Jennifer Aniston’s baby philosophy: ‘If she’s meant to get pregnant, she will’

Ugh! I purposefully avoided writing about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux yesterday because I find them exhausting. We keep getting new photos of JustJen on a daily basis – all from Cabo, all taken from a distance, all of the photos taken with JustJen’s tacit approval (in my opinion). I don’t begrudge them a holiday vacation, I don’t begrudge them a few weeks of sun and mojitos, and I don’t even begrudge them their happily pap-friendly policy (I like having new pics!). But I just wish there was something else going on with them these days, like firmed-up wedding plans or something. People Mag (via Hollywood Life) has a new story which I’m sure came straight from Jennifer’s publicist – I guess this is supposed to whet our appetite for all things JustJen:

Justin Theroux popped the big question to Jennifer Aniston on his birthday last year, August 10, and now the actress is excited about being a bride again and wants to marry Justin soon, according to a new report.

Jennifer wants a “very small, low-key wedding soon,” a source told People magazine.

The couple spent the holidays lounging poolside in sunny Cabo San Lucas, Mexico where they read books, worked-out and enjoyed relaxing massages.

“They were very sweet to each other — lots of hugging and kissing,” the source told the publication. “It’s obvious they’re crazy about each other. She’s found such happiness with Justin and that’s really all she cares about.”

As for if the couple is expecting a baby, People‘s source says “Jen’s philosophy has always been that if she’s meant to get pregnant, she will.”

As previously reported, Jen shot down pregnancy rumors while showing off her toned tummy while in Mexico.

A report in OK! magazine claimed a source spilled that Jen is pregnant with twins, a boy and a girl.

“Jennifer was talking about wanting twins ages ago, and as it turns out, Justin has always wanted to have them too. She was beyond excited the moment she found out.”

“‘I’m so thrilled,’ she keeps telling her friends. The fertility treatments weren’t easy on her — but it looks like they paid off,” the source said.

Unfortunately for OK!, Jen proved them wrong when she sported a hot pink top and black bottom two piece bikini showcasing her rock hard abs over the holidays.

[From Hollywood Life]

I’ve never really understood that whole thing – “Jen’s philosophy has always been that if she’s meant to get pregnant, she will.” You can get away with that when you’re 25 years old and newly married, like “We’re just having fun, if it happens, it happens.” But for a 43-year-old woman to still be playing it by ear like that? It just seems disingenuous. At this point, Jennifer knows whether or not she wants to be a mother, you know? Unless her “friend” is going to start telling People Magazine whether or not Jennifer is off the Pill or whether she and Justin are doing fertility treatments, it’s just kind of… eh. Same old, same old. I do wonder if Jennifer’s still going to be playing this game in the press when she’s 50.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. GiGi says:

    I know everyone keeps looking at her bikini shots and thinking she’s not preggo… but I looked like that until I was 5 months.

    She works out and has pretty strong abs – she doesn’t have a little bump, but it does look a bit as though the whole area is pushed out a bit. She just could be knocked up!

  2. Sweet Dee says:

    Oh please. She doesn’t want kids, but she knows the speculation about it is the biggest attention-getter for her and she completely loves it. You can tell she loves it. She’ll play that fiddle all the way ’til menopause.

    • V4Real says:

      I’m with you; I don’t believe she wants kids or either she can’t have them. I could be wrong and I will eat my share of humble pie if she is preggo.

      Does anyone recall the rumor about one of the main reasons her and Brad fell apert was b/c he was ready for children and she was not. I think they should have disgust that before they got married.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        V, I’m on board. We’ll eat the pie together if it happens.

      • Gemini08 says:

        Apparently they DID discuss it and Jen reneged on their agreement. Before Friends ended she said after the show she would be focusing on having a family- and then signed on for FIVE movies in a row! She and Brad spit shortly after that. I honestly think she kept dangled the baby carrot in front of him to keep him around. I think he realized she was full of crap about it and then met Angelina.

      • Nicolette says:

        Agree totally. She is way too in love with herself to have a child. And yes, I remember that rumor as well. I’ll be joining you in that pie if we’re wrong, and make mine lemon meringue :)

      • Jenni says:

        There were reports that she had a miscarriage right around the time Brad left her.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Jenni, who wrote: “There were reports that she had a miscarriage right around the time Brad left her.”

        There weren’t any such reports. The first time ‘miscarriage’ was ever introduced was in Ian Halperin’s book on Angelina Jolie. He also said Angie started the ‘Jennifer Aniston doesn’t want children’ rumors too, even though it had been bounced around by the media after years of asking Jen when she was going to have a baby.

        If your memory doesn’t stretch back that far you ‘can’ go to the “People” magazine online archive and read for yourself exactly what was being said about Jennifer Aniston from January to April 2005. There was ‘no’ mention of any miscarriage.

      • Cirque28 says:

        @Princess K: Nicolette was saying that (in her opinion) Aniston is too much in love with herself to have a child. She didn’t remotely say that all childless women are in love with themselves.

      • jk says:

        I heard her on a shiw saying she had a miscarriage right after she and Brad got married. may be why he married her? ANyway she admitted that she wanted to wait for kids until her “career” took off and Brad wanted kids while he could still paly with them and with in a year they were seperated. Sherryl Crow who was a friend of theirs said that Jen wanted out of the marriage and was tyroing to hang on until she got to be an A actress lol (how did that work out for her?) anyways when Brad met AJ doing that movie, it made up Brads mind that he wanted his kids now. That last vacation he had with JA in Mexico was to see if she was going to make them a whole family or not and she said she wasn;t ready and he moved on. SHe was mad as hell because Pitt being the big star and coat tails she had been riding on was at an end hence the big lies and the pity party. I cannot blame her for njot wanting kids, not all of us do! BUT when she blamed AJ for the failure of her marrriage she went too far and the pity party nonsense was too much. Up until that time I liked her but after that crap she pulled making AJ look like the one that broke them up, she lost me as a fan. Brad stated that he realized what he was missing when he saw AJ with Maddox,he knew then how badly he wanted kids and that is what attracted him to AJ. I believe that they didnt have an affair until after he moved out of the house he shared with Jen and she filed for divorce. Now I think she is a cunning sneaky person. Who uses her womb for attention. SHe drinks like a fish so if she accidentally got pregnant it could be a sad thing for the baby. People just need to leave her alone and let her womb be her business and no one elses. SHe doesnt want kids and that does not make her a bad person but lieing about all of this crap does.I doubtif the gnome bobble head wants kids either. He likes his life just as it is.

    • Annie says:

      Why would she want this? It would be pretty pathetic because it’s not like she’s always gushing about motherhood so this is not her goal and it won’t happen. when it doesn’t, they’ll paint her in a more inflattering light “DREAMS SHATTERED”. The media paints her as this sad, dumped woman already who wants to have a baby but never can. That is not a flattering image, especially when she’s getting older. No one enjoys that.

      You don’t see the media harassing Cameron Diaz about this. It happens to her because of the Angelina comparisons. She steals the husband and gives him a whole litter, while Jennifer is at the verge of breaking up all the time and can’t have children.

      I really doubt she enjoys this or that she wants kids anyway. That’s the defense the Brad Pitt sources had as an excuse for him dumping her. That she didn’t want children. No way she’ll admit to that now. She does enjoy playing the victim of Angelina so she won’t admit and say “yeah Brad wanted kids and I didn’t.” She’ll just let people talk because it’s already very embarrassing.

      • Nikki says:

        Cameron Diaz (and Eva Mendes) have both said in interviews that they weren’t sure they wanted kids. Cameron said it in the early stages of her relationship with Justin. Eva said it following her rehab stint. I mention Eva because of that Lainey blind. . .

      • Janet says:

        She’ll use any means necessary to keep her face on the tabloid covers and if it means being the perpetual sad dumpee, then that’s what she’ll do. Hell, it’s worked for her for going on eight years so far.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        You kidding me? She enjoys THE HELL out of this. She has no movies coming out, just a pending marriage and this ever-present bump talk.

        Why do we talk about her ever? It’s always about the couple or the bump, she hasn’t been doing interviews or anything because this is the easiest way to milk the cow. She eats a huge burrito and calls the paps like, once a week.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Sweet Dee: “She has no movies coming out”

        Um, incorrect. We’re The Millers is coming out next year and she’s got two other projects in pre-pro.

        She does not need the pregnancy speculation. She hasn’t been doing interviews because she has nothing to promote right now. She’ll start up with interviews when promotion time for We’re The Millers rolls around.

        She stays out of the media when she’s not promoting anything.

      • Sweet Dee says:

        Dear Grand Anistonopolousapologist:

        A movie coming out in a long time from now +2 in pre-production still works for me as “has no movies coming out,” because she’s not promoting anything and yet we are still talking about her because…? Oh right, because she MIGHT be pregnant, all the time.

        I can’t believe there are people who are like “poor Jen, she hates all this attention and truly doesn’t know at age 43 if she wants to be a mother or not. Except now she doesn’t even CARE.” (paraphrasing, of course)

        Get real.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Annie, who wrote: “Why would she want this? It would be pretty pathetic because it’s not like she’s always gushing about motherhood so this is not her goal and it won’t happen.”

        “I did, I do, I will!” — Jennifer Aniston, in response [to Diane Sawyer] about the ‘rumor’ that her marriage ended to Brad Pitt because she didn’t want to have children.

      • marie says:

        umm isn’t she on Kimmel tonight, or was that last night? what was she promoting? their last vacation?

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Emma: How old is that quote now? 7 years?

        You can’t tell me you haven’t changed your mind about anything you said 7 years ago.

        Can the loonies stop trotting that quote out like she says it every other month?

      • GrandPoobah says:

        Sweet Dee: That’s funny because “no movies coming out” to me means…no movies coming out. Weird how that sentence completely changes meaning when you read it.

        EDIT: We’re The Millers is coming out in August of this year, not next year.

        You can’t even paraphrase what I said to mean what you’ve written. I said that she doesn’t NEED the attention and she stays out of the media when she’s not promoting anything.

        Why can’t you believe that there are women who have changing opinions about having children? Believe it or not, some women are quite ambivalent about it.

        That said, I personally don’t think she wants kids anymore. I think she did at one time and has become less and less enthusiastic about it over time which is reflected in her statements about the subject.

    • Sandip says:

      She has body image issues, her mother told her she was unpretty. She may want kids but look for a surrogate or adoption.

    • Meredith says:

      Agreed. She doesn’t want kids. There’s nothing wrong with that – I don’t have kids and I just hit 50. But I didn’t spend my ’30′s and ’40′s talking to the press about how I really, really wanted kids, etc. like she has. And while I have enjoyed her movies in the past, I agree she couldn’t fill a theater if her life depended on it. So yeah, once again, it’s just for publicity.

    • Rumorhasit says:

      If she’s meant to get pregnant she will.
      If the condom breaks, the vasectomy reverses, the pill fails to work, the IUD is defective, and the Depo shot doesn’t kick in, there will be a miracle Aniston child.

  3. mln76 says:

    Translation:as long as she can milk publicity from the possiblility she is pregnant she will. There is no reason to give a statement like that to People except to encourage press now that the tabs have moved onto a woman who is actually pregnant. At a certain point only a moron can claim she isn’t desperate for publicity.

    • QQ says:

      THIS!! Is like: admit it , lady, you like attention, end!

    • Lem says:

      How about if I put on a full shirt and some panties that give me muffin top for today’s episode of Pap’in Jen. That way I’ll look a bit bump-worthy in the gossip today when People leaks my own fan fiction.
      Damn it Justin, sit there and look verile while I rub my belly in my ‘justdating’ bra.
      Today is a good day to look puffy. We can bikini again on Monday. Now, hide that ashtray!

    • GrandPoobah says:

      mln76: She didn’t “give a statement” to People. That’s misleading wording.

      People gets their information from “sources” who may or may not be celebrity publicists.

      Again, she doesn’t need the publicity. What does she need it for? No one will forget who she is between now and when We’re The Millers gets released. She isn’t some young starlet vying to get to the top of the heap of a bunch of other forgettable starlets.

      I know you may think she’s “on the wane” as you’ve stated before, but she’s at a point in her career where she doesn’t need to constantly be in the media. She’s plenty established.

      • mln76 says:

        @ Grandpoohbah ive maintained that all celebrities give info to People including the Brange and Aniston’s lackluster career speaks for itself.

      • GrandPoobah says:

        mln76: Lackluster? How is pulling down millions a year “lackluster”?

        And you still used misleading wording. Celebrities do give statements and direct quotes to publications. This was not the case with this story.

        People doesn’t ONLY get stories from publicists. They also have “sources” (guys and gals about town) who stick their noses anywhere they can. They’ll run stuff by a publicist to stay in a celebrity’s good graces, but calling it “giving a statement” is a bit of a stretch-for any celebrity.

  4. Joanna says:

    I bet he has a vasectomy. He was with his ex for 14? years and I haven’t heard anything about hi having a kid. I bet that’s why.

  5. Kaye says:

    Isn’t he hot in that hat? And by hot, I don’t mean attractive. I mean overheated.

  6. lem says:

    my personal opinion: she did the whole “if it happens it happens” thing w/ brad and discovered she couldn’t have children/had miscarriage(s) and decided she couldn’t do it again. i never bought into the whole “she tricked him into marrying her by promising she wanted babies” bullshit. obviously it was something very important to him, so he left her (which is fine– I think they’re both much happier now anyhow). I just think the whole speculation that she has never wanted children is pretty insensitive and rude.

    • mln76 says:

      Can I say I have no idea whether or not she has miscarried but I doubt it solely because she has done several comedy sketches about pregnancy and it would be odd to joke about something that painful.
      I also don’t think she tricked him per se but I think she wanted kids in the abstract and Brad was all I want a soccer team tommorrow and when it came down to it the allure of a film career was more importat to her. I think she made the choice by passivity,that she refuses to acknowledge that choice so blamed the third party and I still think she feels guilt about it which is why she has such a strong need to feed these rumors.

    • Nikki says:

      Sorry, but of all the things she has shared, miscarriage wasn’t one of them. That would have shut everyone up and scored her even more sympathy votes. I don’t see Brad leaving her because she couldn’t have children. When he met Angelina she had adopted Maddox and was in the process of adopting Zahara. I’m sure he would have just gone home to Jennifer and said, “let’s adopt”. Because that’s exactly what he did with Maddox and Zahara.

      Lots of women don’t want kids, or are unsure. But they usually make that decision when they hit the 40 mark. I think she can’t say outloud she doesn’t want kids, because it blows a hole in the Angelina stole my man story. If Brad left her because she decided after they got married she didn’t want children, I think that would change a lot of people’s opinion of her.

      • Gemini08 says:

        Exactly. And I think that’s honestly what happened. I think after seven years together and no kids Brad realized she didn’t actually want kids. She is in her mid-forties. If she truly wanted kids she would have had them by now. Sandra Bullock, Sheryl Crown (who is a close friend of hers)all adopted in their 40′s. If you truly want something you do it. I just think she doesn’t want to ruin her “victim” image by admitting that she never actually wanted kids.

    • Janet says:

      There has never been any verified report that she ever had a miscarriage. The tabloids started that rumor after Brad dumped her. Then her fan base picked it up: poor Jen, dumped by mean ole Brad for something that wasn’t her fault.

    • lem says:

      I’m glad some of you know EVERYTHING that has ever happened to someone through their entire life…but thanks for making my point about the villification being insensitive and rude.

  7. epiphany says:

    This is such bs. She does not want children – I wish the tabloids would drop that storyline. And if she did, the ‘if it happens, it happens’ philosophy would be a terribly irresponsible one, as she is a social drinker, is smoking again, and women are usually pregnant for weeks before it is confirmed; that’s alot of alcohol and carcinogen exposure to a developing fetus.

  8. Annie says:

    People need to leave her alone with this already. She’s 43 years old. 43. That means that by the time she decides to have a baby “soonish” she would be giving birth to a baby at the age of 45 or 46, that is if she can get pregnant successfully within a year or a year and a half, which the older you get it becomes more difficult to do. Only women who’ve had children before can have babies at 45 and even that is pretty special. You don’t see many 40 somethings pregnant out there. Those who do are lucky and few. So imagine getting pregnant so close to 50. It’s not like it’s happening today. It’s impossible and people need to let it go because she knows this. You have women in their 20′s having trouble getting pregnant. It’s not something you decide to do one day and then bam – pregnant. It can be quite the struggle and the older you get the less chances you have. At 40 you virtually no chance without major scientific help like a surrogate. A lot of the times your eggs won’t even be involved because they’re not good eggs anymore. So this bump watch is not only stupid, it’s mean.

    If she had wanted to become a mom she would’ve done it as soon as she married Brad. That was her ideal time, right when Friends ended. That is what Courtney Cox did because she knew that her thirties sere her last window. Or she would’ve gotten a surrogate like Sarah Jessica Parker a long time ago. Or would’ve adopted like Sandra Bullock and Charlize Theron.

    You don’t see her with a kid because she doesn’t want to and that’s ok too. People need to drop this. It’s almost bullying at this point. Not every woman has the obligation to be a mother. The world is overpopulated as it is.

    • Sara says:

      If she wants people to leave her alone then she should not have her publicist release these statements from “sources” aka Huvane.

      She wants the speculation otherwise her pr team would stop talking to US weekly and People mag about it.

      • Annie says:

        Not all tabloid sources are PR sources. Not everything is planted. Why on earth would she want people to think she’s trying to have kids when is clear that she doesn’t? So that when she doesn’t have them people point at her and say “Awww she couldn’t have children :( her only dream. She’s so sad.” Why would she want to look more pathetic than how the media paints her already? Makes no sense. Publicity? I wouldn’t want to be drawn as a pathetic sad woman just so people see my movies. That’s an embarrassing stigma. I doubt she enjoys any of the comparisons to Angelina. It’s almost her curse. Her cross.

        She’s like the unmarried older aunt the whole family talks about behind her back, assuming they know she wants kids (“what woman doesn’t!!”). They need to leave her alone. She’s living her life. Soon it’ll be 10 years of her divorce and the media is still at it.

      • mln76 says:

        Annie if she doesn’t want this then why oh why does she have her publicist talking to People?
        Oh and the fighting over pregnancy stories predate Angelina by several years. She blamed Angelina but they first appeared back when she was still married to BBT.

      • mln76 says:

        Annie I dont know if you are naive or foreign and simply unaware of People aka Kneepads (because they kneel down to kiss celebs bottoms so much they need kneepads). If People says their source is a ‘friend’ its likely her publicist. She is aware the story has been written and she kindly provided bikini shots to accompany the story the only victim of this is the people dense enough not to see through the manipulation.

      • Jule says:

        Actually Annie….Most, if not all, sources on People are from publicists. All the sources about her are so obviously from her publicist. Such as she is glowing!!!! Happier than Ever!!!! Glowing again!!!!!!

        She has played the victim for almost a decade now. Without people feeling sorry for her because she got a divorce then no one would talk about her at all since she sure has done nothing interesting since her divorce.

        Read her Vanity Fair article that started the victim persona. She cried, cried and screamed at the ocean. With that one interview she made herself the poor victim and AJ the evil, evil woman.

      • Kim says:

        @Annie she is on the cover of People magazine.She doesn’t have a film coming out,no baby or wedding announcement,no arrest or sex scandal.Why would she be on the cover this week? Her PR called People with this story.The source claims,”lots of hugging and kissing” so I guess the source is with them in Cabo .

      • epiphany says:

        @rita – “Huvane” is a who – actually, several whos. Stephen Huvane is a PR giant in Hollywood, and his brother Kevin runs CAA talent agency. There are several other Huvane brothers, but Steve and Kevin are the principles. They manage some of the biggest names in show biz, and are famous (or infamous) for the stranglehold they keep on clients and their public image. They must be great at their jobs – who else could wring sympathy for Aniston 8 years after her divorce? This stuff should all be a distant memory and STILL it pops up in story after story. That’s no accident. Google a roster of their clients; anytime you read a tabloid article about one of them, including Aniston, don’t think ‘poor Jen’, think,’that Huvane is a genius!’

    • Sherry says:

      I had my first at 34, my second at 39 and my third at 41 with no problem conceiving (thank the good Lord!). I have several friends who had a terrible time trying to have a baby and finally adopted two. I don’t think she’s too old yet.

      That said, I honestly don’t think JustJen want kids. Didn’t I read on here last week a “source” close to them saying Justin said something about Courtney Cox’s daughter, Coco, being too “rambunctious?” That sounds like someone set in their ways. I think the two of them like their lifestyle and look at who they’re hanging out with in Cabo. No one with young kids!

      You can put me in the column of her liking the speculation and attention, but I will be really surprised if she ever pops up preggers!

      • Becky1 says:

        Yeah, I agree-I don’t think it’s too late for her quite yet (if even she wants kids). Yes, it’s far less likely but it could still happen-particularly if she’s doing fertility treatments (which I know the article says she isn’t doing but who really knows). I’ve known quite a few women who have gotten pregnant in their early to mid 40′s with no fertility treatments. Many of these pregnancies weren’t planned because they assumed that because they were past 40 they didn’t need to worry too much about birth control. I think that the media has really overblown the decrease in fertility in women 35+. People act like getting pregnant naturally in your late 30′s or early 40′s is almost impossible. Look around, ladies-there are plenty of 40+ pregnant ladies out there (particularly if you live in Chicago or near one of the big cities on the east or west coasts).

    • Sandip says:

      When she was on Friends and played preggers, that would have been the perfect time to have a child if mshe wanted. Brad was on TV talking about how he wanted children. I think Maddox pulled Brad and Angie came with the deal.

  9. Mia 4S says:

    I would actually gain some respect for her if she just said look, we are happy with each other, our dogs, travel, and careers. In fact I would applaud her. I do want kids, but frankly this attitude that many women have that there is no fulfillment without rugrats is tiresome. Insecurity seems to be the theme of the day. If you were truly satisfied with your role as a mother you would not feel the need to push it on your idols. As it is it seems like some of the Minivan brigade are trying to convince themselves that there is and was no other path. There is and was!

    • Latisha says:

      I agree with you except none of her fans are rushing it or telling her to want children.Kaiser is right, there is no way that a 43 year old woman doesn’t know if she wants kids or not.I think the reason she is still lying in interviews about wanting kids is that Jen likes her image as the sweet girl next door that Brad Pitt cheated on for no reason and got left for evil Angelina Jolie.And if she ever admitted that all she wants to do is shop,travel and sun bathe on private beaches then she wouldn’t be America’s sweetheart.

  10. ray says:

    she has been drinking margarita in some of the pics. she is almost 44 yrs old and if she is pregnant, first at that, she would be careful and resting not partying all night and day long with friends. if she is pregnant, theroux would be more attentive to her, but from the pics, he hasnt been, and its actually her who tries to engage him for a PDA. aniston has looked like that, really out of shape since early 2012, in fact she looks fatter when she was filming her latest crappy movie. she looks like that when they were in capri also.

  11. RobN says:

    Not every woman feels the need to battle through fertility treatments and it’ll happen if it’s meant to happen is a perfectly reasonable response for somebody who thinks they will be happy with the outcome one way or the other. Lots of women who assume they’ll have children, and talk about having them someday, get a little older and don’t find that the biological need is all that great and kind of like their lives the way they are. Not really that unusual.

    • mln76 says:

      Can we clarify something I have no problem with whether or not she will/won’t have kids. I have a problem with her repeated need to talk about her decision process like Hamlet since long before her divorce then whining about the stories then feeding some more quotes when the attention dies down over and over again. If she doesn’t want people talking about her uterus she shouldn’t call People and talk about her uterus.

      • G says:

        ^^^Home run. I personally think she keeps the baby-talk going to keep her mini-van mom fans happy and it implies that she’s younger than she is.

      • RobN says:

        There are an awful lot of sites and magazines out there speaking on her behalf and she’s getting the knock for it, whether it came from her camp or not. The number of people who believe “informed sources” means something other than “we just made this up over lunch” is staggering.

      • mln76 says:

        RobN please get some media training it didn’t just ‘come from her camp’. If its in People she wants it in there that is the rule of thumb with Kneepads no matter who the celebrity.

      • RobN says:

        Thanks, mln, but I think I’ll leave the “media training” to experts like yourself. Neither the time or the interest in figuring out what the secret codes are for a bunch of celebrities in whom I have only a passing interest.

      • mln76 says:

        @RobN you obviously do care because you regularly post. All Im saying about People is what the New York Times or New York Magazine or Forbes would say they trade basically positivety driven articles for access so they wouldn’t write this article without the implicit approval of Aniston. As for the Brange I remember back when Brad was shooting KTS and him and Angie and all the kids did a pap walk which coincided with a People cover and I called it. I am not singling her out as the only one her constant whining about the stories she encourages is what tees me off.

    • Just Passing Through says:

      Thank you, RobN!!!

  12. OhMyGawh says:

    Why are people so concerned about her ovaries?

  13. Lulu says:

    I have a friend who had that attitude when she got married at 47. Guess what? She got pregnant naturally and had a healthy little girl. Just saying, that some people really are OK with leaving it up to fate.

  14. vixo says:

    Jennifer Aniston preggo … yes, that’s all we need after Kate Middleton’s, Jessica Simpson’s and Kim’s pregnancies.

  15. Charmingfrock says:

    As if!!! Like she is ever going to get pregnant, EVER! If she wanted kids, she would have had them with Brad…which is probably why he first started thinking of ditching. Late 30ish, early 40ish women who want children and are watching their body clocks tick down do stuff like ADOPT when it is looking less and less likely that they are going to find a baby-daddy. Honestly, I am more likely to get pregnant and I am 50ish with 4 kids!

    • RobN says:

      I guess my question would be, why are you so excited about this? Caps and so many exclamation points. Don’t take this all so personally; her choices really don’t affect your life at all. Her choices do not have to be your choices, they don’t have to be like every other woman in her 40′s. In fact, none of us need to make the same choices or act in the way that you think is reasonable. Relax, it’s all going to work out just fine, regardless of how worked up about it you get.

      • TX Lane says:

        People probably care too much because in the Aniston v. Jolie war, Aniston is the villain for St. AngieJo fans. Same way on the opposite end. What I would like to know is why all the people who comment on this with such an anti-Aniston stance don’t make much mention of their beloved St. Angie’s picture parade with her child army? If you’re going to gripe about publicity shots might as well cover all your bases

      • Kiwi123 says:

        To TX Lane…

        What picture parade exactly? The Jolie-Pitt kids have not been seen in over 2 months and were hardly seen at all all year!

        Jen Garner is the one who does the parade everyday of the year.

  16. Stuart Horsely says:

    She is never getting pregnant, OK? Never, never, never nevernevernevernevernever. I don’t know what the fascination is here. She doesn’t want kids. That was the biggest hook that Angelina Jolie threw out to snag Brad – kids.

  17. Jessica6 says:

    Do these two do anything else while on vacation besides lying around tanning or sitting or standing around on that same damn terrace? This woman’s “career” is basically having her entire life as one prolonged publicity photo-op to make it on the covers of the rags. Her expiry date has come and gone.

    And does Justin ever change his hipster black sun shorts or jeans? Or did he bring 15 pairs of each with him? The man is going on 42, and has deluded himself into believing he’s still 25 years old.

    As for their upcoming marriage, please. I give it less than two years, if that.

    • Trek Girl says:

      You do know that these pictures aren’t a 24 hour live feed right? They do other things; they just like sunning themselves and relaxing by the pool or whatever they are sitting next to — I can’t be bothered to scroll up and check.
      Yes, he probably changes out of his jorts. I doubt he treats them differently than other men treat their swim trunks.
      What makes you think Justin thinks he’s 25 years old?
      I agree. I doubt the marriage will last long — if they get married at all, that is. I like Justin, though. If it works out and he’s happy, then great.

    • RobN says:

      Jessica, you are so right. The fact that they sit by the pool during the daytime is a downright crime. How dare they not use their vacation to investigate child trafficking or the working conditions of migrants. Losers.

    • Lulu says:

      Holy cr*p, you’re right! They act like they’re on vacation or something! The nerve!

  18. Runs with Scissors says:

    If this blind that mln76 posted that’s allegedly about Aniston is true, then thank god she doesn’t have any children, yikes

  19. spinner says:

    To me, her philosophy is perfectly fine. If it happens then it was meant to be. If not…life still goes on. I am not concerned with her getting pregnant. She has a great life, many friends, plenty of money & it seems, a man who loves her very much. Sounds good to me. I’ll just wait to see what happens.

    • May says:

      I do not see what is so great about her life beyond the money and nice houses.
      She also seems to live a very empty and boring life.

      If I had all her money I would like to travel beyond Mexico every year! She could travel the globe, go to countries she has never been to. Instead she chooses to tan, tan and tan.

      Also lots of her friends are on her payroll. Courtney has been MIA forever. Not even at her Christmas party.

      And Justin seems to really love the Mercedes, the Mansion, free trips, private planes etc. He has not worked for 2 years now!! Free ride on Jen’s dime.

      • Linda says:

        I would say the same for you May.. What is soo great about your life that you have nothing else to do but comment on any and every Jennifer aniston post. At least jennifer’s life as boring and dull as some claim is interesting enough to draw comments from people. Can’t say the same for you.

      • Janet says:

        @Linda: Perhaps May doesn’t have Aniston’s resources. Any woman as rich as she is who goes to the same place for vacation year in and year out and never seems to vary her vapid routine is a crashing bore. There is so much she could be doing but she seems content with doing nothing but gossiping with her girlfriends, blow-drying her hair and tanning on the beach. Have you ever heard her in interviews? She really gives the impression that she isn’t very bright.

    • Kiwi123 says:

      I would be embarrassed to be almost 44 and all people can say about me is in regards to my hair, tan and body!

      To be almost 44 and best known for a TV show that ended a decade ago and being BP’s ex wife. That is all she will be remembered for, her Rachel haircut and being the scorned ex wife.

      Where is the substance?

    • sullivan says:

      Her lifestyle does seem appealing. Her life? No, thanks.

    • EmmaV1 says:

      Hey spinner, you were ragging on Angelina Jolie for supposedly not wanting to spend X-Mas with Jane Pitt becauses Jane is too conservative. I think your words were something along the lines of “Sometimes, for family, you’ve just gotta suck it up and do it”

      Well, Jolie is vacationing with Jane Pitt at the moment, while Aniston’s mother is dying….not to mention Aniston only very rarely does stuff with her father and almost never with her half brothers…..

      I see your logical reasoning process….

      • spinner says:

        @ Emma VI

        This is the 2nd time you have brought up this exact same thing. Here is what I typed:

        but that’s not the spirit of the Holiday Season. It’s not where you’re at…it’s whom you’re with. Brad’s parents are there & would love a visit. It’s not about — but what would we do…it’s boring there. It’s about making your parents happy & letting them spend time with the Grand-kids.

        Evidently your logical thought process is a bit redundant. There was no ragging. Let it go.

      • EmmaV1 says:


        Hi, I scroll down through comments and see if anyone’s replied, but I don’t use the search/find function for it so sometimes I miss a few responses.

        Anyway, you’re somewhat right, I got confused but you wrote “+1 very well said” in response to KellyinSeattle who wrote

        “….Sometimes parents, in my opinion, have to make the call and sometimes suck it in and defer to the grandparents…even if you don’t respect them, and that teaches the kids about family, even if they drive you crazy…”

        I was just using that as an example that if the same situation applied to Jolie, you would find fault with her, but if it’s Aniston, you think it’s perfectly fine, admirable sometimes even.

      • Lulu says:


        Her mom’s not dying. I got curious and checked another website and tried to link it, but it didn’t work. Anyhoo, she was released Dec 18th in perfectly good health. Seems her ‘second stroke’ was a rumor and nothing more.

        Don’t you think it’s a little bit mean spirited to be telling people that her mom is dying while Jennifer heartlessly vacations without at least making sure it’s true? That’s a pretty low blow.

  20. Lem says:

    WTF has she been staring at since Christmas? Are the paps in the ocean? On the hill? I like scenery as much as the next person, but honestly this poor boring woman has been staring off into the vast for a month. Seriously. I’m bored for her!

  21. BELLA says:


  22. G says:

    I realize that these pictures are selected but for an engaged couple they sure seem very seperate and not that “couplely”.

    Two middle aged people with no children in any of their long standing previous relationships speaks for itself.

    • Trek Girl says:

      They don’t need to be pawing and fawning all over each other to be “couple-y”. They’re relaxing in the sun together. Would you prefer them to be making out and groping each other?

      • Trek Girl says:

        @G: I didn’t say there wouldn’t be any groping ever, just that they don’t need to be doing that In these photos for them to be couple-y.

        Not everyone is big on PDA or needs to touching all of the time in order to feel like a couple, regardless of where they are. It’s possible that they do that behind closed doors when they feel like it. I, for one, appreciate it.

      • Trek Girl says:

        @G: I’m not saying that they never get handsy with each other ever, just that they don’t need to be doing that in public, on the beach, by the pool, or at any time the mood strikes them just because they are together. Not everyone feels the need to have a hand down their fiancee or spouses pants just because they are on the beach.

        It’s very possible that they do get handsy with each other when they are alone in the privacy of their room. I, for one, appreciate that.

        I wrote a reply before, but it didn’t post, so feel free to ignore the other post if it shows up.

      • G says:

        They’re not on a beach Trek Girl. They’re on the patio of a $1200. a night resort. I don’t want to overstate this. They just have no body language that seems affectionate.

        This posts are coming out wonky. Sorry. I’m seeming more emphatic that I want to be.

    • BooBooLaRue says:

      No groping puh-leez — pukey. But I agree with “G” these two look so bored with one another. No wait, they are boring!

      • G says:

        Well, happy couples have been known to grope. On a regular day it happens all the time at my house and on a Mexican vacation…..damn right there’s groping.

        But, in any of this series, they’re not smiling, sitting close or sharing any looks. There’s no sense of connection in them.

      • G says:

        Well, happy couples have been known to grope. On a regular happen all the time at my house and on a Mexican vacation…..damn right there’s groping.

        But, in any of this series, they’re not smiling, sitting close or sharing any looks. There’s no gleam in them.

  23. Jayna says:

    There’s a gabillion gossip site mags on the internet and gossip rag mags in the stands by the cash register in stores that are put out weekly. Guess what, most of this crap about celebs is made up weekly to fill a page. She probably has made a comment or leaked a comment about 1/10th of the times you see it in these trash mags over the years. She’s happy now and could care less what is being said about her and babies. If it happens, it happens.

    • Kiwi123 says:

      You don’t get it!

      If it is in People Mag it is from her camp. End of story. She approved this “leak” to People mag because People is in bed with her publicist.

      And she sure does care about all the baby talk. She brings it up in almost every interview. Right down to saying joking about twins/triplets to GQ.

      And so she wasn’t happy before????? Are you one of the ones who goes on and on about how she DESERVES to be happy.

      • Jayna says:

        LOL I didn’t read it enough to know it was in People, which is legit, I agree. I’m not one of those that goes on and on, whatever that means. I have really hardly any interest in Jen and her latest, Justin, and/or Angie and Brad. I rarely post in any of these stories or even read them because none of them interest me. But I do wish them all the best, though. They all seem like nice people, both couples.

    • Kim says:

      I would agree with you if the story was anywhere but People magazine.She has a relationship with them. They called People magazine on the weekend to announcement their engagement rather than waiting until Monday morning because it was “urgent”.I don’t believe most of the BS written about her but I know they were fed this sidebar cover.

  24. Ally says:

    Oh dear, I think I’m disingenuous:(

  25. paige says:

    Why are we still talking about this woman having kids ? If she wanted them she would have had them by now. She is 44 next month give it up media and some jennfer fans. This lady seems to conceited to have kids. This is the lifestyle she wants in these pictures. Hanging on the beach, tanning,and.getting her hair done. Justin seems to fit right in.He was with his ex for 14 years and they did not have any kids. They both do not have kids in their future. There is nothing.wrong with this. The problem is her lying wanting kids when she married brad. Brad wanted a huge family and it shows. He got what he wanted with angelina he seems like a happy man with the life he chose. I’ m happy for him and his beautiful family. She just needs to admit she doesn’t want kids instead of feeding her uterus to People as someone referred to above. Too funny!

    • Linda says:

      Really, she lied to brad about wanting kids? Where you living with them during their marriage to know this? Damn you are nuts.

      • paige says:

        No, I did not live with them but any one can see Brad Pitt wanted kids. the man had six kids in three years. He moved fast with starting a family with angelina. When brad and jennifer got married you think they didn’t discuss children. Staying married to someone and holding onto them while knowing you don’t want the same goals is being selfish and also lying to them. She filmed movie after movie while.knowing she wouldn’t have any kids.She wasn’t obligated to give him any but wasn’t truthful. Brad had a golden opportunity when he met Angelina who was a single mom it must have like hitting the lottery.

  26. Joyce says:

    Isn’t she Coco’s godmother? When was the last time you seen her with Coco went shopping or hung out together. This is her BBF’s daughter. So Coco is almost like her niece. I take my goddaughter to the park, shopping, do girly things with her. I don’t do it often but I do spend time with her. I’ve never seen her bond with Coco like I do with my goddaughter. If she love kids, how come I don’t see her with Coco or any of her friends’ children.

  27. sullivan says:

    Does Aniston know how to swim?

  28. Jaxx says:

    If it’s meant to be and….the swimmers can get through an IUD, a depo shot and a condom.

  29. blonde on the dock says:

    Yeah Jennifer’s life sucks! I’d much rather be sitting behind a keyboard in a cold climate bitching on someone I dont know.

  30. evyn says:

    How come these two seem so distant and tense when they are alone, but all lovey-dovey when the other couples are around? She looks like she is fussing at him in the last couple of pix. Bet they didn’t mention that in People mag.

  31. Asdfg says:

    If she wanted kids I think she would have had them by now!

    I don’t see her or Justin having kids ever! He was this his ex, Heidi Bivens for 14 yrs an they had no kids soooo…. Yeah!

  32. OriginalMe says:

    I feel sorry for Jennifer Aniston. She is so uninteresting that all people talk about in regard to her is whether or not she will have kids or whether or not she even wants them!
    I think she looks great, but her movies usually tank, so what else is there to say about her? Nothing!
    She stammers her way through interviews and doesn’t really have anything charming or funny to say. She is photogenic and in great shape. Why she is so famous I will never know!

  33. bowers says:

    Many people manage to scrape by without kids.

  34. lady X says:

    Why won’t the media accept this woman just does not want kids …. ? That is one of the reason her and Brad broke up …. if she wanted kids she would have them by now… she is not as hot in the Movie world as she use to be…. her star is fading…if she was going to have one she would ….. She has said before in a round about way that she is not worried about having kids …. The lady just does not want them

  35. Snowpea says:

    She looks huge in that lavendar Tshirt in the last two pics. Maybe she IS knocked up?

  36. anom says:

    she is knocked up with margaritas.

  37. Sugar says:

    all I can say is Justin…dude go over to DM see Eddie-he’s wearing board shorts & they come in black & can get wet & if you shop in the boys dept you may be able to find some small enough to fit your hipster style. FFS go have some fun frolicking in the waves or are you back “home” in Cali? now you know the difference between a real tan vs oompa loompa

  38. Karma says:

    dont ya’all notice her newly injected lips? so pathetic–she is such a wannabe. thats why she slurs in interviews all the time. her upper lip is newly injected! lol

  39. Overrated says:

    Is she still going to give us the annual Cabo ass in the air shot every year until she’s 60?

  40. nancyb3770 says:

    Actually, I am hoping she does not have kids they both come across as selfish- she works hard for her body to keep it trim and a pregnancy would just ruin it she could not handle the attention the baby would get, it would ruin her lifestyle and he could care less because he is just riding the gravy train. Once she is done he will move on to a younger version of her.

  41. jessie ong says:

    i like jennifer aniston and glad that she has found perhaps her soulmate after 7 years? its natural that she is sought after by paparazzi being a celebrity..i don’t think she lied that she wanted children… she may have but maybe she’s scared too… having a mother like she had who have not love her or may have but her mother’s love is conditional? remember during the time that her career is on the rise, her mother had that book who has made jennifer very furious…my late mother is not like that…she says what she wanted to say in my face at my worst but she would never do what jennifer’s mother did…i am lucky that my mother love me unconditionally…i cannot blame jennifer cause maybe she is scared that she will be like her mother