Kristen Stewart on whether she’s back with Sparkles: “Keep ‘em guessing”

Here are some new photos of Kristen Stewart outside of the New York studio of the Today Show this morning. She made a live appearance in support of Breaking Dawn Part II, which I can only imagine was the low point of Today’s coverage this morning. I mean, there are 30-odd Senate seats, dozens of governors’ races and House seats to analyze, not to mention the presidential election and the breakdown of the Electoral College and the future political system for the next four years… and then let’s take a quick break to talk to the lip-biter about her vampire movie. Such stupid timing. BD II doesn’t even come out for another week and a half! The studio didn’t think it was a dumb idea to put Kristen in a live interview the day after the presidential election?

Anyway, Kristen was there in all of her lip-biting, eye-rolling glory. Incidentally, Kristen and Rob flew to NYC together via a private plane – there were photos. So, the studio is so confident about them being together that they’re scheduling them for private flights together. Still, the Today Show played along and acted like Kristen and Rob are still on-again, off-again and not like Rob and Kristen and the studio have made it epically clear that ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN.

Savannah Guthrie asked (cloyingly), “Kristen, you have so many fans and they will be mad at us if we don’t ask you… Are you back together with Robert Pattinson?” As awful as that question was (and it was bad because just ask her straight out, for the love of God, without having hedge “Your fans want to know!”), Kristen’s response was so infuriating I actually felt a new, throbbing stress-vein developing. Kristen barely stifles an eye-roll, and she has the audacity to look majorly pissed off (O RLY, bitch?) and then she says, “Funny you mention that. I’m going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are. Keep ‘em guessing, I always say.” Girl, it was barely three months ago when you had to issue a public apology statement in which you declared your unbroken love for Robert. NO QUESTION IS OFF-LIMITS. No question gets your Twi-‘tude. Stop looking so pissy. You brought this on yourself.

Here’s the video clip of Kristen’s response to the relationship question:

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Here’s the full interview:

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Some photos from last week that I never posted:

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Meg13 says:

    The “Keep Me Relevant” Tour 2012

  2. ladybert62 says:

    Ms. Dirty-Hair needs to buy a hairbrush and shampoo. Once she cleans that rat’s nest, then she needs to get a decent cut.

    What an arrogant witch she is.

  3. Elisabeth says:

    keep em guessing? like with the ‘do you shower?” question huh?

  4. Sophie says:

    I hate her now.

    And why is she always smiling with her teeth these days? We hadn’t seen her do that for like 3 years.

  5. marie says:

    and this interview is the perfect example of why a lot of folks have a hard time liking this chick.

    • Liv says:

      I really can’t believe it!! I always liked her until she showed her true colours when handling her embarrassing “affair”. She’s a selfish brat and I am just realizing now, that she’s also not that bright – in fact she’s pretty dumb. Damn, she declared her love publicly, told us that her boyfriend likes to lick her armpits (gross!!) and called the paps to make sure we know they are a couple again. And now she’s telling us it’s not our business? Shut up, you spoiled stupid hollywood chick!

  6. Me says:

    Pathetic famewhore!!! She needs this circus to be relevant in gossip sites.

  7. Apples says:

    She is a piece of work. I had a feeling this scandal wouldn’t hurt her. If anything, it just made her notorious and a household name, which is more important in Hollywood than being liked.

    Kind of like her shoes- as a practical option that’s nicer than a sneaker.
    Hate that coat- am I the only one that finds stiff leather coats cheesy?

  8. Sophie says:

    Why is she always smiling now?

  9. Madriani's Girl says:

    I can’t stand her. Seriously, honey, you are not deep or edgy or cool. You are a foul-mouthed, ungrateful little poser who thinks it’s okay to once again act like an a**hole to people once your own personal crisis is past. You suck.

  10. Peach says:

    Isn’t this the same girl who gave a public statement in July saying Rob was the most important thing in her life and she loves him, loves him!? I guess she can only publicly declare her love when she’s caught cheating on him with a married man.

  11. Ms Goblin says:

    Why was she “clicking” or “tsk-ing”?

    And, girl, wash your hair.

  12. Melissa says:

    I only watched the first 30 seconds of this interview this morning – I want non-stop political coverage! She is just sooooo awkward. The lack of eye contact reminds me of my 5-year old when I’m scolding her and trying to make her apologize for something!

  13. Eleonor says:

    It will take another month and she will start the ridicoulous middle finger again.

  14. Dani says:

    “Funny you mention that. I’m going to just let people watch whatever little movie they think our lives are.” Yes, the movie is called Twilight, and it’s terrible so please make it stop.

    It is COLD AS HELL (ha) in NYC, how is she wearing just a leather jacket and capris? I’m in a puffer jacket INSIDE my office that has heat.

  15. Mirella says:

    I really can’t find a redeeming quality about this girl.

  16. Aria says:

    Can’t wait to see her fall into oblivion.

  17. JudyK says:

    She came across as a snotty little bitch on TODAY and wouldn’t even look the hosts in the eye.

    She has zero interview skills.

  18. Ann says:

    What was really weird was that in the initial broadcast, in the middle of her last answer, they did a hard cut to a commercial. She said the movie comment and hadn’t even finished the sentence and they cut away. Viewers were left wondering if her publicist yanked the cord, or Kristen went into a seizure, or whatever else would cause a hard cut in the middle of a comment. They never went back to her either! No goodbye or thank you was seen. Don’t know if this was corrected for those seeing it on delay later.

  19. Elizabeth says:

    She is such a hypocrite this girl. You cheat publicly, issue an apology publicly and you roll your eyes at reporters asking you about what YOU made public? life doesn’t work that way.

  20. Kim says:

    Great seeing her smiling sometimes an affair can make a relationship stronger because you began to appreciate what you almost lost.It did in my case. Good luck to them.

  21. Miss Bennett says:

    In her defense (although it hurts me do say this) I don’t see where she is suppressing an eye role or where she looks majorly pissed off. She does look uncomfortable, defensive and awkward but when hasn’t she? As for not answering, she should have been more gracious and perhaps said something along the lines of “we’re in a good place now” or “I promised Rob we would keep it private from now on”. As for her in general, I can’t seem to make myself like her.

    • Jocelyn says:

      The problem is she is the one who put her relationship on display.

      She is the one who let a married man with kids go down on her in PUBLIC.

      But now no one has the right to ask her about the relationship she used with her PR team? She used the media to help her image. Those photos at her house were staged for her career. After that, you have no right to whine and act bitchy when someone dares ask you a question about your personal life. You can’t have it both ways.

      She is just so ungrateful and miserable. How about answering the question in a decent, respectful way. Was that so hard to do? IMO, no. Most normal people could have given a nice, but short and to the point answer.

      I’ll say it again, lets see her and Rob in five years once Twilight is old news. Their ungrateful attitude might change once the jobs stop rolling in.

      The fact is something else will come along to surpass the Twilight mania. It always does.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        You are preaching to the choir girl. I can’t stand her. I only said that I didn’t see her stifle an eye roll or look majorly pissed off. If her PR team is trying to rehabilitate her image a polite and open reply would have been of help. Instead she just reinforced all the reasons people can’t stand her.

  22. Meaghan says:

    I’m getting sooooo annoyed over how the entire world hates her! I don’t care about her either way.

    • The Original Genevieve says:


      Everyone goes on about how she won’t admit her mistakes or take ownership of what she did. But did she not do that from day one, with her unsolicited public apology? Obviously, you can’t take that sh*t back. But how many other stars would rush to tell the actual truth? Most would have backed way from the pictures and had their publicists suppress everything.

      Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors in a relationship except the two people involved. Maybe this really IS a huge studio sham. I definitely agree the girl needs interview coaching, she is the most awkward public celebrity ever. But all the hate just undermines the haters who get so emotionally involved. Seriously, enough. I would have to defend even Me!Ann Rimes if everyone dog-piled on her like this. It is SOOO unattractive to hear adult (I’m assuming) women go on like this over a star who will most likely disappear as soon as her franchise does. :(

      • AJ says:

        1. LMAO at the dramatics here. For the “entire world” to hate her, the “entire world” would have to care about her, which it doesn’t. I’m invested in Twilight which is why I read these posts, but there are many people who don’t even know who she is, which must be hard on her since she’s so desperate for fame.

        2. I never stop cracking up at the “but she apologized” defense. Perhaps people like me don’t believe the sincerity of it because she never previously acknowledged her relationship to Rob until she needed to win him back, and also the fans, with said apology after she messed up. Yeah, that’s real sincere. Seems to me a private apology to Rob’s face would have been the sincere way to go, but what do I know?

        3. Kristen Stewart is one of the biggest hypocrites in Hollywood. That’s why she’s so disliked. She continues to do the opposite of what she says.

        -She wants people out of her personal life, so she has an affair outdoors in public in LA, pap central.
        -She’s not Hollywood, she’s not glam, but yet appears on more magazine covers with every passing year.
        -Her relationship is private, yet she tells a reporter that her boyfriend licks her armpits. Notice how she didn’t accidentally slip and reveal any of her kink though. Nope, she’s all about humiliating Rob.

        Just a few examples of why she is disliked and will continue to be disliked since some of you are so blinded by her winning personality that you don’t seem to get it.

      • hmmm says:

        Not aimed at anyone in particular… Do you all know how mind numbing the endless overuse of the word “hater” is? Is everyone in high school? Gah! Lazy. Get a vocabulary. Y’all sound like brain dead robots.

      • Dani says:

        AJ – for someone who is invested in Twilight, I’m surprised you actually have a thought process, and a good one too. Agree with everything you said.

      • AJ says:

        Dani, you made me laugh :0) I think there are many closet Twilight fans here, I’m just one of the few who admit it.

        I have a fairly serious amount of crap to deal with in my real life, and I tend to read/watch light-hearted fantasy-type material to distract me from my day to day (which is why I read blogs like this one; always good for laughs). That’s how I fell into Twilight; it’s an escape and USED to be entertaining until mini-Cooper gate.

        I’ll always have the books, but now I’m completely done with the movies. Whether this whole mess was real or PR, it stinks, and they won’t get my $10 on the last movie. Won’t make a difference, I know, but the spin on this mess has just been revolting. I’m done.

        Frankly, I’m kind of glad this all happened so that my blinders to Kristen and Rob both got removed so I don’t have to waste any money on either of them in the future.

      • AJ says:

        And last comment, I know that Rob and Kristen are not Edward and Bella; I never expected them to be.

        However, I stupidly used to believe them both when they said they were private, not-typical-Hollywood types. That made them endearing. Now, I see that all of that was a complete and total lie. They are both desperate for fame, and continued fame, and that’s fine, but just be honest about it and don’t put down others for the same exact thing.

        If celebrities want us to believe that they’re real and authentic, then perhaps they should be themselves more, flaws and all, and stop being puppets for the Hollywood machine like Kristen and Rob clearly are.

      • iheartjacksparrow says:

        Was there ever a consensus about her “boyfriend” licking her pits being Rob or Rupert?

    • Dani says:

      Yeah, I get it being like an escape. Luckily for you it’s not fattening, whereas my escape is cooking and then eating everything. But where are you that a movie ticket is $10??? I don’t remember the last time I paid less than $14

    • AJ says:

      Dani, LOL! In MD. It was $10.50 last time I went.

  23. Annie says:

    She cannot complain if people ask. She made it everybody’s business with that embarrassing apology. By admitting it, she made things WORSE for her. Should’ve kept them guessing then too and all the drama and articles would never have happened because she never admitted to a relationship anyway. Who let her send out that apology anyway?? She regrets it now but what does she expect? She invited people to talk when she apologized to PEOPLE! She didn’t do anything to the fans or public, so why did she have to get them involved? Sorry but you cannot play coy now. You do need to guve an answer that is not snotty because you played out this “movie” for the world to see. Are we going to pretend it never happened now?

    And it’s sad you only admit to loving a man when you’re knee deep in sh*t and need your public not to turn in you. When everything is fine, it’s nobody’s business.

  24. turkeyleg says:

    It looks like she just got her period. I look weird when I first get mine because the pain is so intense…It’s hard for me to sit comfortably.

  25. Starlight says:

    I don’t think so. He is not stupid. It’s just a show. They are trying to promote a movie. After that he will be running away from her as fast as he can.

  26. Freya Magritt says:

    Looks like she was prepared for the question, obviously it was discussed beforehand. The answer was made up (also beforehand) to create screaming headlines and to make the buzz go on.
    Anyway, she can’t answer the question directly – she would ruin the whole PR strategy.

  27. Ramona says:

    What is this girl’s major disfunction??? She fell into acting at an early age and has lived a life most people can only dream of! Rich way beyond many life-times of real work and has never done anything really hard in her life!! Try riding public transit to work everyday to a job you hate lip-biter. Try not knowing where your next meal is coming from! Try talking to your boss the way you talked to your interviewers today and see how long you have a job! You have a legion of delusional people who call themselves fans – endeavour to look like you’ve earned their loyalty. UGH!
    At least I can take solace in the fact that I’ve not contributed to this girls wealth as I came to the Twilight series late and borrowed the DVDs from my public library.

  28. maria says:

    I just can’t stand her anymore.
    Studios i want you to know I will boycott every movie she is in!!!!
    Don’t hire her untill she changes her terrible attidute.
    Kristen you suck!!!!
    I’m starting to hate Rob too, how can he stand her????????

  29. stacey says:

    I am loving that black blue slouchy jumper she is wearing!

  30. Leila says:

    Everyone seems really angry about this. I personally think there are more important things to worry about. It’s just a lame interview. Pretty forgettable.
    This too shall pass.

  31. Jessica says:

    Goddamit, Kristen. Why you gotta be so rude?

  32. The Original Victoria says:

    Whatever, hating Kristen Stewart is nothing new for many of us. Hate is a strong word maybe I should say it’s more like dislike. But whatever the case is what she did was just validation for those of who could spot a fake “real” bitch from a mile away. And watching her make a fool of herself is the just the icing on my Twilizzle experience. Thank you K-Shrew!

  33. Scarlett says:

    People actually buy this ‘relationship’ as real? She enjoys the media attention, the are they/aren’t they because her career would be irrelevant without it. She’s a famewhore. Simple as that.

  34. hmmm says:

    Wow. She just basically and bitterly p”ssed on her fans.

  35. CTgirl says:

    @Perplexed, this is for you . . .

    A riff on KS and RP as parents . . .
    RP: Won’t you hold the baby for a few minutes? I know you’re feeling even more depressed than usual, but can’t you make the effort?
    KS: If I hold that child then my real child will feel bad (said while hugging her dog Bear in her arms and burping it after a Milkbone feast). Besides, I don’t think that it really matters if that child is nurtured by me. Since you gave birth, you’ve become even more (snort) caring and your mammaries are coming in quite nicely and are bigger than mine. You’ll be fine my little Sparkle Wife.
    RP: But you told everyone you wanted this. Why can’t you just try?
    KS: You’re harshing my mellow. Dude, you knew that I’m just a stoner chick from the Valley. Now get me the tequila and bong so I can get prepared for my 4 hour nap so my hair looks right for the premier tonight. You know it never looks greasy enough without the nap.
    RP: (Walks away while quietly weeping and mumbling) Why didn’t I believe the entire country? What kind of tractor beam hold does she have on my vag? When will my milk come in?

  36. Jocelyn says:

    I really tried to give this girl a chance because we all make mistakes and a lot of younger people need time to grow up, but no more.

    She needs to grow up and stop acting like the word owes her a favor. YOU put YOUR personal life on display for all the world to see. YOU put out a message to your boyfriend for the public to see.

    STOP complaining and acting like a bit## when someone has the audacity to ask about your personal life.

    You can’t act, you always look dirty, and most fans are over your too cool for school attitude. You aren’t some “real” hipster. Your just like every other hollywood cliche. She isn’t genuine, she isn’t hard core, and she is the furthest thing from real.

    I can’t wait until the Twilight movies are over. Give them another five years and lets see if they have the same attitude.

    • Jess says:

      She has no humility, no sense of just how lucky and blessed she is. She thinks she’s doing everyone a favor by just existing. She’s so entitled and ill mannered, it has to catch up to her eventually. She can’t continue to turn her nose up at the media and the fans that MADE HER, and remain successful. I hope she falls off the face of the earth when Twilight is over. She doesn’t appreciate the position that she is in, and doesn’t deserve it. There are actresses out there that are far more deserving of the blind ridiculous worship and praise that Kristen gets.

      I’m still waiting for some movement on those halfway houses she keeps yammering about, while she insults other people’s charity and service…Any day now, Kristen. You’ve only been talking about them for four years.

  37. megsie says:

    Is the clicking new? I saw only a handful of pre scandal interviews but don’t recall her doing this. A newly acquired nervous tick?

    She looks so irritated and uncomfortable I do feel a bit badly for her, although “you made the bed ….” does come to mind.

  38. Sway says:

    Wow. She really had the audacity to “get angry” at that question. I’m…wow.

  39. La Calabaza says:

    She acts like a child, talks like a child, dresses like a child…..So painful to watch and listen.

  40. Bobby the K says:

    A simple ‘no’ will do.

  41. Source says:

    Hey, will someone make a real movie of the movie that’s in my head? I’ve got all the visuals.

    Dialogue will consist of a lot of “dudes” “likes,” “it’s none of your f***ing business,” and of course, “I’m a miserable c**t.”

  42. Jan says:

    I am very surprised her PR team allowed the question unless it was sneaked in at the last moment. Strict orders were given at TIFF that no personal questions were to be asked when she first appeared again. I think she looked surprised it was asked. I bet she is still cursing about it.

    • oivey says:

      Aus. reporters were under strict instructions not to ask anything of Rob about this whole thing.

      The mail has a story about Kristen being on the that show with Kelly Ripa, showing pictures of her new rescue dog playing with…Rob’s dog. I mean there’s nothing to it really, but if she’s the smart woman she insists she is won’t it keep people talking about her personal life? I think she’s shrewd enough to know the talk keeps her relevent.

  43. Nire says:

    The phrase “funny you should mention” is used when something is ironic/coincidental, therefore inappropriate when asked about something you’ve been sticking in our faces for months. It’s stuff like this recently that make me think she really is just quite dumb. Arrogant too, and that’s not an awesome cocktail.

  44. LittleDeadGirl says:

    So sad that so much pretty is lost on her. I do find her beautiful, my opinion, but the way she handles things leaves me baffled. She values her privacy so she publicly humiliated her boyfriend … and no I’m not talking about cheating … I’m talking about the public apology. Talk about cruel and now she plays coy and defensive.

  45. geekychick says:

    I saw this on Jezebel while drinking my after-nap coffee. I LOLed, TBH. I really did.
    And it’s especially funny considering the reactions on these two sites: on Jez, reactions are pretty positive, here-reactions are all but positive. Especially considering the readers. Can someone please make a real sociological study about people and media and society and IDK?

    • another nina says:

      Oh, here you go again…Judging about judging? Is it a new trend among twies? ;)

      • A says:

        Nina, I’m certainly not a twi person. I’m just someone who enjoys the gossip about both Rob and Kristen…Hell, I have no clue what the names some of these people on this site call others mean (I’ve heard of robsten of course and nonsten because I used to read Ted, but the others are new). I’m totally lost when you guys start talking about the names of pets and their team….and I agree with Geekychick. It’s a world of difference between here and jezebel, and that’s quite fascinating.

        I did find the guessing thing obnoxious, but I really don’t get what was so objectionable about the rest. If she said she tries to keep some parts of her life private, people would call her out because of the public apology. If she straight up said they were together, people would be saying PR. If she said no comment, then the tabloids would seize on that as trouble… A more clever person would have quickly turned it around and would chuckle in a dry manner while saying “I’m trying to keep some parts of my life private now for obvious reasons”…bit it’s KStew. All things considered, it wasn’t that bad. Also, she certainly didn’t look anymore morose or angry then usual while doing this interview. There really wasn’t a good way to handle this, especially for someone as inarticulate and awkward as her.

      • another nina says:

        It’s a good day when I get to talk to A!!! (BTW, per your suggestion, I signed up for a class about movies and HW, etc. I’m very excited and thank you v.m. for an idea!)
        Listen, to scare you further, I know not only about their living pets but also about the deceased ones. PATTY — (Pattinson’s dead dog) here you go, now we are on the same page ;)

        I don’t care about Stew’s speech today. I find their behavior scripted and Cash Flow-linked. Plus Stew has been acting like a borderline special needs person recently (no, I’m not saying anything bad about special need people!), so I kind of left her alone.
        I’m not very strong in building arguments, and I don’t know much about norms of online-behavior. But I find it funny when active participants in the the rob/kristen’s discussions try to disassociate themselves from the twi-crowd. It’s cute when very judgmental participants start criticizing judgments. I love when people quote Pattinson like Bible even though he, himself, refers to his interviews as verbal vomitting…;)
        Bottom line, I don’t have any thesis to prove, I’m just enjoying a quick minute of distraction – aren’t we all? and God bless that there is enough space in the www that there could exist both jezebel and celebitchy…

      • A says:

        @Nina…I always love “celebitching” with you :) Hope you enjoy the class. Through their extension school, UCLA offers a pretty kick ass course that involves getting to see films a few weeks before their release date. It’s usually taught by a fairly prominent film critic (this time, it’s Ann Thompson from IndieWire who loves your boy RPattz :) ) and has some awesome guest speakers. I’m totally thinking of signing up the next time it’s offered.

        Ha, no judging on knowing the names of the dogs. I’m kind of the same way with Beyonce and the Brange :) I’m not quite at the level of a Brangeloonie, but I’m close. It’s a strange, circular argument about the judging and I understand both sides. For me, it’s not the judgments but the level of vitriol that bother me. It’s one thing to call someone obnoxious or sleazy, it’s another to call someone a whore/slut…or to say that Rob and Kristen make them physically want to vomit or accuse Kristen of fucking everyone (Tay Tay is “cough gay cough”). Now that’s waayyy overboard, imo. I’m kind of with you on the special needs kind of thing..Ducking, because last time I said this some of the more passionate people accused me of condoning cheating..which is straight up dumb, because I’ve said sleeping with a married man is selfish and stupid. Anyway, I flat up think KStew had some sort of episode this summer (hard drugs, mental illness, something along those lines). To go from ducking into trash cans to talking about arm pits, babies, and openly making out with a married man in a heavily populated area in broad daylight. The more bizarre outfits then usual..The increasingly weird interviews she gave about Snow White…I remember some interview where the journalist described her as nice but very odd…So yeah, I get what you mean about the special needs thing..

        It is interesting to see the flip side of Gawker, Jezebel, Celebitchy, Lainey, etc…and kind of more fascinating when you consider we are (fans of the blogs) just a small segment of the movie going population. It’s also interesting that it looks like both are going to do okay after Twilight ends…so all that bitching about a man card seems irrelevant. Never really thought he wanted to be a mainstream star anyway…and if the public can get over Jude Law screwing around the nanny and knocking up a one night stand and trying to pay her off, Sean Penn beating the shit out of his wife, etc…Rob taking back his gf, who may have never really have been his gf in the first place, is pretty minor. That Carey Mulligan film where he has a supporting role sounds interesting, as does the film with Guy Pearce. I’m not terribly sold on the new Cronenberg film…apparently he has been trying to get it off the ground since 2005…he has had trouble because the subject matter is so controversial (reportedly incest and some really underage sex scenes). So yeahhh…I have a feeling that the Carey Mulligan/Guy Pearce films are going to be far more well received and perform better financially. Excuse my grammar, it’s atrocious after I’ve had a few glasses of wine (my man has a long ass surgery to do tonight and my day is completely free tomorrow, so I’m watching Mean Girls and drinking in honor of past Lindsay…pretty sad, actually seeing the proof her past looks and talent…girl is only a few years younger then me, and yet looks at least 20 years older…well black don’t crack, too :) ).

  46. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I thought it was hilarious and I just laughed at her. Silly little grumpy b*tch lol.

  47. belly says:

    Maybe she doesn’t know if they’re really on or off? She wants it to be on, but Rob’s hanging back a bit perhaps. They can get papped because that can be construed as passive, but a declaration that they’ve reconciled on national TV might be pushing it a bit far, and send him running for the hills.
    My guess, anyway.

  48. Janice says:

    I have to agree with most of the comments regarding Miss Stewart. She is not a great actress except for her role in the Panic Room. Other than Twilight, she has chosen movies roles where she plays a trashy, sleazy character. Could this girl possibly pull off a serious Oscar nominated role? Someone needs to tie her hands and feet to the interview chair during interviews so she can sit stil. All that hand waving about and the rocking back and forth in the interview chair not to forget the leg kicking.
    She needs to hire herself a coach to teach her how to conduct herself during an interview. As for her relationship with RP, it appears to me that she is now the one who has become so clingy and possessive. Why can she not answer a straight forward question about her relationship with RP without getting all hot and bothered when she publicly declared last July that she loved him, loved him. I wonder.

  49. Murrie says:

    Alright, keep us guessing. I guess you’ll keep us guessing about how often you wash your hair, right K-Stew?

    My bet is on once a month to never.

  50. mel says:

    She is her own worse enemy. Seriously.

  51. Shelly says:

    I loves it……she like “this bitch went there, i’m going be so condescending now and make the whole room uncomfortable because she made ME, Kristen Stewart uncomfortable. When i’m done with her she’s going to feel lower than pond scum.”

  52. Bella Bella says:

    I am so sick of her selfish, ungrateful ass. She makes millions of dollars. All she has to do is sit there, smile and BE POLITE!

    Sparkles seems like a nice enough guy. The idea that he puts up with her holier than thou, super bitch attitude makes him look like a Douche-tard too.

  53. Shannon says:

    I used to be a fan but these constant games with the press about their relationship is just ridiculous. She needs to get over it because after the Twi-hoopla dies down, people are going to forget about both of them. Sorry Sparkle fans! Also, Kristen is so, so pretty and maybe she’s traumatized from the Joan Jett mullett experience, but she needs to wash her hair and cut a good 6 inches off of it.

  54. Bonfire Beach says:

    I don’t even give a half crap about Rob and Kristen but the intense dislike for her is really starting to work my nerves. I guess because I don’t care about her I don’t get it.