Brandi Glanville: LeAnn has a ‘severe eating disorder,’ laxatives in every purse

For the love of all that is holy. Us Weekly did an epic, balls-out interview with Brandi Glanville in this week’s issue, and after teasing the interview for just a short time, they went on to release the full thing. Brandi continues to go HARD on LeAnn Rimes, and Brandi is taking no prisoners. Brandi specifically calls out LeAnn for using laxatives and having a “severe eating disorder”. Brandi says one her sons accidentally ate one of LeAnn’s laxatives and got really sick. And more:

US: So how is everything? What’s going on?
BG: There’s a lot more that’s going on recently since LeAnn went into rehab, or wherever it is she went. A lot more than people know. I don’t have communication with [Cibrian and Rimes] because I don’t get responses when I reach out. I only get responses when I put it on Twitter. Twitter seems to work. That is the life they chose. Something happened with my son that nobody knows about . . . I know that my kids love her, and I know that she’s upset. I, unfortunately, don’t find her to be stable and I don’t want her around my kids when Eddie’s not there — or at least the nanny, his parents, someone. Mason, my eldest, ate some of Le’s candies and got extremely ill. And Le’s candies are laxatives. It was a big f-cking deal for me, and I lost my mind. Mason told me about it, and then Eddie’s assistant, who was working for me at the time, also told me about it out of concern for my children. I emailed, emailed, called, called — no answers. Couldn’t even discuss it. He refuses to even be in the same room as me. He can’t have a parent-teacher conference if I’m there. I don’t know how to do this when I can’t talk to the father of my children and his new wife. I don’t know what to do.

LeAnn has a severe eating disorder. She has [a laxative] in every purse. Mason found one on the floor and thought it was a Skittle! They don’t keep sugar in the house. He thought he finally found candy! He gets extremely sick, and that freaks me the f–k out. So that was the first part of what happened . . . And then it just got worse and worse. She posted this video — we’ve been going back and forth and fighting with lawyers about the kids being in the background on the show that we film. I don’t even want them to be in the forefront. I just want them to be around me when I have them, [so] if they’re in the background running around I don’t need to shuffle them out with a babysitter. . . I just thought it was very hypocritical of LeAnn to post this video, which I didn’t actually see until [days later] . . . To be honest, I choose not to look because it does upset me.

So at this point, one of my friends emailed it to me and said,’You really want to see this,’ because my friend knew about the laxative situation. And I see Jakey, my 5-year-old, on a bike on Roundmeadow Road — a very busy road where drunk drivers have crashed into their house. . . He doesn’t have a helmet on and he’s driving without his training wheels, which he doesn’t even do at my house. He still wears them at my house, and he’s alone with her. She’s behind him and I know that he’s having fun. I’m sure it was great and I know that he loves her, but they don’t realize that they’re in danger. They don’t. And no one’s getting back to me about anything that’s going on. So I’m forced to take it to the public on Twitter. And then when people say, ‘Come on. Get over it.’ How do you get over it? These are my children. I will never be over my children. I’m not just going to say, ‘Well, f-ck it.’ . . . These are my children and I don’t want this unstable person around them when she’s alone.

US: That’s beyond frustrating that you can’t get through to her except for on Twitter.
BG: I can’t get through to either one of them. They won’t answer. And then after all the Twitter stuff, I get this long-winded email from Eddie — finally, after months — saying I need to stop talking about his wife to make myself relevant. Nothing to do with the children. Nothing to do with answering the questions I have. I see this ending badly. I see someone getting hurt, and, if it’s my children, I will lose my mind. I said to my friend yesterday, ‘I don’t feel like she’s stable.’ God forbid anything ever happened between her and Eddie. She uses my children as a tool to get to me, and I don’t know if she cares about them the way that Eddie thinks she does. She cries that she didn’t have a childhood, but you know, I’m sorry that you were a child star. You got rich and famous at a young age. I’m sorry you didn’t have a childhood, but you’re acting like a child now. And I can’t have a child raising my children.

US: Were you most upset about the video because of the lack of a helmet or because she was exposing your kids?
BG: It’s a cumulative thing. It was the stuff with the laxatives that nobody knew about, that was over a month ago. I haven’t talked about it to anyone except for my lawyer. It’s not just this one thing. And I don’t share every single thing of my life on Twitter. Yes, I am very outspoken on Twitter. It does get reactions, it does get things done. If I have to use it as a tool to coparent, I will, and it is what it is. I needed him to react, I needed him to at least address that there’s something going on that’s not OK.

US: Has he now?
BG: No, just the email about his wife. He said, ‘We should be so lucky to have someone in our son’s lives that loves them.’ She loves them, but she’s endangering them. They may love her, but they don’t realize that, you know what, if he ate more than two laxatives — what if he ate the whole box — it’s just not OK. She’s not healthy. And until she’s healthy, I don’t want her around my children by herself. Eddie is a proper human being. He’s a good dad, he’s smart, he doesn’t have an eating disorder, he doesn’t have mental issues, he’s a normal person, and I want him to man up.

US: Will you get your lawyers involved?
BG: . . . I want my kids all the time, but I don’t want to keep them from their father because their father loves them dearly, but I think he’s kind of blinded by this woman. I don’t think he sees clearly. I think he thinks that she pretends to be something that she’s not for him. I think around him, she plays his perfect [wife]. And he doesn’t realize that she’s using our children and putting them in danger. And using them as a tool to get to me, and not just being a loving parent.

US: What do you tell them when they go over there?
BG: Mason is 9 years old and he’s old enough to understand. I just had a long talk with him and said, ‘Sometimes grown-ups have to take medicine that kids cannot have, and you don’t put anything in your mouth that you find on the ground.’ Like at a trampoline place, you’re not going to pick up something from the ground and eat it. You just don’t do that. I said, ‘Le has medicine that you’re not allowed to have, that nobody should be taking.’ He didn’t question it. I didn’t put her down. I didn’t say anything other than, ‘It can be dangerous to a child.’ He’s very smart. I’ve never said a bad word about LeAnn to my children and I wouldn’t. They will know someday about all of this and they will understand someday, but now is not the time because they’re happy. But I want them to be happy and protected.

US: They don’t know things aren’t perfect?
BG: They know nothing. Mason — unfortunately, his dad had to tell him that he couldn’t go to parent-teacher conferences and sit in the same room with me, which I don’t understand why a 9-year-old needs to know that at all. If he can’t do that, why would he tell him that. He said, ‘Daddy said no.’ I said, ‘Mason, we’ll figure it out, it’s not a big deal.’ It’s frustrating. They paint me as the bad guy. I’m not. I think Eddie is under some weird spell, and I think he’s tricked into thinking she’s something she’s not.

US: Would you ever try and change your custody agreement?
BG: I don’t want to keep them from their father. He loves them very much. I don’t know any other way to go than to go publicly right now. I can’t afford a lawyer right now. I already have lawyer bills from having to deal with Adrienne Maloof, and having to deal with Eddie on other situations. I need to be able to save some money, so I can buy a house.

US: When was the last time you saw Eddie and LeAnn? What happens when you see them?
BG: I haven’t seen them lately. I saw Eddie the other day to drop off Mason’s computer at the house. We don’t speak, really. He took the computer and walked away. I haven’t seen LeAnn in forever. I don’t really want to right now.

US: What would you say to her if you saw her right now?
BG: I don’t have anything to say to her right now. It wouldn’t be pretty.

[From Us Weekly]

LeAnn’s rep responded to allegations about the laxatives saying “Just more inaccuracies and half-truths.” For now, LeAnn’s Twitter is quiet, but I imagine these claims are so big that LeAnn will be getting her lawyers involved. Meanwhile, Eddie released a statement to Us Weekly:

“It is absolutely ridiculous that my ex-wife continues to put the personal lives of myself, LeAnn, our sons and my family on public display for the sake of her notoriety. She is fully capable and has the means of contacting myself and LeAnn privately to discuss any matter concerning the children. The fact she chooses not to, should be pretty transparent. And while I do not wish to fuel her ever-igniting fire, there is a breaking point where enough is enough. My wife, LeAnn, continues to be a loving and positive influence on the lives of my sons. They are without a doubt lucky to have her. The love they have for their ‘bonus mom’ continues to grow each day as we navigate the changes to our family; a fact that Brandi cannot argue as she herself has stated as much. If my ex-wife truly cared about the welfare of our sons, she would stop the constant bashing on an important person in their lives and focus on productive co-parenting to make our blended family the strongest it can be. And she would do so privately. Let’s see. . .”

[Via Us Weekly]

Good God. Did LeAnn write that?

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  1. Rita says:

    LeAnn’s rep saying that these are “inaccuracies and half truths” means that the laxatives are not in every purse and are sometimes kept in a bottle in her pocket.

    Also, Eddie being concerned that “his family life” is on such public display is hilarious. Obviously, LeAnn wrote every word of his statement.

  2. brin says:

    I would say how pathetic Leann would be to sue Brandi, but she has sued her own father and is suing a teacher so there you go.
    I applaud Brandi for standing up to Leann.

  3. EmmaV1 says:

    Interesting how Brandi says “I can’t afford a lawyer right now” and yet she has the money to spend on expensive clothing, stylists/makeup artists, and most of all, plastic surgery.

    I know there’s intense hatred against Leann/love for Brandi, but do you honestly believe if she couldn’t get in contact with Leann/Eddie for months at a time that she wouldn’t get her lawyers involved? Oh wait, her excuse was “I don’t have money”

    Leann may be unstable and mentally ill, but Brandi is just an attention seeker who’s trying to milk sympathy in a really bad way and trying to keep her D-List fame status alive.

    • Alexandra Bananarama says:

      Her only source of money is real housewives. To stay on the show and get paid she has to look the part. It’s possible she can write it off as a business expense. And if leanne and eddie want to go off the radar it’ll be easy for them to go to an island and not answer the phone.

      She’s already said she has 0 credit and eddie had, made, and handled all the money during their marriage. So, if she’s getting botox and fillers to stay relevant on her only form of revenue I believe her. And I don’t doubt she’s enjoying the fame, but all her issues with leanne are legit.

      • The Original Genevieve says:

        While I’m not a Brandi “fan”, per say, I will always side with ANY mother who has to sacrifice her children’s time and possibly their health, to the likes of MeAnn.

        Here’s what NEEDS to happen: Ediot needs to start treating his sick little wifey like his child. Take away her Smart Phone, get her a dumb phone and put parental controls on all the computers so she can’t Twitter anymore!! If MeAnn is too narcissistic to step away from the computer, Eddie/ Daddy needs to do it for her.

        FFS…are these people really grown-assed adults?

    • Lupe says:

      This. They are all needy, damged people. As usualy, the only victims here are those poor kids.

    • Kim says:

      ITA LeAnn is mentally ill but this chick is a famewhore for selling this BS to tabloid. She is worst than LeAnn in some ways

    • mari says:

      ITA. What’s so great about this plastic idiot? She’s as bad as LaR.

    • deehunny says:


      I too rolled my eyes when I read that lawyer part. As a lawyer, I personally know many attorneys that will do her case cheap lol.

      Anywho, I absolutely believe the whole diddy about the laxatives. Brandi does make her money off of being famous & “relevant,” but I’m still Team Brandi

      • silver says:

        yeah, that made me go hmmmm. I can’t judge a mother for her ability or inability to cover her custody battle expenses (esp. against a millionaire recording artist), but if a parent truly believes that their child’s lives are in danger from being around a sociopath who leaves their pills lying around, can’t they get a social worker involved? those are free or cheap, right? if kids are really in danger, maybe get the authorities involved?

  4. someone says:

    He is 9 1/2 years old and eats what he thinks is candy off the floor? Why does this sound so fake. Children that age do not eat something they find on the ground especially if they aren’t sure what it is.

  5. Amelia says:

    Anyone else find it a little odd that she refers to Leann as ‘Le’ occasionally? But I suppose it was in reference to her son, so it could be their nickname for her.
    Ugh, laxatives really screw you body up. If you don’t cut them out cold turkey at some point then your body becomes reliant on them. Not pleasant . . .

  6. Sal says:

    I don’t get how there can still be people on here that will not ‘get’ what Brandi has been through and still goes through every day at the hands of Leann. But of course we’ll get some commenters slamming Brandi. One has to wonder what is wrong with some people that they have no human feeling or empathy for another woman. What is it. Is it because this is all in electronic form that people can’t grasp the seriousness of the situation? Because if you were face to face and people told you this stuff, one would be sympathising with Brandi. I’m interested in the dynamics of it all, like why can’t people see and understand? Is it technology, or have people lost the ability to feel for others?

    • mimifarrow says:

      I guess I’m one of those people that doesn’t “get” it, but maybe that’s because I’m not as emotionally invested in it as you are. The only time I read about any of these people is here, and frankly I think all three of them are immature. Of course, I sympathize with Brandi and her situation (I actually empathize with her after having my own CAF female stalker), but I can’t relate to involving the public in your personal drama whatsoever.

      Just out of curiosity, are you close friends with Brandi? That might explain why you don’t understand why some people aren’t as upset as you. Lord knows if my friend was in a similar situation (as far as the kids go) I’d be pissed off too.

      • BestJess says:

        ^ THIS!

        You can have opinions on anything you like but an emotional investment to someone you have never met is just weird and kind of sad.

        You can think BG got a shitty deal and think she should STFU about her ex, it’s been years. No-one is saying get over your kids but much of her ranting isn’t about the kids. She has a regular column in an Australian magazine, in the last one she stated how she’s been told by her therapist to stop obsessively googling LR which she said she’d been doing for “two years”, followed up by an admission that she still does it and that it’s not always about “what is she saying about my kids” but also “what is she saying about my husband”. It’s been YEARS why does she care what is being said about her EX husband by his new wife?

        They’re all freaks. End of story.

  7. Bowers says:

    He really did not dispute what his ex-wife said. And when speaking or talking or writing, a person does not use “of myself.”

    It’s “of me.”

  8. hayley says:

    god, I love Brandi. I can’t imagine having to wake up every day and deal with someone as crazy as LeAnn. this woman has more patience in one finger than I have in my entire body.

  9. eska says:

    Oh Brandi! May God bless her bitchy heart and botox lips. Revenge is a dish best served cold…

  10. Elceibeno says:

    Judging by how skinny LeAnn looks it is very possible Brandi is NOT lying.

  11. bros says:

    Brandi has a big mouth (RHOBH watcher) but she’s sane and I get what she’s saying. Leanne is definitely a danger and uses kids as props in her own life play regardless of whether they are ok. and laxatives make perfect sense given her dehydrated falcor-crossed-with-Keith-Richards appearance.

  12. Relli says:

    OMG no sugar in the house at all…that is crazy! Le’s candy…. LOL

    Man though that would be frustrating to not be able to speak to the father of your children directly about the well being of your children. Thats the one thing i have always told my husband no matter what happens with us, our child and whats best for him MUST always come first. Talk about being between a rock and hard spot.

    Why is she in litigation with Adrienne Maloof?

    • LAK says:

      the next episode of RHOBH should enlighten us. trailer had Adrienne threatening lawsuit which may be the beginning of it.

      In last week’s episode, it became very clear that there was a real life feud brewing or already on it’s way based upon Brandy’s refusal to back Adrienne in her attempts to slander Lisa Vanderpump at the S2 reunion. Apparently Adrienne and Paul followed that up with request to support them against the public backlash and fall out which Brandi refused to do.

      And other perceived slights real and imagined.

      I can’t believe i know all that but RHOBH is my guilty pleasure.

      • Relli says:

        OH OK, I stopped watching RHBH because of Taylor and sometimes I actually forget Brandi is even one. I still read the recaps and occasionally flip it on but i have to turn it off as soon as Taylor turns up because she freaks me out, like i can feel her bad toxic energy coming through the screen.

        Adrienne seems like a really sad tragic figure, material wise she has everything in the world and yet she is so unhappy.

      • LAK says:

        I watch it then go read the recaps on Vulture. I think that’s what keeps me watching..i am so sad :)

  13. Toot says:

    I’m not a fan of any of these people, but I don’t understand why Brandi feels the need to go public with any issues she has with LeAnn. Brandi gets paid for her show so she should be able to get a lawyer and do this privately. She’s putting her sons’ business in the streets along with LeAnn’s.

    Think about your sons Brandi.

    • claire says:

      Well, she states clearly in the interview that they ignore her, and hiring a lawyer for every single little thing that a-hole Eddie ignores that crazy little Leann does would get mighty expensive.

      If embarrassing them gets her results, then I guess go for it. Unfortunately, she does it at cost of people thinking she’s also embarrassing herself. Though, she says she doesn’t care, it’s worth it for the sake of her children. I can respect that.

      I hope the kids don’t get exposed to all of this. Just like I hope the kids don’t get exposed to all of the nonsense their stepmom has been putting out on Twitter and in interviews for the last 4 years.

      At this point, I think more need to go hard on Eddie. What kind of a loser is her? He let’s his wife exploit their lives nonstop, so his statement is ridiculous. And he’s too lame to go to a parent/teacher conference? He’s an idiot. She is the kids’ mother. The way he treats her, and the way he has allowed Leann to treat her, is horrible.

      • Imln76 says:

        ‘ I hope the kids aren’t of this’
        Are you kidding me
        Brandi put her son in a horrible position . It only takes one kid with access to the internet or tabloid to subject him to years of bullying long after LeeAnn is no longer around.
        I wish one of you Brandi fans would address how this affects that little boy.i fans would add

  14. Emma says:

    The fact that there is a twitter fight going on between women named “Leann” and “Brandi” says enough. These people could not get more trailer trash if they tried.

  15. Elceibeno says:

    What are laxatives supposed to do?

    • Macey says:

      they make you poop. its a common thing for ppl with Eating disorders to over-use so they dont gain weight. over use of them prevents your body from absorbing nutrients/calories. Its a very dangerous and bad habit.

      • Alexandra Bananarama says:

        Macey. common misconception about laxatives. They don’t make you lose fat or caloric weight. They expel the body and kidneys of sodium so that you hold less water. You will only lose waste and water weight. They will rush the food through your body if you take them after eating, but the food will still be digested. Just very quickly.

        If you want to look more toned in your bikini they’ll do that, but the minute you eat or drink something the body will store it more as fat and the end result is you’ll gain more weight after losing 0 fat lbs.

    • Amelia says:

      I assume you mean in reference to an eating disorder, rather than what they actually do :)
      (A few) people with eating disorders (mistakenly) believe that they help you lose weight/prevent absorption of food, but that’s inaccurate. All they do is dehydrate you by putting more water into your poop and speed up the rate at which food travels through the intestine. Which can really eff up your electrolyte levels and leave you ridiculously dizzy.
      But, they do leave you with an ‘empty’ feeling which becomes quite addictive.
      You know the occasional food baby you might get if you’ve had a big/starchy meal? That’s like the devil to a lot of people, feeling your waist get thicker. So, cue the laxatives. And the more you take, the more your body gets used to them/dependent on them. So you need to take more and then you need to take even more and it can be incredibly damaging to your internal organs.

  16. Hyena says:

    I love how brandi thinks laxative are a reason to keep her children away from her children. I was think the fact that brandi has xanax and other prescription drugs around would be more of a danger. Brandi looks like the bad guy here.

  17. Hubbahun says:

    The Squinty McTavishes are just a pair of douches, huh? Feel bad for those boys.

  18. Hyena says:

    *keep her children away from Leann.

  19. LeeLoo says:

    Sorry but Brandi should be telling this to a family court judge, not the tabloids. I really am losing respect for Brandi. I think she’s more interested in obtaining more fame than actually protecting her kids. If she were going about it through legitimate channels that would be one thing but this bs of crying to the media and attacking LeAnn on twitter needs to stop. Brandi, grow the f up and if there really is a problem, file a custody suit and get full custody. And don’t tell me she can’t afford a lawyer, she totally could get one if she wanted to but she’d rather buy a ridiculously big house because that is way more important than your kids’ welfare.

    • HannahF says:

      I’m with you on the Family Court suggestion. First, based on the information we the public have it is a fairly straightforward issue thus her legal bill should not be enormous. Secondly, 70% of parties in Family Court rep themselves. Every courthouse in Cali has a family law facilitator–an attorney whose job it is to help pro pers. And third, she can ask the court to hve Eddie pay her attorney fees.

      There are a lot of parents who have ” trouble” communicating. There is a program called Our Family Wizard whose purpose is for parents to communicate. The program notes when people logged in–so the parties can’t plead ignorance. I also have my clients log appointments, problems–all kinds of stuff so there is an admissable paper trail.

      I’m playing serious hookey (?)today. Ugh!

    • Imln76 says:

      I said pretty much the same thing before I read your comment. Imagine that poor kid having to face his clasamates after his mom SOLD this story to the tabloids out of spite.
      Those aren’t the actions of a loving mother.

    • Zombie Shortcake says:

      At the very least, she could make a complaint to child protective services about the laxative and helmet incidents. She doesn’t need a lawyer for that.

    • Camille (TheOriginal) says:

      LeeLoo: Excellent comment, I agree.

    • Jayna says:

      She’s not going to get full custody. I doubt she has enough proof to ever get full custody at this point. It takes a lot to lose custody and Eddie and LeAnn would put her life on display too and make her look bad – drunk woman on TV talking about blow jobs and cussing like a sailor on and on and going to Las Vergas and tweeting she’s married. All this would be is a fortune for lawyers and nothing would change as far as custody. No one would win in a messy custody suit at this point.

  20. Naye in VA says:

    Here’s the thing. Im totally with Brandi about there needing to be communication with regards to co-parenting. She is well within her right to contact Eddie about things like using a helmet.

    The laxative thing tho. It was an accident. I dont like Leann Rimes one bit, and they should DEFENITELY have called her and told her what was going on. But other than that who only purpose in speaking to them about it would have been to bitch. Even biological parents make mistakes sometimes; leave cabinets open, put something heavy on a low shelf. It happens. Maybe Eddie is tired of getting chewed out every time he picks up the phone.

    Neither of them really seems innocent in this case. Co-parenting is communication, and I think both parents need to learn to communicate, or get a third-party who will do it for them.

    • Zelda says:

      Yep. And a national tabloid is not an acceptable “third party”. No way there’s an excuse for that one. Use lawyers if you must, but don’t rant to a million strangers.

      • Mela says:

        I think she should do both. Many parents have prescription pills in the house but protect the children from accidently consuming them. It IS a big deal If you are irresponsible like Leann and leave laxatives lying around and are so oblivious that a child is able to find them and eat them!!! Shame on eddie and leann! And eddies statement is stupid. Brandi contacts you in private eddie and then you ignore her attempts at contact.

      • Naye in VA says:

        Ughh you’re making me defend the girl, which I dont want to do. The kid is 9. As someone said above it’s too old to be eating off of the floor. He’s not 3, he should know better. Secondly. People leave change lying around all the time, and how many kids choke on change a year. I bet its a lot. Would a parent be labeled “a danger” to kids if that happened? I dont think so. I think Leann has many issues, I think she is exploiting the kids, and is overall just plain dumb, but i dont think she is an actual danger to them, anymore than they are a danger to themselves. Hence the “accidents happen” part of my statement. It’s overreaching to say Leann is dangerous because the kid ate a laxative off the floor, which is questionable in itself.

    • emmie_a says:

      Naye: Brandi knows the laxative incident was an accident. I think her reasoning for making it public was to bitch about them ignoring her –and– even better, to talk about LeAnn’s laxative abuse & eating disorder. How else was she going to bring it up!?

    • BestJess says:

      I apparently ate half a bar of soap as a toddler (no memory of it myself) and promptly threw up for a day. My brother almost blinded himself with one of my grandmothers knitting needles. My cousin cut herself really badly with a knife left on a coffee table. All loving attentive families but in the decade or so of childhood there’s a lot of time for an accident.

  21. Macey says:

    what is she talking about?….”I already have lawyer bills from having to deal with Adrienne Maloof”

    what happened w/her and Adrienne? I dont watch the show, only follow on here, is she on the show too?

    I dont blame Brandi at all for speaking out considering its a known fact she has no other way to contact them. Im glad she has an outlet. can you imagine having to deal with crazy LeAnn if you didnt have a public forum. I think LR was hoping she would just go away and she could step right in and take over her entire life.

    • Zelda says:

      Regular divorced couples do it all the time through lawyers. It’s fairly common.
      Airing dirty laundry of your child’s family– especially when said dirty laundry is actually considered a mental disorder in the DSM– is unnecessary, immature and in fact, just plain damaging behaviour.

      Can I see wanting to do it? Hell yeah. But too bad. You’re a mother. Rein that sh-t in. “But she started it” is an unacceptable excuse for children, never mind adults in charge of children.

      All these people need to grow the f–k up.

  22. Rita says:

    LeAnn is currently recording a song titled:

    “Can I Borrow Your Colon Blow”

  23. TheOriginalKitten says:

    You don’t lose weight from laxatives.

    I’m just gonna copy and paste this. Easiest way to explain it:

    “The truth is that by the time the food reaches the large intestine, the body has already absorbed all the calories present in the food. Because nutrient absorption takes place in the small intestine itself. The remaining minerals, water and unwanted food materials are then passed to the large intestine. Laxatives work on the large intestine. They prevent the large intestine from absorbing essential minerals and water content. Thus, the person experiences a form diarrhea, where feces are accompanied with large amounts of fluids. However, the unwanted calories have already been absorbed into the body by the small intestine. So, the purpose for which laxatives were consumed has not been fulfilled. We want the body to discard calories and not water and minerals. Thus, laxatives are not weight loss products.”

    Just an FYI in case any young ladies get some crazy ideas ;)

  24. G says:

    Go ‘head Brandi!

    I’m sorry but if I had a dirtbag trying to replace me as Mom to my kids with a whacko “bonus mom” I’d be yelling all the “dirt” from the rooftops.

    He selfishly did what he had to do to make money so Brandi should be able to do the same. Hell hath no fury and so on.

    Play on playa!!

  25. Samigirl says:

    I REALLLLLLY hope LR responds to these allegations!

    Also, I’m kind of expecting a divorce announcement in the next 2-3 months. We should do a pool.

  26. KellyinSeattle says:

    Wow; she can only reach them on Twitter? That’s awful.
    Glad Brandi is speaking w/ her lawyer.

  27. Enn says:

    I’m sick of this. Brandi needs to get a hard hitting family lawyer. Can’t one of her wealthy friends *coughVanderpumpcough* hook her up with someone who will rip the cover off so that we don’t have to deal with this incessant high school BS?

    I have to admit, I’ll be back reading the comments tonight to see what pearls of insight we get from Jezi and Eileen.

    For the record, I’m as far from Team Leann as one can be. I think she’s a disgrace.

  28. shelley says:

    Team Brandi. Eddie is a douche and Leanne is a waste of laxatives. If twitter is the only place she will get a response out of her co-parent then she should go right ahead. Say what he may about Brandi trying to stay relevant but him and his wife are the ones who are now irrelevant.

  29. HCS says:

    LOL! Kaiser, I love your writing. You are so intuitive. When I saw “Bonus Mom” I thought who wrote that, Leann. I believe what Brandi says about LeAnn. The new woman can be so vindictive and jealous. It’s like a tomcat pissing to let the others know this is his area. Leanne is doing the same. I don’t think anyone really knows how messed up her childhood was because she is obviously damaged. She married a man so gay you could see it just from a picture.

  30. dana says:

    everything Brandi said!!!! wooow! she nailed it! ‘bonus mom’ bs….

  31. Theresa says:

    My best friend’s ex husband started a relationship with a woman who became an adversary. She would interfere in discussions that were exclusively the domain of my friend and her ex; their daughter, support payment issues, etc. Her ex husband bought his new girlfriend breast implants at one point and she defended the procedure as “reconstructive surgery”, this woman had no shame. The drama they put my friend through over about 5 years is very similar to this crazy triangle. Cut to today, the ex husband eventually broke up with this woman, there were restraining orders, accusations of stalking, etc. The ex husband admitted everything they said to defend their behavior was a lie. It didn’t make up for the hell they put my friend through but it certainly was a relief to have it all over.

    The point? As long as Eddie and LeAnn share a roof, they are a team. Don’t expect Eddie to suddenly switch gears and turn against LeAnn. Especially as she seems to be providing the financial well-being to him and his family.

    However, when this toxic relationship ends, and it WILL END, the gloves will come off and Brandi may be vindicated. Maybe the public will not be privy to every detail, but LeAnn will no longer be the darling wife and loving step-mother that is currently being shoved down our throats.

    I do not blame Brandi for going public. LeAnn and Eddie have been selling this glamorous happy couple for too long, showing them for the hypocrites that they are. Brandi’s fighting fire with fire. I hope someday she does have peace and that her kids have half a chance to come out normal from this fiasco.

    • Anon says:

      if anything, the way that LeAnn is constantly trying to shove in the world’s face how happy and in love her and Eddie are, just makes me believe they’re NOT. the most successful and happy couples/families i know, never really speak about it. they’re off living their lives. women i know who have good marriages, never post about their husband on facebook or twitter, unless it’s arbitrary, and even then it’s rare. i’ve noticed it in myself as well. in relationships where it’s not all you want it to be, you spend more time sitting around trying to convince yourself it’s great. when it really IS great, you’re LIVING IT, not tweeting about it.

  32. sauvage says:

    I giggled at Brandi’s description of Eddie as ‘smart’.

  33. Izzy says:

    Yeah, I’m so over even trying to have a diplomatic opinion at this point. I used to think that Eddie and Brandi should be able to step up and co-parent like adults. Now I just think Brandi should sue for full custody. I’m not saying she’s a saint. But LeAnn is crazy.

    And in terms of risk, if Brandi has the kids on an episode of Plastic Housewives, the footage was shot weeks if not months earlier. On the other hand, Crazy Mc-Stole-Your-Man is constantly tweeting about their locations, making it easier for other nutjobs to find them. The laxatives thing just makes it even more urgent to make sure they are safe when Cray-Cray is around them.

  34. Mela says:

    Brandi has had it with their crap, dont you think? Eddie wont even speak to the mother is his children? (how old are you eddie, 6 yrs old?) His kids eat his wifes laxatives? His wife has an eating disorder and she just went to rehab? He doesnt even have a steady job? Yea, Eddie, you suck. Brandi go for full custody, its worth the money.

  35. mln76 says:

    Brandi hit a real low. If the story is true she should have called her lawyer and CPS not sold a story to the tabloids that will embarass her sons. Those kids are going to need as much therapy as Nahla Aubrey.

  36. Paloma says:

    LeAnn is a kook, and I empathize with Brandi. Eddie is flaccid. As long as he has LeAnn’s money he will side with her. Maybe some day he will reach his limit.

  37. truthful says:

    Le is gonna overdose on Correctol’s huh??

    they look like M & M’s…

    I would not want to be in Brandi’s shoes to deal w/this psycho and Eddie is there for the money, LOL

    what a damn mess, I’d be so damn pissed that he couldn’t at least pick better..did he even consider the crazy around his kids??


    Brandi has every right to be worried about her children.

    HER children

  38. Aileen says:

    Brandi should crowd surf for some money to go after her kids. I know some people would donate.

    That Eddie guy is a piece of work. What a irresponsible jerk. I believe that LeAnn has some game going, but he’s stupid if he can’t see it.

  39. skuddles says:

    I bet MeAnn is sitting on the toilet when she’s busy tweeting up a storm. With all those laxatives, she must spend half her day in the john…

  40. DreamyK says:

    I don’t watch any of the Real Housewives shows so I don’t have any idea of what Brandi is all about, but you know what? She sounds perfectly reasonable to me.

    Eddie is in love with Leann’s bank account. Leann is unstable. Eddie is doing what he needs to do (shunning Brandi) to keep Leann happy so he can hump her money all day long, every day.

    I hope he writes a book when he finally has enough to time into the marriage to get the maximum amount out of Leann. I would so buy that book :)

  41. Deanne says:

    Eddie can make all of the holier than though statements he wants, all LeAnn approved of course, but his pathetic behavior as a Father is forcing Brandi’s hand. He refuses to sit with her in a parent teacher interview and won’t answer any emails and phone calls and has the gall to say she’s only speaking out for attention? Really Eddie, really? How stupid does he think the public are? Eddie stays with LeAnn because she provides him with the luxury lifestyle he spent years pretending to be able to afford. Now he has her footing the bills and worshiping his every move and he gets off on having her so desperate to keep him. He is punishing the woman who gave him two beautiful sons by allowing his new wife to use his kids as pawns against their Mother. Eddie may love his sons, but he loves getting back at Brandi more. He and LeAnn are emotionally abusing Brandi, plain and simple. It wasn’t enough to cheat and leave her with no money. He and LeAnn have absolutely no desire to co-parent with Brandi. They thought they could intimidate her, abuse her and she’d slink off and disappear. Both seem clueless as to the lengths Mothers will go, to protect their children. LeAnn isn’t a Mother and Eddie is a bought and paid for douche, masquerading as a a man and a Father, so they have no clue what a scorned Mother is capable of. I personally don’t think Eddie’s going anywhere. He’s way too into the money to leave. It isn’t like it will stop him from cheating, but he won’t be leaving unless he knows he’ll be getting a bug chunk of it to take with him when he goes. That is where his priorities lie.

  42. eileen says:

    -Brandi has NO communication with Eddie and the only way she ever got them to repsond or change issues in the past was talking about it online.

    -Brandi will fight any way she has to if she feels her boys are in danger and she doesn’t GAF what any opinions on the matter are. She has stories of Leann that were of danger to HER and she never said a word-but its a different story with the kids.

    -How many surgeries has LR had on her mouth? How many other pills, like say pain killers, you think LR has on hand at a given time because of her mouth issues? If she can’t manage her laxatives-that she tells the boys are “Leann’s Candy”, how well you think she keeps up with her perscriptions?

    -Eddie hates her for kicking him out and making him move in with Leann. He loves for Leann to make Brandi’s life a living hell.

    -A kid with NO access to snacks or candy because Leann refuses to have it in her home so she won’t eat it…well if a kid is forbidden to have it and sees one on the floor…I can guaruntee you they will eat it. A kid sees they aren’t allowed to eat candy but Stepmom eats something and you ask what it is and she says its candy-you don’t think a kid wouldn’t eat it? Please.

    • littlestar says:

      It makes perfect sense now. People on here have been questioning why Eddie hasn’t stopped Leanne from acting like a fool, and I’ve really wondered that myself. After Brandi kicked him out, Leanne was probably his only option, and I can only imagine how much he loathes Brandi for making him live with that basket case. But then again, why the F did he marry Leanne if he doesn’t even like her? Does he hate Brandi THAT much, that he would do absolutely anything to torment her? Eddie is just as F’ed up as Leanne is. What a sick, twisted man…

  43. Snowpea says:

    Oh my gosh, what an absolute debacle. Leann must be off her rocker right about now.

    I totally empathize with Brandi and this whole mess she got caught up in. I mean, the facts are that she was the one married with the kids and since Leann crashtackled them all, it’s just been disaster after disaster.

    Leann is toxic and crazy. Brandi has been gagged and has her hands tied and is powerless. And Eddie is one giant effing effwit for allowing all this madness to continue at the expense of those beautiful children.

    I have full custody of my kids. Day in day out it gets very wearing but reading this makes me wanna go down on my knees and say hallelujah.

  44. Riana says:

    And LeAnn is the psychopath…ironic.

    I feel bad for these kids.

    They got dealt one exceedingly sh!tty hand in life to have these three people serve as their only adults monitoring their care.

    Both women are instigating the other. Eddie lounges around sighing and eating Bon Bons because neither one actually takes their issues to the party responsible. The kids have been embarrassed 6 ways to Sunday by all their statements and what sucks the most is they’re basically trapped because they’re too young to run away screaming from all of them.

    Smh. She’s starting to come off as the bitter ex-wife and the fact she so rarely mentions Eddie makes it seem like he’s some helpless idiot. He’s fully responsible Brandi, he is their FATHER, phrase all statements around him.

  45. Gia says:

    Everything Brandi said, I absolutely, unequivocally believe. 100%.

  46. Jayna says:

    I have many mixed feelings about this article. First of all, as far as posters on here, I get sick of them always saying Eddie doesn’t talk to his wife because LeAnn won’t let him. Bull. He won’t speak to Brandi, bottom line. Stop blaming LeAnn for every piece of bad behavior Eddie does. Eddie condones LeAnn’s bad behavior on twitter with the boys, bottom line. Also, it’s clear from this article that LeAnn and Eddie are closer than people think and want to believe, unfortunately, to the detriment of his children. Oh, I’m sure she’s creates a very warm homey environment and cooks and is loving to the kids at home and adores Eddie, but the games she plays on twitter and papping is out of control and he does seem oblivious most of the time. I think he hates Brandi so much he uses LeAnn as his own weapon and would like them to get full custody someday. No child support. I see that going on in his devious mind.

    Okay. On to the article. I hate that Brandi is saying fucking over and over in an interview for US. It really makes her look from the wrong side of the tracks. I feel for Brandi. I really do. LeAnn might have an eating disorder but she comes off in the article kind of bitter. She really gave no concrete proof she daily downs laxitives. She’s not in their home. Though, I don’t doubt it. I wish Brandi would not come across so crude sometimes because I feel she’s honest bu many people will read this article as bitter, many won’t. I personally think this article will draw Eddie closer to LeAnn at least for the time being. You know, us against the world kind of the Rhi/Chris Brown thing.

    Bottom line, I feel so sad for the little ones, I really do, all this junk playing out on the internet. I get Brandi has to resort to it and yet I feel at other times it is for her show and now book. But it’s disgusting the way Eddie has zero contact for the sake of his children. LeAnn is unstable. Brandi is brash. But Eddie is the one I blame most, for being such a passive-aggressive prick.

    But all in all, I can’t imagine losing my children half the time when they are little ones, especially the youngest one was just a toddler. So I will always feel and have the most sympathy for Brandi, because it would affect me horribly at that young age. But divorce regarding children is the saddest thing in the world a lot of the time. The Eddie/LeAnn/Brandi triangle case in point.

    • someone says:

      Jayna, you point out “She really gave no concrete proof she daily downs laxitives. She’s not in their home.” This makes me wonder how much of a grilling Mason gets every time he comes home from Leann and Eddie’s house. It is sad when divorced parents do that to their kids but it is very common. How else will Brandi get info about what is going on in the other house unless she questions the kids when they get back. Mason may have figured out by now what kind of info to give Mom to make her happy.

      • Izzy says:

        Brandi stated in the article that Eddie’s assistant called her out of concern about the possible health implications of a young boy eating several laxatives and then being so sick. So she might have pumped Mason for info, but chances are he was still not feeling 100% when he got back to Brandi; he was probably severely dehydrated. Even if she didn’t pump the kid for info, she would have found out from the assistant, who frankly seems to care more about those kids than Eddie does.

    • Nicole says:

      I LOVE this post! So dead on. I hate hate hate to admit this, but I truly see from what Brandi says that Eddie and Leann really are bonded in some kind of real (albeit dysfunctional) way. As you said, she probably makes his life very happy and is not combative. I’d just like to know why he hates Brandi so much. I cannot figure out that side of… which makes me wonder what really happened between him and Brandi. Leann needs help and to stop taunting Brandi (with Eddie’s approval), Eddie needs to grow up and co-parent peacefully (stop letting Leann bare the brunt) and Brandi needs to, for the sake of her children, bite the bullet and ignore Leann’s antics! I love drama (from a distance), but this interview made me sad.

      • emmie_a says:

        Past comments have noted that Brandi wouldn’t take Eddie back (after he cheated w/LeAnn) & kicked him out of the house — that could be one of the reasons he hates her.
        Personally I think he’s miserable with LeAnn and this could also make him hate Brandi. Who knows.

    • nomorerimes says:

      I can’t see where you get the idea that it’s “clear from this article that LeAnn and Eddie are closer than people think”. Do you honestly think that Eddie wrote that response?? I don’t think so. Everytime LiaR tweets it’s about how happy happy happy they are. All lies! I’m sure that is a contrived statement from several heads getting together but Eddie’s was not one of them. Just like his statement before she went into “rehab” about supporting her! What a joke!

  47. TheTruthHurts says:

    Ok, first off, that statement appears to be written by LeAnn. A man does not write things like “let’s see.” Secondly, Eddie should be ashamed that he is letting his lust for money & Don Julio take priority over the welfare of his sons. Kudos to Brandi for finally speaking out in detail. It needed to be done.

  48. OutstandingWoldCitizen says:

    Let assume LR does keep colorful laxatives which resemble candy in her purse, pockets and an old Altoid container or whatever. Let’s also assume she is anorexic – not a new rumor – and does not keep sugar in her home. Kids love sugar. Kids love candy too. I do not believe it is farfetched for a kid to eat what s/he assumes is candy off a floor IF sweet treats are banned. It does not imply that Mason is challenged either. Those restrictions would even tempt a 35 year old to eat “candy” off a floor. Grown up have done worse out of desperation.

    Wow, I knew BG was having issues with her ex and still harbored anger (rightfully so) towards EC and LR but I did not know it went this deep. (I have been waaaay to into the Halle custody story. :) ~

    I LOVE BRANDI so that question’s out of way. She’s brash and funny AND was unfairly treated last season on RHOBH when she was at her lowest. In retrospect, her comments about KR doing meth weren’t nice but she was being double teamed and NO ONE had her back not even her supposed friend AM. I am still unclear why AM is suing BG.

    I totally digressed. If BG’s children are being endangered by LR’s alleged laxative use and not following the most basic bicycle safety rules/laws, I would hold BG partially responsible if something happened to either of her sons AND she did not say anything.

    Additionally co-parenting with someone who is so hostile towards you, they can not even sit in the same room with you at a PTA meeting is beyond juvenile. What is BG going to assault him in front witnesses? What a p&ssy Ediot is.

  49. TheTruthHurts says:

    Oh, and forget saving for the house right now Brandi, get a freakin’ lawyer and go for full custody. If their safety is the most important, as long as Eddie is with LeAnn, it should be that way. The boys can still see their father, but when you say so.

    • Jayna says:

      Dream on. It takes a hell of a lot more than this to make someone lose custody, allegations and inappropriate tweeting. All Brandi would get out of it would be broke and custody staying the same and Eddie’s lawyer dragging her through the mud with her behavior on TV, etc. And the emotional toll of a custody battle is devastating and would keep Brandi in a dark place emotionally and plus wait until daddy tells his sons mommy is trying to take them away from him, which believe me he would. They need to have a family law mediator to help iron out issues since they can’t and it’s escalating.

    • claire says:

      Yeah, it takes a lot more than all of this to get full custody. And, LR/EC could try to bring up some of her antics mentioned earlier, but her kids weren’t with her during any of those things, so the judge would tell them it’s BS.

      However, bringing up the kids’ injuries when with LR/EC, bringing up rehab, bringing up the refusal to coparent or acknowledge Brandi, the laxatives, the no-helmet…it is possible that a judge could make some requirements, and, if EC/LR continue to ignore them, they could be taken back to court for contempt.

  50. SouthernGal says:

    I am appauled at how some people are bashing this woman for speaking the truth. If she can’t communicate by phone, emails, in person, etc…how the hell else is she suppose to get their attention.Lawyers are expensive and sometimes worthless. I am a mother of 3 children and if anyone put my kids in danger it will be hell to pay.

    For those bashing her regarding how she earns her living…..GTFOH…let’s see ex-hubby no real job/no money. She herself stated when they divorced he left her with nothing not even a damn vehicle to get her kids around yet he is driving new cars, taking expensive trips and living high off LR wallet… but you BASH the mother for trying to make a living for her and her children. Not only is it crazy that she is bashed it is appalling.You make sacrifices as a mother for your children. That is a good mother.

    Brandi has put up with LR and EC crap for years now and I’m happy she has a platform to voice her concerns. If this means embarassing their dumbasses so be it. LR controls everything in that marriage and his douche ass obviously is in it for the money. Can’t stand a man who won’t even stand up to their woman. Wrong is wrong people. No excuse for how they have treated her. KARMA is serving their asses real well and baby she just started.

  51. claire says:

    I wish Radar Online, People, even Celebitchy, would start writing stories from the angle of Eddie’s inability to coparent, or step up and stop the exploiting of the boys by Leann, etc.

    The heat should be on him at this point. He’s managed to get off way too much for all of this, and he’s at fault, ultimately. He rarely ever defends Leann. It would be fascinating to see his response if the tabloids and gossip blogs started going hard on him.

  52. Theskinny says:

    He can’t be in the same room with her??? These two morons (Ed and Le) are so HELL BENT on telling themselves that Brandi is the bad guy (thus making them feel guilt free for effing her over) that they have LOST THE PLOT. Hell YES I am taking it to twitter if they do not respond to my questions of medical emergencies. She should have done it the very MINUTE that they didn’t respond. They would love nothing more than for her to be broke so I get that she doesn’t want to deal with the lawyers. Every single phone call costs money. She needs a house and she needs stability and she can work outwards from there. Leann Rimes is an uneducated, hateful nutbag. Eddie is the true evil in this equation for busting up his family and then subjecting his kids to this idiot, and THEN acting like a 5 year old by not communicating with the mother of his children.

  53. Happy21 says:

    I don’t even know Brandi from a hole in the wall besides that she is the ex of Eddie whasis and what I know of Leann I despise. I have no need to take sides and won’t. All parties involved her are despicable! They are all exploiting the children while they act like children themselves! Leann has problems and is obviously unstable, this Brandi woman is feeding on that. They are all awful and should be ashamed of how they are acting. The children should be taken away from all of them until they grow the EFF up! Disgusting!

  54. Dawn says:

    Bottom line is Brandi needs to shut her public mouth and get this stuff straightened out in private. And yes she is lucky that Eddie married a woman who loves his children and is happy to keep them in their father’s life. I know of many second wives who are not this kind and try to pretend that the children of the first marriage don’t even exist except for the check that has to be written monthly. It happens a lot more than people want to acknowledge. But Brandi does have the right to ensure that her children are safe when with their father and their step-mother but there is the right way and the wrong way and she is doing this the wrong way.

  55. Chell says:

    Eddie & Leann continue to put on this fake show of “look how happy we are” & “we are just one big happy family” and they are too consumed to realize how transparent their life really is. People that are TRULY happy don’t have time to post it on Twitter every 5 seconds because they are busy actually enjoying their lives! And the obvious alcohol abuse is just a coping mechanism so they can deal w/each other. Leann can’t lose Eddie because she looks like an ass & Eddie can’t leave Leann because…well basically he is poor & needs her money. They are codependent on each other, it is just a sick & twisted game and the kids are in the middle of it. I seriously wish Brandi would quit talking the talk & start walking the walk. I don’t care how good of a father she thinks Eddie is, if she sincerely believes her kids are in any danger she needs to get to court & have the custody modified. She doesn’t have to take her kids away from their father, but she needs to protect them.

  56. Natalina says:

    Haha Laxatives, how embarassing

  57. tabasco says:

    i have a bit of an issue with brandi claiming the *only* course of action she has available to her is twitter b/c she’s so broke. she doesn’t look too broke on that tv show. i’m pretty sure a few of her outfits could cover enough lawyer fees to at least haul eddie’s ass into court over the refusal to respond to her over regular co-parenting matters. i think all three of these clowns are far too juvenile to engage in genuine solution-seeking. each of them gets some kind of twisted thing out of the drama. but, for sure, eddie could’ve prevented by all of it by keeping his pants on.

  58. lou says:

    So she is saying that her and Eddie don’t talk,it was just last month that all her inside twitter friends where saying Eddie called Brandi crying about how miserable he was with Leann so I guess these so called insider’s really are not, just liars. And Brandi is always talking about taking pills and drinking to much.

    • claire says:

      Can you post the source for that?
      I saw a small handful of people speculate and wonder if Brandi had gotten any inside information from Eddie in regards to her “…for now” comment, but I don’t recall seeing that someone said they knew that for a fact. Could you post it for us?

  59. Krock says:

    I think Leann wrote that statement and I also think she wrote the email to Brandi that was “from Eddie”. I feel bad for Brandi. She’s in such a horrible position. Ugh the whole thing makes me ill. Leann is a nut bag and she won’t be happy until she makes Brandi miserable. The dysfunction is rampant.

  60. Rita says:

    The new thread on Radar On Line claiming to be Eddie’s email to Brandi is freaking hilarious. I’m sure Eddie is watching these lady gossip sites all day and felt the need to respond.

    The email is hilarious in two ways. First, it’s full of delusional over-tones and we all know where that comes from. Second, it’s a scathing bitch slap at Brandi, which if it were true shows you just how rediculous Eddie is.

    The email is pure LeAnn Rimes with its twitter syntax and out pouring of adoration for LeAnn whom Eddie all but ignores until his allowance is due.

  61. Ginger says:

    Ugh! My current sis in law won’t allow my bro to talk to his ex either! It’s ridiculous when you have to co parent. I’m stuck on the middle at times because I still talk to the ex and his current wife. She is the mother of my nephew irregardless. I really feel for Brandi when it comes to the kids. And I believe what she’s saying is true.

  62. RobN says:

    I can’t imagine how hard it must be to send your kids off to stay with somebody who is unstable and dangerous, both to herself and to them. I also have no doubt that Eddie can’t manage the situation and is of no help whatsoever. This whole story is a good lesson in why it’s important to marry an adult and not an immature child.

  63. Krock says:

    I also don’t understand his hatred toward Brandi, when he was the one that cheated on her! And with more than one woman! Just sayin’. If anyone has the right to be angry its Brandi!

  64. Cam S says:

    This woman ain’t said nothing but the truth. If her ex won’t contact her, then shame him submission. Goodness knows Leann regurgitates ever detail of her “truth” to every media outlet she can.

    I ate a laxative at my papaw’s once. It was wrapped in foil. Thought it was chocolate. I also wouldn’t be against eating a starburst that landed on the floor in the wrapper… Just sayin

  65. Jayna says:

    Well, Eddie didn’t write the response to US Magazine. LeAnn definitely did, but I believe hecwrote the Radar email.

  66. Rita says:

    Holy Crap!!!! Brandi’s response to Eddie on twitter is incredible. This adds a whole new insight into this mess.

    Obviously, many of the stories we’ve heard about how Eddie is miserable with LeAnn came directly from Eddie’s friends as well as the substance abuse of LeAnn’s.

    This should be good for another gossip cycle.

  67. Ming Lee says:

    proof that eddie looks on and encourages leann to record videos of the children and then post them online.

    eddie is the biggest piece of sh*t in all of this. what a pathetic excuse for a loving father. he is beyond gross and i wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

    when kids are restricted they will do anything to get what they want. a family member of mine has outlawed guns and weapons in the the children now bite into their sandwiches to make them into shapes of guns, and then shoot each other.

  68. Isa says:

    It’s not the first time brandy says she can’t get a hold of her gold digger husband and Crazy Rimes. I believe brandy

    • rlh says:

      That’s what I was going to say; Brandi has been saying that from the very beginning; she can’t get Eddie to talk to her, she has to talk to his assistant (why does he have an assistant?), he won’t have a civil conversation with her, he won’t discuss ANYTHING with her. Eddie & Leann have painted her into a corner.
      One other thing: the way to know if what Brandi says is true: wait a bit…if Leann does NOT sue (which I bet she won’t) it’s true.
      And come one, isn’t one of the reasons why this is such a popular gossip topic because Leann’s behavior is so over the top, so beyond normal? From beginning to end she has been kind of kooky, to say the least. Micheal K calls it “d-ckmatized.” But the chick is just nuts. Not eating food will do that to you.

  69. Under My Skin says:

    I wasn’t aware that laxatives could give someone such a shitty personality…makes total sense now.

  70. Adderall makes you absolutely crazy. You actually lose your mind and it would explain the incessant tweeting. Good luck Leann.

  71. Emily says:

    Team Send the Kids to Boarding School Where They May Interact With Actual Adults Who Give a Damn About Them.

    Eddie’s a drunken, spoiled child, Brandi’s a self-centered famewhore, and LeAnn is a total basket case. The kids DO know what their parents’ relationship is like — kids always know — and it is causing them issues upon issues upon issues. You do not badmouth your ex where your kids can see or hear it. I don’t care what the circumstances are (unless you have to in family court I guess), you don’t do it.

    Anyone who would choose to be married to Eddie Cibrian has no judgment anyway, so it’s not like what Brandi’s doing now is a surprise. Still gross though.

  72. GossipG says:

    Leann Rhymes= Angelfish:sings like an angel,drinks like a fish.

  73. la chica says:

    This all started when LeAnn posted a picture of Eddie and his sons and referred to them collectively as “my boys”. THAT is the underlying issue. Brandi feels that her entire family was co-opted by LeAnn. Guess what? She’s right. And she needs to get over it. Eddie has replaced her entirely. He prefers LeAnn to be the mother of his children. Regardless of his motives, Brandi’s fight is with Eddie, not his new wife. He is the one who is shutting her out. She needs to stop blaming LeAnn for Eddie’s decisions.

  74. lambchops says:

    I don’t get how they can prevent her from putting them on TV, but LR can put videos of the kids on-line? How does that work?