“Way TMI from the Duggars about their sex life” Links

- Way too much information from the Duggars about their sex life. [ParentDish]
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- Michelle Obama’s prom date speaks. Includes awesome late 70s prom picture. [Radar Online]
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- SAG Nominees [Seriously? OMG! WTF?]
- John Edwards’ mistress Rielle Hunter is broke [Deceiver]
- Liz Hurley loves smelling glue [CelebNewsWire]
- Angelina Jolie in In Style. She kind of looks creepy to me [Derek Hail]
- Keanu Reeves Looks Thrilled To Be Promoting Street Kings [Best Week Ever]

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27 Responses to ““Way TMI from the Duggars about their sex life” Links”

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  1. Baholicious says:

    For obvious reasons, ‘Every Sperm is Sacred’ just started going through my head. Let’s hope we never have to read about medical experiments for the lot of them.

  2. vdantev says:

    It’s a vagina – not a clown car. People like this should be put in zoos.

  3. Syko says:

    I just read the thing on the Duggars and now I feel a distinct urge to puke. “Saving themselves for the one God made them for” – gag me!

  4. mel says:

    I know children are a blessing but having 17 or 18, or whatbver number they are on, is way too many. How could you possible give them all the attention they deserve? Just put me in the nut house and throw away the key..LOL.

  5. dovesgate says:

    Whatever. I think they are teaching their kids good morals, values, and beliefs. Good for them for sticking up for what they believe in and for making it work.

  6. Baholicious says:

    @dovesgate: Whatever floats their boat. Personally, an assembly-line uterus doesn’t float mine. They can keep their “morals” and “values.”

  7. Syko says:

    Yeah, those good morals will carry you a long way, right, Bristol Palin?

    It is totally possible to have good morals and still have sex. Not that I am pushing teen girls to have sex. But saving themselves for a divinely created spouse?

    The bad boys are so much more fun anyway.

  8. minx says:

    isn’t it odd how in the US the word “morals” only refers to sex? as if the fundamentalists were the only ones with “Morals”. Never mind compassion, forgiveness, honesty etc. etc. I won’t even mention tolerance and acceptance.

  9. MomInNH says:

    Dis-gus-ting. And tragic. As the oldest of a larger than average family I was responsible for all aspects of caring for my younger siblings. Never had much of a childhood because I was too busy being a parent!

    I truly believe that it’s an addiction for her, and for many women who are addicted to having babies. Many mothers who, like Mrs. Duggar who are quite attentive to their newborn, but as soon as that child is weaned are already on to the next pregnancy.

    My sympathy goes out to the older children. You want to teach responsibility to your kids? Try a puppy.. not YOUR baby. Raise that child yourself, don’t rely on your children to parent other children. It’s so not fair.

  10. holdup says:

    I’m confused, where was the TOO much information? They hardly said a word about their sex life.

    I hate to go here, but we’ve heard more from Brad and Angie, and there NEVER seems to be ENOUGH information to satiate you guys. Is the attractiveness of a couple a factor in the “tmi” department?

  11. holdup says:

    Not to mention, the Duggars aren’t really my style but I will say that they provide love, shelter, safety, and routine for their children (all things kids thrive on). And that is a hell of a lot more than I can say about families with one or two children to divide their attention among.

    I think it’s more about the quality of parents than the quantity of family members that gurantees a fulfilling homelife.

  12. drm says:

    In ten years we’ll be reading “The Duggar Children: What went wrong…”

  13. rottenkitty says:

    Anyone notice that the Duggar kids start looking like bad Xeroxes as they move down the chain? And how nice that Mom and Dad don’t have to stop the baby-making for even one second since they have plenty of built-in babysitters.

    As Groucho Marx is alleged to have once said, “I like my cigar, too. But I take it out every once in a while.”

  14. jess says:

    i think this is WRONG. having your other children act as surrogate parents is not fair to them. let them have a childhood!

  15. Rosanna says:

    MomInNH you’re so right. There are some people who like kids as long as they depend on them and then they dump the kids on their brother (or sister). I too was left to care for my brother when I was but a little girl. It’s no fun to ask a kid to rear his/her sibling! And it’s no parenting either.

  16. Leandra says:

    Michelle Duggar has said she feels something is missing if if there’s no baby in the house. But she’s over 40 now and surely at some point will decide she’s had enough children? She could still have another half dozen I suppose but wouldn’t being responsible and thinking about the health risks and needing to be there for the other 18 factor in? Maybe not if she has some sort of baby making addiction.

  17. jess says:

    i’d like to add that it sounds like she has a very lazy approach to parenting as well. she mentions that the little boys fight over “owees and toys” and she lets them resolve it. im sure they use their words. *eye rolling smiley here*

  18. Codzilla says:

    Rosanna: My Mom was also expected to raise her younger siblings, and she really regrets not having a true childhood.

    As for the Duggars, I watched their show out of curiosity, and couldn’t get passed the first ten minutes. I mean, not TOUCHING each other until after the wedding? I’m not slamming conservative ideology at all, in fact, I subscribe to some of it, but this just seemed ridiculous. Almost like they were trying a little too hard to seem like the vision of purity and innocence (for the cameras, of course). I second Syko’s “gag”.

  19. hatsumomo says:

    OK, what is everyone’s problem with these guys?
    Is it the fact that they are raising a huge family properly? As in a stable home, loving parents, comitmentment, responsiblies, education oriented, and in a strucred environment? There are MILLIONS the world over who only have 1 or 2 kids and can’t even provide half these. Is it jelousey that prompts this pouring of outrage that people are raising their many childern properly and yet you struggle with only a few?
    And in my humble opinion, a lot of you, suck.
    Both of those parents are sucessful real estate agents who are living within their means and are not on welfare or gov. assistance. They have their own money and survive WITHOUT credit. The husband and wife still have a sex life because they’er in LOVE still. How many others can sit in front of a camera and say that? There is no “she got fat” or “he’s cheating on me” or ” theres no time” or “im too tired”.
    And you cant say that they get their money from the show. In order to have that family, They would have starting have kids 21 years or so ago. Way before the age of reality tv. Maybe they are proud of their family and want to spread the joy with the rest of the world.

    and on a snide,
    MOMinNH and Roseanna, did either ever consider that you had shitty parents who werent CAPABLE of raising you?

  20. Genevieve says:

    They have beliefs, and they stick with them, unlike 90 percent of the world. Don’t knock them for being ‘different’. Just because their kids are’t running around screwing everyone with a pulse that doesn’t give sluts the right to start hatin lol

  21. lene says:

    is that healthy for a womens body? give birth to…like…20 children…? and man…they must have many sponsores…

    without their tv show…they won’t be able to finance…oh of course…they would be…the older kids could raise corn and make bread. don’t they already do?

    i know, sounds mean…but it’s a honest question. saw the family just one time on german television. so i would like to know.

    i don’t think children in our time are happy in such a religious family. where do the older children have time to meet people. are they allowed to visit partys? do that stuff…what you normally do. where do they meet friends?

  22. Lisa says:

    They disgust me on so many levels.

  23. crib says:

    Imagine what the mother must look like naked after 18 kids??? Ick!!!

  24. KDRockstar says:

    My problem is that I’ve seen the show. More than once… my kids like to see how the holy half lives. They both thanked me for not having a “bajillion” (their words) kids because of all of the reasons listed here by others – and they are 10 and 12. They know who would be taking care of the kids. It’s obvious on the show.

    That said, as long as they are not taking my tax dollars, she could park the proverbial clown car in her uterus and I don’t care.

  25. Secret says:

    To me it seems like the Duggars, and some other families with large numbers (and the same views) are building a sort of cult in some ways. All of those kids will probably have kids who will have kids who have kids and so on; all growing up with the same beliefs.

    The Duggars say that they give their kids choices on things, such as their views on marriage and what should or shouldn’t happen before/after, but if its all you see and know, how can you really make an informed decision. The fact that they are home schooled and always with one another gives them virtually no chance to understand their other choices, and in a sense, have no other choices. As time goes on more and more of them will be born, more and more people will have those views and could really spread to a lot of people, and its kind of scary to be honest.

  26. hank says:

    why are these people on tv…it is my belief that ‘good, wholesome people’ don’t put themselves on display for profit like some P.T. Barnham sideshow attraction.

  27. Ward Kosen says:

    I will immediately grab your rss as I can’t find your e-mail subscription link or newsletter serviceDo you have any? Please let me know so that I could subscribeThanks.