Seraphina Affleck celebrates her 4th birthday with a $1,000 blowout: pricey or normal?

These are photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner at their daughter Seraphina’s fourth birthday party over the weekend. I love Seraphina’s tiered dress! Her party took place at a kid’s playplace called “Kidville” in Brentwood. Kidville’s website has details of their birthday packages and the cheapest one starts at $750, and that’s only for 10 kids! Yikes. My kid had his birthday last year at Chuck E Cheese and it was very pricey at nearly $300, but there were almost 20 kids there and that included everything. It’s safe to assume the Garner-Afflecks got the larger birthday package for $1050, which covers up to 20 kids. That’s chump change to these people. This reminds me of the $40k party that Taylor Armstrong threw for her daughter’s fourth birthday on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. In contrast, Seraphina’s birthday is very down-to-earth. These two could have hired a whole circus to entertain they daughter but they’re giving her an experience that is much more “normal.”

It looks like Seraphina had a very nice birthday party with her friends. Ben’s brother Casey was there with his sons, Indiana and Atticus. That’s nice that Ben’s kids can hang out with their cousins. I wonder if they get together often. This also reminds me that Matt Damon wasn’t there with his daughters. I’ve been seeing Matt all over the place promoting Promised Land and the upcoming Liberace bio pic so he may be out of town with his family.

Matt’s middle two daughters are six and a half and four and a half while Ben’s daughters are seven and now four. Ben and Matt live right down the street from each other and their kids are around the same age so it seems like they should be fast friends. Do you think their kids hang out? They’ve never really mentioned it. This makes me wonder if Luciana and Jennifer Garner are friendly with each other. I doubt they are, or else I think that Ben or Matt would have said something about it. Both of them have a tendency to blab and it seems like they would have let a detail like that slip.

Anyway happy birthday to Seraphina! The Garner-Affleck kids seem like some of the happiest kids in Hollywood. We certainly see enough photos of them.

Here’s what Jennifer Garner wore to her daughter’s birthday. Bizarre.

In contrast, here’s what Garner wore the previous day, to take her daughters to a play the Los Angeles Music Center. She looks so gorgeous here. Why did she frump it up for her daughters party?

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  1. Marianne says:

    I just can’t imagine HOW a blow out costs $1000. What are you doing,using a diamond covered blow dryer?

  2. fabgrrl says:

    That doesn’t sound expensive at all. My kid’s fourth birthday was almost $400, for 17 kids, at a kid party place. Given that I live in Podunk, USA and they live in Hollywood, where everything is much more expensive, that sounds totally reasonable.

  3. mel says:

    Super cute kids….:) I honestly have never understood JG style…its so frumpy…the only thing I can come up with is she purposely dresses down so as to make other parents seem more comfortable?

  4. Riana says:

    Frump it up?

    Jenn seems to be an involved parent so I’m going to say she dressed like that because she knew she’d be dealing with 20 kids and 20 kid’s worth of mess including juice, cake and possibly injury.

    I haven’t attended a birthday party yet for a kid (and I attended 8 last year, fml) where I saw any of the Mothers really looking their best. Just functional and trying to make sure everything goes right.

  5. DSS says:

    She looks totally appropriate for a children’s birthday party. Remember she is also going to be running around with the kids.

  6. eileen says:

    There is no way in hell that a kid named Atticus can not grow up cool as hell. lol I love that name!

  7. Lola B says:

    I thought a hair blow out too. Lol. They mean a “blow out” as in a party.

  8. telesma says:

    I spent about $400 on my son’s 4th birthday party in 1997, which, at the time, was quite a bit without a bouncy castle (there was a dragon pinata and plastic swords and armor and tiaras and wands and nice goody bags and roasted turkey legs and a treasure hunt, it was a “knights in shining armor” party) . Between inflation and their higher income and celebrity, I’d say a $1000 “blowout” is probably more than reasonable for them. Of course if you make minimum wage or even median income, it seems like a lot. But for them? It’s piddling. They could have spent a lot more than they did with bouncy castles and pony rides and whatever is trendy for Hollywood spawn these days.

  9. Nanz says:

    I think $1000 for celebrities is pretty modest, so good for them. Heck, we had our 3 yr old’s party at home and spent a fortune on a decorated cake (Buzz Lightyear, of course), groceries, and party favors. Even at-home parties are hard to do for under $500 if you have large families and friends in attendance.

  10. Anna says:

    I’ve seen many parents with A LOT less money than the Afflecks spend a lot more on their kids’ birthday parties… Not my thing, but I’m not judging them for spending money on their daughter’s birthday either.

    I love Jen’s outfit for the play!

  11. Rhea says:

    For a child with parents who work in Hollywood’s paycheck, it’s pretty normal and cheap. And TBH it’s not cheap to give your child a nice birthday party now. :D $1000 sounds okay for me (not that I have that much money to indulge for a birthday party).

  12. Annie says:

    Man, children are expensive no matter how many cheap options you have. I was helping my cousin plan her twin’s bday party over the summer and everything is crazy expensive. Imagine two cakes, two pinatas, double the candy, double the children, renting a kiddy place… The food, the drinks, stuff like hats and balloons.
    Ben and Jen are millionaires and they still rented a normal place and not some million dollar extravaganza like Jay Z and Beyonce do. Who cares?

    • Riana says:

      Twins will seriously desTroy your life financially, I still recall looking at a $300 crib and realizing that just for a crib $600 bucks would be spent. Add in all the other baby furniture…shudders.

      Then when they grow up it only gets more and more expensive and DON’T think you’ll get out of it by buying only one toy…those kids will kill eachothet fighting over it first.

      Heck, buy 3 because someone will inevitably break one and then…the drama starts.

      • Annie says:

        Two of my bffs are twins, born to a young single mom. Poor woman. My friends always needed glasses, braces, orthopedic shoes and things not covered by the health insurance in our country, on top of all the things a child needs. When they grew up and it was time for college they had to settle for a not very good school because they didn’t get in the state college, which receives tons of applications because it’s free. So they had to work for a year and then help their mom pay their tuition. They had to work for years to afford eye surgery. Crazy situation.

        It’s just scary how expensive kids are. If I had twins I’d freak out. I don’t get people who keep popping out kids and have no money. I’d be terrified.

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Two cakes and two pinatas? They couldn’t share?

      I’m not being snarky I’m just surprised lol

      • kay says:

        Just because they are twins doesn’t mean they aren’t individual people with different tastes.
        why should they share?
        I would hate to share my birthday cake as a kid- it was my birthday, my cake and my party, to celebrate me.
        and they should be celebrated for who they are, not a matched set.

  13. carrie says:

    it’s a modest birthday for a Hollywood family
    BUT above all,it was in front of paparazzis!

  14. Shio says:

    Re: frumping it up – it’s the exact same outfit (except for the heels). Skinny jeans, button down shirt, boxy cardigan. It’s basically her ‘mom’ uniform. The only difference is the cute print. And really, even if you know you’re going (and want) to be photographed, who can blame her? Hosting your kid’s birthday party is the sort of occasion that practically requires frumpiness.

  15. Toot says:

    Matt and Ben do have daughters around the same age and if Matt’s daughters didn’t go I wonder if it’s because their mothers don’t get along.


    • LucyS says:

      It may have been Lainey who said the two of them aren’t exactly wild about each other. Friendly and polite, but not warm or close or even friends.

    • bonnie says:

      I want to say that i recently saw an interview with damon about how he and matt live near each other and how they grew up together and now their kids are growing up together. I saw it recently for promotions for Promised Land

      • PrettyTarheel says:

        They live on the same street. Lainey also made some comments about how for Luciana, it was NEVER about anything but Matt and family, so I wonder if she’s not willing to be photographed. Perhaps they have the occasional play-date without pictures, but they definitely have different priorities.

      • Belle says:

        I kind of remember the same interview, or a similar one. I do think the kids play together. Matt is probably away and they couldn’t make it…. or maybe they don’t attend stuff like this with their kids because there are already going to be photographers, and if you add Matt and kids to the mix, it will really turn into a circus.

      • Amanda says:

        “Ben and Matt live right down the street from each other and their kids are around the same age so it seems like they should be fast friends. Do you think their kids hang out?”

        I believe Matt and his family live in NYC during the school year. They have a home near Ben’s and Jen’s in the Palisades, where they spent the summer. My guess would be that Matt is out promoting his film and his family is in NYC. I’ve never heard anything re: Lucy and Jen not getting along.

  16. Ailine says:

    Nicely priced party. Why stir up trouble where there isn’t any? I’m sure Matt and Ben’s wives and children get along just fine. They don’t have to tell the media anything.

    Jennifer’s clothes are fine too. Who gets dressed up like a glamour girl for a down to earth birthday party? The birthday girl is the “star” not the mother. We’ve been watching too many real housewives shows.

  17. Devon says:

    If I recall correctly, Lucy is a bit too much for Jen. Like, she loosens up a lot more then Jen could ever, or would ever. Wasn’t she there when Matt, John Krasinski and Emily Blunt hired that burlesque dancer and were partaking in a little paddle play? Jen would so not go for that. I can totally see them not being that good of friends.

    As for Jen’s style, I think it has to be intentional. Has to be, right? No one can look that terrible with her money, right? How hard is it to throw on a nice sweater, some skinny jeans and nice flats. I get she’s a mother but I have lots of friends who have kids and they didn’t trade in their skinny jeans for mom jeans when they got pregnant.

  18. Jayna says:

    See, that’s not pretentious at all for that age and their income bracket. That RHOBH show has nothing but a bunch of wannabees. Kyle Richards spends 10,000 on her birthday parties for her little girl, when she was three and four to show off for her adult friends.

  19. Ms Kay says:

    Well… Compared to Johnny Depp who spent $50K on his son Jack 10th birthday party for 500 friends with performances by Marilyn Manson and Aerosmith – personal side note : 480 out 500 were Johnny’s friend, Jack was embarrassed by his Dad clothes since he didn’t believe in Peter Pan anymore let alone playing pirates and Lily Rose was upstairs singing karaoke with her friends and kicked out one of them who asked how old was her Dad as she found him hot – I believe it is an utterly down to earth normal birthday party Seraphina had.

  20. Chatcat says:

    The 1% can afford this and it helps keep the economy going so why not? It’s all relative.

  21. lucy2 says:

    LOL, I thought hair blow out too.
    That’s a pretty reasonable and low key party – as it should be for a kid. Anyone who does more than that is not doing it for the kid, but to impress other adults.

    Considering they’ve vacationed together and live near each other now, I’d guess the wives get along just fine.

  22. TheOriginalKitten says:

    $1,000 isn’t a lot for 20 kids, especially when you see such gratuitous displays of wealth like Sweet 16 etc.

    Given their net worth, this is actually really reasonable…Ben looks good with scruff.

  23. Cody says:

    This is off topic, but I think Casey is a much better actor than Ben.

  24. Mrs. Ari Gold says:

    By Hollywood standards this party is incredibly cheap and down-to-earth. I think they are trying to give their kids some normalcy which is nice to see.

    That outfit IS bizarre – two different tones of gray? And those shoes? She’s wearing a sweater that my grandpa would wear. I’m all for her being frumpy and wearing mom clothes but this is just weird.

  25. mln76 says:

    I think she’s very calculating with her low key image. Oh well it appeals to the people it’s meant to appeal to.
    Oh and I’m not surprised that Matt’s wife doesn’t socialize with Garner. I picture Ben ‘escaping’ solo and spending time with Matt at his house around Matt’s family because he’s that kind of douche.

  26. MooHoo says:

    i don’t think that is expensive at all when you consider they are rich hollywood stars and you see what other stars spend on these events. I have friends – middle-class – who spend about that with bouncy castles and stuff.
    also, so what if Jennifer is wearing jeans to a kids birthday party. so would i. i expect she wants to wear something comfortable so that she can run around with the kids. should she be victoria beckham now or what?

  27. Mimi says:

    This doesn’t seem that indulgent to me. My hubby and I are hardly celebs and we almost always spend about $600-$700 on our son’s b-day parties. We aren’t rich, either. Each kid has one day a year to celebrate themselves and I have always gravitated towards the theory that you should make that day as nice as possible for them. Ben and Jen are simply givinhg their little girl a very special day.

  28. EmmaStoneWannabe says:

    Very normal IMHO…I think Jen could have worn something a little cuter..maybe even flat boots and a better-fitting sweater? But whatevs, it’s not offensively ugly.
    Also, have a feeling MD and his fam are away, they were shown last week catching a flight for his Promised Land promo tour

  29. LoveTheGossip says:

    Wow, she’s the spitting image of her father, God bless. :)

  30. kibbles says:

    A thousand dollars on a birthday party is not a lot for a wealthy family. Even the typical upper-middle class American family can afford to spend that much on a birthday. I’ve known people who have spent a thousand dollars or more on birthday parties, especially when it is a milestone birthday. Given that the Afflecks are wealthy celebrities, they could have had the birthday party at any venue or 5-star hotel in the world. This looks like a very normal down-to-earth affair. Can you imagine how much Beyonce and Jay-Z will spend on Ivy Blue’s future birthdays? Wouldn’t be surprised if they do something outrageous like spend a million dollars. At least the Afflecks aren’t going overboard like Bey and Jay or Tom Cruise.

  31. serena says:

    Casey Affleck is so damn hot, so unlike Ben LOL -sorry Ben’s fans-

  32. apsutter says:

    Aww..this is really sweet. I love this little family and their adorable daughters. This is actually incredibly low-key and typical for this family. Jen is such a cute mom but she dresses so frumpy. Not saying she needs to be a glamazon but you can be comfy and chic at the same time.

  33. Miss M says:

    Awwwwwww Seraphina is adorable! :)

  34. Em says:

    I recently helped my best friend plan her little girl’s BD party at a local ice rink. In addition to fees for skates, rink time, and renting a heated room for the actual party, my BFF also had to pay for food for 12 kids. It was pretty pricey, and I live in the southern US where cost of living has nothing on LA. I’d say the Afflecks spent a very reasonable amount for Seraphina’s birthday party, all things considered.

  35. kct says:

    Jen seems very unsure about what to wear and when to where it. And it looks like she lets the girls dress themselves for the most part, too. They seem like a typical family.

  36. Alita says:

    Maybe she dressed down that day because she had spent the night before up, baking a theme cake and making lollie bags. Like the rest of us! Wouldn’t put it past her! She seems like that sort of lady – normal.

  37. WendyNerd says:

    She is dressed like a woman throwing a four year old’s birthday party. I bet there was a ton of pizza, frosting, and sticky substances at that party. It’s a party filled with four year olds, after all. My mom used to dress like that at my parties when I was little.

  38. Bowers says:

    Blue Ivy or Ivy Blue whatever will make this look like a Honey Boo Boo blow out.

  39. Samigirl says:

    Perfectly normal. My son’s past 2 birthday parties cost me $500 each, including gifts from us. I LIKE throwing nice parties for my babies!

  40. KellyinSeattle says:

    I don’t think 1,000 bucks is too much at all……I like JG, too…..Seraphina looked adorable for her big dey. Too bad the paps were there.

  41. Jayna says:

    Little Sera is such a pretty little girl.

  42. Memphis says:

    Very reasonable party, especially considering it’s Hollywood. I like the fact they didn’t feel the need to spend $40K on a party to try and impress their friends ( I’m side eyeing you Taylor Armstrong) … And I think she was dressed fine for a kids party. Any mom knows you’re going to end up getting messy while having fun with the kiddos.

  43. Kendar says:

    Normal. I just quickly added up my daughters b-day party and it was not over the top at all, pizza party at a venue and we were close to 750.00 when all was said and done.

  44. MinnFinn says:

    For the 1% like the Afflecks, $1000 per kid party NBD.

    For the 99% on this blog, $400-$750 per kid party reported here is too much and we need to re-think our priorities.

    Spend $100 per kid party and put $400 into 529 college savings.

    If we started at age 4, it would grow to $10k in 14 years.(@ 6% interest)

    Anyone finds the discipline to do this, please let us know how you managed to follow through.

    • Em says:

      Just because someone says they spend X number of dollars for their children’s BD parties/gift, doesn’t mean that they aren’t saving for college as well. I agree that there are a lot of financially irresponsible people out there, but you really shouldn’t make blanket statements based off very limited info.

  45. Cait says:

    A thousand dollar kids’ party would be too much for most people (and good thing, too! Priorities, folks!) to spend. But given the Afflecks’ money and lifestyle, that’s actually pretty tame.

  46. LaLa2 says:

    $1,000 for a part isn’t that bad compared to other parties I’ve seen.

  47. RobN says:

    Casey’s kid brought a book, and a huge one at that, to his cousin’s birthday party. That’s kind of awesome. I love it when kids really like to read.

  48. Michelle says:

    My son’s pretty simple first birthday party in. Park cost my husband around $500 when you consider everything that was needed (food, invitations, decorations, park permit, cake, etc.) and we are definitely not rich, far from it.

  49. Amy625 says:

    For a Kidville/Chuck E Cheese type place $1000 seems a lot. I’ve never seen these type of packages costing more than $500 and that includes private rooms or closing down for a couple of hours. As far as celebrities/wealthy people $1000 is nothing. People spend more on just the invitations.

    Also who dresses up for a kid’s birthday party? Especially for such young children. She 4 not 14. It’s hard not to come out of those places without something on you.

  50. Fue McCormick says:

    I think her outfit for the party is cute; very down to earth and looks comfortable. And I wouldn’t be surprised if all of those separate pieces cost a small fortune. I think she looks fresh and “old money.”

  51. jk says:

    I did a party at the park for my 9 yr old grand daughter. At her school you have to invite the whole class and not leave any kid out.,So I decided to invite the class and parents and siblings. We had over 60 people show up for that and I bbq’d burgers and hot dogs made potatoe salad and bought the cake and soda and ice cream plus the little things for the guests and of course the space rental. All in total 1500 dollars. It would have been cheaper at chucky cheese or some other place but it was a heck of a better party then we would have had at the pizza place. The kids loved it. It was a lot of work but was worth evey minute.
    Kids parties are cheap when you serve that pizza and nuggets. But they did a good job in LA for a grand and SF is about the same. YOu do not dress up for a part of 20 kids LOL you need to be on your toes and not care if you get pizza , ketchup mustard or anything else on what you are wearing. They didnt have a Suri Cruise party that cost a million bucks, Ben and Jen are down to earth people and they dont live high on the hog. Good for them they are teaching their kids the right way and not to expect million dollar parties.

  52. MG says:

    If a cardigan, button down, jeans and loafers are “frumpy,” I’m in trouble! I think she looks cute. Considering they are millionaires, $1000 is reasonable.

  53. MG says:

    One more thing…I’ve spent probably $500+ on parties before…it adds up fast. I finally said to myself “why am I throwing a big party inviting lots of friends every year?” So I told my daughter last year when she turned 10 (and we had a big surprise party) that she wouldn’t have another big party until 13, then 16 etc. All the other years it will be a family celebration, going to dinner, having a cake, inviting one friend along. That seems normal and perfectly okay in my mind!

  54. StaCat1 says:

    I am with alot of the other posters here. I don’t think who wrote this had kids. You do not dress up fancy for a kids birthday party- unless it’s somethng fancy you want juice and cake frosting all over. And in LA, $1K for a kids’ party sadly isn’t over the top.
    You should see some LA kids parties- 1K is NOTHING.

  55. Jennifer12 says:

    Kidville is all over the place, including near us in Brooklyn. They’re pricey- I wouldn’t use them- but nothing for rich actors. My kids have their birthdays at the end of the year and we keep it simple, like swimming at the Y or bowling. It can’t top $300.

  56. aang says:

    the cake looked pretty budget for $1000 party.

  57. Jess says:

    Everything in Australia is expensive.

    $1000 would be a fairly reasonable price for a birthday party – in fact, that’s a bargain! Here in Sydney that would barely even cover the jumping castle and the cake. My boyfriend’s sister just paid $350 for a simple, one-tiered christening cake. That’s completely standard.

  58. flan says:

    Why are we only talking about the mother’s clothes?!

    The father did not even take off his coat, as if he can’t wait to get out of there.

    • Kath says:

      Totally agree – Jennifer looks totally cute and appropriate.

      Ben looks like he took 5 minutes out of his busy pimp schedule to attend – obviously taking a different car and showing up after Jen did all the work.

      He always strikes me as someone who takes his wife and family for granted.

    • Luxe says:

      I noticed that too. He appears to be heading somewhere else b/c he doesn’t look ready to share party responsibilities. Not that he couldn’t in that outfit, but why mess up those shoes and slacks if you don’t have to?

      And what’s with the three different types of escorts at the play?

  59. janie says:

    Love them both.. Terrific parents! I think Jen is a terrific actress & a wonderful Mom! Not over the top at all, pretty typical.

  60. Xantha says:

    Ugh they couldn’t stop the famewhoring for the girl’s birthday huh? Funny how other Hollywood parents get accused of pimping their kids, yet these two don’t even though we see candids of them and their children nearly everyday. I don’t care how “normal” they seem. It’s still famewhoring and pimping out your children. Especially since other celeb with kids prove that you can avoid the paps, even in LA. I mean if Brangelina can go weeks at a time without their kids being pictured, why can’t they?

    Okay rant over.

  61. Luxe says:

    I actually don’t have a problem with that price. It seems reasonable given where they are. If it was over $2k, then I’d probably have raised brows. Plus with only 20 kids, it was probably all kids/families they knew and that is way more personal than some 500-guest blowout meant more for the adults than the children.

    I think the difference between Jen’s outfits are one is a day out in public (theater). I would never wear what I’d wear to the theater to my niece or nephew’s birthday party. I think she looks presentable and kind of low key for a mom who’d probably be playing with kids, cutting cake, etc. I just hate that cuff in those jeans.

    And just think…if anyone walked in Chuck E. Cheese’s with heels or a mini skirt on, they’d look completely ridiculous.

  62. mememe says:

    $1,000 is serious budget spending for people in their income bracket.