Ke$ha scored 1500 on her SATs, dropped out 1 mo before graduating high school


Ke$ha recently sat down with Time magazine to promote her upcoming sophomore album, Warrior, as well as her memoir, My Crazy Beautiful Life. She’s basically taken three years to make her second album, which has been prefaced by the everpresent single “Die Young” that seems to play just about every day at my gym. So she’s certainly ready for discussion, and as usual, Ke$ha talks about glitter, which she already has discussed nearly constantly in terms of “shooting glitter from glitter guns and out of every orifice in my body.” There’s also some more information about her “spirit journey and that ghost that she shagged. Here are some excerpts from the interview:


On her spirit journey: “I went to the Galapagos. I wanted to go diving with sharks, so I went diving with, at some points, massive amounts of sharks, circling me, and it was just the most amazing thing ever. I was traveling by myself. But I had to swim with a dive master, so I wouldn’t get eaten. Then I went to an island in the middle of nowhere, where I was living on a boat and swimming with whales every day. It was really amazing. Then, in South Africa, I volunteered to help rehabilitate baby lions, and it was just the most amazing, rewarding experience of my life. I really feel the most spiritual when I’m helping an animal. I don’t know why.”

On the pagan symbolism of the “Die Young” video: “I’ve definitely seen that. I love symbolism. I like taking universally recognized images and kind of subverting them and playing with them. So I do use a lot of symbolism in my video. But it’s because these are all really simple symbols, and they’re also subjective. They’re up for interpretation.”

Gifts from her fans: “I think probably the craziest–it’s not that crazy to me, but people seem to find it crazy–is that my fans have sent me their teeth.My fans have sent me about over a thousand human teeth, that I’m making different accessories and clothing out of. I think most of them are just teeth that have naturally fallen out, but a couple of them have given me bloody teeth. It’s a little sketchy, but I love it. I tweeted about it. I said, gimme your teeth if you have any extras, ’cause I want to make a headdress out of it. I’ve gotten so many that now I’ve made, like, necklaces and earrings and a headdress and a bra.”

Her glitter supply for a month: “A month at home is like–I still use more glitter than the average human, probably. But on tour, I think I go through like, a couple hundred gallons of glitter. On my rider there’s a bathtub full of glitter, cause that’s how I get ready for my show. I cover my body in baby oil and sit in a bathtub full of glitter, cause it’s just the easiest way to get it all over your body. Then I blast it at the end of ‘Tik Tok.’ Then during ‘Blow,’ I blast glitter, and I have it falling from the ceiling, and everybody in my band is covered in glitter. There’s an entire semi truck that’s just a glitter semi. And I have a roadie, like a tech roadie, and he’s just the glitter roadie. He’s amazing. He knows everything about glitter. He’s very well informed. Almost as well informed as I am.”

She scored a 1500 (out of 1600) on her SATs: “I was all set out for, like, a life of academia. I chose instead to drop out of high school like a month away from graduation and do this. I’ve never looked back, though.”

[From Time]

Ke$ha does seem brighter than the average pop star, but exactly how smart can one be if they summarily dropped out of high school with only one month of studies left to go? Just stick it out and finish and then chase those pop star dreams. It’s not like life won’t wait for just one month. I usually like Ke$ha’s interviews, but it seems strange that she’d admit to dropping out when she’s obviously aware of her (mostly) young and impressionable fanbase. Other than that issue, I like what she has to say here. Glitter really should belong to the pop star instead of vampires created by Stephenie Meyer.



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  1. marie says:

    hmm, her being smart doesn’t really shock me.. the teeth thing though, to me anyway, is extremely gross.. yuuck..

    a family member dropped out one credit short of graduation, it was always so stupid to me-there was no real reason he just didn’t feel like going anymore..

  2. Hannah says:

    “I was all set out for, like, a life of academia.” That’s how academics, like, talk, of course.

  3. Fancyamazon says:

    She didn’t swim with a dive master to “not get eaten” – you have to always dive in pairs, to fail-safe your equipment etc…basic buddy system. She went with a dive master because they know the area and because of their expertise a lot of resorts won’t let you dive without one.

    She is being silly and melodramatic about the sharks. Not that there is no danger, but sharks are given a very bad rap for practically nothing. Most (if not all) shark attacks on humans are because the shark made a mistake, felt threatened or was being actively agitated by the human being attacked.

  4. Katie says:

    She looks very Jonh Travolt-ish. This blonde, old Hollywood styling is hilarious – she looks more manly than usual.

  5. Fritzi Schnitzer says:

    That headline: Don’t believe the first part, totally believe the second.

  6. Chris says:

    That pink dress, I only just noticed, makes her head seem quite small in comparison to her body? It really broadens her shoulders… As she hasn’t got much of a waist (just her shape), maybe a different style of dress would suit better… Her legs are killer though!!

  7. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I like that she enjoys helping animals. That’s all I got, folks.

  8. val says:

    Well she needs to at least obtain her GED. To be that intelligent and waste it is useless. Her young fans do not need to hear that she dropped out of her high school…these kids are already trying to imitate celebrities and the last thing they need is to deny themselves the right to a quality education in chase of a dream that most do not realize.

  9. Elizabeth says:

    Sorry but I have trouble believing she scored 1500/1600. It’s a standardized test and she doesn’t seem the type to excel at doing what she’s told. Quite the opposite – dropping out one month before graduating. I like her music though.

  10. Suzy from Ontario says:

    She looks very mannish in that white lace dress. Maybe it’s the cut of the dress but her upper body looks very large and wide and masculine rather than feminine to me.

    Personally I think she needs to grow up and realize that the things she is saying and the way she generally looks doesn’t make her look cool, just makes her look like an idiot imo.

  11. Mata says:

    I really have nothing against her, she has a history of lying about her past, so I take her academic claims with a grain of salt.

  12. MonicaQ says:

    If you feel a need to overly brag about your SAT scores then probably her GPA was a hot mess. Nearly every kid I knew in HS (and some of the kids I occasionally tutor for) that got above a 1350 squeaked by with a 2.0. I have never understood it. Mine was an 1190 and I graduated with honors (not bragging, just using juxtaposition. I had to take the ACT in response to even GET into the college I wanted), my husband got a 1200 and graduated 12 out of 460 and friends had the same issue.

    I don’t know, maybe Ke-dalla-ha is a good test taker or mathematically inclined and not english tilted. Which would explain how she talks sometimes.

    • Sonya says:

      I’ve noticed the same. I knew lots of people (like myself) that did so-so in school, but when it came down to the wire, we’d ace the final. And on the other hand, I knew people who did awesome the whole year, but would choke at the end. I think mostly everyone falls in the middle, but Kesha could be one of those outlying examples.

  13. kw says:

    Bitch, you went on vacay not a spirit journey. Stop appropriating people’s real religious shit.

  14. themummy says:

    I dropped out of high school with 3 months left to go and with a 4.0 average at a prep school. I was extremely depressed and battling undiagnosed bipolar, though. I also wanted to move out of my parents’ home and strike out on my own, so I did at age 17. I went on to get a PhD in Comparative Literature with a specialty in literary translation. So I don’t think dropped out close to the end is at all an indicator of intelligence necessarily. It can be, but it isn’t automatically.

    That said, if I had a nickel for everyone who claimed that had a 1500 on their SAT…. I don’t buy it.

    • kityafey says:

      I dropped out of high school three months before graduation too because of severe depression. I lost my Father that year. I did graduate through a correspondence course my high school offered. I hated school. We moved around constantly so I was always the new girl. By the time my Father died and another possible move coming up I couldn’t take it anymore so I left.

      I did take my SAT’s and got a crazy high score that shocked me, lol. I am dyslexic so I really thought I was going to get a low score even though I have a high IQ.

      I like the part of her interview she is most happiest around animals. I am most happiest around animals too.

  15. Sweet Dee says:

    I love her. I hope she DID get a 1500 on her SAT, but I wouldn’t bet on it. I got a 1270 and I see through her spirit journey crap. That said, I think people just hate her because she’s easy to hate, there’s no real reason to. I don’t think religious symbols deserve any specific respect, either, and I love that she helps volunteer with animals.

    As for the dropping out one month before graduation, that’s not stupid to me, that spells issues. Like, daddy issues. I thought that happened because some con artist told her he was her dad and he was dying and needed her to come give him money or something? She fell for it when she was 17 and went back to school to finish her senior year but was too wrecked emotionally and couldn’t? I’m off to google this.

  16. KellyinSeattle says:

    In the first pic, I thought it was Tom Petty. Yeah, you’d think she’d go back and finish her classes,, but brain smarts and common sense are two different things.
    Common sense, no: look, she forgot to put here pants on.

  17. busy ramone says:

    Pretty sure you guys have already been told this is her 3rd album.

  18. Julie says:

    I heard that she got a near perfect score on her SATs so this isn’t surprising. I can tell she’s intelligent even though she acts pretty foolish. I wonder what she’ll be like when she matures a little more.

    • busy ramone says:

      She actually has a really nice voice when it’s not being drowned out by computer noise. I can’t wait until she gets over the pop phase of her career. I do really like her, although the “Die Young” Illuminati video is disturbing and confuses me a little.

  19. Heather says:

    I want to live on a boat and swim with whales.

  20. Daniel says:

    Sorry I’m not buying it. She’s stupid and not that pretty nor very talented. She’s lying about those scores.

  21. dcypher1 says:

    The symbolism is up for interpretation is bs. Shes just another illuminati industry pawn who has to put that shit in her videos she has no choice its in her contract. She just showing her allegiance to the elite her handlers who also write her music for her.