“Will Stephen Colbert be South Carolina’s new junior senator? For real” links

Stephen Colbert could be South Carolina’s newest senator! For real. Sen. Jim DeMint is retiring (and moving on to the Heritage Foundation) and there’s a groundswell of support for Colbert to be the replacement. #SenatorColbert [Gawker]
Demi Moore really is a mess these days. [LaineyGossip]
This news is super-depressing, and I don’t want to cover it. So sad. [Dlisted]
Jessica Simpson hides her alleged bump in new pics. [Pop Sugar]
Tom Cruise as a pocket-sized Terminator?! [Pajiba]
The White House Christmas card is GORGE. It made me want to cry. [Buzzfeed]
Nicole Scherzinger’s fug tablecloth cape/thing. [Go Fug Yourself]
I hate Kristen Stewart’s dress and WEAR A BRA. [A Socialite Life]
11 years of Victoria’s Secret fantasy bras. [The Blemish]
Rihanna at 15 years old: she was so cute! [Evil Beet]
Johnny Depp bought a home in Nashville. [Bitten & Bound]
Rose McGowan, this is really NOT a good look. [Popoholic]
Review of Edward Burns’ new film, The Fitzgerald Family Christmas. [Moe Jackson]
This John Travolta/Xenu story is just too sad to talk about. [Dramarama]
Tracy Morgan & Jimmy Fallon redo a holiday classic. [Seriously OMG WTF]
I like Keira Knightley’s travel outfit. [ICYDK]
Diana Ross without makeup… she has great skin, right? [Celebslam]
Angus T. Jones made a powerful enemy. Just so. [IDLYITW]
Call me crazy, but I really like Alicia Keys’ dress here. [I'm Not Obsessed]

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  1. CamColty says:

    Stewart’s definatly looked worse

  2. LeslieM says:

    I am from South Carolina and I could see Steven C. as a lawmaker there. There have been a lot of crazy personalities there like Fritz Hollings, S. Thurmond and most notably Arthur Ravenel. SC’s last governor disappear for a week! When he returned he said he’d been on the Appalation Trail when he’d actually left the country to see the woman who became his mistress. Colbert could definitely be elected but only if he never wears those pants or that jacket again. South Carolina is very buttoned up. Coat and tie only.

  3. Bowers says:

    He’d be better than the tea partyer who is vacating the position.

  4. LeslieM says:

    Demi Moore was in Miami for a huge art celebration called Art Bassel. Will Farrell was there as well. People who met him said he was hilarious. I think Demi Moore needs to cut her hair and accept her age. Then maybe she could get a serious role like she used to play and prove she can still be a consumant professional. She seems to be trapped in St. Elmo’s Fire.

    • Pia says:

      What the heck does cutting your hair have to do with accepting your age? I’m sick of women hitting a certain age and going for a short hairstyle, touting it as “low maintenance”. I’d argue that most women with short hair end up fussing with it more in the long run in an effort to make it look feminine. I think long, gray braids are beautiful.

      Also- Lenny Kravitz looks totally annoyed in all of those pics and that is awesome, because she really looks like a damn fool.

  5. Lady D says:

    I wonder what really goes through Demi’s head these days.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Colbert is really, really sharp. He’d probably be great, but I doubt he’d ever do it for real. I love him though, he’s hilarious, smart, and charitable.

    I LOVE the White House Christmas card – beautiful!

  7. Onasan says:

    I know Stephen C is always in character as a conservative, but I really don’t want him to run as a Republican — well, only if he is an undercover liberal while doing it (as he seems to be most of the time)

  8. Chordy says:

    No “Would you hit it?” for Colbert? Because I would.

  9. snark says:

    Man, Demi’s eyes in one of those Lainey pics look like she is FLYING. Red Bull plus ??

  10. Bodhi says:

    Nikki Haley would NEVER appoint Colbert & he would never get elected, as much as I want him as the senator. He isn’t a conservative, it is a schtick for his show. He is very liberal & that would never fly in my beloved home state. I WISH we could get liberals elected, but it will never happen, unfortunately. Yes, there have been a lot of loonies elected by the folks of SC, but they were legit Republicans

  11. deehunny says:

    1) I won’t call you crazy but that suede dress isn’t that fab &

    2) The Keebs is looking hella rough in those photos with Demi Moore

  12. mssnarnd says:

    Topical (but not listed on CB yet) – thank you to “Haarping Charlie” on the Bieber post for alerting us to the PSY anti-American comments. Ass. I hope PSY gets “GANGED.”

    • mike says:

      Psy had every reason to be pissed off at the US militarism in 2004. Heck, Koreans as whole did. Remember, this was at the height of US militarism under neocon rampage and just two years earlier, US servicemen ran over two Korean girls and got off scott free. How would you like it if Chinese soldiers ran over two American girls and got off scott free?

      Moreover, the US army personnel in Korea have been notorious for their misbehaviors and their presence in the most populous city in Korea (Seoul) has been a perennial source of tension between Korean civilians and the US army.

      If the US Army would leave Korea (or even just base away from mega cities), most of the anti-Americanism found in Koreans would disappear.

  13. wanderlust says:

    I just came back from seeing Anna Karenina and Keira was great! It was a really solid film. I must admit that I disliked her for a minute but she has really come into her own. Couldn’t take my eyes off her!

  14. mssnarnd says:

    Once again – MIKE,

    Don’t come back to me, “I don’t play video games so this does not apply to me.” Do you drive a car, buy gas, walk to a bus (which uses gas), shop at Walmart, shop at Target, listen to the music you choose (INCLUDING PSY!), read any book you choose, love someone who is not thousands of miles away and may die for your country and never return (so many more examples)? The U.S. holidays – forget it. You won’t be together for Christmas or any other holiday (including your child’s birth, your child’s first birthday, etc.) until the United States tells you they approve of you going home to do so. These sacrifices are all being made so YOU can live FREE.

    Oh, let’s leave Korea – and their pop star PSY alone. My family who died for your freedom would be so proud.

    • mike says:

      I have NO idea what the heck you’re trying to say here, except that you’re trying to play the “rah rah America!!!!” card…

      But let’s be frank here. Our soldiers are not making any sacrfices so we can live free. They’re being inconvenienced because it’s their JOB. My grandfather made sacrifices to save Europe from Hitler. My father made sacrifices to try save Vietnam from the Commies. In contrast, our soldiers in Korea today are volunteers who signed for the job, who are there not to fight for our freedom as our forefathers did, but to watch over China for a paycheck– all because some idiots in Washington think China is our next military enemy.

      • ol cranky says:

        I wouldn’t say that our troops and their families aren’t making sacrifices because they are, the problem is what they’re making these sacrifices for and that’s not the the noble reason of a just and necessary war but, instead, their sacrifices are primarily to line the pockets of modern day carpet baggers

  15. Kim says:

    RIP Mercy I knew Kim K should never have a kitten

  16. Joanna says:

    demi’s the girl at the party who will do anything just so people pay attention to her. i see why she hangs out with younger guys, she’s clearly immature. grow up, demi! you don’t have to be the center of attention alll the tine. then you will find a nice guy, not some young guy using you for sex and notoriety.

  17. Dee Cee says:

    Too foolish attention seeker, cynical and snarky in his character to take the important job seriously.

  18. Andrew says:

    NOTE TO DEMI: You can look young without dressing like a slut, without dating guys that could be your son, and without acting childish at a party (even the people around her look embarrassed). She just needs to focus on being successful with something other than love. Dear Lord.

  19. Ang says:

    I’m not shocked about what happened to Mercy (I’m thoroughly disgusted, just not surprised), as Kim Kardashian has no soul (she had it removed and injected into her@$$). RIP Mercy, you had a beautiful “bitch, please” look in all of your pap shots.