Britney Spears secretly dating Benji Madden after fix up

In news that sure to send Paris Hilton into a tizzy, Britney Spears is said to be dating Benji Madden, Paris’ most recent ex. Paris has a history of going back for seconds with her ex boyfriends, and although she broke up with Benji she’s only stated publicly that they’re taking a break. If In Touch is to be believed, Benji might soon be unavailable to return at Paris’ whim. They claim he’s been enjoying quiet paparazzi-free dates with the divorced mother of two at her home and at a hotel. In Touch has enough details of separate meetings between Britney and Benji to make this sound possible:

In Touch can exclusively reveal that the pop star is now secretly seeing Paris Hilton’s ex-boyfriend, Benji Madden. A friend says that Benji, 29, who split with Paris a month ago, is “perfect for Britney. He’s very attentive and that is exactly what she needs right now.”

“They’ve only been on a few dates, mostly at Britney’s house,” the friend reveals. “But they met once at the Peninsula hotel in Beverly Hills for dinner in a private suite.”

Britney, 27, and Benji were set up in a way that’s only possible in Hollywood – by her manager, Larry Rudolph.

What’s more is that In Touch claims that Britney is using the Tom Cruise and Jennifer Aniston dating strategy of allowing her people to scout out dates for her. The list of potential mates her manager and her dad came up with included Michael Phelps, Benji, and Jesse Metcalfe, with Benji being most open to dating Britney:

After she complained that she was lonely, Larry and her father, Jamie, created a list of potential boyfriends including Benji, Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford, actor Jesse Metcalfe and Olympic swimming champ Michael Phelps….

“Larry made some phone calls and Benji ended up being the most interested in being fixed up.”

[From In Touch, print edition, December 29, 2008]

It’s unclear if all of those guys mentioned were contacted about dating Britney, because In Touch claims some on the list were cut for “various reasons.” They go on to say that Britney isn’t super serious about Benji and is also pursuing a guy in her hometown of Louisiana named Ryan who happens to be the best friend of her sister’s boyfriend, Casey Aldridge.

As much as Paris bugs me and anyone who dates her is suspect, Benji seems like a decent guy who is looking for a long term commitment. I can’t really see him settling down with Britney, and it’s up to question whether this story resembles reality in any way, but they could make a good couple. Britney seems needy and like she’s looking for someone to stick with her while Benji comes off as the type who wants a woman who depends on him. We’ll have to see if we hear more about this supposed new couple and if they go the next step if this story is even true.

Photo credit: WENN and PRPhotos

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27 Responses to “Britney Spears secretly dating Benji Madden after fix up”

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  1. GrnMtGirl says:

    Wacky Stuff…

    Also, what happened to the smilies?

  2. vdantev says:

    That manic effing grin of hers ….

  3. Syko says:

    You can never be sure if Britney is smiling at someone or if she is about to take a bite out of them.

    This made me laugh. Poor long-suffering Nicole Ritchie! At least Paris was reasonably sane.

    The method of fixing up this date strikes me as cold and methodical. Just make up a list, and start calling to see who’s willing? That’s really sad. It’s like mating prize livestock or something. Just a little skeevy to me.

  4. RReedy says:

    Whatever makes them happy…

  5. audrey says:

    wow… that is the first pic of him in which i’ve found him attractive. he looks great w/o the silly tattooed blues brothers look.

  6. mel says:

    I dont think this will be long term but atleast she has someone that she can have dinner with and maybe hang out with if Pappa Spears allows. Maybe he’ll come to my town with her when she’s on tour in April.

  7. cognitivemonkey says:

    How long before photos of him are captioned with “We were on a break!”

  8. C says:

    Syko..I wouldn’t call them prize lifestock match…But yeah it’s not unlike Indian families who set up marriages and stuff. But it’s totally weird. That’s Hollywood for ya.

    I bet just the thought of this article being true, will cause Paris to run back to Benji. Hopefully, Benji isn’t a cad and will turn away her advances.

  9. Syko says:

    “will bring Paris running back to Benji,-on her knees”

    I suspect Paris spends a great deal of her time on her knees anyway.

  10. C says:

    Syko..You got it. That’s what I originally put and wanted to imply. Unfortunatly I was editing it again and I forgot to put that line back in. lol ;)

  11. Mairead says:

    What did Sophie Monk do to this boy? He’s turning into a male version of certain other serial dater with beyond questionable taste in dates.

  12. Anon says:

    I actually think they may be good together. It seems like she likes bad boys, which Benji seems to be based on appearance… but I think he also seems like a good boy mascarading as a bad boy, so he just may be what the doctor ordered. Some of the breakup rumors were that he didn’t want to go out as much as Paris and was maybe a little controlling, but I think that’s what Brit needs and possibly wants. Kevin was always out doing his own thing and she seemed to be really bothered by his absence; I’m sure she wouldn’t mind the attentiveness that Benji may be able to offer.

  13. M.E. says:

    both their reps have already said the pair has never even been introduced

  14. Ria says:

    I think this could be good for her. Didn’t reports say Paris dumped him because he didn’t like to party – that he was a homebody? That he didn’t like for her to drink and do drugs?

    Some women just need a man in their lives. That’s not necessarily bad – just not like some of us. There isn’t anything more wrong with that than women like me who waited to their thirties to get married and have kids.

    As far as crazy, I think she has Michael Jackson syndrome – she was in such a public eye for such a long time, she cracked. She may have had a little bipolar tendencies, and the drugs she was taking at the time made the mania worse. Cocaine will make you have schizo type behavior – I learned that in pharmacy school :) .

  15. OKHero says:

    “he’s been enjoying quiet paparazzi-free dates with the divorced mother of two at her home and at a hotel”

    Those aren’t usually referred to as dates…. more like booty calls

  16. Syko says:

    LOL, OKHero.

    This seems like a case of Britney is horny and quick! before she gets in touch with Adnan or K-Fed, let’s call around and see who might be willing to come service her!

  17. california angel says:

    Um, call me a cultural idiot all you want, but I’m pretty sure that two people getting set up in order to advance their careers whilst pretending to galavant about town together is a lot different than an arranged marriage, which has political/monetary/social/and family ties and is a much more important deal than someone calling someone and saying that they have to date this other person because they say so…

  18. Codzilla says:

    Let’s just pray they don’t breed.

  19. Kristen says:

    Anybody is better than Paris….. can’t stand her.

    Syko – I agree she probably spends a great deal of time on her back as well.

  20. MB Travis says:

    I may be alone in this, but my dislike for Paris Hilton has nothing to do with her enjoyment of oral sex (“on her knees”) OR having any other kind of sex. I think she is awful for promoting the whole airhead-as-cool thing, but enjoying sex and being an airhead are different. To play the gender card yet again (an old saw I am): male celebrities are not chided for their conquests. Yeah, she’s gross, but I don’t hate her because she likes getting laid.

  21. Jeremy says:

    SWEET! Check it out, Benji Madden is hosting an event at Body English in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  22. debt big says:

    Great reading material. I’ve learned a lot by reading here. Thanks!