LeAnn Rimes on ending two marriages: “You can’t break what’s broken already”

LeAnn Rimes’ E! Special comes on tonight at 8pm. Will you watch it? I’ll admit that my 8 pm Sunday hour is pretty blank – 60 Minutes at 7 pm and The Good Wife comes on at 9 pm and Homeland at 10 pm, those are my must-watch programs. Usually I just chill out and watch whatever during the 8 o’clock hour. So do you think I should actually make an appointment to watch the E! thing? I might. I might tune in for a few minutes until LeAnn’s woe-is-me act gets to be too much. E! has another preview of the special out now, and it includes some gems, of course:

LeAnn Rimes is grateful for so many things—but she has had her share of struggles. And she still wishes that she had done a few things differently when she met husband Eddie Cibrian on the set of the Lifetime movie Northern Lights in 2009, when both of them were married to other people.

“I don’t like the word regret,” she says in a sit-down with Giuliana Rancic for E! Special: LeAnn Rimes, airing Sunday at 8 p.m. “I wish I handled it differently because I wish I could have been better for me, for Brandi [Glanville, Cibrian's ex-wife], for Dean [Sheremet, her ex-husband], for Eddie, for everyone else. I know, in this situation, it’s going to take some time. All I wish is that everyone that was hurt, that we hurt, that I hurt, can be happy.”

Rimes also talks to Rancic about the 30-day treatment program she completed earlier this year, telling her of that tumultuous time, “When you look around and you go ‘I’m crying, like, uncontrollably, no one can help me,’ that’s when I knew I had to seek help…I was incredibly depressed and not quite sure of who I was.”

“People are so quick to judge and make decisions for themselves about situations they know absolutely nothing about,” she says, noting how quick people were to speculate the worst about what was troubling her.

Cibrian, meanwhile, says he feels bad that Rimes got sucked into the tabloid drama.

“My heart goes out to her every single time she’s getting bashed for something,” the actor tells E!. “It’s unfair for her and it’s unfair for us. [The affair] wasn’t frivolous, you know.”

“No one will ever understand how much thought and hurt were put into our decision” to end their respective marriages, says Rimes, who filed for divorce from Sheremet after seven years together in December 2009.

Cibrian and Glanville had decided to divorce that August.

[From E! News]

I’ve included some of the videos clips below – I’m surprised that E! didn’t transcribe the absolute worst part, which is when LeAnn chokes out “You can’t break what’s broken already” in between sobs. As in, she’s not to blame for breaking up Eddie and Brandi’s marriage because it was already broken. Which is what the mistress ALWAYS says. And you know what? I’m putting that mostly on Eddie. Obviously, LeAnn is full of it and she’s naïve, but she’s just parroting some crap that Eddie told her to get her into bed (initially). You know that’s what he said – that his marriage was already broken and that he was going to leave Brandi, of course. And LeAnn clung to it and stalked him and wouldn’t let go until Eddie finally had follow through.

UPDATE: TMZ got a statement from LeAnn about Brandi’s charge that LeAnn is addicted to laxatives. LeAnn called the claims “outlandish allegations,” stating that she doesn’t have any diseases or addictions and that she’s tired of Brandi’s “harassment”. LeAnn also said: “It’s a shame to have one party constantly spreading lies. I know this drama is exactly what she wants to create. But Eddie and I hope for everyone’s sake, this changes.”

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  1. lisa2 says:

    I just don’t know what to say..

    But what was the purpose of the interview. Is she promoting something. I like the days when celebs gave interviews when they had a film coming out or cd or something. Why is she being interviewed exactly.

    They all need to be court ordered to STFU.

    • Meg says:

      Wow it is so sad. From country music sensation to addicted homewrecker with mental issues. Some women are really stupid. They always think that they can change some asshole. They will never learn. No sympathy.

    • ravencurls says:

      I think she is promoting something. Her new album. It’s all about her affair, complete with “apologies” to her ex and how she wasn’t cheating, she was just “borrowing.” In the psychobabble times in which we live, her album is proof that she is “confronting her issues” and “rebuilding her life.” This makes her a real hero in the eyes of other psychobabblers. And it’s the only way she can promote the darn thing.

      • Lauren says:

        Leann is such a mess in her personal life, that i forgot how incredible her voice is. She seems very disturbed and unstable. Eddie is a womanizer, will take her money, have numerous affairs, then divorce her. I believe that Eddie would have left BG for someone else–with money, if he hadn’t hooked up with Leann. LR is finally realizing that Eddie is using her– that is why she is starving herself & fake crying.

    • Janet says:

      Personally I’ve never hated a celebrity before. I hate Leann, and Eddie is a sleazy loser.

  2. Amelia says:

    I can’t be arsed with this ridiculous playground drama anymore, so I’m just going to be a bitch instead;
    She really isn’t a pretty crier, is she? I suppose that’s what Botox, fillers and sucking the soul out of people does to you.

    • lisa2 says:

      I don’t think she is “ugly”

      but what is wrong with her left eye in that video. It seems to get stuck or locked or something. Just weird.

      • Liv says:

        I don’t find her beautiful either.

        Why is Eddie with her and chose to marry her? I mean I don’t care how someone looks on the outside (cheesy, but it’s so true that the more you like someone, the more attractive he gets, isn’t it? ;-) ), but he seems like he cares a lot. So why her? Was she more famous than him? I really don’t get these two, they don’t make sense at all.

    • j.eyre says:

      Darn it, Amelia – I usually cannot be bothered to click on a link with Leann Rimes in it but your comment has my cursor hovering over the “play” button.

    • erika says:

      oh i’m not sure she’s a ‘pretty cryer’ at all!

      LeAnne! Academy Award! who is your acting coach? so/so job on trying to get the tears coming.

      seriously, she is sooo trying hard to get the tears flowing, I’ve taken some acting classes in my youth I know what she’s doing…

      -pursing her lips
      -clenching her teeth/
      -freezing her face (or Botox?) and looking sideways
      -trying to stall her breathing
      -slight inhaling, raising her chest up and down ‘trying’ to catch a breath
      -wobbly/shaky voice “I’m….sorry…just…”

      but ummm where are the actual tears?

      I too an SO sick of these folks. And why the HELL is she still on Twitter!?!?!?!?!?

    • the original bellaluna says:

      *dons finest Gilligan outfit, joins Amelia on the SS Bitch* (Or is it the HRMS Bitch?) ;) Did you notice the “I wish I had been better for ME” and THEN the listing of the other parties involved? Seriously, count the “I”s and “me”s in just that short transcript.

      As far as the wonk-eye and unmovable forehead, that’s the Botox, I do believe. (It’s like watching one of those RHOBH trying to cry!) Any tears she may have managed to squeeze out likely would have consisted entirely of Botox.

      Please don’t ask me about the nostril situation, as I simply cannot even fathom what’s going on there.

      Oh, and I brought a pitcher (keg, whatever) of Karmatinis. ENJOY! :D

      • Meredith says:

        LOL. The SS Bitch may already have a full crew but I will always hold that precious name close to my heart. Darn, now the name is taken! What am I left with – the SS Beyotch?! Darn you, Original Bellaluna!

      • Kristin says:

        THANK YOU!! I was wondering if I was the only one who 1st noticed that she “wished she’d been better for me”, before anyone else. So out of everyone who was hurt/destroyed by your actions, you list yourself first. Classic narcissist behavior. With Leann, it is and has always been all about HER. What SHE went through. How SHE feels. How much pain SHE’S in, blah, blah, blah. She’s whines about how everyone’s always picking on her, yet at the same time she thrives on it.

        Prior to her affair with Eddie, no one gave a shit about Leann Rimes. She was never followed by the paparazzi. No one ever blogged about her. She wasn’t even a blip on anyone’s radar. The attention she has received from her antics is what gives her the validation she’s long since craved. And then she attempts to turn around and act like she doesn’t want the constant attention? She’s a joke and a half.

    • Babalon says:

      Yay for being bitchy about this train wreck on the Hot-Mess-Express line. All aboard!!!

      I’ve always considered her to be unfortunate looking, at best.

    • H26 says:


      The first thing I thought when she was “trying” to cry was “not a pretty crier” Demi Moore might be crazy but man she could make those tears come with out sqwinching (probably not a real word) up her face.
      Second thought my 4yo daughter fake cries way more convincingly :)

      • Jayna says:

        Demi back in her younger days was a beautiful crier and could cry at will and looked so pretty. I had a friend who had natural dark, really fringey, thick, long eyelashes. She was a beautiful crier, and the tears would fall and rest in her thick, long lashes. I had never seen anyone look so good crying.

        LeAnn cries in every interview these days. She wasn’t even
        crying during interviews during the affair when she was promoting a song or the movie. She acted normal in interviews and poised. Being married to Eddie has turned
        her into an alternating euphoria/manic or downward-spiraling mess. She’s always one of those extremes. Example, month-long birthday celebrating with manic tweeting and posting photos and pap alerts and then immediately came her breakdown, going into “rehab,” suffering from anxiety, telling Katy Couric she didn’t know who she was. Which was it during turning 30?

  3. Victoria1 says:

    Who cares at this point? Am I the only one who doesn’t care about this affair? It happened now the repercussions are setting in. You’re going to be judged no matter what, go hide quietly, do charity work but for the love of god STFU.

  4. j.eyre says:

    The Rimes/Cibrian/Branville storyline posts are things I really only read when I am trying to avoid work so I apologize for my ignorance with this response; is it me or does she bring up the fact that she/they are home-wreckers a lot? I had always thought they tried to distract from that part but it seems like every time I hear something from her, she is addressing it.

  5. Agnes says:

    hideous boots. fringes are the worst.

  6. Cathy says:

    They weren’t seperated at the time, they and you and your husband were together still. So in my eyes you and Eddie are both home wreckers. Stop playing innocent, cuz you ain’t.

  7. yuck says:

    “The affair wasn’t frivolous”? Gimme a break. I think LeAnn is kind of an emotional dolt, but this guy is scum. Watch out, LeAnn, I think your future is going to be filled with a lot of “frivolity”–being had mostly by your husband.

    • lisa says:

      wonder if the affair he was having at the same time he was boinking Leann with the waitress was frivolous. probably not, his affairs were always meaningful. She has no conscience and neither does Eddie. He should get the GPS out of his butt and man up, respect the mom of his kids and tell Leann to shut her piehole

  8. Shelley says:

    Oh my goodness, her crying looked fake. She just doesn’t look genuine in anything she does. Ugh, my heads hurts from rolling my eyes over and over watching her.

  9. Samigirl says:

    1. Eddie didn’t seem to think anything wias broken when he referred to LR as a “speed bump.”

    2. Notice she doesn’t deny that the poor kid got sick from a laxative.

    I think what she doesn’t say speaks volumes above what she does say. Also, so much for being able to cry on cue.

  10. Rita says:

    LeAnn has so satuarated the gossip sites with her drama that the only thing that interests me is when will Eddie pull the plug?

    She digs her hole deeper with every story, lie, and interview. For Pete’s sake LeAnn, when the laxatives in your purse begin to melt, stop digging ’cause even satan doesn’t want to hear your crap anymore.

  11. la chica says:

    No tears. How do you cry and produce no tears? And why is Eddie such a petty biyatch to allow his wife to do these kind of stupid stupid interviews?

  12. truthful says:

    I read an article on some blog this weekend, talking about at her concert this weekend, she got barefoot and sat down on the floor and started throwing subliminals out about Brandi.

    She just started talking to the audience.

    I may tune in but she is annoying as hell w/all of that crying for television.

  13. aims says:

    I think the reason shes crying is for herself, not for all parties that were hurt. I think that she is so sick , that she has twisted her logic to make herself the victim. Yes, she had an affair, yes she hurt a lot of people. All horrible. My disgust with her,is about her behavior after. She had zero respect towards Brandi. Her pushy behavior with the kids would drive me over the edge. I cant even imagine her logic. Nobody can. It hasnt dawned on her that maybe she needs to suck it up and shut her mouth and back the f away. She is partly responsible for a break up of a family. She has shown the ultimate selfish behavior. But instead of loving her stepsons quietly, being a support to them. Shes rubbing her overbearing relationship in Brandis face. Its not enough that she stole her husband ( not a great prize) but now shes going after the kids. I would be livid. So i think leann is crying for herself, because she is a narcissist. She just cant understand why the world cant be happy for her. You know whos the winner here? Dean, her first husband. He was able to get the hell out. Live his life and i’m sure get a little of her money.

  14. truthful says:

    uhhh yeah, just watched the clip, will NOT be watching.

    she tweeted about how much fun her and annoying Rancic had with this interview.

    I can’t stomach either of them.

    that one clip did me in. no thank you.

  15. jess says:

    When they first met Leann was actually pretty, she had some weight on her and it softened her features. Now that she’s lost so much weight, presumably to keep Eddie, all the strange things about her facial features are pronounced. It’s sad.

  16. Kimbob says:

    Ugh…MeAnn’s most wonderful ability is to grovel when a camera’s rolling. The only reason I can come up w/that she does this is DRAMA, & that’s all.

    Any normal, healthy person would not subject themselves to this crap w/tabloids…they. just. would. not!

    The public at large has a very low opinion of her, & she has herself to blame, as she fans the flames. Blech!

  17. epiphany says:

    Does anyone even remember that she was/is an absolutely amazing singer? What a voice she had – don’t know if she still does. Does LeAnn even remember she used to sing? Her fall from grace is both tragic and pathetically funny – what a waste.

    • Hakura says:

      This is exactly my feelings. I grew up listening to her music, being amazed with the rest of the world at her gorgeous, mature voice at such a young age.

      Her songs make me nostalgic/remind me of my teens… But she has utterly ruined that memory, or any residual respect for her talent that I may have had.

  18. Lol says:

    I know I will probably getting a lot of crap for this, but she does make some valid points. Do I think she might have problems? Yeah sure, but how would you like it if all you’re defined by is the one mistake you made and you can’t escape that. Then again I also think the way “homewrecker” is used is crap. You can’t wreck someone elses home, you can only wreck your own. She didn’t wreck Eddie’s and Brandi’s marriage, Eddie did that on his own when he had an affair with her. She wrecked her own marriage, but not his. If he had wanted his marriage to stay intact, he could have walked away. Let’s not pretend LeAnn is some kind of super-sexy siren-like seductress and Eddie had no choice in the matter.
    Also, while I feel for Brandi as being the woman left, she needs to move on LR’s first husband seems to have. To me it appears that as much as LeAnn keeps bringing up how she and Eddie got together, Brandi uses it just as much to stay relevant enough for her show

    • eileen says:

      Eh-what rubs me wrong with her is that she is insane. Not about the affair. And I mean she is literall crazy. She stalked Bradni AFTER Eddie moved in with Leann, harassed her, got ther paid employees to harass Brandi. Nothing to do with the cheating.
      Also-Dean and LEann don’t have kids together. Anytime there is an issue between Brandi and Eddie/Leann its about the kids. Speaking from experience, you can’t just take off never to speak or see them again when you share children together. Brandi was offered a good penny to shut up and hide, but she didn’t for the kids sake. Dean took the money and shut his piehole-but he gets digs on her every once in a while online.

    • Hmmm says:


      Women are actually with the “homewrecker”-stamp degrading women. I don’t get why it is always the womans fault in an affair. Don’t blame the woman your man sleept with – just blame him – his your partner not her!

    • epiphany says:

      You won’t ctch any from me, but here’s the probelm; LeAnne is the one that continues to define herself by the affair and her relationship with Eddie since their respective divorces. How about she stop Tweeting photos of her anorexic body in bikinis, hanging on to Eddie for dear life, describing his boys as her boys? If she would say, ‘hey, my private life is private, let’s talk about my music’, then people might give her a break. She has chosen to define herself by this one event that occurred years ago, and she continues to do so.

    • Deanne says:

      Deane walked away with a multimillion dollar settlement and Brandi was left penniless. Eddie wouldn’t even help her find a home to live in with her boys. Eddie had his child support reduced and then proceeded to buy LeAnn an 80,000 ring. Deane and LeAnn didn’tt have any children so it was easier to make a clean break. Deane doesn’t have to ever speak to LeAnn, let alone be in the same room with her ever again, if he doesn’t want to, while Brandi’s forced to deal with Eddie and LeAnn’s crap constantly. Deane and Brandi were not in the same position when this happened. Brandi was definitely more vulnerable because of the kids.

      • the original bellaluna says:

        Thank you for saving me from having to point out the obvious and glaring differences between the exes’ situations.

        Also, Dean isn’t constantly Tweeting and posting pix of his wonderful new life. I mean, we heard that he got re-married (to a chef, I think) and later that they were expecting/had a baby. THAT’S IT.

        None of this chronic over-sharing, and no taunting of Ediot via social media, either.

      • judyjudy says:

        So Dean walked away with several million and Brandi was left penniless. By this account I would say Leann took care of hers and Eddie should be catching more crap than he does.
        Also, people keep pointing the finger at Leann for being a homewrecker even though Brandi keeps saying she kicked Eddie out not the other way around, essentially taking ownership forbreaking up the family. Were Eddie’s actions to blame? Sure, I would kick him out too. But you ccan’t claim that Leann is a husband stealer and at the same time say that he never wanted to be with her in the first place.

        Leann is emotionally stunded and wildly insecure. But the thing that makes me so angry about this situation is that Eddie sits back and lets everyone sling mud at his simple wife instead of standing up like a man and saying “It was my choice to be with Leann, it’s my choice to let her co-raise my children. Leave her alone, if you have a problem it should be with me, not her.”

        I HATE how everyone jumps all over Leann when Eddie is the real A-hole here.

      • april says:

        JudyJudy – Agree with your post. Eddie had a choice in all of this as all men and women do who choose to leave someone. I hope these people can come to peace with all of this soon. It’s not worth the hell they are all in.

    • Agree says:

      I totally agree with you Lol. Men are not objects to be stolen. You can’t steal a husband. Eddie made the choice.
      And I do think, at least this last fight, was coincidental timing with Brandi’s book coming out and pre-sales, etc. The only reason anyone knows who Brandi is, is because of Leann.
      They ALL need to stop talking about it. Leann just needs to refuse to talk about it 100%. She will never be able to convince anyone of anything regarding the affair. She still has an AMAZING voice. Just go into the background, focus on singing and her family and let Brandi do whatever she wants to do.
      I also have to say that in seeing Brandi’s behavior over the past year or so, how quickly she flies off of the handle (at Kim, Adrienne, Leann, anyone on Twitter who disagrees with her) I’m sure she was a real gem to be in a relationship with. Again, I don’t think affairs are right, but there is a point to you can’t break what is already broken. Or wreak an home that is already wreaked.

    • anne_000 says:

      “If he had wanted his marriage to stay intact, he could have walked away.”

      From what I’ve been reading, he DID walk away from LeAnn. Then Brandi said Eddie called her up as she was driving, told her to pull over & let her know that the (now over) affair was on the cover of a tabloid. Then Brandi let Eddie go. Then Eddie went back to LeAnn.

      And, even after Eddie left LeAnn the first time around, she came after him over and over again, careless that the affair had ended, that there were kids involved, that he was still married, and that his wife still thought they were a couple.

      So yes, of course, LeAnn can be called a home-wrecker, because that’s exactly what she planned to do & executed it. That was her goal. To wreck Eddie/Brandi’s marriage & ground it into dust.

      And since both men and women can be home-wreckers, calling LeAnn a home-wrecker isn’t an anti-women slander. It’s just labeling what she purposely & obsessively sought out to do & achieved.

      • Lol says:

        Well, even if what you’re saying is true and he ended the affair, he still had the affair in the first place, so what I said still stands. A man who is happy in his marriage does not has an affair (not how I say how he is not happy in his marriage for whatever reason, I’m not saying it’s Brandi’s fault that he was unhappy, most likely Eddie’s just a dick). If he had wanted his marriage to stay intact, he wouldn’t have started something with LeAnn in the first place, he would have walked away. She didn’t held him at gun point and said put your p in my v now!

        I doubt that LeAnn saw Eddie and went, I’m going to break up his and Brandi’s marriage, I don’t have anything better to do in the next few months.
        My problem with the moniker homewrecker is that
        1) it is almost exclusevly applied to woman (note how LeAnn is constantly refered to as homewrecker, Eddie is not although he too, by common definition wrecked a home, that of LeAnn and Dean)
        2) if you actually look up the defition it portrays the “homewrecker” as someone who basically forces the person in a commited relationship to step out on their partner because they’re such a temptation.
        3) yes it is anti-woman slander because it is most often used by women for other women, implying that their partners were helpless in the face of the siren-call of the other woman. That goes hand in hand with that when you look at the coverage of affairs and the comments, it’s almost always the other woman getting all the heat, rarely though the partner that cheated, even though it was his job to upheld the integrity of his relationship

        I still say Eddie wrecked his and Brandi’s home, LeAnn wrecked hers and Dean’s.

    • H26 says:

      Here is my thing with cheating: You don’t just trip and fall on a dick. Oops it just happened. You make a choice NOT to wait until you’ve ended your previous relationship. So just own up.

      And on the other hand my mom’s best friend was married and had an affair with a married man and both their marriages ended and they got married and have been together for 25 years. Per my mom, they both were very unhappy in their marriages when it happened. Was it the best thing..no but honestly they are 2 of the nicest, kindest people I know and I just can’t judge them harshly for the way they got together.

      So maybe it’s because EC and LR don’t seem like very nice people that I am so judgy about them.

      • bettyrose says:

        H26: It sounds like the couple you knew didn’t go out of their way to continually hurt the people they’d left. Cheating is still pretty selfish, but one can find compassion for someone who does something foolish once and then tries to make good (i.e. by treating their spouse with dignity and respect during the divorce and after – and expecting the new lover/spouse to do the same).

      • Hakura says:

        I agree with BettyRose. Unfortunately, we’re all flawed, being human beings. Everyone is going to make wrong/bad/selfish/cruel mistakes, especially in relationships.

        At the end of the day, cheating on your spouse is wrong, period. It’s not only selfish & disrespectful, but the breaking of a serious promise (leaving one to wonder, ‘Can they be trusted, if they were able to break such a serious vow -this- time?

        Some relationships don’t work out, & the -right- thing to do for everyone involved is to take care of their current commitments first.

        The problem in this case was the *way* BOTH Eddie & Leanne conducted themselves during the affair, with complete disregard for their spouses, flaunting the relationship for everyone to see, to hell with their families.

  19. judyjudy says:

    I don’t understand why she continues to interview about the affair. What is there to say? Why does she keep talking about it? You had an affair, you both left your spouses, and now you are married. There you go.

  20. mln76 says:

    Playing Devil’s Advocate here (literally)….wasn’t Eddie cheating on Brandi left and right before LeeAnn came along? Seems to me Brandi should be grateful that that dirtbag was taken off her hands he is sleaze personified.

    • Jezi says:

      Brandi has said over and over again she doesn’t care about Eddie. She cares about her children and their well being. She’s not grateful to Leann for anything and shouldn’t be. She’s happy to be rid of Eddie though.

      • SoWhat says:

        Just because Brandi says something doesn’t mean it’s true! She likes to say and do things for attention. I’m pretty sure she admitted that in an interview at some point or another. Stating that she does what she “needs to do to take care of herself” $$$. She is clearly still hung up on Eddie. Which, isn’t something to fault her for, however, for her own sake she needs to try to move on.

      • mln76 says:

        Her actions aren’t of someone looking for a peaceful positive home for her kids but of a woman seeking revenge and attention…ie selling embarrassing stories that humiliate her child to get to LeeAnn. She admits herself he wasn’t faithful. I doubt he is actually capable of committing to one woman.She has a shot at the D-list reality stardom and LeeAnn and is stuck with a creep who will leave her once the money is gone. Brandi should be able to let go and co-parent and keep herself away from LeeAnn’s crazy.So sick of the gymnastics her fan club spouts to make Brandi seem above it all.

      • bettyrose says:

        I can believe that Brandi isn’t hung up on the dirt bag himself. She might be a total fame whore who stays in this for the attention, but even “normal” people can be driven crazy by having one person make it their singular goal to torment them.

    • Rita says:

      After LeAnn exposed their affair to the media, Brandi and Eddie went into marriage counseling so LeAnn pushed the marriage over the edge by serving-up the Schenna mistress pictures to the media. When Eddie confessed that LeAnn wasn’t just a one-off affair and in fact had been cheating on Brandi throughout their marriage, Brandi kicked his sorry ass to the curb.

      On a side note, the next day LeAnn drove by the house to find Eddie still sitting on the curb sobbing. She pulled up, kicked open the passengers door, and with a smirk on her face and a bag of money said, “Need a ride, honey? Get in.”

    • Outstandingworldcitizen says:

      Brandi is not continually holding Ediot’s and Meann’s feet the fire over the divorce. WHAT she is doing is attempting to co-parent with a man who is an arsehole….I strongly doubt she wants to continue with this twighing. BG was truly left in the lurch financially and emotionally. I really can not stand with folks want to cast her as the one who continues to give this story legs….AGAIN, if Ediot and Meann want the story to go away STOP doing things to bring their affair back into the public discussion….PS – He is a loser big time. He can’t get job to save his life. Anything movie/tv he’s connected to ALWAYS fails. And will stay and give her a kid so he can keep living the life he’s become accustom to. He needs LR. nuff said.

  21. jess says:

    She’s got an albumn coming out in Jan or Feb, called Spitfire, with songs she wrote about the affair. That’s why she’s on E. Trying to get people to forgive her so they will buy it. More money to keep Eddie happy.

  22. Blue says:

    How does she expect people to move on and stop bringing up the cheating, when it’s all she ever talks about and her only real claim to “fame”
    Eddie is really working hard for those $$$$, this chick brings on the drama and goes crying and whining about being picked on. People would not be talking about it if she would just STFU and live her life. Look at Tori and Dean, they got together pretty much the same way but they just have their babies and shows and don’t talk about how their relationship started.

  23. shelley says:

    This bitch is annoying and ugly. She is already getting a taste of her own medicine with that philandering man and I can’t wait until she overdoses on his screwing around.

  24. bluhare says:

    While it’s true you can’t break something that’s already broken, you can break it beyond repair after the initial damage is done.

  25. Jane says:

    Hmmmm…wasn’t her stint in (cough cough)”rehab” supposed to make her happy and healthy? She’s such an idiot to think we believe that story. She seems so utterly “miserable” (cue violins playing her) right now that people are not totally sympathizing with her. If Brandi’s book becomes a decent seller, the consequences could really send her over the edge. I wonder which adult will remain standing after all h*** breaks loose? As I have said before, the only ones I seriously care and worry about are the two boys who have to deal with all this garbage. While Leann thinks she is the serious “victim” her…she is not. Those boys are.

  26. srm says:

    I love how she cries on cue. “ok, now i am going to ask about the affair. 3-2-1 cry!” Why is she the one crying anyway? And how many interviews had she given on this stuff and she’s still crying???

  27. Allie May says:

    Some women look good with a tan- but she is looking overdone and old with hers. She would look fresher and younger if she weren’t quite so dark. Other than that, her new music actually sounded good.

    • Hakura says:

      This is one of the most disappointing aspects of all this mess. The woman truly has talent, & the potential to do great songs//& have a successful album. But she’s only hurting her chances by continuing to discuss all this.

      She needs to stop releasing *any* statements/twitters/pictures/rumors regarding her personal life, or mentioning Eddie at all, even in passing. ALL publicity should be about her career.

  28. Theresa says:

    She simply does not get it.

    Affairs happened then, affairs happen now, affairs will always happen. We are not persecuting her for the affair (or at least I’m not). It is how everything has been handled since that annoys the crap out of me. It is that they purposely publicized their affair as if it were an expression of something nobler. That Rimes has now been on a PR rampage for years, using the fairly new and uncharted territory of online media to keep herself relevant through her relationship, instead of her talent. She has such an obvious weakness, such low esteem that she needs anonymous, mass positive public opinion to feel good about herself. She has shown herself to have incredibly thin skin, a danger in this business that is ALL about judging. And the public has been a pretty harsh critic.

    I would not have a clue of her personal life if it hadn’t become such a circus freakshow of her own making.

    LeAnn would not be suffering now if she had conducted her affair, married Eddie, loved her step-children, ignored the ex-wife all out of the media/online environment. Instead she has underestimated the public, thinking people would celebrate her new life and handsome husband. But, LeAnn, we are fickle, we do not like a braggart and a cheat. We don’t like it in our own friends and family, and we certainly do not tolerate it in people like you. A girl that has so much talent, makes so much money. You should be gracious, and humble. You need to conduct yourself with that much more care and consideration. You are already so privileged; to flaunt, to boast, to preen and pose is such awful behavior, in anyone, that it boggles my mind that you complain about the backlash.

    But the Pandora’s Box that Rimes has opened cannot be closed, no matter how many lawsuits she files, how many press releases she issues, nor how many interviews she gives.

    She has made her bed. Made it in cake, in fact. And now those pictures are forever available, the quotes from the interviews as well, to dig up when people want to mock her. She has provided so much ammunition to her critics, in fact she seems such a willing participant in the mud slinging game, it is so disingenuous that she complains about it at all. Just shows her naivete.

    The best thing for her now? Go off the grid. Utterly, completely. She has to stop fanning the flames, providing the fuel. She has to stop provoking people, she has to leave it all alone. She has to drop all her lawsuits, stop Twittering, close her website. Admit defeat, admit she can’t handle it.

    Live your life, LeAnn. Love your husband, your step-children, ignore your husband’s ex-wife, let them negotiate their child-sharing arrangements by themselves, stop talking about them, yourself as a victim, don’t tell us how you’re suffering, we don’t care.

    Sing. Record. Tour. Make it all about the music and nothing else.

    Then, no guarantees, of course, then maybe you will have the life that you want so badly. And maybe, just maybe, you will have peace.

    • RN says:

      + one billion. Well said, Theresa. You wrote exactly what I think, in such an eloquent manner. If only she were convinced of the many truths that you outlined. But she just won’t stop picking at the scab of how her one marriage ended and second one began. It’s compulsive to her. There’s never any room to heal because she keeps revisiting the trauma daily.

    • Relli says:

      Wow i was about to post something similar but not near as eloquent, well done!

    • Ruyana says:

      Beautifully thought out and written. I don’t think she can stop. I think her behavior is compulsive. She cannot stop. Unfortunately she is only showing people that she’s ugly on the inside with a dollop of batshit crazy on top. *Note to LeAnn, 1.Unattractive women look even less attractive when they cry and, 2. Crying is supposed to produce tears.

    • Sapphire says:

      If there was anyway I could e-mail this to Meanness, I would. Cogent, to the point and accurate.

    • heidi says:

      Narcissists are energy black holes and ALWAYS play the ‘sympathy card’ when all else fails.

      • claire says:

        She’s never going to stop telling this story or stop her indirect taunting and bullying because she needs narcissistic supply.

        She’s never going to stop trying to rewrite the history of this because she needs to be perceived as the victim. In her mind, all the backlash makes other people evil, and she makes no connection that the backlash is due to her own actions. Not media lies. Her own words and actions.

        Narcissists are never at fault. Their problems are bigger than anyone else’s. No one understands their pain. They feed off playing the victim.

        This is her umpteenth woe-is-me interview and probably not the last because all her paid friends and family members care more about the money or are probably afraid of her.

    • Cam S says:

      Great rational advice, but I gather you don’t know many narcissists? Leann is textbook borderline personality disorder. Probably always has been, we’re just now seeing it more in this age of social media.

      She tweeted the first wife’s BOSS asking to be a guest on his show. Yeah, she loves the drama. Her ultimate rush must have been stalking Eddie after the movie wrapped and he figured their “FWB fling” was over. Poor douche had no idea she was a bunny boiler. “I won’t be IGNORED Dan”…

  29. Blondie says:

    Oh please.
    Why is she being interviewed? Does she think that anyone wants to hear her lame excuses and fake crying? No you can’t fix what’s already broken, but you can take a step back and say hey what am I doing? This man is married and he has two small children, what the hell am I doing? Yea he’s a cheater but does that make it right? She helped break up two marriages, she has no moral compass. I can’t wait till she gets what’s coming to her, and I think it’s already started.
    Go away Leeann and take your cheating no talent husband with you.

    • Jane says:

      She is being interviewed because she simply does not want to be ignored. Other stars are getting positive attention and she cannot handle it. Therefore her histrionic personality disorder is going into full overdrive and she MUST be the center of attention—at all costs. She cannot live nor can she breathe unless she makes does some over-the-top interview to garner sympathy. She’s addicted to it. In the end, she is garnering more hatred and disgust instead.

  30. Marion says:

    It’s been 3 years and they’re still talking about the “affair”.
    Now they are married, end of the story.

    Everyone can make mistakes, you can marry the wrong person, you can fall for the wrong person…

    Some people get married and stay married but they’re unhappy.Maybe they’re happier together.

    It’s never easy to leave someone.

    He had a family, but maybe was unhappy with his wife. She was married but maybe miserable too.
    We never know what’s happening behind closed doors no matter how happy we look on the outside.

    Now it’s been 3 years, they are married, happy or not, it’s their own problem not ours.

    I’m not a great fan of them but they should be given a rest. No one blamed Brad Pitt that long (I know there were no children involved)

  31. Abby says:

    Her nostrils are so huuuuuge. Hmm, wonder why.

  32. lainey says:

    Not one iota of sympathy for the grinch look-a-like Leann. she cries on cue. She neds to shut up and go away. she has no career lft, maybe she is crying because she is saddled with all the bills she has to pay for her man-child who lives large on her dime. would be willing to bet that her album never sees the light of day.

  33. Riana says:

    She’s right so far as that single statement goes.

    You cannot break what’s already broken.

    A happy guy will not have an affair with a woman. I have seen guys who could have supermodels breeze past them and don’t even notice it because they’re too busy staring at the person they love.

    I think what this really comes down to is Eddie is the person who hurt and wounded Brandi the most. I don’t believe she fully wants to confront that, yes she can probably itemize the things he did wrong by she doesn’t want to emotionally attach to him that he never cared about her and intentionally wounds her at every turn. I think she puts the majority on LeAnn because she does believe she ‘stole’ him and I think LeAnn lashes out at Brandi because she’s territorial, insecure and more than a little batty. I think if both women managed to look past their seething hate for the other they’d realize deep down they’re both just Eddie’s puppets.

  34. Ms Kay says:

    LeAnn please stop fake crying about this shit in interviews, on Twitter etc. The more you stir shit-pot, the more you cook shit-pot and more like crap it tastes! In other words : STFU and focus on something else! Put it all in a new album of songs like attention whore Taylor Swift, but please just STFU!

  35. Quixotic1205 says:

    Wonder if off camera they traded tips on how to best look like a skelletor. They are both sick and need help. Watching this interview is like looking at the blind leading the blind.

  36. Ruyana says:

    I’ve looked at comments on other blogs. Stories about LeAnn garner almost universally negative comments. She’s not gaining sympathy. The more people are exposed to her “sad story”, the more they seem to dislike her. She should just shut up and get out of sight.

  37. Amy C says:

    Why is that this never end? I mean what they did was bad kids invloved two marraiges. But people made mistakes they get caught kissing before even any sign of troubles in the marriage got public but they owned their mistake and were apologetic it should be over by now. For example Tori S. are not constantly brought to get attacked because she and her husband too left their mates to come to be together.
    I think in these two case their ex/ exes feeding this. Unless the ex/exes feed this , the media usually can’t run it very long and the public will grow tired of it. I can understand the heart break and the back and forth due to the kids with his ex ( and I think women hold on hurts and things naturally more) etc…. but they get paid enough for the hurt they caused.Time to get over it already.

  38. Outstandingworldcitizen says:

    There you have it, “the heart wants what it wants” now we can stop hating her….What a clueless C.U. N.ext T.uesday. Yes, affairs unfortunately happen but if ppl especially those claiming to be Christian stuck to their very christian morals/values married men would have less cheating options….It would be wise to take some moves from Blake Shelton/Miranda Lambert playbook and take the infidelity blame full on, not blame the ex-wife/husband…am I giving them a pass, NO but I will say they handled it without casting aspersions on his ex….LR and Ediot are just horrible people trying to portray BG as the horrible one. If a relationship is over then at least have enough respect to handle the person you’re leaving with a modicum of consideration and love they deserve… Break ups hurt like hell sometimes esp when you are still invested but to be humiliated is unnecessary….Then to continue to act an arse is the worst PR move. LR’s husband was hurt too but at least they did not have children. Lucky him.

  39. dana says:

    she’s crying because she’s living a lie and now Eddie is doing the same thing to her…what goes around comes around.

  40. dana says:

    and Eddie stole that stupid frivolous comment from Tilda Swinton’s character in ‘Burn after reading’ when she was telling George Clooney that there was more to life than Frivolity with regard to their cheating and why she wanted a divorce from Ozzy (John Malcovich)

    • anne_000 says:

      What it sounds like to me is Eddie saying that affairs aren’t wrong so long as they’re not frivolous. Red flags, anyone? It’s like Eddie’s saying that even though he’s had many ‘frivolous’ affairs (including the initial one he had w/ LeAnn) during his marriage to Brandi, so long as he married one of his flings, it justifies the affair as being not unseemly. Oh OK. Got it…

      • Hakura says:

        A good point.

        So I guess as long as long as he pursues an emotional-relationship with the person he’s had the affair with (once the marriage ends), everyone should look less harshly upon his actions than they would if the affair(s) were all just about sex.

        I can’t wait to see him apply said logic to his next affair. What goes around, comes around.

  41. anne_000 says:

    This is starting to kind of remind me of the Halle/Oliver & Gabriel situation, in which Oliver stuck his foot (or fist) in where it doesn’t belong. Same thing w/ LeAnn. She doesn’t belong in this business about the kids between Eddie & Brandi. But instead of using fists, LeAnn is using the media & social networks. So now Oliver looks like he’s an overbearing, intrusive, bullying control freak, and LeAnn is on her way to cementing that image of herself to the public if she keeps blabbering on this way. Like Oliver, she needs to learn to control her emotions and realize when something is not her concern at all.

  42. Jennifer12 says:

    Sorry, no. Why doesn’t anyone ask this idiot the real questions, like why do you insist on co-opting the boys? Why do you post and tweet so many pictures, including the little one’s school name? Leann never answers the real questons because no one asks them. Brandi is portrayed as a scorned wie instead of a woman dealing with a bully who is inappropriate and overbearing with her sons.

  43. Stephie says:

    She sang at my church in ’94… She was 12 years old! Talk about a “country bumpkin”! Leann is NOT from Dallas, she is from a suburb of Dallas called, Garland. The intellectual level of Garland is not high. The population consist of lower middle class, to lower class.


    Money can not buy you class and that is very apparent with Leann. She needs to STHU and keep her opinions to herself when it comes to Eddie’s ex. If you give someone enough rope, eventually, they will hang themselves!!!

  44. Jennifer says:

    Man, I tried watching the video and could not make it past 31 seconds. SO FAKE. SO PLASTIC. YUCK.

    Can’t believe she’s still harping on this topic after how many years?! We all know it was lust on her part that “broke” her marriage and none of us are forgetting all the “remorse” she showed after her marriage dissolution (ie frolicking and drinking on the beach, taunting the ex on twitter, etc…)

    She’s as fake as they come.

    • Hakura says:

      Exactly. It wasn’t the affair that brought the real judgment down on them..It was their actions both during & *after* the affair, the complete disregard for anyone but themselves (& even obviously going out of their way to hurt/upset/belittle their spouses).

  45. Stephanie says:

    I’m not still talking about dumb sh-t I did three years ago. This woman is ridiculous.

  46. Snowpea says:

    What Theresa said was spot on.

  47. Kate says:

    If Brandi was lying Leann would sue her.period.
    Brandi is telling telling the truth.

  48. Mich says:

    That video clip is hysterical! Blubbering nonsense, for sure. But Rancic’s sage nodding at the blubbering nonsense was priceless.

  49. Sheigh says:

    It’s too ridiculous & laughable ! Y&R’s actors make this drama better !

  50. misstrishm says:

    Just seeing Ediot die on Rizzoli and Isle was great.

  51. JudyK says:

    You know what? SHe is right. If my marriage had been rock solid I am sure there would not have been a divorce but is wasn’t. I wanted to blame the woman he left me for but I couldn’t. We had troubles for years and when I sat down and thought about it I realized that if he had really been still in love with me we cdould have worked it out MAYBE. LR didnt break up this marriage and the other woman didn’t break up mine either. It was broken, he was done , he didn’t love me anymore and was not going to stay in a loveless marriage.Why should he. I pf course didnt go to the media and bash this woman like Brandi is doing. Brandi had soemthing to do with this and she should own it and stop her bashing party and her lies. :LR kmows she should not have cheated with AEd and he knows he did wrong because of the vows . BUT why should they stay in loveloess marriages? BS Brandi has problems and she had them before EC left her mainly her booze problem. LR was not his first girl friend. I am sick of Brandi blaming LR for the failure of her marriage, she needs to take her own inventory and face up to her part in it. I am starting to think the boys would be better of with LR and EC because Brandi is a mean vindictive Bitch and keeps her hate flowing like her booze and sooner or later something is going to happen to those kids while she is drunk. YOu people can bash LR all day long but it is the truth ,if the marriage was strong he would it could not have been broken. YOu need to take inventory of yourselves and ask why your wife/husband left you and stop blaming a third party. I know it is easier to blame than to admit your own failings

    • claire says:

      I hate the term homewrecker. I don’t use it.
      I hate when people say “stole her husband.” I don’t say it.

      In fact, I don’t even put much thought into the whole affair thing.

      It’s everything that happened afterward that I think makes Leann look heartless and most obviously batsh-t insane.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Brandi has said not one word about Eddie. She is upset about how Leann is acting with her children, which anyone would be. Even without the affair, Leann’s behavior after is insane. No one slowly introduced her to the boys- Eddie started taking the children on vacations with her and making out with her at their soccer games and in front of them. She shows up at their school(s), tweets pictures and videos of them, refers to them as hers, and calls the paps to take photos of them with her. Even when Brandi thanked her for picking up a birthday cake- and thanked her publicly- her answer was, “That’s what moms do!” instead of, “I’m so glad I could help.” Her insistence, helped along by Eddie, who is a total POS, that she is now part of the family and needs to be treated as one of the parents is disgusting. I know many stepparents and not one of them acts like this.

      • Hakura says:

        @Jennifer12 – Totally agree with everything you said. Especially about Leanne’s behavior regarding the boys. She introduced herself to them, already referring to herself as one of their parents (thus pressuring them to do so, you know she did), declaring to the world that she’s somehow qualified (even entitled) to claim that most important bond, for herself.

        The sacred bond of a mother & child is not to be f***ed with, period. I can’t blame Brandi for being tormented by her crossing that line.

      • Hakura says:

        (I forgot to add this, Re: Step Parents) – My situation may be different (in that my father died in a car accident when I was 2, so was not involving divorce)… But I have an amazing step-father (who married my mother when I was 4).

        He was my father’s best friend since elementary school, & was there my whole life to begin with. But even so… He was very respectful regarding the idea of calling himself my ‘parent’. He treated me like his own, but didn’t pressure me to form that bond.

        Of course, by my 6th b-day I already *had* developed a loving parental bond with him. But it took time & effort, was something to be earned. I feel Leanne has tried to skip right over that, straight to final jeopardy & a ‘perfect bond’. To me, that’s an insult to their *real* parental relationships.

  52. Emily says:

    Is anyone else starting to suspect that Brandi and Leann are in cahoots on timing things to keep them both in the spotlight?

    Just before this interview, Brandi gives her own, thereby drawing attention to Leann. People start to forget about them, one of them does something stupid and the other piles on. This boring affair over a dull-as-dirt douche, and the fallout, is the only thing either of them ever seems to care to talk about, even though they both have/had careers of their own and are much better at them than Eddie Cibrian ever was at his. But I guess it’s easier to keep riding a scandal for fame and money than to actually work, even if you have talent.

  53. kari says:

    where are the tears when she is “crying”?? she looks so fake.

  54. Stars and Stripes says:

    Hey Leann- it may be broke but you sure as hell can try to fix it!! Your not fooling anyone. I was embarrassed to even watch the clip. Your fake as hell. If you really felt anything you would have kept quiet from day one and respect Brandi wishes since you ruined lives. Call a Hoe when you see one… All about yourself.

  55. Dimebox says:

    LeAnn is looking more and more like a cross between a Who from Whoville and the Grinch. And her heart is definitely two sizes too small.

  56. dorothy says:

    The more she talks, the more I’m convinced she has some severe mental issues.

  57. marta says:

    I dont care about her affair. It happens in life and eddie was already cheating so it gave brandi a chance to get out and protect herself from eddies whoring. I dont like her “get over it” attitude since thw beginning and general disrespect towards brandi at all times.

  58. Memphis says:

    Good try, Leann..but no one is buying it…

    It’s been said time and again the majority of the backlash you get has little to do with the affair. Affairs (no matter how wrong) happen everyday. People can and do move past it… You say you want people to move on, to forget…yet here we are yet again as Leann “cries” in yet another interview about her 3 YEAR OLD AFFAIR..

    What you do not seem to comprehend is that people are not reacting to your past affair, they are reacting to EVERYTHING ELSE you do…

    It’s the stalking, the manipulation, the constant re-tweeting of subtle digs towards the MOTHER of your step children. It’s the way you are trying to financially destroy a family because you were caught in a lie..But most of all it’s the arrogant way you act like such the martyr for being the step mother to the children who’s family you deliberately destroyed.

    The only one still talking on the affair part of the story is YOU! But you need people to focus on that part of it so its less likely they will focus on the rest of the horrible things you do daily.

  59. LeannIsAnAwfulPerson says:

    Most people would say “I wish I handled it differently because I wish I could have been better for THE CHILDREN”. Instead, Leann says “I wish I handled it differently because I wish I could have been better for ME.” Her first thought about who she has caused pain is herself and she never even mentions the children at all, while they have been hurt the most.

  60. Loira says:

    I had never heard her voice before, being from another country, I just knew her from her shenanigans with Eddie whatshisname.
    I finally looked at a YT video and She really has (had?) a very nice voice.
    Why the heck is she doing this, messing her life in front of the public?
    I get that she and her current husband did something awful getting together the way they did, but she really needed a pr counselor to get her to lay low instead of showing off by pics and tweets how happy their life is, and do not intrude in the delicate relashionship of her husbands with his sons, especially knowing of the harsh feeling between the coparents…
    She has such a nicevoice, she should let her singing win over the public again. Others like Liz Taylor or Isabella Rosellini faced backlash for adultery back in the day, when things were more uptight. Finally their charm, beauty and talent won the public opinion back, they were not begging for it. Since she is not as pretty, andher talent is musical, She should sing and be quieter on her private life.
    She should not beg for acceptance so much, it is embarrasing. She may not see that with her pictures and tweets showing off her happiness, she is doing the exact opposite, she comes off as insecure, needy of the answers of her yes people, and wary of critics.
    Too bad that this has become an addiction already.

  61. Cirque28 says:

    I wonder how LeAnn would feel to see another woman saying, “Eddie tried to save his 2nd marriage for the sake of his boys, but the truth is, he was unhappy. In the beginning it was good, but then his 2nd wife started crying uncontrollably! Did you see how often she was on Twitter? You can’t break what’s broken already! And our love couldn’t be denied. Anyway, let’s talk more about how terrible I feel about the whole thing. Just let me slip into another bikini first.”

  62. Jayna says:

    I think people will like her in this interview who don’t follow the Internet gossip on her, her behavior on twitter, obsessing over and/or taunting her and the behavior about her stepsons and see the contradictions in many answers.

    • FryingFriar says:

      True! Some people might end up being swayed by LeAnn’s dry-heaves. She might also end up selling a few hundred more copies of her single/album.

      But you really under-estimate the power of reality TV. It is actually watched by millions (even those who publicly profess to never watch it). Just wait for Brandi’s encounter with Scheana Marie (A waitress with whom Eddie also super-connected with when he was establishing a “super-connection” with LeAnn Rimes). Both Eddie and LeAnn are gonna be verbally and soundly thrashed (LeAnn more so because she’s more publicly loathed). And judging by the previews there’s no fake crying by Brandi Glanville on it too (We know there will be comparisons made). Women generally connect in their hurt over that kind of betrayal. Brandi will get even more support than she is getting now.

      • Jayna says:

        Not everyone likes Brandi. As far as Scheana, that won’t hurt LeAnn. It will make her look like she is in love with a cheater and will be hurt and is blinded by love. Eddie will look like a smuck, but plenty of actors are.

        I wish Brandi wasn’t doing this I interview with Scheana. It lowers her. The girl cheated with Eddie for years and wishes she was the one Eddie married. I would never lower myself to sit on national TV with this girl just for ratings and to sell a few books. I wish Brandi would rethink it.

    • FryingFriar says:

      True! Some people might end up being swayed by LeAnn’s dry-heaves. She might also end up selling a few hundred more copies of her single/album.

      But you really under-estimate the power of reality TV. It is actually watched by millions (even those who publicly profess to never watch it). Just wait for Brandi’s encounter with Scheana Marie (A waitress with whom Eddie also super-connected with when he was establishing a “super-connection” with LeAnn Rimes). Both Eddie and LeAnn are gonna be verbally and soundly thrashed (LeAnn more so because she’s more publicly loathed). And judging by the previews there’s no fake crying by Brandi Glanville on it too (We know there will be comparisons made). Women generally connect in their hurt over that kind of betrayal. Brandi will get even more support than she is getting now. LeAnn realizes this too for it is proven by her suggesting *cough beggar cough* to be put on Watch What Happens Live on Bravo. :)

      • FryingFriar says:

        “Not everyone likes Brandi.”

        And not everyone who dislikes Brandi on RHOBH knows or cares about who LeAnn Rimes is, likes her or listens to her music. So Its somewhat incorrect to assume liking/disliking one at the expense of the other.
        Its just that reality shows cater to a larger demographic nowadays. And Brandi has progressed in leaps and bounds since the last season of the show. LeAnn, on the other hand, has pissed off many of her existent fans thereby shrinking the group of people who want to buy anything she’s selling. :)

        And I was talking about Brandi’s confrontation with Scheana on Real Housewives as shown in the preview. Brandi is not doing any interview with that waitress. She joked about it when LeAnn was claiming that she she was open to appear on WWHL and the presence of Brandi and Andy’s questions didn’t scare her. But as soon as Brandi joked that she’d want Scheana present there too LeAnn shut up and deleted her tweet to Andy. Lol! So I think mention of Scheana does bother her coz its kind of a slap in the face to LeAnn who loves to wax lyrical about the amazing connection she has always had with Eddie. :)

  63. Krock says:

    “my boys”????? Delusional. And mean spirited dig at Brandi.

  64. A says:

    Am I the only who who ever gave a side eye to Brandi’s story? They filed for divorce in California, non? If they did not have a pre-nup, she was entitled to half of whatever money he accumulated after the two were married and before they filed for divorce. If someone is married for more then ten years in California, they are also entitled to a hell of a lot of alimony. So there are a couple of possibilities. A) He made very little money after he married Brandi (doubtful) B) He and Brandi spent so much there was no money left, and in that case BOTH would be penniless C) Brandi signed some pre-nup that left her with nothing. I think the “pennilessness” was played up for the reality tv show, or Brandi considers a $1 million dollar settlement penniless in accordance to her lifestyle. You can’t buy a house in Beverly Hills or Los Feliz or Brentwood for under $1 million.

    On LeAnn. Look, people do shitty things at times. Tons of celebrities have done sh-tty things. Bill Murray, Sean Penn, Sienna, Russell, Kristen, Brad, etc. But people get over that shit eventually, or at least mostly let it go. The problem with LeAnn is that she keeps bringing it back up over and over again. Crying on a talkshow about her divorce, tweeting, publicly discussing it multiple times…I’m sure people do cross the line in attacking her. It’s not okay to call someone a whore slut whatever. However, she needs to learn to develop a thicker skin and start ignoring those comments. That’s what they want, a reaction. And LeAnn gives them a hell of a reaction, Valley of the Dolls style, every time. She’s her own worst enemy, and she clearly enjoys the attention in a twisted way. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be trotting out on all the talk shows.

    Also, I hate hate hate the term home wrecker. You can’t wreck someone else’s home, it’s ultimately the person who is married who is responsible for wrecking their own home. In a sense, LeAnn wrecked her own home and Eddie wrecked his own home. However, LeAnn didn’t wreck his marriage with Brandi, and vice versa with her husband. It’s just a loaded term, and I hate that women get stuck with that term will men are just called something innocuous like a “player”. Not saying LeAnn didn’t contribute to the destruction of his marriage, but Eddie is ultimately the one who was truly responsible for how his relationship with Brandi ended up.

    • judyjudy says:

      Brandi has said before that they had been living beyond their means. I think the divorce left them both penniless, Eddie just happened to land on the nice soft padding of Leann’s bank account.

    • Jennifer12 says:

      Leann doesn’t need a thicker skin. She needs to stop pulling all her nonsense and then things will get better. She is the only one who thinks Eddie was a prize to be won- who else would want to be saddled with an out of work actor with a history of cheating? Brandi has said herself that it’s done, over, finished. Her issue is the boys, whom Leann has repeatedly tried to co-opt from day one. Even if they hadn’t been putting themselves out there as a couple before the separation was on paper (real healthy for kids to see); even if she hadn’t blatantly taunted and bullied Brandi; any mother would be enraged over her constant tweeting pictures and video of the boys and her referring to them as her family and her boys and that, when they’re with her, she removes the “step”. Any mother would be furious over things like having her son ride a bike without a helmet or training wheels on a public road where a drunk driver once went through the stepmother’s fence. She is overbearing and lacks boundaries where those boys are concerned, and they are NOT hers to do with as she pleases. She joined this family in a less-than-pleasant way, and if she was smart, she would be quietly married to their dad and let the parents co-parent. Stepparents don’t have leading roles, they have supporting ones but Leann will not acknowledge this.

  65. Krock says:

    She keeps “crying” but where are the tears?

  66. Steph says:

    I wish you were live tweeting this. Ugh! If she mentions how “great” she is again, I’ll vomit. And I’ve lost respect for Giuliani since they are friends.

  67. Steph says:

    I wish you were live tweeting this. Ugh! If she mentions how “great” she is again, I’ll Scream. And I’ve lost respect for Giuliani since they are friends.

  68. janie says:

    Ok… I watched it, did i miss the point? or was there one?

  69. janie says:

    Ok… I watched it, did i miss the point? or was there one? What part of it’s been over 3yrs, enough already!

  70. lindy loo says:

    Horse face is saying recently she wants to have a baby. Do you truly think she will get pregnant and ruin that laxative-ravaged skeletal body?
    Besides, she already has her “boys” stolen from Brandi; she ought to be happy with that.

  71. Bell says:

    As far as Brandi’s ” outlandish accusations” go, I am willing to bet she was telling the absolute truth. Leann could easily sue Brandi for slander if she was knowingly spreading “inaccuracies.” We all know how sue happy Leann is, so the fact that she hasn’t gotten her lawyers involved speaks volumes to me. Leann knows if a judge would question Mason and the assistant there would be no denying the fact that he ate one of her laxatives. Instead Leann will play this out in the court of public opinion hoping her last few fans will still believe her.

  72. Moi says:

    1. I’m 41 really into music and the first I heard pf her was when she made it into the Rahs for being a Cheater. Meg Ryan is America’s Sweeheart. LeAnn Rimes supposedly a country favorite. But I’ve heard of Shania Twain never LeAnn.
    2. Eddie says Brandi tries to use LeAnn to stay relevant. Whic would only make sense if LeAnn was relevant which she’s not.. she has Brandi to thank for that because LeAnn is just famous for
    being a homewrecker and. Drama queen. and that’s not relevancy that’s trashy. At least we know why he’s with her he thinks it keeps him relevant. Wrongcoucghloser.

  73. Relli says:

    Omg i just saw a preview of cruddie….EW!

  74. bessy says:

    Honestly, it’s really too bad she has become so dramatic and such a fame monger- she really does have an amazingly beautiful singing voice.

  75. Me says:

    She seemed under the influence of booze or pills in that interview.

    The over the top nonsensical hand gestures, manically touching her hair, slurring her words, closing her eyes and talking, the girl was effed up on something! she looked like an addict!

  76. Hakura says:

    The reason Leanne continued to bring up this whole thing is because, in her mind, what’s the point of having ‘won’ him, if the world doesn’t constantly focus on & talk about it, & realize her superiority?

    She’s like one of those cliquey bitchy highschool girls, purposefully trying to ‘steal’ someone else’s BF for sport. & why? Because she can. She has no self esteem & needs to do these things to convince herself (& everyone else) that she IS better than they are.

    She’s emotionally stunted, & probably hates herself, deep down. In fact, although everyone has expressed the prediction that Eddie will stray again, no one has put much thought into the possibility that *SHE* could just as easily do so.

    Her constant need for validation from others in order to feel good about herself is what led her to Eddie in the first place, & it could easily do so again, taking any opportunity due to it’s proof that she’s still wanted & superior.

    • sunny says:

      Eureka. What you said here makes so much sense. I watched this interview and was surprised to see how much Eddie seemed truly in love/involved/concerned with her. He appeared to have drunk the kool-aid that they are fated to be together. If that’s the case the only fight left, the only drama remaining for Le is the ongoing shenanigans with Brandi. Leann is not likely going to be comfortable when all is quiet and she is just a happy second wife/step-mother. At that point she will find a way to create a new drama and cheating on Eddie is as likely a source as any.

      • Jayna says:

        I have always said she could end up being the one to cheat and leave. I agree with you, though, I think he is in love with LeAnn and protective of her after watching the interview. I think he blames Brandi for a lot of LeAnn’s problems obviously from the interview and refuses to see how LeAnn is bringing much of it on herself and creating the drama.

      • Relli says:

        Sunny & Jayna, I couldn’t agree more. He really seemed to be into the whole thing and YES in love. She (Brandi)gives them something to fight against, a common enemy if you will and it makes it all to easy for them believe Brandi is the source of all their problems, when she is not.

        On question though… why was he so red? When they cut away you could see all the make-up artists and people on hand someone couldn’t powder the guy? He looked like 7 day a week bar patron.

      • eileen says:

        Jayna-I can tell you from first hand expereince in dealing with this insanity with LR that Eddie doesn’t give two sh!ts about Leann. Trust me when I say this. THis come from her friends, family and many others. He truly doens’t care what happens to her. He’s told his own family memebers that he is out to ruin her for ruining his marriage-yes that is stupid because HE did that by cheating, but he didn’t want his marriage to end, he wanted to keep Brandi and still have his cake on the side secretly. LR wasn’t suppose to be a long-term thing. But when Leann leaked the video of them meeting up (which she orchestrated) and then leaked his affair with Shanae, Brandi kicked him out and he had no where else to go. He went to Plan B-stay with her and live the high life while AGAIN having his cake too…which he does…very frequently, and she knows it.
        Don’t you think Eddie would stop this insanity by getting Leann to stop ruining herself? She is the one responsible for this backlash-she has made people hate her for behaving like this for so long and then blaming it on the cheating. She has also stained his career-he just doesn’t care anymore…about anything.

      • claire says:

        I don’t know if he loves her or if he’s using her. What I do know is that these two are incredibly insensitive. It’s terrible that they are using this affair for relevancy. They’re constantly talking about it and hurting others.

        If he does give a crap about his wife or kids, it doesn’t show. He seems to gleefully drunkenly go along with all her antics. He looked like a sweaty alcoholic on that interview.

        I do think it’s plausible that he is aware that there is a solution to all of this, but, is up against a person with narcissistic personality disorder, who won’t listen to any one’s advice.

      • candigirl says:

        I agree with you Eileen, in fact I’m beginning to think that the real sociopath here is Eddie. He is great at lying to women and playing them against each other. I think he is a charming manipulator who is used to juggling several relationships on the side. He seems to completely disregard the safety and health of every one around him, especially his own kids. In many photos of him he is never even touching them or looking at them. When he does, it seems like he is scolding them to pose for the cameras or arguing with them or too drunk to bother. He is often ignoring them and Leann for the cameras. I get the sense that he loves this drama and attention and secretly hates both women, (possibly a misogynist.) He will milk this situation for all the attention and money it brings him. I don’t see him leaving Leann as long as she stays unstable addicted and still works, earns money. He can play her and use her and do whatever he wants while she pays for it and takes care of his kids. I don’t think he cares who watches them as long as he doesn’t have to. If something ever happened to one or both of the kids while in his and Leann’s care he would play the part of grieving father to gain sympathy while handing out his phone number to women at the hospital/funeral home. He reminds me of Ryan O’Neal.

      • Cirque28 says:

        @candigirl: Whoa, good call. I concur! And people might think, “No, no, Ryan O’Neal is so much more damaged and dissipated and pathetic,” but give The Ediot 20 years and we’ll see it. O’Neal had that same suave, loose attitude once.

    • Tannita says:

      He is not in love with her. He is in love with her money. BIG difference!

  77. lady X says:

    GO AWAY ALREADY !!!! You LeAnn did a really sucky thing .. You cheated and had an affair while married …. Say that stop making excuses and move on already good Lord … why is she still talking about this ….??? Goodness the interview she did with Gilania on E! about her stolen childhood please… I had a childhood … it is over rated !!! No one was forcing her to be in the industry .. she didn’t have stage parents .. she made millions and had no everyday worries .. spare me this crap about a stolen childhood to try and justify the adultery !!! You made a mistake own it ….I find it soo funny that every person busted cheating all of a sudden the marriage was already broken or over while the other spouse is completely in the dark … bull crap .. you got caught !!! period … She really thinks that Eddie would leave his gorgeous model wife and 2 beautiful boys of she was not rich and famous … PLEASE

    • Jayna says:

      I beg to differ. It’s no excuse for her taunting of Brandi and her immature behavior.

      She clearly has mental issues. I don’t think it’s all because of her childhood, and feel she us grasping onto that too much lately as an excuse. But make no bones about it. she didn’t have a childhood and most are screwed up. Christina Aguilera talked about what the music industry and managers do to you as a young recording star. She said after the records they literally had her on the road nonstop and on any time in between shows on the road they had her scheduled with radio shows back to back. They didn’t care if she had a day off. She was 16 and being told what to do night and day. I am not stating it as clearly as she did. But she became exhausted, depressed, and no one cared. They had her on to the next gig in another town, more promos on any hour off in between. When she turned 19 she took control of her life. I really saw a young singer’s life in the music biz on the road differently after that if they aren’t protected. And Christina isn’t a whiner, believe me. They are being run by men making a buck off them and they are their workhorses, and that’s all they care about. Look at Britney’s life after her teen years.

      LeAnn is financially successful because of it, but I have no doubt that she has legitimate issues and complaints because of it and her life as a young singer from the age if 12 on the road could have been lightened a lot more to protect her as a young child. I doubt it was. She was their golden goose.

      • Hakura says:

        Like you mentioned, I’ve read more than my share of horror stories regarding young pop stars, & downright abusive lifestyles run by record executives with dollar signs in their eyes. There’s NO denying that Leann, a child in the business even longer than most, suffered more than her fair share of it, & it’s certain that it caused *some* of her personality disorders.

        It all makes me think of the differences in these young women (former child stars), & the differences in how they coped/didn’t cope. I don’t think there’s a single one without *some* personality disorder. Britney, Christina, Rihanna, Lindsay, the list goes on….

        Unfortunately, while this gives some explanation of cause, this does NOT excuse actions that she & Eddie knew were wrong, & things she still does intentionally wrong to get under Brandi’s skin (by using the boys).

  78. Kosmos says:

    I agree, Eddie was the one truly responsible for cheating on his wife, and LeAnn for cheating on her own husband. LeAnn, however, has made a lot of enemies in the process of pairing up with Eddie. I advise her to stop tweeting about herself and putting up her pictures everywhere. She draws attention to herself and then wonders why she is being attacked so much. I’m sure that Brandi just hates the fact that she has to share her children, and I don’t blame her, but this is a done deal, so Brandi should move on & make the best of the situation. I advise LeAnn to just stop talking.

  79. Kenyan247 says:

    I really do not understand women like this one.Where I come from, its a shame to be a mistress and if you are, you are to keep the peace with the ‘woman of the house’ and if you end up breaking a marriage then you do not get to play the victim and whine about how you deserve to be happy.You cannot be happy at the expense of someone else!How you get a man is how you loose him!

  80. anneesezz says:

    My new husband was cheated on my his wife, who eventually left him to carry on an affair with a married man. She didn’t care what was happening in his life until I came along and he clearly had moved on. Now that we are married and her affair is over she is very bitter and has a lot to say about our lives. Everything was fine as long as he seemed miserable. Brandi needs to find a great guy and then she won’t care what her ex does. The best revenge is a life well lived.

    • SouthernGal says:

      Brandi has moved on and living her life to the fullest. The issue is her KIDS. she could give a flying f**k about Eddie C and that is what bothers him the most which explains why he allows LeAnn to taunt her with her own children. Think about it…she couldn’t break her by having an affair with her husband and flaunting it… or any other stunt she has tried. All failed!!! But the one thing that would make her snap is tormenting her with her own kids. That is dead ass wrong. LeAnn is evil, fake and is carrying around a black heart. What we see happening to her is KARMA. That E special pretty much ended what was left of her faltering career. Once the money is GONE…Eddie will be as well. BET!!!

    • Rant says:

      I hope that Brandi does find a new guy and eventually marries him. Then I can’t wait to hear Eddie’s reaction, when the new husband refers to himself as “bonus dad” and calls the children “his boys”.

  81. Piper says:

    It has been a personal conviction of mine to not comment negatively about the looks of others, particularly women. I am going to make an exception. While I watched LeAnn fake cry, speak in inarticulate, nonsensical sentences and once again blame Deane and Brandi for her and Eddie’s wandering genitals, all I could think was “nice mustache LeAnn. Movember’s over”. Seriously, I think her hair and make-up person secretly hates her as much as her PR people obviously do. She looked dreadful.

  82. G says:

    I’m shocked she sat down with Gulianna since she’s openly dissed her as a “home wrecking husband stealing slut” or something to that effect on Fashion Police’s “Starlet or Streetwalker” segment.

    I also do not remember feeling this sorry or “thougtful of others” while stalking him at a Lakers game bar area while his wife was waiting at the seats. He even released a statement to US Mag asking her to “leave him and his family alone”.

    She’s completely mental I have zero sympathy for her. She deserves every ounce of bad publicity she’s receiving. If Eddie had a fan base bwahahahaha…Sorry couldn’t get that out without hysterically laughing!

    • Sal says:

      Rancic changed her mind about LR last year after LR buttered her up on twitter and bought her drinks. Rancic attacked Brandi awhile later and said Brandi was crazy and indicated that Brandi deserved to be cheated on. Brandi hit back about hoping Rancic’s child isn’t caught in the middle like hers are one day. Rancic is team Leann now.