Anderson Cooper only wears one pair of jeans which he washes every 6 months

I have some minor celebrity obsessions. I love when celebrities talk about their little OCD oddities, and I love when celebrities talk about the specifics of their own maintenance. Like, I thought one of the most interesting posts I ever wrote about Lady Gaga was the time when she talked about how she never washes her face before she goes to bed, and she sleeps in her makeup. Like, that was a really gross example, but I find that kind of stuff incredibly interesting. I want to know who only washes their hair once a week and who slathers their body in La Mer.

So, with that in mind, here’s a gross story from Anderson Cooper. He told Stacy London (of that What Not to Wear show, which I hate because she gives such horrible style advice to “bigger” girls) that he only really wears one pair of jeans and he only washes that pair a few times a year. Except for the times he walks into the shower wearing the jeans and then just lets them “air dry”. This is weird, right?

Anderson Cooper takes extreme measures to ensure his jeans look pristine. While speaking to fashion consultant Stacy London on Anderson Live Dec. 6, the 45-year-old TV host admitted his wardrobe doesn’t have much variety. “In my real life, I wear a T-shirt, gray or white, and the same pair of jeans,” Cooper said. “Literally, the same pair of jeans every day.”

He added, “They have these jeans you don’t have to wash now — or so they say. It’s true!”

London, 43, seemed skeptical. “I went to this store APC which has really nice stuff,” Cooper explained. “And you buy these things and the person said to me, ‘Don’t wash them for a long time.’ They mean like six months, I think.”

The What Not to Wear co-host argued that “six months is probably a little long” between washes, but to maintain “the integrity of your denim, you should wash it in cold water — no soap — and air dry it.”

Cooper admitted he’s washed his jeans “maybe twice in six months.”

“The times I’ve done it, I’ve worn them and walked into my shower with them and put some soap on them and then air dried them,” he continued. “Isn’t that how you are supposed to do it?”

When London advised him not to use soap, Cooper seemed confused. “That’s not really washing them off, so why even bother?”

[From Us Weekly]

His confusion confuses me. WTF? I’m sure there are some well-made jeans where the care-and-handling advice is “don’t wash these all the time.” I can go for a while without washing my two favorite pairs of jeans too, but not “six months without washing.” Like, I can go a month or two, especially when I’m not wearing the jeans on regular rotation. But these are jeans Anderson is wearing – he admits – daily. Those jeans must be disgusting! And then he walks into the shower and puts soap on them and lets them air dry? Why not just take ‘em to the backyard and hose them off like a car? Anderson Cooper, why are you so weird?

Here are some pics from the CNN Heroes event a few days ago. Coop looked good. But now I can’t get it out of my head that his clothes are kind of gross.

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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    • Vesper Lynd says:

      LMAO!!!!!!!! You guys caused me to laugh till I almost cried!!! Ah…so I guess his pants can stand on their own now….eeewww!!! My brother’s socks are similar, they’re so dirty they look like black leather boots…lol…sorry bro.
      Cooper is biohazardly dangerous…I can’t fathom the amounts and types of viruses and bacteria lurking on the fabric…yikes!

    • dean travers says:

      Charming! Man am I proud that I frequent the same site as you!Ignorant, childish AND casually homophobic? You should be extremely proud of yourself…that takes work.

      • lizbet says:

        Da fuq? Only someone looking for an insult could in any way interpret “biohazardously dangerous” to be a statement about his sexuality

        As for Anderson, he seems like he would be explaining this expecting a back pat from Stacy for knowing some secret to caring for expensive jeans and being surprised that she seemed grossed out.

  1. epiphany says:

    Can someone please explain to me why we needed to know this?

  2. Christina says:

    Ugh. Now, it’s certainly true that washing is bad for jeans, especially black ones, but this is taking the proverbial. I mean, he’s rich enough to buy multiple pairs of his favourite jeans, isn’t he? God knows, he could probably have them custom made fo him if he wanted.

    • The Original Tiffany says:

      He is talking about raw/dry denim jeans. Many guys go a year without their first wash.
      They don’t have a “wash”, you wear the wash pattern in the denim and get your own creases and marks. It is a “thing” APC jeans are one of these.
      Here is a care guide :)

      I don’t have any of these, it is mostly guy’s jeans. I only wash my premium denim when it needs it and then in cold, inside out and hang to dry.

    • Sassy says:

      He mentioned that he is very “cheap” and doesn’t like to spend money. He also said that he got a job as a child model because it was the only job a 10 year old could get. I wonder why he needed money, since his mother is heiress, Gloria Vanderbilt.

      • Stellax2 says:

        I think his mum probably helped build his work ethic. I’m not surprised that Anderson worked at such a young age.

        Like a commenter stated above, I wash my premium jeans inside out and hang dry them because the washer would beat them up.

        Does anyone think Anderson was being a bit sarcastic or playing around when he told her that information?
        Seriously, when does Anderson have time to do laundry?
        I know most of us do our own laundry but I wouldn’t put the Coop in that category. I could be completely wrong. Still love him, just won’t think about his jeans :)

      • KC says:

        He didn’t need the money but after his father died when he was 10 he decided that he wanted wanted to be independent so that he could be in control of his life. To be independent you can’t rely on other people for money so he got a job.

  3. fabgrrl says:

    I wonder if is talking about those jeans his mother makes? As I recall, those things would fall apart in the washing machine.

  4. Val says:

    I have to think AC was joking on this one. At least the shower part!

  5. mln76 says:

    There are many high-end jeans that recommend that you don’t wash them. They say crazy things like put them in the freezer (to kill germs)or as AC says stand in the shower and scrub them so you don’t change the fit. Personally I think that is gross.

  6. Fandancer says:

    What a nutball! I love AC and the seeming split in his personality…dashing & gorgeous foreign correspondent annnnnd giggling goofball that eats only 4 things and is baffled by laundry. So oddly endearing.

  7. NerdMomma says:

    I can’t wrap my mind around any of the washing stuff, but Cooper is WEARING those jeans. He is so frickin hot.

  8. Velouria says:

    What a freak…that sounds like some Honey Boo-Boo kind of shit.

  9. Zigggy says:

    Doesn’t he, like, spill stuff on them? Or splash up mud in the rain? So weird.

  10. littlestar says:

    When I was in university, I used to work as a receptionist at a hair salon. The two owners were jeanaholics/jean snobs. They would only wear high end designer jeans and would rarely wash them. They claimed washing them would lessen the quality of the jeans. So they would always suggest to go as long as possible without washing jeans. Which I now do to a certain extent with my more expensive jeans, but I cannot go six months without washing them! Especially if I’ve worn them a few times a week.

  11. Steph says:

    Kaiser, you do not speak ill of my AC! LOL but yeah, that is kinda gross. I love him anyway though.

  12. SunnySide says:

    I just read the other day about a student who wore the same pair of jeans for 5 months without washing to prove they don’t get any germier after the 13th day.

    I don’t know about the truth of that statement or not but I think jeans reek after 3 wearing a and I HAVE to wash them!

  13. Allie May says:

    “Why not just take ‘em to the backyard and hose them off like a car?”

    Love this!

  14. marie says:

    file that under things I never need to know.. I prefer my jeans soft so I wash the heck out of them..

  15. bea says:

    Why the he’ll doesn’t he own 365 pairs of them? He could afford it. Also, he does whatever some shop person tells him?

    In the 70s people would get in a bath with their jeans on in order to ‘shrink to fit’ them- this sounds like the urban legend of that.

    • D says:

      That’s not an urban legend, that’s a thing some people did, and a thing some people still do. Unsanforized denim will shrink when first washed, so it needs to be presoaked before wearing to ensure proper fit. Some people do this by sitting in the tub in the jeans.

    • KC says:

      That is very much a thing (many fabrics do shrink in hot water after all). Levi’s flagship store in SF used to have a giant hot tub that people could sit in to get the perfect fit. And Mythbusters did a segment on a myth that people shrunk their jeans so tight that they died. (The myth was busted, but the jeans did shrink.)

  16. GoodCapon says:

    Why would anyone believe this?

  17. PrettyTarheel says:

    I don’t wash my jeans that often (six months might be a stretch, but I can see it). This isn’t like a shirt you sweated in, or your gym clothes. I’m not wearing them around the house or to play with my son. That’s why we have yoga pants. Jeans are for social activities.

  18. LadyMTL says:

    Ergh, that’s gross. I don’t wash my jeans regularly (once every 6-7 weeks, but then I don’t wear them every day) but I cannot even imagine how rank his must be! I wonder, do they stand up on their own once they’ve been worn for 6 months? Is that how he knows that it’s time to wash them?

  19. andy says:

    Watch it, Kaiser. Michael K doesn’t play when it comes to his Boo.

  20. ella says:

    Every denim care guide I’ve ever read has stated that you shouldn’t wash your jeans for the first 6 months after buying them.

    If you’re worried about germs, you can put them in the freezer. Yep, it works. But, unlike Anderson, you should probably own more than 1 pair of jeans, of course.

    Most clothes only suffer from washing, so socks, gym clothes and underwear are the only clothes you should wash after every use… most people don’t need to wash their jeans, shirts etc. all the time.

    But most people are also a bit silly and irrational about “germs” – the truth is, any time of the day, your hands and hair are more likely to carry a LOT more germs than your jeans ever did…

  21. lower-case deb says:

    apparently, a non-scientific study by a scientific duo sort of “proved” that healthy people don’t need to wash them all that often. 15 months, though? ew.

    continuing my sharp-crease-jeans gripe from the Taylor Swift thread, i confess i often wash my jeans because the crease fell out (they don’t, really. but I just felt they did).

    apparently my life is ruled by neuroses.

    • poppy says:

      lcd, those apc jeans would crease up great with all of your devotion to ironing and pressing. seriously.
      i love your honesty and your neuroses. thanks for the much needed chuckle the other day.

      not surprised AC would shop at APC since he wears a “uniform”.

  22. EscapedConvent says:

    Yet AC always looks so perfectly turned out on the air. & you just know he smells good.

  23. Samigirl says:

    I wish I could find the link, but some guy went a year wearing the same pair without washing. The dirtiest part was the crotch, but even at that they weren’t all that germy. So, this doesn’t gross me out. Still love ya Anderson!

  24. Jessica6 says:

    Meh. This guy is pure vanilla as far as I’m concerned. And, isn’t it just so cool and hip that he’s GAY, too!?


  25. roxy750 says:

    This man can do no wrong. (put pew! Stinky jeans!)

    • PrettyTarheel says:

      His jeans should not stink if he’s caring for them properly and not wearing them for activities better suited to sweats. I am very sensitive to scents, and I sniff check my clothes all the time-some clothes just shouldn’t be washed as often.

  26. Seany D says:

    I’m not sure what the big deal is. This is pretty much standard operation for raw denim. I’m a guy and I do the same thing. My jeans don’t ever smell and they don’t really get dirty, either. My fiancée knows about this and doesn’t care.

  27. Genevieve says:

    I had no idea. I literally wash my jeans, along with everything else, after one wear. I mean, the knees get stretched out…isn’t that reason enough to wash? But that might make sense as to why my pricey Guess jeans are quickly wearing out. From now on I’m wearing my jeans twice!

  28. Ralph says:

    Somebody follow that guy with a black light that would be a gas.

  29. Just G says:

    J Lo slathers her body in La Mer and K Stewart probably washes her hair once every OTHER week !

  30. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    That’s just such an odd thing to hear from Gloria Vanderbilt’s son.

    Does Gloria Vanderbilt’s son ever have to do his own washing? I imagine that as he sleeps the little Jack Frost Denim hobgoblins clear away the debris and perform the colour treatments required to get his hair all silvery fox like that. Does he know that his natural hair colour is burgundy-chartreuse?

  31. Holden says:

    I only have one pair of jeans that I like right now and I wash them once a week, but I use soap. I don’t know why I told you that.

  32. nikko says:

    You really believe that? He’s so germophobic, that’s its no way he would wear the same pair everyday. With his schedule he might only and 2 -3 times to even wear a pair of jeans.

  33. dread pirate cuervo says:

    Although I have several pairs of jeans, I only like 1 pair & wear them maybe 3x a week. I wash them when they get “dirty”, which means stained or if I sweat excessively in them. I have no washing schedule, I just “know”. I go 2-3 months without washing them. I don’t even care how gross it sounds. I hate washing them because it takes weeks to break them in again. I swear I am otherwise cleanly & everything else goes in the laundry after one wear! But my jeans are doing God’s work, lol.

  34. Cordelia says:

    You laugh, but that’s exactly what you are supposed to do. I own 3 pairs of Acne Jeans, and a pair of Nudies.. and I wash each one of them once every 6 months or so. That’s what you have to do so that they take the shape of your body and become ‘second skin’. They cost a ton, but they also last a LONG time.

    • dean travers says:

      I actually wash all my jeans with my tongue. Much like a cat, whenever an invasive substance occurs I diligently lap it up. I am starting to feel a bit ashamed though now that see how pristine you all are! Let us pray that AC reads this as well and changes his NAUSEATING habits!

  35. Jackster says:

    Ok, I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    I wash my 20 dollar jeans every time that I wear them. Just think about when you use a public restroom the things that you have to touch before you undo your jeans.
    Yuk. And that’s just one visit.

    Of course the dirtiest thing that you wear, besides your shoes that doesn’t get washed would be your belt. Think about that for a minute.

  36. Victory says:

    i buy jeans for 50-100$ and wear them five days in a week then wash them. i couldnt imagine wearing a pair of jeans for a month without washing.. ew

  37. Jaana says:

    I LOVE Guess jeans, and I have one that I just washed once since I got it over a year ago. If you have a bath before wearing them you should be able to wear them for a while, and people who use a washing brush on jeans horrify me! After wearing them a few times I would hang them outside in so it could air out…

  38. Kim says:

    That’s why raw. denim jeans cost several hundred dollars.

  39. e.non says:

    why he has a prominent position as a journalist is a complete mystery. but, then, he does work for cnn… that might help to explain their collapse as a significant news outlet.

  40. Maritza says:

    So I guess he puts the jeans in the freezer to kill the bacteria and odors. If I were to pay $500 for a pair of jeans I’d probably do the same thing.

  41. palermo says:

    I happened to see a little of one of his shows, it was all about his weird food and drinking habits. I have never looked at him the same way since, he’s really really weird

  42. Tru u says:

    There’s nothing wrong with that. I mean I have wore the same jeans a year and a half and I haven’t wash the, because it makes them feel weird but I always take them off when I get home

  43. muppet_barbershop says:

    Dudes. He is so pulling our legs. Or more specifically, he was pulling WNTW’s leg. Unless he and Stacy planned this together. There is past proof of Michael’sBoo messing with the public. I am just not recalling it right now…