Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson arrive in LA after spending holiday in the UK

Here are some new photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart arriving at LAX last night. Allegedly, they spent Thanksgiving in London with Rob’s family and then they flew to NYC on Friday (there were tweeting Twihards on the plane), and then came back to LA yesterday. I know this because We Are All Twihards, and everyone spends too much time tracking their movements for Twihard Proof! Anyway, as they walked through the LAX terminal, they were mobbed by paparazzi, of course.

So… Rob and Kristen are still together. The publicity tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2 is over, and Robsten is STILL unbroken. So much for the predictions that they would be over as soon as the film premiered. My personal prediction was a breakup by January. I just think it makes sense… they’ll spend the holidays together, and then around New Year’s, something will set them off. There will be a breakup and tears and recriminations and by Pres. Obama’s second inaugural, the Twihard Universe will be in mourning. Or maybe not. WTF do I know?

Should I even talk about their outfits? I don’t get why Rob’s default style is “lumberjack” – he’s a sweet, low-key English boy, why does he always look like a lumberjack? As for Kristen… she loves her skinny jeans and her flannel and her pissy expressions. It’s her “thing”. So whatever. But I cannot stand her greasy mop of hair – that would drive me crazy, to have my hair that greasy and unwashed. Ugh.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. haha says:

    she preggers? IN REAL LIFE they say! And they are busy with the baby room? Why does OK magazine, say this?True?

  2. Amelia says:

    Why do her roots sometimes look quite light in some pictures?
    A pitiful dry-shampooing attempt?

  3. loma says:

    Think the lumberjacks style is Kristen’s influence. I don’t like it either.

  4. Ms Kay says:

    He’s gone under her influence again… Scruffy looks and just-got-out-of-bed-need-a-shower and all..!

    • Ann says:

      He always looks like this on his own time. He looks like most guys his age when they’re not dressed for work, honestly. Jeans, tshirt, hoodie, sneakers. Most guys would dress comfortable like this for a 6 hour flight if they weren’t travelling straight to a meeting, IMO.

    • Esmom says:

      I was thinking he looks really cute. Better than her anyway. That “greasy mop” would drive me nuts, too.

    • Jan says:

      I would have to say that it was brutal for them trying to get through the LA airport. The video is horrible with the paps shouting to Rob that Kristen will cheat on him again and shouting to Kristen if she plan to cheat on Rob again. Rob was telling one to get back. They did not deserve this kind of treatment and It had to be horrific for them when nothing happened during the premiers or in London or NYC but as soon as they hit LA, all hell broke loose with the paps and then after they finally got in the car leaving the paps were laughing, whistling like well we had the balls to mention the cheating. Awful to watch.

      • sunny says:

        Well Rob doesn’t deserve that for sure as he didn’t create this mess.

        I am actually glad that pap threw that cheating thing in that bitch’s face though. She needs to be reminded of what a slut she is everyday. She has not been asked a single question so far that is even remotely uncomfortable in any of her interviews whereas Rob got many when he was promoting Cosmopolis and he didn’t do anything wrong.

        In some of her interviews that I could bring myself to watch she is still that cold, rude, entitled bitch that she was before the scandal. Nothing has changed much. She probably believes she is the victim in all this. That is how twisted she seems to be. Yeah she had that pap shouting coming.

        Rob get rid of her already.

      • aquarius64 says:

        Well now that Twilight is over the gloves are off. The movie is going to make its money so there is no need to protect them anyone. You think the paps were bad, the gossip press is starting the trampire-themed stories on Kristen now. During the awards season some host WILL make a joke about the cheating scandal. The Mini-Cooper Makeout will always be thrown in their faces. This will not go away.

      • Miss Bennett says:

        I am no admirer of Miss Stewart. I wish she would retire. However, your remarks are mean spirited and cruel. It is obvious you have no idea how viscous and mob like you sound. I can only compare your post to these witty and intelligent gems from the past, “Off with her head!” “Burn the witch!” If you don’t care for her clothing or hair, fine. Don’t care for her acting? fine. Don’t care for her life choices? fine. Deplore her moral character? fine. Nasty, childish, and unimaginative insults tell us a great deal about you, and nothing about Miss Stewart. The video from her arrival in LA is appalling. Would you like to be part of such a disgusting rabble? No? Then don’t behave as they do.

  5. GoodCapon says:

    She always looks like she hasn’t taken a shower in days. She looks unkempt.

  6. Genie says:

    They only get pappd when they want and BD2 is just days in the cinemas. If they wanted to go unnoticed they would have used VIP exits but then they wouldn’t be noticed. Poor private stars.

    • Anname says:

      Yeah, they look absolutely thrilled to be photographed here. Watch the video, it’s horrible. There is no way they are inviting this. redirect=1

    • Apples says:

      …and we have a winner!!

      You are so right. For the Twihards: Remember, they are not only promoting their movie still in theaters- soon to be released on DVD- they are also friends working on rehabbing her image.

      • Anname says:

        I do not understand this idea that walking through an airport together, angrily, will somehow sway someone to go see Twilight? It is absurd.

      • Apples says:

        Anname, in their defense, they can’t act like they like the attention… Also, it probably is a very annoying but, necessary part of their job. Them walking through the airport made the news and weekly mags- free advertising for their movie- to answer your question. It is reminder to go see their movie or make plans see it again! If you still don’t get it, don’t worry, it’s an easier concept for those who have taken Marketing/ PR classes.

      • Ann says:

        Um, Apples? I’ve taken more than one class in marketing (MBA in it, actually), and I can tell you that an airport picture of actors clearly in their downtime is an extremely ineffective way to entice people to see a movie. If that was their game, wouldn’t it have been much more effective for them to be papped out and about in England, on holiday? Or going out to dinner in New York? Maybe walking down the street holding hands, nicely dressed? THAT is how PR is done. Not one pap found them while they were vacationing. And please, they didn’t organize paps at the airport. ICYDK, paps camp out at LAX to catch various stars coming and going. There’s always a contingent at JFK too. And if they were to call a pap, do you think they’d call 50 of them, or give one the scoop on where they’d be?

        In REAL marketing, you plan to get the most bang for your buck, with programs that will reach the most people and spur them to buy. Someone who proposes that the best plan is just to have an actor papped at an airport, looking scruffy, scowling as they dash to their car? They wouldn’t have a career in marketing for long.

      • Anname says:

        Oh great pr expert, you have neglected to consider your target market. This 5th movie of the franchise is for fans of the series, who are all quite aware that the movie is out. A non-fan is unlikely to decide to go to the movie because these 2 get photographed, unhappily , in an airport.

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        I kind of think Anname and Ann are the same person. They are the official Twihard cheer team.

        Anyway, pap pictures are marketing and this whole dumb showmance has been predicated on pretending they DON’T want attention (because they are special, hipster snowflakes) but courting said attention all the damn time. It’s the coy PR games that have generated gossip and interest over the past 4 years.

        They do their best to stoke the flames. Their actions never match their words. “Leave us alone, but please pay attention to us!”

        Of course their fans like to portray them as put upon (millionaire) victims. Oh, such delicate flowers, they can’t even walk through an airport! (no matter that celebrities are constantly photographed in airports and handle it will grace).

        It makes perfect sense that they’re still being seen together. To immediately stop after the BD premieres were over would be a dead giveaway. Whereas being seen together still creates exactly the “HA SEE IT’S PROOF” response from Twilight fans that we’ve seen here.

        They look like the most miserable ‘couple’ I’ve ever seen, stuck in this dumb charade of their own making.

      • Anname says:

        Hey Ann, apparently we have to be the same person because there can’t possibly be 2 people who think this isn’t pr nonsense! Ok, sure.

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        Well, nobody ever said Twihards were smart….

      • Ann says:

        Zelda, you contradict yourself. If they “needed to be seen” after BD2 premiere, why didn’t they organize pap photos while in NYC (or England)? Would have been easy to do. And much more effective. And why would they organize pap photos in which they look “like a miserable couple”? If they were going to organize a photo, wouldn’t one where they look happy or “together” work better?

        As I said, pap pictures can indeed be marketing. So why wouldn’t they use them effectively?

        Also, if you think all other celebs smile for the paps, you must only be following Paris Hilton and the Kardashians. There have been MANY celebrity dustups with paps. Robert and Kristen seem to follow what most celebs do, which is to show no emotion or reaction, and walk by as fast as you can. But I can think of actual altercations involving Timberlake, Cameron Diaz, Russel Brand, Alec Baldwin, Hugh Grant, and Shia for starters.

        BTW, I’ve never met Anname. Although I’m sure she’s a lovely person. :)

      • ORLY says:

        Ann – If you have an MBA in marketing, then you know that the biggest part of marketing is psychology; knowing your target audience. In this the audience is twihards and twihards want to see Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart together, whether scowling or not.

        If ROBSTEN IS UNBROKEN, they are more likely to make repeated visits to the cinema to see the movie. Some of these people go upwards of 10 times. A lot of them say (out loud. HA) that they don’t see Edward and Bella, but Rob and Kristen when they watch the movies. There is a lot of projection involved.

        I’m not saying this is all PR, I haven’t a clue. I’m saying it isn’t as ineffective as you claim.

        As for not being papped in London or NYC, who knows? No one can be “on” 24/7. Even Robsten needs a PR break sometimes. :D

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:

        I don’t contradict myself because looking ‘miserable’ while courting attention has been their MO for years. If they looked all smiley and happy and holding hands (when have they ever done this?) it would look too ridiculous and staged. Their fans think they are too ‘authentic’ to pose for pap pictures. It wouldn’t work for these two.

        No, it’s the immature “please don’t take our picture or ask about our relationship” but PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO US AND OUR ARE THEY/AREN’T THEY RELATIONSHIP” that fuels gossip sites and tabloids. And make no mistake, they court this.

        It’s fairly obvious to anybody not infatuated with everything Twilight. And it certainly is effective to their idiotic demographic of middle aged moms and their teenage daughters judging by the normal contingent of Twihards who post here. Anybody with a brain can see this.

      • Ann says:

        Orly, I’m not saying that seeing stars doesn’t have a cumulative effect on a movie’s level of interest. I’m saying that if the studio was organizing PR events, they really suck at it. If you are going to require actors to be papped, you’ll get more bang for your buck having one pap “catch” them going to a restaurant together, than scowling as they bolt past 50 paps in an airport. A good PR person would also ensure they were a bit better dressed and styled for their PR photo ops. To avoid exactly the kind of comments that you see on this board.

        They would also have given Stewart some media training and vetted some of her interviews, and improved her wardrobe, and taken away her sneakers at red carpet events…I could go on and on. :)

      • Zelda Fitzgerald says:


        Their target demographic does not care if they look scruffy and dirty in an airport. In fact, to them it makes them look more ‘rebellious’ and ‘authentic.’ All they care about is Robsten unbroken. Mission accomplished there.

        There’s not much more effort necessary. Just being seen together makes news on gossip sites and tabloids across the globe. The strategy with these two has always been “less is more” – keep the mystique going, play the are they/aren’t they game and you get MORE attention than if they just said they were a couple and acted normally.

        Again, this has worked gangbusters for 4 years, why change?

        But the disingenuous “what PR, they are just walking through an airport?” is just dumb and most people don’t buy it.

      • ORLY says:

        Ann – There would be no need for media training for KS if they are keeping with her image (authentic, uncoached, shy, awkward). Also, there would be no point in ‘prettying’ them up because that would be so obvious.

        You can bet KS got PR instructions following the scandal. Has she been flipping the bird and being her usual insufferable self? What about her very first time being papped whilst wearing all the pieces from the wardrobe of love? Etc.
        In order to make the changes you’re suggesting, would mean a complete overhaul of KS’s image. Why would they do that when her fans claim to love her as she is?

        There are subtle ways of doing these things.

        Robert Pattinson himself has said that he can avoid being papped when he wants.

        Please, do go on and on and on…

  7. LadyMTL says:

    Actually, I think they’ll stay together till late winter – early spring. Once spring fever sets in, methinks poor Rob will be dumped. :P But then again…wth do I know either? LOL.

    • JS says:

      You think she’s clinically insane don’t you? That’s the only way she would ever consider letting him go. Even if she doesn’t care for him (which, honestly, hate her as you may, I don’t think is true) she can’t dump him now unless she’s in final-run self-destruct mode. She may be a cheating villainess but he is engaged in the non-trivial, ongoing process of saving her ass and even cheating villainesses know which side their bread is buttered on! Dumping Rob would be the equivalent of her falling on a very well poisoned sword! Is that paradigmatic Kristen behaviour or do you think she’d prefer to survive? No, I think, if he wants out he’ll have to fight every step and she won’t make it easy!

      • LadyMTL says:

        Hahahaha, no I don’t think she’s clinically insane but I also don’t think that she really cares about him anymore. If you look at some of the pics of them during the promos for BD2 she looks incredibly over it. I don’t think he wants out, I think she does…even if it does mean falling on a sword.

      • JS says:

        @aLadyMTL “If you look at some of the pics of them during the promos for BD2 she looks incredibly over it. I don’t think he wants out, I think she does…even if it does mean falling on a sword.”

        Individual pics are very hard to interpret because they capture an instant of time out of context. The shippers show each other promo pics of her apparently gazing at him lovingly, whereas, as you say, in others she seems totally disinterested. Same for him TBH. If you’re right though, my question would be: why didn’t she just let him go last summer? If she doesn’t care for him it must have been to save her ass, right? But saving her ass is obviously going to be a very long process and any mis-step could unravel everything that’s been achieved so far (and worse). That doesn’t make PR sense apart from anything else. But, if she really doesn’t feel she’s done enough damage to herself already, well good luck with that Kristen!

      • Miss Bennett says:

        Exactly. Mr. Pattinson has recently said that he hates people and that people are mean. He is helping a friend and perhaps an ex girlfriend, save her career. For whatever reason, he has chosen to rescue her. Yes, part of it must be self serving as he’s getting a percentage of the box office from BD2, but I do think it is motivated primarily by kindness and a feeling of responsibility for Miss Stewart and for Summit and everyone who worked on the Twilight films.

  8. ramona says:

    I want to take them both shopping for some flattering clothing.

  9. Eleonor says:

    My opinion breakup after the dvd will be released.

  10. Viv says:

    If I had just cheated and then fought and begged to get my superstar boyfriend back I would maybe put a little more emphasis on grooming. Not like she can’t afford to look good.

  11. marie says:

    I’m gonna go with meh.. I came here to comment “wash your hair” but I got side-tracked by the late 80-early 90′s socks The Stew is sportin..

  12. deb says:

    What a pair of dirty scuzzballs.

  13. Janet says:

    I wonder if she’s as rude to his parents as she is to everybody else?

  14. FreeSpiritedGirl says:

    Robeeeeeeeeeert! <3 <3

    umm … Kristen's boobs look a bit bigger than usual.

  15. Apples says:

    AHhgrr! I want to chuck those Clubmaster sunglasses RPatz always wears. They are very cool, but, IMO are VERY unflattering for his face structure. His whole outfit would look SO much better with Wayfarers.

  16. judyjudy says:

    I always look like hell after a long flight. It would suck to be photographed at the airport.

    But that hair of hers. It makes my head itch thinking how that greasy mop must feel. Blaaaaah.

  17. anneesezz says:

    I’m embarassed at how much I hate her because she’s just a really bad actress but all her angst and that “I’m annoyed to be one of the highest paid actresses” face on the red carpet really gets on my nerves. If she hates show business so much surely she can retire and live comfortably forever in Montana or whatever. Bye!

  18. Becky says:

    I love it when she wears the glasses! I couldn’t care less about Twilight or her cheating scandal or her relationship with Rob but I do love her glasses and hair, why can’ t Lainey settle the real or not for Kristen?
    In those mini cooper pics, all I could stare at was the hair.
    anyways, i want glasses now. I showed my mom the pics, who was thoroughly unimpressed, not knowing who K-stew is and not finding her or her glasses anything special but happy because she sees how large the font I need to type is and is always on my case to get my eyes checked out.

    Long posts that make no sense are what happens when you can’t smoke pot. Day 2 in 14 years. Mmmmmm!

  19. Me says:

    They get 2.5% of the worldwide box office. They can’t break up now because the movie is now in theaters and now it’s the true promo.

  20. Me says:

    And Rob’s parents are in California with Lizzy since BD 2 premiere. Again K Slut and her team needs Rob’s family be relevant and shippers can forget Rupsten pics.

  21. Dani says:

    I know this is really nit picky but um…the socks? with the jeans that are too short? with white shoes? Just, no. I’m beginning to think her hair is permanently glued to the side.

  22. shannon says:

    At least she cut some of that hair off. I mean…props to her for not going Gwen Stefani everytime she’s outside of work commitments, buuuuttt…I am as low maintenance as they come and I still wouldn’t be caught dead with my hair looking this dirty in a public place. or even a private place for that matter.

  23. girlnamedgrace says:

    I just don’t understand how someone with that much money can’t buy some decent clothes.

  24. SleepyJane says:

    I know what I’m getting Kristen for Christmas: soap.

  25. JudyK says:

    She looks DIRTY.
    Take a shower and wash that greasy hair.

  26. uhoh says:

    I didn’t know Robert Pattinson went out with Skrillex?

  27. Get a clue says:

    First, why would his British family be celebrating an American holiday? Second, did anyone catch Kstew’s mom talking about them in Vanity Fair? Why would she do that if she knows how “private” her daughter is and how she would never want to “sell” their relationship? Isn’t that going against their wishes? I just don’t understand these two. It’s OK to refer to each other in print but not to publicly say they are together or not. I think they are both hypocrites and have been playing the media for years.

    • A says:

      I think her Mom is part of her problem. Apparently the woman was a script supervisor (that’s a pretty low to mid level job) and suddenly got a job directing? She wouldn’t have gotten that far without using her daughter’s name. Who knows what she actually said though…translations can be unreliable.
      Yeah, they’ve both played the game for years methinks…I still give creedence to the Ted Casablanca theory that both had an open relationship…He said that for years before the scandal….I think he was pissed that she was so dumb about her sidepiece….That said, I also buy that they are actually together again.

      • Ann says:

        Anyone can direct a movie in theory. There are tons of film festivals showing the work of amateur directors, they have to start somewhere. They just have to find their own funding.

        The movie Jules Stewart directed isn’t a studio pic. It doesn’t even have US distribution. She put her own deal together, got funding (she has industry contacts obviously), and is now trying to sell it.

  28. KellyinSeattle says:

    And here come one of Hollywood’s most overrated couples…I don’t get all the hubbub (sp?) about them…they are average in all ways.
    Maybe her hair is wet?? Don’t know…

  29. bns says:

    I can’t wait for them to disappear. It’s only a matter of time.

    • pastyousayyouneverknew says:

      LOL I know right? It literally is only a matter of time, Kristen’s new official job is being Rob’s girlfriend seeing as her two roles on imdb are only rumours, her relationship with Rob, in the coming year, might be the ONLY thing that makes her worth writing about, and as for Rob, talented though he might be, he needs to have at least one blockbuster next year if he wants to carve a successful name for himself outside of twilight. Honestly, twilight will most likely be the peak of both their careers, I don’t see them attaining that height of fame ever again or that level of relevancy.

  30. Sweet Dee says:

    Seriously. What kind of person doesn’t like a nice, hot shower?

    I personally think that it has been fake ever since the “make up” post-mini coppering and that they secretly detest each other. I think that she prefers ladies and kind of hated him before that, too.

    They’re obvs not going to break it off RIGHT after the premiere, they have to make it seem real. However, neither of them is a good actor and I get raging hatred vibes coming off them both in every pic and video I see. She’s not petulant because that’s her image, she’s like that because she’s a closeted lesbian in a fake relationship.

  31. ORLY says:

    For 25 million dollars, I would.

  32. Samigirl says:

    She can be a very attractive girl, but in these pictures, she looks like Skrillex.

  33. georgie says:

    Here comes the dirty mouth breather again.
    Can’t stand the bitch.

  34. jess says:

    I know you guys are going to scream twihard at me for saying this but I think they are together and I think its real. They have been together for about 4 years and have been through alot together (fame wise) so Im sure its not that easy to just walk away from that. So, I wish them the best.

    • honeybee says:

      I agree they are together too. Sad really. I would rather Rob play the PR game than take back a cheater who is unlikeable on so many levels.

      I have to wonder if he was able to reconcile with her cuz he was sorry for her? That she screwed up so much and so publicly and the films she had been announced to work on being cancelled on her, her behavior having the potential to ruin her career? Maybe he has this sense of loyalty where he believes he wouldn’t have come this far without Twilight and without KS being a huge part of it? Maybe he feels he needs to be by her side till she gets going again before he can feel free to take a step back?

      I know I am finding all kinds of excuses as to why he would want to keep her in his life when she is nothing but a liability for him.

      Who knows the simple reason could be he loves her despite her perceived flaws and will fight hard before he lets her go? She must have cried copious tears and promised him all kinds of things to get back into his life. He, to alleviate the pain he was in probably took her back while believing her sob story telling himself he will give her one more chance.

      I hate to say this but I don’t see him breaking up with her any time soon :(
      If she doesn’t sign up for any movies, she will be clinging to him playing the faithful GF in Australia and other places he will be at.

      • Deidra says:

        Sounds like soap opera. It’s mostly about money and contractual obligations. If he loved her he would have stood by her openly – I mean, he would have addressed the situation in an interview (he did it after her “rape commentary” – those times he really cared), he would have been more protective during promo – why should I explain, we all know what a man would do when he truly loves a woman being crucified by the whole world. Instead, BD promo was awkward and weird – no photoshoots together, only one joint interview when he ignored and even mocked her in some ways, uninspired red carpets and unhappy faces on random photos.
        Call me cynical, but their love comes from Bella&Edward fairytale, the reality has never been that gripping.

      • Get a clue says:

        +1. I wonder quite seriously if she has some sort of mental instability and she played that card with him. And he feels sorry for her, that maybe she can’t control her behavior sometimes, and that is why he took her back so quickly. Maybe she is on new meds now.

  35. LeslieM says:

    This girl is depressed. No one goes around looking that dirty all the time.

    • CPH says:

      I am in agreement, she is depressed!! I would like to add that I am so frustrated that she gets all the blame for the “affair” with a married man. May I remind people that she is only 20 years old while the scumbag was in his 40s and married and with children. I am 100% certain HE MADE THE FIRST MOVE!! They were all on Kristen’s back but what about the old pervert???

  36. miss says:

    I agree with the Jan break up timeline. Rob will go off to film one of his 10 movies his has lined up while Kristen is sitting home, jobless, plotting which director she can screw to get a role.

    Also I think the reason them being together, for now, works for PR is because many Twilight fans mistake them for Edward and Bella and think they are getting to see their happily ever after play out in real life.

  37. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    The hobo and the ho.

  38. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Now that the Twilight promo is over, surely we can now drop all of this twihard crap and finally we can all move on from caring whether these 2 stay together or not. Surely.
    I guess I am one of only a few who doesn’t care if they stay together forever.

  39. smiley says:

    i think the only real thing about their relationship was the scandal ,or it could be that the only fake thing abt their relationship was the mini coopering .

  40. Scarlett says:

    Count me in as someone who doesn’t care whether they stay together or not. I’ve never understood the appeal of either although I’ll admit both are very attractive people when they clean themselves up. I think both are mediocre actors who hit the jackpot…right roles…right time…instant fame. That said, I would be surprised if these two make it to the end of next year. I think they will eventually go their separate ways and both of their careers as actors will cool. I just don’t think either have the right combination of skill, charisma, personality and most of all the DRIVE to maintain the kind of stardom they have now. I don’t think either really wants that kind of fame anyway.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      Excellent comment. I agree.

    • Ally8 says:

      Bless. Look where Lindsay Lohan is now (and we all now about KStew’s huffing habit already). These people who have moneymaking roles handed to them at age 20 or younger… they have no idea what it takes to build talent and sustain a career.

      They take for granted and despise what they have when it’s been handed to them, and then hate themselves when it’s gone. But they’ll always have substance abuse to ease them through all these life ‘crises’.

  41. CC says:

    Uhhh…let me point out the obvious…thanksgiving with Rob’s family? Since when do the British celebrate Thanksgiving? So, basically, if they there for it and with his family, his family ended up having to provide for a non-existent celebration in Britain. And with traditional food that the British don’t even cook, other than the turkey.

  42. Victory says:

    I have that shirt that she has. well one just like it.

  43. hmm says:

    Is it like, CONSTANT CHAOS at LAX, or what?

    I’m genuinely curious.

    There seems to be a constant mixing of celebs and normal folk in this airport and I’m so intrigued by this. Is there constant pointing and shouting and camera flashes 24/7?
    I would love to go to L.A. and spend a day just sitting on a bench in LAX, looking for celebs and observing the normal people’s reactions and the fighting of paparazzi for the money shot…

  44. kimcheee says:

    Even the Fleshlight came out with a product themed for Twi-hards. LOL. I’m not kidding.

  45. Ally8 says:

    Man, I am so tired of these two sulky greaseballs.

  46. Keysha says:

    Damn I thought the point of PR was to make yourself seen everywhere at all times. The only time they’re smiling & happy about being papped is when they promoting their movies. And since when did it become alright to judge a person on a situation you know nothing about. You call her bitch, dirty, Homewrecker, slut etc etc but please show me where she’s proven to be any of that. Ppl were calling her these things before the so called scandal occured. Who are you to determine who Rob can & should date? When she’s in expensive clothes its a problem & she’s judged. When she in regular clothes its a problem & again she’s judged. Who the hell are any of you to think either one of them needs to prove anything to you? These paps are all about money shots & if ever they get any kind of rise out Rob or Kristen it’ll be their ultimate pay day. I hope the same hurtful words used towards them are bought right back to you or your kids or your family members. I hope ppl assume they know you & all your situations & treat you the same way she’s being treated. Maybe then you’ll understand & stfu.

    • asdfg says:


      “You call her bitch, dirty, Homewrecker, slut etc etc but please show me where she’s proven to be any of that.”

      A picture’s worth a thousand words. I’m not saying she’s a homewrecker or a s*ut ( Even though she cheated on RP with her married director in BROAD DAYLIGHT) but her personal hygiene is really bad. She doesn’t take care of herself and THAT is dirty.

  47. CPH says:

    I think Kristen looks very sad, tired and depressed on these pictures. She looked sad on all the pictures from the Twilight Breaking Dawn 2 movie premieres. Her eyes are sad, even when she smiles. She made a mistake, she is only human like 80% of the world population. Robert looks mad and upset with her. I don’t think he really forgave her. I am in agreement with the January breakup.