Duchess Kate repeats a Temperley gown: does she (finally) look pregnant?

Dear Kate: Baby girl, you have great hair/extensions. Even though I think you should wear your hair back for formal evening occasions (especially black-tie events, FTLOG), if you insist on wearing your hair down, can you at least push it back a little so that we can see your face? Because all we see is a WALL OF HAIR. Waity’s Wall of Hair. That’s what it is.

Anyway, these are photos from Kate and William’s appearance at their alma mater, St. Andrews, for a university fundraiser. Kate wore a familiar Temperley gown – she wore this same dress earlier this year for the UK premiere of War Horse. Kate didn’t feel like returning to her old university was worth wearing a new frock. Suck it, peasants! No, just kidding, she’s thrifty! Except not really. Interesting sidenote: on Wednesday, Kate, Pippa and Lupo the Puppy went to another “fundraiser” together – a “charity bazaar”. Meaning she got to SHOP! For charity! We didn’t have those photos – go here to see – but when I saw them yesterday, I thought Kate looked kind of pregnant, and I got excited because I rarely fall for the Bump Watching of the Duchess. But now that I’m looking at these photos from last night… I don’t think she’s pregnant. If anything, she’s thinner than before.

During the reception at St. Andrews, Kate joked with some of the undergrads, telling them, “I hope you weren’t involved in the fashion show, you never know what you are going to be asked to wear!” Kate also mentioned in passing that she regretted not learning how to play golf when she was a student, which just seems like a weird regret to have (IMO). William gave a speech in which he spoke about his “happy, happy memories” of the university, and he called Kate his “art guru…she was much better at it than me.” My absolute favorite DUN DUN DUN quote from William was when he was asked about their engagement portrait done by Mario Testino. His response is ripe for parsing! He said: “If we had asked for that picture of us hugging we wouldn’t have got it. It was just very natural and summed up how unbelievably happy we were.” PAST TENSE!!

PS… Us Weekly claims that Queen Elizabeth is “pleased” that Pres. Obama won re-election, and that Kate and William “sent a personal note of congratulations to Barack Obama.”

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. Amelia says:

    I vote not pregnant. Everyone has bloat days, including Waity. Remember when she wore the peach(?) dress to the Jubilee church service? Yeah. Nothing came of that either.
    I think when there is eventually a baby heir growing in Waity’s Waiting Womb, I could see them hiding it right up until the later stages of pregnancy, then doing a big reveal. Waity’s tall so she probably won’t show too much.
    When she starts changing her style to Angelina sack dresses, then we can talk.
    Good to see William and Kate wearing their poppies proudly! Remember on the 11th.

  2. Falula says:

    If Kate looks pregnant I look to be about 2 years along.

  3. India says:

    I mean come on!!!! She looks just like Cousin It from The Addams Family!!!! And no, she is not pregnant. She loves her boney stick thin body more than anything.

  4. Red Snapper says:

    I`m still waiting for a behind the scenes, unsanctioned book or article explaining what it is that Kate *does* all day! Presumably nothing useful or the Palace would be shouting about it. I personally imagine it`s some combination of shopping, working out, talking to her mother and grooming, but that is just my opinion. There will be a tell all book at some point, right?

  5. Abby says:

    This is one of my FAVORITE Kate dresses. I loved it at War Horse and I love it now.

    The quotes people get from them are so weird. weird.

  6. Apples says:

    Not preggers.

    Though it’s shiny, even I’ll admit she needs to do something with her hair. Pull top half back? She’s a princess at an event- people do want to see her face.

  7. Mack says:

    The golf thing isn’t that weird, St Andrews is like golf mecca.
    She had to sit next to scholarship students (gasp! peasants!) and we all know how her small talk can get a bit weird sometimes, so she was probably just commenting on the obvious for something to say.

    Her hair is amazing, but I agree about it looking slightly ridiculous when it’s covering 90% of her face.

    • L says:

      Was just going to say this. If I was going to uni next to one of the most famous golf courses in the world and I didn’t try to play there or learn how to golf, I to would be bummed. (like Mack said-it’s like mecca to golfers) It’s a 600 year old golf course and so many people want to play there there’s a daily lottery to play.

  8. lucy2 says:

    I kind of like that dress.
    I vote not pregnant.

  9. Angelic 20 says:

    She is not smug enough to be pregnant, when she will be the smug smile will not come off her face.

  10. spinner says:

    Kate looks absolutely beautiful & this dress fits her to a tee. She has a lovely figure & I don’t think she is pregnant. I, personally hate bump watch.

  11. Suze says:

    Can’t tell preggo or not. Could go either way.

    Nice dress – one of my favorites.

    Her hair is very pretty – shiny, good color and all that – , but she sure does use it as a screen. It would be nice to see the upper half of her outfits and her face when she’s out and about on the royal dog and pony show. These are public appearances, aren’t they?

  12. Melymori says:

    I have a question… Do you know what’s the meaning for the red thing brithish wear at these occasions? I’ve always wondered :)

  13. GoodCapon says:

    They were going to shop at that bazaar whether it was for a charity or not. I’m doubtful they even cared that it was for a charity in the first place.

    I want to see more of Lupo. He is adorable!!!

  14. Jess says:

    Golf is a great game. I’ve been playing since I was a kid. I’ve been an athlete my whole life, and golf is the only sport I’ve been able to take into my adulthood. It’s a great social game, and a great way to spend time with my husband.

  15. effy says:

    Am i seeing some difference in William’s hair or my eyes are that bad?
    am seeing more hair. . . or??

  16. shewolf says:

    I think she looks stunning here. Her skin looks different… probably a tan. Oh to have her beauty budget.

  17. hopperlea says:

    The girl looks like she finally ate something.

  18. natalina says:

    I can’t tell but def she put on weight

  19. I.want.shoes says:

    Not pregnant. It’s the combination of a badly placed ‘belt’ and the ‘v’ shaped lace detail that creates the illusion of a tummy. It’s a really bad dress if it can make someone as skinny as Kate look pregnant.

  20. Bread and Circuses says:

    Not pregnant. She has a normal tummy profile for a very lean woman.

  21. Anna says:

    No don’t think so.
    But I do believe she has gained a few pounds since her thinnest days her arms look more filled out (could be the dress) and her face isn’t so hollow.

  22. sharylmj says:

    she looks fantastic here.. I love that dress on her. Not pregnant, I agree that she has added some weight that she really needed to do.. Maybe there is less pressure now with the Jubilee or whatever so she’s not so stressed.

  23. Christina says:

    She doesn’t look preggers, or even bloated. That stomach is about as flat as it’s possible to be.

    Agree about the hair. It was fine when she was a London girl-about-town but for a formal occasion it’s a bit off for her hair to be all over the place. Kate seems to have only one look, and it’s getting very boring. At least she’s toned down on that ageing black eye liner, which is something I suppose.

  24. Dani says:

    loooove her dress! and her makeup actually looks so good (for once)

  25. Barbara says:

    I can’t figure out why everyone is so mean to her. The Queen actually stated that her best quality is her hair, so I do not think she has extensions. She does not look too thin to me, just healthy.

    • Zombie Shortcake says:

      OMG is that true? Where did you learn that? Because if the Queen actually said that her ‘best quality’ is her hair, that’s not a compliment. It’s a burn; it’s an indirect way of saying Kate has no other ‘best’ qualities as an individual. One could easily read it to mean she thinks Kate doesn’t have any ‘best’ attributes in terms of character or conduct. Or, that the Queen concurs Kate doesn’t do anything (demonstrating noteworthy positive traits). I’m really shocked if she actually did say that.

    • LAK says:

      oh dear Barbara, whoever told you that was pulling your leg.

      The Queen NEVER EVER makes such comments and especially NOT in public. PLUS It is considered a major newsworthy faux pax to repeat any comments she does make…

  26. Cathy says:

    I like the dress. She should be wearing her hair different though, up maybe. She doesn’t look pregnant to me.

  27. Rachel says:

    I love that dress. I would wear it every day and twice on Sundays.

  28. HoustonGrl says:

    Interesting how whatever quotes are “leaked” to press end up painting them in a very good light. Everything these people say and do is completely scripted. Oh, and waity is still starving herself.

  29. cheeve says:

    Past tense is appropriate because he is talking about how happy they were at the time of the portrait… their current state of happiness could possibly be captured in a portrait taken now, but not in a picture from the past.

  30. Mrs.Krabapple says:

    At this point, does it really matter? William and Kate turned out to be such lazy, self-entitled, simpletons, that I don’t have much hope for their kids to turn out any better. After Elizabeth goes, the monarchy should disappear. It won’t of course, but I think it should.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      I don’t think monarchy have a very bright future after hm. O think Charles will be a good king and much better then his son but he damaged his reputation beyond repair and now he can’t hold the respect and admiration a monarch is expected to. Son after queen’s death Canada Australia Jamaica New Zealand will abolish monarchy and after that it will be trickle down effect like Arab spring.in this day and age majority of people will not except a monarchy which represent colonisation. Queen is like a symbol of past and old traditions, she is the symbol of the old britannia and after her it will all go down hill.

      • Another K says:

        I agree with Angelic. This royal thing is on its last legs. Intellectually, I realize it’s a ridiculous institution for the 21st century but even so I do love to read all the royal gossip. As Angelic said, it’s the amazing amount of respect for the Queen that’s holding the whole show together. When she’s gone, it’s gone.

  31. Amy says:

    The town of St. Andrews is famous for its golf course. I visited the town and university while I was studying abroad in Europe. There are probably a lot of St. Andrews students (well, the really rich ones) who play golf and use the golf course when it is warm out. If Kate had wanted to pick up golf, she easily could have at St. Andrews since the golf course is right there.

  32. Stubbylove says:

    No to preggo. Can you imagine what a cool, sassy haircut would look on her??? So great! Then again, cool and sassy is not her style – but friggin’ something besides that long, boring – albeit healthy – Breck Hair.

  33. M says:

    Princess Beatrice was also at the charity shopping event with her friends. Its not a charity event at all, its just a time where you can go shop your heart out and feel good about yourself while doing it.
    If the Queen was pleased that Obama won the election, we wouldnt know it. Royals political views are private and there is no way anyone but her husband would know how she feels. She probably sent Obama a letter of congratulations but she has done that for every president since she became Queen, it doesnt mean she is happy about it.

  34. Apsutter says:

    Pippa looks cute in the fundraiser photos but Kate looks like a mess! Her hair is so BUSHY and all in her face. She needs a nice cut and a new style because she still looks like a college student with her hair and makeup like that. I do like this dress tho…it fits to a T and is very pretty.

  35. mimi (a different one) says:

    She is definitely pregnant.
    I hope she is not too thin for her body to be able to carry the first and turbulent trimester.

    I do hope someone makes sure she easts enough nutrients and calories.

    • LAK says:

      How do you know she is ‘definitely’ pregnant?

      Is this from Tanna’s tweets?

      • mimi (a different one) says:

        I was once pregnant myself and the shape of her body tells me so.

        She is a very skinny girl and look at the shape- that is exactly how pregnancy looks like when you don’t have any fat at all.

      • Sachi says:

        Her stomach is that of a very thin person. That “curve” or bump is not her stomach. It’s her pubic area. Look at where the bump really is, it’s right near the outline of her thighs.

        Her stomach being bigger is just her gaining some much needed weight. She’s still too thin but she’s not as gaunt as last year.

        Her posture is also terrible, so she tends to push her hips and stomach out.

        The stomach itself should naturally have a little “pouch”. That small area is where the reproductive organs are, so it needs to be a little rounded to protect the organs. It never really flattens out no matter how thin a person gets. So someone thin wearing a very tight-fitting dress, like Kate did here, would accentuate that area without a pregnancy.

        Leighton Meester is a very thin girl, but in Gossip Girl when she’s worn swimsuits or body-hugging clothes, you can see she also has a rounded stomach for someone so thin. It’s just normal, not necessarily a pregnancy.

  36. flower says:

    Haven’t seen her for weeks, can’t say I missed her really, those shots could have been taken months ago and you’d never know, same old thing especially her spaniel hair .

  37. maneki neko says:

    Nope to the hair and the bun in the royal oven.
    Yes, yes YES to the dress!

  38. Jessica says:

    I think the possible “baby bump” is a trick of the dress, and only because the dress is unflattering and she’s probably not wearing a proper slip.

    The dress hugs her vagina in a way that tells me she is not wearing a slip. And that stupid seam falls right at her vagina and both pulls in the dress right there and calls the eye straight to it. Because of this, the dress pulls tight against her stomach and then inward toward her vagina, giving the allusion of a “baby bump”, when in reality she has the stomach of a really thin person. If the dress wasn’t pulling in at her vagina there would be no “baby bump”.

  39. Kat says:

    Hey, guess what? I WAS happy on the day my husband and I took our engagement photos, because it WAS three years ago. We’re still happy now, but we WERE on that day because when you’re talking about something you did in the past, you use the past tense. So stupid. And calling her “Waity” when she is now married to him just makes you seem really petty and envious.

  40. dulla says:

    Please feed her.. or is this some sick mommy fetish for william? with all the tax payers they should be able to buy a sandwich!

  41. gennie says:

    She looks like IT. TOOOO much hair…