Brandi Glanville: LeAnn Rimes ‘went to Twee-hab. It’s rehab for social media anxiety’

Brandi Glanville had an interview on VH1 morning buzz (video is above and at this link) in which she talked about her upcoming tell all book, her relationship with LeAnn Rimes, and her recent trip to the emergency room. Brandi is really ramping up her appearances now that the new season of RHOBH has premiered and she has a new book coming out. I have to hand it to her, she knows how to give good quotes and dish the dirt in order to get coverage. Brandi confirmed that the name of her new book is Don’t Drink and Tweet… and Other Breakup Blunders, the title for which was chosen among three different options by her Twitter followers. It won’t just be a cautionary tale, and she’ll tell us what when on during her divorce, as she confirms in this interview:

On her hospitalization
I had a little scare because I had an allergic reaction to antibiotics and I thought I was having a heart attack because it was chest pain and I couldn’t feel my arms and legs… it turns out it was an allergic reaction to antibiotics.

The title of her new book, which was chosen by fans
Don’t Drink and Tweet… and Other Breakup Blunders

On the book
There’s so much in it you don’t know. I shared so many embarrassing moments and things I shouldn’t tell anyone ever… I’m very very worried. I’m putting it out there so I’m going to have to deal with it.

On saying to LeAnn “you win, now go make music”
I said that on a show. You don’t have to keep putting pictures of my children, in their Halloween costumes, on Twitter. You won, you got the man, you got the house, you got the kids. I think that’s where that’s coming from.

On if the book will tell what happened behind the scenes during the divorce
You’re going to learn so much more. He’s not going to like me. It’s not that it’s about him, it’s my story, it’s just how I dealt with what happened, the embarrassing things. But I do have to kind of recount what happened.

[Transcribed from video on]

She’s being a little cagey when it comes to how much she’ll reveal in the book, isn’t she? It’s like she’s deliberately teasing her ex and his new wife. As for telling LeAnn to back off, it’s like LeAnn keeps pushing and pushing and Brandi needs to continue to be clear about the boundaries. It’s not like she’s calling LeAnn names at all, she’s just pointing out what happened and how LeAnn is behaving, which speaks for itself. Now that Brandi has her own platform she’s definitely not letting this opportunity pass her by.

After I wrote all that, I found yet another new interview with Brandi, on “Watch What Happens Live”, in which she called out LeAnn Rimes for being jealous of her and needing to go to rehab for it. To be fair, a caller asked specifically if Brandi thought LeAnn was jealous, but she didn’t hold anything back. She also seemed kind of buzzed to me.

Given her contentious history with Rimes, we’re not surprised that Glanville took the bait when a WWHL caller asked this question: “Does Brandi think that LeAnn is a little jealous of her, now that [Brandi] is more of a household name?”

After hedging for a second (but just a second!), Brandi coolly responded, “I think that she was jealous of me before anyone knew who I was.”

When host Andy Cohen asked if the jealousy had gotten worse since Glanville became a reality star, Brandi nodded.

“Hel-lo! She went to Twee-hab!” Glanville laughed. “It’s rehab for social media anxiety. I swear.”

Fellow guest Willie Geist expressed disbelief that “Twee-hab” actually existed, but Brandi was adamant, saying it’s for when “[you get so upset about] what strangers are saying about you, that you have to go to a facility.”

Now, in Brandi’s defense, LeAnn Rimes has admitted to the media that her emotional breakdown, for which she checked into a 30-day treatment program, was triggered by social media anxiety.

[From iVillage]

Again, Brandi isn’t saying anything people don’t know and I’ll leave it at that.

Here’s that clip from “Watch What Happens Live”

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  1. LeeLee says:

    Team Brandi all the way. I give her credit for not killing Leann yet. When it comes to someone messing with your kids, I give Brandi credit for showing as much restraint as she has.

  2. Victoria says:

    Is that what fillers and Botox do? She looks terrible and older than 38 or whatever age she says.

    Plus I can’t wait for Lee Ann’s response

    • lrm says:

      wow-rather than discussing her ‘free pass’, we should discuss what she owes to leann for all of this publicity (not owes money, just a figure of speech owes). would anyone be interested in her, even on her reality show, were it not for this triangle and being wronged?
      in this sick way, leann is partially responsible for brandi’s fame and income earning potential thereof.
      ick. i cannot believe i just wrote that sentence.

    • RiddlesKitty says:

      I think she hasn’t been 38 in a LONG time. If you start lying about your age early enough, nobody will be the wiser. She looks like a well-maintained 49-year-old.

  3. mln76 says:

    Why oh why do you insist on kissing this womans ass?
    She’s so full of it.

    • lin234 says:

      I think she gets a pass on here because she was wronged. Also, I give her a pass at her antics because she’s just trying to turn a huge pile of shit into some income.

      • mln76 says:

        Yadda yadda yadda the LeeAnn thing would earn her sympathy for a year tops its been ages and in fact they used to be fair in their coverage now there is always an excuse for Brandi and she used to get called out for her epic famewhoreness. (i can’t stand LeeAnn either BTW)If she needs to make money she could always be a secratary at her Plastic Surgeon’s office she has the face for it.

      • lin234 says:

        I watch the real Housewives of BH (my one and only reality show ever) and I guess I have a soft spot for her. I don’t like or dislike her, I can just see where she’s coming from. On the show she comes across as someone who tells the honest truth and is loyal to her friends.

        I’m not going to put a time-line on how long someone should be able to get over something. Love isn’t an on and off switch.

        I think she’s really pretty (killer body) but I agree that she needs to lay off the botox. It’s aging her.

      • mln76 says:

        Oh and Lin she may not be over Eddie emotionally but a messy divorce doesn’t give her carte blanche to act like a slutty A-hole for the rest of her life while her friends invade the internet to cheer her on.

      • Vesper says:

        How long is this free pass going to last? There are many other women who have gone thru marital breakups and unlike Brandi they don’t wallow in their own self pity. Nor do they spew all the ugly details to the media, details that will only hurt the children in the long run. Bottom line is she hates her ex more than she loves her children, otherwise she would STFU.

        Funny how she thinks LeAnn is jealous of her. I guess now we know where the “fans” on this blog got that idea. I mean really, what is there to be jealous of? There is more to life than having a good body.

    • Relli says:

      If you don’t like Brandi stories then why click & comment all the time? You always say the same thing. Just seems like a waste of energy to keep up.

      • mln76 says:

        Ive been commenting on CB for ages now and I will do so as long as I (and CB moderators)choose. If you dislike my comments you are free to skip over them but IMO she needs to be called out. Didn’t she say her ‘tweehab’ comment wasnt about LeeAnn?,
        She’s about as honest as a used car salesman.

      • Relli says:

        MLN I think you are taking what i said poorly and taking it as an attack, when its not. I know you have been commenting here a long time, I generally like what you have to say about most things. But if it make you happy I wont read your comments anymore, no matter how insightful or smart they may be.

      • Mimi says:

        This isn’t high school; it’s a public forum. People frequently repeat their opinions (ad nauseam) on everything from the Unholy Triangle to the Cracken. This just happens to be another one of those divisive topics that a lot of people “waste their energy” on.

      • claire says:

        She said a specific comment she made was about someone else, but that doesn’t mean she can’t ever mention the word tweehab again regarding Leann, since that’s what Leann’s publicists first put out as the reason, before they started putting out several other reasons as the time went on – depending I guess on what lie Leann wanted to perpetuate that week.

      • Relli says:

        @ Mimi, I wasn’t saying MLN should be not comment nor was it a rhetorical question, I was legitimately asking why all the hate and anger toward a RHW of all people.

        MLN is a smart and insightful commenter who usually has pretty awesome things to say, but on the Brandi forums lately its been going beyond snark and I just was curious as to why. Is it the drinking? the partying with other RHW? The way she presents herself? Her stance on LeAnn? I am not questioning their opinion, just what brought her/him to that point. Sometimes i think that if people don’t automatically agree its easy to assume that the comment is some sort of attack or condemning of ones opinion, when often times it is not.

        Tone is hard to convey in typed word.

      • mln76 says:

        Hi Relli thanks for explaining yourself…about Brandi I have to say its a combo of a couple of things.
        1.undeniable famewhore antics (ie the Gerard Butler confession 30 sec marraige)
        2.insistance of her ‘fandom’ that she is the second coming eventhough she has done NOTHING.
        3 total lack of empathy she shows her fellow Housewives indicate incredible narcissim.
        4. The admission of at least one poster that they know Brandi socially leads me to believe much of the internet fandom is cultivated by her personally.
        5. Divorce is horrid I get why she hates LeeAnn but the public feuding shows she craves attention more than a peaceful homelife.

      • Sal says:

        You’re way off base mln76 and I say that as a Jolie fan.

        1. She was asked a question, she answered. She also didn’t marry the guy. No forms were signed, and she said that at the start.
        2. Brandi just like Angelina, has never asked for anything. People like myself who feel upset about the bullying Brandi gets, speak out, just as I do when it comes to Angelina.
        3. Brandi’s problem is she has been, as evidenve proves, far too empathetic to the housewives. They took advantage of that.
        4. People got to know Brandi because they felt for her because of the way she was treated. Most of us have never met her.
        5. What Brandi craves, is for Leann to stop posting pictures of her children.

        This is what Leann has done to Brandi, and you wonder why people root for the underdog, the victim Brandi?

        Leann threw a ’7 year itch’ party while trying to seduce another woman’s husband, stalked her co-star, kept stalking him even though he called her a speed-bump, cut off his ex-wife in her car outside the children’s school and sent a her enemy a text that she moving into their area. Pushed the mother out of Parents Day and inserted herself in it, release photo ops of another woman’s children even though asked not to. Released the name of said children’s school. Single White Female the ex-wife and tweet random people the ex tweets, copies the ex’s poses, bars the ex from her son’s birthday until she catches heat from the public, refuses to allow the children even one outing alone with their father or an event with their mother and their father. Over-steps the boundaries continuously in trying to take the mother’s place in the children’s lives. Hires fans and co-workers to torment, taunt and abuse Brandi, including setting up a twitter account that has been PROVEN to come from Leann. Paying fans to come to her concerts and dinner, from which she gets info from about Brandi and her supporters. Blocks EVERYONE who follows Brandi, even if they’ve not tweeted one word to Brandi or about Brandi. Stalks and tracks down Brandi supporters to harass on the phone and BEG them to be her fan, then rant, swear and lie about Brandi, all the while putting it all on speakerphone for her 2 fans to hear and pulling and tweeting faces.

        All of this Leann has done and everything I’ve said here has been documented that Leann has done. Now, if you read even half, let alone all of the above about any other celeb, you’d say they belong in the nuthouse. Be honest here.

      • Vesper says:

        @ Relli,

        mln76 doesn’t have to explain why she decides to post, or why she has the opinion that she does, not does anyone else on this site.

        U call her comments snark, but snark perfectly describes the obsessive comments that many of u make about LeAnn. Also, since u mentioned it, many of the negative comments about LeAnn are the same comments that have rehashed over the last three years.

        The reason why some of us don’t pity Brandi is because we can see thru the pretense that she is easy going, honest, and always the wronged party. All one has to do is watch the show to see that she is bitter, mean spirited, manipulative and narcisstic. She can’t let anything go, and has a hissy fit any time she imagines another woman, on the show, or elsewhere, has slighted her. She is constantly putting someone down or making comments at someone else’s expense.

      • sam says:


        Holy smokes, talk about obsessive!
        And please do not compare Angelina and Brandi! That is just insulting to Angelina.

      • Vesper says:

        @ mln76:

        Your comments that at least one poster has lead u to believe much of the internet backlash is cultivated by her personally is something I also believe, and I think it goes much deeper than any of us realize.

        I know the VERY FREQUENT poster u are referring to, who interestingly has completely dropped out of site in the last 6 weeks. She knows way too much personal detailed info about Brandi. She always posted about “what really happened”, or how Brandi “really felt” on each and every possible scenerio.

        This same frequent poster used to have a public twitter account that had pictures of herself and Brandi that were obviously taken on numerous occassions, despite a claim on this blog that Brandi was only a twitter friend, and they only met once. Incidently, this poster has a blog about men who cheat.

        This same poster was called out by name on at least one of Brandi tweets. Brandi told the poster she “loved” her.

        There used to be numerous Brandi parody sites online and at least one specifically called out our frequent poster by name and accused her of aggressively campaigning for Brandi over several years. I also checked out Eddie’s twitter account and he responded to at least one tweet by our poster, and he, too, called her out by name.

        Everything I checked out took 30 minutes of searching online. Can u imagine what is really out there, when u take the time to do a thorough search?

        Not to be forgotten is the fact that numerous posters (all VERY pro-Brandi) on this blog, some of which also know way too much personal detail about Brandi’s life, have mentioned in at least one posting that they correspond online (off this blog), and on at least one occassion there was a phone call.

        All of this is not typical behaviour on a gossip site, nor is the huge backlash against LeAnn that has built up over the past three years. When u look a little closer it is too organized, too methodical, too planned.

      • mln76 says:

        @Vesper interesting but not surprising at all. Brandi is very transparant and because the deranged LeeAnn sets such low standards people are duped by her act.Those posters you mentioned polluted this blogs’ comments with the sort of catching up one does vía Facebook or Twitter for a good while thanks for backing me up with real intel ;)

    • MerryHappy says:

      Agree. The more i read about her, the more i feel she’s as bad as Eddie and Leann. I’m very sick of the Brandi army thinking we’re secret Leann fans too, and saying we’re haters! I don’t like any of them! And even her face bothers me now lol. I keep looking because I’m a masochist.

    • HotPockets says:

      A agree with you m1n76.
      I liked Brandi and thought she was witty when this whole scandal started, some of the quotes she released on the affair were priceless, but this has dragged on for too long and it is no longer entertaining, even on a gossip standpoint.

      What I realized about Brandi is she loves the fame that stemmed from all of this and with the fame came shameless fame-whoring, the same type of fame-whoring we criticize Leanne for.

      I am embarrassed to admit that my guilty pleasure is the real housewives of BH, but I don’t care for Brandi and she makes me miss Camille.

      At the end of the day, I am team NO ONE. This whole thing is ridiculous and I think everyone, including Leanne, would quit with their desperate shenanigans if we ignored them. We give Brandi, Eddie and Leanne way too much credit because they are not interesting enough to focus this much energy on.

      • Lemonade says:

        um, did anyone watch the clip? she keeps getting asked these questions about leann. She doesn’t just randomly bring it up mid interview. Leann gets a pass on constantly bringing up the affair and writing a freaking album about it but if an interviewer asks Brandi about anything divorce/leann related its “OMG SHE NEEDS TO SHUT UP ALREADY”.

        Its what keeps Leann relevant these days so why cant it keep Brandi relevant by way of zingers. I think its amusing and given that Brandi can’t go after leann or eddie by way of lawyers since she’s less wealthy, going on TV and telling what Leann is pulling is the only way to get leann to stop because it puts more attention on her psycho antics.

    • Seen says:

      Yup! Like it or not, those kids are Leann’s step children … We should all WANT her to be involved and caring and genuinely “clicking” as a family. Brandi is a self-admitted ‘ho who now had to make a living (as do many suddenly divorced women, and at least she’s getting a nice chunk of child support). I can’t find any sympathy for her beyond the fact that she was betrayed — but move on already… Geez!! “Living well is the best revenge.”

      • Lemonade says:

        if the stepmom keeps putting pics of kids online when the actual mom asks that she not do that and also includes the kids pics on a private PAY SITE, then Brandi is right on Leann overstepping her boundaries and has every right to complain since she cant afford to go to lawyers all the time.

      • Jennifer12 says:

        I have to say, if they’re her stepkids and she really cares, she won’t call up strangers and curse and insult the kids’ mother. She will stop setting up pap shots with the boys and stop posting photos of them on her paid websites. She will stop having her minions harass and stalk Brandi. There’s a way to be a stepmother to keep the peace and Leann ignores it and this is where everything hits the fan. Leann has nothing to promote, and goes on shows to talk about the affair and it’s affect on her life.

      • Vesper says:

        All of u seem to forget that Brandi AND Eddie have joint legal and physical custody. Meaning, Eddie as the father of the children has just as much right as Brandi to make decisions regarding the children while they are in his care.

        LeAnn is their stepmother, and obviously she has gotten Eddie’s permission to post photos. She is not going to jeopardize her marriage and do something concerning Eddie’s kids without his blessing.

        Eddie, LeAnn, and the kids are a family despite the fact that the kids are not LeAnn’s biological kids. Just as Brandi and the kids are a family. It is not a competition.

        If Brandi has such a problem with it, she should speak with her lawyer. Of course, she would be told that she is being ridiculous and there is nothing she can do because it’s a minor issue.

        How many other families, including those with stepchildren have facebook/twitter accounts and regularly post pics of their children? It’s not exactly uncommon or looked down on.

        Brandi needs to stop using twitter to manipulate and stir up trouble. She should focus for once on what is best for the kids, and stop with the passive aggressive comments.

  4. Effy says:

    I just can’t with those cheeks! I hurt on their behalf!

  5. Kate says:

    LOVE HER!! She is so direct honest & funny!! Leann is a skank

  6. dorothy says:

    So I guess social media addiciton for LeAnn is really just a nice way of saying Mentally Ill?

  7. brin says:

    Love Brandi, she deserves to be happy and successful after all the crap she went through.

    • MerryHappy says:

      If everyone of us who dated/married/had children with a loser was rewarded on the scale she is being rewarded, i wouldn’t be working through university. I’d have a reality show and tons of money and fans, too! Its hardly uncommon to have a horrifying breakup/divorce involving children and a psycho ‘other woman,’ imo, and i don’t understand how people think somehow she deserves to be famous now? I dated a super creep and was stalked by his side piece, too, and don’t feel entitled to pats on the back and stardom. This isn’t a personal attack–i usually love your comments, i just don’t get the ‘she’s entitled to this’ attitude everyone here seems to share.

  8. Jennifer says:

    On saying to LeAnn “you win, now go make music”
    I said that on a show. You don’t have to keep putting pictures of my children, in their Halloween costumes, on Twitter. You won, you got the man, you got the house, you got the kids. I think that’s where that’s coming from.

    Leann never won and hardly anyone cares if she makes music. The only thing that Leann “won” is a dishonest cheater husband. Leann has lost herself (look at all the plastic surgery), her once promising career, and she just reeks of desperation (attention seeking bikini shots and stupid tweets).

    Brandi and Deane are the real winners here.

  9. Jayna says:

    She got the kids? Hardly. Brandi, Brandi, people who don’t really watch you will think you gave up the kids watching that. Flippant remarks sometimes make you seem just that, flippant. And everybody is for father’s rights these days, so it’s really Eddie got his children. Think, girl, think. Too bad Eddie didn’t have a long-shooting TV show that went all day. You could have gotten them more than half the time since you were stay at home.

    • claire says:

      I doubt it. It came out a while back that Leann financed his divorce, pricey lawyers, and Brandi got somewhat screwed in parts of the custody arrangement and such – mainly holidays and all that. I think it’s only now, getting money from the show, etc., that she’s able to fight back a bit in court.

      I’ve seen plenty of Leann’s fans think Eddie and her have the kids full-time, not from what Brandi says, but from what Leann attempts to imply. So Brandi’s statement makes total sense: you got the guy with the kids to play house and mommy with. And her fans are dumb as rocks so it works. She’s got tons of stepmoms on twitter who think she’s the best stepmom ever. Little do they know…

  10. natalina says:

    Twee-hab, she explains it perfectly

  11. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    What has she done to her face?!

  12. claire says:

    Leann’s spokesperson put out how many reasons for Leann’s rehab? 3 or 4? I don’t even believe she really ever went. It’s kinda fishy that even Brandi doesn’t have a clue what it was for or where she went. Makes me doubt Leann’s story even more.

  13. Relli says:

    Actually she was a lot more evasive about the whole situation on WWHL, than I had anticipated. The other guy was pretty funny though, “nope that doesn’t happen, seriously, your making this up!”

    She doesn’t seem any different than all the other RHW, in looks and personality. Almost all of them have some sort of claim to fame; former playboy models, wives of former professional athletes, Hollywood connections and she fits right in! I swear sometimes I feel like I was right about this the whole time, that this was just an elaborate ruse on LeAnn to get her money and earn fame.

    On the other hand I got to give it up to CB because I know LeAnn has been out there hitting the pavement for attention! The other day i was on my cable company’s website trying to pay my bill and this E NEWS exclusive video popped up at me of LeAnn in what can only be described as the worlds ugliest gray tie dye dress and wookie boots out to lunch with The Lip (govt name Liz). I didn’t recognize the presenter lady but the poor dear was given a script where she was forced to use the words; cute, tiny frame, stylish, 70′s hippie chick, and super cute at least every other word. It was one of those times where the presenters words dont match her facial expressions or the enthusiasm she is suppose to be projecting and it was hilarious!

  14. Deanne says:

    LeAnn announced on Spitfire Social Club that the song Borrowed will be her first single off of her record. The song about her affair with Eddie. How can people really expect Brandi to “get over it” when LeAnn keeps shoving this stuff in to her face and the face of the public. She has no boundaries as a step-parent and has written an entire album dedicated to her affair and contribution to the break-up of Brandi’s family unit. LeAnn makes insulting jabs at her husband’s ex all of the time and basically posts blogs dedicated to lying about things and exposing personal information about children who aren’t hers to the fans who pay to be on the site, but Brandi is supposed to just shut up and go away. That seems unfair and rather ridiculous when you consider that LeAnn never shuts up. LeAnn has used several different excuses as her reason for “rehab” and has contradicted herself multiple times about why she went. I’d joke about it too if I were Brandi. With LeAnn, the jokes write themselves.

  15. Rita says:

    Brandi is playing this just right. Keeping people interested with a little tease about the book and a suspicious side-eye glance at LeAnn. Love it. LeAnn is little more than twitter-fodder seen in the rare company of a man who cheats on her while Brandi moves successfully out in front.

    As we approach the holiday season, I do want to remind everyone that while LeAnn likes to get papped kneeling next to a child in a wheel chair, she continues her vindictive and spitefull lawsuit against a family with 4 special needs children. Happy Holidays LeAnn, hell hath no fury like Karma during the holidays.

  16. G says:

    Take her down Brandi!

    This scandal is what brought me to Celebitchy back in ’08!

  17. judyjudy says:

    I used to feel sorry for Brandi for getting caught in such a crazy mess. As time goes by it’s starting to look like she really relishes the attention and keeps feeding into it. I used to feel bad for her but now I just think she’s tacky and emotionally stunted. She was dealt a crappy card, a lot of women are, and she’s allowed to pissed . But there comes a time to rise above it all. She seems perfectly happy to stand in the middle of it and publicly engage and make herself look foolish.

  18. heidi says:

    She doesn’t look foolish a bit. She answers the questions she’s handed with candor and aplomb. More than not want to hear the unvarnished truth from the insulted party, as intuition tells that Rimes is a mistress of ‘spin’. I truly hope Dobbie turns on LR, out of loyalty to the truth, and rips Rimes a few new ones.

  19. ViloDeMenus says:

    Brandi’s very funny, considering she’s forced to be around someone who broke up her marriage, who just happens to be a real nut job, I think she handles it very well. LeAnn’s just a pathetic person who bought an actor whose career is on the downslide. Brandi’s a survivor, LeAnn’s a sad, attention whoring, insecure, jealous, pea-brained idiot.

    You have to admit Twee-hab is hilarious!

  20. TheTruthHurts says:

    I am dying over Brandi’s latest interviews, they are the BEST. Twee-hab has to be the funniest f’ing thing I have heard in a LONG time. It’s great that she is not holding back and the reactions from the audience laughing at both WWHL & Wendy Williams when it is explained that LeAnn went to Twee-hab because of social media anxiety is hilarious. LeAnn probably never expected Brandi would get a voice in the media when she moved in on her family. She thought she could do all that crap to her and no one would listen to Brandi or believe her. Keep talking Brandi, for all of us women out there, we love ya!

  21. why? says:

    Leann and her fans keep telling Brandi to move on, yet Leann is still talking about the affair as she gives interview after interview and she brags about how Borrowed is going to be the next song from the album? Even “Borrowed” is borrowed. The orginal song was called “Feel Like Breaking Up Someone’s Home” and it appeared on Etta James’ 80s album, The Seven Year Itch.

  22. heidi says:

    Vesper could very well be Darrell Brown! The writing style is close, if not the very same.

    • heidi says:

      That was an idea I saw from a BB tweet. The fact that this poster seems to have a strong desire in changing the overwhelming negative public sentiment towards Rimes could very well point to someone close w/a vested interest. Unfortunately for them, it seems like 98% of posters on ALL sites lean toward intense dislike of Rimes.

    • mln76 says:

      Vesper has been posting on Celebitchy for as long as I have (if not longer) on numerous topics so you might want to come up with a new theory .

    • Relli says:

      I think a few other posters have mentioned that as well. But i have seen vesper (not to be confused with vesper lynd/lynn) on other threads, would this darrell brown person be into any other gossip? But yeah whoever that commenter is IRL they are pretty dedicated to the “truth,” whatever that may mean to them. I unwisely engaged this person previously and ended up in shitstorm of semantics, of what i wrote but what i really meant, now i just ignore them. They obviously look for people who are anti-Brandi and are looking for a fight. On the plus side i learned a lot about Crudies career in the last eddie/leann/brandi post!

      • heidi says:

        I’ll follow your lead and take the same course. Thx for the heads up!

      • Vesper says:

        @ Relli,

        Actually, that isn’t quite accurate. I responded to a couple of ur comments in the last month, to defend another commentor after u tried to call them out.

        As for the “truth”, as I’ve mentioned numerous times, everything that we read about in gossip blogs is speculation. Nobody except the parties directly involved know the truth, not even “close” friends.

        The only “truth” I have ever commmented on in threads was my knowledge / training in family law, mental health disorders, and addictions, as well as my own personal “subjective” experience with certain topics that were being discussed at the time (e.g. building a credit rating – in response to one of Brandi’s comments). In addition, I have posted information I, myself, read online from credible sources (e.g. Eddie’s employment history, music critic’s comments about LeAnn’s last album) as a response to an inaccurate comment. Google is a valuable tool for fact checking.

        I’m not surprised u are trying to dismiss my postings and that @ heidi would follow suit. Isn’t that something all of u BB’s have been doing to anyone who doesn’t agree with u or dares say something negative about Brandi or positive about LeAnn.

        Do u ever stop to think, that I’m not the only person who is tired of year years of reading vile, cruel overly dramatic putdowns about LeAnn and wonderful praise about Brandi. There have been others that shared my opinion, but the lack of respect towards anyone with a differing opinion just can’t be bothered to deal with ur dismissal. It doesn’t exactly make for a “friendly” posting environment.

      • Vesper says:

        Just noticed a huge typo in the last paragraph.

        What I meant to type is,

        Do u ever stop to think, that I’m not the only person who is tired of spending the last three years reading vile, cruel overly dramatic putdowns about LeAnn or alternatively hearing people praise Brandi as if she is their ultimate role model who can do no harm, at the same time justifying every vile word that comes out of her mouth? There have been others who have stated similar opinions to mine, but due to the lack of respect directed towards them, most don’t repost. They likely don’t want to waste the time or energy defending themselves or dealing with dismissals. It doesn’t exactly make for a “friendly” posting environment.

  23. Mandy says:

    Teehee, I just love this woman. Team Brandi 4EVA!

  24. skuddles says:

    I wish both her and Rhimes would just bugger off already. They don’t seem to realize how truly alike they really are.

  25. Sugar says:

    I think the latest comments from Brandi will test whatever coping skills LeAnn may have learned in her tweehab stay. Brandi has a book & show to promote & LeAnn has a new album to promote and they are both from the point of view of each women & how the affair & break up of both marriages affected their lives. Eddie just floats & Dean seems to have created a great new life. The two boys are the ones who I feel for.
    Any one of us who have gone through a divorce with children know we go (hopefully) out of our way to protect what they see or hear but for crying in the dirt these two have to deal with all this social media crap & they are only getting older & wiser.
    Now I have Karen Carpenters song “Bless the Beast and the Children” running through my head:(

  26. kudzuqueen says:

    Anyone who has followed Leann’s twitter and still think she is anywhere “above the line” with her antics, well, there is a crazy train to outer space you can catch, and Karla H. will meet you on the front row.

  27. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t agree with everything Brandi says or does, but I have to say, I think she has it out there so that she has some power and a pedestal. When things started, she was some has been actor’s wife, no voice, getting stalked by a famous singer who wanted her life. No one would believe it. Getting over Eddie (which I would find really easy- what an idiot) was the simple part and I believe she IS over him. The difference is that he’s married to a stalker who wants to act as though she’s the boys’ mother. Perfect example is her tweeting about one of the kids falling and going to the ER for stitches and NO ONE contacts the actual MOTHER of the boys. Leann believes she can manipulate anyone and that her celebrity (however tarnished and dim) will always win the day. In the past, she was right. I get what Brandi’s saying: you win, you have Eddie, whatever, just leave me and my kids alone. Forgetting how everything started, no one has the right to endlessly post pictures of someone else’s kids, whether they’re your husband’s kids or not. Boundaries, as Brandi once succinctly told her. But that’s a foreign concept to Leann.

  28. candigirl says:

    ITA with your comments Jennifer, no one can fully understand Brandi’s situation because it is so unique. This is not a normal cheating, divorce, remarriage get over it bitch thing. It is much worse. It is a years long stalking and targeting of a mother with small children by a powerful celebrity multimillionaire. Leann has many serious psychological issues from her abusive childhood. She herself admits that she has been dealing with them in therapy for years. If anyone knows the history of all of the dangerous violent threats and actions she has made towards Brandi they might begin to understand the level of psychosis here. There are also the teams of paid “friends” and fans and paparazzi Leann pays to stalk Brandi and her boys, This is dangerous predatory behavior all directed at Brandi. Brandi was put into this situation by Leann when she became the target of her stalking. She chose to stand up and fight back and not be a victim. Frankly I am amazed at her persistence in view of the continued psychosis Leann displays everyday on her fan site and twitter toward Brandi and her boys. If Leann could erase Brandi from the world and become her, she would do it. Scary.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      I agree with everything you said except that Leann had an abusive childhood. I think she’s always been spoiled and coddled and that’s why she feels entitled to take what she wants when she wants it.

    • Mela says:

      I agree. Look at Leann going ON AND ON about her Stepmom BS on twitter this week. Leann posted a link to this article about how Stepmom’s jobs are SO hard, and they get no respect or appreciation and how hurtful it is when the mothers are “mean” to step mommies.

      That may be true for most stepmoms but Leann is not a typical step mom. She wants credit and respect from her stepchildren’s mother for being a step mom when the only reason she is a step mom in the first place is because she had an affair with said stepchildren’s mother’s husband and destroyed a family unit. NOW Leann *demands* that Brandi acknowledge, respect and appreciate Leann as a step mother? Jesus!!! Leann is delusional!! Leann-advice for you. Brandi will NEVER appreciate, enjoy or respect your prescence in her children’s life because of how you got there-via an affair and stalking and how poorly YOU treat HER. Think about what you have done to Brandi and how about for a change, you stop thinking about your feelings and think about how you can stop being HURTFUL and annoying to Brandi. You made your bed, now lay in it with some common human decency and grace.

      The end.