David Gandy goes shirtless for sexy long-johns themed pictorial: so, so hot?

David Gandy covers the new issue of 10 Men’s Magazine. Never heard of the mag. Doesn’t matter. He’s shirtless. He’s on a horse at one point. He’s modeling… coats, I think? Long johns maybe? Sure. Never have I ever looked a man in a pair of long johns and thought, “Good God, I wish I could be a pair of long johns right now, either that or I’d just like to lick those suckers off of him.” What else do I need to say? This man is FINE. *Mic drop*

But still, I know many of you haven’t heard of Gandy beyond this site, which is sad for you! Gandy is considered to be the top male model in the world. He’s the Gisele of male models, which is funny because he f—king hates Gisele. Anyway, in honor of this HOT HOT HOT pictorial, I thought I’d make a handy list of all of the 16 reasons I love David Gandy.

1. Because I loved him even before I knew his name. I loved him first as “that hot MF in the Light Blue ads.”

2. Because his eyes ARE “Blue Steel”.

3. Because of his arms. I want to lick them.

4. Because he doesn’t have any problems posing naked. Probably because he’s hung like a f—king horse.

5. Because he’s hung like a f—king horse.

6. Because he bad-mouthed Gisele Bunchen when he was asked about “arrogant models”.

7. Because of his accent. He’s English and he has a slight lisp, which makes it even hotter.

8. Because he’s BIG. He’s a big, tall, broad dude. I love big dudes.

9. Because he can look really haughty and bitchy at times, but I think he’s a mess of insecurities in real life.

10. Because of his hands.

11. Because he catwalked with the girl models during the Olympics.

12. Because of his legs. They’re really muscular and hot.

13. Because he hits the quad-fecta of my personal Dong Kryptonite: light eyes, dark hair, tall, with an accent.

14. Because he’s actually a really good model.

15. Because he loves animals.

16. Because he would totally marry me if we ever met.

Photos courtesy of 10 Men’s Magazine/The Fashion Spot.

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  1. Joanna says:

    geez, he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!please, more posts about him!

  2. psykins says:

    I figured out why I don’t like a lot of guys everyone else finds hot – it’s that furrow between the eyebrows. Maybe it’s too much hatred of Star Trek Enterprise at an early age, but a man with that furrow is just an instant turn off, no matter how ‘hot’ the rest of his face is. I think that why I feel nothing for Jon Hamm, either…

  3. amandapanda says:

    he is hot, but BAHAHAHAHAHHAHA at this shoot

    i’m not sure which one i like best – is it the “now where did i leave my car keys?” wife-beater singlet pic? or the Man-On-Horse-In-Supermarket-Carpark crap homage to Zorro epic fail?

  4. Jenn says:

    He looks old. I was surprised that he is only 32.

  5. lori says:

    A little too Joe Manganiello for me. Have fun with him though.

  6. Abby says:

    Man I love him, and I love horses, but I don’t really like this shoot. Horse/car/random face covering/TENNIS SHOES? No. Just no.

  7. marie says:

    gahh, so hot-love his chest.. I needed that this morning..

  8. Maria_Spain says:

    interesting…. so… Did i miss the point “because of his dong?


  9. Jenna says:

    LOL. He’s on a horse. Ah, Old Spice commercial memories. I do like looking at Gandy. But are you SURE about number 16 though? Hmm…

  10. spugzbunny says:

    aghhhhhhh meh god. I had not really looked at him properly before. Holey moley that is one hell of a man.

  11. shewolf says:

    At first I thought whatever. Then I sat and looked at the first picture for awhile and my mind wandered away into some sort of fantasy that I wont get into and now Im hooked. I love him. And I love that he is English. God I love English men. That brow furrowing thing they do with that accent…

  12. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The fact that he is so unlikable kills any minimal hotness for me. Judging by his past interviews, he seems like a big pain in the ass that takes himself and his modeling career WAY too seriously.

    Nice arms though.

  13. beep says:

    What the HELL is up with the horse pic? It’s like, “Oh hai, I’m on a horse. In a parking lot. With random car behind me. LOOK AT MY ABS. Yes, that is plumbing on the building you see. SO WHAT! I’m covering my nose with this $1,000 scarf! ABS!”

  14. Madpoe says:

    Holy crap!
    These photos got me pregnant!

  15. Maddie says:

    David Gandy IS………..GIDEON CROSS.

  16. MJsinAustin says:

    Hung like a horse you say?

  17. Mirella says:

    I love him…thanks for the pics :)

  18. Shelly says:

    I just don’t know why he does nothing for me. meh, c’est la vie

  19. SFRowGuy says:

    mmmm Like Butt’r … just not as fattening

  20. Julie says:

    Reason #7 is one of the reasons I love Joseph Morgan so much. Please feature him here, he’s dead sexy!

  21. Genevieve says:

    OMG!!!! This is the first I have seen of this dude. I AM IN LOVE!!!! No, seriously, I have to meet this guy & have his babies! Whoa mama!!!

  22. Jen34 says:

    He is hot, but that photo shoot is horrible.

  23. Jani says:

    He is hot and manly….rough. Hate those male models with the girlie lips and pout.

  24. Amy625 says:

    I run hot and cold with David. Sometimes I think he’s hot but some of his facial expressions make him look ugly. The photos with the scarf/mask are dumb. They look really cheesey.

  25. Steph says:

    Wow, he’s pretty perfect. I don’t agree wi hardly any of the sentiment on here towards guys or against girls, but this man is a-ma-zing.

  26. Ms. Candy says:

    Oh YES!!!! Thank You Cele staff U made my morning
    Sexy indeed

  27. Ms. Candy says:

    Oh YES!!!! Thank You Cele staff U made my morning
    Sexy indeed

    Seems to be an issue with posting

  28. Laura says:

    He is so GORGEOUS and an amazing model! Fans might want to follow David’s official page for the latest pictures, links to his blogs and updates: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy