Michael Fassbender is being described as “single” in the Irish press. OMG.

Fish Tank was on the other night. I watched about ten minutes of it – where Michael Fassbender spanks the teenage girl and then f—ks her mother. Sigh… that is such a screwed up movie. And Michael is so, so crazy-good in it. It takes a particular kind of actor to play a role like that, and to play him so… straight. No wink, no nudge. He’s a horrible person who does horrible things in a very normal, everyday way. Anyway, that’s why I’m writing this post. I’ve had Fassy on my mind and I was worried that I wouldn’t have the chance to write another Fassy post before the end of the year. For today’s special treat, I’m just including some old photos of Fassy. Just because, it’s nice to look at pretty things.

From what I can find out, Fassy is in Ireland these days. He was in Dublin a few weeks ago to talk to an acting school, and there are reports from this past weekend that he’s been partying and hellraising and rehearsing for his next role – that of a rock & roll star in Frank. Reportedly, Frank begins filming in the new year, and the movie seems to be mostly Irish (in cast and financing), so maybe it’s cheap to rehearse in Ireland.

Also: here’s an interesting little slice of gossip – the Irish media outlets are describing Fassy as a “SINGLE hunk”. Now, it’s perfectly possible that they’ve simply got it wrong and he’s still with Nicole Beharie. It’s also perfectly possible that he’s still “with” Nicole but he’s simply ACTING like a single dude while he’s in Dublin. Or it could be that Michael and Nicole are over. If you have any links or information about this, please send it my way!! Even if you’ve heard that Michael and Nicole are still hot and heavy, I want to know (because if that’s the case, I will make Nicole my spirit animal). What will 2013 be like if Fassbender is single? DEAR GOD. I need to buy a plane ticket to Ireland, right?

Photos courtesy of PR Photos.

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  1. Bubbling says:

    not that it changes anything but heeyyy sessy what up?! I have on/off crush on him, at the moment he is my imaginary husband who gets crazy hot for me…sigh..

  2. Ais says:

    I wouldn’t pay attention to the herald at all to be honest. They never tend to research any of the stuff they talk about. They’ll say somebody is single and seeing somebody when they’re actually well known to be going out or engaged to somebody else etc. They’re just incredibly desperate for things to write about. They even invent celebrities to talk about…

    A friend of mine bumped into Fassy on a night out there the other day and she said he was avoiding girls who were too flirty so I’d say he’s still with his gf.

    • Kate says:

      Or he’s trying to stay focused on work, or he’s not that into women who throw themselves at him.

      He’s been working basically non-stop for three and a half months and will be working non-stop for at least the next six months. Beharie is a working, ambitious actress who can’t afford to put her life on hold to follow him around.

      I’d bet money they called it quits a few months ago, soon after they were last sighted together, because it was obvious there would be no time for a relationship.

    • Christina says:

      Agree with above posters.

      As someone who lives in Ireland, I can confirm that the Herald isn’t the most scrupulous of ‘newspapers’ so I wouldn’t take them too seriously. Also, when they say ‘single’ they might simply mean ‘unmarried’.

      I also agree that it’s likely Fassbender broke up with Beharie. He seems like an easy come, easy go type of guy, and at the moment his career comes first – fair enough. If he had to choose between a relationship and his career, my guess is he’d choose the latter any time. And probably same is true for Beharie.

      • T.C. says:

        Kaiser always gives the 411 with any Fassy + Beharie sighting but nothing for the last 3-4 months. Only pics of Fassy alone working or hanging out with friends. No relationship can last with so many months of separation and no dong action. Beharie has to continue her career too instead of following him from one movie set to the next. So agreeing with Kate that work took over ending the relationship months ago.

      • Tânia Maria says:

        I agree with you girls!!
        They are not seen together for months… Michael is partying and drinking and singing and God knows what else more in differents clubs and events. And NO Beharie around….
        It’s a weird way to maintain a relationship, don’t you think?? Even for a movie star.
        When he was in Texas, filming Terence Malick’s movie, we didn’t see Nicole any time. And remember that he spent at least two months there. She lives in US, so why she didn’t was spotted with him any time??
        I believe that really broke up. They just don’t need to do a statement to the media. It’s just a case to conect the docs.

  3. GoodCapon says:

    That first photo is what Fassbender will look like in 20 years time.

  4. silken_floss says:

    I have to admit after seeing Fish Tank for the first time Sunday nite, I can see what the Fassy-nation is all about. DAT ASS!! But good lord his smile terrifies me 0__o

    • Amelia says:

      Ooh, Fish Tank gave me chills occasionally. He was a total creep in that film, but he did creepy very, very well.

    • Ranunculus says:

      I watched Fish Tank only a few months ago and it crrreeeepd me out so much that I had to stop and watch the 2nd half a few days later. Fassy was quite good in it but I thought the girl owned the movie. I think he will be in another Ridley Scott movie soon. Don’t know if it is good to work constantly, sometimes it is better for a long career to work less. But these up and coming actors just want to milk it to the max. Almost as if he is insecure about still being around 20 years from now.

  5. dahlianoir says:


  6. Miss Kiki says:

    Oh Fassy you ginger beauty. I wonder if I can convince the boyfriend to share me?..

  7. dcypher1 says:

    Who dosent fancy the fassy. I think its true cause he finally realized im fassy and I can have anyone I want. He wants to explore the horizens of different women. I wouldnt mind being one of those women.

  8. Lauli says:

    Fassy, you ginger super sexy beauty.

  9. Jingle_Bells says:

    Single Fassy is the BEST Fassy! I would say he’s been single since the end of Sept. Either fwb or he’s completely single. Partying and flirting with girls is the #1 sign of a free man. lol

  10. Ann says:

    Ugh… cranking all these movies back to back, he’s overstaying his welcome. Too much exposure. All these guys who hit big later on, come off so desperate. Gotta do them all mentality.

  11. Fiona says:

    someone twitted yesterday about Michael and Nicole being spotted in Bangkok

  12. Aubra says:

    AAHHH!!! Fassy…where are yoooooou??? lmao

  13. jasmine says:

    he need to whiten his teeth already

  14. Chatcat says:

    Michael, Michael, Michael…it is exactly this bad boy behavior that totally attracts me to you. I don’t want to tame you damn it…I want to be bad with you!

  15. Lia says:

    I’d have never thought I’d say this but… I hope they’re not over!!!!! I’m definitely a Fassy lover but i loved the idea of him with Nicole! They seemed such a nice match! Hopefully this news isn’t true!

  16. carrie says:

    Charlize Theron waits his call!

  17. Doublestef says:

    Kaiser, your Fassdong obsession is apparently now mine. he made himself known in my dreams several times this week and he’s not really even close to my ‘type’. But I guess my subconscious says different? Damn…. He is just…..WOW.

  18. Stacie says:

    From what I have heard / read this article was just a re- vamp with no real research involved . SO I will just take this information with a grain of salt and chose Not to believe it until I see otherwise.

  19. truthful says:

    ahhhh, I knew CB would save me today, my grouchiness is leaving me now…

    I’d love to be in Ireland with him, kissing that “blarney stone” winkwink


  20. TheOriginalKitten says:

    Yay! Thanks, Kaiser. I’ve been jonesing for some Fass lately.

    I can’t wait for Twelve Years a Slave. It needs to be 2013 already! We’re going to be seeing a lot of Fassy in the near future..

  21. Helvetica says:

    He looks so handsome in that third pic with the scruffy hair.

    I would do a lot of bad things to this man. In bed.

  22. madpoe says:

    Well if he’s single again, his lust factor just went back up for me. For me, celebs that are taken dampen that fantasy when they’re spoken for.

  23. Tamiko says:

    LOL @ Nicole as your spirit animal! I completely agree!

  24. Miko says:

    LOL @ Nicole as your spirit animal! I completely agree!

  25. gobo says:

    Hmmmmm. Wonder if he’s going home for Christmas. That’s about a 45 min drive from where I’ll be home for Christmas. Hmmmmmm.

  26. Nessa says:

    The things I would do with this man … Mmm …

  27. phillymiss says:

    He’s okay. He is going to be as bald as Prince William soon and his skin looks like it gets irritated easily (I know that’s a weird thing to say).

    • Sandy says:


      Don’t all jump on me but I don’t get the fascination with him. Agree his air us going the way if Prince William, his teeth are unattractive, and he sometimes doesn’t photograph wellat all. He’s not ugy but I just don’t get the sexy factor that folks are swooning over.

  28. Ellen says:

    Kaiser, a friend of mine is going to be working on Frank so I’ll keep you updated on any behind-the-scenes Fassy gossip ;-)

  29. j.eyre says:

    Make him come to you, Kaiser. The fact that you inconvenienced him will make him cranky. Try to be unavailable when he arrives in a “oh shoot, did you mean you’d be here at 8 AM? I thought it was PM. I have a meeting now. Be back soon, darling” kind of way. By the time you get back to him, his irritation will result in mind-blowing recompense.

    Give him a kiss for me, would you?

  30. ramona says:

    Fish Tank is my favourite Fassy film… it’s simply marvellous. Such a complex role, so beautifully played…

    Oh, the Fass. I just want to have a pint with him.

  31. Christina says:

    The ‘Irish Independent’ article linked to above describes Fassbender as ‘Oscar nominated’, but I don’t believe he has ever been nominated for an oscar, correct? This is the level of accuracy to expect from showbiz articles in Irish papers.

  32. Christa says:

    Who knows what goes on with those two. He’s not super famous right now and most people don’t even know her name so I doubt we would get any pictures of them even if they were together. It might still be going on.

    That being said I never expected it to last more then a year or two. Not with his fast career and the long distance. I’m guessing they are probably over, but I wont say for sure until we see/hear something legit.

  33. Guest says:

    Funny “single” as opposed to “married” Fassbender was spotted in Thailand yesterday with Miss Beharie. Do not let the facts get in the way. We can all make our own reality.

  34. Feebee says:

    I imagine this guy is high maintenance in the way that some seemingly low key guys are. Relationships with them are exhausting. Great but exhausting.

    The paper may have meant single as in not married but shouldn’t we get a word that means not married but in a relationship or is that pandering to those who’s business it really isn’t, like myself? :)

    @Christa “he’s not super famous right now”. In reality you’re right but in Celebitchy world he’s almost Coca Cola.

  35. CAM says:

    I hate to disappoint but the Irish press tends to list men as single when they’re not married. I remember U2′s drummer Larry Mullen being referred to as single, even though he’s had the same girlfriend since he was a teenager and has kids with her.

    They obviously made a mistake, but i just mean if they’re not married, it seems the press doesn’t tend to look too deep into their relationship statues, unless both participants are famous and its obvious.

  36. Lea says:

    I’d never thought i’d say this but…. i hope Micheal and Nicole didn’t break up!! i’m the ultimate Fassy fan but i truly LOVED the idea of them together, they seemed such a good match! hopefully this is just bad gossip…

  37. irishgal says:

    Its true!! He’s been spotted partying all over dublin over the last couple of weeks. And NO GF in tow : ) my sister, my boyfriend and a work colleague of mine have all run into him in various pubs and clubs in dublin … he’s getting closer!!! (to me).

  38. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    He is so yummy.

    Thanks for the early Christmas pressie Kaiser!

  39. Guest says:

    Um, people will believe random twitter sightings of him in Thailand but they completely throw away this source? How laughable. Twitter can be just as unreliable as any gossip source. By the way, how could he be in Ireland on Sunday and then all of a sudden be in Thailand on Monday. They are opposite ends of the dang globe. It would take at least a whole day to travel from one country to the next. Why would he leave Ireland for a quickie trip when he’s close to family for the holidays. You people are so funny, you will believe in anything that has anything to do with Michael and Nicole with no proof that is fact, yet anything that states he is single is 100% disregarded. Such a joke!

    • Chatcat says:

      Guest…you do get the this is a gossip site right? Most of us don’t take anything on here as literal unless it is proven…but rather we come on here for entertainment…witty commentary and for the most part good natured dialog of opinions.

      Having said that, I don’t want to have a relationship with Fassy so I don’t care what his relationship status is or where the f*ck in the world he may or may not be. I want 24 to 48 hours of his time then he and I can each go back to our own respective lives and whomever is or is not in them. :)

    • Noni says:

      Those twitter sightings of him in Thailand were posted on Saturday, not Monday as you wrote. And he was spotted in Ireland on Friday, not Sunday. Not sure where you got your info from but this is how misinformation is spread. Also I’m more inclined to believe a series of tweets that i’ve actually read, by someone who was actually there, than an obscure mention of him being “single” in a paper that’s known for posting info that isn’t exactly truthful, as a few people above mentioned.

    • Guest says:


      Are you by any chance Mollie from Purse blog: I get the same angry vibe when Ms Beharie and MF is being reported spotted anywhere. In any case; he was at the visa office last week to obtain a visa to Thailand. This will be the last post about the matter. MF and NB refuse to conduct their affairs in the media as is within their rights; it is no one’s business really. They will confirm wether they are still a couple or not. I will not hold my breathe on that on. Some one should write a thesis on the hostility and resentment produced from female sexual desire.

  40. Guest says:

    Point taken! Now your plan sounds real nice (;

  41. Miss M says:

    If this is true I can only think that I may have a second chance as bumping into him at NYFF next year. Hopefully, I will recognize him and I will not only think: Oh, this guy is cute!

  42. Guest says:

    Ireland on Friday and Thailand on Saturday, doesn’t matter what day it is, it’s still fishy that he’s in one country in one night partying it up and then out and about in another country the next night. Thailand and Ireland are 12 hours away and 7 hours time difference. I’m not saying that the twitter sightings are absolutely false, maybe they are true. But anyone can post anything on twitter. And there have been some supposed twitter sightings of Michael that were obviously false, so I would be careful on believing everything on twitter.

  43. Luce says:

    You guys just pop over to Dublin and you’re sure to bump into him, or meet him on a train, but don’t look at him, he might out-stare you, and make you go gaga.

  44. RealityStinks says:

    Guess is right. Why would he get up from being around family around the holidays to go to Bangkok? The twitter sighting sounds bogus. The guys first states he saw Fassy then it’s him and other people. I wouldn’t put it past one of his crazy fans made that up. The Fassy and Nicole fans don’t want to face the truth he hasn’t been spotted with her in months. I don’t think they are together.

  45. Guest says:

    They are together: Maiko Spencer (his ex-girlfried 6 yrs ago) has gone batshit crazy and posted a gorilla to shown their future offspring on her tumbler. The last time she did something similar to this was when they were together in the summer. She superimposed a gorilla’s face on Nicole’s photo. No wonder they keep a very low profile. Nicole has to watch her back with these haters.

  46. itselementary says:

    It is so funny to see all these women discount obvious evidence that Michael and Nicole are on holiday together. 1. On Dec 12th Michael is seen in the Visa office in Dublin. 2. On Dec 14th Michael is spotted at the airport by an old friend who describes their conversation in some detail. 3. On Dec 18th, Michael and Nicole are spotted in Bangkok by a British national who not only makes sure to go through pictures to confirm it is Michael and Nicole but also confirms with five other people their that saw him. He does not stop their but also counters someone who challenged him with the herald article and quiclky rebuffs by stating the mag is often less than truthful but also states he is 150% sure.
    I realize you fanwomen hate to admit that Michael isvin aserious committed relationship but HE IS and he loves Nicole. If his relationship bothers you that much, join the Hiddleston fandom. He actually has a twitter that you can stalk.

    • Reese says:

      Lol. What ever will you do if Fassbender and his gf break up? It’s pretty sad to see the amount of effort people go through to prove or disprove a relationship that they HAVE NO REAL IDEA ABOUT. You are just as bad as all the crazy girls you are complaining about. A timeline? Really? If they are dating, cool. If not, don’t have a g0d damn heart attack. Funny the only people who say Michael is ‘like forever OMG crazy in love’ with Nicole are people like you. And maybe he is, but don’t speak for the man. No one should, it just looks pathetic.

      And for the love of God, let all the bitching about race die. Who gives a f^ck if his gf is black, white, asian, latina or whatever?! He’s probably dated the whole damn rainbow. Let it be. Nicole, Kravitz, miss Germany and Maiko have all been hot so who are we to judge lol

      • Patty says:

        Thank you. Fassy drives people nuts. On the one hand we have people that are just chomping at the bit waiting for evidence that Fassy is single. And on the other hand, people that refuse to acknowledge that he might be single. I doubt anyone on this board has a chance at getting with Fassy, so why get worked up about it.

        Is it possible he and Beharie have split? Yes
        Is it possible they are still together? Yes
        Is it possible to maintain a long distance relationship? Yes
        Is is possible they’ve spent time together and we don’t know about it? Yes
        Do people need to be around each all of the time to maintain a relationship? No
        Do people in relationships go out, travel, and have lives…and gasp sometimes do things without their partners? Yes

        Come on people, it’s not as though Fassy’s every waking moment is accounted for. Who knows what he is doing with who when people aren’t claiming that they saw him and posted it on twitter.

        He really is not at we’ll known as most people would think. And i bet most people couldn’t pick Beharie out of a line-up. He was called Danny Bonaduce by a sports announcer for goodness. It is not beyond the realm of possibility to acknowledge that he and Beharie might be spending more time together than we know of ( if they are still together).

        I for one don’t believe everything I read on twitter nor do I beleive everything published by a gossip rag.

        Can’t we all just appreciate Fassy! At least until the Internet explodes when we get actual confirmation about his current relationship status.

      • RealityStinks says:

        @Patty@Resse You both speak the truth. Nothing to do with race.

    • Liz says:

      He was spotted at the US Visa office, that has nothing to do with Thailand, he’s going to be filming in New Mexico for Frank in january and most likely needed to renew his Visa.

      And the guy at the airport was not an old friend, just someone he had a conversation with. lol

      “He does not stop there but also counters the herald article and quiclky rebuffs by stating the mag is often less than truthful but also states he is 150% sure.” and this is not what he said on that tweet.

      You don’t need to make up things to prov e your point. I’m sure he is in Thailand having his hard earned vacation.

      • Guest says:

        It will not take a day to renew a work visa to the states;he has an established pattern that he works and leaves. All he has to do is fill the forms and it will be approved immediately. I see that the tumblr has disappeared. Who knew it would have be so easy to get rid of? No more gorilla.

      • RealityStinks says:

        @guest You don’t know what processs he went through nor do you know exactly what he was doing there. I don’t think any of us know. Doesn’t prove he was in Bangkok.

        That lunatic’s tumblr is gone poof !

    • Gg says:

      What’s really funny is your “detailed” post, while pretending not to care. And by “detailed I mean no better than someone saw him & asked some other people & these unnamed people all agreed it was him.

  47. itselementary says:

    It is so funny to see all these women discount obvious evidence that Michael and Nicole are on holiday together. 1. On Dec 12th Michael is seen in the Visa office in Dublin. 2. On Dec 14th Michael is spotted at the airport by an old friend who describes their conversation in some detail. 3. On Dec 18th, Michael and Nicole are spotted in Bangkok by a British national who not only makes sure to go through pictures to confirm it is Michael and Nicole but also confirms with five other people their that saw him. He does not stop there but also counters the herald article and quiclky rebuffs by stating the mag is often less than truthful but also states he is 150% sure.
    I realize you fanwomen hate to admit that Michael isvin aserious committed relationship but HE IS and he loves Nicole.

    • RealityStinks says:

      @itselementary tell us why you are so mad ? The twitter sightings are bogus! I find it funny that both twitter sightings just happen to be men. So it wouldn’t be obvious and would be more credible to have an ole pal seeing Michael.
      The tweet of Fass running into an Ole Pal sounds like BS. Reminding him of his move 16 years ago? Any super fan would know that info .

      The dude that claims to have seem him and his girlfriend in Bangkok sounds even more like bs. Why would someone go so far? A grown man just to prove he’s seen Michael Fassbender on twitter. Then to be so insistent about Nicole being with him.
      Let’s be real the first tweet was done to add validity to the false twitter sighting in Bangkok. Nobody knows for sure if he did get a visa or what he was up to it’s purely speculative. If Michael and Nicole are in a committed relationship she wouldn’t be going to Dubai by herself and seen without him. Dunno the reason why it’s hard to grasp reality of the matter. People that are in committed love relationships spend time together no matter what their work situation is like.

    • afrotastic says:

      You have no proof that they are together. The Bangkok tweet does not prove anything. Someone tweeted that they saw him but no one knows if that was him at all. I could tweet that I say Michael at the Cat and Mutton this bloody evening but doesn’t mean he was there. You seem to accept at face value any tweet that suggests that they are together and disregard anything that does not support your notion that they are a couple. You are not being rational. It seems to me that they might have split up cos we have not had any reports of them cosying up together in some time. However, who really knows. Time will tell.

  48. guest says:

    It is so funny to see all these women discount obvious evidence that Michael and Nicole are on holiday together. 1. On Dec 12th Michael is seen in the Visa office in Dublin. 2. On Dec 14th Michael is spotted at the airport by an old friend who describes their conversation in some detail. 3. On Dec 18th, Michael and Nicole are spotted in Bangkok by a British national who not only makes sure to go through pictures to confirm it is Michael and Nicole but also confirms with five other people their that saw him. He does not stop there but also counters the herald article and quiclky rebuffs by stating the mag is often less than truthful but also states he is 150% sure.

  49. Guest says:

    I’m confused. First he and Nicole were seen in Thailand by one person, then five people, then a British reporter?? And then first he was seen Saturday, and now he was supposedly seen Tuesday the 18th?? The story keeps on changing.

  50. Guest says:

    One mitigating factor he is no longer being seen out in Ireland acting like a single man anymore. Why?

  51. Guest says:

    Since being fan means that one chooses the person the actor/actress dates? The price of a movie ticket does not give one authority to tell an actor how to live; or is it the desire to F77k a stranger so great?
    Female sexual desire expresses itself as hostility towards the perceived mate?
    or an ……..

    • Guest says:

      And the price of a movie ticket, doesn’t mean people can speak for him when it comes to loving his girlfriend and whatnot. Just as many say that people have crazy female desire fandom for saying that Michael and Nicole may have split ways, people constantly fighting to say they are together have that same female crazy fandom desire to find validation on complete strangers’ relationship.

      • Guest says:

        It is about boundaries……..Not whether they are together or not? None of my personal business but I despise the rudeness express by the fan or the ?
        It is the lack of self awareness….
        Mental health issues?
        I cannot/will not speak for some one I do not know.
        Find a man/woman. Get a life.

  52. fanatic00 says:

    The black girls will die of heartbreak if they arent together anymore.

    • Ms.Behavin' says:

      Now that’s just stupid. Mr. Fessbender is not the only man in the world and he sure isn’t the only White man that has dated someone not of his race. In fact, if Black women want to follow White male actors and Black female girlfriends there are more than enough of that happening for them to enjoy. The problem is not with Black females because it’s Black females with these guys but females (white or otherwise) that seem to have the problem. But fornately, these guys including Mr. Fessbender have a mind of their own and can make dating and love relationship decisions without the need to consult anyone. Good for them all.

  53. derpy says:

    LOL he was at the US visa office. I didnt know bangkok was in the united frigging states. They are together or they arent or its a im with you when im with you deal. Stop making up bullshit

  54. A says:

    I so want Fassy to hook up with Kerry Washington. That would be ridiculously hot. They are the same age and both are low key.

  55. Guest says:

    Michael and Charlize Theron would be sexy! It is so obvious in those Prometheus interviews how much she lusts for him hehe.

  56. Calimero says:

    apparently some people are very concerned by his love life..

    • RealityStinks says:

      Some people are .That person who keeps insisting on the bangkok BS is posting on this other site she has other people convinced of her lie. They will believe any fairytale about Michael and Nicole. The instable woman also watches on twitter like a hawk for any sighting. She probably made the twitter accounts out of desperation. Haven’t been pics of the couple for months and then both of them behaving single. It must be getting to her so she decided to take it a step further by creating the false story.

  57. Anne says:

    Fassbender was in London last night at a party with Stephen Fry. No mentions of a date or not. We won’t know if they are together or not unless they say something.

    • Patty says:

      That was from twitter. I don’t believe that anymore than the random Bangkok sitings. I don’t know why people believe anything on twitter that doesn’t include photographic evidence.

      • Guest says:

        Well, this tweet is from a production company. And that is a bit more reliable than some random person/people tweeting about him being at the opposite end of the globe away from family and friends in the holidays. They also name other actors at the party. Sounds way more legit to me.

      • Liz says:

        The London sighting is from someone that works in the industry. There’s also more sightings in London this week on twitter. I’m more inclined to believe multiple sightings in one place in different days than just one in a random place and from someone that needed to look up pictures to be sure.
        So unless he was in Bangkok for less than 3 days the sighting is wrong.

  58. Guest says:

    Lol. They aren’t going to confirm their love status to the world! No one will know until one of them or both of them is seen getting cozy with someone else. I love how people just expect them to confirm breakup rumors like they have an obligation to do so. They have no obligation to tell their delusional fans what is going on in their own personal lives!! My guess, is that Mr. Fassbender will go out and about with his next woman, and then people will know for sure if its over with Nicole. Other than that, right now, anything can be possible! It really doesn’t matter at the end of the day. Lol.

  59. Guest says:

    So production company has more moral veracity than mere human beings; I guess they are operated by little green men from Mars who are simply good creatures.
    It may all be true as was the sighting in Bangkok. He was there for at least 5 days. A normal holiday package.
    Left Ireland Dec 14; spotted Dec 17 was back in London Dec 20 or 21st. Count …..

    • Guest says:

      There have been multiple sightings in London of Michael throughout the week. If he was in Bangkok, he’d be there for 2-3 days, also, think it takes a day to fly there and another day to fly back to London. Thailand tweet may be true, but I highly doubt it. Why would he take his lady to a trip to a different country far away from home just to go home two days later, when it would be easy for hi girl to just go there??? That is just so stupid. And a person who works in a production company and other multiple sightings are way more believable. Who knows, maybe no sighting is true cause we have no pics. But I’m more inclined to also believe the multiple sightings. It really seems like the Thailand tweet was made up in order to ensure people that Michael and Nicole’s romance still lives. It really is sad the extreme measures some people will do and say when it comes to complete strangers’ personal relationship.

      • Liz says:

        I don’t think the Bangkok tweet was made up, I just think the guy thought he saw someone that looked like him and his girlfriend (and we don’t even know if the picture he saw later on the internet is of Michael and Nicole).

        I agree with everything else you said, there’s been a lot more reliable London sightings, it doesn’t mean that they break up, just that the guy was probably wrong.

  60. Deb says:

    Poor Michael. Just left out there. I feel so sorry for him. :(

  61. Guest says:

    Bangkok for 5 days is not the perfect holiday package. That’s less than a week for romance and sight seeing. And then after less than a week, he will just go back to London without his lady to go to another party? Yah, I don’t think even Michael would take the trouble to go back and forth around the world in a week, when he can bring his lady to him in Dublin or London. He’s brought his girlfriends, including Nicole to his home, so it’s not like its impossible for him to do again.

    • Deb says:

      I still feel sorry for him as it appears that he was willing to let the world know they were together and she has not said a word this entire time. He has been left out there hanging to defend them as a couple, to make excuses, and to do all the dirty work as a couple. Not exactly what you would expect from an “equal partner.”

      • Patty says:

        I don’t feel sorry for him. What is the point of feeling sorry for him. And Miss Beharie is under no obligation to acknowledge the relationship or its demise if they have in fact split up. He acknowledged it because he was asked about it while doing a promotional spread for GQ. Considering that Miss Beharie is not a well known actress, she has not really had the opportunity to address their current/previous relationship nor should she unless she chooses to do.

        I’m sad that posters on a celebrity gossip site feel that they are entitled to get personal confirmation about who their favorite actresses/actors may or may not be dating. At the end of the day, gossip is fun. But lets be honest, it’s really none of our business. Fassy does not owe anyone an explanation about his current relationship status. I really wish people would just get over it ( I know, I know..as I type a response) but Fassy’s relationship status doesn’t affect me, so I’m not really concerned about it. I just cannot help being both perplexed and amused by those that are obsessed with it and/or his whereabouts.

        Merry Christmas!

  62. Kate (newer one) says:

    Wow, some of these comments make the Brangelina/Aniston comment threads look restrained and demure. Honestly, who cares? Whatever makes them happy. Which may include splitting up.

  63. Ben says:

    Fassbender is currently on Koh Lanta island off the southern Thailand coast. He’s keeping a low profile and spends quite a bit of time scooting around on a moped.