Paula Abdul told by Idol producers to stop talking about stalker

Ever year around this time, Paula Abdul is sent out on a tour of crazy, hitting the talk show circuit to promote American Idol. Only this time, instead of babbling incoherently about Simon Cowell’s man-boobs, she’s slamming the producers of her hit show for allowing a woman to audition for the show who had stalked Paula for 17 years and later ended up killing herself outside Abdul’s home. Paula railed against Idol producers for encouraging contestant Paula Goodspeed in a radio interview with Barbara Walters earlier this week, but before she could repeat her rage on Late Night with Dave Letterman, she was told to keep her mouth shut.

Paula Abdul was told in no uncertain terms before her “Letterman” appearance last night to put a lid on her feud with “A.I.” producers.

Our sources say Paula is “extremely pissed” at “A.I.” producers for putting Paula Goodspeed on the show, despite the fact Goodspeed had been harassing Abdul for years — mad enough to make a stink on Dave’s show.

But before tape rolled, we’re told “A.I.” suits got in touch with Abdul and demanded that she not stoke the coals. “A.I.” made it clear — they were paying Paula’s bills so she needed to play by their rules.

Ultimately, Paula played ball, though somewhat insincerely. But it may have paid off. We’ve learned “A.I.” has already opened negotiations with Abdul for Season 9 — the talks have gone on for more than a month. That goes against the prevailing view that the fourth judge who debuts in the upcoming Season 8 will replace her.

[From TMZ]

Okay, Paula may be a lunatic, but what the Idol producers did was wrong, and she has every right to express her distress over what happened. A woman is dead. There’s no way of knowing if she would have committed suicide one way or another, but it sure seems like her appearance and rejection on the show sent her over the edge. It doesn’t seem right that they’re now bullying Paula into clamming up by hinting that her job is in jeopardy. If they’re going to get rid of her, do it because she’s a lousy judge and adds nothing of value to the show – not because she’s being honest about the shoddy treatment she received in this situation.

Here’s Paula arriving at the Ed Sullivan Theater in NYC for her Dave Letterman appearance. Why is she dressed like a British soldier from the 1700′s? Photo credits: WENN.

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  1. doodahs says:

    I wrote something snarky but a sudden attack of guilt made me retract it. This is just a sad indication of how low the media will sink in the name of ‘entertainment’.

  2. gg says:

    Gad, what’s she dressed for, the Boston Tea Party?? What an outfit :?

    I wonder if she wants out of her contract.

  3. boomchakaboom says:

    I feel really sorry for Paula and the family of the woman who was so obsessed with her. The producers of AI should be publicly flogged for contributing to this tragedy. I mean, really. Shameful.

  4. gg says:

    Sure is. The audition is painful to watch. Poor girl really wanted to be a singer and was not a clear-thinking individual.

  5. vdantev says:

    Fine, let her talk about her lingering addiction to pain-killers instead ?

  6. Anastasia says:

    It’s unfortunate for Paula that she’s under contract but even so, that doesn’t justify the actions of her producers.

  7. aleach says:

    woahhh what an outfit. that looks like some michael jackson court-room gear.

  8. enchantress says:

    Speaking of judges – can someone please explain what Randy Jackson contributes to the show?

  9. boomchakaboom says:

    Who doesn’t enjoy a good painkiller? :wink:

  10. vdantev says:

    He gets to call everybody ‘dawg’ and other hip expressions from the 90′s.

  11. SixxKitty says:

    Somebody call prince! We found the missing costumes!

  12. Christina X says:

    Why? Are they afraid of looking bad?

    I hope the guilt eats away at them for the rest of their lives, since human life has less value than their precious ratings.

    “Let’s verbally abuse people, because people can’t get entertained otherwise.”

    I’m all for free speech, but freedom of speech is taken advantage of by people who get off on saying hurtful things about other people.

    These producers are so self-righteous.

  13. Ron says:

    Speaking from experience, stalkers are serious business. by allowing the woman to audition, who had stalked Paula for 17 YEARS, they truly exposed Paula to personal attack, injury, mental distress (like she needs any help there) among other things. Not only that, what they did to the stalkers mental state should certainly be in question. there is nothing pithy about this. If I was Paula I would sue the living shit out of the Idol producers for allowing this. What COMPLETE SCUMBAGS!

  14. irl says:

    I think she’s tring to look like a Nut Cracker . . .for Christmas. It’s festive!

    AI is awful for parading the mentally challanged people up there for everyone to laugh at. Untalanted people is one thing but some of the kids they put on are not equiped to handle it and is just sad.