Kanye West took Kim Kardashian to Paris for a shopaholic’s babymoon

Kim Kardashian was only in Miami for a day or two, and then she and Kanye West flew to Paris for some kind of babymoon. Yes, you heard me. A babymoon. I imagine this will be the first of many babymoons that will occur over the next six months. Kanye really didn’t know what he was getting into, did he? It almost makes me feel for him. Almost. Anyway, as you can see, Kim is wearing a pretty awful faux-maternity outfit involving peep-toe booties, leggings, a baggy zip-up sweatshirt and a velvet cape. Did Kanye put this together or is this ALL KIM? According to People, Kanye and Kim stopped into Lanvin and spent 30 minutes shopping, then they went to Celine, then they went to dinner at L’Avenue. I kind of like that Kanye’s the kind of guy who takes his preggo girl shopping in Paris and then takes her to dinner. It’s nice.

Not so nice? Kim’s feelings towards her current (estranged) husband, Kris Humphries. It’s been widely reported that Kris is dragging his heels on the divorce to the point where he and Kim will still be married when she gives birth to Kanye’s baby. TMZ has more:

Kim Kardashian does not plan to tie the knot with Kanye West — at least not yet — but she is angry and frustrated that Kris Humphries is putting her in a position where she may have a baby with one man while still married to another.

Sources connected to Kim tell TMZ … she does not feel the need to marry Kanye, even though she’s having his baby. But she does not want to be legally married to Kris Humphries when she gives birth.

Our sources say … Kim feels Kris is being “spiteful and vindictive” in dragging out the divorce — which has dragged on for nearly a year-and-a-half — for no reason. We’re told with all the depositions and paperwork, there’s been no evidence presented by either side suggesting Kim defrauded Kris when she agreed to marry him.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ … people in Kris’ life are now urging him to just settle and walk away. But here’s the problem … Both sides have now incurred big attorney’s fees, and we’re told Kim believes so strongly Kris’ legal challenge is so bogus that she wants him to foot her lawyer’s bills.

If they can’t settle, the judge will set a trial date next month. Kim’s lawyer, disso-queen Laura Wasser, estimates a trial would take a grand total of 1 day. Kris’ lawyer thinks it’s more like 5 days, because he wants to put reality TV on trial.

[From TMZ]

I know many of you are Team Basketball Humphries, but seriously? Maybe this makes me a Kardashian Apologist, but I don’t understand what Kris really thinks he’s doing here. If Kim is guilty of “fraud” then so is he. He was an active participant in their engagement, wedding and “marriage” but he’s acting like Kim grifted him out of his life’s savings. She didn’t. He’s still super-wealthy, and so is she, and she’s moved on and he hasn’t. I really do think that this is mostly about the fact that SHE dumped HIM, and his ego couldn’t handle it so he’s trying to make her “pay”.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. brin says:

    This baby will be a perfect playmate for Blue Ivy. Maybe they will call him/her Purple Peony.

  2. Becky says:

    So now that Kim is going to have his child and is no longer just the girl of the moment, will the fashion industry finally “accept” Kim? I mean, Kanye is invited to all the major events and the gala, and awkward would it be to tell his baby mama she is not invited? What will Anna Wintour do now?

  3. Ms Kay says:

    Someone borrowed Ice Age’s Scrat girlfriend outfit.

  4. I.want.shoes says:

    Fly away, fat-a$$ bat.

  5. Lol says:

    she can’t do anything right, can she? She gets made fun of the way she normally dresses, she gets made fun of when she frumps it up…

  6. Cherry says:

    What the hell is that thing around her neck?

  7. Katie says:

    I’d just like to say that Kim is the only person that put herself in the position of having a baby with one man while still married to another. Kris might be holding up the proceedings, but she chose to get pregnant while still married. Not Humphries fault.

    • Relli says:


      And i think this is the last kitty killer story i click on.

    • hoya_chick says:

      Exactly Katie! That’s the first thing I thought when I read the TMZ story. Kris didn’t put her in any position. She did that all by herself! She chose to have unprotected sex with Kanye, while still legally married! Ugh. I despise her more for making me defend that idiot.

      I think the reason he wants an annulment based on fraud is that he actually thought they were getting married because they cared about each other, not just for money and publicity. It was after the wedding that her true personality came out, after she got all the gifts and the money. She didn’t want him to move his things into her house in LA, she didn’t want to even discuss the possibility of having children or entertain the idea that they would live both in LA and Minnesota where he is from. It’s like she literally didn’t think about what would happen after the gaudy ceremony she just wanted the wedding. Gross.

      Plus, most people had never heard of him before this if they aren’t basketball fans. He was coming off the bench for the New Jersey Nets (now the Brooklyn Nets) a bad team that hadn’t made the play offs in years. His reputation has definitely been tarnished. He is not ‘super wealthy’, he aint broke, but he is not a star player with dozens of endorsements. He is booed in every arena he plays because of the joke he became. I am not a fan of his but I think an annulment is not too much to ask. She should return all the gifts and money and sign the papers and have her pillow baby.

      But she is tacky so she would rather have another man’s baby while married to someone else, to save her reputation and brand. Ha! The irony. I think I’ll have to excuse myself from these stories. I can’t even deal. Lol.

    • Wilma says:


      If the baby was planned as Kim says, then she put herself in this situation.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Thank you!! My first thought as well. I read that and went “HUH?”

      SHE made the decision to marry for money & more fame;
      SHE made the decision not to settle the divorce/allow an annulment, allowing them both to move on with their lives;
      SHE made the decision to start dating, knowing she wasn’t yet divorced;
      SHE made the decision to have unprotected sex with another man.

      It’s not like KH snuck into her room, rendered her unconscious, and turkey-bastered her into pregnancy.

      What a self-absorbed idiot. I feel sorry for this kid already.

  8. Joanna says:

    it’s amazing how they have all this money and spend it to look like an idiot. just like her sister kourtney was wearing stupid 60s schoool teacher outfits. more money than sense.

  9. dcypher1 says:

    I think we have another pillow gate/surrogate pregnancy going on here. Shes supposedly 3 months already shouldnt she have at least a lil bump or something.

  10. Jennika says:

    Still Team Kris! Kim married him for fraud, she’s trash. Everyone knows it was a fraud, she just doesn’t want to pay back the gifts and sponsors. She is a vile, greedy piece of garbage, and I think its hilarious that she won’t get her way with this. I can’t wait for her and Pimp Mama Kris depositions, you know they hide money and other shady things.

    I also agree with the poster yesterday (can’t remember who) who said that this is the equivalent to Paris’s jail time. Her time is almost up. She deserves everything she gets.

  11. shewolf says:

    I want that cape hoodie! I bet its cozy. I am jealous… I want to go to Paris for no real reason.

  12. veronica says:

    Kris needs to sign the divorce papers and move on. He willingly proposed to Kim, agreed to air their wedding and signed the prenup.

  13. January says:

    Kim looks cute. Kris has no substantial evidence of fraud and if Kim is a fraud he is too. He’s just being bitter.

  14. Dawn says:

    God I get so sick when people blame Humphries. This is not his fault and she easily could have settled this long ago by giving him an annulment and stating that she did enter into the marriage already knowing she didn’t want it. Get off Humphries back and put the blame directly where it belongs and that is on the Kartrashian Klan and Pee on me Kim. Just cause the girl is pregnant now doesn’t mean all of sudden she is innocent in all of this mess because that isn’t true no matter how many stories pimp-mamma plants. The only thing Humphries is guilty of is not seeing through the Kartrashian bull shit and walking when he had the chance. As for the legal bills Kim should pick it up because she was the first to leave the marriage and because she makes more money and because she moved on so totally with her life, it’s NOT like her feelings were hurt or anything like that. But most of all because she GOT PAID TO MARRY HIM so that makes her what she is in my book and it isn’t a young, sweet expectant mother, but it does start with an w. And as always their show MUST go on and so now a BABY these people are really sick but those who watch their back and show are sicker.

    • lilred1 says:

      They are both to blame in my opinion…he knew what the hell he was getting himself into. He got paid too.

    • Dani says:

      Totally agree with you Dawn. I think he KNEW what he was getting himself into, I just don’t think he expected a divorce within the first 3 months. I’m not sure where I read it but Kim got most of the profits from the wedding, while Kris got less than half. And people really need to stop assuming he’s well paid/wealthy, because he’s one of the lowest paid BBall players like, ever. He makes around 6-8 million a year whereas Lebron, Bryant, Kidd, Nash etc make upwards of 10-15. I get that 6-8 is a lot for the average person, but he definitely shouldn’t have to foot her legal bills when her income is 3x more than his, at the least.

      • Buckwild says:

        Paying legal bills is to do with the party unnecessarily causing the other party to incur legal costs, not to do with who has more money and hence can better pay for it. Unless he has proof of fraud, then he needs to move on and pay up.

  15. Talie says:

    It seems like Kris did move on…remember that random pregnancy? That girl still seems to be around.

  16. BooBooLaRue says:

    Actually I like the outfit, she is appropriately attired for once, not all T&A hanging in the wind.

  17. Elceibeno says:

    I can only imagine what Kind of clothes Kim will buy in paris. They will be pretty much awful and inappropriate for her huge ass.
    Kim and Her mom duped Humphries into a fake marriage and now is payback time.

    • DesertPoppy says:

      I think his prenup won’t allow for a tell all. Maybe if it is annulled, the pre-nup would be invalid and then he could do a tell all. I am not a fan of either one and he comes across as dumb but I would be interested in what he has to say.

  18. Chell says:

    Nice cape.

    I LOVE that Humphries is dragging this out! Ya, I know he’s a douche but I really don’t care! I so wish he was able to write a tell all book & expose the fakes for what they really are!!!

  19. Feisty says:

    I DESPISE peep-toed shoes, and this pic reminds me why. Plus it’s definitely cold in Paris, who the hell wears shoes like that in the cold? I dislike the K people, but those shoes put me over the edge for some reason.

  20. Dawn says:

    CDANS is reporting that another Kartrashian is selling her used sports bras on Ebay. And yes it is the favorite Khole. I guess if you need the money…oh wait.

  21. janie says:

    Team Kris! Pay the piper bitch! Grow up.. this is not high school. The kindest thing that could happen, is that she is lying about the pregnancy. A baby deserves better than this bunch of trash.

  22. Grace says:

    They’re going to need name that child Krispy Kreme because Kim is going to blow up like a blimp. Is she wearing a hoodie with a cape? Kanye must still be sewing her clothes for her. Those peep toe shoes are awful.

  23. Nev says:

    This post is your most accurate account of the situation yet!

  24. Agnes says:

    i don’t feel bad for kanye. he knew what he was getting into, and he apparently is so into it that they made a baby. i feel awful for the baby, though. no one deserves parents like that. hopefully their nannies will be awesome people with common sense.

  25. Gistine says:

    Why is that slag hiding her face and being so suddenly-shy? Does she not remember showing the world how to hide a d**k in her ass? Please. This trash can thinks Shame is the name of her granny panty collection at Sears.

    That kid is going to fly out of her like Clark Griswold’s teflon-coated sled!

  26. Sam x says:

    In Kris Humphries defence, I don’t think he was aware of the extent of the family’s famewhoring ways and naively in the back of his mind thought she may change even though he did say to her that you can put someone else in my place during the wedding prep. I remember reading that Kris happily gave his financial details to the courts and that she was being hesitant in doing so. So Kim it’s your own damn fault girl, give the annulment cos your fame whoring ways are so transparent except to your guillable ‘fans’ regardless instead of playing poor ol me shackled to nasty Kris Humphries. Remember their show is edited by their mother, so no doubt it would have been edited to make him look like an arsehole. Even if Khloe has a child, won’t her child be sold to the highest bidder courtesy of grandma Kris Jenner?. x

  27. Gi Gi says:

    I’ve always hated her and her stinkin’ whore of a family.(Who gets this lucky to be this rich without really working– (0h yea,I forgot…Honey BooBoo)
    She will get everything she deserves in the end. I wish she would’ve gotten pregnant by Chris H.!!!!

  28. Ellen Smith says:

    Even if she didn’t get pregnant on purpose, she still could have opted for an abortion. She chose to have a child while being married to Kris. There were options, and she didn’t take them.

  29. palermo says:

    I believe he thought she really loved him. She could end this drama tomorrow. Give back his ring, give him the money for half the gifts AND agree to an annulment. Pimp Mama probably told her no way, and so we are here today

  30. dahlianoir says:

    She’s here ? URGH Go away !! I hope they won’t visit much >_<

  31. CocoBelly says:

    Sensible pregnancy shoes….

  32. Winter says:

    Wouldn’t put it past her to fake the pregnancy…just sayin’.

  33. Ama says:

    Weird body language of two new! lovers in the city of love!

    Any thaughts?

  34. Carolyn says:

    Zero fashion sense for two people who have far too much $$$ already.

    Zero chemistry. I’m still not buying that they’ve actually “done the deed”. Doesn’t a well-known blogger refer to him as Gay Fish? They aren’t even holding hands, for heaven’s sake!