David Gandy wants to get you drunk on Johnnie Walker Blue. Done.

By now, you know I’ll use any excuse to discuss David Gandy. He is one of my Forever Dongs. He’s probably the top male model in the world, and haters always say “he looks so old for his age!” That’s the point, at least for me. He’s 32 years old and he looks 40. I don’t want to fantasize about some 18-year-old baby. Anyway, David got a new gig! He’s the newest face of Johnnie Walker Blue, and there’s a big print campaign AND a commercial. PRAISE IT.

He’s famous for his killer abs and for posing in his pants but model David Gandy has covered up for his latest campaign. Looking suave in a chic black suit, the photos, taken to promote Scottish whisky brand Johnnie Walker Blue Label, show Gandy looking more James Bond than Bondi Beach. The shoot, which took place in the suitably stylish Artesian Bar at the Langham, London, was part of Gandy’s new role as ‘Brand Ambassador’ for the whisky maker.

The latest in a string of campaigns for Gandy, the model has had a successful 2012 and was recently named one of London’s 1,000 most influential people by the Evening Standard. Along with the D&G ads that made his name, Gandy has also appeared on billboards for Marks and Spencer, Lucky Brand Jeans and Banana Republic.

Speaking of his new role, Gandy said: ‘It’s a great privilege to work with Johnnie Walker Blue Label – it’s a modern classic. The blend of its British heritage, international style and craftsmanship demonstrates a sense of progress and achievement that I value in today’s luxury brands.’

Smitten Johnnie Walker supremo, Alison Forrestal, described the model as ‘the definitive modern gentleman and the ultimate ambassador for Johnnie Walker Blue Label.’

‘Some follow rules; Johnnie Walker Blue Label writes them,’ she added. ‘There is no better way to align our game-changing product than by partnering with a contemporary, game-changing individual, such as David Gandy. We are extremely proud of the partnership and we look forward to working with David to continue our journey of setting definitive, international standards in whisky excellence.’

The campaign launches this month and will continue until January, when it will culminate with an exclusive event during the London Collections: Men, Autumn/Winter 2013, which take place from the 7th until the 9th January.

[From The Mail]

Mm… David Gandy and Johnnie Walker. I could devise several fantasies involving those two factors. One is the “Stranger at the Hotel Bar” fantasy – every woman has that one, right? You meet someone dashing and hot at a hotel bar, he starts buying you drinks (Johnnie Walker Blue) and before you know it, you’re having the best stranger sex of your life in a hotel room. All thanks to Johnnie Walker Blue. THAT should be the commercial. Instead, this is the commercial – it’s good, but it needs more Gandy Dong and ripped pantyhose.

Photos courtesy of Johnnie Walker and WENN.

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  1. lamamu says:

    Thank you for that headline! :)

  2. Mirella says:

    Thanks for making my Monday!

  3. aims says:

    Thats a sexy man!! Holy smokes! I would drink anything he would drink, and in my wildest dreams in my drunkiness have that hunk of man do naughty things to me! Good lord thats some sexiness.

  4. Minky says:

    He’s a beautiful man, but it looks like they slimmed him down considerably with photoshop. I like how he looks in the last picture, but think he looks awfully narrow in the previous ones. Just me?

  5. Madpoe says:

    who is this devil and how is his eyes making me undress!!

  6. lucy2 says:

    They should use those photos to sell everything.

  7. greenieweenie says:

    His nose curves to the left….can’t….focus…..drivesmenuts….

  8. Alli says:

    Dear God, thank you for this man. Amen.

  9. V4Real says:

    I don’t know who he is; I’m not familar with a lot of male models. That being said; if he stares at me with those piercing blue eyes, I might just be down to get drunk off Johnnie Walker Blue, Red, Gold, Black, it doesn’t matter the flavor.

  10. Chatcat says:

    Just ordered some things on the Lucky Brand site for my boys for Christmas and guess who was there waiting for me…yep, I got a double shot of David this morning. Yum.

  11. Lisalou says:

    Why were there never any strangers in a hotel bar that looked ANYWHERE near as hot as this when I was single?

  12. emmie_a says:

    I just scrolled through the pics and realize I’m sitting here with a huge smile on my face. thanks!!

  13. LadyMTL says:

    Seriously, I don’t even drink but for this man I’d buy cases of the stuff! We could freaking bathe in it for all I’d care…as long as Gandy is around, it’s all good.

  14. Elceibeno says:

    He’s hot. No one on this earth would turn him down.

  15. Laura T says:

    Ahhh…the gorgeous Mr. Gandy! Not only is he an amazing model (as you’ve shown here), but he has great personal style and is a very witty writer. Your readers might want to follow David’s official page for the latest pictures, links to his blog and updates: http://www.facebook.com/OfficialDavidGandy

  16. Oldest b alive says:

    OKAY!! Is today check people Birth certificate day. He is 32 come on man he looks 45 going 50. But he sure is hot tho. I don’t buy it most of these people lie about there ages just to get ahead. Hot but no way he is 32. I would have the sex with him though while I sip some JW

  17. evie says:

    Good GAWD, have I been living under a rock?? This is the first time my eyes have taken in his glory and oh my, how glorious is he?? I’m with you and want to look at hot MEN not boys. This dude totally fits the bill. I don’t even drink but I would take a Big Gulp of whatever he’s offering. LOL

  18. truthful says:

    Lord take me NOW!!!

    I have that fantasy, where I am the new neighbor–right next door…

    and that just happens to be my fav drink, and I by chance knock on his door looking for some…er, Johnnie Walker.

    Carrying a gorgeous crystal tumbler, hair tousled and boobs up and at em…

    I like his look, he doesn’t look like he’s break in two or bruise easy.

    what does his voice sound like??

  19. right says:

    These pics are not that flattering and I’m a sucker for dark-haired men with light eyes. They made him look haggard and I don’t like it because this is a BEAUTIFUL man. Gonna pass on that drink.

  20. Miss Kiki says:

    Dear manufacturers,

    If you want to people to buy your crap, put David Gandy’s face on it. Wanna sell me anti-diarrhoea pills? Put his face on the box. You want to sell me a tongue scraper? Put Gandy’s face on the box. You want to sell me haemorrhoid cream ? Put his face on the tube. In short all the random crap that you want people to buy, put David Gandy’s magnificent face on it and I WILL BUY IT.

    Miss Kiki

  21. Joanna says:

    he is so gorgeous. more posts on him, please!pretty please!

  22. Rita says:

    Why is the bottle two colors, mostly brown with a little blue in the bottom. Do you have to shake it?

    If you want something really smooth that doesn’t cost a fortune try Tennessee Buffalo Whiskey but be careful, it sneaks up on you.

  23. TheOriginalKitten says:

    I would need at least one bottle of J. Walker to successfully ignore this guy’s douchiness.

    After that, however, I’m all his ;)

  24. j.eyre says:

    I am so happy you posted this – it allows me to use the line I made up this weekend:

    “I like my men like I like my scotch – neat, single and over 18 years old”

    I used it on my husband – it totally worked, too.

  25. bluhare says:

    If he were a bit older, he’d be the second most interesting man in the world.

    He needs a neck ruff with that facial hair too. I can hear Elizabeth I yelling “Essex!!!”.

  26. Grace says:

    Wow. Whatever he wants I am okay with.

  27. Claudia says:

    Doesn’t do it for me one tiny bit. Is he really the top male model right now?

  28. Apples says:

    Not bad, never heard of him before today.

    He looks 10 times better in the candid picture. So, side-eye to the photographer of the Ad photo shoot. They did an especially bad job lighting his cute, crooked nose- changing the shape to bulbous.

  29. hillbillyinthecorner says:

    Lord is that what I call “Fingerlicking Good ! “………….He has every woman dropping her drawers if he just looks at her……didn’t think they made them like that any more…..Thanks….I need that…..LOL

  30. Shad says:

    Am I crazy? I simply don’t get his appeal.

  31. Blue says:

    I have such a big smile on my face. This man is so beautiful.

  32. Happy21 says:

    How the hell is he not the sexiest man alive? He make Channing Tatum look like merely a frat boy.

    This man IS sex.

    I don’t care how old (or young) he is and I surely don’t care how douchey he may be, I just wanna look at him all the live long day! ;)

  33. lori says:

    I feel like Americans don’t know when/how to use the word old and instead just use it as an insult.

  34. only1shmoo says:

    He’s also known for posing without his pants…and God bless him for it!

  35. Ms Kay says:

    Eh. Insufferable arrogant twerp. Did a photoshoot with him, I was interviewing him (then edit it later) and he kept complaining about the food and room temperature, complained about the photographer, the lightning, and barely said hi back when I said hi in the 1st place.. Then he couldn’t answer half of my questions and replied to one of them off topic, then went on saying how some campaigns wouldn’t work without him. He may have made a point as indeed he’s one of the most sought after male models, but the man doesn’t have a shred of humility in him… Put me way off!

    • Sassy says:

      If I were him I wouldn’t have much humility either. He knows he is hot, and he should be confident. Humility is not a virtue that appeals to me. Arrogance rocks when you look like this dream. I am thinking he is going to replace John Hamm as my fave.

  36. Mila says:

    He looks like he is 40. Still, he is smokin hot. New Bond!

  37. Ankita says:

    Oh my god…i’m looking at him and sex is all i can think about… He looks like he could make you grovel and crave for more…..and that line of thinking is gonna get me into trouble since i’m sitting in office right now!

  38. Kiki says:

    I thought he was handsome until I heard him speak, he doesn’t sound very intelligent plus he seems to have very sh-tty taste in women. Either, I guess he is nice to admire from a far.

  39. Jax says:

    He looks like he could be Clive Owens brother. Both are so delicious!!!

  40. Jen34 says:

    He reminds me of Clark Gable at his hottest. Wow.

  41. CM says:

    I’ll pass. He comes off as a bit full of himself. He looks like a skanky Dylan McDermott to me. I can’t.

  42. Raven says:

    Here’s a commercial from 5 years ago that should fulfill Kaiser’s desire: