Kate Upton in her full Vogue Italia spread: total bombshell or kind of sleazy?

Kate Upton

Last week, we covered Kate Upton’s cover on the “seductive issue” of Vogue Italia, and the general consensus was that she looked much like a 1990s supermodel with a bit of Anna Nicole Smith in her glory days sprinkled in for good measure. The cover was both gorgeous and slightly trashy, and it’s quite obvious that Kate’s got some powerful fashion people on her side of the ring that really want to make her happen. I mean, even Anna Wintour loves the girl and gave her a glorious Vogue spread stateside, and it’s rather nice to see a busty, blonde, fun girl like Kate start to move away from bikini shots and begin to conquer high fashion in her own way.

Now the rest of the Vogue Italia shoot has been revealed, and I’m sort of at a loss. This seems like a rather gimmicky shoot designed to capitalize on Kate’s “model of the moment” status and is even titled “This girl, this moment.” Some of the shoot is admittedly lovely, but there are a few shots in particular that are quite trashy with a rather obvious Marilyn Monroe homage (in particular, it reminds me of How to Marry a Millionaire). This cigarette shot is pretty unnecessary/gross even though, yes, I know the smoking standards are different in Europe. And like, did we really need to see one of her boobs literally hanging out of a dress in order to appreciate the fashion being showcased? Of course not.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

The rest of the editorial is a mixed bag. Some of it is truly gorgeous stuff, and some of it makes me wonder exactly what Vogue Italia was thinking with the styling. Obviously, Kate has a great body and some very important people behind her in the fashion world. It looks like she’s here to stay, at least for a few years, and the black and white shots are just gorgeous.

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Kate Upton

Photos courtesy of Vogue Italia


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  1. poppy says:

    those clothes are high fashion?

  2. bea says:

    Some shots are better than others. I don’t think the dark red lips are great on her. I do agree that she looks vey 90s super-model in these pics.

  3. Jules says:

    We get it, she has big boobs, like it’s never happened in a woman before.

  4. Korel says:

    Who is this is this chick banging to get all these gigs? Is she on that Blake Lively career advancement plan?She is shaped like a cereal box.

  5. backwards says:

    Um in the 3rd pic, has she got her boob out???

  6. megs283 says:

    I like her, but hate the shoot. ugh.

  7. Shitler says:

    Here we go.. The haters are gonn a be out in full

  8. flourpot says:

    These photos are what Lindsay aspired to yet didn’t quite reach. High class whore. Not a good shoot.

    • Annie says:

      Yep, that’s the first thing I thought – this is exactly what Lohan thinks or rather believes in her delusional crack haze that she looks like in those Terry Richardson shoots. Sorta like a high class girl gone naughty. Kate here though imo looks hot (if a bit trashy), Lindsay just like a decrepit hot mess. I like the shot of Kate with the glasses.

  9. Meg says:

    She is like a younger Anna Nicole Smith (but maybe more budget, if possible).
    The face is so similar!

  10. MonicaQ says:

    The one where she’s holding her butt, all I can think of is, “Shouldn’t have had that Chipotle.”

    I guess I don’t “get” high fashion because half this stuff looks like trash bags or purchased at Rave/5-7-9/Wet Seal.

  11. Minky says:

    I think she’s a pretty woman, and I love that she has a different body type than the standard model, but this shoot… not so much. Some of the photos are striking, definitely, but some of them are just … fetishist lingerie modeling? I’m not really sure what to call it, but fishnet, PVC, and spikes all together don’t really seem high fashion.

  12. teehee says:

    She looks like she is posing for Maxim or GQ or Playboy or anythign besides a fashion spread. In other words, no, no, and no.

  13. Shelley says:

    She is the pay by the hour motel version of all these ‘celebrities’ she is supposedly channelling!! Trashy all round

  14. videli says:

    Who’s promoting her? Isn’t she coming from a rich family or something? She seems to be everywhere. She’s still quite vacant in the eyes, like saying: OK, now I’m posing, then I’ll give you a blowjob, and then I can go home.

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      Ya, her uncle is a U.S. Representative (from Michigan), and I think her grandfather or something created Whirlpool Appliances.

      I’m really torn on this girl. I appreciate that she isn’t built like a 13yr old boy. But, while she has great boobs she has no muscle tone, so I’m not really a fan of her body. And her face is so generic and un-emotive. To be a supermodel the key isn’t necessarily a beautiful face but a distinctive one. Think Linda Evangelista, Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell…Gisele Bundchen and Coco Rocha are great examples of current supermodels. I think this girl is a flash in the pan, but hopefully she contributes to expanding the variety of body types we see in fashion going forward.

  15. INeedANap says:

    I think her face is gorgeous and I appreciate her happy-go-lucky personality a lot. I am getting tired of moody, faux-artsy models and her cheery attitude is a breath of fresh air. But I disagree with you on her body — she has great boobs sure, but her square torso doesn’t really match her thin legs. I’d say she looks great from the sternum upwards.

  16. BX says:

    Her face is everything, but this shoot is a nightmare.

    • kaligula says:

      Yes, I agree. There’s painful photography feng shui going on here. I get the sense that this was rather difficult for her. Wish I could shoot her. I’d have her smiling a lot, for one thing. The full impact of her beauty is not coming across well here.

  17. LadyLupton says:

    I could have done without the crotch-shot, really.

  18. LadyMTL says:

    I like Kate Upton but I don’t think that she’s a believable “high fashion” model…at least not right now. Maybe if she could land a few shoots where she’s not half naked, not spread eagled on a chair (um, wtf is up with that 6th shot?) and styled differently I’d say she has a career as a fashion model and not just a pinup girl. Until then, I’m reserving judgement.

  19. HotPockets says:

    I like kate Upton and I enjoy some of these photos. I feel like the fashion industry wanted to feel the void that Anna Nicole left when she died, so Kate fell into place. The photo with her boob hanging out is ridiculous though.

    I wish someone would keep her away from the skeezy Terry Richardson though. I heard he makes all his muses have sex with him after he helps give them some exposure to the industry.


  20. MissilePanda says:

    Her boobs aren’t even that big, big for a fashion model yes but hardly massive.

  21. carolyn says:

    she is the girl next door not high fashion. and excuse me, but WTF is up with the one-boob-in/one-boob-out shot??!!! is she nursing? where’s the baby?

  22. Anne says:

    I see only one facial expression and she should really close her mouth because it’s not ‘sexy’. I don’t get the appeal of this girl. Pretty yes, but not special at all.

  23. Riana says:

    Unfortunately I think this is the only ‘high-fashion’ look Kate could pull off. Dress her up as a faux-Marilyn Monroe and it works. What about when they try to dress her up as an alien? As a Steam-punk 16th century goth?

    Face it…she’s commercial, and that’s not so awful at all and it has nothing to do with her body. I think she just doesn’t have an ability to transform well in her modeling and she gives the same look in different clothes all the time.

    On a different note, nothing says this girl can pull off high fashion like putting her spread legged in PVC on a lawn chair.

  24. j.eyre says:

    I like the sunglasses shot with her mouth pulled to the side – I think it is interesting visually.

    I am not crazy about the other shots.

  25. Ben says:

    Kate is a sleazy bombshell so that makes her perfect.

  26. Abby says:

    yikes. Two of these photos I could have done without seeing before my morning coffee…

    I’m a big Kate fan. But not of some of these shots.

  27. Jenna says:

    Umm…no. Between the pic where she’s spreading her legs open and the black and white picture with ONE boob hanging out? Just…stop. She looked better in the other photoshoot. Yes, she has big boobs and a pretty face but I think there are models out there TONS better. Meh.

  28. Happy21 says:

    I like how she embraces a more curvy figure and I think she’s cute but she does not have what it takes to model fashion. There is just something about her that makes this seem trashy and budget.

  29. JoeB says:

    I think she is drop.dead.gorgeous.

  30. Alana Fajina says:

    I love Kate but when I saw the boob hanging out shot, I thought; Is this Really necessary?? The net dress monstrosity is just…unfortunate. I do love the black and white where she is wearing glasses.

  31. DreamyK says:

    She’s obviously very beautiful, but her looks aren’t translating well in the photos she’s had done. She doesn’t have that dead eye vacant look that Lindsay Lohan sports, but she does look vacant. As in dumb. Like a box of rocks. It’s a turn off. Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, but she used it to her advantage. I hope Kate learns how to channel that quality better.

  32. lola says:

    She is beautiful but some photos are just too much. Like the one where her right boob is falling out of her dress. Um? It’s not her fault because she didn’t pick the pictures that ended up in Vogue… well, I’m sure they could have made this editorial a bit less trashy and over the top and the pictures would have turned out lovely.

  33. mar says:

    I like it. i like her face, I like her lips. I like the no apologies attitude

  34. Snowpea says:

    I love this girl purely because she’s an antidote to all the alien, razor sharp cheekboned high fashion models that have been wheeled out over the last twenty years as the next it girl.

    I have a feeling that the reason for Kate being flogged as the next it girl is because she makes you happy to look at her. She is fun and pretty and simple and unassuming. She doesnt challenge you. She is wholesome and sexy just like MM (except there will never be another MM).

    In these scary, post post modern times, when crazy weather is threatening us all, terrorists are hiding around every street corner and we all live with high anxiety about the future, people like things that soothe the soul.

    Kate is the model equivalent of mashed potato, sprinklers on lawns, white picket fences, and freshly baked apple pie.

  35. Can this girl act? Because if she can act, she’d be a gorgeous actress. But I can’t take her seriously as a fashion model.

    My favorite shot, the only shot I really love is the one in the window. It’s great. Reminds me of Madonna. Steven Meisel shot some iconic pics of Madonna smoking.

    Come to think of it, is it a prerequisite that you smoke while Meisel shoots you?

    Now I want a cigarette.

  36. Sachi says:

    Oddly enough, I find that photo of her with her breast hanging out the prettiest of the bunch and the most “high fashion” among the photos. Her face looks really beautiful in that shot and her pose and face look sharp.

    She has such a pretty face, but it’s more of a ‘vanilla’ beauty.

    Her poses in general are very, very weak and sometimes awkward. There’s no variety and intensity in her eyes, face, and poses. There’s only one “pose” for her face: chin tilted up to show off her jaw. But no other angles of her face are displayed because she doesn’t have good bone structure in the first place. The result is that her face and poses are very limited and the photos turn out boring when you have the same 3-4 shots of her with her chin tilted up trying to look sultry.

    She doesn’t have to pout/look serious all the time, but IMO she doesn’t have any versatility at all.

    I don’t know if it’s just the styling or this is the best that Meisel can get out of Kate Upton, but this photo shoot is so weak for Meisel’s standards.

  37. Mew says:

    Bad photos, not good shoot. No, no, no.

  38. Sunny says:

    Disgusting…she’s not high fashion at all…her “look” here is hardly inspirational as models should be…

  39. Gigi says:

    Sleazy bombshell. I guess high fashion doesn’t quite know how to style/photograph a woman who won’t starve herself into oblivion – unless it is in this manner, or maybe she doesn’t bring more to the cameras – idk. Most of the pics are trashy, none are great, but I am glad she is making headway for ladies of different body type in high fashion…

  40. Jade says:

    Epic fail. Thanks for cheapening Vogue & turning it into a Zoo mag!

  41. SRT says:

    after having so many bad shoots, i think it is her and not the situation, photographer, etc.

  42. Hm says:

    Makes me think of Anita Ekberg in La Dolce Vita. http://classiccinemaimages.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/Anita-Ekberg-from-La-Dolce-Vita-1960-3.jpg
    I think it’s deliberate, because this is Vogue Italia. Good stuff. Also some Anna Nicole and ’80s Madonna, could do without.

  43. Aud says:

    Still don’t see why fashion magazines and photographers endorse smoking.
    Why on earth are cigarettes included? So stupid.

  44. Jay says:

    The sad thing about the boob-hanging-out shot is that it would have been gorgeous if it weren’t for the fact that they did that.

    I love the one of her with glasses. Not so sure about the others. But I’ve become a huge fan of hers just because so many people talk trash about her all the time. I want her to succeed as a “f–k you!” to all the haters.

  45. geekychick says:

    Ok, I’m European, and I don’t understand the problem with cigarettes in the photo(s), in magazine or on commercial. Would you mind if she was shot with a glass of some alcoholic beverage? Alcohol-alcoholism-domestic violence, killers on the road, tragedies. If you don’t gasp at the picture of a man with a drink in hand, and if you don’t judge it, why judge the ones with cigarettes? If people are so stupid to smoke because they’ve seen it on a commercial or photos in magazines, well….it says something about their IQ.
    Sorry for the rant!