Kate Winslet quietly married Ned RockNRoll in early December in New York

I had kind of forgotten about Kate Winslet and Nes RockNRoll, her lover of more than a year. Honestly, I was TRYING to forget about them because they seemed like such a “WTF?” couple and I’m still not really clear what he does for a living, and it bugs me that Kate is with a K-Fed. But now she’s legally married to her K-Fed, her scrub, her RockNRoll lovah. Gross.

Academy Award winner Kate Winslet has wed Ned Rocknroll in a secret ceremony, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm.

The Titanic actress, 37, married the fellow Brit, 34, “in early December in New York,” according to a source. “They were surrounded by a small group of friends and close family members.”

UPDATE: Winset’s UK rep Sara Keene tells Us: “I can confirm that Kate Winslet married Ned Rock’nRoll in NY earlier this month in a private ceremony attended by her two children and a very few friends and family. The couple had been engaged since the summer.”

The two were first linked in the fall of 2011, though neither has mentioned an engagement.

This is the third marriage for Winslet. The Reader actress was wed to director Jim Threapleton from 1998 to 2001; they are parents to daughter Mia, 12. Winslet and director Sam Mendes tied the knot in 2003 and divorced seven years later; they are parents to son Joe, 9.

Rocknroll, the nephew of Virgin billionaire Richard Branson, was previously married to British socialite Eliza Cowdray, the daughter of a multimillionaire viscount.

In September 2012, Winslet and Rocknroll (born Abel Smith) purchased a 15th-century home in West Sussex, England. “Ned is really happy with Kate,” a source once told Us of the couple. “He feels he can learn so much from her.”

[From Us Weekly]

Well, I guess Ned’s divorce came through! When Kate and Ned first got together, there were lots of UK reports about how his wife was not happy about Winslet – Ned and Eliza had been separated, but according to Eliza, they were working on it… until Kate came by. Kate is pretty tight with Ned’s uncle Richard Branson, so…? I don’t even know what that means. Will she be Kate Winslet-RockNRoll? Kate RockNRoll?

Do you want to know the coolest part of this quiet, surprise wedding? According to Radar, Leonardo DiCaprio gave her away!!! That actually makes me like LEO more, that he would do that for his girl Kate.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Post-It's says:

    I don’t see this lasting. I wonder if Kate knows that she doesn’t have to marry every guy who ask her…

  2. G says:

    I’ll give them this, aside from the top photo they actually look very happy together. Congrats!

  3. Ferdis says:

    Kate, dear, you don’t need to marry them all. Really. Just sleep around as Leo.

  4. Bubulle says:

    I don’t want to sound judgmental but it’s her 3rd marriage, hopefully this one will last forever.

  5. Samigirl says:

    I don’t know if it’s just my bad mood rubbing off or what, but I’m skeptical this marriage is going to last. I give it 18 mos.

    • Cam S says:

      I agree. I can’t help but get a vibe that their relationship is mostly based on lust. You know that initial pleasure phase we all go through, then when that is over we have to actually WORK at it.

      Doesn’t Kate know that Rock n’ Roll is dead? :)

    • MerryHappy says:

      Girrllll, i feel you. I am in a mood today. Every response i have will be snarky because of it. My response was ‘she can’t honestly think a marriage will work with someone named ‘rocknroll ned.’ Really.’ Then i weighed whether she’s dickmatized, or losing her mental facilities and we should worry for her.

  6. frost says:

    He looks like and seems like a douche. She can do better.

    • ZigZagZoey says:

      With a name like his, he cannot possibly be anything but a douche. I mean I seriously….rocknroll? A 9 year old kid might call himself that, but not an adult with any self respect.

      • brin says:

        Michael K (Dlisted) said if they have a kid they should name it Ilove or It’s only…bwahahahaha.

      • Chatcat says:

        Really, so he was born Abel Smith and changed his name to Ned Rocknroll. Right there Kate the ding ding ding and bright lights flashing should have happened for you NOT TO MARRY HIM. Play around for a while yes, party and have a good douche time, well yes, but marry…no no no no no. UGH I hate dumb people.

      • Becky1 says:

        LOL! Yes, what adult legally changes his or her last name to RockNRoll? I really don’t think I could get past that one. Maybe if it were something he did while very young or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and then changed back once he matured or got sober? However, this is a 34 year old who has had RockNRoll as his last name for quite some time so I guess he’s happy with it. What a douche.

      • ZigZagZoey says:

        I so ♥ DListed!
        And wth is wrong with the name Abel? Much better than Ned…..And let’s not embarrass ourselves any further by discussing that beyond childish last name!
        Also kinda funny how NOT attractive he is that 1st photo!

      • Liberty says:

        His first name was always Ned. Abel is his middle name.

        From mtv.com, this bit more from DM:

        Like his new wife, this isn’t Rocknroll’s first time at the altar. He was married for two years to Pearson, a British socialite and heiress. According to The Daily Mail, a Shaman officiated the ceremony and tied the couple’s hands together with rope. They then celebrated on the beach with Ugandan dancers in an adult-sized McDonalds-esque play pen complete with plastic balls. “What drew me to Ned was that he was unusual,” Pearson told the paper after their breakup.

      • keats says:

        @zigzag, the only problem with that name is that Abel is the worlds first murder victim…still better than rocknroll.

    • princesslizabeth says:

      Yep. Douche. What did the officiant say? “I now pronounce you douche and wife?” Yuck.

  7. apsutter says:

    Ummmm…good for her? I really like Kate and miss her, feels like she’s been MIA for a while. The whole Leo giving her away definitely makes me like him more. They’ve always talked about how they’re still good friends and both respect the hell out of each others work.

  8. Miss Kiki says:

    Is Kate turning into J.Lo? Is she aware that she doesn’t have to marry every guy that sticks it to her?!

  9. Ms Kay says:

    Kate is the one Leo should be with, if only he was such a man as he’s a good friend to her…

  10. Agnes says:

    He’s an unfortunate-looking man.

  11. mln76 says:

    I think before your third marriage you should live in sin with the guy for several years ala the Jolie. I don’t see what the big rush is for either of them I hope I am wrong but I don’t think this is going to last.

    • Cecada says:

      Girl doesn’t like to be alone. She’s been pretty much continuously married since 1998. Even in-between husbands, she’s just grooming the next husband, so it’s basically one marriage blurring into the next…

      In love with love, maybe?

    • crazydaisy says:

      Stating the obvious: she could be preggers.

      • Polk8dot says:

        Pregnancy/a shotgun wedding was also my first thought. She looks a little different in the face, like she’s retaining more water, so….
        Whatever the reason for the marriage – I hope they are happy. She is a really nice, good person from what I read, and it would be great to finally have a long-lasting partnership.
        But I do worry for her – he seems like a total dounce, plus apparently he thinks that since his UNCLE is a billionaire it makes him a socialite or something. He looks like a looser, his name change makes him ridiculous, and he already has no problem cheating on a spouse. Not a good start, ol’ girl. Serious DOWNGRADE from the other 2 husbands. Oy….

  12. Jeanette says:

    I love Kate Winslet. I can’t believe she’s marrying someone who changed his last name to Rocknroll.

  13. Maria says:

    i find it always amusing that he is referred to as the nephew of a billionaire. what does this make him? if he was the son, he would get most likely shitloads of cash but the nephew?
    thats like the sister of the dog of the the president.

    i wonder why so many famous women who have talent and lots of money fall so often for idiots and cant make their marriages work. it cant be always the guys fault.

  14. Victoria1 says:

    Umm what? Oh Kate… I hope this isn’t a midlife crisis or something.

  15. Justyna says:

    I’m skeptical too. Everything about him seems sketchy. And I don’t understand why she’s always so quick to make her relationships official. She got married 3 times, every time after about 1 year of dating. I never thought I would say that but I really think I prefer Leo’s approach to relationships. They are similar in a way that they both cannot stay in a relationships in the long run but at least he is honest about wanting to fool around with young, hot, blond models without making serious commitments while she insists on marrying one guy after another very quickly after meeting them. She is only 37-years old and will probably be 3-time divorcee by the time she’ll reach 40. I know how judgmental my comment sounds but I wouldn’t normally care if the children weren’t involved. She already has 2 children with 2 different guys, now she will probably have another one with a guy named RockNRoll. How confusing that must be, especially for her daughter who has one father, one stepfather (Mendes) who was living with her since she was little girl up until 2 years ago and who is a father of her little brother and now, another stepfather who probably won’t last for long. Children get attached very quickly and that situation is complicated. It would be easier if it wasn’t another official stepfather.

    • mercy says:

      Kate obviously wanted a family. If and when Leo does, there is no age limit on when he can have them. If she followed his lead, she would be childless and still chasing 20 year olds after a history of off-and-on relationships where she strung the men along for years because she could. She did date a model for about a year. He reportedly wanted more but she wasn’t ready, or didn’t feel the relationship was marriage material.

      Maybe Kate has been faithful and in it for the long haul but hasn’t chosen partners who were on the same page. I thought her and Mendes had a good chance, but he was fooling around with Rebecca Hall.

  16. Cathy says:

    Well, congratulations to them. Hope this one lasts forever.

  17. Hautie says:

    Doesn’t he work for Virgin? In their space exploration business? Seems like I read that.

    I am not going to give her any crap, about this being a third marriage.

    Simply cause I don’t see it being any more positive of a thing… to have lived with multiple men. Without ever marrying any of them.

    And didn’t her last marriage end, because of her husband having a jump off? One that he went public with very shorty have they separated?

    • mln76 says:

      Not trying to be antagonistic but I can’t agree with you. The woman has children and to put them through another divorce which means legal settlements and court visits instead of a breakup which is just a moving van and a adios is a huge difference.

      • Hautie says:

        We will just have to disagree.

        I find it in bad taste to have a continued line of “boyfriends” living in your home. With your young children.

        It would be one thing if she was single with no children. But she is not.

        If you have a continued line of boyfriends that ~never~ live within your home with you and your children. Is a whole other thing. Then more power to ya!

        For Winslet, she seems to be a marrying girl. Which simply does not bug me.

      • Miss You Enclave24 says:

        Divorcing 5 husbands and having one child by each is just as trashy as being a baby momma with 5 different baby daddy’s.

        I dont condone shacking up for long periods of time if you have children, but life is so much easier when you make better choices after a good period of time. Not one year.

    • Justyna says:

      Plus mother’s boyfriend isn’t as serious as mother’s husband. For adults it’s only a label, but for children the difference is much more significant. There is no official title for a a guy who dates mom, he is just mom’s boyfriend. Like Louis-the model was. She wasn’t as serious about him, she didn’t marry him, relationships like this might end soon and there will be no drama. Mom’s husband has a title, he is a stepfather, he is officially a part of the family. He has more rights, he has a particular role in children’s lives and children feel differently about him because mom chose him to be her official husband. When they broke up – there will be drama of a divorce, like mln76 wrote.

    • Angie says:

      It sounded better when she was with her hot young model, just having fun after her seven years marriage. But she had to be married just one year later to a man called rock’n roll, well…Whatever, she is a big girl and it’s her life. They seem happy together but I just hope It doesn’t end up badly because he seems weird. I like her, I think she is very talented, and I enjoy her a lot in her movies.

      It’s just sad for the future kid who is gonna have the name RocknRoll.
      And I want to know if their wedding was like that too (ugh):

    • mercy says:

      I tend to agree with you. I don’t fault people for wanting marriage and family. Of course it should be taken very seriously, especially when there are children involved, but who’s to say she didn’t? The infidelity rumours I’ve heard are about the men, not her. To be fair, they could be just rumours. I’ve known women who wanted families and believed in their marriages only to have the rug pulled out from under them. I imagine it would be very easy to become cynical and bitter when it doesn’t work out. I give them credit for trying and keeping the faith. They shouldn’t give up on what they really want, and if what they really want is marriage I say more power to them. Hopefully Kate has learned a thing or two about relationships over the years, but in the end it comes down to trusting another person.

      • mln76 says:

        They have been dating a year totally fits the pattern of the other two marriages a ‘whirlwind romance’ It seems like she’s in love with love which is not only naive but immature and above all else horrible for her kids. I don’t think because the husbands cheated it somehow absolves her of showing any restraint when she has other people to think of…I hope I am wrong.

  18. FirstTimer says:

    Congratulations, I guess…

  19. lucy2 says:

    Love the friendship she and Leo still have.

    I don’t really get her though, why marry AGAIN so quickly? She’s crazy talented, but maybe not so practical or something. Hope it works out for them, maybe third time’s the charm.

  20. paige says:

    I didn’ t know this was her third marriage.I do realize leo and her are just best friends and have been for a very long time.I always thought they would make a cute couple.Kate Winslet needs to take a break and learn how to be alone.Several women in hollywood are like this j.lo,kate hudson,halle berry, kim kardashian, madonna, and jennifer aniston to name a few.Dear Women, you can live without having a man in your lives.They make women look bad.

  21. LAK says:

    Could please someone tell her she doesn’t have to marry every guy she sleeps with!

  22. Devon says:

    I can’t even with ROCKNROLL but that last photo…damn! The dress, the face, the boobies. She’s stunning.

  23. victoria says:

    i really wish she wore a necklace with the dress in the last pic

  24. Guest says:

    Congratulations to the newly weds!!

  25. bns says:

    People who ship Kate and Leo are weird. Titanic is just a movie ffs.

    Congrats Kate RocknRoll, even though I don’t think it’ll last :(

  26. Melissa says:

    Ugh – I really think Kate’s public persona is much different from her real self, and unfortunately, her real self is a mess.

    She’ll probably have a kid with this guy and then get divorced, so she’ll have three kids with three different men/marriages. She reminds me a little bit of Gillian Anderson that way – doesn’t she have a bunch of failed marriages with kids from each of them, too?

  27. Jennifer12 says:

    She really is a JLo, albeit with talent.

  28. BooBooLaRue says:

    A momentary lapse of reason. He’s gross.

  29. SaftD says:

    Any man in his 30s with the last name ‘RocknRoll’ sounds like a dope, but congratulations to her.

  30. Sofie says:

    I have a feeling she would be a nightmare to be with and A LOT of work. I hope he has the stamina to put up with her.

    I bet she married him b/c she was afraid he’d go back to his estranged wife. Never a good reason.

  31. Sweet Dee says:

    Her boobs look great. Damn.

  32. mercy says:

    She obviously likes being married with children. The first marriage seemed like a mistake because she was like 21 and he was some older crew member she met on a film. The second marriage seemed like good fit because he was around her age and an established director. I think she was pregnant both times she married, or got pregnant very soon after, and both ended up cheating on her. So age, career, and having children together didn’t matter in the end. I hope she found a man who will stay faithful to her, and waits a few years before having children with him.

  33. ezra says:

    And soon she will quietly divorce.

  34. Cecada says:

    Well, if they have a kid they can name it Longlive. Or Sexdrugs’n’.

    Might as well keep the stupid rolling right along…

  35. B says:

    The only thing I like about this is Leo giving her away. God that’s adorable.

  36. Thiajoka says:

    Why does she have to get married all the time? If I had her money, I’d never put that at risk with marriage.

  37. Ida says:

    I don’t get her fixation with marriage either. She should just let it be for a change, see if that works better for her. I think it just might!

  38. EllenOlenska says:

    anyone else find it suspicious that rocknroll was happy to drift away from wife one at the same time her family is selling the family estate and moving to a smaller home?(from the daily mail article). Wife 1 states it was her idea to part but I have to wonder…the name is bad, but the idiotic groomsmen picture cinches the “self absorbed asshole” perception for me. Kate is a fool.

  39. kerry says:

    Needs to go back to more natural hair and face. The darkened eyebrows and bleached hair are severe and age her.

  40. Ravensdaughter says:

    Maybe RockNRoll can be a Renaissance Man and change his name to “Winslet”.
    Actually, he looks like a dark, sloppy version of his uncle.

  41. M says:

    I love Kate but this sounds like a mid-life crises to me. Hopefully she will get it right next time and marry Leo. He already put a ring on it with that ‘freindship ring” he gave which she wore with her wedding ring.

  42. bowers says:

    So now she’s Kate RocknRoll?

  43. Dhavynia says:

    he should never take his sunglasses off

  44. Patty says:

    I hope this one turns out better than the first two. I’ve never really gotten the appeal of Ms. Winslet to be honest. Good actress and a great bod, but I’ve never understood why so many people stan for her. And she needs to talk to Cate Blanchett about her skin care regimen, because Kate looks rough in the face in my opinion.

    And Kate/Leo is never going to happen so I wish people would give it up.

  45. blenheim says:

    I reckon he’s rich and that had something to do with it. to quote MK: #getmoneybitch.

  46. Kosmos says:

    I absolutely LOVE Kate as an actress…she’s just got it 100%. It looks and seems as if these two are very happy together. I doubt that she would marry him if she thought it was just a whim. We have no idea what his personality is like, so we must trust her judgment because I think she’s wise and they look very much in love. He’s also a millionaire, which can’t hurt, can it? She’s really got a great life…has a fab career, a new partner, and her children.

  47. Chelsea's handler says:

    It would’ve been funnier if she got with Charlie Sheen.

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