Kerry Washington’s ruffled Peter Pilotto dress in Rome: bizarre, unflattering or cute?

These are some photos from ‘Django Unchained‘ premiere and photocall in Rome. The cast (minus Leonardo DiCaprio) all flew to Rome late last week to kick off the European promotion for their film, which is causing controversy wherever it goes. The UK premiere is scheduled for Thursday night, which is the same night as the Critics Choice Awards, where the film is nominated for Best Picture and Quentin Tarantino is nominated for Screenplay. I imagine that Django will lose every award it’s up for throughout the award season, just because… it’s QT. It’s violent, it’s profane, it’s obscene and it’s about some really dark, disturbing stuff (slavery). But that doesn’t mean QT and the cast can’t have some fun while they’re promoting it, right?

Which brings me to Kerry Washington. Many of you have always loved her, and yes, I think she’s incredibly talented, and she’s an interesting actress/fashion girl to watch. I’ve just never been one of her big fan-girls or anything, but I do like her. So what’s the groupthink on Kerry’s style? You can tell that she loves fashion and she loves to experiment, but I’m not sure she’s showing off the best pieces during this promotional tour. She wore this absolutely bizarre Peter Pilotto Spring 2013 dress to the photocall (the blue and white dress with the acid-green dust ruffle), and a white cutout dress for the premiere. The Pilotto dress is just… wrong. Like, I can’t even believe that anyone thought it was a good idea to MAKE that dress, and then Kerry’s stylist came in and was like, “YES, that is the dress.” The white dress is okay, though. I’m not a huge fan of cutouts, but it’s okay. As for her bangs… I actually don’t hate them. Hopefully they’re temporary.

I’m including some photos of the other Django people too – I haven’t been paying that much attention to what QT looks like recently, but he’s really gained a lot of weight, hasn’t he?

Photos courtesy of SHOTPRESS/ and WENN.

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  1. lady X says:


  2. Kiki says:

    I missed the point of this post as soon as I saw a photo of Christoph Waltz. I wish there were more!!

  3. silken_floss says:

    Oh girl… that first dress is doing way too much!! :/ I like the second dress with the sexy peekaboo cutout. Kerry really can do no wrong in my book!

  4. carrie says:

    not the worst look of the week !

    Jennifer Lawrence yet won worst look of the year i believed she was Lindsay Lohan

  5. says:

    The first dress looks like something I could make out of my mother-in-law’s shower curtain and a stapler.

  6. Kaye says:

    off topic: I am so sorry I ever commented negatively on the ads that go across the bottom of the screen. The ones in the corner that take up a fifth of the picture are WAY more distracting.

  7. Ms Kay says:

    Kerry girl you need a new stylist! You have mostly been on top dressing up wise and I know in fashion one always takes risks different directions but that direction is the wrooooong one!

  8. kibbles says:

    She was on Yahoo’s worst celebrity dress list this week. It was front page on the US Yahoo site. Anyway, I actually think this dress is quite interesting and she is one of the few celebrities who can pull this off. The green dust ruffle does make the dress look a bit bizarre. Without it I think she would have looked fabulous. The dust ruffle reminded me of African clothing designs and perhaps this particular dress is supposed to be symbolic on some level? I checked out some of Peter Pilotto’s dresses and much of his designs are similar to this one. It reminds me a lot of traditional African, Middle Eastern, and Native American clothing. I saw a photo of Cate Blanchett in one of his dresses last month in Dubai and she looked stunning, but she is one of those celebrities who can pull off these bizarre haute couture designs. I still think Kerry looks great. Her hair and makeup look nice even with the bangs trauma.

  9. lucy2 says:

    Terrible dress. I just started watching her show, and she’s always dressed gorgeously on that – she should hire those costumers as her personal stylists too. Also don’t care for the bangs, she’s so pretty and they just sort of overpower her face.
    Yeah QT has put on a few.

  10. lflips says:

    She is looking a bit pinched these days; I hope all is well with her.

  11. Kimbob says:

    I like her white dress. The other dress is just…confusing/distracting on her.

    Oh, & I like her bangs. They look good on her. I like bangs! There…I said it!

  12. Madhubala says:

    I think she pulls it off. Very few people can but Kerry Washington does. The second dress is pretty sweet too. How much do you want to bet that Jamie Foxx has tried and tried to get with that? She’s so, so pretty. Scandal is my “hallelujah heroin” and her chemistry with Tony Goldwyn is out of this world. Can’t wait for Jan 10th.

  13. dcypher1 says:

    Thats a really weird dress. Anything would have been better than that ridiculous thing.

  14. tabasco says:

    love both dresses, esp the pilotto. i mean, to each their own, but i feel like the writers on this site have *really* conservative fashion taste. like, if it’s not a plum column dress, it’s sh*t. snore.

  15. V4Real says:

    That first dress is doing way too much but Kerry face is just beautiful.
    She can definetely pull off the bangs better than Jessica Biel IMO. I wonder if anyone is going to blast her for the bangs like they do Biel.

    • Chordy says:

      I was just about to say that the Peter Pilloto dress would not work if it was on Biel, but for some reason I can understand it when I see it on Kerry. I also think her bangs are 1/8 inch from being Biel bang trauma, but the fact that they’re not touching her eyelashes is what keeps them from being obnoxious.

  16. bns says:

    I love both looks. I love her, she’s amazing and I’m glad she’s getting the recognition she deserves!

  17. Christina says:

    Ugly. The dress, obviously, not Kerry.

  18. GrandPoobah says:

    The dress somehow works on her. I think it’s objectively hideous but looks nice on her. She’s a gorgeous woman and extremely talented. I’m happy she’s having all this success in her career. Pages the way for more black women in leading roles-leading roles that have nothing to do with their blackness (I.e. Scandal which doesn’t make a big deal of her color).

  19. themummy says:

    This movie is excellent. And she’s gorgeous. Not liking her attire choices, though.

    • phlyfiremama says:

      Agreed!! The movie was fantastic~ there are certain things you should remember going into a QT film: there is over the top gore & violence, but so over the top you RECOGNIZE that it is fake. He uses the N word a lot~which I feel takes a lot of the power out of the word, it makes it harmless~like cusswords today don’t have the same impact. Almost everybody dies (in every film he makes, there is a high mortality rate.) He makes great movies, that make you laugh, flinch, and cry almost simultaneously. Is this one for the faint of heart? NO! Will it make you feel unconfortable at times: YES! So buckle up, cupcakes, and check it out for yourselves.

  20. regina says:

    thank god she’s got some bangs covering her ginormous forehead. not liking the dress at all. she’s a beautiful woman, no doubt.

  21. KellyinSeattle says:

    The dress is ridiculous, period.

  22. j.eyre says:

    Her face is so pretty it distracts me from her dresses – which is good.

    Who is the bearded gentleman in between Kerry and Jamie and why am I attracted to him this morning?

    Haven’t seen Django but I imagine Kerry and Jamie together would be fairly hot.

  23. Karma says:

    That dress is horrible. She only sorta gets away with it in her solo shot because she is pretty. Maybe if it was a different color and she was working it…

    But the dress is definitely wearing her and not the other way around. And even worse, it’s giving her a bobble head look.

    It’s also a fail because she’s supposed to be the eye candy in the group shot and all you can see is the dress.

    Sadly, the white dress doesn’t really work either. It’s tailored to be ugly. While some find that edgy I think it disrespects women’s bodies. You can get the same vibe without disrespecting the natural lines of women.

    I also agree about the cutouts… not a huge fan of them.

  24. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    All these weaves make me tired.

  25. Bizarrely wonderful IF she had gone with different shoes and got rid of the random light blue sash looking addition.

  26. lena80 says:

    All of the controversy surrounding this film that is going to be a financial blockbuster, possibly QT’s biggest, and we are talking about the dress of the lead actress? Um, okayyy… The dress isn’t my style, but somehow she makes it work for her.