Kim Kardashian’s “size 4″ is spilling out of her awful, too-small, peplum’d skirt

On Monday, when I was at the gym, I was hitting the weight machines hard and I didn’t even realize until Tuesday morning that I had f—ked up my Achilles. So I’ve been benched all week, because I’m too much of a scaredy cat to go to a doctor and find out what’s wrong and my ankle still hurts. Usually, I try to work out four times a week, and basically I feel really gross right now because working out makes me feel like a better person in general. Right now I feel like Kim Kardashian’s rogue fat roll.

And before you start yelling “FAT ROLL HATE SPEECH!” at me, please just take a minute and look at these photos. It’s not my fault. It’s Kim’s fault. She has chosen to pour that “size 4” ass into a too-tight, too-small, too-unflattering, too-peplum’d skirt, and these are the consequences. What I don’t get is how you can pour yourself into something that obviously doesn’t fit, to the point where you have a muffin top at your waist, and then you put that skirt with what amounts to a sports bra. And then you go out and get pap’d. This is the decision Kim made. This is how she wants to present herself. It’s tragic. Not “tragic” like a hurricane or something. “Tragic” as in, she’s 31 years old and she doesn’t grasp the basics of style. And she considers “styling” one of her strengths.

As for the “fat roll hate speech” – you know I like Kim’s body. You know I identify with Kim’s body (only mine is natural and hers is mostly plastic). There is absolutely no reason for a girl with Kim’s body type (or mine) to wear this outfit. I would never. Because my gut would be spilling out too. Which is why you should also buy the correct size instead of continually lying to yourself that you’re a size 4. This is what happens when your delusions come face-to-face with reality.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. hayley says:

    she might have the worst style of any celebrity, period.

  2. Rita says:

    Don’t panic everyone, the girl behind her is calling the fashion police or maybe 911. Help is on the way.

  3. Beppo says:

    She would look much slimmer if she wore clothes that fit. She doesn’t realize that we can’t see the tag.

  4. MG says:

    Good gawd….she needs to put the peplum and leather away for awhile and buy a size 8!

  5. TheOriginalKitten says:

    It is clear from these photos that Mercy is in kitten heaven, planning awful outfits to make Kim look like a watermelon squished into a sausage casing.

  6. jules says:

    I feel like I can’t breathe just looking at it. Seriously honey: you have a great figure. Learn to dress it (and what size to dress it in)

  7. Ellie66 says:

    She is sucking it in for all she’s worth. Lol! One of her ass cheeks is a size 4, can this woman look anymore uncomfortable in her clothes. Everything she wears looks like its trying to suffocate her.

  8. alyssa says:

    w…t…f. Who told her that looked good? I mean, she has people with her doing her hair and makeup around the clock,right? And did anyone think this was a bad move?! I just.. ugh

  9. aims says:

    It looks like shes running around in a sports bra. This outfit cant be real.

  10. Isa says:

    I love the skirt. I think it’s pretty and it is also way 2 small on Kim.

  11. Toniko says:

    Dear God… When did her boobs get so huge? and i think i can see cellulite through this leather skirt.

    • roxy750 says:

      I was just going to comment on her boobs being ginormously huge. Yikes.

    • Jennifer says:

      There’s a reason why you shouldn’t wear sports bras unless you’re participating in some sort of physical activity. They’re not designed to flatter — they’re purely functional. If she was wearing a decent top and a supportive bra, she might be able to pull this off. But wearing something that exposes the flaws in your outfit just makes it all so much worse.

    • crazycatlady says:

      Yeeeeeeeah. I commented on Radar earlier on one of these photos… She either got a fresh pair of surgical sacks, or she found a new ginormous bra that she just had to wear, because her current water balloons aren’t big enough for her liking. Or…maybe she wants them to look bigger cuz she thinks they make her ass look less big?! LOL.

  12. truthful says:

    a piece of pork in a casing, oozing out.


    she does it to herself, she needs no help.


  13. Krock says:

    Oh dear. You know when you see a woman pulling and tugging at their shirt, they are uncomfortable and self conscious about their clothing. For someone in the fashion, styling industry she sure doesn’t know how to dress herself. Eesh. 10 lbs of potatoes on a 5 lb bag.

  14. dana says:

    duuuuuude- I can’t believe she did this to herself!

  15. booboocita says:

    Given the leather skirt and leggings that Kanye wore at the 12/12/12 benefit concert for Sandy, and all the tight leather that Kim is wearing lately, I have to wonder if Kanye raided her closet, dumped her old clothes, and replaced everything with items of his own choice and/or design — two sizes too small. Either way, that look is heinous, and the roll looks like Kim’s spirit yearning to break free and roam the countryside in search of an In-N-Out Burger.

  16. lylaooo says:

    why is she soo important ??? there´s more people with so much talent and nobody pays attention to really tired of kim…she´s brainless

  17. Sweet Dee says:

    Wow. Just. No.

    Ouch! Is she delusional? Stupid question, I know. Because obviously.

  18. shewolf says:

    I think her face looks worse. I dont think a bigger size would work it just doesnt work with her shape. Her stomach is flat enough to wear it but her rib cage is too big and her waist too short.

  19. Madriani's Girl says:

    Why does she do this? She looks like 50 pounds of trash stuffed into a 2 pound Hefty bag.

  20. HotPockets says:

    Mercy’s death reminds me of that Southpark episode where Paris Hilton’s dogs keep on committing suicide and she kidnaps butters to be her new toy. I think Mercy self destructed because being a “fashion accessory” to a vein, narcissism pig would be hell.

  21. Lindsey says:

    Kanye n’ em must be blowing some grade A smoke up her ass if she’s willing to walk out the house looking like a popped biscuit can. Po thang.

  22. Eleonor says:

    Is she holding her breath??

  23. Agnes says:

    Bravo! Once again, Kim out-does herself in the ugly outfit department. Amazing.

    Kaiser – go see a doctor! I had the same attitude when I injured my knee 18 years ago in high school. I’ve been having problems with it ever since.

  24. Zwella Ingrid says:

    It would be very difficult to walk, and impossible to bend over!

  25. Minnie says:

    She will not and now CANNOT have a normal life. She’s younger then me, and looks waaaaay older. Her plastic face and body, orange skin, large body crammed into tiny clothes, baby voice, 2 divorces, the list could go on and on. I guess my point is she needs to start over in another country, dress and act normal, hope noone recognizes her, maybe then she can have a real marriage and family like she seems to want. End of rant.

  26. Dawn says:

    Why is she even relevant? Why is she orange? Is she relevant because she is orange? Why does she get treated as if she has done something to help all of mankind when she doesn’t have a drop of talent for anything? Why is this POS treated like a star? Why are we celebrating fake face, fake tits, fake ass, fake voice, fake marriage but real adultery? I will never understand this if I live to be a hundred. How can we make her go away, far, far away?

  27. Memphis says:

    I’m having a hard time breathing just looking at that tight ass skirt! Damn! And that top isn’t doing her chest any favors either!

  28. echolocate says:

    When I view the first picture, I get heartburn by proxy and feel a need to pop a Prilosec.

    I have said this before, but many of Kim’s problems with clothes seem to relate to the modifications (I think) she’s made to her body. Her dimensions are all out of whack for such a short person. By comparison, the similarly petite Phaedra on the Real Housewives of Atlanta has a figure found in nature (from what I can tell). Even with her “donkey booty,” as she likes to refer to it, her clothes fit well.

    Kim needs custom-made clothes, or a tailor on call. She should also avoid unforgiving fabrics that don’t yield to her body parts.

    On a separate note, I wish she would put down the fake lashes and excessive makeup. If memory serves, she’s someone who looks better with less. She always looks so uncomfortable. When the Ikea monkey glides about more naturally in his fashions than you do, it’s time to rethink your approach.

  29. val says:

    Hmm, poor animal they had to kill so Kim can squeeze her ass in that…

  30. SleepyJane says:

    Oh my god. She is brilliant! The only way she gets press is by looking like trash. Nailed it.

  31. Chinadoll13 says:

    She looks really bad!!! Her boobs look bigger than ever…skirt is too tight… and Oompa Loompa orange body color definitely not a good combo. She just looks overweight and as usual doesnt know how to dress for her body type.

  32. La Calabaza says:

    Again, please…why is she famous for?

  33. palermo says:

    I know her whole “schtick” is how she looks, but I cannot imagine living my life being totally uncomfortable every waking moment. Bra too tight, tops too tight, pants/skirt too tight, shoes too high and too pointy. Her body must be screaming in pain. I barely think of her as human any more because she has the vacant eyes of the undead all the time.

  34. serena says:

    It’s so terrible that it’s almost gross. And it makes me sweat.. how the hell can she get in that mini-leather peplum?

  35. Happy21 says:

    There is nothing left to say! It has all been said…awful, terrible, painful, fail, etc.!

    Seems we all having somethings in common too! Kim is famous for nothing, Kim wears clothes that are waaayyyy too small yet has a killer bod…

    Personally, I just don’t get this outfit. It seems like commonsense that you just wouldn’t wear that sports bra top with that skirt, let alone wear it too small.

  36. anneesezz says:

    Isn’t she just begging to get ripped on by saying she’s a size 4 when clearly one a$$ cheek is bigger than a size 4! Is she delusional or what? Yikes!

  37. Samigirl says:

    That behind in that leather is killing me. I just feel sorry for it.

  38. DT says:

    When you catch yourself tugging at your clothes – which KK does in at least two of these pics – it’s a dead give away that the clothes don’t fit.

  39. Christina says:

    That skirt is probably not one, but two, sizes too small for her. It’s normal to have a little tummy fat spill over the waistband of a tight skirt when you’re sitting down, but if the skirt fits you, you shouldn’t have a visible roll of fat when you’re standing up. Plus, the fabric is visibly stretched around her legs and bum. I’m surprised she was even able to squeeze herself into it in the first place.

  40. Lady Satan says:

    UGH! Is it just me, or does her sense of style just keep going downhill?

    It’s rather sad because despite the ass injections, mad amounts of plastic surgery/botox/laser/bathing in babies blood (I kid) she actually COULD look good if she gave up on the “I’m size 4″ delusion and dressed appropriately for her curves.

    And left off about 1/2 of her daily pound of make up.

  41. connie says:

    this is officially the worst look i can remember seeing her in.

    i don’t hate the peplum trend, i cant pull it off, but on the right figure i think it works. occasionally

  42. Suzy says:

    If she’s a size 4, then I’m the effing queen of England.

    And she looks like 10 pounds of crap that’s been poured into a 5 pound bag

  43. yolo112 says:

    I literally said “whoa” followed by a lengthy lol session when I saw the first pic. And she’s visibly uncomfortable (see pic #6) as she attempts to tug down that SPORTS BRA to cover that roll. Wow..just…wow.. and not a good wow. I just don’t get it.

  44. DI says:

    peplum is just a fancy fashion term for “gut cover”

    • Meredith says:

      The 1st time I recall seeing peplum skirts was in the early ’80′s. It only looks good on girls who don’t have any ass to them. Or have an ass that is absolutely perfect – which means that most every woman out there can’t wear it.

      Why don’t people just wear what they look nice in and forget fashion?!

  45. xxx says:

    yikes. her bra is too small as well. i think she is gaining weight trying to fit into clothes she may have been able to wear before

  46. Lexi says:

    If your gonna shove yourself into a skirt that is 4 sizes to small, you can atleast cover up your muffintop with an actual shirt, i dont think kim is fat, i think she doesnt dress, well its sad

  47. HouseOfBeatrix says:

    I refuse to acknowledge that catastrophe.

    However, I must say that I am thrilled that peplums are all the rage right know and my size 14 hips and ass would like amazing in that skirt.

  48. HouseOfBeatrix says:

    I refuse to acknowledge that catastrophe.

    However, I must say that I am thrilled that peplums are all the rage right know and my size 14 hips and booty would like amazing in that skirt.

  49. HouseOfBeatrix says:

    I refuse to acknowledge that catastrophe. However, I must say that I am thrilled that peplums are all the rage right now and my size 14 hips and booty would look amazing in that skirt.

  50. Mich says:

    How can someone who looks so ridiculous look so smug?

  51. swack says:

    Dear Kaiser, thank you for posting this pick. Saw it on E! and couldn’t make any comments about it. WTF is she thinking!!!! This is as bad or worse than this summer with that gold belt cinching her waist with the white swim suit. When I have a fat roll (and I have them right now!), I cover them up!!! No one wants to see this. Also feel about the pics in lingerie – couldn’t even stomach them enough to comment on them.

  52. Nicolette says:

    On what planet is she a size 4?

  53. Kim says:

    With her money, and closets full of clothes there is no excuse for that! None!

  54. val says:

    Look, the economy is bad right now, so I am sure her make up people and stylist are yes people. They are basically being paid to let her think that she looks good. I mean why do they care, as long as their paychecks clear the bank right?

  55. val says:

    Oh, and did she get a boob job, is that why she is wearing that ridiculously looking sports bra thingy to hold them up?

  56. twoblues says:

    Is wretched too strong a descriptor for that “outfit”? I seriously doubt it.

  57. Anon73 says:

    if that top only covered her stomach, i think this outfit would look a million times better. even without a muffin roll peeking out, i am not a fan of a midriff top with such a long skirt.

  58. Diana says:

    I never comment on KK’s threats because she’s just so easy, but that outfit is so horrible I could not stay away. How can anyone get out of the house wearing something like this! it is just hideous.

  59. bELLA says:


  60. dorothy says:

    OMG, with that fat overflow she looks like someone you would see at Wal Mart late at night. Who let her out of the house looking like that?

  61. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    Why is she so neon orange.

    And that is one godawful outfit. She looks ridiculous.

  62. Carolyn says:

    We all know the Kartrashians are from the “any PR is good PR” school of fame whoring.

    When is Kanye’s contract up? He’ll be more of a laughing stock than he already is if he is seriously (cough) going to marry Kim.

    People. Stop feeding these morons (with $$$ and attention) and they’ll go away.

  63. Cirque28 says:

    I have that same black sports bra, although it never occurred to me to pair it with leather peplum, spike heels, and a face full of spackle.

  64. Patricia says:

    As a friend used to say …
    How’d ya get all that n them jeans???

  65. Sassy says:

    Just when you think her “style” couldn’t get any worse. BAM! And this moron is coming to my city (Calgary) in January. *groan*

  66. Squiggles says:


    As someone attending physio several times a week for tendonitis in my achilles – GO TO THE DOCTOR! It will only get worse. If you don’t take it easy, where insoles and do calf/ankle stretches.

    Anyhoodles, as a woman with hips/ass and boobs (all natural) I would stay away from peblum. Why add more fabric layers to your bigger spots. That said: the whole look is painful.

  67. elceibeno08 says:

    It is really sad to see time and time again that all the money in the world can’t buy you class and good taste. I am sorry Kim but you do NOT look good in that outfit.

  68. Scarlet Pimpernel says:

    I could not do her pain – vapidity and too-tight clothes – on a self-induced basis. Why is that aspirational in any way shape or form? No comprendo!

  69. Nina says:

    I’m so tired of seeing her in SKIN TIGHT clothes… I’m sure she thinks it’s sexy (and, in fairness, sometimes it is very sexy), but most of the time it just looks cheap and misguided. She should take a few pointers from her sisters who manage to wear clothes that fit.

  70. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Doesn’t she own a mirror? She looks like a badly-made sausage.

  71. dcypher1 says:

    She looks like she cant even breathe in that skirt. She looks like she trying to suck in her stomach but its not really working. at least shes always good for laugh..haha

  72. asdfg says:

    I really don’t see what the big deal is? She’s NOT fat at all. So she wears a size too small. Who cares? :P I’ve seen worse!

    I think she looks great! That’s the smallest fat roll i’ve ever seen! Give her a break FGS! :P


  73. Quinn says:

    Wow. I have seen classier outfits headlining at porn conventions. Fail.

  74. molly says:

    wait everyone. they put in size 4 to get a good reaction. there’s no way that ass is a 4 or even an 8.

  75. George C. says:

    Wow…that is one fat assed bitch! She looks like 3 orders of cheesy fries stuffed into too small spandex. Give it up girl, it’s over….

  76. misstrishm says:

    In the immortal words of Clairee it looks like 2 pigs fighting under a blanket. You know I’m just jealous :) because I couldn’t get my fat ass in this get up but I wouldn’t even want to try too.

  77. Justine says:

    She has a very questionable style, that’s true. Sometimes she really pulls it off, sometimes it makes my eyes hurt.

    But this might be the worst she has ever looked. It looks unflattering and painful. I wish I had a self esteem like that – wearing that, looking like that and still leaving the house (and probably being proud of the look). Man, I’m jealous.

    But I am surprised nobody mentioned the color of her skin yet. She looks like a carrot.

  78. Jennifer12 says:

    I don’t like her, but I like her body type (probably because it’s mine, too). Her face is plastic, which I don’t get because she was pretty at one point. But she has such a sexy body and she needs to learn how to dress it correctly and stop trying to get into clothing for beanpoles.

  79. ASantana says:

    Ever since Kanye came along she has been dressing a lot less classy and more trashy. She looked nice at one point. Now it’s a hot mess.

  80. Sunny says:

    On the plus side….she’s not wearing those ankle or mid-calf hitting shoes.

  81. Lisa says:

    Wearing a size 4 doesn’t make you a size 4.

  82. cletus says:

    Nope, you’re right- she looks like shit.

  83. jk says:

    There is no way that lard ass is a size 4 LOL I wear a 4 and I weigh 110 pounds and am 5’3 and a size four is a perfect fit for me ,just tight enough in the butt and hipos and good loose enough in the bust and I am a 36 C. I was talking to a seamstress the other day while getting s few hems shortened, and she laughed her butt off about KK saying she is a 4 LOL Her ass along is a size 10 and the folab on the middriff ? check it out lol That whole family has thunder thighs and big asses lol and plastic boobs,,no wya are they a 4

  84. lovedatazz says:

    wow, kim looks fierce as always, she is a vapid moron, but she looks hot, the outfit fits fine, its the sheer ugliness of it that should be questioned not the size.