“Kerry Washington’s ‘Django Unchained’ style is slightly improved in Germany” links

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington is absolutely drowning in this J. Mendel dress. It’s a great print though. And Christoph Waltz looks adorable with a buzz cut (below)! [LaineyGossip]
Poor, rejected Anne Hathaway was campaigning so hard for that Razzie. [Dlisted]
D.C. sex workers brace for the huge inaugural surge. Ugh, surge. [Buzzfeed]
Jennifer Aniston brings Justin Theroux everywhere, of course. [Pop Sugar]
Vanessa Hudgens makes me feel much better about my own roots. [Pajiba]
Jimmy Kimmel has celebs read more mean tweets about themselves. [Gawker]
Bethenny Frankel feels like such a failure for her divorce. Whatever. [ICYDK]
Khloe Kardashian is, um, selling her sports bras on Ebay. What? [The Blemish]
Emma Roberts looks like the ultimate clingy girlfriend here. [A Socialite Life]
Christina Hendrick‘s rack would like you to buy some jewelry. [Evil Beet]
Dennis Hopper‘s son, 22, allegedly raped a 17-year-old girl. [CDAN]
Nicole Kidman: A look back at her great Golden Globes fashion. [Wonderwall]
Busy Phillips looks so damn cute with her baby bump in NYC. [Celebrity Baby Scoop]
Hilary Duff is rocking some tight jeans after losing baby weight. [Popoholic]
Kim Kardashian & Kanye West‘s neighbors have a cooler house. [Moe Jackson]
James Franco recorded himself singing Justin Bieber tunes. ART. [OMG Blog]
Al Roker pooped his pants at the White House. Poor guy. [Starcasm]
The Cast of “The Face” is much more fugly than pretty. [Go Fug Yourself]

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington

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24 Responses to ““Kerry Washington’s ‘Django Unchained’ style is slightly improved in Germany” links”

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  1. fabgrrl says:

    How long until “Oh no, I just made a Roker!” enters our vocabulary?

  2. Stacia says:

    Where the hell is Sam Jackson going with that purple coat and those ‘now-later’ gators?

  3. Agnes says:

    the dress would be lovely but for the top part. and a huge NO on the hot pink lipstick…

  4. kibbles says:

    I don’t think Kerry’s style is improving. This dress looks awful on her. I think her styling and makeup looks worse here than the day she wore the weird Peter Pilotto dress with the green dust ruffle. At least there she looked more fresh and her hair and makeup were on point. Her hair and lipstick here do not flatter her face at all.

    • kw says:

      I have a sinking feeling that she’s wearing all these baggy clothes, to distract people from noticing how thin she’s gotten. Especially since she’s talked about having eating disorders in the past.

      • Cazzie says:

        I’m sorry to hear that. I saw Kerry Washington at a reading here in Atlanta a few years ago and she was TEENY. Like, 5’3″ and 90 pounds. At the time I just thought she was actress-thin. Hoping that she gets help if there’s been a relapse.

        Love the dress though – the color and the design.

  5. V4Real says:

    She is just beautiful and that’s all I have to say.

  6. KellyinSeattle says:

    She is beautiful but her dress is (mostly) really bad, and the lipstick? She needs a more orange-y color. I like the bottom part of the dress and the last picture. I have a beautiful neighbor who looks just like her; the guys are always buzzing around her.

  7. lucy2 says:

    Still don’t like it. She’s too pretty to wear stuff like that.

  8. bonnie says:

    so if chloe’s clothes are a large how in the world in kim a size 2? i realize chloe is taller than kim and a little bit bigger, but a size 2 is an xs and a l is more of a 10-12. there is not that much of difference in their sizes when looking at them imo

  9. Chatcat says:

    That is one ugly set of tropical themed drapes made into a dress. On the bright side (pun intended) the Zulily add of the cute/same neon color boots floated right over the picture…what brilliant marketing! LOL

  10. The top could be sliiiiightly more fitting but the print is just beautiful <3

  11. Luls says:

    Why has nobody mentioned how she looks borderline anorexic? Her head is bigger than her body and I could snap those arms like a twig.

    Yes, she’s a beautiful woman, and the dress is lovely too, but her cheekbones could easily cut a bitch.

    If people feel the need to call out Leanne constantly for her weight, then be fair, and do it to the likes of Kerry too.

  12. Mila says:

    Horrible dress and she looks so uncomfortable. I love Kerry she is such a beautiful girl, but this dress ughhh!

    • kaligula says:

      I agree. She used to look dreamy on the red carpet (see yellow Oscar de la Renta dress worn to “I Think I Love My Wife” premiere) but lately she is radiating discomfort…ambivalence about being part of the Hollywood machine, perhaps? Hope she continues to develop her talent.

  13. Amanda says:

    I love how Kerry looks even though I’m not fond of the colors! She does look a bit too thin. However, if she were a bit bigger everyone would be thinking she’s “too fat”. It’s funny how most people are when it comes to someone else’s body. Women in the media will never be seen as perfect. If they lose weight they are anorexic and if they gain just 10 pounds they’er called fat.

  14. Maggi says:

    She looks amazing and has on other parts of the tour as well. I don’t see this anorexia thing people are posting about. I agree with Lainey that her style has been fantastic lately.

  15. Thiajoka says:

    I must be the only one who would say yes to the dress, then. LOL. I think she looks wonderful and can pull of the colors and asymmetrical top and layered/draped skirt.

  16. Lisa says:

    The fit makes sense if you knew that this dress is backless. I saw a video of her arriving/ signing autographs and the back of the dress is open. I think she looks beautiful! I agree that she should gain some weight back. Her face/ shoulders could use some fat.