Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt picked up their wedding bands: is the wedding soon?

Here ^^ is a new photo of Angelina Jolie in the Za’atri refugee camp on the border of Jordan yesterday, where she met with Syrian refugees fleeing the absolutely insane civil war/one-sided genocide by Syrian President Bashir al-Assad . Angelina is really tight with Jordan’s Queen Rania, and Jolie praised Jordan for their efforts to take care of the hundreds of Syrian refugees crossing the border. You can read more about her visit here, and you can donate to the UNCHR efforts for the Syrian refugees here. Do we need to talk about the widespread reports that Bashir al-Assad is planning on using chemical weapons on his people? He has Sarin gas. It’s going to be awful. Those poor people.

Now, let’s move on to something less psychologically devastating. I’m not saying that the above paragraph wasn’t important – it’s extremely important – I’m just saying that this is a gossip site so maybe we should have a lighter story? There are a ton of tabloid stories about a possible Brangelina wedding, so I just thought you’d like to know:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are one step closer to saying “I do!”

In Touch has exclusively learned that on Nov. 27, a stylist for the actress picked up wedding rings from Neil Lane jewelers for the couple.

Known for being notoriously shy about discussing his private life, Brad revealed just the day before purchasing the wedding bands, “It’ll be soon — the time is right.”

Exchanging vows seems to be low on the priority list for the power couple, who have been filming two movies, renovating their home in France, jetting across the globe on goodwill missions, shooting a perfume commercial, and taking care of their six children.

Brad says the celebration will be “simple” and “just family.”

[From In Touch Weekly]

In Touch’s print edition notes that Brad had been perusing the wedding band section before Angelina’s stylist picked them up, so maybe it’s on. Star Magazine also has a really stupid story about Jennifer Aniston and Angelina’s “wedding wars”. Basically, Jennifer “still wants to stick it to Angelina” so when Jennifer heard that Brad and Angie were planning a ceremony in the South of France, Jennifer decided to have HER wedding in Paris and she invited all of Brad’s friends because she is so, so, so OVER him. So Angelina heard about this (from the gerbils) and she decided to move the wedding ceremony over to Cambodia, and she’ll “stick it to Aniston” by making her look vapid and showy and excessive while she (Angelina) looks so family-oriented by comparison. So to up the ante, Jennifer has invited Brad’s mother to the wedding and DEAR GOD do I have to keep talking about this?

Photos courtesy of the UNHCR, Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Christina says:

    Maybe it’s just me, but for all their supposed hotness and star-power, I find this couple so, so boring.

    Just get your wedding over with, already. Does anyone really care anymore?

    • Rhea says:

      To be fair, it’s the media who would like to paint them as a wild couple with crazy daily life drama(the usual Brad crying his eyes out of the room, Angie the villain,secret phone call, etc)when in fact they are quite normal for a couple with a family in a Hollywood’s standard. Some people prefer to believe any story the media spin about them, though. And yup, I could see the media spin this story the way Kaiser said it. LOL. :D

    • mln76 says:

      Not trying to battle hear but I’m curious because so many people post about how boring they find this couple. I can understand posting about someone you dislike (I often do) but I rarely even read posts about those who bore me. I’m thinking that maybe you just dislike them?

      • Well said... says:

        Well, put, mln76… Dislike or perhaps jealous… How can someone find this couple boring when they have great careers, are jet setters, beauty (in my opinion), charisma, generosity and I really don’t see them being “bad people.” I mean, I guess some can’t get over her “wild child” past, I suppose.

    • Coral says:

      I don’t know why people say ‘just get married already’ considering they they have only been engaged for about 8 months give or take. Other celebs have been engaged longer than these two and yet no one complains i.e Britney, Halle, Miley, Jessica. S
      And yes people DO CARE.

    • femme says:

      Well… Some people find red carpets, extravagant parties with hollywood people and discussions about how celebrities maintain their bodies exciting. Not judging you.
      I find AJ the most exciting woman in HW precisely because she is not like that. She has priorities right and is a great representative of US overseas. The video accompanying this visit from reuters was really touching too, but i can understand why people prefer escapism to real life issues.

    • Evon4 says:

      They are too ‘perfect’, no scandals=boring. Plus after 6 kids its about time.

    • bns says:

      It’s not just you. I really like Angelina, but they are boring and overrated.

    • Vesper Lynd says:

      Dude! Forget about Angelina and Brad’s life, that sarin gas sh*t is no laughing matter! My brother in law w as in Vietnam and he got “sprayed” back then even though it is denied to this day that crap was used in Vietnam. He has had all sorts of health issues since then, I’m surprised he’s still alive. I sure hope Angelina has a diplomatic way to touch this people, I’d hate to be in their shoes right now.
      I truly believe Angelina does her humanitarian work to keep her grounded. And grateful for her lifestyle, it is good to see that a star like her knows life is more than money and movies, life exists beyond the Hollywood bubble and it is a world desperate for love we live in. So, I like her even mode for that, at leas she is trying to find her way todo something positive.

  2. carrie says:

    “Notorious shy about their private life”??????

  3. ringo says:

    Angelina just keep being amazing. Not only gorgeous & talented, but so very kind- an inspiration. The horror in Syria makes you lose faith in humans. The wedding ring story sounds bogus- they would prob design their own. Finally, if Jennifer wants to get some dignity back (& perhaps get a decent job), she’s got to have her PR stop attaching herself to Angelina- it gets more & more pathetic as the years go on.

  4. Imln76 says:

    Love them wish them well. I will believe they are married when they announce it.

    Oh and its mln76 for some reason that l wont go away.

  5. Amy625 says:

    It’s annoying when people say “nobody cares” yet that individual feels the need to read and comment about a story they think is stupid and boring. The funny thing is Brad and Angelina never were exciting. People just believe the tabloids and assumed they always have drama. In Touch is the least reliable tabloid. They’ve never written anything true about Brad and Angelina. I remember that every cover for a year was about them breaking up about 5 years ago.

    • watchingyoubitch says:

      Ita and people who posts stuffs like that really hates them and buy all those breakup-storm out stories.

    • excitement says:

      VERY true. All of the “exciting” tab lies are ridiculous. Brad & Angie are exciting to me as someone who loves interesting movies and very much respects their charity work. The facts just aren’t “exciting”- both of them are very professional, polite, humble and have stellar reputations for treating all levels of crew kindly. I think this compassion and positivity that they both seem to share was just as much a bonding agent as their talent & beauty.

      • never a bad word says:

        this +1000. Also, unlike so many in Hollywood, you never hear them trash others or say judgmental and/or condescending stuff about others. Brad may do a George joke, but George seems to set it off for attention or distraction (e.g., don’t you dare ask me about my personal life) George has yelled at more than one reporter over the years for getting “out of line” in his eyes. However, charmer that he is, he follows it up with a Brad joke & all is forgiven & forgotten- eyeroll!

  6. watchingyoubitch says:

    Syrian situation is just depressing, those poors people.

    about this post:
    she looks stunning,i really want to see the wedding pictures.hw best couple.

  7. Micah says:

    Good for them. I wish them well.

    I do not care to see any wedding pictures either.

    This is not meant as a jab or barb at all, as I think weddings should have meaning, and not be a photo extravaganza…..ever.

  8. lisa2 says:

    So proud of her for her consistency in her UN work.

    I highly doubt Brad bought the rings. I’m guessing that Procop designed the wedding rings to accompany her engagement ring.

    And I would make a bet that Jennifer is not going to France to be married. She doesn’t like to travel that way. So why do what is out of character. And does anyone else find it very strange that every time there is an article about Jennifer’s wedding they love to talk about Jane Pitt. Seriously. Why have we not seen one story about Jennifer’s relationship with Justin’s mother. Why no pics of them together. Why no talk of them planning the wedding. After all it will be Justin’s first wedding. Why is there nothing about his parents or siblings if he has them. Why is it always always necessary to try and keep Jennifer connected to Brad’s mother. I don’t get that. And I also never understand why I see so many comments from her fans saying it like it is the greatest thing. I wonder how would Justin’s mother feel about Jane being there. I mean would she wonder why Jennifer needs Jane there. I also find it funny that Jennifer’r rep recently denied the pregnancy rumor, but he never denies stories that associate her to her ex.

    beside Doug Pitt pretty much said they as a family are not in contact with Jennifer. That they all moved on years ago. I think he would know if Mom and Jen were that tight.

    I’m praying that the people of Syria will be safe. I can’t imagine living in that kind of fear. We are so fortunate in this country. And unless you have traveled outside the USA.. you really don’t get how some people live.

  9. lower-case deb says:

    it’s going to be winter soon in syria. i can’t imagine living in such conditions through the depth of winter.

    and god bless the relief workers on the ground too.

  10. Zelda says:

    Thanks for posting the paragraph about Syria first. More people will read it, now. The news is horrible, and seeing a gossip site try to spread it is really nice.

  11. She is my favorite. Compassionate, smart, classy, beautiful, talented… And I love her and Brad together too, and their family. Can’t wait for the wedding!

  12. The Original Mia says:

    Ugh, Syria. Can’t believe what he’s planning to do.

    I actually wonder if they are already married. Wouldn’t surprise me, but would totally blow the tabs out the water. Whatever they are planning for Christmas, more power to them.

  13. Kim says:

    Neil Lane story is BS.Procop will do wedding bands

  14. sophie says:

    How many more times do we have to hear that the wedding is soon. Eight years and six kids later. Keep milking it for PR. Who else keeps talking about how they are getting married “soon?” Just do it for pete’s sake. I know, if its the Brand, its the media’s fault, but if its aniston, its her own fault – she is the one planting the stories – even if it is detrimental to her. eyeroll

    • Tasha says:

      What ate you talking about they have not been saying the were get married soon for 8 years. They only just got engaged this year so I’m not getting we’re your going with that.

    • Opa says:

      They, Brad especially, just started talking about getting married last year! Are you mad that they are actually going to do it?

      Maybe they want to enjoy being engaged? No need to rush.
      He is always asked about gay marriage.

    • Rhea says:

      Relax, sophie. Everyone in the Hollywood using the media at some point for PR, and the media using them back to get more reader. It’s the price of being famous and not always a fair deal.

      IMO, often times the story was made by the media and the three of them don’t have anything to do with that. Example, the gossip about Aniston sending a flower to Jolie. I don’t think that story came from Aniston’s side or Jolie’s side. ;)

      A wedding story, a break up story, a pregnant story, a secret phone call story to the ex—-it’s all very common in the media’s playbook about how to spin the Holly Triangle’s story. Like you said, how many more times do we have to hear that the wedding is soon for Jolie or Aniston? Personally, I like Jolie—–but I don’t really care if Jolie or Aniston getting married or not. They can do what they like as that is their own life and I do not know them personally.

    • Kila says:

      Actually lots of celebs talk about how they are getting married soon, they are just not as high profile.

      Also, JA is the one who keep milking the baby story line. How many years is she going to make people think she is actually going to get pregnant or have kids??????? She has been saying for almost a decade now how babies are coming! Strong words for someone almost 44. She will be 60 and still say a baby is coming.

    • Sal says:

      Since when has any tabloid story been a detrimental one for Aniston? She has never had a ‘bad’ story about her. You Jenloons need help.

  15. Yolie says:

    The sooner they get married the sooner they can divorce and we can move on.

  16. Onasan says:

    By the way, this is completely unrelated to this post.. but weren’t the photos of Blake’s wedding supposed to come out around this time? I’m so curious to see her ice-capades Marchesa wedding dress! hehe…

  17. Starlight says:

    Whatever, I like Angelina.

  18. Moana says:

    Where does she stick her needles? Her arms are too skinny.

    • Kila says:

      She does not stick needles anywhere! You FF crazies are something else.

      Lets see, manages to film a huge big budget movie all summer, travels around the world for UNHCR while meeting heads of state, six kids, can always talk properly, has perfect skin, healthy hair, flies planes, directs her own film and people still want to claim she sticks needles in herself????? Well sign me up for what she has because she sure manages to get a lot done!

      She is skinny like she has always been. I have seen people much skinnier, AJ does not even come close.

    • Sal says:

      What needles? What are you talking about?

  19. kimchee says:

    I thought Brad’s commercial was hilarious. Does Angelina still act? I know they’re all U.N. and have moved into government roles over the last dozen years since we cared about them.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    I still love them. I think they’re raising their kids well, from what I know.

  21. midnightmoon says:

    Saw a photo of Blake’s dress. Sharpen your knives, Celebitches. It’s gonna be a feast. Truly craptastic.

  22. Madpoe says:

    I love the hell outta these two, so don’t get me wrong when I say, that the same damn stories I read about them…its kinda like the party guest that just will not freakin’ leave!

  23. blonde on the dock says:

    I applaud her effort when it comes to her UN work. It’s got to be heartwrenching to see so much suffering at such close proximity. But I dont think there will ever be a wedding and something tells me she and Pitt are no longer. They co-parent, that’s it! I’m not saying this to hate on her or Pitt It’s just what I think.

    • Rena says:

      Oh please, to co-parent you don’t move all over the planet together for 8 years, always where one is the other is also there. Stop the BS.

      They are totes together, making their relationship work, while others fall by the wayside day after day.

    • Hypocricy says:

      Lol, you wish.

      I would be more concerned about the longevity of the couple of that Theroux guy with his sugar mama…He is just there for his paychek coparenting ‘Sophie’s(choice) the dog between spa treatments and public displays of lousy grinning sessions.

      • blonde on the dock says:

        WTF has Theroux and Aniston have to do with what I wrote? NOTHING!!! I dont wish anything bad on AJ or Pitt it’s simply what I think. The relationship has ran it’s course. They are still parents of their children. Hey if I’m wrong whatever.

    • Julie says:

      Does it ever get tiring saying this in every single article about them???? No matter how much you say it does not make it true.

      Does it make you sleep better at night to think they are not a real couple? I see no evidence what so ever that they co-parent only.

      Newsflash…..there is no need to pretend to be a couple. They are going to get the same movie roles whether they are together or not.

      They have made their family work and always go on location together.

      I would love to see your face the day you read they are married.

    • Go says:

      Every comment of yours shows your hate for them! I think you life on AJ threads. Do you not have a life??????

      FYI, they were at dinner together Tuesday night together according to sightings.

      Why is it so hard for you to accept they are together? There is no reason to pretend at all.

    • Sal says:

      And you think Justi and Jennifer is a “real” relationship and not the phony one it obviously is? Give it a break Blondie.

  24. Janet says:

    LOL so Jenny-poo invited her ex-mother-in-law to the wedding. How about her own mother, did she get an invite this time? She wasn’t invited to the last one. How about her future mother-in-law, is she getting invited? None of the tabloids ever mention if Mrs. Theroux will be present or not, it’s all about Jane Pitt, who probably hasn’t spoken to Aniston in the past five years.

  25. nikko says:

    I think Angie’s been looking really good lately. She looks like she put on a few pounds. In regard to them being boring, their just like everybody else, living life daily which sometimes can be boring.

  26. floretta50 says:

    I haven’t heard or seen Angie or Brad for months for two of the most famous people on earth, how is it possible to hide out so long? All I want to see is a wedding photo, hopefully they will send out something, twins marching in line.

    • Lida says:

      They actually go out a lot. There are often twitter and facebook sightings of them all over London.

      They actually seem to want to avoid the paps for the most part.
      Their kids have not been seen in over a month and were hardly seen all year!

      They show how easy it would be for the Jen Garners’ and Alba’s of Hollywood to avoid the paps everyday.

  27. bcgirl says:

    anyone else think the timing here might have something to do with a widely ridiculed Chanel commercial?

    (and nothing to do with any made up Ang vs. Jen crap)

    • Go says:

      Uh, no.

      Most people with lives have moved on & do not care about that commercial anymore.

      I don’t think it was as bad as people like to beleive and if it was any other male celeb doing that commercial no one would have cared.

      What would be the point of getting married months after the fact???? Wouldn’t it have made sense to get married right after it came out????

    • ana says:

      What? Commercial came out in October. It’s December now!

      • bcgirl says:

        just saying he was laughed at pretty hard after that. My thought was that maybe after getting laughed at, it seemed like finally the time to start planning the wedding. (Weddings take time to plan) and how could they have foreseen the public reaction and planned it for just after? Just my thoughts you don’t have to agree with me.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Bcgirl, who wrote: “anyone else think the timing here might have something to do with a widely ridiculed Chanel commercial?”

        Friday after work I went to our downtown Macy’s department store (right next to our Tiffany’s store). After all the talk about the ridicule Brad’s Chanel commercials have received and how the campaign has flopped, I was quite surprised to find a huge black and white photo of Brad Pitt right in front of the store’s main entrance. The photo was the backdrop for a Chanel display featuring fragrance for both Men and Women. If his campaign was the failure Jen’s fans all claim it to be, I doubt the display featuring Brad’s face would have been placed in such a prominent location.

    • Lida says:

      They actually got engaged in April, BEFORE he even filmed his Chanel Ad!

      You think a 48 year old man who has been in this business a very long time cares that people made fun of a commercial he took home 7 million for?

      It was a silly commercial, not a DUI or an abuse situation. You all act like he murdered someone.

    • Tasha says:

      Sorry to tell you but Brads “widely ridiculed Chanel commercial” is make Chanel a crap load money it was reported that more man are buying Chanel for themselves. Brad and Chanel are laughing thier way to the bank.

  28. Amy C says:

    If out touch said it then it must be right? ;)
    In the real note though I think they are marrying soon. They both set to have almost free schedule for 6 month unless something announced so the time is truly near this time around. IT is perfect timing.

  29. Boo says:

    I’m often a Brangelina naysayer, but I have to hand it to her: she hustles for the humanitarian missions in which she participates. I truly admire her efforts on behalf of those people in crisis.

  30. LemonNLime says:

    Love the dress she’s wearing. Does anyone know who makes it?

  31. Catty says:

    Oh yes, how wonderful Angie is. Funny how you loons are totally forgetting how Brad & Angie dined with Bashar al-Assad and his wife a couple of years ago. Angie is a fool – dining with a tyrant just to get publicity for herself and now she is putting on the sad face visiting the refugees of Bashar al-Assad to get herself in the media again.

    Oh I forget – that “awareness” thing that Angie does is so selfless. Too bad no one cares anymore – most people with half a brain look to news for awareness, not Angie. Either help those people or F-off – she doesn’t help anyone but herself – have looked for years for documentation showing Angie’s little glamour shots help refugees but there is absolutely no proof of that. The refugees will still be there next time she needs a media boost.

    • Tasha says:

      No one cares anymore? yet here you are writing a whole paragraph Complaining, so you seem to care a great deal that you are saysing you remember who she had dinner with years ago. Lol

    • SaskiaR. says:

      Catty, your hate towards Angelina (who you continue to call Angie)is so blinding, it’s crazy. You researched for years to see if she is doing any good and found nothing? Nothing about millions of dollars donated to UNHCR for refugee causes, schools she built for refugee girls in Kenya and Afganistan – on this trip alone she and Brad sent 50K dollars worth of tents for people form Syria.
      There are always going to be refugees as long as there are wars. They will be there next time when she comes, as you say rudely, but you know what – SHE WILL COME NEXT TIME, and she will bring some change, even a little one (but you already know that, even if you don’t want to admit it)Do you think there should be no doctors in the world, because however many people they heal, there are always going to be sick people?
      It seams to me that you hate her so much for some reason, that you can’t stand that people think good about her. It’s really beyond bizarre.

      I feel totally bizarre also for writing this,lol, because when the next Angelina topic comes out, you will AGAIN write a new rant against her, whatever the topic will be, even though, as you said – nobody cares about her. Lol.

    • Lida says:

      She is just one person, do you think she can just snap her fingers and make everything right???? What more exactly can she do for them? She is doing as much as she can do.

      She has donated millions and has brought attention to many situations whether you want to beleive it or not! She spends her valuable time doing something other than tanning in Mexico.

      You have looked for YEARS?? Do you not have a life?

      And they went to dinner with him before any if this happened. How was she to know what was to come?

    • Sal says:

      Wow, you Jenloons are something else. You obviously haven’t looked hard enough as evidence of her attracting increasing donations for these plights is all over the net, and thats just one thing. She OBVIOUSLY makes a difference because why else would the UN promote her to Special Envoy? People don’t think before making these accusations against her.

    • Karma says:

      Yes, and Vogue wrote a lovely article on the wife while Barbara Walters is tied to them as well.

      The Assads’ were doing press, building the nation’s pr for the new century. It was a wise thing to try and attract investment dollars while painting themselves as progressive rulers of the Middle East. That AJ was dining with them makes perfect sense. With the wife doing Vogue, the Barbara Walters connection and eventual interview, as well as, getting friendly with the UN Goodwill Amb who is also a movie star. They hit all of the media markets. Magazine, tv, movies, and political by dinning with the UN Goodwill Amb.

      Anyway, the fact that Angelina cares about refugees is exactly the job description. It’s what she’s meant to do. So it’s bizarre to be upset over her talking about refugees. Seriously, you are upset you’ve heard about Angelina and the refugees but are certain nothing is done to help them? You might want to look into the mirror then. Her job is to inform people and she did, you’re aware, that you didn’t do anything is on you. At least she donated money to the cause and she has inspired others to do so, as well.

      Personally, I think she enjoys the effort of trying to help and feels genuine empathy for the people she advocates for. To be in her position/famous and not do something would be worse.

  32. Orange says:

    Don’t tell me you buy that BS about Assad using chemical weapons on his people! It’s about as real as him pulling babies out of incubators, which was recycled from Gulf War 1 where it was a lie even then! The “nurse” who testified before Congress about it was a Kuwaiti princess and daughter of the ambassador to the US and later admitted it was a lie. They said the same thing about the Germans bayoneting Belgian babies in WWI, it’s the same old recycled lie trotted back out as propaganda to inflame people’s sentiments so the elite powers that be can crush another sovereign nation and subsume it into the globalist banker cartel. I’m typing on an old pos phone so I can’t look it up but Syria is one of the 5 or 7 nations listed by some official in the military (can’t remember who though) that the US ws being told to destroy. Others were Iran, Libya, Sudan and I think Iraq. There is video of the guy saying it so quite frankly I don’t trust them.

    Also, the BBC Syrian correspondent is reporting from a London apartment and hasn’t set foot in Syria in 10 years! So sorry but I don’t believe the official narrative coming from the corporate media as we all know who they serve. Do some research, most Syrians support Assad, as most Libyans supported Qaddafi, the ones who don’t are paid agitators, usually foreigners that are there to stir up trouble.

    As for Angelina, she’s a CIA asset and will dance to the tune her masters play. Not hating on her but you don’t turn down Uncle Sam.

    • orange says:

      OK, off the crappy phone so here’s the details:

      According to General Westley Clarke, there was a plan to invade and take over 7 countries in 5 years. He was told, “we have a good military AND we can take down governments“…. the plan was revealed to Clark right after we first started bombing Afghanistan and it went like this; Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran.

      I personally am VERY suspicious of any “unrest” in any of those nations and I certainly wouldn’t believe any of the propaganda. They have been dying to destabilize Syria, they were desperate to do it to Iran (and still are), if you know what you’re looking at the propaganda is obvious. Of course they’re going to trot out St. Angie to push their agenda. You think fame, fortune and being a UN ambassador don’t come at a price? I hope she truly believes she’s doing good and has no idea what’s really going on….because it’s very nasty. Like organ harvesting, child prostitution, sex slavery, drug running, bad.

      One more thing…look at all the other nations we “liberated” (meddled) in. Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Iraq, Afghanistan, are any of those places better off after our “help”? Why would anyone think it would be better this time when history has shown otherwise?

      OH! One more one more thing (lol). The Kuwaiti princess was named Nayirah, check out the Nayirah testimony to see propaganda in action. Sad that we haven’t gotten more savvy and still fall for the same old BS. Maybe we need to start looking at facts instead of allowing these evil people to play to our emotions. Believe me, they know what they’re doing. Stop falling for it!

      • LemonNLime says:

        Orange – not saying you’re on the wrong track, but in my view, it’s a bit far fetched to think that Angelina is relevant in politics at that level. She’s an actor – that’s it. And frankly, not really the best at that (except where she’s playing a psycho).

        You talk a lot about the strategic plan for taking down these 7 countries, but don’t mention why they are of particular importance. They are important because of their resources (namely, oil), and because of our need for oil.

        Best thing we can all do to influence this situation is reduce consumption – specifically of energy (and perhaps even Angelina’s films!).

        I would have a lot more respect for Angelina if she could lead the way in carbon-neutral living for her and her large family. Maybe Jennifer Aniston could start a competition to see which of them can live a life which is the least environmentally impactful.

        Oh wait, that doesn’t sell…

      • Sal says:

        I think the mistake you and others make is to see her as an actor first and foremost and to have the inability to see beyond that. These days, she a humanitarian. Thats it. First and foremost. Her acting has taken a backseat to her humanitarian work. She has been slowing down on her acting work and ramping up her humanitarian work. Unfortunately, people attack celebs for doing anything out of the box that they deem they should be doing. It is blatantly dishonest to belittle her earnest job with the UN. It is wrong to deliberately belittle her humanitarian work and say all she is, is an actor, because her humanitarian work is uncomfortable to you. It clearly makes some people very uncomfortable whenever an actor does serious humanitarian work, especially when they get in as deep as Angelina is. You need to accept that she is not just another celeb throwing a cheque. She is clearly much much more dedicated than that. Her protion to Special envoy proves she is far more dedicated to it than other celebs. A distinguishment needs to be made and acknowledged. She has become a humanitarian first and foremost, who just happens to occasionally do some acting. People need to acknowledge that fact. No matter how much they don’t want to.

      • orange says:


        There’s more to it than just oil. It has to do with central banking, national sovereignty and a few other things. Nothing in the world of geopolitics is simple! Angelina is much more than just an actress, I don’t think a lot of people realize just how much of our media is focused on these inconsequential people. Their actions and opinions are given undue attention and influence a lot of public opinion, right or wrong. The CIA and other government entities are very aware of this and use it to their advantage. These celebrities are famous all over the world, not just in the US, and that carries a lot of weight. And you (and most people) would probably be very surprised if you knew what went on in our nation’s capitol. I wouldn’t believe it myself if I hadn’t been born and raised there and wasn’t a lifelong political fanatic/junkie! But what they show the public is only the very tip of the iceberg, believe me.

        I agree with you 100% about reducing carbon footprints and energy dependence! The petrodollar’s reign is about done and the more we adapt to a sustainable, reasonable model of consumption, the easier it will be for us to weather that storm. But of course when I speak about these things I am labeled a nutcase and a conspiracy theorist, so I sadly doubt things will go smoothly for most.

        Sal, I don’t think anyone is belittling Angelina or her work. I want to believe she is doing this with the best of intentions but my experience and knowledge of these things makes it very hard. The UN is a very evil and criminal organization and I am wary of anyone who gets involved with them. Nothing at ALL personal against Angelina, if any other celeb does it I give them the side eye as well. That’s all I’m saying. I urge you to do some research and read more into the UN and government, etc. The one thing I can say with 100% absolute certainty is that there’s ALWAYS more to this than meets the eye.

  33. neer says:

    My take on AJ’s reply about her thinking of giving up acting when the time comes is what she feels TODAY For now. Anything can happen between now & the future depending on her situation & circumstances. Whether she may change her mind or not, that’s her choice. Her decision. A personal decision in life. Actually, she has made it very clear in her past interviews that her priorities have changed ever since she has formed a family with BP. Her priorities are in this order: FAMILY, CHARITY & CAREER. So it is no surprise if once in a while we hear from her regarding her career decision. She was asked about this again because of the seemingly greater amount of time, money & effort she is spending for her humanitarian work. The dedication she has shown just amazes the public. Hence, it seems her acting profession has taken a back seat. Family of course will always be her ultimate priority. No question about that. Fortunately, AJ & BP has found a way to make it work despite their busy schedules.

    Bear in mind, that AJ has already accomplished so much at an early young age. She has experienced critical & commercial success. Awards, she has many as well as box office hits. She would not be one, if not, the most sought after actress in the world for nothing. Her name is widely known around the world not just an actress BUT a credible humanitarian.
    She has just learned to expand her horizons. Her world is not confined anymore to the land of Hollywood. She has evolved. Usually, people who have everything in life will find other avenues to fill their other needs which can never be satisfied by any material gains. Her need for self actualization or self-realization is just so strong that she is willing to sacrifice her least priorities in life just so she can spend more time with her family & what she is passionate about. Her UNHCR, CFR & other humanitarian work/ advocacy gives her so much inner peace & fulfillment. Her desire to serve others is just really great & special. This really means so much to her.
    Come to think of it, even some of her career work lately has been in relation to her humanitarian work. Her first film directorial job (ITLOBH) as well as a screenwriter was obviously was born out of her advocacy. Same with her first documentary film, A Place In Time. So, maybe even if she may give up acting eventually or she may just do very few movies in between, I think she may not give up directing & writing as she finds more satisfaction in this area.

  34. Lucky Charm says:

    She’s so beautiful, it hurts! She has that rare (for Hollywood) combination of beauty, brains, compassion and integrity. Brad and their children are not the only lucky ones to have her in their life, she has made a positive impact on a lot of lives. Go Angelina!

    Whenever they get married, wishing them blessings for a long & happy life together!

  35. neer says:

    Re AJBP Wedding Bands

    I think the wedding rings are already done and possibly made by their trusted friend/jeweler Robert Procop who also made AJ’s “a-year-designed-by-Brad” engagement ring. And the public will only get to see them through pics only after their wedding has already taken place.

    As what BP has said, their wedding would be simple & really a family affair. Probably, their guests will only include very close friends & associates. My guess, the place will be at Chateau Miraval (France) or Missouri.

    I prefer for them to have a very solemn, low profile wedding. That every word in their vows are said with full of love & commitment, NOT about lavish decorations, NOT the gorgeous gowns, NOT for show, NOT for the guests, NOT for the press, NOT for the fans, BUT it’s all about the intent of lifetime partners.

    Weddings are NOT celebrated for competition with others. It is NOT a contest. It is just a celebration, a ceremony. What’s more important is the reason for “wedding” which is the MARRIAGE.

  36. Suze says:

    I give her a lot of credit for involving herself in this. It is a dreadful situation with no easy answers, and it’s not a high profile go-to-premieres type of charity. It’s horrible hell.

    On the other hand, just get married already!

  37. lisa2 says:

    So Brad and Angie are boring.. I guess so after all

    they are not having twitter wars with other celebs,
    they are not posting twitpics of themselves and their children,
    they are not being photographed at wholefoods and getting coffee every day,
    they are not at every event that happens,
    they are not saying negative things about others; even when they are the target of nasty things,
    they are not talking about other celebs when they are promoting their films/projects,
    they are not in rehab,
    they have not broken up,
    they don’t have children popping up from past relationships,
    they are not getting arrested for a DUI,
    they are actually paying their income taxes,
    they don’t have a mug shot,
    they don’t have the police at their home because of fighting,

    so considering what we see from other celebs on a daily basis.. I guess the assertion that Brad and Angie are boring is true.. but the same could be said for most people that are living a normal life.

    • Thank you, Lisa2 says:

      I find the negativity appalling… I guess those that say they are boring want to hear about Rhinana, Lohan, and people like that. All Brad & Angie are doing are raising a family, doing movies and a lots of charity activity… and they get slammed either way. Can’t please everyone… there will always be hate and jealousy.

  38. stinkyman says:

    Get married already!!! And that UN work is a sham designed to promote herself. What is the purpose of her showing up in these places … we already know they exist. She poses with suffering people the way tourists go on slum tours.

    • lisa2 says:

      You have the perfect name.

      I can tell when haters like you post you get so pissed when the comments are not totally negative. It really bothers you. Stop following her and what she does. It will help your blood pressure.

      and not sure who the “we” are that you are speaking for. You sure as hell are not talking for me.

    • Mary says:

      A Sham? She has been doing this for over a decade and the UN was so pleased with her work they promoted her to a special envoy. Whether you like it or not she is bring in attention to the cause, having donations increase each time she goes.

      And lots of people do not know about all these refugee camps.

      I bet if she was a man people would not call it a sham.
      Do you go on Ben Affleck or Clooney threads and attack their work?? Angelina has been doing it much longer then them.

      She is not posing with them. She is using her time to talk to them, see the conditions.

      Also much do you yourself donate? How many camps have you in your free time visited?

  39. JudyK says:

    SUch a shame there are so mentally ill people out there. To hate someone so badly that you never met , and never will and who did nothing wrong to you has to be a form of mental illness. Worshiping JA the way some do is really a joke.
    Brad and Angie have come so far these past few years. They are together , they have their kids and a good life. They donate millions of dollars to chairties and have helped the people of La with homes for the people who lost everything from the levees breaking and Angie goes to one war torn country to another to help. You know instead of people yelling about the divorce I never hear her fans talk about JA and her aid for breast cancer people. All they do is feel sorry for her and her being dumped when in fact she is the one that wanted a divorce lol..
    I doubt if AJ goes to war torn countries for PR when she could get killed or taken hostage. Where do these people get these ideas?
    They are horrible parents ,? lol NO way . My daughter was a Navy Brat and she has been places that some will never see and she was always talking about them and how much fun she had and how many languages she could speak. What is so wrong with that? They take good care of their kids. They keep saying JA wanted kids well her father just said that he was disappointed because she told him she didnt want kids. She never wanted kids and her mistake was lieing to Pitt about that. He wanted kids and begged her to have a family but she wanted a career. Does this make JA a bad person ? NO. BUT she should have been honest about it instead of puting the blame on BP for the failure of the marriage. Brad and Angie have what they always wanted, a family and love . I hope they last because they are good people and give and help others. Haters who have you helped today ?? They give millions to charity and people say they do it for pR well that money is public and the papers print it , B&A don;t tell the papers. They gave the money for their kids pictures to charity and by doing so they stopped the chance of someone getting hurt by the paps trying to get a picture. Remember Diana? I hope they marry and I personally would liketo see a small but formal wedding the girls being flower girls and the boys ring bearers. I think AJ would make a beautiful bride and he a great looking groom and the kids all dressed up and being part of it would be great. I would love to see JA and Justin go to prove that all of this crap is over and maybe the haters will stfu and go away.

    • lisa2 says:

      wait wait wait wait.

      I need more info on that part about her father.

      I don’t think there is anything wrong with not wanting to parent children. I don’t and would never be negative about any woman or man that feels that way. I am always honest with the men in my life about that. ALWAYS up front from the start. No misconceptions. Because if a man felt the way I did and didn’t tell at the go or lie to me. I’m sure people would be mad and call him all kinds of names.

      but I’m curious about her father and when this was said. NEWS to me.

  40. Heck Yeah says:

    I think they are both HOTT and I would do them at the same time! YEP! I would! I don’t find them boring whatsoever!