Simon Cowell not sure he’ll stay on AI; Paula wants double salary

Paula Abdul was telling anyone who would listen that she warned American Idol producers not to let her now-deceased stalker, Paula Goodspeed, on the show. A producer denied that claim, and said that he didn’t remember Paula telling him Goodspeed was a stalker. He also made it clear that Paula really shouldn’t have continued to talk about the incident a few weeks after Goodspeed committed suicide in her car outside Paula’s house. The press was reassured that Paula’s position on the show wasn’t in jeopardy and that she would continue to have a place on the judge’s panel.

MSNBC’s The Scoop reports that while Idol has been giving assurances that Paula will remain on the show, head judge Simon Cowell’s fate is not as certain. The acerbic Brit says he’ll decide next year whether he’ll stay on Idol and that he’s uncertain due to a busy schedule and a lot of other commitments.

When “American Idol” executive producer Ken Warwick held a conference call with the press earlier in the week, he spent much of it reiterating that he wanted Paula Abdul to stay on the show.

Turns out that reporters on the call really should have been asking not about Abdul, but about Simon Cowell.
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“I’ll make a decision about (whether to stay with the show) next year,” Cowell said Dec. 17 in his own call with reporters. His inclination to make a call about staying with the show doesn’t come from personality conflict as much as it does workload, however. “This show could continue for another 10 years,” he conceded.

[From MNBC's The Scoop]

Meanwhile The National Enquirer reports that Paula Abdul is pressing Idol to double her salary under threats that she won’t stick around beyond this season. They’re said to be willing to accommodate her salary increase. She earns around $5 to $7 million a year and is said to want $10 million. If Simon steps down they’ll have the budget for it since he earns three times that, according to the Enquirer. It’s an insane amount of money, but AI is the most watched show on television and they probably want to keep their celebrity judges happy.

Simon Cowell, Kara DioGuardi, Paula Abdul and Randy Jacksonare shown introducing New Fourth Judge Kara DioGuardi at American Idol NYC Tryouts on 8/26/08. Credit:

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10 Responses to “Simon Cowell not sure he’ll stay on AI; Paula wants double salary”

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  1. geronimo says:

    Don’t think I’d even watch the auditions (the best part) if Simon isn’t on the panel. Is Paula really that much of an asset to the show? And do AI/X-Factor really have 10 more years worth of entertainment in them? I think both shows are well past their sell-by date. They’re hardly showcasing real talent – most of what succeeds through these shows is, at best, mediocre (Leona Lewis, anyone?)

  2. vdantev says:

    What!! But then who will tell these people how ‘trrible’ they are?

  3. Syko says:

    Simon is the ONLY reason I ever watch this show, and even at that I watch it damn seldom.

    And Paula’s lucky they let her come there and hang out. What does she do that’s worth $10 million?

  4. mamalama says:

    Let her go! Between the incoherent ramblings, the slurring, and the “you look beautiful tonight, honey,” I think SHE’S past her sell-by date. Simon and even Randy occasionally have something valuable to say to the contestants, but I don’t see that Paula adds anything to the show.

  5. leighdu says:

    Oh geez, Paula must be really hurting financially on that $7 million a year paycheck (rolling eyes). I say let her go! She is the most annoying judge there, and 9/10 times her advice to the contestants is just plain garbage. So she wants $10 million a year to act drunk on a judge panel? Give me a break. And there is a reason that Simon makes triple what she does. He is what makes the show!

  6. Alaina says:

    I could personally care less who the judges are. I watch because I like to see the talented singers. As long as they have people who are credible and from the music industry (music exec, song writer, performer, etc.) it doesn’t matter to me. Simon, Paula, and Randy could go as far as I’m concerned…especially if they’re starting to get “too big for their britches.” To me the show will always be about the contestants, not the interplay between the judges.

  7. Lila says:

    Snarky as he is, Simon makes the show and I don’t think Randy or Paula have anything new to offer.

  8. Lori says:

    I love Simon, he’s refreshingly honest and he’s funny.

  9. mark says:

    This guy’s 15 minutes were over a long, long time ago.

  10. cassie says:

    i think they should pay paula wat she asks for she is my favriote judge and if paula wasnt there who would simon fight/flirt with? lol