Drew Barrymore steps out in LA, shows off weight loss & darker hair: pretty?

Here are some new pics of Drew Barrymore at the Rodeo Drive Walk Of Style honoring BVLGARI and Mr. Nicola Bulgari in LA last night. I don’t have much to say about Drew these days, although I’ve wanted to cover her more since she had the baby in late September, but I get the feeling from most of you that you’re not interested in Drew news. The tabloids have had some interesting/mean stories about her recently, mostly about her baby weight. Like, I get the feeling that the tabloids are trying to make Drew into the next Jessica Simpson, and while Drew did gain a significant amount of weight during her pregnancy, the general feeling was that it was “off limits” to discuss because (unlike Jessica) Drew never made her weight front-and-center, you know?

So here she is at the Bulgari event… and I think she looks like she’s lost almost all of the baby weight. I think she looks really good, and she’s probably only like 10-15 pounds away from her pre-baby weight. That’s really good considering she only gave birth, like, two and a half months ago. I wonder if she was really trying to lose the weight or if it just came off with breastfeeding.

I also like that she’s finally committed to going darker with her hair. I was so tired of her damaged-looking ombre crap. She looks really good here! And do you realize that we still haven’t seen a closeup photo of Olive? Hunh.

Photos courtesy of Apega/WENN.com.

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  1. serena says:

    I freaking hate her hair, she keeps doing ombre and it’s just so bad.

  2. Minnie says:

    Don’t like the dark hair. At all.

  3. Maya says:

    I love Drew. She looks happy and healthy here, though I’m not crazy about the outfit.

  4. bettyrose says:

    I’ll always have a fond nostalgia for Drew because I grew up watching her movies. We were the same age when ET came out, so hers was the character I identified with most. Anyway, she looks great!

  5. Celebitchy says:

    She looks really pretty and happy! You can see how content she is. She does look really good.

  6. girl says:

    She does look pretty happy. Yeah, don’t like the outfit. The way the bra shows through seems weird but maybe she just dressed herself(no stylist) and didn’t think of the camera flash issue? New mom. I can totally see something like that slipping one’s mind.

  7. Beatrice Sparkplug says:

    She does look lovely, maybe a little self-conscious about the weight. I don’t recall ever seeing Drew Barrymore in head-to-toe black. She looks all grown up!

  8. chloew says:

    i liked her hair in “50 First Dates”

    don’t know why , just love the blonde color she had

  9. Chicagogurl17 says:

    She’s lovely. Absolutely glowing. Love the necklace.

  10. SmokeyBlues says:

    I love Drew, she’s truly my #1. She lives a good life so it’s not much for tabloid and gossip fodder. That pic of her toothy grin is cracking me up and scaring me a little!

  11. juicyjackie says:

    I like her but that shade of lipstick does her no favours

  12. molly says:

    Her face looks so healthy, she will never show her real age with that healthy glow! I wish all the skeletal skinny faces in Hollywood realize what young and pretty looks like. It is not bones sticking out with deep lines running down your face. Example- (Courteney Cox)

  13. bea says:

    Bad pants.

    Not sure about the dark, dark hair. Is there a color btwn this and fake blonde that would flatter her more? I think so – maybe red?

    Love Drew. She looks great for just having a baby. The media are so brutal regarding weight gain.

  14. dcypher1 says:

    I like that we havent seen her baby and im sure she wants to keep it that way too.

  15. KellyinSeattle says:

    I think she’s super pretty but she needs some whitening strips for her teeth, and black bra. I’m glad she seems so happy and content.

  16. Mimi says:

    Hate the dark hair, it really ages her. At first glance I thought she was Susan Sarandon.

  17. LadyJane says:

    I think she looks like a million bucks! One of my favourite looks on her.

    I wonder if we could not mention female celebrities weight – like at all – ever again. Unless they bring it up first. I mean, who cares, really? It is demeaning and sexist. I know we are ‘bitchy’ here, but it is starting to feel very tawdry indeed.

  18. dunkin says:

    I have some weight to lose, so I understand how hard it is, especially after a first baby. But I still think she looks great. Great hair, always a beauty.

  19. amanda says:

    Someone needs to hook her up with a better hair stylist. Awful awful hair.

  20. apsutter says:

    She looks very happy. I’m glad that she’s gotten to a place in her life where she has the family she wanted and control over her career. Good thing for her that she started her production company so she can act as little or as much as she wants to. I don’t like the ombre hair and I think this color is much too dark for her.

  21. Dusty says:

    look closer…she looks dumpy.

  22. OriginalMe says:

    Drew’s best look was the mid-nineties short blonde hair adorned with daisies. It really looked cute on her.
    I think her hair would look better if she would get a blow out or something. Don’t care for it. Baggy outfit does nothing for her at all either.

  23. Lulu says:

    I will always love Drew. She is positively glowing in these photos. Being a mommy seems to suit her. :)

  24. Belle says:

    Love Drew, and would love to see more of her on celebitchy!

    Her outfit is… meh. I think she just styled herself, and purposely went with all black. Her body looks great even though she probably does still have a few pounds to lose. I don’t recall her gaining THAT much weight with her pregnancy??

    Her face looks lovely, though I don’t like the lipstick. From afar it looks okay, but the close up… ick. I think it may be the lipstick shade making her teeth look a bit yellow as well.

    Now, the hair, oh I hate it! I can’t even tell if I like the dark because it still has that ombre style which I despise. I think I like the color on the ‘ends’ more than the dark on top… BUT, if she were dark all over, then it might be just fine. Ditch the ombre!

    I’m looking forward to a glimpse of baby Olive! I just love that name… love the name Olivia as well (hubby nixed it from the name list when we were naming both of our girls, and I still don’t know why). Plus, I loved ‘Olive the Other Reindeer’ with Drew’s voice!!

  25. roxy750 says:

    Horrible outfit. Who wears that? Looks uncomfortable, uck. Not that hard to find a cute outfit when you have bags of money. I like Drew, always have since I “grew up with her” on the movie screen of course. Hate her styling, hair, make up, uck, she’ll figure it out soon enough though.

  26. Thiajoka says:

    I like Drew–though she’s not the most melodramatic headline anymore, I’ll always click on a story about her. I never could find pics of her wedding dress online and I really wanted to see it.

  27. taxi says:

    I love Drew! Bad hair. Newsflash – dark ombre is still ombre

  28. RobN says:

    Well, if she’s going for matronly and frumpy, then she really nailed it.

  29. Belle says:

    Just saw a youtube clip of Drew on Ellen, and she looked FABULOUS!!


  30. I Choose Me says:

    Always nice to see pics of Drew. I don’t like her hair, it’s still ombre. I think if it was just the reddish color it’d be a really pretty color on her. I didn’t really notice much weight gain and even if she did gain a few, so what? So happy to see her in a (seemingly) good place and enjoying her life.

  31. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    Keep the Drew gossip coming! :-)
    So lame that they are criticizing her pregnancy weight gain.

  32. Rachel says:

    I love Drew and will always click on stories about her. I think she looks great with red hair and should go back to it. I am really happy that she seems happy with her marriage and baby; she’s had some hard times in her life.