      The trend now going towards more of a transitional style of interiors. Its like a marriage of traditional and modern.

      That seems to be the trend nowadays. Lots of modern and Art Deco influences. During the Fall Market this year, the common theme that has a lot of picks seems to be statement pieces. Brad Pitt’s dining table with its base is in similar aesthetic to what was shown during the Market in High Point.

  48. I'm going to Guam! says:

    I’m more of a brocante chic kinda gal…but I appreciate modern styles. I hate shabby chic. White on white on white, but made to look old = Yawn.

  49. Jojo says:

    I love it, maybe because I’m into modern furniture.

  50. Denise says:

    Brad looks awfully tired and has the furniture to match.

  51. lucy2 says:

    The bed is kind of interesting in profile, but I think I’d bruise my legs up something good on that wood.
    I don’t really care for any of the other pieces, and the gold table seems a little tacky. But if that’s how people want to spend their time and money, that’s up to them.
    $45,000 for a chair does make me a bit nauseous though. A lot of people in my town just lost everything from the hurricane flooding and are starting over from scratch, so that kind of luxury spending doesn’t really compute right now.

  52. Amy C says:

    Some of them pissed off because they can’t stand it when JPS seems to get a head or do something because of the usual competion and jealousy reasons. What is is bad here to cause that much?
    yWhat could possibly able to get rid of these people from JPS back?

  53. ewy says:

    Brad Pitt is stuck in the 70′s; next thing they’ll have is that yellow thick loopy carpeting, start promoting wall paper that comes in two colored deigns of stripes green, and yellow. Then start designing flares for grown men and then unbutton shirts with hairy chests staring at you rface – and call it “new”.

    Gross, gross, gross, grrrrroooooosss….*cringes* I really loath this man now. There is nothing about what he does that actually contributes to humanity – like not even in terms of consumption. Why can’t he just go back to looking hot, dress like he showers, and star in movies that at the very least make women feel good? Its that so much to ask for?

    • LoLa says:

      If you don’t like the designs, then don’t buy them or look at them. It is that simple really. People have different tastes.

      Loath him? haha. For what?

      I think his Make it right has helped humanity. It has given people homes. His many donations have also helped people.

      And Brad is still very handsome, he just has more important things in his life now.
      He lived a very shallow, Mexico tanned filled life before.
      Movies that make women feel good??? WTH! He does not want to make loser women like you “feel good”.

    • pwal says:

      Hmmm… why doesn’t Brad go back to making movies that make women feel good? Has making ‘chick flicks’ ever served him? I would have to say no. Hell, no male actor has been served well by making chick flicks, at least not lately. Plus, who would want to service the shrill, because frankly, the very women who lament on the Brad of yore are the shrillest of the lot. They complained about the Chanel commercial, but I can picture anyone, let alone a man, wanting to un@$$ that type of money on a shrill old (or young) harpy. The same with the furniture.

      Maybe taking a page out of his book would help – looking for nuance. Being outspoken on some things and demonstrating restraint on others, instead of 24/7 shrill that comes through whenever Brad does something.

  54. Lotta says:

    Am I the only one that finds him incredibly sexy in the first picture? Like he just got out of bed after having lots of steamy delicious sex. He really does it for me in that pic.

  55. drea says:

    I actually like the forms, but not so crazy about the materials. The arm chair is nice, modern but still comfy looking, but I’d prefer it in leather/fabric that’s not quite so shiny. Same goes for the bed, something about that combo of finishes and the 60s-look beddings is just not cute.

    But I think it’s nice that Brad is trying to do different things with all the resources at his disposal. Many other people like him are happy to sit out their cushy lives and not really do much outside of their Hollywood jobs. At least he’s not squandering any of the opportunities available to him.

  56. Rachel says:

    I think they’re very unattractive; maybe better looking in person, but they do nothing for me in pictures. And $45k for a chair? Seriously??? I don’t care how wealthy a person is, that’s just an obscene amount to pay for something you sit on.

  57. e,non says:

    this is one of the funniest comment threads i’ve read ina while. it always amuses me that those who profess such strong antipathy towards jolie/pitt also appear to keep up with every little development in their lives — and spend paragraphs documenting it.

    • Brittney says:

      Seriously!! A furniture collection couldn’t possibly be *less* related to its creator’s first marriage.

      I’ve been a pretty devoted Angelina fan since the 90s, but news flash: that’s all I am, a fan. I have no stake in her personal life or that of her children’s father, and the fact that I enjoy her movies doesn’t keep me from laughing at Friends re-runs too.

      If people are this unbalanced and irrational about the love lives of complete strangers, what does that say about the way they handle their own relationships?!

  58. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Why is this aspect of him so incredibly annoying? Jeesh. I wish he would just keep it to himself.

    • Jordan says:

      Keep what to himself?

      He like designing and everything that goes along with it! He has for years.

      Why is Brad not even allowed to do anything without having a herd of bitter women run into the post to write the most stupid things.

      It would not be annoying if you learned how to scroll past when you see his name!

      • Mrs. Ari Gold says:

        Ummmm what makes you think we are all *women*? Ahem.

        And calm down. This is a gossip site. It’s superficial and *bitchy*. Go to Dailykos or something and fight about opinions that matter. I just came from there because I wanted to relax. It has been quite a week and we have another one in front of us. You are a buzzkill if I’ve ever seen one. I hope you get a boyfriend soon.

  59. Val says:

    Hideous stuff. Has he no shame?

  60. Barrett says:

    Interesting article on huffington post….where are celebrities like Brad Pitt and Angelina when it comes to helping with Hurricane SANDY????????

    • Loira says:

      What are they like Superman or something? D they have to appear at every disaster? Don’t lots of other powerful moguls and artists live/ are from NY?
      Name other who have not raised a finger yet, not just these two, who are always donating. What about those who aren’t regular charity givers?

    • Li says:

      Let me get this straight….

      When Brad and Angelina donate money or are photographed at a refugee camp or Make it Right it is all for PR and fake. Nevermind the fact Angelina has been doing it for over a decade….

      Yet when they have not yet (publicly) donated money or flew to NYC people also complain and ask where they are!

      Just can’t win.

  61. Jordan says:

    What is with people (Jen fans) getting so angry over a furniture collection???

    It is so crazy to be attacking Brad’s looks and life because he decided to design some furniture, that newsflash….none of you are forced to but or even look at!

    Sorry Brad did not stick to the script and stay in a boring marriage to fit the image of him as this pretty boy.

    There is no mid life crisis like you all have made up in your heads.

  62. Grace says:

    Marijuana biker Jesus is looking tired. Perhaps he should put the sketchpad down now.

  63. LurkeeLee says:

    I like the furniture designs especially the bed. It looks like something which would fit right in with Megan and Don Draper’s place on Mad Men. Ofcourse, I didn’t mind the Chanel ads, so what do I know, hehe. I’m sure this furniture will be the downfall of his career according to some.

  64. Aud says:

    Brad needs to stick to his day job.

  65. apsutter says:

    I like modern furniture but I skew towards mid-century modern. My dream home would be able to find one of those awesome 60′s ranches that hasn’t been updated and still has all those cool features that new homes dont have anymore. They’re called time capsule houses and they are awesome! I think mcm is way more functional but Brad likes things uber-modern and cold. I also loved Don and Megan’s apartment in Mad Men. Sunken living rooms are so cool.

  66. Jollytr says:

    Hmmm … the furniture designed by “Magic Mike” is more interesting and functional :-D

  67. GrandPoobah says:

    I don’t really care for this particular aesthetic. In my opinion it looks like gallery art, not like something you’d have in your home.

    The glass top table with the wire bottom has been DONE TO DEATH. Glass top tables are so dated and ugly in my opinion.

    The bed looks neat but I feel like of that thing was in my house, I’d have some seriously messed up knees/shins from bumping them on those sharp corners. Looking at it from the side, toe-stubbing would also be an issue. I don’t like sharp corners in a bedroom-I feel like bedrooms should be soft and inviting. That bed looks severe.

    The chair is pure 80s silliness. White patent leather??? Really?? Slippery, squeaky and shiny fabric for something people will sit on? It’s like buying furniture pre-coated in plastic. And there are plans to cover the other one in FAUX FUR, people. Why?????

    The wooden table is gorgeous, absolutely beautiful. It’s warm but still sticks within the aesthetic. I still wouldn’t have it in my house as visitors would probably jab their knees on the pointy edges of the base.

    The marble tub is fun-kinda looks like a double-yolk hardboiled egg that’s had the yolk scooped out.

    So yea, I could see this stuff in a gallery, not a home. Except the tub-the tub is great.

    And just to derail the crazies, I don’t care for this particular aesthetic. I don’t like minimalist, modern, ‘clean’, simple furniture. It feels cold to me and I like a warm, lush and inviting home. Zero issues with Brad Pitt co-designing furniture.

    • Lucrezia says:


      The wood table was the only piece I really liked, but I too wondered how often you’d go to pull your chair in and accidently kick the base.

      I also pity whoever has to do the cleaning. I get cranky enough trying to sweep around the legs of a regular table – the multiple “legs” on that one would piss me right off.

  68. Kate Nonymous says:

    Now I know what Jennifer Aniston meant when they split up and she said that she could finally have a comfortable couch.

  69. Bird says:

    In summary:

    Brad is high out of his mind and needs a bath, the furniture is ugly and overpriced, and Lana is completely psychotic.

  70. Louise says:

    I live in Europe and I prefer classy simple designs, not that skanky table he’s sitting at and let’s be honest nobody with real cash to spend will want to say “oh this is by Brad Pitt!” You’ve gotta be joking me! TACKY.

    This guy is getting annoying now, what with his desperate attempt at getting into the latest pirates of the caribbean movie with his stupid beard plaits and his perfume ad and rediculously boring Moneyball movie (give me back those hrs dammit!) now this, I hope he realises he’s become a laughing stock. Tool.

  71. OPN says:

    Seriously, some people here seem to have completely missed the point about one-off contemporary art pieces or custom-made avant-garde furniture designs. This type of furniture is considered collector’s items where only one or a couple of each piece is produced. They are most likely more expensive compared to US high end furniture brands like Baker, or Century (who manufactures domestically and is also an OEM company) or products you can get from luxury retailers like Restoration Hardware or their European counterparts for OEMs like Formitalia because they are “mass produced” (several pieces are produced on the line for each design type or product).

    So it boggles my mind that there are posts complaining about the price range (actually it was Pollaro who mentioned it not Brad) when it’s the nature of the beast. There is a niche for this kind of designs and products. For those who have some interest on the furniture industry, contemporary art, avant-garde or Art Deco furniture is prolly aware that Pitt is a regular at art and design fairs like Basel for example. He is also known in this circles as one of the world’s most serious collectors of contemporary design. He is known to be patron to new (just fresh out of school) or up and coming avant-garde designers like Nacho Carbonell and Kenneth Cobonpue to name a few. Unbeknownst to some people here, Brad probably has one extensive collection of Eeams designs.

    $45K? Pffft, that’s not really highly expensive in this kind of line. For a one off or few handmade pieces made/designed by Ron Arad or Marc Newson for example that’s actually mid level range. Pitt is a known collector modern art/designs that can splurge on his buys. Pitt bought one of the three Lockheed Chaise Lounge pieces handmade by Marc Newson (the other one is bought by Madonna) and one was auctioned at Sotheby’s for an estimated price of $1.6M to $2.4M. The fans may remember it being featured in one of Jolie’s magazine spread (she was kinda lying down on it in the photo which was shot in their Malibu home).

    BTW, on the other end of the spectrum, antique restorations and reproductions are also very expensive esp. if there only a few produced in the Collection. I recall a Harrod’s collection some years back w/c has some pieces that has a price range equivalent to a luxury car.

    Also, I its kinda timely and AD is aware of this because the October Market trend like on accent furniture is influenced by the 70s and Art Deco inspired.

  72. Madpoe says:

    It looks creative, a conversational piece to have, but I’d have to pass on the price.

    • jan says:

      people please all this talk about him donating what is made off the furniture really why does he not just donate the money spent on the materials and time wasted. as for nola why does he not finish one project first and as for those houses what poor person can afford them get real. i know Americans are all rich but please make affordable and realistic homes for people not boat house on stilts.and a person that donates without telling the word is a true humanitarian not a pretentious movie actor that cannot act and messes up every script with his ideas of hash induced crap. as for the furniture seen them years ago nothing new about this or his jewelry designs copy cats the lot of them they should stick to acting and leave the rest to the real designers and architects. jmo

  73. Kim says:

    God, could he possibly be more pretentious? Sorry that is just bad design, ugly and it looks cheap. He has no style.

  74. mytbean says:

    I have always loved modern homes, furniture, decor… the home we live in now is kind of a big concrete tribute to Frank Lloyd Wright. My paintings (giant abstracts in bright colors) look best on these neutral walls and traditional furniture looks very strange and almost stunted in it. So, yeah – I like some of these pieces. I like the tables with the “paper-clip” bases.

    As for white couches and pets – we have a big white leather sectional and believe it or not it’s SO much better than any of the fabric couches we’ve owned at evading pet fuzzies and dirt from our three dogs. We’ve had it for a few years and it still looks new. The only concern is denim transfer.