Halle Berry’s ex, Eric Benet, has some thoughts about Halle’s custody drama

Before Halle Berry got with rage-monster Olivier Martinez, she was with Gabriel Aubry. Halle and Gabe were together for something like four or five years. Most people considered Gabriel a low-key, drama-free dude for Halle, considering she had just gotten out of her second failed marriage to Eric Benet. Eric and Halle were married in 2001 (they had been together a few years before that), and they split up in 2003 and divorced in 2005. Eric had a daughter, India, and Halle was reportedly very close to her step-daughter. But once Halle and Eric split up, you never heard anything about Halle and India spending time together, nor did you hear anything but negative drama coming from Halle regarding Eric. According to Halle, Eric was a terrible cheater and a sex addict and she tried to work through it with him but ultimately she couldn’t deal with it. In retrospect… well, I would like to hear Eric’s side of things, let’s just say that.

Anyway, Eric has been consistently quiet about Halle for years now. He’s remarried and the father of a 1-year-old daughter in addition to his 21-year-old daughter India. And In Touch Weekly just got him to comment on the Halle situation:

Following a Thanksgiving Day brawl between her fiancé, Olivier Martinez, and ex Gabriel Aubry, Halle Berry’s ex-husband Eric Benét is now opening up about the altercation.

“I am hoping for the best,” he tells In Touch exclusively. “Praying for the best for Nahla.”

Eric was married to Halle from 2001 to 2005, before 4-year-old Nahla was even born, but he’s clearly still concerned for the child following the dispute.

On Nov. 22, Gabriel dropped off his and Halle’s daughter, Nahla, to Halle’s Hollywood Hills home — which she has since put up for sale — when he got into a fistfight with Olivier.

Even though Olivier was the one who suffered a black eye and bruises to the face, he was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery.

The 46-year-old actress immediately filed and was granted a temporary emergency protective order against Gabriel, which prevented him from coming within 100 yards of Halle, Olivier and Nahla. Gabriel followed suit and obtained a restraining order against Olivier.

The situation has since been resolved, but those close to Halle are clearly worried about the well-being of little Nahla. So has Eric’s 21-year-old daughter, India, reached out to stepmom Halle since the Turkey Day incident?

“No, she doesn’t have a relationship with Halle,” Eric admits to In Touch. “That kind of ended.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

Interesting. I doubt Eric has even met Nahla, but his prayers for Nahla seem… loaded with innuendo. It’s also interesting to hear a hard confirmation that Halle doesn’t have a relationship with her former step-daughter. I remember how Halle talked up that relationship too, she was all about being a step-mom. I wish Eric had more to say about all of this, don’t you?

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  1. Jayna says:

    No, I don’t want him to say more. Eric was a big screw around while married. It ended. Halle was a jerk with India. Eric made a few comments way back when about that. He has handled himself with class since then and wants his music in the forefront, not bitter grapes. He’s worked hard on his music career.

  2. Lucy says:

    You can see the crazy in her eyes we should have spotted this people!

  3. dorothy says:

    I bet he has some stories to tell about Ms. Crazy.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m starting to see why the fine Shemar Moore and Michael Ealy jumped ship before it was to late. Halle has serious issues.

      • alc says:

        Ugggg! Always so much drama with her and it is NEVER her fault! David Justice had anger issues, Eric Benet, anger and sex issues, Gabe anger issues, Olivier anger issues. Hit and Run Halle is right! She seems to be one of those people who know how to poke the bear again and again until it finally snaps. I’m not saying violence is the answer to anything but I’ve been goaded into losing my temper with some people in my life . YOu know you should walk away but you’re just so sick of being maligned and belittled. Take the high road Gabe. You are protecting Nahla from her unstable in realtionship mother.

      • Suzy from Ontario says:

        I agree. I used to feel badly for her, but after so many failed relationships you have to take a closer look and I think her crazy is coming to the forefront more and more these days. I think she is very selfish and wants what she wants when she wants it. When she broke up with Gabe and got together with Olivier she wanted Gabe to disappear so she could play happy family with O, but you can’t do that to a father who loves his daughter (and vice versa). Good for him for fighting her so strongly. I think that speaks volumes about how much he loves his daughter. Many guys would’ve given up, been paid off or just walked away. We see it all the time. She’s angry that she can’t get what she wants and so is Olivier. He creeps me out.

        I have to admit that she looked absolutely gorgeous in that gold gown in the top pic though.

      • stellalovejoydiver says:

        damn, she dated Shemar Moore, he is sex on legs.

    • holly hobby says:

      Don’t forget Wesley Snipes who smacked her on the head so hard that she lost hearing in one ear. Yeah she knows how to pick them.

      • lena80 says:

        I don’t think where Wesley Snipes is concerned, you can fault HB. In this particular situation she was his victim. WS is known to be shady as hell with women, and has made problematic remarks about Black women and women in general. Her ex Christopher Williams even came out and said, sometime last year, that it was WS that made her partially deaf and WS has never denied it to my knowledge which is a bit of a red flag. People need to remember at the time, WS was a huge star and HB was just getting her feet wet. As far as EB is concerned, he has admitted to cheating on HB more than once but downplayed the # HB was throwing around. I just think where WS and EB are concerned, HB should get a pass on the blame game, because these two are pretty much confirmed douche nozzles.

  4. the original bellaluna says:

    Oh, I would just LOVE to hear more from him about Hit-n-Run Halle.

    I bet he’s got some doozies!

    • holly hobby says:

      He did speak about it right after they split. He told the press that she dropped India like a hot potato. He also said that he wasn’t a sex addict but he went into counseling to appease her and save their marriage. I’m sure he cheated but I don’t think it was in monsterous proportions like she made it out to be.

      • lena80 says:

        I don’t get your comment. And please don’t take my opinion offensively, but He cheated, and once is all it takes to destroy a marriage. He and he alone destroyed whatever the relationship HB had with HIS daughter when HE cheated. She has no legal rights to his child.

  5. mel2 says:

    Another website is reporting that Gabe threw the first punch and so what. I wouldnt want to my child anywhere near Olivier Martinez.

  6. Becky says:

    Wow, that golden dress…. I forgot about that look…just wow.

  7. GiGi says:

    I thought this lengthy comment was crazy on point – given it’s from a completely unrelated source:


  8. poppy says:

    good on him for not laying it all out. he might not be perfect or innocent but he had the chance to tell everyone what he really feels/thinks about her. shows restraint.
    maybe he figures at the rate she’s going he won’t have to say a word- let her shine all on her own!

  9. PHD in Gossip says:

    For the record, in touch (quoted above) misstated who had the black eye and bruises. It was Gabe, not Olivier! Sheesh.

    • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

      Sometimes it takes a PhD in gossip to notice such things, I guess. It really bothered me. Was this sentence copied and pasted (i.e., is ITW really that sloppy)?: “Even though Olivier was the one who suffered a black eye and bruises to the face, he was arrested on suspicion of misdemeanor battery.”

  10. Jayna says:

    I love that golden dress and black dress also. Stunning.

  11. bea says:

    She sucks at picking men, but the girl knows how to dress.

  12. Miss Kiki says:

    Right whilst I don’t have any time for Halle any more I’ve got to say, India wasn’t her child- why should she be required to continue a relationship with her? Of course it would be nice if they had continued to see each other but I won’t vilify her for this one. I felt exactly the same way when Jenny Garth/Mcarthy (I always get them 2 mixed up) started throwing shade at Jim Carrey for not staying in touch with her son from another dude.

    • Dalstongirl says:

      Well, Halle went on and on about how she loved India like her own and how wonderful it was to have a daughter. So it’s a little strange that when the marriage went down she cut off all contact with her. India was young at the time. If I was India I would be disappointed and hurt. It seems Halle has a scorch earth policy when it comes to relationships.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Ok let’s say for arguments sake that Eric’s cheating was the main reason they broke up. I understand that India would be upset BUT that’s when it’s up to Eric to sit HIS daughter down and say well Daddy did this, this and that. Halle was really hurt and that’s why we won’t be seeing her anymore. Don’t get me wrong it’s not an ideal situation but I really can’t put all the blame on Halle for this one. Again when it came to the Jim Carrey situation we were all out in force saying that Jim didn’t owe Jenny’s kid anything.

        Euggh I can’t believe I’m in a position where I’m defending Halle freaking Berry, I did not see that coming today.

    • Elle says:

      Just to give a little more context, India’s mother died when she was little (I think when she was a baby?) so she never really got to know her. Halle & Eric got married when India was about 10 and they had been together for a few years before that, so Halle was essentially the only mother figure India had ever had from a young age.

      Also, I’m pretty sure I remember talk back then that Halle was planning on adopting India (she might have said that herself in an interview). So for her to just kinda cut off contact with the girl after she split with Eric was pretty cold considering she was the girl’s only mother figure. And considering the girl was like 12 when they split up–the period in a girl’s life when it would be most useful to have a mom around.

      I mean I get that a person shouldn’t be expected to keep in contact with step-kids. But in that situation, it seems like she didn’t bother to take into account the feelings of a young child and just did what suited her most. So this whole Nahla drama is not super surprising to me.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        Eric should have taken HIS daughter into consideration before HE cheated on Halle. Maybe I’m being too cold here but I genuinely don’t feel like Halle cutting off contact with India is the worst thing in the world. I can’t be angry with her for putting herself first. Eric cheated numerous times, he hurt her, she tried to make it work but couldn’t. It’s a shame that India got caught in it, but it was her dad who brought that on, not Halle

      • Dani says:

        Kiki – you have a great point, but you also have to take a step back and look at everything Halle said regarding India. She blabbed on and on about how much she loved her and wants to adopt her and then just cut it off. I know plenty of women who keep in touch with their ex’s kids because they were around for a long time and truly made an impact on these kids before everything went sour. Halle knows India needed her, and as much as Eric may have hurt Halle, if she truly loved India, they’d still be in touch. There’s not other way to look at it.

      • Justaposter says:

        Miss Kiki I think Halle tried to sue for full custody of her as well.

        It was all sorts of crazy and then POOF all gone. The story simply just went away.

      • Elle says:

        Miss Kiki–I totally get what you’re saying and I know she must have been hurt when he cheated on her, but think of it this way: What would you think if a birth mother or adoptive mother cut off all contact with her kid because her husband cheated on her?

        Marriage should be treated separately from parenthood. Since Halle was essentially taking on the role of India’s mother, I view her in this situation the same as I would if a birth/adoptive mother left her child because of a relationship gone bad with her child’s parent. Eric Benet could have explained to his daughter why the marriage was ending, he could have owned up to his fault. But even if it was his fault the marriage was over, it shouldn’t have had an effect on why her “mother” cut off contact with her.

    • Meredith says:

      2 things to remember : India’s mother had died years earlier, so she had no mother when Halle came along. And Halle was with Eric for years always going on about being India’s “mom”. She took India to a movie shoot with her without Eric & said she did this because the child should always be with the mother (her words). So that’s why Halle looked like such a hypocrat in not seeing India after the divorce.

      • Miss Kiki says:

        I’m not picking up what you’re putting down. I can’t get on board with this being Halle’s fault. For me the fact of the matter is Eric cheated over and over again, the split was down to his behaviour. As India’s father he should have put his daughter first, not his dong. Halle had to remove herself from that situation, I don’t blame her. I think the woman is as crazy as a box of frogs BUT I have no beef with her in this situation.

      • Susie (1 of 3) says:

        India didn’t cheat. Imagine having the only Mom you have ever known dropping you like a hot potato when your parents split. Divorce isn’t the child’s fault.

    • Malificent says:

      I’m my son’s only parent, so any man I married wouldn’t be his stepdad — he would be the only father that my son has ever known. Definitely makes me think twice and thrice about when/how/who to bring people into my son’s life.

      I think India was probably in a similar situation, as her mother passed when she was so young. IMHO, it’s a bit of a different situation than when the child still has their bio-mom in the picture to hopefully cushion the blow.

      I think when you choose to make yourself a part of any child’s life, that commitment should extend beyond any relationship between adults. India was old enough for her to spend time with her after the divorce, without the father around. Or, at least maintain a phone/letter/email relationship.

      • lena80 says:

        Rumor..please note I said rumor…is that EB put monetary constraints on HB for visitation with India while they divorcing and if she proceeded with the adoption she would have to pay child support till India turned 18. EB was supposedly trying to get alimony and extra $ from HB. IF this is true, no one can really fault her for backing out of the relationship, she legally has no rights to India and she can’t do anything IF EB did not allow contact.

        I know HB has her faults, but EB was a real piece of work when they were married. He did after all, admit to cheating on her, just not to the # HB claimed (he said she exaggerated). So I hold him responsible for ultimately destroying HB’s relationship with his daughter. If the rumor about him using his daughter for more $ from HB is true, he is a super sized POS.

    • LAK says:

      Where i come from divorce doesn’t include the kids. even if they are step kids. even if you cant stand the lying cheating dirt bag that you are divorcing.

      The kids remain family. forever.

      So i throw shade on Halle, Jim Carrey and Sandra equally in that respect.

  13. Amy625 says:

    I’m assuming step-parents don’t have rights. They can’t see the child since they aren’t blood. So it’s unfair to me to attack Halle for it. Also Sandra Bullock doesn’t see her stepkids and nobody cares.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Amy625, who wrote: “I’m assuming step-parents don’t have rights. They can’t see the child since they aren’t blood. So it’s unfair to me to attack Halle for it. Also Sandra Bullock doesn’t see her stepkids and nobody cares.”

      That’s because hatred of Sandra Bullock isn’t encouraged here. Just watch, severed contact with India will all be dumped on ‘crazy, selfish’ Halle without the slightest thought that maybe ‘Eric’ only tolerated Halle’s involvement with India because they were married. Or, better still, whichever woman Eric got with after Halle may not have tolerated it, or maybe Halle thought it best to sever all ties so she wouldn’t have to interact with Eric, who dogged her big time by screwing around with other women while they were married.

      Nope, even Eric’s admitted cheating (‘he’ was the one who blamed it on ‘his’ sex addiction) will be forgiven in order to hate on Halle. Did you notice in the article that even ‘that’ was downgraded to ‘questionable’ and maybe just something ‘crazy’ Halle said at the time?

    • Kate says:

      I don’t know about the US, but they do in the UK if they’ve lived as a family for long enough. Though the same kind of aggro there’s been over Nahla is often the outcome. Courts and kids don’t mix well.

      I’m a bit torn on this one. On the one hand I feel for the kids in it. On the other, the guys should have thought about their kids before they played away. It is harder on the daughter in the Halle Berry one, because there is no actual mother living. Jesse James’ ex was still there and, however insane, still the mom. But much as I despise Berry, I don’t think this one is on her, either. Sure in a perfect world she and Bullock could have stepped up and put the child first, but the reality is that they wanted to get over what the guy had done to them. Constant custody exchanges wouldn’t make that easy.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I have a unique perspective on the step-parent staying in contact thing:

      My ex-husband was the only father my oldest had known. Now, that man cheated on me, and he wasn’t the greatest dad, but he paid child support for BOTH our daughter and my son; provided medical benefits for them both; and had visitation with them both, throughout our separation and after our divorce.

      He also attended band concerts and dance recitals and graduations. So, it IS possible.

      • TheOriginalKitten says:

        That’s pretty commendable, Obells.
        I still feel like he’s the exception to the rule, but yeah that was the RIGHT thing to do in that scenario. The kids still need support regardless of what the parents’ relationship is. I think paying support for a child that isn’t your own is definitely an amazing way of showing a kid that they still matter to you.

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Good for both of you – him for loving and stepping up for both his kids, bio or not, and you for presumably helping to create an environment which made that possible.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        It wasn’t easy, ladies, but it was necessary (imho). There was hurt feelings and anger, and my oldest was messed up the first year afterwards; my daughter the second.

        It took some time, but we figured it out.

    • BeesKnees says:

      I am buying what you’re selling. Even though India was totally innocent in all this, Eric is the one who cheated and screwed it all up. Sure Halle could have kept in contact with the girl but maybe it was hard and super awkward for her. Plus we don’t even know if Eric was difficult about it at the time. It’s the same thing with Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey. I’m sure he loved her son and cared for him deeply, but keeping up that relationship may have been very hard for Jim. Maybe he didn’t want to deal with Jenny’s crazy butt when seeing Evan. And you make an excellent point about Sandra Bullock. As blunt as this may sound, once she adopted that cutie Louis, she didn’t need Jesse’s kids anymore. Plus Jesse is a super creep and Sunny’s mom is nuts so maybe Sandra didn’t want that in her and Louis’ life. I feel like the India thing is not something we should hate Halle for since that was probably a painful situation for her. I don’t think she is some monster.

  14. Ann says:

    Wow. Halle has aged a lot better than Benet.

  15. Kat says:

    My eyes cry with Halle’s outfit in the last picture.

  16. badrockandroll says:

    Somewhere there is an older interview with EB saying that life with Halle was an adventure: she picked fights all the time like she was not happy when it was peaceful. In this old interview he admitted that he cheated and sought counselling to show Halle that he was serious abut reforming and that he wanted the relationship to work, but she did not accept it and instead threw it back at him when the marriage ended.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Badrockandroll, who wrote: “Somewhere there is an older interview with EB saying that life with Halle was an adventure: she picked fights all the time like she was not happy when it was peaceful. In this old interview he admitted that he cheated and sought counselling to show Halle that he was serious abut reforming and that he wanted the relationship to work, but she did not accept it and instead threw it back at him when the marriage ended.”

      Of course he’s going to say that, he’s a guy. He was cheating, she felt it and when she called him on it he lied and said she was imagining things, so they fought. “When it was peaceful” means ‘while I thought I was getting away with cheating.’ Then he got offended when she wouldn’t accept his ‘therapy’ as a sign that he wouldn’t cheat any more.

      Geez. People here were ready to make Elin Woods a goddess when she didn’t accept Tiger’s ‘therapy’ as a sign that he wouldn’t cheat on her again. So why give Eric Benet a pass on it?

      • Kate (newer one) says:

        Yeah, I have to say I agree with that. I am NO fan of Berry’s behaviour on the Nahla situation, but Benet cheated. End of. He chose to do that, he has to accept responsibility for it, not try to shuffle it off onto the woman he betrayed. No ifs, buts, ands or excuses. It’s no better when he did it than when Kristen Stewart, Jesse James or Tiger Woods did. I don’t care what issues a relationship has, you can’t use them to justify a wandering eye. You deal, or you walk before you look elsewhere.

        As I say, I hate what I believe Berry is doing to Nahla, but that doesn’t make what her husband did to her anything but awful.

      • lena80 says:

        I agree with you Emma.. I don’t why people think Halle owes anything to EB and HIS daughter. He was a major ho and cheated on her repeatedly and he has admitted this (while downplaying it). If anything HE destroyed the relationship between HB and India, not the other way around. Some women can’t forgive the men that cheat on him and I know it would be beyond difficult for me. Besides, even if HB expressed over and over again that she wanted to adopt India, EB would have to give his permission as her father/legal guardian. EB could have easily told HB no more contact with HIS daugher when he got busted cheating. HB had no legal rights to the girl.

  17. Ms Kay says:

    That 2003 Oscars golden dress is to die for!!!!!

    On the 3rd pic Eric Benet looks quite ill damn O_O

    As for his comments, good for him. Of he said too much he’d have been a low class as Hell Berry is.

  18. fabgrrl says:

    That first photo: Wow, what a beautiful woman!

  19. junegorilla says:

    She can really pick ‘em!

  20. Nev says:

    He did admit to being a sex addict. Multiply with no protection. Is that her fault too?!


    He needs to SIT DOWN. He isn’t a good source of any information. He has some issues he needs to deal with instead!

  21. JM says:

    Go back & read articles from after the divorce. He said he wasn’t a sex addict, had not had sex w/anyone else but HAD cheated (what’s that mean? I have no idea!). Halle demanded he go to rehab for it. He also suggested that she had an insane temper, threw huge tantrums, and got crazy jealous about everything. Basically he said that no sooner had they married that the realization struck that it was a BAD idea.

  22. Stacie says:

    Maybe Eric should just keep his mouth shut and worry about him self . Move on already .Who cares what he has to say . Team Halle! :)

  23. Justaposter says:

    Wow, the “Team Halle” gang could rival the “Xenu gang”

    Wonder if Xenu hires them out?

    *runs and hides*

    • LAK says:

      looking at Halle’s strategy with Gabriel, i came to the same conclusion. Are we absolutely sure she isn’t in co$?

      Her methods are the same: Attack! Attack! Attack! never defend!

      Also employ the art or smear via media sources

      • Kate says:

        Agree! Almost identical strategies. Ranging from “all 3 need to get a grip!” (translation: “Scientology is no worse than Catholicism!”) to “he hit the nanny!” (translation: “how can you trust a woman who just abandoned her kids that way?”) to: “he’s a golddigger, who accepts money from a woman? That kid is a meal ticket!” (translation: “she’s a goldigger, she married him for the payday! That kid is a meal ticket!”) The primary difference is that people are accused of siding with Katie Holmes because she’s a woman, and against Halle Berry because she’s a woman. Which is a flip sided coin, really.

        Very similar strategising.

    • lena80 says:

      @ justaposter…I don’t think with this particular situation it’s “team Halle”, I think it’s “team don’t like self-professed cheaters who are fathers and who are ultimately responsible for placing the awkward strain on the relationship with their child and the non adoptive mother”. Long team name lol. EB is a self proclaimed cheater. I hold him and only him responsible for putting that strain on India’s relationship with HB, in this situation he tied her hands and she had no legal rights established over India. He ruined their relationship/bond.

  24. KellyinSeattle says:

    I love how Eric’s tie matches Halle’s beautiful dress.
    Other than that, I have nothing to say about Halle. I’m just so tired of her.

    • Noi says:

      it’s so funny how many ppl said the same thing yet clicked on it anyway and posted. that tells me your not and just love to sound off on her.
      y’all call her crazy like it’s something bad or shameful but y’all sound just as crazy as you claim she is.


      what really kills me is how you ppl get so invested in SOMETHING that has nothing to do with you.

  25. RobN says:

    I remember when David Justice commented on being married to her and all he said was something like “I can’t believe that being married has to be that hard.” Justice was first and took the brunt, future guys should have known better.

  26. Guest says:

    Eric Benet seemed reluctant to address any topic concerning Halle Berry. But in a not so recent interview with ” sister to sister” mag indicated that very early in the marriage that he knew that it was a mistake. He did not handle that info in the best way (he cheated)and has since remarried to Prince’s ex-wife with whom he shares a more mentally healthy and stable relationship.

  27. OXA says:

    from a 2006 NY Post piece
    He tells the New York Post, “If she said that, that I cheated on her 27 times, then she is simply lying. Straight out, that’s a lie and a gross, gross exaggeration of what happened in our marriage. I’ve admitted my indiscretion and apologised and took responsibility. I think maybe it’s time for Halle to take some responsibility, instead of constantly casting herself in this victim mode and implying her commitment to our marriage was without flaw.

    “I have refrained from ongoing attacks on her, and she needs to do the same. She should leave me and my daughter, India, in peace. Halle used to insist she loved India, though she hasn’t seen her and has barely communicated with her in years, and not because I’ve stopped her. If she really had any feeling toward my girl, she’d realize how hurtful such statements are. Especially when they are untrue.”

  28. Apples says:

    I can’t “respect” Eric. He cheated- grossly- then Halle had/has to pay him spousal support $$$
    He’s obnoxious for opening his mouth publicly at all about this issue.
    Not surprised, he’s an attention whore and a cheese-ball musician.

  29. Onyx XV says:

    It’s becoming quite evident that Halle Berry is crazy as shit!

  30. Feebee says:

    Why would he say anymore and risk the wrath of Halle? Only she’s allowed to be the victim of bad behaviour.

    This is the guy you can rightly say, oh, we know he’s not a saint… he actually DID something. Not so much with Aubry. I’ve yet to see anything that validates his temper as anything other than within normal limits.

  31. Rex says:

    Why did it say that Olivier was the only one with a bruised eye. Clearly Gabriel was beated pretty good.

  32. lucy2 says:

    That dress in the first photo is amazing.

    As stunningly beautiful as Halle is physically, she seems to truly be an emotional nightmare who seeks out the same in men. Every relationship seems to have crazy drama and disaster. I just feel sorry for all the kids involved.

    • Aileen says:

      The thing with this comment is that eve though part of it is correct. It places all the blame on Halle. This site is so misogynistic. It is ALWAYS the woman’s fault and NEVER the man’s. Most of the the time, it takes two to make a bad relationship. Life is not a soap opera where there is a villain and a hero.

      • lucy2 says:

        Except that’s not what I’m saying at all, so please don’t imply that I am misogynistic and placing all the blame on the woman – I’m saying the guys are as crazy as she is. I do agree that in gossip like this often the women get the blame and the name calling, but I’m not doing that here, I’m saying they’re ALL crazy.
        I don’t know the guys’ history of past relationships, but looking at hers, it seems like she’s attracted to guys who are equally messed up. Which is basically what you said below when you said she has bad taste in men and puts herself in bad relationships.

  33. Aileen says:

    This post is idiotic. It says Eric Benet has some thoughts and turns out HE HAS NO THOUGHTS. TMZ has said the cops clearly know that Gabriel instigated the fight because he has trouble getting over Halle. Halle has the worst taste in men ever. I would have though she would have gotten counseling for that by now. She clearly has some father/men issues to work through. She repeatedly places herself in relationships with violent men.

    There is no worst blind person than he who refuses to see. Her and all of the Gabriel supporters. Why do you think he hasn’t brought a suit against Halle and Oliver? I mean come on?

    Just wanted to add that I think this site is misogynistic. If you go back through the stories to see who has been demonized, it is usually a woman. No one knows for sure how Halle and GA’s relationship was, but the idea that people suppose that they do from idle gossip and condemn her on the basis of that gossip, is disheartening. No wonder teenage girls are killing themselves when they do some shameful act, who’s going to support them? Look how harshly we judge other women!! And without all the facts!

    • Nev says:


      Benet is a CHEATER!!! SIT DOWN. he is NOT A voice on relationships at all.

      and it is also because Gabriel is so great looking!!!!

      • LAK says:

        “and it is also because Gabriel is so great looking!!!! ”

        I am so tired of the Halle supporters accusing those who don”t agree of being enthralled to Gabriel’s good looks.

        We aren’t teenagers and this isn’t TWILIGHT – there is an example of mindless adulation based upon physicality.

        Unless, you are.

        In which case, it’s ok. you’ll grow up, mature and stop judging people’s characters based upon their looks.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      “Why do you think he hasn’t brought a suit against Halle and Oliver? I mean come on?”

      Because he needed the magically-disappearing footage to try to argue for any criminal action with the DA, or it was his word against Martinez, Berry, and those on their payroll? And a settlement has been privately agreed which appears to give him all a suit would, rendering such a civil action otiose – such as, oh, medical and legal expenses paid by Berry, and immediate resumption of contact with his child – all without publicity that could harm Nahla. Why do you think Berry meekly paid all legal and medical bills, plus hasn’t made any effort to reduce his 50% custody of Nahla, unless she knew full fine well she had no alternative? Why, after over a year of fierce efforts to deprive him of custody, has she folded completely and immediately, if this were in any way something she could pin on Aubrey? How do you explain Martinez being present at the custody exchange, if he weren’t actively seeking confrontation? Why would Aubrey be angry at all, let alone enough to start a fight, when he was voluntarily allowing Berry extra time with Nahla as Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated on that date by Canadians? Why would Aubrey have issues getting over a woman he dumped, who has been trying to take his child from him ever since? Bit of a passion killer, that, most guys who’ve been through it might tell you – but hey, TMZ (aka “Halle”) say otherwise, right? How do you explain the relative injuries, if Martinez is not primary aggressor at best? Why does a woman who claims her ex has terrible anger issues and she is scared of him, and that she’s suffered from an array of stalkers, now claim not to have security cameras covering the primary point of entry to her home, and the place where custody is transitioned, despite earlier camera footage in the public domain showing that that area was indeed covered as little as 2 years ago – after the date she claims LAPD told her to cover her fences (indicating she bought more cameras, rather than just repositioning those already there)? Seriously, you’re going to base your views on a TMZ spin piece from Berry, instead of a huge list of facts – such as the family courts ruling against Berry and for Aubrey at every turn? Really?

      For the record, I don’t think Aubrey is that great looking as models go, though obviously way better than the average guy in the street. I think Berry is one of the most beautiful women on the planet, though. I also think Benet treated her like crap, and has a nerve blaming her for his infidelity, and have said so above. But when it comes to Nahla, I think Berry is abusing her own kid, however unaware of it she probably is, in trying to take her father from her. And that’s a horrific thing. I don’t know anything about Aubrey except that the courts have repeatedly found he’s not behaved as Berry says he has, and that he’s a good father and his removal from or dilution in Nahla’s life would harm her. Yet Berry keeps trying to inflict that harm on her own baby girl regardless. I can’t respect a mother who does that. I’m astonished anyone can.

      • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

        Well done Kate! But blind adoration for HB, belief of TMZ’s one sided account AND most important, people’s unwillingness to read, follow a story and use critical thinking will prevail so your very well written (based more in fact than fiction) missive will be for not. I tell ya! You can not cure jaw dropping cluelessness with logic. What were you thinking? :) ~

        I have done a complete 180 and this is what I now believe: LAPD never lies. HB, OM and her paid staff are honest to the core and there was no set up. GA is a horrible angry animal, aspiring out of work model who decided to have a child – a child he pretends to love – with a wealthy black actress because he is a total racist & wants to suck every $$$ out of her because he is evil. It is obvious he was looking for a fight. OM’s hand proves that. SHM. RME.

      • Ailine says:

        How do you know what he needed? Are you his attorney? Give me a break. He had no standing to sue. I’m not saying everyone should be on Halle’s side, but this guy is shady.

      • LAK says:

        @Ailine – You haven’t answered my question in an earlier post as to why you think people who are sympathetic to Gabriel are doing so because they are swayed by his good looks.

        I should be grateful for an answer here.

    • Ducky La Rue says:

      @Aileen – oh, good grief. I’ll believe those “the cops say” reports from TMZ when they have a NAMED source. Someone who is willing to put their name to their allegations. Or, heck, even a copy of the filed report would do. TMZ has managed that before. This time, however, they have only unnamed sources and innuendo (and pictures of poor Olly’s bruised fingers, I guess).

      “Why do you think he hasn’t brought a suit against Halle and Oliver?”

      Why do you think Gabriel was the only one to show up in court? Why do you think it’s so important that the terms of the settlement stay secret? Who has more to lose from the publicity?

      As for your last statement, I personally don’t think the site is misogynistic. I don’t think that being a woman means I can never say anything bad about another woman (even if she’s behaving badly). And I don’t think that gossiping here is somehow indirectly contributing to teenage suicides. ?!?! :-/

      • Ailine says:

        Not everything a conspiracy. Jeesh. They investigated it and came to a conclusion. My point is not that someone is the bad guy and someone is the good guy, but why is GA being made a saint on very little supporting evidence????

        It’s not the gossip on this site. It’s women’s attitudes toward women that are shown everyday on sites like these. Gossip sites are turning from entertainment to the Jerry springer show. Throwing stones at people without the full story!!!

      • Ducky La Rue says:

        @Ailine – I apologize if I was too harsh (I shouldn’t post when I’m grumpy – I always feel bad later). :-(

        I can’t speak for others, but for my part, I’ve been following the stories on CB for a long time, and I feel like I see a pattern of behavior in this particular family drama. And I’ll just leave it at that.

        I do agree with you about some of the other gossip sites – for all that things can get heated here, it’s nothing like the bile and vitriol I’ve seen spewed on other sites that allow comments. So I definitely stay far far away from those sites.

    • Cletus says:

      teenagers are killing themselves because they have been taught by their parents that they are all special and they get trophies for participating. Life isn’t like that. If you don’t know how to handle adversity and have never been taught to “suck it up” then of course suicide is the permanet solution to a transient problem. Children offing themselves is a direct result of parents not teaching thier kids how to deal realistically to hardship. Accountability is a thing of the past. You have to handle YOUR business and be strong–but that’s no longer the message we teach. What we teach instead is that validation comes from without, and that is not a healthy way to live. We don’t teach people to be bold and press on the more bravely. We teach people that they are entitled to respect. Respect no longer has to be earned, it is expected and that isnt really how that works. People shoud be courteous and polite, whcih has nothing to do with respect and everything with learning how to fucntion in society. We;re doing it wrong, is what I’m saying. We get to choose what mattres and what doesn’t. We get to decide our own worth, and it doesn’t come from who thinks you are a “hoar” or what size you wear or how white yor teeth are. Everyone must choose, and we are not teaching our kids to choose wisely. Little TiffanyBritnetAmberMadison on the cheerleading squad doesn’t get to define you. YOU get to define you. We are failing as a society. I am not pointing fingers at anyone on particular. WE are doing it- society is doing it. We need t QUIT it. Having said that, we are al victins at some point, and we are all villans at some point. But yu get to choose what you will be today.

  34. Relli says:

    You know, it appears that she has aged well and kept a youthful appearance until you see older pics of her and see how beautiful she really was.

    I think biggest PR problem Halle is having right now is that there is no nationally syndicated Oprah show with a couch for her to cry on and talk about what a victim she is.. and thats where TMZ comes in.

    • Kate (newer one) says:

      In fairness, she’s in her mid-40s, and she’s still incredibly beautiful. She has aged, sure, but we should all be so lucky.

    • OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

      Yup, Oprah would have definitely given her the platform to “repair” (rather lie)the damage. Who knows? Her people might be working on something like that as we speak/write. Oprah still does her show but calls it something else and it is not on 5 days a week on a failing network. (Mind you, I don’t wish O bad. My comment might sound negative.)

      But the biggest reason HB and her camp want this to go away is all of her old dirty laundry is there to be watched, rehashed (2 hit and runs) etc. It is digital age. Articles, videos, photos etc. are there in perpetuity. THEY just want the bad press to GO AWAY. All smiles and smizing from here on out.

  35. Emma - the JP Lover says:

    Here’s a 2005 “People” magazine interview with Eric Benet. Where he’s a study in contradictions: yes, he cheated [while married to Halle], it’s out there … but he didn’t have sexual intercourse while he was married, and he went to therapy because ‘her’ mother suggested it as a possible way to save his marriage [not because he really needed therapy for sex addiction] and realized when he started therapy that he hadn’t been an adult male up to that point.


  36. Loulou says:

    The house was quietly put on the market a few weeks before the incident, is my understanding from everything I’ve read.

  37. ViloDeMenus says:

    Everyone who has a relationship with Halle ends up being a villain at some point and Halle is as pure as the driven snow, oh so innocent and always the victim.

    She’s a lying, conniving, sociopath who seriously injured a woman, permanently brain injured, and left her to die alone while she drove home and lied about the accident to police. Whatever Halle says, it’s a lie. I feel sorry for the little girl having that as a role model for a parent.

  38. Kosmos says:

    I opened up this item, only to find that nothing really was said by Eric Benet…so why the article? Anyway, ever since I learned he was a big time cheater, I don’t respect him. I’ve heard now that Gabriel instigated the fight. Still, I don’t think that Olivier had to pulverize the guy and also fracture his ribs, do you? I also don’t think Olivier should be having “talks” with Gabriel, but Halle & Gabriel should be doing the exchanges with Nahla, not Olivier.

  39. vvvoid says:

    Food for thought:
    Sometimes it’s easy to cheat excessively on a spouse when you lose all respect for and belief in their character.
    I’m not saying that excuses it, or is even the cause of Benet’s excessive cheating, but I think the reason Halle remained reasonably decent to him in the press is that she was the confirmed victim in the relationship and ate up the sympathy. Her need for validation was being met. Gabe didn’t do half the dirty things Benet did, and perhaps incited her ire by his very decency alone [personality disordered destruction addicts come to resent their functional partners/friends because those people possess an integrity that is alien to them, and tend to treat their fellow jerks better because they don't feel inferior and indeed enjoy feeling superior]. Gabe’s crime? Wanting to be an active part of his daughters life? His punishment? Years of torture in the form of an ugly, cruel, unfair, irrational custody battle and eventually a broken face. Benet’s crime? Cheating excessively on Halle, to the point of sheer insanity. Benet’s punishment? Halle making the rounds conceding he had no control of his actions and needed help, then no further barbs. Make sense to anyone?
    I think in these terms because I am about to graduate with a degree in forensic psychology and this is all too familiar to me. Honestly not posturing, just don’t want anyone to think I’m relying on pop-psychology.

    • vvvoid says:

      Plus my own unstable mother treated my father, the one man who remained and continues to be the only supportive, loving man in her life, in such a similar way during and years after their divorce when he kept winning in court. God bless her, she will never see the depth of her dysfunction and self-hatred. She treated the man who tried to kill her and also knowingly infected her with HIV so much better, along with the other men she was with who legit abused her, because she deep down believes she deserves that mistreatment and could not stand my father treating her like the worthy human being she never saw herself to be.

    • TG says:

      @vvvoid – Thanks for your comment. That was very informative and insightful! How come a judge doesn’t see that halle is the one who needs to be evaluated? It seems so obvious to most of us on here.

      • vvvoid says:

        The odds are always stacked against the father in custody battles, especially when the mother is fabulously wealthy. Plus, a judge can only infer so much and rely so much on gut feeling. And for some reason, there is still this belief that the mother inherently knows what’s best. Halle is a great actress, imagine the performance she can put on in court alongside high powered lawyers. Gabe is outmatched in terms of manipulative ability, yet he still wins much of the war because facts are on his side and after that France stunt Halle pulled, judges are not likely to see her as someone who only makes fair, reasonable demands. Asking to run off to France with Nahla really hurt her case, and I refer to it as a continuous matter because this will not be the end of it. That child is her weapon against a man who seems to be nigh a pacifist. My custody case was the biggest one Key West had seen by 1989, and my father’s family shelled out a lot of $$$ to keep custody of me. My mother is and was a loving mother but so obsessed with men that she could never place my well being in front of her need to have a man around, no matter how drunken, violent, etc. he was. I was never abused by them but I got to witness her being abused by them. Halle is like my mother in this respect. She should know all she needs to know about Olivier after what he did to Gabe, but she’s by Olivier’s side and probably terrified he’s going to leave her over the bad press. My mother always chose men first, even if she doesn’t see it that way. All the while scheming for years about ways to get back at my father for the court seeing things his way. It should have been an open and shut case with my custody battle, my mother even tried to bring knives into court once along with her truly sociopathic, violent boyfriend, and my dad still had to pay around 100k in today’s dollars to get custody of me. Mothers are infallible in the eyes of family court, most times.

    • jwoolman says:

      Some support for what you say in this instance: Halle is on the record saying that Gabriel was very gentle and very honest. She made a major point about it in an Oprah interview. I think she actually pursued him after seeing him in an ad, so maybe she really did choose him for his gene pool rather than the usual drama-inducing characteristics, got a kindly guy by mistake, and didn’t know what to do with him… She didn’t seem to start accusing him of “having anger issues” until hooking up with Martinez. (Gabriel’s idea of having a temper seems to be rather mild.) Maybe that was the point where his loyalty to Nahla became a problem for her, and she needed to find ways to justify pushing him away. She even tried to argue for full custody based on the discrepancy between their incomes, as though a guy making hundreds of thousands of dollars per year would be keeping Nahla in such a hovel…. So he applied for child support and moved to a more upscale place with the money. I imagine he was making a statement, since the amount he gets is minor for both of them. It’s so unbelievable that Gabriel started a fight with Martinez (but very believable the other way around) for so many reasons and the physical evidence is overwhelming that Gabriel’s story of being attacked from behind is true. I wonder if Halle expected Martinez could successfully goad Gabriel into a fight and when it wasn’t working, Martinez just went ahead with it on a grand scale. I wonder if the camera really did pick up the whole thing but they removed it when things didn’t go as planned. I also wonder how long Gabriel was unconscious before they called police… The quick capitulation in that private settlement makes it clear that it all backfired on them. But will this be the end of Halle’s attempts to get rid of Gabriel? My guess is that she’s close to losing custody over this in family court.

  40. Nev says:

    There is no excuse for cheating in ANY CASE.

    @LAK. I accept your response. My opinion is my own but back off on the mild insult that my opinion is a problem and that I need to grow up.
    I am already GROWN and I was already raised and am quite MATURE.
    Thank. You. Very. Much.

    • LAK says:

      @Nev – only a teen or young person with no world experience judges a person’s character based on looks.

      Now if you ARE a grown up person with experience, standing by that statement, you really don’t want to know what my judgement of you is. It’s not pretty [pun unintended]. By that logic, we should be supporting Halle because despite her actions, she is world class beautiful. I wouldn’t exactly call Gabriel world class good looking.

      For what it’s worth, if you ARE young and or a teen, then you get a pass because that is a natural phase we all go through. Life and experience teaches us not to judge a book by it’s cover.

      Let’s just say that in a situation where the adults are misbehaving, Halle is misbehaving more than Gabriel.

      • Nev says:

        Hold your judgement of me and I don’t need any pass. I have my opinion like everybody else. And it is that Gabriel is getting a pass somewhat based on his looks. Nobody knows the entire drama yet Halle is painted entirely with the villain brush. If you think that Halle is misbehaving more than him sure. Again my comment was that Benet needs to SIT DOWN. Alot of this Halle hate is speculation. Nobody knows the entire story. They are all behaving badly but that’s how it is sometimes. I stand by my opinion and I don’t need to be called childish or immature because of it. Even if it turns out that she is the instigator of all this.

        Sometimes the attacks on here go below bitchy repartee.

    • lena80 says:

      @ Nev, get used to it. If your opinion is different about HB or if you even state something you read on a different site, or simply question GA’s behavior, you are called “team Halle” or a “Halle supporter”, blind, contracdictory, etc.. And don’t even ask for proof for where you stated anything as fact because you will not get a response. HB clearly isn’t a saint, but some posters act she did something to them personally and go into attack mode with their comments. They make themselves look just as crazy as HB.

  41. d says:

    I read an article about Benet that occurred before this Berry-Aubry blowup where he was quite diplomatic about what had occurred with them and basically said that the state of the way things were between them at that point (i.e., no contact with his daughter) was all as it should be. My impression was that he’d grown up, moved on, and that he and his family were in a good place. For whatever that’s worth.

  42. Just K says:

    The police report is based on statements from Halle, Olivier and Halle’s nanny. Her publicist is working full-time with damage control. I think it’s disgusting that Gabriel is still being attacked by her just a few short days after the “truce”.

    • lena80 says:

      Where did you read who the witnesses were? legit ? I’m definitely on your side about HB and OM of course, but I didn’t read anything about the nanny being present because OM went out to get Nahla. It was thanksgiving after all…did she have other family/friends over?

  43. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Now and forever, this dude’s no-hit wonder having ass needs to bring up her name for people to remember that’s he’s still alive. ‘J.B., when are you gonna come back to La Scala and lay down some truth beats for all the Juggalos?’

    No one can deliver the inside scoop like an outsider.

    • jk says:

      I can see why he screwed around. He also said in an old interview that Hallye is all about sex before you marry her and then there is no more sex LOL YOu want to be a bitch to your man then expect him to find someone who isn’t. Thats the way it works. Halley can blame every man she has a relationhip with , make it their fault but the wonan is a bitch and hateful and will die trying to make the little girl hate her daddy.Meanwhile that drunk she is sleeping with gets away with beating Gabe and some day , and keep a note on this, Ollie will beat her to a bloody stump..if not kill her. It will happen because he is a mean drunk.