LeAnn Rimes in black Dolce & Gabbana at the ACAs: improving or awful?

I hope no one is expecting me to do any epic fashion posts about last night’s American Country Awards in Las Vegas. I just looked through the photo sets, and not only was it a (typical) parade of pageant-y fugness, there was a distinct lack of A-list country music talent. Which means that LeAnn Rimes was like one of the biggest “names” there. LeAnn wore Dolce & Gabbana. You know what? Call me cray, but I don’t hate her look. The LBD is decent (although it doesn’t look good in profile), and I like that LeAnn is going darker with her hair. I also think LeAnn’s face looks oddly “fuller”. Is she getting fillers?

LeAnn was a presenter at the show, and she likely came to do some more promotion for her new album. That’s why she’s been doing interviews and E! specials and all of that. I imagine that her promotional tour and any touring/appearance schedule will be cut short at some point, though. Because she’s LeAnn and she loves drama and she needs to be home to keep an eye on Eddie. So she’ll create some medical drama or something to cut her promotional work short. Wait for it.

A few more pics from the show – Miranda Lambert in Reem Acra. I kind of like it on her – she’s so short and she has such big boobs, it must be difficult for her to find good red carpet clothes, so with that in mind… this is pretty good. Carrie Underwood surprisingly didn’t have ten costume changes – she wore this budget-looking Georges Chakra dress the whole night.

Photos courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN.com.

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  1. smiley says:

    no matter what she wears it shall forever be fug!!!

  2. Stuart Horsely says:

    Awful. What she looks like on the outside and the way she is dressed, at any given time, will never make up for the horrors that lie inside. She is horrid.

  3. aims says:

    Yes to the filler question. Her hair make up look like crap.

  4. Jules says:

    What an unfortunate looking person.

  5. Nya says:

    Carrie’s dress looks like it has fungus growing on it.

  6. Jenna says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that she looks like a ‘Who’ from ‘Whoville’. And now with the holidays coming up, it’s perfect. :)

  7. Quinn says:

    I don’t usually like to snark on people’s faces, but I’ll make an exception in this case…fugs.

    • mimifarrow says:

      I’m the same way, it’s just cruel regardless of how shitty the person behaves. But I’m with you on this one; there is no way around it. She has such manly features, she reminds me of a male actor who’s name I cannot recall. And no it’s not Falcor. ;)

  8. Gia says:

    She’s either bloated from all the booze or getting filler. Both equally plausible.

  9. Cam S says:

    I don’t understand why her husband didn’t accompany her? Even if he was “working”, it’s not like he didn’t know the date of the awards ahead of time.

    Also, I think it was rude of her to tweet during the whole show. It’s rude to the artists performing not to give them their deserved attention. Always with her phone in her hand. Sheesh lady, get a life. It’s like she LIVES on social media 24/7. I love gossip sites etc, but not 24 hours a day!

    • littlestar says:

      She tweeted through the whole awards show?! That really is F’ing sad. Like get a life Leann – how does she not realize how unhealthy that is to be so addictred to a social media website you can’t even put your phone down out of respect for others?

      And I honestly feel terrible for commenting on her appearance, because it truly is nasty to make fun of how others look… But I’m going to be nasty just this once. How the hell does she see out of her eyes?! They really do look like little tiny slits!

      • claire says:

        What I think is pretty rude is when she was interviewed on the red carpet, she cackled that she is sooooo busy and soooo out on tour so often that she didn’t even know who was performing or nominated – she was just showing up to present.

        Yes, Leann, sure. You are such a huge star that you couldn’t take the time to even be aware of who of your “peers” are up for awards this year.

  10. Blondie says:

    She will never look good no matter how hard she tries.

  11. Alexandra Bananarama says:

    She looks good and i and i am no fan of hers.

    If she’s getting fillers they’re doing it right because it looks more like weight gain to me. She looks pre Eddie when she had a healthier weight. Or maybe Eddie’s vasectomy corrected itself and she’s preggers.

  12. eileen says:

    I’m pretty sure Leann’s makeup artist hates her. Putting that dark eyeshadow on her eyelids makes them look even smaller than they are! With her features, she looks 20Xs better with minimal makeup. She’s not a glamour girl, never will be.
    I like Miranda’s dress! It looks fun!

    • Sapphire says:

      I have to ask the make-up divas around here-is there any way to reduce the squint? I don’t have it so I’ve never had to deal with it. And someone waxed the ‘stache so that helps.

      • Fofototto says:

        For starters she should make the switch to individual lashes. Her falsies extend to far out, which just makes her eyes look smaller. I’ve also heard of celebrities who use white eyeliner on their bottom waterline. It’s supposed to make your eyes bigger. Also I’d suggest using a less harsher top eyeliner, it makes the top lid look droopy. And she takes the eyeshadow too far up. It’s a nice colour but it needs to be lower on the lid. LOOOL, I’ve never given much thought to someone’s eyes before. The above is also applicable to Eddie, he has even smaller eyes than Leann.

    • TheOriginalKitten says:

      Exactly, Eileen. She should stick to the natural look, make-up just enhances her features, which in her case is not good.

      I usually refrain from snarking on peoples’ appearances but this is one of the worst set of pics I’ve seen of Meanne.
      These are just painful to look at…

  13. Tifygodess24 says:

    I don’t listen to country but I believe music wise Miranda and Carrie are the bigger A List stars or bigger names at the event ….. The only thing Leanne is A list of is the drama queens. She’s no longer known for her music instead she’s known for her craziness.

  14. TheOriginalKitten says:

    The dress in the least of her problems.

  15. Sapphire says:

    The dress is fine, at least someone convinced her to wear a bra. But that face! Holy fillers and implants, Batman! If you want to waste 3 minutes, go into the archives or google her wedding-the plastic is amazing!

  16. RobN says:

    Dress looks good. Unfortunately, that doesn’t change the rest of her.

    I just think that Carrie is cute; doesn’t matter what she wears.

  17. Mags says:

    It’s definitely an improvement from the Stella disaster she wore that other awards show, but IMO she’s not tall enough for this type of dress. It makes her shoulders look too broad as well. And, I hate Carrie’s 1980s pageant hair.

  18. brin says:

    Ahhh Falcor is here..I’m hearing Limahl singing “Neverending story”!

  19. beclove says:

    Maybe she’s still puffed up from faux crying to Rancic the other day. But I appreciate her covering up for change.

    Miranda looks cute.

  20. Lachica says:

    She looked the best I have seen her look in a loooong time. She seems to have eaten some food lately and it looks good on her. But she prattled too much, had zero chemistry with her co-presenter, and was totally ignored by the winners she announced when they came onstage. It’s like she wasn’t even there. I almost felt bad for her.

    • KellyinSeattle says:

      Wow, I didn’t even watch it so that’s interesting to know. I think she looks okay, honestly, but her personality drags her down.

    • Apsutter says:

      Ya know, I’m kind of surprised that they invited her to the show since she’s kind of a pariah in the music industry right now. To be a big country star you have to be super hard working and out there performing and hustling for your fans constantly. The country music world is a very small world indeed so if you burn bridges your screwed. I’m from a small town where country is king and the regular fans don’t really want anything to do with her. The girls can’t stand to see her face because they’re country chicks and they will cut you if you go near their man or their friends’ men lol. And the guys aren’t interested because she’s made herself look like a mess. Once Spitfire drops she’ll be done with her label and I’m betting there won’t be a line of labels waiting to sign her.

    • Hakura says:

      Your comment made me curious to see her being ‘snubbed’ while presenting an award. Unfortunately the only ‘Leann@ACAS 2012′ video I could find on youtube was her being interviewed (babbling on & on like a caffeinated HS bimbo… my inability to tolerate more than 5 seconds goes without saying.)

  21. Dee Cee says:

    Miserable and how to stop lying, escaping her failures … every moment is spent trying to change all those things she created, desired.. living in a nightmare..?

  22. PS says:

    My oh my, her boobies are lookin large and agree about her fuller face. Looks matronly to me. Can’t wait for her album to “Backfire”, some blogs have been reporting her newly released single has tanked. Awwwww :)

  23. Lulu says:

    I’m going with weight gain. I think she looks fine.

  24. Dana M says:

    She might be pregnant!!! The “fillers” look so perfect.

  25. Becks says:

    Squinty is so unfortunate looking…..although I really like those snakeskin shoes!

  26. Jesse says:

    I think she looks good here. Not whorish but classy. But she is doing something to her face, no? I really wish people under 40 would not touch their faces. Over 40 start getting laser facials. I don’t condone how she acts but I think she had problems with her parents, right? I think they may have been using her as a cash machine and it messed her up royally. I just hope she lays off all this silly twitter stuff and ragging on her step kids’ mom. That’s just wrong. But I really think its a form of cyber bullying that is going on with the cruel things written by fans and non-fans. Of all celebs. I know Leann is at fault too but two wrongs don’t make a right. I guess the only one I’m finding insufferable right now is Lohan.

    • Hakura says:

      There can be -no- denying the fact that (the way she was raised/treated by those who were supposed to love & nurture her) made a big contribution to the way she sees/treats herself, & other people.

      I’m always ‘torn’ when it comes to the ‘making negative & super critical comments’ is a form of ‘cyber-bullying’ -thing. Do I think a lot of people take it too far, beyond the point of acceptability & good taste? Oh yeah.

      But on the other hand, Leann herself dedicates herself, intentionally pursues, putting herself on display. Even obviously going out of her way to create drama & negative reactions from others, bringing it on herself by putting it in our faces constantly. She strives on the attention, ALL the attention.

  27. lem says:

    it’s like she’s trying to pull off glanville’s makeup and hairstyles, but they just end up looking terrible on her.

    • judyjudy says:

      By “glanville’s makeup and hairstyles” do you mean the style of 75% of the women in LA? I get that Leann has done a lot of SWF-ing of Brandi and it is totally psycho, but sometimes the accusations go a little too far. OMG! Leann is wearing lipgloss. Brandi totally wore lipgloss last week. She’s soooooo trying to be just like her.

      • lem says:

        I agree, 75% of women do that style in LA. But LR usually doesn’t (I actually prefer her casual style to the LA typical style) so when she does this style, after everything that has gone on with BG in the last week, I feel like she is SWF’ing her again. And it looks so bad on her! It’s like she wants this look to work on her too, only it doesn’t (I think she looks awful, but I think it’s because she’s trying to force a look that doesn’t work, not b/c she is awful looking).

    • Karma says:

      I thought LeAnn was trying to dress-up as Brandi too. And I think she’s trying to steal the side smile that Brandi has, as well. It’s been in all of the recent photo sets you see of LeAnn.

      Anyway, prior to knowing Brandi her style wasn’t anything close to what she is attempting now. Which she never quite pulls off. Maybe it’s that Brandi is stunning, with legs that go on forever, but something is always missing with LeAnn’s versions.

      And now that look again, the pre-Brandi LeAnn, would have had more sparkle than a LBD, since it was a country awards show.

      The thing is…she generally looks better than she did prior to meeting Brandi, but that’s because her style was so bad before.

      It must feel beyond creepy to have someone steal your husband, and your look, while going after your kids. Ewww…cue the Twilight Zone music.

  28. Samigirl says:

    Dude, her face is looking like it did when she was with her first husband. She’s gained some weight, for sure. I hope it’s just a natural weight gain, and for all that is holy she is NOT pregnant. Not until she grows up a little.

    • judyjudy says:

      She really does look more like her old self. Even her legs look a little meatier (in a good way). I think she looks so much better like this.

      Hopefully it’s just winter-weight or the effects of anti-depressants and not pregnancy. Please, please, please don’t let her be pregnant. Oh…who am I kidding…I would love for her to be pregnant if only for the excellent gossip that will swirl around it. I’m tired of their current schtick…a pregnancy would be a new and bitchy gossip-fest!

      • Hakura says:

        If not for the fact that it’d mean she was bringing a -child- into the world (God forbid passing along her cursed genetics to begin with, let alone possibly being Eddie’s..or..not?)… I too would find the event a source of curiosity & entertainment.

        Would open Pandora’s Box with all the possible chaos that could ensue.

  29. skuddles says:

    MeAnn’s dress is dowdy and fug – does nothing for her. Just like her face.

  30. Rita says:

    Her eyes are glassy and she puffed-up, aka drunk. Obvious lip injections and the botox is making her so expressionless.

    For comparison you might want to consider this: In 4 months Mirranda Kerr will be the same age as LeAnn who has no children…..bonus or biological.

  31. nomorerimes says:

    Shoulda known she would wear a side part–Brandi did it first so naturally LiaR has to do it too! Copycat!

  32. Isa says:

    The dress is good.
    Unfortunately Leann has an ugly body. Even with 0% body fat it’s just not attractive.
    Miranda looks good. And I want carries legs!

  33. sunnyinseattle says:

    I really, really, really do not think she is pretty in anyway. But…..she actually looks ok here and I have never said that before. Sshh….don’t tell anyone I said it, cuz I will deny it til the day I die! ;-)

    • Jayna says:

      Honestly, I thought she was a cute girl from around 19 to 26. And her hookup with Eddie and trying to become something hotter actually changed her in such a bad way that I so often forget I thought she looked cute for all those years. Her weight loss changed her face in an awful way Here she is performing live. Her voice was amazing back then and I thought she was cute.

      19: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oglueOxXTSQ

      I posted this live performance before. She was probably around 25 years old maybe maybe. Weight on her face balanced her face out more. I don’t recognize her any more.


      • claire says:

        My plastic surgery guesses would be something to the eyes, she rounded off her nose and shortened it, which really messes up her face, and cheek implants. She used to have a decent face, now it is all smooshed down and odd looking. Her nostrils are even bigger looking because she made them more prominent by taking the end off her nose. Those are just my guesses.

      • Hakura says:

        @Jayna – ..Wow. Those performances were *wonderful*. I’d never heard the second song before, so tragically beautiful… & she sang it so emotionally that I even teared up a bit.

        Thinking back to & listening/watching vintage Leann always depresses me. So much actual talent & potential, but it had to turn out this way. It’s disappointing to see how unattractive she really is, on the inside. It’s a complete waste.

  34. JudyK says:

    Huge improvement…LeAnn looks great.

    But somebody help Miranda Lambert. Gawdawful. She’d look okay if that dress were 3″ longer.

    And what the heck is Carrie wearing…hate it.

  35. bettyrose says:

    OMG! It’s a parade of big blonde hair.

  36. OXA says:

    What I see is that Beyonce got $50 Million for promoting Pepsi and Squinty did ExLax for free. Would you want your brand associated with that?

  37. Jayna says:

    I think she’s too petite for that dress. Just a tad shorter would be better. She has gained weight. I noticed her arms looked so much better on that interview.

    Glad to see her going back to her side part. I always said she should go back to a side part. It flattered her more. That’s how she used to always wear her hair.

    • Karma says:

      Good point, often the lengths are wrong on the outfit she is wearing. It messes with the aesthetics of the dress, her body lines, or both.

      But it stands out and is an irritant rather than a complete picture. Almost like the feng shui of the outfit has been compromised…lol

      And yes, she does look better with a side part.

  38. carrie says:

    even if her face is too botoxed,it’s her best look since a long time

  39. Theresa says:

    Since I put nothing past this gal, I bet she has gained weight purposely to downplay or refute the laxative/eating disorder rumors. The problem is, she won’t win over any critics by doing so. In fact, since so many dislike her, she’s going to read about how bloated or bulging she looks and she’ll head straight to the toilet to dump the weight.

    • Emma says:

      That was like less than a week ago…

      Plus if she really has such a serious eating disorder, she can’t simply switch it off when she wants to appear sympathetic… eating disorders are serious mental illnesses and shouldn’t really be scoffed at

  40. valleymiss says:

    I’m firmly team Brandi, but I actually think Leann looks great here. The dress is tasteful and her hair looks good.

  41. Masque says:

    She needs to stick to matte eyeshadows. That shiny stuff makes her eyelids look even puffier than they are.

  42. silver says:

    at least Leann is covered up & not wearing something trashy, & her hair looks great.

    Underwood looks amazingly beautiful, like she does most of the time. I love the coral shade of her dress. I want her entire closet!

  43. Alana Fajina says:

    As unattractive as she is in pictures, I’ve never really watched her in anything since her music vids when we were kids. That being said, after the interview last night, watching her facial expressions [croc tears] and hearing her speak, I can understand why she is So Insecure. Wow. What an unfortunate-looking person. At this point, I just don’t feel sorry for Anything that comes her way.

  44. jenny piccolo says:

    What’s with all that squinting? I want some of whatever she’s having — if you know what I mean.

  45. truthful says:

    she looks dead, minus her head.

    if her album tanks, she is gonna lose it.

    and we’re ALL jealous of her, LOL

  46. Memphis says:

    Shes looking more like Belinda everyday.

    I’m guessing its water weight from stopping her lax suddenly. Plus fillers …. and she MAY have even eaten a sandwich at one point this week.

  47. TheTruthHurts says:

    She is REALLY starting to look like her mother.

  48. Lily says:

    I agree she needs to chuck the sparkle plenty eye shadow. It does make her eyes appear too puffy. I am not a fan but I will say, I think this is the best she has looked in a long time. I even think her hair looks good here. The dress is a bit long for her. She’s just a bit too short to wear that length, put other then that and her one wonky boob, the dress looks pretty good on her. I think she has gained weight and is wearing black because she is so “weight conscious” It kills her to see those numbers go up on the scale so she tries to camouflage it with black. I would bet we will see a lot more black on her in the next few months.. I think she is in such turmoil because she wants to gain weight to be healthy so her hormones will kick in and she can maybe get pregnant, (that is if EC isn’t snipped), but at the same time she doesn’t want to put the weight on because it defines her. It is her inner struggle. She fears loosing Eddie also and her competition with Brandi will loose if she isn’t perfect. She is such a control freak I doubt she last long enough to really get healthy before it all starts again. My guess is she has been eating and purging,drinking, and taking pain meds, along with taking laxatives, excessive exercise, maybe Adderal, and lots of cleaning, etc. It takes one to know one and I was one many years ago so it’s like watching myself minus the fame and money and cheating ways. I feel such anger towards her because of some of her behavior I see on her twitter, (no I’m not a tweeter) but at the same time want to shake her and tell her to get help because she is destroying herself slowly but surely and she can, maybe turn this around if she just gets honest with herself and everyone else. This is all just my opinion of course, maybe I’m wrong about all of it(except the eye shadow, lol). I’m in my 60′s now, I did hair and make-up professionally in my day and I worked around the rich and famous. It can really cause a lot of damage trying to fit in to all that if you don’t have a strong foundation as I well know. She is trying to be too much instead of just being who she is; A girl that has a good voice that can sing, but that tries too hard to be perfect in every single thing she does. I think she really needs a good therapist that will be brutally honest with her and force her to get honest with herself and everyone else. I think she needs to finish her tour and get off twitter and take time away from all media for a very long time. She’s just a real messed up girl in my sometimes humble opinion.

  49. Jayna says:

    Holly cow, who would have thought LeAnn at 21 was far more mature than 27 to 30-year-old LeAnn. Funny in this interview about her views on focusing on sexuality and little clothes over the music and that’s not what she wants to be known for as a singer. She wants it about her music. Now she’s posting bikini pics ad nauseum or alerting a pap to come photograph her. Too funny.


    • Lily says:

      Wow, just watched that video. She sure changed her tune. Such a shame. She just lost herself and her good sense after that. I still hope she can turn it all around.

    • Ela says:

      Oh my god – she has changed so much. she looked pretty in that video and much healthier. and she seemed like a nice person. what happened to her?!

    • claire says:

      She’s certainly much more articulate and able to form a complete thought and coherent sentence.

    • TheTruthHurts says:

      This is sad. She is quite lovely in this video. What happened?! Eddie has ruined her. She lost it all for a good looking cheater. SAD.

      • Jayna says:

        I agree. Eddie was the ruin of her. She became the high school girl who got the cute guy and taunting the beautiful ex, and she ruined her looks in the process and aged her from starving, and I guess is high a lot, which makes sense in her talking so fast in interviews now and rambles and cries. She was always poised in interviews over the years until the last three years. Drunk on the red carpet now, etc.

        I remember this album, because my cousin from Georgia used to play it all the time, This Woman, from I think a few years before Eddie. I remember thinking how great the album. She looked so secure with Dean in the music video below, and sings so great on it, and now she looks so desperate half the time and is singing about Borrowed now LOL.

        Dean and LeAnn: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yB3r0lBP434

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Jayna: My god, your before-and-afters show a shocking transformation. LeAnn is like an addict who is so sure she’s found this thing she always needed and is trying to convince everyone that it’s working out GREAT. Meanwhile she’s a rambling, shaky, surgeried, puffy-faced, obsessive shell of her former poised self. And yet she sits there with her weird stiff mouth and her thin hair and her destroyed image as a singer, saying, “No, really guys, I’m amazingly happy!” Then she bursts into tears and writes 300 new tweets.

        Sad. She is still 100% accountable for her horrendous behavior, but this is sad. Clearly, LR’s relationship with Ediot and her copious pill habit are very toxic.

      • jess says:

        After watching that video I feel really sad for her. She really got taken for a ride, just goes to show you, a bad man can sure bring a woman down. The only way I can ever respect her, was if she kicked him to the curb, and said ok I made a mistake, I really messed up, I want to start over for real.

      • nomorerimes says:

        @Jess–ONLY if she completely quits all the BS she has given Brandi these past 3 years. And stays away from EC and Brandi’s kids. She has to just pretend that the past few years have been completely erased from her mind! No way will that happen! Without the possibility of harassing Brandi and twitter she would never be in the spotlight with all her craziness.

  50. someone says:

    How come a story on Leann’s dress but not one on Brandi’s hooplah on RHOBH last night? Leann looks beautiful by the way. To each their own….

    • Starlight says:

      Because they are afraid of Brandi or because of what’s going on with the world now, people are mostly struggling. They don’t know how to appreciate beauty and kindness anymore. Most people are rude and unkind. This is really not a good sign.

  51. Snowpea says:

    Theres something so fishy about these three. I’m starting to get the feeling that there is a very strong love left still burning between Eddie and Brandi.

    Why does B always go on about E being such a good dad? All evidence points to the contrary.

    Why does Leann have so much to prove ALL THE TIME? She wasn’t like that with old Deano.

    When I look at pictures sometimes of Leann (esp when she’s wearing those RayBan aviators that she swf’d from Brandi) I sometimes think it’s Brandi. And vice versa. This is VERY STRANGE.

    I used to think that L and E were fuc*ing insane by themselves but the more things that come out, the more I think the three of them are all in on this craziness somehow.

    I think that Brandi still loves Eddie. I can feel their sexual chemistry from all the way over here. She was so humiliated though by the Leann/Scheana thing that she had to kick him out.

    I think that Eddie still loves Brandi. They are equals in looks and social status. But he was so pissed off that she kicked him out, that he wants to keep punishing her.

    And then there’s poor little Leann. She knows she’s punching above her weight with Eddie. He is way outta her league. She is a small town girl with no sophistication and plain as a pumpkin but she has MONEY and that has bought her this husband. But underneath, she senses the longing Eddie has for Brandi and vice versa. She thought by now that she would have obliterated B but she underestimated her strength and general coolness.

    I dunno. I really feel for Brandi in all this mess. There she was, with her family and husband and kids and BAM! suddenly she’s dealing with one great big debacle.

    But that’s what I believe. Brandi and Eddie still love each other but cant be together. Leann knows this and hence the ratcheting up of Bonkers over the years.

    One giant mess.

    • candigirl says:

      Hmm… don’t know, but it is interesting that Brandi feels the need to continue to deny she’s still in love with Eddie. I agree with you about Eddie, he seems to love to keep punishing her. He has been feeding Leann all the info on Brandi (her plastic surgeon, her implant size) for years to enable her swf-ing of Brandi. And the way he brought LR’s whole entourage to many of the boy’s soccer games. And told Darrell Brown that he considered him part of their family with the boys. He seems really hell bent on grinding any memory of his family with Brandi into the dust. Someone else on one of these threads said he was trying to replace any sense of Brandi in his life with Leann. And we know about his enabling of the constant bullying of Brandi and his use of the kids to hurt her. I think he was shocked and hurt to find out that Brandi had a spine and kicked him out. They got together when she was younger, naive and very dependent on him. He was more educated, the bigger star, the breadwinner and a serial cheater. His life was on cruise control and the affair with Leann derailed it. Now he has a life of luxury but his career has stalled and he is forever at the helm of the ss cray cray. My guess is, he has regrets.

    • Theskinny says:

      I think she knows Eddie and knows that if she pisses him off he will just keep sic’ing his flying monkey (Leann) on her. She is just stroking the sociopath’s ego to get what she needs from him. She knows how that asshat operates. It has nothing to do with love and everything to do with psychology.

    • jess says:

      Totally agree Snowpea… I’ve thought for awhile that Brandi is not over Eddie, from comments she has made. I’ve even had the thought that maybe they are in on this together. They are both profiting $ wise, only Eddie is all but washed up with his career.It wouldn’t surprise me at all if they got back together, but he would really have to eat crow, but can you imagine the ratings gold on RHBH if that happened??? If he came crawling back to Brandi?

  52. Shelley says:

    Dare I ask – what does the tattoo on her foot say? It looks like a long sentence – a quote or…?

  53. Ming Lee says:


    interviewer: “lots of drama going on with brandi making these comments..”

    leann quickly responds with, “who?”

  54. Starlight says:

    Brandi is a beautiful woman. I don’t know why she can not let go. I also think that LeAnn should leave Brandi’s kids alone. She should not parade them like they are her own kids.

  55. CooCooCatchoo says:

    Okay, I didn’t watch the ACM awards last night but I did watch the Guliani DiPandi interview on E! Just caught it by chance, but couldn’t stop watching once I started.
    So, I’m not a LeAnne fan, a Brandi fan and (mostly) not an Eddie fan (he’s fine as hell but the douchbaggery oozes outta his pores – I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him). So… here are my thoughts:
    - For good or bad, I have been in a marriage where my husband wasn’t attracted to me. I would never be vain enough to say that it was because he was gay but… we were married 7 years and we had sex about a dozen times. I
    was 28, I had a great job, I worked out 4 days a week and wanted to have a baby. But you know what? The signs were there before we married. I chose to ignore them. And then… I met my current husband.
    We had that crazy, magnetic chemistry and fell in love immediately. I left my husband within a week, we became engaged within 4 months and were married within a year. I am happier now with Rob than i coyld have ever imagined. We’ve been married 10 years and got pregnant on our honeymoon. Two kids later, there is no doubt that we were meant to be together.
    Sometimes life gives you second chances. You’re stupid if you don’t take it. Eddie was LeAnne’s 2nd chance. She was his. And they don’t have to explain that to anyone. He’ll always love his sons, even if he really never should have been with their mom. Brandi needs to grow up and move on. He was just not that into her – sorry, B.

    • claire says:

      Oh, FFS. You’re 3 years too late. Whatever love and light/rainbow romance those two are having doesn’t justify the bullying, the gloating, the holding her to different parental standards, etc., etc.

    • Cam S says:

      @ CooCoo
      This is going to be harsh, but cheaters always sympathize with other cheaters. Yes, I went there. I had a friend like you with a similar story. She always claimed to be miserable in her marriage, (from the beginning) but didn’t leave until AFTER she found someone else. I call that a coward. Sorry, it is what it is.

    • Sal says:

      You are wrong on both counts. One, Brandi is long over Eddie, she doesn’t have anything left to ‘get over’. As a mother, she will never get over wanting her children to be safe though. That has nothing to do with getting over Eddie. I can assure you she is long over Eddie. Two, far from Eddie’s ‘second chance’, Leann was actually Eddie’s THIRD *CHOICE*. It was only after Scheanamarie rejected him and outed him and Brandi told him to leave the house, that he went to Leann as third choice and last resort, because he had nowhere else to go. Leann was his last resort and third choice.

  56. Shelly says:

    LeAnn’s hair looks nice. I like the waves and color.

  57. Jessica says:

    Her hair looks the best its looked in a long time. 1. its not in a messy, sloppy bun and 2 it looks like it was recently washed and actually has some “life” to it. Her face is majorly bloated though. Dress isn’t right for her figure.

  58. mystified says:

    I don’t mean to be ugly, but am I the only one who thinks Lee Ann Rimes may suffer from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

    In many of her pictures she has the tell tale facial features: wide set eyes, a short upturned nose, and a thin upper lip. In some pics she also looks like she has a smooth philtrum. It’s a possible explanation for some of her behavior.

  59. Vesper says:

    I love LeAnn’s entire outfit, expecially the shoes. Her sense of style has matured nicely. Her hair looks good, but I liked it better when she was blonder.

    The other two outfits are horrific.

  60. lflips says:

    I’m not a LR fan by any means, but I do think she is visually interesting to look at. I like the fact that her face isn’t cookie cutter gorgeous and I don’t think she is unattractive.

    • sala says:

      Me too. I don’t know her music and all I know of Rimes comes from this site but I don’t find her unattractive at all. She doesn’t have LA face ( a good thing in my opinion) like so many of the tabloid blondes from there do. I can’t think of any other time I’ve liked her style, however I like this dress a lot.

  61. nomorerimes says:

    Too bad she is so ugly on the inside!!! She could work to improve her looks by going back to the way she looked while with Deane! But unfortunately she will never change as far as the inside!

  62. Louise says:

    She’s just another broad who’s lost everything for some turd of a guy.

    Charlotte Church is another one.

  63. Kosmos says:

    I did watch the GAC awards show, and what struck me was how ‘hyper’ LeAnn was on stage. She would have come off more effectively if she had been calmer, more relaxed…about her dress, it seems okay, but the shoe choice could have made the dress a lot sexier. Maybe higher heels and avoid the light shoe animal print with this black dress…maybe she needed a statement piece necklace, maybe some red lips could have given her some color in the face area, I don’t know, but she didn’t stand out. I definitely didn’t like Miranda Lambert’s dress either, too many busy lines for a short, stocky body. Plain with some matching black glitter on the dress would have been better.

  64. Cinnamon says:

    this probably sounds weird but all the plastic surgery on her face is making her look like a grinch. like her nose doesn’t fit her face anymore. I dont know what it is, you look at past pictures of her and she looks fine.

    that is a funeral dress in my opinion. not cute for an awards show

  65. Jennifer12 says:

    She looks like she hired Brandi as her stylist. She doesn’t normally rock the black dresses and wavy hair. Though it’s an imrovement over her regular style. Miranda Lambert looks like she’s going to the high school prom and Carrie Underwood’s dress is awful.