Prince William & Kate only began “working” for an heir in the past few weeks

Ah, Royal Bump Watch is going full speed ahead now! All of the other Bump Watches pale in comparison to this current era of Bump Watch-ing. And you know why? Because the time is a’ coming. Duchess Kate knows it. Prince William knows it. The royal family knows it. The British public knows it. What do they know? That if William doesn’t knock up his wife within the next few months, there will be a guaranteed backlash against these two for not doing their “duty”. So, here we are, coming up on the two-year anniversary of their engagement announcement, and the baby rumors are flying! A few days ago, one of Kate’s “friends” (?) claimed that Kate was already knocked up and looking to announce it around Christmas. But Us Weekly says – in their cover story! – that Kate and William have only JUST started trying, so just wait for it.

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for since the April 2011 Royal Wedding — a royal pregnancy! All the talk about the couple’s friends starting families must have gotten to Duchess Kate and Prince William because they are now ready to start a family!

According to Us Weekly, a source close to the couple says, “They’re excited at the prospect of becoming parents,” and confirms they’re “working on it. In a dream situation, they’d love to be a step closer at Christmas.”

Adds a source close to Kate, “They have been on such a high since getting married. It’s time for the next step — Kate is hoping she and William can become parents in 2013.”

Though the breathless bump watch started immediately after their April 2011 wedding, the couple had a top-secret plan all along. Their first two years of marriage would be devoted to work, and Operation Heir would begin only after their grueling royal tour of Southeast Asia finished up in September.

“Once their malaria medication had run its course,” says an insider, “then it was safe to start. So it’s only been a matter of weeks.”

Whenever it does happen, says a source, Kate, like any first-time mom, will wait until just after the first trimester to share the news wide. “It won’t be hidden,” says the source.

What wonderful timing is this all — Christmas is around the corner and the couple just purchased a new home in London’s Kensington Palace, a four-story, 20-room flat undergoing a $1.5 million renovation, according to Us Weekly.

Just like Will, Kate wants two children, according to a longtime friend of Kate’s, and we are starting to think this new house would be perfect to bring kids into!

The source tells Us Weekly that “a baby is the main reason for the move. They want to bring a child up in a secure environment.”

When it comes to raising their future child, “Kate will let her children have fun and freedom, but she will also make sure they do what is best for them,” says Kate’s friend.

[From Us Weekly & Hollywood Life]

I mean, it’s going to happen. It’s not like all of this hand-wringing and Bump Watching is for naught. I don’t really understand why we have to pretend that William and Kate are only doing an extensive and costly renovation of Kensington Palace “for the baby” – they’re doing it because that their future home, where they will live for decades (probably). Meanwhile, I think all of the talk about Kate’s weight is a diversion – of course she’ll be able to get pregnant! (I think.) Keep your eye on the ball – the issue isn’t “Can Kate get pregnant?” The issue is “Will Kate use her eventual pregnancy as an excuse to not do any royal work for five years, after which she’ll get pregnant again?”

Photos courtesy of Us Weekly, WENN.

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  1. Eleonor says:

    The second thing you’ve said, as Pippa’s book has showed apparently the Middleton sisters don’t have too much work ethic.

  2. two_seconds_ago says:

    She’ll do anything to avoid ‘work’, won’t she?

    • Seagulls says:

      Granted, Kate won’t probably be the primary caregiver, but if you’re implying that childcare isn’t work, please come relieve me today.

      • two_seconds_ago says:

        Of course looking after a child(ren) is work, which is why Kate has been putting off baby-making for over a year and a half.

      • Lauren says:

        Kate won’t be in the same situation as you. The child she provides for William will most likely have a governess to care for it 99 % of the time. Whereas you work very hard raising your kids day in and day out her kids will most likely be raised with a list of instructions on what is deemed appropriate.

        There is a chance she could be more like Diana though, since William has voice countless times how much his mother actually strived to play a regular role in her children’s lives.

        Other royals in Europe like the Prince and Princess of Asturias seem to also always play and active role in the lives of their two daughters. Rarely are rarely not photographed doting on their daughters the infanta’s Leonor and Sofia. It is quite refreshing to see and the children so are adorable. Maybe Kate and William will take a page from their book when the time comes for them to have children of their own. I am sure the public will warm up to Kate a lot better too and maybe become less likely to accuse her of sitting around and doing nothing.

      • Ella says:

        Oy, some of you women are b*tchy. She’ll be a hands-on mother like Diana was. And whatever you think of the royals, official tours of the Commonwealth are not my idea of a vacation.

      • Angelic 20 says:

        Ella, Diana’s hands on motley version included several nannies irrespective of whether she was working or not, they accompanied her to watching movies in movie halls to family vacations. Neither Diana was nor Kate will ever be an actual normal hands on mother.

      • LAK says:

        @Ella – Diana wasn’t as hands on as you think. There was always a nanny present even when they went to cinema or popped out to McD etc. Most of the pap pictures were cropped so it looked like at most only bodyguard was present but there was always a nanny too.

        And the boys went to boading school at age 7.

        Diana was considered hands on because for the most part she tried to be present in her children’s lives unlike the Queen who was barely present in any of her children’s lives. She would leave them for months on end, and barely re-connect on her return. Who can forget that video footage of 5yr (I need to check this age) old Charles greeting her at a station with a handshake after a 6mth separation vs Diana running to hug her boys after a couple of weeks separation.

      • MNFinn says:

        Kate may never change a single diaper for any of her kids if that is what she wants.

        That’s because if the Cambridges are typical uber wealthy, they’ll have 24X7 childcare.

      • Elizabeth says:

        A story on Kate’s family being in Jordan when she was a pre-schooler mentioned Carol being on extended mat leave at the time (from her flight attendant’s job). So it looks like Kate was raised in a home where the mom was the primary caregiver. She likely would want to be very involved with her child because of this – i.e. it’s what her mother did.

      • Elizabeth says:

        If someone offered you in-house 24/7 nanny help at home to do the icky stuff (laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc), wouldn’t you take it so that you could spend time playing with your child and visiting with your family and friends instead of being chained to a washing machine/stove? I sure would. So don’t be so harsh just because another woman can afford to have “help”. I wish we could all afford it.

  3. lisa2 says:

    I know the people in the UK care and are super interested. But I will say I don’t know anyone that cares about these people at all. Baby or no baby.

  4. JulieM says:

    Of course, at some point she will get pregnant. That is the only thing she has to do. But why do I get the feeling that the Cambridges will be very hands off parents once it actually happens. Doing their duty; heir and a spare. Hope I’m wrong.

    Edit: they “purchased” a home in Kensington Palace? Really? Expensive renovations, yes. But purchase? Can I purchase a home in Kensington Palace?

  5. Lulu says:

    Poor girl. It’s bad enough when its your family bugging you, but the entire world?? I wouldn’t be surprised if there is such as thing as infertility caused by excessive snoopiness.

    • LAK says:

      She doesn’t have it half as bad as Crown Princess Masako of Japan where the court still runs on ancient rules where even her menstral(sp?) cycle was up for scrutiny and debate.

      Finally after 8yrs, produced a girl in 2001!!!! Cue nationwide pearl clutching at the gender and now the throne is going to go to either a younger brother or male cousin, I’ve forgotten which.

      • Sachi says:

        The throne will go to Aiko’s cousin, Prince Hisahito. That particular family ‘drama’ is so interesting.

        Princess Kiko (Hisahito’s mother) got pregnant right around the time when there were talks of Parliament introducing a bill to allow equal primogeniture, thus allowing Aiko to inherit after her father. She gave birth to Hisahito 10 years after her 2nd daughter was born.

        After Hisahito was born, the motion in Parliament was set aside.

        And then, in pure coincidence, the baby *just* happened to be a boy. How lucky was Princess Kiko that she gave birth to the long-awaited Prince 40 years after the last male, Hisahito’s father, was born. She’s now the mother of the future Emperor and her husband, Prince Akishino, has publicly criticized his own brother, the Crown Prince.

        It’s almost like there’s a split in the Palace, with the Crown Prince and his family being isolated while the rest adhere to the strict and ancient traditions of the Imperial court.

        The saddest part is that they just don’t seem to learn. The current Empress was bullied by her own mother-in-law for being a commoner, to the point that she had a nervous breakdown. Now the Palace staff did the same to Masako.

        A well-educated, independent, modern, career-oriented woman like Masako would never have succeeded in the Japanese Imperial family.

        Someone who is eager to please and drop everything to make her world revolve around a man, someone who would be glad to keep her mouth shut and do what she’s told would be perfect for the Japanese Imperial court.

  6. Amelia says:

    Oy. It’s ‘engagement watch’ all over again. Y’know what, I really hope these two are shagging every private moment they get, because all this talk of bump watch is getting (as Swifty would say) EXHAUSTing already. But then again, I’d hate to have anyone with an internet connection speculating about what may or may not be in my womb.
    But I still stand by my reasoning that they’ll wait a few months before announcing it.
    However, it’s Waity’s royal duty to produce an heir (which will hopefully be a girl – it’ll be nice to see a girl be the first heir for once) so I’ll say … June at the latest.

  7. Cathy says:

    We’ll at least they’ll have some fun while doing their royal duty.

  8. Sandy says:

    I don’t get all this hysteria over weight (or lack thereof) being such a big deal in regards to pregnancy. Certainly, a real anorexic may have a hard time conceiving but I know tons of skinny chicks, myself included, who’ve had no trouble at all concerning. I’ve weighed less than 100 pounds my whole adult life and got pregnant two months after I really started trying. I’ve carried to full term so far and have a huge, healthy foetus. I really don’t think Duchess Kate’s weight is as big a factor in her ability to conceive as people try to make it out to be.

    • Sandy says:

      That should say ‘no trouble at all conceiving’. Whoops!

      • Amelia says:

        This topic has come up two days in a row now!
        I think that it’s just another way to keep bump watch in the news. After her fairly extreme diet prior to the wedding, of course there was speculation about her fertility because that is essentially what she’s there for. Providing an heir.
        Personally, I think it’ll be fine. Yes, she’s very slender, but she hasn’t always been. Before the engagement she was a very healthy, athletic weight and shape. It’s when you starve yourself chronically that it becomes a big issue. And even the loss of menses doesn’t always mean you can’t have a child.

    • mln76 says:

      I speak as a woman on the plumper side (still fit) people are jealous and its acceptable to say the most horrific stuff about a woman who is thin that if you reversed and said about a heavier woman those same people would be up in arms.
      Thin women can have babies. And I stand by what I said before if she was medically unable to have kids she wouldnt have been able to land Wil in the end.

      • Izzy4ya says:

        Oh save it. People here dog fat women constantly for the sake of “their health”, and after Kate’s nudie pics I have yet to hear of someone hitting the gym for that body. I will agree though, that if she were a “normal” private citizen speculation about her weight or fertility would be inexcusable. But she’s NOT. She is a public figure and (unfortunately) one that people look to. This is why I don’t care about people dogging Jessica Simpson. Nobody asked her to hawk products depending on if she’s in the fat or skinny phase of her yoyo.

        My coworker has birthed 5 children, and has never been over 115 lbs in her life, even while pregnant. This is her natural build and weight. It is possible to be naturally very thin as it is to be naturally inclined to be fat. Kate is neither. I remember the days when Victoria Beckham was pretending to be “naturally thin” too. Kate made quite the effort to become near skeletal, and said it was for the wedding. The wedding has passed, you waited for this role for 10 years, what now? Where’s the bambino?

        No one can look at a pic of Kate 4 years ago, look at her now, and NOT see a concerted effort to look like a celebrity.

      • ZenB!tch says:

        I think the issue with Kate is that she is not naturally that thin. Look at her old photos. My thought was “will she stop starving if/when she gets pregnant?”

  9. Howdy y'all says:

    It is hard enough trying to make a baby with family and friends knowing, I can’t imagine the whole world watching me. With my first we didn’t tell anyone we were trying and it was so much easier. This time it is taking longer and we have had a few bumps on the road, and family and friends are silently (or not so silently) speculating as to whether I am pregnant again (no). If this was also on a magazine cover? Horrible, stressful. I am not infertile, and am Kate’s same age, but sometimes things like this don’t come as easy as planned. But, I guess she signed up for a life of her personal details being scrutinized in public.

  10. lem says:

    I don’t understand all the snark about Kate having a baby in order to avoid work…when she married Wills, having a baby became her primary duty as a princess (or duchess or future queen or whatever her title is). That’s her primary royal duty! Why are we acting like it’s not work?!?!

    • Anne says:

      Because it’s sex. And if it’s your job to have sex, then you’re just a (particularly expensive) prostitute.

      Since she’s a duchess instead, she most definitely has duties other than having kids.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      People see this as an excuse for not working because their pr has used every single excuse there is in the book for the lack of her work as a royal, for example Diana situation,hm having 2 years off after her wedding (which is not even true because even in those 2 years she wad working as a royal as well as with local military wives of her husband’s colleagues, something Kate has refused to do), giving her time to learn things about rf even though she knew she will be a royal for at least 3 years before the engagement announcement confirmed by herself, wife of heir ‘s heir wife and so her past record before the wedding shows that she have no interest in working for any charity or in any capacity, do people think pregnancy will be used as another excuse given her over all record.

      It’s like Engadget speculation all over again, they keep printing these stories knowing the pregnancy is inevitable. How w exactly anyone knows what goes on in there bed room, or do they come out the discuss their sex life with friends or so called inside palace sources? All these types of articles are pure rubbish but publisher knows this will happen eventually so they print this rubbish.

    • Merritt says:

      Because people like to complain and for them nothing she does will ever be the right thing. She is damned if she does and damned if she doesn’t.

  11. Suzie says:

    Yawn! Wake me when Harry comes back.

  12. LadyMTL says:

    Honestly, I am starting to feel bad for these two. I can’t imagine being under such pressure to have a baby, to the point where if I got PMS bloat I’d suddenly see my face on every mag with a blaring “BABY!” headline…ugh. Now I know that Kate implicitly agreed to all of this when she married him but still, it has to be annoying.

    • EmmaStoneWannabe says:

      Agree it’s annoying….BUT..she has nothing going on. She gets to travel, shop and look pretty, then get pregnant at some point. That is her whole existence. I do not feel sorry for her. She was “WaityKaity” all that time for a reason; she knew this would be her life and she really wanted it. We should be giving her golf claps – not sighs of pity – for obtaining this lifestyle without having to actually do much of anything. I say Congrats, Waity..Have your baby when you want and ignore the tabs and royal baby pushers.

    • LAK says:

      This is what you get when you propagate an image of the dutiful housewife *coughdon’tmentiontheservantscough* rather than work. If she had been working during these 2 years, pretty sure no one would be talking about her womb or rather, it wouldn’t come up as regularly as it does. Plus, if she then stepped away to look after any babies *coughdon’tmentionthenanniescough* she would be given the grace to do so without snark or at least it would be at minimum.

  13. The Original Mia says:

    Wow. Young couple having sex in order to have a baby. Shocking news! What exactly is the point of this article? We’ve known since the “I do’s” that a baby was on the way with these two. That’s the only real job they have at this point in the game.

  14. Laurie M. says:

    Do you think she was checked out By a doctor before the wedding to make sure she could conceive and carry an heir? I wonder what might happen if she couldn’t perform what was expected of her?

    • Angelic 20 says:

      Nothing will happen to her position as William’s wife, she will be pow after Queen and then Queen consort after Charles. Media however will not be very nice to her especially if she continue to work like this. They need a new angle to sell newspapers and if she can’t give them children she have work very very hard in her public engagements so they have something to write if she can’t reproduce then Harry’s wife will become the star and tabloids will side with her not Kate because in that situation she will be the mother of future monarch and will literally save the future of monarchy.

  15. bluhare says:

    I expected a lot more from Kate than she’s delivered so far. I thought she would be someone of substance, and that hasn’t materialized. I used to feel badly for her, with all the scrutiny, and all. Now, not so much. She needs to produce that baby.

    • Angelic 20 says:

      I am sure you only noticed her after engagement announcement and hence expected some substance from her, I on the other hand had been reading about her for a decade now so I never really expected something meaningful from her but still I really hoped that she would improve or give something after the wedding all I vain. Now I don’t expect anything different from her, she is who she is. She can 2 years or 4 I don’t think she will ever deliver anything of substance. At the age of 30 people are who they are unless they go through some life changing experience, so I hope with children she might improve but I am not holding my breath.

      • bluhare says:

        Angel, yup, that’s pretty much it. Living stateside, she didn’t really hit the radar until right before the engagement and I was thinking “middle class, college educated, attractive woman . . . hope she does us proud”. Well, not so much other than in the dress department. She does pretty well there.

  16. Sweet Dee says:

    I think she had better gain some weight first…it’s one thing when you’re naturally thin your whole life, but she was thin and has been getting thinner and thinner, and that would stop menstruation cold.

  17. KellyinSeattle says:

    Once she conceives, the tabloids will have a heyday about what she eats, how she needs her rest, baby names, etc etc. This is just getting started; it’s going to get worse, unless you enjoy following the royals (royal pains in the ass) :)

  18. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    You just know Harry has probably sired an army illigitimates by now, make some of them sprout some chest hairs for the sake of ‘duty’. Someone has to destroy the evidence whilst you’re scurrying to the Treasury? When I think of heirs, I like to think, ‘See that punk-ass kid that I hate who’s been shot in the face fighting for the crown I stole? That’s m’boy’ and I like that.

    They can follow up with Hanover family values. I know people love their primogeniture, but tell me: how is it that it’s duty to perform tasks for a job that doesn’t exist? Will the dynasty crumble without an heir? Motherhood is more of a job when commonors with true jobs hold it down, suddenly, we’re all in danger because an unemployed person isn’t foisting her progeny on the help because this is SO important. ‘I’m a big fat awesome because I wave, I’m a big being. Is her child going to be the one to protect us from the Tartars? Is it going to hold back the tides or mind-meld with the spetcre of Attila? So why is a conversation? Until I see that child save the life of the unhorsed William and protect the realm from Tamerlane, invent the exchequer and hoarde resources from your starving subjects this will qualify as the most irrelevant non-pregnancy going.

  19. Jessica says:

    “Their first two years of marriage would be devoted to work”–Since when? They were always going to have a light schedule; it was just much more light than we all realized.

    “the couple just purchased a new home in London’s Kensington Palace”–Purchased? No no. They were handed the apartment, and the renovations are all footed by the tax payer.

    I’m so sick of this “they WANT two children” nonsense. No, they NEED two children: and heir and a spare. Don’t whitewash everything and claim these two are so in love because Will says he wants two kids; he wants two kids because he needs two kids, and that’s it.

    Me personally, I really don’t want them to have kids together–it would solidify her place in the RF and that’s not good for anyone.

  20. ZenB!tch says:

    ~their grueling royal tour of Southeast Asia~

    Grueling? It looked like fun to me. There was even some silly video of William attempting to dance.

  21. Jaycee says:

    Past the age of 30, it can be more difficult to get pregnant (NOT impossible, just harder, for those of you who have difficulty with reading comprehension). If she were 20, she probably would have been pregnant by now.

  22. Jaycee says:

    Even if they don’t have a child, there is still Harry and his prospective wife (whoever that may be).

  23. AlexandraJane says:

    Kate aside – what has been done to the eyes on all the people featured on the sidebar?!

  24. The Original Denise says:

    Dull as dishwater; Duchess Kate has added nothing of value to the Royal Family’s image. She is one big zzzzzzzzzzzz. Long live the Queen!

  25. kimcheee says:

    Will the child be borne of an elite blood line like Will? Diana had more royal blood than Charles – which made her a perfect breeding mare. What’s in the Middleton’s bloodline? Roman Kings? Royalty? Reptiles… :D ha ha ha ha.

  26. molly says:

    Kate is ” I don’t want to be here would rather be getting p[issed and partying” royal” doesn’t want to be anywhere really and cries if she is left overnight without William !!!!

    She won’t be left overnight like some mothers, she won’t be getting up to feed the baby or change it’s nappy. Can’t see her being anything like Diana because she has the “do I have to can’t be bothered” syndrome.