Lauren Conrad dog-shames her newly adopted puppy: mean or funny?

A few weeks ago, I covered all of the super-cute photos of Lauren Conrad’s new adopted shelter puppy, Fitz. LC is already a dog-mom to Chloe, and Fitz looked like the typical rebellious hellion puppy – super-cute but totally B-A-D. Well, Fitz Conrad has already claimed his first victim: LC’s shoes! And so to pay him back, Lauren dog-shamed him!

What are the thoughts on dog-shaming? I barely paid attention to it when it became a “thing” months ago, although I did see some articles about how stupid it was, or how OBVIOUSLY all of the dogs being shamed were saints and it was their owners who were horrible people deserving of shame. But you know what? I was looking through some of the sites – go here or here or here – and I was laughing my ass off. It’s dog humor and cat humor, and you have to be an animal-mother or animal-father to really know how crazy and random your fur-babies can be. Is it anthropomorphizing? Sure. But that ship sailed when we started calling them “fur-babies” you know? People already treat their animals like their children. Why not dog-shame? And yes, I’ve included some of my favorites below. Because why not?

Photos courtesy of LC’s Twitter and Tumblr.

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  1. lem says:

    these might be some of the best dog-shaming i’ve ever seen. and for people who think it’s dumb, well…i think you’re dumb =)

  2. LittleDeadGirl says:

    I haven’t paid much attention to it because it seems stupid (just like the lolcat trend) but a few of them got a little chuckle out of me. I don’t get how anyone can think it’s mean … do people think dogs can read?

  3. paranormalgirl says:

    I think dog-shaming is funny. *shrugs*

  4. Heather says:

    I think they’re hilarious. I should shame my dogs.

  5. Saphana says:

    parents do that with their babies, with stupid costumes etc, why shouldnt you do it with animals then?

  6. GoodCapon says:

    Those are funny ones Kaiser!

    I’m alright with dog-shaming, but I do draw the line with people creating Twitter/FB accounts for their pets. That’s taking anthropomorphizing to a whole new level.

    • Fancyamazon says:

      I’m with you. I love my cats, but they are not people. They are animals.

      • Obvious says:

        my dog has a facebook account. however it’s purely because i play a few FB games where you need neighbors and friends, and I don’t want to spam my real friends, so my pets ended up with FB accounts so i could play AND leave real people alone.

        The doggy shaming is adorable and funny. I wish i had thought of it when my Jack Russel Terror was eating every piece of cloth he could find, sheets, blankets, clothes, towels…that was a trial…

  7. Miss Kiki says:

    These are great, they almost make me want a dog.

  8. apsutter says:

    The tennis ball one and the last pic are making me crack up! Animal shaming is funny and silly.

  9. sarah says:

    her puppy is so adorable.

    There’s nothing mean about this. They’re cute/funny.

  10. Fancyamazon says:

    I think it is silly and fun. The dog has no idea what is on the sign, which is why it is fun and NOT mean. :)

  11. Gine says:

    Yeah, it cracks me up that some people really get upset about this and think it’s mean, like the dogs have the slightest clue what’s going on.

  12. NerdMomma says:

    Hilarious. I’ve seen lots of these and I say if you can have a sense of humor about the naughty things your pet does, more power to you! Plus the pics are soooo cute!

  13. lilly says:

    these are the same people who will complain about the price of a Veterinary exam. the first people who will remark “you sure know how to charge” when they find out you’re a vet. yep, and it all goes to me -the whole 52 grand/year and a 200K debt- just so i can spend my days being insulted by you ….

  14. Nashville Girl says:

    I love dog-shaming. It’s my new go-to when I need a laugh!

  15. emmie_a says:

    Would you child shame your child and think it was acceptable or funny? No because it’s degrading. Personally I think this is stupid and I wouldn’t shame my precious dog for a few cheap laughs.

  16. Fani says:

    It is mean. Some people think everything and everyone exists for their entertainment.

  17. bella mama says:

    dog shaming and Damn you autocorrect are me two go to sites for instant hysteria

    • j.eyre says:

      Oh, my kindred sister… Dog-shaming and DYAC – smiling just thinking about it.

      As for the dog-shaming, my dog wishes I would just write a note he can’t read and lay it at his feet. Halloween sends him to therapy every year. Heavens, he has football jerseys for crying out loud – and all of it posted online somewhere.
      He’s looking at the dogs above thinking “how come they get off so easy?”

  18. J7 says:

    The only shame here are the annoying ads preventing you from reading the notes!!

  19. Brit says:

    I think this whole thing is awful because none of what happened is the dogs fault. Lauren is the idiot for leaving her shoes accessible to a puppy who obviously wasn’t in a cage. Its just advertising how bad of dog parents these people are. Poor dogs!

    • ol cranky says:

      you really don’t get it, this doesn’t punish or even shame the dog in any way

    • Sweet Dee says:

      Do you think dogs can read?

    • Rumorhasit says:

      It appears to be a fun way to blow off a little steam, when the dog does something frustrating, or stupid,( or preventable,), if it ever occurred to you that the dog would even attempt it.
      We burned the brownies we were baking for dessert. We put the 10 x13 pan of burned, still hot from the oven solid brick of a brownie in the sink, and went out for ice cream. The cocker spaniel “would that I could insert a pic of the offender here” climbed onto the counter, fished that hot, burned mess out onto the floor and ate the whole thing by the time we got back…the end result was a $700 vet bill, for the most expensive brownies ever.
      Which I gladly paid. Because that stupid dog is like my kid. And I share the blame with him.

  20. Ari says:

    these sites are hilarious i mean the dog has no idea of whats going on so its all in good fun

  21. keats says:

    The dog that let the robber in looks so pleased with himself, I can’t stop laughing at his cute face.

  22. grabbyhands says:

    I really have to shake my head at the people who are getting butthurt over the dog shaming. I mean, really?

    I have two cats-I love them beyond belief and they bring me a lot of happiness. But I wouldn’t hesitate to post some of the stuff they’ve done on Why? Because it is hilarious and anyone who has ever owned a pet understands however much we love our fur babies, sometimes they do stuff that drive us crazy. To get upset over these snaps trivializes real animal abuse.

  23. RN says:

    I think the signs are funny. I’ve had a rescue puppy since May and there have been plenty of times I could have created a sign for the little guy. I’ve never had a pet who I’ve loved so much and by whom I’ve been equally exasperated.

  24. Green is Good says:

    Peed my PJ’s at this! ;)

  25. lindylou says:

    Harmless fun. I don’t understand why people get mad about this. It is just too cute! I have a chocolate lab just like the one above who ate the plums. He got sprayed by a skunk twice in 3 weeks before he learned to stop chasing them. I love him in spite of the dumb things he does.

  26. lindylou says:

    Harmless fun. I don’t understand why people get mad about this. It is just too cute! I have a chocolate lab just like the one above who ate the plums. He got sprayed by a skunk twice in 3 weeks before he learned to stop chasing them.

  27. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Dogshaming is my midday pick me up!

  28. littlestar says:

    I’ve never heard of dog shaming before – hilarious! I had a good laugh looking at those pictures. I should do a dog shaming on my parents/family dog. Whenever we give him a dog bone he quickly “sneaks” off to go bury it in the garden when he thinks we aren’t watching him anymore. We know he’s buried it because his nose always has a clump of dirt on it when he’s done haha. My pets always make me smile :D .

  29. Diva says:

    Animal mother or father? Really, people refer to themselves as that?

  30. thatgirl says:

    OMG! The one about dropping the tennis ball on the baby cracked me up!!! I don’t get what the issue is here. The dog isn’t hurt; they don’t know what’s going on!! It’s a cute way to share your frustrations with what your “furr-baby” (Gawd,, I hate that term) is doing that bothers you. I think it’s cute and there’s nothing wrong with it.

  31. bluhare says:

    You left out Toilet Paper Bowling and the dog who locked the cat in the shower . . . again!

  32. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    This is cute and fun..there really should be more cute, pointlessly humorous sites like this out there. Just cute things that make (most) people laugh.

  33. Sweet Dee says:

    …thus confirmation that some people will get mad over anything and everything, and that others can never take a joke. Ever.

    Calm down people. The dogs will be fine.

  34. Amy says:

    I was introduced to Dog Shaming via Cute Overload, probably the best blog out there that posts pictures of cute animals. The site got me hooked on Boo the Pomeranian (if you do not know Boo, you must take a look at the group on Facebook, the dog does not look real), the crazy box obsessed Japanese cat Maru, among others.

  35. Heather H says:

    I love dog shaming, one of my daily go to blogs. Harmless fun in my opinion and frankly only owners who really love their dogs will see the humor in what they do to bother “shaming” them.

  36. Diana says:

    Tha’s just too funny, and it’s not like dying the poor thing’s fur pink, so I approve.

  37. WaywardGirl says:

    I am laughing so hard at the people who are getting personally offended by these. Like these dogs can actually read or get embarrassed. And it’s funny not only because the situations are hilarious, but also, because people with pets can totally relate with this. And in the end the pet actually comes out looking more adorable, because they have no idea of what’s going on. It’s cute and fun entertainment for pet lovers. No one is getting hurt.

  38. Cathy says:

    I have 3 dogs and they do some of the silliest things. If I wrote dog shame notes for everything they did, I would quickly run out of pens and paper.

  39. erika says:

    for my lil pug mine would read:

    “I crawled in to mum’s bed early this morning and began rubbing my face against her pillow. she turned her head towards me and woke up feeling two squishy, wet substances on her face. when she ran her hand across her cheek she found two of my ‘eye boogers’ (the sleep stuff found in pugs eyes after they’ve slept). Mmmmmm….tasty….”

    “I woke mum up last night growling/barking non stop at something outside the bedroom door. I’m the family gaurd dog and i take my job seriously….i growled and slowly but cautiously advanced (w/ my tail down) to a white garbage sack, full of clothes to be donated. I smelled it, and, it’s OK now. Everyone back to sleep”

    i love these dog shames! I LOVE my lil one…

  40. Rachel says:

    Dog Shaming cracks me up. Sometimes though, I wonder if people are shouting at their dogs to get them to make that shame face. Or they could just be like my dog who hates to have his picture taken and gets that look on his face.

  41. Lindsey says:

    No, this is the BEST dog-shaming video evar:

  42. Katija says:

    I had the meanest old cat for the longest time. She had a personality only her family could love. We would look at her point blank and be like, “Why the hell are you such a b****?” Not yelling, it was just a running joke.

    Luckily, the cat didn’t speak English, and neither do these dogs. If you think this is animal abuse or mean in the slightest, you need to toughen up!

  43. Chloeeee says:

    Unless you’re scolding the dog while doing so writing a caption and taking a picture can’t do any emotional harm. Some.dogs don’t recognize themselves in the mirror let alone a picture. if anything the dog is sitting there wondering why you’re giggling as you take the picture. if anything don’t you give them a pat on the head for standing still while you do so?

  44. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Hilarious pics, love it :) .

    It is so weird though… I had a dream with LC in it last night, can’t remember what it was about now, but it was so random, I’m not even a fan of her! Bizarre!
    And then to add on top of that, yesterday a friend emailed me one of those Forward email things with hilarious dog shaming pics.

    What the hell CB?? Spooky! lol

  45. KellyinSeattle says:

    My cat needs to be shamed.
    “I can walk on my two back paws but mom always has to carry me around”

  46. Holden says:

    Awww, cute, what a little sweatheart.

  47. Cletus says:

    Well, *I* think dog shaming is JUST AWFUL. It is ALMOST as bad as letting your dog get on the internet without supervision, but not QUITE as bad as posting naked pictures of your dog on the internet. I mean, that’s just like asking some perv to cyberstalk your dog… why don’t you just let all the dog-rapists into your home to molest your pet, then. YOU PEOPLE ARE MANIACS. Instead of laughing at dog-shaning, why don’t you use a medium like this one to bring awareness to all the dog porn and pet rape out there? Don’t you CARE ABOUT THE ANIMALS??????

    • Victoria says:

      Um really? I hope this is sarcasm

      I think it’s funny but there are some who take it too far. I should shame my puppy for all the messes she makes but I love my munchkin and am lazy

      • Cletus says:

        …. it is a sad state of affairs that my comment could possibly have been taken as anything other than firmly tongue-in-cheek. I am not insulting you, Victoria- I am saying that there could even be a question about wether I was serious or not says a LOT about the world in which we live.
        Yes, it was totally sarcastic. But there probably IS a market for dog pron… what a world, what a world…

  48. Chasity says:

    These are so dang funny. I’m a dog Mom and I haven’t heard of dog shaming. Oh my goodness off the chain I can’t wait to snap my dog doing something now and dog shame him. lol

  49. skuddles says:

    I hate to break it to the killjoys but I’m sure the majority of the people who post to dog shaming sites do it out of pride and love for their pets. Yeah, they may be be downright annoyed by whatever Fido did but they’re getting a kick out of it too – that’s why they want to share it with you. And try not to fret about Fido’s emotional well being – it will only take a few dozen therapy sessions for him to overcome his abject sense of shame :D

  50. Shannon says:

    Haha I love these, I follow a Dog Shame Facebook group. Best recent one was something along the lines of “when mom and dad have grown up time in bed, I sneak in and start humping dad’s leg.” And you can only imagine this poor confused dog just wanting to feel included in what’s going on.

  51. Katie.Katie says:

    I always say: it’s a small price to pay for free room and board!!!

  52. skuddles says:

    I just hope someone starts up a cat shaming site – I have plenty of dirt on my felines!

    • CMS2004 says:

      Oh, me too! Like, “I scratch at the closet door at 3 a.m. almost single day, even though I’ve been in that closet a thousand times!” or “I keep eating the leaves off of the flowers my ‘mom’ got, only to puke them up later…. and keep going back for more.”

  53. CMS2004 says:

    Dog-shaming is silly and fun…. because they’re DOGS. How is it “mean”? Are the animals being harmed in some way? Again… they’re DOGS. They eat their own vomit, for fun. We need to stop treating our animals like actual people — that’s not to say they shouldn’t be treated with love and kindness, but this “fur baby” crap has to stop. Once upon only crazy cat ladies treated their pets like people, and now it’s somehow mainstream.

  54. JessSaysNo says:

    Why would anyone be offended or think this was mean… ever? It’s funny and these people obviously love their dogs.