Coco Rocha, Jehovah’s Witness: ‘I believe in everything the Bible says’

Please don’t yell “WHO?” at me. Coco Rocha is one of the most well-known models working today. She has a mini-Linda Evangelista vibe, mostly because her hair is always changing and she really is a chameleon, a shape-shifter who looks radically different from photo shoot to photo shoot. Now, although I knew who she was on sight, I never really knew that much about her personal life. She’s 24 years old, she’s Canadian and she married her first and current husband in 2010 (When she was 22?? Damn). And now that I’ve read some excerpts from Coco’s FASHION Mag interview (she cover the Winter issue of the Canadian magazine), I know even more about her – like, she’s a practicing Jehovah’s Witness and she believes everything in the Bible. Wow. I really didn’t know they let girls like that into the heathen-y fashion industry.

At age 22, model Coco Rocha married her interior designer boyfriend James Cronan. Now, the 24-year-old Jehovah’s Witness has revealed she would love to start a family, but sees it as ‘unfair’ right now.

While Miss Rocha, who is joining Naomi Campbell on the new reality competition for up-and-coming models called The Face, is a vocal advocate of model’s labor rights, she rarely speaks about her own personal life. But for the latest issue of FASHION magazine, the supermodel spoke about her career, religious beliefs and future family plans.

She said: ‘At the beginning of my career there were photos and moments I wish I wasn’t a part of but I didn’t realize I could say “no.” Now I know that. I grew up – and still am – a practising Jehovah’s Witness and believe in everything the Bible has to say. I’m a Christian first and a model second.’

She revealed that while children are on her agenda, she believes her hectic career stands in the way of starting a family just yet.

‘Right now it would be unfair to have a kid in the mess of all my life,’ she said. ‘But when my work is done, I would love to have kids with James.’

On her new role as a mentor on the upcoming reality series, The Face, also starring Karolina Kurkova, she said: ‘It’s fascinating having three different mentors on the show – Naomi being the generation of the original supermodel Trinity, Karolina being part of the whole Victoria’s Secret world and me, who’s known for edgy editorial.’

Miss Rocha, who regularly speaks out against the demand for models to be size zero, pose topless and have the ‘anorexic look,’ as she was once advised, added the importance of sticking up for yourself in fashion.

‘It’s important for every model to have a voice. When I started modelling, people said to me, “You’re going to have to throw away your beliefs in order to be a successful model.” But I didn’t.’

The red-head beauty started her modeling career in 2004, after signing with Supreme in New York and this April she became the first high fashion model to have more than 1 million followers on the social media platform Google+.

In spring she starred in a campaign for Banana Republic’s upcoming collaboration with designer label Trina Turk. She has also previously modelled for brands including Longchamp, Louis Vuitton, Christian Lacroix, and Emanuel Ungaro.

[From The Mail]

Obviously, she can be whatever religion she wants to be, I don’t have a problem with that and it’s her business. I’m just surprised that she talking about it in a fashion magazine, and I’m surprised by her wording while answering the question about her religion. Is “believing in everything the Bible has to say” different than saying “I believe the Bible is the literal word of God”? Because I know a lot of fundamentalist Christians who have to admit that some parts of the Bible are less “literal” than others. Anyway, this just surprised me – I didn’t know that the fashion industry had a conservative Jehovah’s Witness supermodel in their ranks.

Photos courtesy of Fashion Mag.

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  1. jinni says:

    I always thought Jessica Stam was Evangelista’s heir apparent? Anyway, I like Coco, I find her looks interesting.

  2. Chrissy says:

    Wow. I didn’t expect that from Coco Rocha! But good for her, sticking to her beliefs.

    • Meg says:

      I hope she will knock to my door someday with god’s word on her sensual lips.

    • Trillion says:

      Except that her beliefs are stupid. Why would anyone with a modicum of critical thinking skills believe everything because it came out of a book. Written a thousands of years ago. By people with primitive beliefs. Mostly in a language long dead. Translated countless times. By authors and translators with unknown credentials and agendas. That’s just stupid.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        Yeah, real nice, calling someone’s personal beliefs stupid, but I bet if she said something that was for gay rights, abortion, or whatever makes you elite and intelligent and “in the know, she’d be lauded.

        The hypocrisy of atheists/no-faith based people is hilarious. She obviously believes in the Bible in a non literal context or else she would not be in an industry that pretty much goes against the majority of the principles

        Live and let live.

      • The Original Victoria says:

        Yeah, real nice, calling someone’s personal beliefs stupid, but I bet if she said something that was for gay rights, abortion, or whatever makes you elite and intelligent and “in the know”, and better than the so called sheeples who may just disagree, she’d be lauded.

        The hypocrisy some of atheists/non-faith based people is hilarious since they are just as bad as the religious fanatics. She obviously believes in the Bible in a non literal context or else she would not be in an industry that pretty much goes against the majority of the principles it teaches.

        Live and let live.

      • Nire says:

        The Original Victoria: Believing in religious dogma and believing in human rights are very different things. That’s a complete non sequitur.

      • dawkinsfan says:

        I agree with Trillion, she is an idiot. Are people ever going to wake up and realize that this incredible world that we are lucky enough to exist in is so much more amazing than any religion or religious text could ever begin to describe. After all, “It is far better to grasp the Universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring.” – Carl Sagan

      • Minty says:

        When people say they believe in the Bible or agree with what’s written on its pages, I have to wonder:

        There are more than 16 versions of the Bible. Which one do you follow?

        Which agenda do you align with? It’s researched fact that it was “translated” (i.e., altered) many times over the centuries to suit the bias and schemes of whichever power group was in charge at the time. Politics and religion united to manipulate the populace — such a time-honored tradition. RME

      • Natacha says:

        I understand what your saying but most Christians believe the bible you can not pick and choose what you want to follow in the bible if your are a true Christian but why would a loving God leave humans on earth without any guidelines on how to guide themselves…I follow everything in the bible and trust me it is way better than the Constitution and if you think following bible is stupid try following the worldly immoral lifestyle of people today I think thats stupid

    • Lishka says:

      I had a friend in highschool who was a Jehovah’s witness and she didnt celebrate birthdays…not her own, not anyones, so it was always kinda awkward inviting her just so she could turn you down…you know, so she knew we would have liked her to come and it was ok for her to not. *SMH* Sorry, but Jehovah’s witnesses also believe there are a limited number of spaces in heaven for peeps like them…the rest of us are going to hell, one way ticket, baby! And yes, if you are still wondering, that makes em complete idiots.

      • Inez says:

        Being an ex-JW, I can tell you that is not true. The belief is that 144000 anointed people will go to heaven, while the other people will be made perfect and will live on earth, which will also be made perfect. Jehovah’s Witnesses do not even believe in hell – the bible says that the dead are not conscious of anything. While the paradise thing sounds as complete BS, or a fairy tale, or idiotic, calling JW’s complete idiots is extremely offensive.
        Like I said: I used to be one. And I’m glad I’m not anymore. But with your reasoning I was a complete idiot a couple of years ago, and now I’m not anymore. Call the organization idiotic (because it is), but don’t call the people idiotic. You don’t know their reasons/motives.

      • grog says:

        …except JWs dont believe in hell. You guys must have been great “friends”, since you have no idea what they believe.

      • Trine says:

        Lishka, you are seriously disinformed. Don’t worry, I used to be as well.
        I think the number is about 44.000 who will make it to Heaven, and there they will be Elders. JW don’t believe in hell, they believe that all will be saved and live God on the new earth, but that the best of JW’s will “upgrade” and become Elders.

      • Trine says:

        Lishka, you are seriously disinformed. Don’t worry, I used to be as well.
        I think the number is about 44.000 who will make it to Heaven, and there they will be Elders. JW don’t believe in hell, they believe that all will be saved and live with God on the new earth, but that the best of JW’s will “upgrade” and become Elders.

  3. Addie says:

    As a Jehovah’s Witness myself, let me clarify….

    We belive the entire bible, not parts of it. Obviously not everything is literal, butr we don’t belive in adding our own throughts to the bible, or taking anything out. It is complete. as intended.

    Hope that helps.

    Also, it is fine that she is a Witness and a model. Her work appears to be tastful and she is in a solid marraige and has a good head on her shoulders.

    She go girl!

    • Lucy says:

      I agree, she’s very tasteful in her modeling. I remember a while back a publication photo-shopped her naked and she called them out on it and made them retract the magazine cover.

    • Amy says:

      Thanks for explaining that, Addie.

    • DrMim says:

      As a former Canadian Witness (for more than 20 years, I was brought up a Witness and was one until I was 29) I call this out as pure Grade A rubbish. Many,many Witnesses would not approve of Coco Rocha’s modelling career. Neither would the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, which is the governing agency of the Witness faith, and sees and presents itself as God’s representative on earth.
      I completed my PhD in 2006, the subject of which was Jehovah’s Witnesses and women. In it I examined Witness doctrine and practice, using more than 100 years of Witness literature and doctrine to make my arguments, as well as current interviews. Jehovah’s Witnesses have a clear view of women, women’s ”rights” both within marriage and the congregation. Women do not preach at the Kingdom Hall, do not lead prayer or service meetings when a man is present, and if a man is not present must have their heads covered to lead prayer or other duties normally lead by a man. They are not permitted to access abortion, the sex lives of Witnesses are heavily regulated, premarital sex is not allowed, (hence many young marriages),oral sex is not allowed and Witnesses are admonished not to “Idolise” their husband’s and wives. These are just a very few of the strictures and as someone who knows the Witnesses well, both as a former adherent and as a researcher I take issue with attempts to whitewash some of their more extreme views, particularly when those views apply to women.

      • Lishka says:

        Amen! And thank you for calling BS on that post.

      • Inez says:

        Hi drMim,
        I was wondering if I could read your thesis. I am also a former JW (raised as one, I got baptized in 2006 and I’m inactive since 2009. i’m now 26), and I still have some issues with the ways of the organization. to put it lightly. I am really interested in your thesis, because as I read your summary, I noticed that I had to agree but that I still feel uneasy doing so. Is it possible to give me a link? Or to message me personally?
        Thanks! :)

      • Julia says:

        DrMim: I was raised a JW, and I am currently an agnostic that leans more towards the atheist mentality. However, the agnostic in me acknowledges that while I have a tendency to lean towards the thought that the Bible is just a piece of literature, it is impossible for anyone to know for certain. I’ve never seen anyone part a sea, a burning bush, or someone be turned into a pillar of sand. If I said that I had witnessed these things, I’m certain I’d be committed. My parents no longer attend, but my mother’s family is so devoted to the “faith” that one of her sisters did not attend her own son’s wedding because he was marrying a “worldly” person that was a practicing JW, but not yet baptized.

        With that being said, I am not certain if things are just different in Canada or simply at the Kingdom Hall that you attended, but I can tell you that is not the way that things are at the one that I attended as a child or the ones that my extended family attend currently. The women are allowed to lead discussions, and I remember my female cousin and her mother leading question and answer type portions of the service. I also remember that during the Watchtower services, my grandmother and I would read and go over the questions and answers before the service because I loved to be able to raise my hand and give my answer into the microphone. No one wore a veil/covered their face when speaking or leading prayer with a man present, and none of them do now. In fact, they don’t in any situation–ever.

        They have some pretty close-minded beliefs–I remember being crushed when I was in kindergarden, because I heard in a service that anyone that wasn’t a JW wouldn’t be “saved” from Armageddon. My best friend was Catholic… pretty difficult to imagine at that age. The 144k does not mean that only 144k JW’s are good enough to be saved by God. They believe that 144k are going to heaven to be with God, and the others will remain on Earth which will be converted into this Eden-like paradise. Again, these are not my beliefs, but they are the beliefs that I was raised in. I am not taking up for the religion in any way, but simply writing a thesis on the subject does not mean that the information is wholly accurate. It means it was well-explained, fluid and had documented sources. Just like there are Baptists that dance, Pentecostals that “trim” their hair and watch TV, Mormons that drink caffeine, etc, there are JW’s that have friends outside the religion, divorce, vote, and do other “worldly” things.

      • GByeGirl says:

        This. The treatment of women was originally what brought me out of the so-called “truth” into the real truth. When I approached an elder with issues of men’s headship, he said that it was all in the bible and told me to read and study it more to understand it. Well, I read it. cover to cover. Took notes, etc. When I read about how God was pleased that Lot offered his daughters to be raped in Sodom and Gommorrah, rather than let the angels get raped. Also, that raped women get to marry their rapists. There are clear instructions in the Watchtower that if a Witness works in healthcare and finds out that another Witness had a blood transfusion, abortion, treatment for an STD that they have a duty to report it to the elders, regardless of HIPAA/privacy laws. My sister (still a JW) who will no longer speak with me has forgiven her JW BIL who raped and molested several little girls in the congregation. The response was that his wife should have been submitting to her wifely duties more often and that at least he didn’t rape the boys because that would mean that he was gay.

    • Misnomer says:

      Actually Addie, JWs don’t follow the Bible at all. Because they are not allowed to study the Bible – REALLY study it, without the Watchtower magazines that tell you how to interpret the Bible and put their spin on it. They discourage reading the Bible without the Watchtower mags. JWs don’t believe in the actual Bible, because they’ve never studied it as it is without the WTBTS ‘guiding’ and brainwashing you to interpret it a certain way that is false. JWs don’t follow the Bible or God. They follow a man-made publishing company that tells you what to read, see, and interpret.

  4. Mely says:

    Wow, i didn’t expect that. I’m a practicing JW too, and of course some parts of the Bible are less literal than others. What i think she was trying to say is that We do see the Bible as a guide from God. And i think is cool that she admited that she was a jw so people can start seeing jw as individuals and not a stereotype. We are normal and not a cult. I drink, hang out, love fashion, watch normal tv, my kids are normal and have friends who are jw and friends who are not. Its all about respecting each others belief.

    • gg says:

      That makes much more sense than anything else. “Believing in the entire Bible” – doesn’t that make it literal? As in, if you believe certain unusual stories, that means it actually happened just like it says? I like your wording better though – that it’s an inspirational guide. I think that’s where semantics get in the way of people trusting one another – the people who are unsure about things and decide to keep “an open mind” rather than allow liturgy to cloud their personal issues sort of throw the baby out with the bathwater when certain statements are made about it being literal. I don’t know if this makes any sense to others, but I do think about this a lot. These are just my own musings on the subject, not designed to start a spitball fest.

      • irishserra says:

        @gg: Inspirational guide. That is a nice way to put it. I think many forget that the bible is a collection of texts written by different men at differing times. It’s not a chronological book starting with A and ending with Z. As such, some texts are documenting family lineage, some are anecdotal accounts and yet others are meant to be taken symbolically. So when someone uses the literal versus non-literal argument as their basis for criticism, I just let it go in one ear and out the other.

        I don’t think that the bible advocates mistreatment of women; there just happen to be anecdotes regarding such and I just choose to take those within the context of the culture of the place/time. Unfortunately, some today in many places still view women that way, but that’s their misdeed. I think the accounts of Jesus’ conduct alone would be enough to belie the claim that “God hates women.”

    • The Other Katherine says:

      Well, I WAS wondering how she dealt with that whole wearing clothing of mixed fibers thing. Hopefully you’re right about the non-literal thing.

    • GByeGirl says:

      If you are currently a JW, I’m very surprised that you are on the internet, let alone a celebrity gossip site. That goes very much against current teachings.

  5. Gracie says:

    Ugh. Why can’t models just shut up and pose? Too many contradictions to even point out, not even worth my time to be honest.

  6. Meg says:

    I’m still not sure how people in this day and age can believe that a God would hate people because of who they love. The Bible makes your God out to be kind’ve a dick…

  7. marie says:

    umm, why wouldn’t they allow her to model? you realize Prince is a JW right-the way he dresses/dances/sings is way more questionable.

    SHe’s a pretty woman but she reminds me more of Mila Jovavich..

    • Addie says:

      Agreed, her choice.

      About Prince…. I firmly believe that if Prince did not become a JW, he would have died waaay before Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston.

      He found something that made him really take his life seriously, and I respect him for that.With the rep he had…it was a complete 360

      • Ruth Dunbar says:

        Former JW here. Addie’s right — it’s her choice. What I think needs to be pointed out is that Witnesses, just like people in other religions, are not homogeneous in their thinking. While the fundamental beliefs are the same among them, individually people act according to their own conscience and there’s a fair amount of variation in the degree of conservatism among church members. So, in my old congregation in Kentucky, modeling would have raised eyebrows among the old ladies. But she’s obviously ok with it and can do her job in a way that is consistent with her beliefs. Good for her.

        And, as someone who had to endure a lot of ridicule for my religion growing up, I thank the commenters here for not automatically making fun of her.

        I saw Prince in 2005. One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.

      • Genevieve says:

        Doing a complete 360 would mean he ended up right back where he started. I think you meant to say he did a 180.
        Also, not sure what makes you think he would have died.

    • MJ says:

      Prince stopped swearing and singing his edgier lyrics many years ago. He still rules, though! I saw him last year and it was the best show I’ve been to in my life.

  8. Amy says:

    {Imagining coming to front door, finding CR standing there with pamphlets….}

  9. Micki says:

    There is a French journalist:Léo Taksil, orginally Marie Jospeh Gabriel Antoene Jogend-Pagès, he was a devoted Catholic, who got excomunicated after writing a book that critisized lots of Bible texts.
    I have to admit I look at the Bible with diferent eyes after reading it.

  10. Talie says:

    I don’t think she ever does nudity and even scolded a magazine that made it look like she was nude with airbrushing. She is pretty strict in that way. But good for her! She’s entitled to her opinions and beliefs.

  11. Lady Satan says:

    Proof that brains and beauty do not necessarily go hand in hand.

  12. Aubra says:

    I am not going to sit here and pick apart the bible, but people do interpret differently. Good for her for being in a progressive industry and still believeing as she chooses…

  13. tabby says:

    Its so funny when someone say the are Christian or religious , here come the atheists with there rude ass comments. Damn really!

  14. Mew says:

    I think saying “I believe everything Bible has to say” can be translated in believing the message, but not necessarily literally every word.. for example that human being should be forgiving and non-judgemental but not literally believing God came down from heavens to wrestle with Moses for example.

    The fact is that there’s a lot of sidenotes in Bible that are written by other people and then simply put in there as words of someone “famous” like Paul. That’s why there is theology – the science – that tries to figure out what is actually “real part” of the Bible, and what is just later sidenotes or translation errors etc.

    Must suck for her though to know for a fact that she’s never getting to heaven.

  15. Harpreet says:

    I’d say that out of the big 3 Canadian top supermodels (Daria Werbowy, Jessica Stam, and Coco Rocha), it is Daria Werbowy who is the heir to Linda’s Queen Supermodel throne.

  16. PrincessMe says:

    OK, I have no idea who she is, but all I heard after reading the title is: “The coca rocha, the coca rocha, cannot walk anymore!”

    So thanks for that.

  17. poppy says:

    can’t be taken literally, not in fashion, especially.
    no mixing of fibers!

  18. Noel says:

    Atheists are rude about religion because believing in religion is crazy. I cannot understand how people can discount facts! I take personal responsibility for my actions! If I do wrong I feel bad! I do not ask for forgiveness and move on like Christians!

    • jinni says:

      So, it’s cool for you to call religious people crazy, but if a religious person said you were evil or had no morals because you don’t believe in a God that would be wrong, right?

      Just because you don’t understand why a person does or believe something doesn’t mean you have to be rude about it. I’m sure there are things that you believe in that others don’t understand and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to be disrespected because of those beliefs and completely written off as a person.

      Also, I don’t know what kind of Christians you’ve associated with, but the ones I know take personal responsibility for their actions and do feel bad when they’ve done something wrong. Plus, what so wrong with asking for forgiveness?

      • Gracie says:

        First off, it’s pretty effin scary the fact that people get their morals from religion. That’s like saying the only thing stopping them from being the next hitler or the night stalker is a flimsy book, and not because they have a conscious and know themselves that murder is wrong. Obviously,I’m using that as an extreme example, but extremism coincides with religion.”Human deceny is not derived from religion, it precedes it.” You know how there’s, hate the sin but not the sinner? Well, I hate the religion, but not all theists.

      • Noel says:

        Religion is ridiculous. It is a waste of time. People who believe in the things which happened in the Bible are crazy. They have serious mental health issues. Christians think they can kill, steal, rape, etc. It is fine if god forgives. Atheists take responsible and try to fix their own problems. We ask others for forgiveness. Atheists do have morals. Studies have shown that Atheists are less likely to be imprisoned than religious people. Only .5% of prisoners are atheists or agnostics. Crime rates are lowest in predominately atheist countries. Atheists also give more to charities, have higher IQs, make more money, etc… Being an atheist is fabulous.

      • jinni says:

        @Gracie: “First off, it’s pretty effin scary the fact that people get their morals from religion. That’s like saying the only thing stopping them from being the next hitler or the night stalker is a flimsy book, and not because they have a conscious and know themselves that murder is wrong.”

        I don’t think people should get their morals solely from religion. I only used that example because I’ve actually heard some atheists say that some Christians have used that argument against them and its gotten on their nerves. I’m also not saying that anyone has to like religion, but why call the people who happen to believe crazy. You have been able to express your opinion of not being a fan of religion without calling people out of their name, so it’s obvious not impossible to express that opinion without the name calling or questioning a person’s level of intelligence like a poster did up thread.

      • Trillion says:

        Religion=fairy tales for grown ups.

      • Gracie says:

        @jinni there are some very arrogant atheist/freethinkers/agnostics who belittle religious people and constantly need to remind them how wrong they are, and how superior they are for being atheists. I’m not one of those people. The poster above is a clear example of an atheist stereotype that I hope you dont think applies to us all…

      • jinni says:

        @Noel: I never said Atheists don’t have morals. I was pointing out that you might not like for a religious person to get on their high horse and act like your belief mean you must be evil or without morals.

        Also, of course there would be more religious/Christians people in in jail compared to atheists/agnostics. There are more people in this world who believe in religion than those that don’t. Plus, humans think they can kill, rape, and steal, these things existed before Christianity and they will unfortunately exist after Christianity because people/ humanity is f-ed up.

      • jinni says:

        @Gracie:I definitely don’t believe that all atheists and agnostics act the way op is acting, so you don’t need to worry about that.

      • Trillion says:

        The ultimate in arrogance: thinking you are so superior that you will cheat death and live eternally for your (superstitious) beliefs and others who disagree will be damned to hell and punished forever. I was raised christian. This is what christians believe. They may not wish to point this out because it underscores how ridiculous they are, but this is indeed what they believe. Oh, and to add to the arrogance, they think they have a higher powered mandate to try to convert/”save” everyone to their superstition in order to usher the coming of Jesus Christ. Because it says so in a book. (palms forehead)

    • Trillion says:

      Hold up. You can’t believe people who discount facts? I assume you are a Christian. Do you believe virgins get pregnant, snakes talk, people rise from the dead?

    • gg says:

      The bottom line is: People are comfortable with that they were raised.

      It doesn’t automatically follow when one person’s idea of god/energy/”The Universe” differs from another’s, or that there is no higher power, that “other” people are automatically completely out of their minds (unless there is evidence that the “church” one follows is not a church, and is instead a revenue producing industry like $cientology), I try to live and let live.

  19. gg says:

    So did she invent her name from those hazelnut chocolate ball thingies?

  20. TrollyDolly says:

    I just wonder if she has a child in the future and if that child needed an urgent blood transfusion to survive – or if she herself required a blood transfusion – would she be such a devout Jehovah’s Witness then and refuse?

    • McMe says:

      She would have to deny her child a transfusion. She would be given no choice.Every witness from her congregation would show up a the hospital and support her decision (aka – not leave her alone for a moment to think or make a rational decision ). I know this for a fact as I was also raised a Witness and have experienced this. A close family friend who was also a witness almost lost her son for refusing a transfusion. She was converged upon and put under extreme pressure to deny the transfusion while watching her child as he was dying. In the end, the state won temporary custody, ordered the transfusion, and he lived. And the witnesses used that experience to further perpetuate the idea that they are being persecuted. That experience is what made me no longer a practicing Witness.

    • irishserra says:

      She no doubt has the financial means to get medical care far superior to blood transfusion. I did some research on the topic a while back for a paper. The alternative therapies invented are so much better for people and they tend to recover considerably quicker than those who use blood. It’s just so expensive and so the medical industry continues to push blood on everyone, which is really disgusting if you think about it.

      My grandmother had open heart surgery not too long ago and her surgeon happened to be an Italian surgeon who worked with Jehovah’s Witnesses in Brooklyn, NY. He told her he wouldn’t even bother using blood because the bloodless surgery methods were far above the conventional methods. He said his patients recover three times faster than patients who take blood. Within a week of her surgery, my grandmother was easily mobile, including going up and down her stairs in her home with no problem.

      You can be sure we are thankful to Jehovah’s witnesses for their part in the progression of surgical technology in this regard.

  21. BangBang says:

    She is amazing, truly one of the best models out there.

  22. molly says:

    I cant stand the clothes and make-up models are and have been wearing. NO one understands the whole concept and millions of wasted money goes toward pleasing only a few people. (the designers) then the public is left wondering WTF?

    • gg says:

      I totally agree. It’s really just a form of existential art at this point, enjoyed by only a few. Fashion mags are all art shots, with about 90% advertising. Has nothing to do with the average person out buying a normal purse or jeans. Especially vexing to me is when catwalk models are forced to look like hideous aliens and made to wear 14-inch platforms that don’t fit their feet, and predictably, they fall spectacularly right in front of everybody. I’m lookin at you, Vivienne Westwood. All I can do is wonder why they all want to look so stupid. They must impress each other awfully much to go to such lengths.

  23. Grace says:

    The bile was written, and altered countless times, by man.
    Both Christ and God say to love all of your brothers and sisters-JW’s do not accept homosexuality.
    Christ and God say to protect the children.JW’s have been in trouble for countless unreported acts of pedophilia.
    She can say what she wants but she shouldn’t be surprised when people call her on it.

  24. Grace says:

    Sorry…bible. Freudian slip there :)

  25. stm says:

    she’ll probably have plenty of time for children now. this sounds like career suicide.

  26. Jenna says:

    Good for her about having her beliefs, but I’m still wondering what she means by ‘believing in everything the Bible says’.

  27. karolina says:

    Thank god models don’t need critical thinking skills

  28. themummy says:

    I have no comment of any value but I gotta say this: I get very, very, very irritated when people come to my house, knock on my door, and try to give me religion. That’s my only issue with JWs. And it’s not even really an issue (I don’t give two farts what anyone chooses to believe–that’s a total non-issue) as long as they stop coming to my house. It’s intrusive.

    Also, I’ve never heard of her before but she’s really beautiful. And yeah, she does have a Linda Evangelista vive.

  29. Melibea4ever says:

    Wow!! This is one of the reasons this society isn’t going anywhere we applaud celebs for doing s*x tapes, domestic violence,cocaine etc yet we condone someone who’s showing some principles?? This is really sad!!!

  30. aims says:

    my husband was raised a witness and his parents are still heavily involved with it. from my own experience, they’re not real friendly to outsiders. it maybe unfair on my point, but since my husband fell in love with a ‘wordly girl.’ they were cold, mean sprited and they shunned him. when they found out we were pregnant, they wouldn’t see our baby, because i wouldn’t become a witness. there only grandchild might i add. we’ve been married for 17 years now, and its still a very strained relationship. now is it because of their faith, or is it because they’re mean ass people, i don’t know. but from what i have experienced, it has been an extremely hurtful presents in our lives. i have also felt that generally witness are very much closed off from society and only hang out with other witnesses. which is why im a little surprised to hear that coco is a witness.

  31. LittleDeadGirl says:

    From the title I ttoally thought she’d sound a bit crazy but she seems level headed. No one on either side should be smug. None of us know the truth of the universe. We barely understand how storms work much less how the Universe works or if God can/does exist. Religion is still a thing because as demonstrated by several athesis above, people like to be part of a group, and use that group to feel superior to others. We are still tribal in many ways and it’s hard to fight the instinct. Don’t delude yourself into thinking you are better. It’s hardwired into us.

  32. Justyna says:

    I’m curious – are Jehovah’s Witnesses considered a religion, let alone the same as other Christian faiths in North America? In my country they are not a religion but the sect. They were legally registered as some sort of religious association (first as a business partnership) but with much lower status than the main religions and nobody would call them Christian, they are always considered a sect. There were many proof about lifes being destroyed by JW in here. One of them was my friend. They reached to her when she was at the lowest point of her life (her dearest brother, as well as my close friend, committed suicide), manipulated her and promised to help organizing a funeral and when she realized what she agreed to and wanted to sign off, they threatened to make her life a living hell (no job, bad reputation, no perspectives, harm to family). Now she walks from door to door and pretends to believe out of fear but she is so unhappy.

    • GByeGirl says:

      In the US they are considered a religion. They are technically Christians as they believe in Jesus, but they do not believe in a Trinity, that Father, Son, Holy Spirit are one “being”. My life was ruined by the religion. They seem so very nice and welcoming to get you in, but you better not ask questions about the Organization or express doubts. They tell you to be “sheep like” and to go along with everything they say. If they find out that you are reading anti-Jehovah’s Witness books, you can get into very big trouble, labeled as an apostate, have your family taken away. They are far more forgiving to child molesters than they are to people who do investigation on their own and simply decide to leave the Org.

      • Justyna says:

        I know they believe in Jesus, that’s why I understand it’s hard to label them as non-Christians, but my country is very strict and even Mormons are not considered a religion. It’s not enough to claim the organization is Christian for it to be labeled as such. I am myself an atheist, but I usually have no problem with the regular Christians. I was born Catholic, I left the church and nobody cared or made a deal about it. It’s not possible with JW, that’s why I’m surprised people in here, who have such a problem with scientology, seem to post only positive things about JW. Knowing their actions, I think they are not much better than CO$. The latter is more powerful and has celebrity support but their manipulation methods and awful way of treating the doubting members is oddly similar.

  33. Carolyn says:

    Coco is gorgeous!!! I especially LOVE her with red hair.

  34. Amy C says:

    I think that is nice that she proudly say about what she believe in. It she truly follow though? That is not easy to answer. I know JW say and trys to go according to the bible . I had met some JW’a long time ago and they were nice people but strict people. Though I never made babtized according to them and made one due to many reasons, I believe the idea that there is definetly one true god and his name JEHOVAH and bible is his word written by a number of people with his guiding sprit and fear God is the start of all wisdom and the knowledge of the most holy one is what understanding is as it say in the bible.
    But It surprising to me sometimes there is one bible but 100 type of chirstanity relegions.

  35. Megan says:

    That photoshoot makes her look like a stop-motion puppet from a Tim Burton film.

  36. aang says:

    Interesting fact: She was an Irish Step dancer as a child and was discovered at a feis (dance competition) in Vancouver. I only know who she is because my daughter dances and some older dancers make a big deal of her. She has “jigged” down the runway before. I had no idea she was a JW, that part is not mentioned among the mostly catholic dancers.

  37. Ally8 says:

    Then I hope there’s something in the Bible about occasionally closing your mouth in photos.

    Girl is the blowup-doll-iest of the current crop of supermodels. It’s vulgar, repetitive & distracting in pictorials.

  38. Nonny says:

    I don’t care what her religion is. Someone get that girl a sammich.

  39. Tuxedo Cat says:

    I wonder if she is new to her religion, because Jehovah Witnesses aren’t “Christians”.

    Jehovah Witnesses basically don’t believe that Jesus Christ is God’s Son and just that he was a great teacher and prophet.

    She may be just saying “Christian” to avoid long explanations, but actually it is sort of misleading.

  40. Shelley says:

    I used to like her until I realised she tries too hard to make herself look like this model who goes against the system in every way and still succeeds *eye roll*. No bonus points here for being a Jehovah’s witness.

  41. Djinn says:

    If someone says they believe everything the Bible says they’re either really thick, lying or they’ve never actually read the whole thing. It contradicts itself numerous times. Hardly surprising given it was written by numerous people over hundreds of years, edited, translated, redacted and re-edited countless times on the whims of Kings and other powerful men. It’s not possible to believe two contradictory things, well not if you’re sane, so I guess the other option is they’re batshit crazy.

  42. Angelina says:

    CULT…..they prey on the weak people who need guidance. Woman in despair from bad marriages, people from bikers gangs etc. anyone strong with a brain does not need to be told right from wrong

  43. sauvage says:

    Am I really the only one who always reads her name as “cockroach” at first sight?

  44. some bitch says:

    I wonder if she believes in that bit that says women are basically considered three fifths of a person?

    Or the bit that says disobedient children should be killed?

    I’m Catholic and I don’t believe *most* of what’s in the Bible. Thousands of years and countless translations make for some content that should be taken with a few grains (or an entire rock) of salt.

  45. ShugAveryPee says:

    LOL It is sooo amazing to me how non believers make us Christians out to be stupid… You either believe in the word of God or you do not… Period that is it… I think it is sad that their are people that believe in nothing at all …If you can not accept Jesus ok then fine .. but to just believe that for no reason at all the world just came to be from nothing or a big bang is just a scientific theory … if can not and will not be proven for fact … So just like you hold so strongly to the opinion .. experiments and research of scientist you do not even know .. I chose to believe in the word of a living God… so that makes us even,.. I refuse to believe that the human body has no soul… even some scientist have said that they believe in life after death… Scientist with billions of dollar can not even find a cure for AIDS or cancer or the common cold… but I am suppose to believe these same people on how the entire universe came to be… PLEASE… Do not insult me and i will not insult you… Good for her… for trusting in God even when it is not popular…. the word of God has been translated yes.. but i have read almost every translation growing up in church and the mean and message is still the same… PERIOD… Jesus is real and that does not change because you chose not to accept that … But I am a true Christian and I accept the fact that you all have free will and can believe what you want …

    • UghInsomnia says:

      But believing in an invisible sky fairy is more rational? That makes more sense to you? That a magical prophet was born to a virgin and walked on water and healed the sick, but his heavenly father let him die to prove a point? An almighty entity wouldn’t need to kill so many babies during a temper tantrum. You’d rather believe that we all descended from one woman made from a rib bone (so we’re all inbred) and that a whale swallowed a man and he lived? It’s a giant book of serious WTF, and I say that as a woman raised in the church.

  46. GByeGirl says:

    As someone who thankfully escaped the cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses, I’m frankly shocked that there are Active Witnesses on this site! The elders are constantly telling them that the internet is evil, gossip is bad, following gossip, etc. The whacky thing about JWs is that they say they take the bible literally, even old testament teachings, like women being subservient, gays being evil, etc…but they don’t keep kosher, they wear mixed fabrics (especially polyester) etc. There have been some famous JWs, but pursuing fame and careers like modeling are totally frowned upon. The Watchtower Society is in a lot of financial heat right now due to child sexual abuse lawsuits so they are overlooking what some well-moneyed Witnesses are doing.