Victoria Beckham claims she dresses like a school teacher


I haven’t seen a British school teacher in person, nor any pictures of a recent one. But they must be damn skinny and wear a lot of spike heels, because Victoria Beckham says that her style is exactly the same as a school teacher’s. If so, the Brits must have some shockingly swanky fashionistas teaching their children, – I have never seen an American school teacher who looked anything like Posh Spice.

She may be a worldwide style icon, but Victoria Beckham has revealed an unlikely inspiration for her distinctive look – the British school teacher. The 34-year-old former Spice Girl has spoken out against suggestions that her image has changed to fit in with laid-back LA style since her move to California last year.

… “I am very British in my style. Think school teacher. I love pencil skirts and fitted blouses, classic cut dresses and well fitted jeans mixed with classic tailoring.’

The mother-of three shocked the fashion world this summer when she was pictured in flip-flops at Disneyland, as she is usually never seen out of her trademark high-heel stilettos. She claimed not to own any flat shoes, not even a pair of the popular ballerina pumps worn by fellow celebrities… But she is unlikely to dramatically change the public look that has helped her sell more than 400,000 copies of her 2006 style bible That Extra Half an Inch: Heels, Hair and Everything in Between.

She said: ‘It’s always good to know what suits you. Your signature style is whatever makes you feel happy, confident and sexy. Of course it’s always good to mix things up every now and again too. Push the boundaries and evolve your style. Have fun, but be realistic. Don’t follow the crowd.’

[From the Daily Mail via Gossip Rocks]

I will admit that Victoria certainly has style. She has her hits and misses, but that’s bound to happen when you “push the boundaries and evolve your style.” But I’d never label anything about Victoria as school teacher-esq. That would be some incredibly wealthy teacher, and last I heard, that’s not the case for most of them. And I don’t imagine many of them weigh under a hundred pounds – breast implants included. I can see where Victoria’s coming from, but I don’t think the vast majority of school teachers bare their cleavage so brazenly or strut around in the classroom in six inch heels. I hope.

Here’s the Beckham clan arriving at Heathrow Airport today. Images thanks to Bauer-Griffin.

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  1. trollydolly says:

    Well her latest incarnation is somewhat less whorey than before. At least the pneumatic implants are kept under wraps and she’s favouring a more demure look – just like her new clothing collection!
    I still like her though and find her attempts to update and change her image always interesting. I just wonder how stressful it must be to always have to be perfectly groomed. Katie Holmes could take a leaf out of her book though.

  2. Carena says:

    Their kids must have had growth spurts!!

  3. abbizmal says:

    Not like any school teacher I ever saw. Maybe a slutty looking version. I like her, too, though. Why don’t they want you to see their eyes? Maybe the camera flashes are too much. I would think the sunglasses draw attention to someone, make them look twice to see who. The child she is with did have a growth spurt, probably as tall as she is if she took those fugly spikey things off. Cute kids.

  4. mojoman says:

    yeah sure, but how many English teachers with bold-screw boobs and penny nipples do you see in school?

  5. Sue D. Nimm says:

    Ummm…I still go to school and my teachers dress in suits and stuff. Actually, I can’t think of any time I’ve seen them in high heels.

  6. teach says:

    i am a school teacher in england and i do not dress like that – what a load of crap.

  7. Victoria certainly has style, no doubt about that. I respect the fact that she always try diffrent style. Thinking the her inspiration is an school teacher is funny. Thanks for the pictures.