So did Rihanna dump Chris Brown or did he dump her for Karrueche (again)?

Have you been on Rihanna’s Instagram recently? I could literally spend hours there, looking at her photos and reading all of the asinine things she talks about, then reading the comments of her followers and supporters and her haters. Anyway, as we alluded to earlier this week in the lead link, it seems like Rihanna and Chris Brown are having problems! I know, so sad. I wish I could just say “Riahnna is as dumb as a box of weaves,” but the problem is that I don’t think Rihanna IS dumb. I think she’s just messed up. And I think she thinks with her vadge. If we say that men do dumb things because they’re thinking with their d-cks, can’t we say that women do bad, stupid things when they’re thinking about their next O? And obviously, Rihanna is a drama queen, and Chris Brown brings the drama like no other dude in RiRi’s life. They feed each other in some crazy, abusive, codependent, f—ked up way.

Where was I? Ah, yes. Well, Rihanna’s been bringing the drama on her Instagram all week. Rihanna and Chris were in Paris… together… and then he kept sneaking off to see Karreuche Tran. The Sun UK claims that Rihanna flew from London to Paris on Sunday night, and Chris came to Rihanna’s hotel early Monday morning, leaving Karruche at another hotel while he hooked up with Rihanna. Then Chris went back to Karrueche. And then Rihanna starting tweeting and Instagraming a bunch of crap. And now people are like, “Damn, did they break up already?”

Peace out, Breezy. Rihanna and Chris Brown’s relationship has always been tumultuous or worse, but the Barbadian beauty’s tweets Tuesday night seemed to imply things might be over…or just the latest wrinkle.

Chris’s ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran reportedly joined the R&B singer on tour in Paris earlier this week. (Chris was even spotted wearing a hat that appeared to be from Karrueche’s clothing line, the Kill.) Rihanna, apparently not amused, tweeted (then deleted) Tuesday, “Goodbye muthaf–ker. #takeoff”

“You give, you get, then you give it the f–k back,” she added, then took down. “Examine what you tolerate.” (Although the timing could be purely coincidental, it seems unlikely. You be the judge of that, though.)

[From E! News]

She also posted a hilarious “Claps for the Basic Bitches” Instagram which I assume is directed at Karrueche. And she posted “Damn… I miss my n—ga” with a photo of herself looking sad, but that might have been before she even arrived in Paris.

Here’s my real take on what’s happening: Chris was in Paris with Karrueche. Rihanna found out and tried to make Chris “choose”. Chris chose. He chose Karrueche. For now. Probably because he knows that he barely has to do anything to get Rihanna back. She’ll come back to him and he won’t even have to do anything. So, while I guess they could have “broken up” already, they’ll be back together soon enough. Don’t worry. Or do worry.

Photos courtesy of Rihanna’s Instagram.

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  1. Colu says:

    My guess is one of these girls is going to get pregnant soon thinking she’ll trap him. Nothing will change except then an innocent baby would be used as bait.

  2. Birdie says:

    Did you see the picture she posted, where you can see her kneeling down with her heels. Basicly her way of saying: Look, I am giving him head. TAKE THAT.

  3. Riana says:

    The ‘damn I miss my …’ pic of her in someone’s arms in black and white is Chris.

    She’s already back with him.

    I don’t think Rihanna is thinking with her vag. She would have sex with anyone, and has.

    I think she’s thinking like the screwed up individual she is. Rihanna is mentally damaged to the extreme and I believe she thinks Chris is all she wants and deserves. I think she believes he understands her and loves her and doesn’t know why he’s not faithful because she’s been faithful to him. I think Mary J Blige’s ‘No More Drama’ encapsulates Rihanna perfectly.

    I think one day Rihanna will get tired of the pain and hurt, but not until she’s been hurt and broken a lot.

    • gg says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it has anything to With having an orgasm. Women are emotional about sex. It’s just codependency.

    • Shannon says:

      Have you seen the leaked nude pics of Chris brown? If not, google them. She’s most definitely thinking with her vadge.

      • Emily says:

        I see far cuter guys jogging down the road. Just go to any college in the country. Bonus: those guys are unlikely to attempt murder. Plus, Chris’s body is okay, but his face is blech. Worst of all, his personality is vile in every single way — stupid, mean, violent, self-centered, etc.

        I want Rihanna to get together with Kanye. Or Ice T. Or Lenny Kravitz. Really just about anyone but Chris Brown. It makes me sick that any woman would touch that pile of garbage. He doesn’t deserve to get laid ever again.

      • mzthirtyeight says:

        The first poster specified about his leaked NUDE pictures. I wouldn’t in a million years if ever given the chance, but the guy IS um, gifted. Just not with a stable personality(etc., etc., etc.).

      • Emily says:

        In the shorts they wear around here, you can see everything, and there are plenty of “gifted” guys in the world ;-) . Someone in Rihanna’s position could easily have a new one sent to her room every night.

      • Riana says:

        Lol, I just have to toss this out here because I find it funny.

        On this site his member seems to be getting a good amount of praise, but on the majority of black gossip blogs most folks call him ‘pencil dick’ in reference to the nude pics.

        Meh, he wasn’t special to me but that’s because there ain’t enough inches to make up for what a loser he is.

      • Laura says:

        My boyfriend’s is that big. Also, he spoils/kisses/head boops my cats. Also, he tells me all the time that he loves me. Also, he never ogles other girls. Also, he’s never hit me. Also, he does the dishes when I cook…ok now I’m just bragging :p my point is that there are lots of guys with nice dicks and personalities to match.

  4. Hyena says:

    He is with her in the “I miss my n#@*a” photo. That is his tattoed arm.

  5. Dee says:

    Its simpler than that. Anyone that’s been in a bad relationship will tell you, it’s hard to leave because you feel like you are leaving so much of your broken self behind. So u always go back to get a chance for redemption, but it always goes back to the same thing. I think they are goong to break up eventuallu, and when they do there is going to be a lot of haaaaaaaaateeeee between these two

  6. Dee says:

    Its simpler than that. Anyone that’s been in a bad relationship will tell you, it’s hard to leave because you feel like you are leaving so much of your broken self behind. So u always go back to get a chance for redemption, but it always goes back to the same thing. I think they are goong to break up eventually, and when they do there is going to be a lot of haaaaaaaaateeeee between these two

  7. pretty says:

    Damn……. I miss my nigga #thuglife #BFFlife
    LOL she sounds sooo stupid!
    “thuglife” ??? So she thinks she is a thug??? hahahah
    Sometimes i picture Kirsten Stewart and Rihanna in a same room …those two are so hardcore and badasses…

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    The only one winning here is Chris, he just sits back and they flock to him. I understand that it’s quite a common thing for abused people to go back their abusers time and time again, mainly because the abusers are usually very manipulative, but I just don’t get how she’s going back when he’s obviously banging the both of them, that’s when I have to question her self respect. I can understand and sympathise with someone going back to an abusive partner but going back again and again to someone who cheated with and on you? That not so much.

    • pretty says:

      she obviously thinks that a man beating, cheating his girlfriend, is DOPE and COOL while a man who is a gentleman and you know, your typical nice guy, she probably thinks those men are sooo boring and like lameeee.
      She likes thugs and losers just like her.

    • marie says:

      honestly, I think she’s an idiot. He cheated on Karrueche to be with Rhianna, what makes Rhianna think she’s any better than Tran? hello mcfly, he’s been playing them both for a while. wake up ya dummys and move on..

    • Riana says:

      It’s sad as hell but think of it this way.

      The night Chris nearly beat her to death it was because she confronted him about receiving text messages from other women/cheating on her. …we saw how well he took that confrontation.

      Now she managed to (barely) lure him away from Karr after a hell of a lot of effort I imagine she figured. “I got him, he’s mine” to see him sneaking back and forth she’s probably pissed but she’s not ready to give up or fully confront him.

      In her mind they’re ‘meant to be’ and Karr is the one screwing up everything. I doubt she’ll dump or confront Chris for cheating since that almost got her killed.

  9. heybaby says:

    oh god !!!the eonline article is so full of inaccuracies lol.

    am a rihanna fan and cant stand her with chris brown… but those two are still dealing with each other unfortunately.

    the obvious in the fact that during his stay chris and his entourage have been stay at the w hotel in opera, but rihanna stayed at the Park Hyatt Hotel which chris was spotted leaving monday morning.

    he apparently slept over sunday night after she arrived in paris and didnt attend a party he was supposed to be hosting in lille after his concert.

    all these happend days after her social media meltdown but by a day or two she was waxing lyrics about him again lol.

    also doesnt seem chris was the main reason she was in paris…she performed on a french tv station on monday

    and apparently had an elle photoshoot the next day.

    and even up till today they both still liking each others pics on instagram

    u get a better news on these two from black blogs that follow the pairs activites more closely than maybe mainstream blogs.

    chris brown is not going to make a choice, he is having his cake and eating it..the only thing that can change it is if one of the girls walk away from the situation.

    btw rihanna and karreuche are not the only two girls he is sleeping with, apparently he is still doing groupies on this tour, even some photos of groupies in his hotel room in paris.

    the whole thing is a mess smh

  10. Cam S says:

    I have never seen two girls fighting over a man actually WORTH fighting for. Never

  11. Isa says:

    In the picture of her bending over Chris It looks like her butt crack is two inches wide.

  12. alc says:

    Raise your hand if you really sick of this whole melodrama!

  13. Jayna says:

    Chris left Karreuche saying he loved her. Anyone with any sense knew the first fight they had or when the newness of getting back together was over he was going to miss Karreuche at some point and call her. There was no real closure with the other girlfriend who is sitting over there pining for him, so of course it’s too tempting for him. He left one for the other. No time in between. But he and Rhianna aren’t over, I’m sure. They’re addicted to the drama and he loves them fighting over him.

  14. Sam says:

    As hard as it is to believe, could it be that the “ordinary girl” is more appealing because she doesn’t spend every waking moment instagraming photos of their alone time? Maybe in a shocking turn of events Mr. Brown DOES in fact want some things to remain “nobodies business” and the fact that Rihanna is going above and beyond to show the world (in a very childish, cover your face and make them guess kind of way) that He is HERS? She does seem to be going the extra mile to make this other chick jealous and I find it rather amusing that he slinks off to be with the “ordinary bitch”. Must be a real blow to the ego.

    • Jayna says:

      He lives on twitter himself. I doubt he has a problem with any of that. In fact, he loves that probably that she declares his love to the public who hates him because of what he did. The photos are in an in your face type of thing that he loves. It’s them against the world mentality.

      • Beatrice Sparkplug says:

        Well said. They both come across as juvenile narcissists. Maybe they’ll grow out of it but more likely they won’t. They’re in the perfect field for this kind of behavior. It’s almost always rewarded with attention in one way or another.

  15. Suzy from Ontario says:

    I think she’s one of those women that probably grew up in drama and thinks that love is all about high drama…like Scarlet O’Hara. That it’s about screaming and slapping and threats and making up and then more screaming …very dysfunctional and on the edge. I don’t know her background but sometimes girls who grow up seeing that and living in dysfunction, and seeing movies where it’s all high drama between the romantic leads, think that is what true love is and that solid, committed and loving men who treat you well are boring.

    It’s a very immature view and often is tied to poor self-image and a sense of being unworthy of being treated well. They think a man getting jealous to the nth degree means he loves them. Or if he threatens “If I can’t have you, then no one else can have you” means love.

    It’s sad. I think she needs some serious help but she probably won’t get it. She could do so much better. I think she’s very pretty and very bright, but thinks she’s only of worth through her sexuality. At least that’s how it comes across. She strikes me as very unstable and seems to be sprialling out of control lately. I hope she finds someone who truly wants to get her the help she needs to be happy.

  16. Annie says:

    “Examine what you tolerate”? Am I supposed to take your advice Rihanna? You tolerate this guy knocking your face in. YOU examine what you tolerate, dumbass.

  17. Mink says:

    What are we looking at in the last pic? I know they said she’s on his lap & his head seems dipped forward, but what’s up w/the arm. His arm. The placement, angle…doesn’t look right. Are there 3 people in that shot?

  18. Grace says:

    This is going to end badly. Someone is going to end up overdosing, giving someone HIV, bringing a kid(or two) into this world, or a murder-suicide is in the making.

    Where are these kids’ parents/role models?

  19. Bowers says:

    not “dumb” but ignorant–as we all are about many different things

  20. tricklady says:


  21. moo says:

    These two make me ill and why does anyone care anymore? F@#K EM!

  22. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    I love that first picture of Rhianna, but she is still dumb. & not just for being with Chris Brown.

  23. pku78 says:

    If I looked like her & had her money…OH the men I would do! Chris Brown who?!? There are so many GORGEOUS non-celebrity men who would make her so happy and bring her multiple O’s…I do think this is an ego thing for her, not a love/lust thing. K.Tran has to rely on C.Brown to buy her things and take her places. Rhianna is an international superstar, she’s already won! Wish she could see that…I really hate how she’s make a complete and utter fool of herself for a POS

  24. TheTruthHurts says:

    She’s a pig and deserves everything she gets. She is such a bad example of a woman. SAD.

  25. Emily says:

    Rihanna needs to take up bungee jumping, mountain climbing, jumping out of airplanes, and other high-risk sports that do not involve a pathetic douche. She’s obviously an adrenaline junkie.

  26. Yalena says:

    Rih needs help. Abuse of any kind is so hard to break.

  27. Eric says:

    Rihanna is emotionally damaged and immature,
    He won’t go back to her because she’ is into heavy drugs, and unstable. Kaaruche is a sex doll ,will do anything he says and is easily controlled,
    This was an easy choice.

  28. Eric says:

    Did you ever hear Rihanna talk, she sounds real dumb,the majority of men would use her and dump her, like colin farell She’s obsessed with Chris brown because she dumb as a box of rocks.

  29. skuddles says:

    Dear lord, neither of these women have even the tiniest scrap of self respect do they??? If I had a daughter I would use this story to teach her how NOT to become a stupid, useless, clinging, punching bag for some moronic (closeted) POS like Brown. How is it that they’re not all crawling with STD’s???

  30. Aurelia says:

    Think Tran will get preggers too. Chris may or may not marry her. He will pretend to be with her and see ri ri on the side. Hey, just like before. Nothing will change, this man wh-re will flip flop back and forth with these 2 wh-res.

    Can’t believe i am commenting on these ridic peeps whose lives revolve around drugging, sitting around in their undies and posting pics of themselves. Oh and 2 of them making sh-tty music. And the third pretending she is a “model/designer”

  31. elceibeno08 says:

    I used to think so highly of Rihanna. She is making such a jackass of herself. Rihanna is so pretty she can have any man she wants and she chooses to be Chris Brown’s door mat. And by the way, Chris must be paying Karrueche’s traveling expenses. He’s playing the two women and Rihanna has everything to lose.

  32. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    I neither know nor care. I am officially bored to tears by this couple.

  33. silver says:

    she’s single-handedly destroying her own reputation. & working very hard at it. oh, to have been that naturally pretty & rich & adored & looked up to, only to waste your life on chris brown.

    somewhere, Jay-Z is slowly shaking his head.

  34. vvvoid says:

    SHE IS SUCH A PISCES. Period. I relate to her, I’m on the cusp of Aquarius/Pisces…I am more grounded but I could see myself being as ridiculous as she is, mistaking an abusive relationship for a “torrid love affair”…
    I cycle from angry to sad about her situation. She is a raw nerve, totally vulnerable.
    Chris is a scumbag. It’s sad to me that she doesn’t think highly enough of herself to see she should not be with him.
    I swear she wants to go out like Nancy Spungeon. He’s her Sid Vicious [except even less cool].
    She needs to grow up.

  35. JFerber says:

    Does Rihanna have a black eye in the pic where she’s in army fatigues?

  36. crazycatlady says:

    You say Karruche and I’ll say Karrueche…