The NYT has a crazy/sad/funny article about Lindsay Lohan & ‘The Canyons’

A lot of you were talking about this Lindsay Lohan story yesterday, but I only glanced at it briefly while I was working on the People’s Choice coverage and the Oscar Nominations and all of that. It was good that I waited. Because this New York Times article is something to be savored. I know we live on link hits and I should really just be tossing up the link for you to devour, but let me recommend something different: wait until you have a good 20 uninterrupted minutes to read this entire article. Honestly, I would suggest that you wait until the evening, pour yourself a stiff drink, and then enjoy the article at your leisure, because it’s just that good/sad/crackie/devastating/hilarious/crazy. When you’re ready, go here to read it. The article is called “Here Is What Happens When You Cast Lindsay Lohan In Your Movie.”

Basically, the gimmick of the article is that the reporter followed the principles around during the making of The Canyons, that micro-budgeted disaster-looking film starring Lindsay and p0rn star James Deen, with a script written by Bret Easton Ellis. The piece is too lengthy, detailed and AMAZING to excerpt in any great detail, but here are some of my favorite parts:

*The dude waiting patiently for Lindsay Lohan at the Marmont. He waits and watches her as she takes a meeting and then follows her so that he can give her “presents”.

*The second meeting Lindsay has with director Paul Schrader, all she does is bitch and moan about every part of her experience in Liz & Dick.

*The producers agreed to cast Lindsay because she had a look of “cornered desperation.”

*The only way they got Lindsay to show up for the first day of work (rehearsal) was by threatening to fire her on the spot. A few days later, she WAS fired, and then she begged and cried and whined until she got back onto the film.

*Lindsay makes a lot of uncomfortable “jail jokes” throughout the piece. She makes one hilarious joke about her “triple chin.”

*Lindsay admits to taking lots of sleeping pills at various times. She also drinks alcohol throughout the piece, and at one point she gets behind the wheel of her rented Porsche after she had been drinking on the job. At several times she “goes out to lunch” during work days, billing her vodka shots and sushi to the production.

*Lindsay forced the makeup people to make her into some kind of Courtney Love-looking ghoul with kabuki makeup.

*Everybody loves James Deen. He’s described as polite and professional throughout, a dream costar and collaborator. This makes Lindsay SO MAD, so she acts out even more.

*Lindsay’s ex-publicist Steve Honig compares Lindsay to Julia Roberts at one point. Hahahaha.

*Lindsay hates Oliver Stone so much she rips up a magazine with Oliver on the cover. She says he rejected her for a part in Savages.

*Lindsay has a very friendly relationship with the paparazzi, and she strikes deals with them all the time, cash for photos.

*And in the end, everybody but the director knows the film is a hot mess, and The Canyons is even rejected by the Sundance Film Festival. Ha.

UPDATE: Lindsay went to TMZ and tried to explain herself:

Lindsay Lohan admits … she was a bit of a pain in the ass on the set of “The Canyons” … but she’s adamant she did NOT drink and drive.

Sources close to the actress tell TMZ … Lohan is well aware of the article published in the New York Times chronicling the madness that went down during the production of the movie.

Lohan is telling friends … most of the stories in the article are TRUE — she was late a few times, she was nervous about getting naked and she argued with producers … but LiLo says stuff like that happens all the time on movie sets, so it’s no big deal.

But we’re told Lindsay says the allegations that she boozed on set and got behind the wheel of a car afterward are totally bogus. She claims she’s not that stupid and irresponsible.

When there WAS booze on the set, sources close to Lohan say it was provided by the director Paul Schrader — who would often pour vodka shots for the crew at the end of a shooting day. Lindsay swears she didn’t partake in the alcoholic festivities.

In the end, Lindsay says she’s not mad about the article — and still has a good relationship with everyone she worked with, including producers, co-stars and even the director — who she claims has already approached her about a new project.

[From TMZ]

Jesus, why is she still playing these games? The jig is up, crackie.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. Mandy says:

    This is supposed to be surprising to who exactly? SO over her. Go away Crackie, no one wants to play with you anymore.

  2. brin says:

    Doesn’t surprise me that her life is even sleazier than I imagined.

  3. Cece says:

    I feel sorry for her. I have feeling that there won’t be happy end for her.

    • T.Fanty says:

      Me too. I can’t get on board with mocking her. I just find her deterioration too depressing. It’s a little ghoulish, and reminds me of when the British media was pretty much just waiting for Amy Winehouse to die. I know she thrives on the attention and is perpetuating her own demise, but I just find it too sad to be entertaining.

    • JuneBug says:

      I agree. Not about feeling sorry for her, but the bad ending part, totaly . The Times article give me that vibe. I’ve seen her wondering around the Chateau Marmont before…the end of days is coming for Lindsey.

      • Helene says:

        Actually I do think she has quite a bit of survival instinct, so I don’t think she will die, but I do think she will disappear from the public eye and become a sad, haggard, always drunk has-been like Tara Reid. In five to seven years TMZ will have ‘Lindsay Lohan – ‘Memba her? Guess what she looks like now?’

    • Miss Kiki says:

      The girl is a crackroach, she’ll probably outlive us all. Come the end of the world, LiLo will be the only one left standing.

    • Shelly says:

      Yeah, this article made me feel sorry for her again. It was just sad. She is worse than I even imagined. What surprised me the most is that I didn’t get vibes that she is deliberately malicious or deliberately an asshole. She actually seemed to have some sense of humor about herself. She really just doesn’t see how much of an asshole she is and how she comes across, as she has been coddled her whole life and is high or drunk most of the time. She seems seriously messed up in the head and with her addictions. Her skeevy mother following her around was creepy, too. I think she is too far gone, and I agree, I don’t see a happy ending for her. I don’t see how she can find her way back.

      • JuneBug says:

        Imagin Lindsey as a little kid on a movie set…all these adults falling over themselves singing her praise. Meanwhile her parents are teaching her how to take full advantage of the situation …tending to and feeding this growing psychosis. Her childhood must have had incredible highs and lows. Now she works for 100. Dollars a day, with porn stars and has been, desperate producers. Sad,sad…sad.

  4. gee says:

    I read this entire article and it honestly seems like everyone hates her but enables her. I think they used her for press. And she seems like a batsh_t, immature, and selfish idiot.

    • ernie says:

      This is what was most interesting to me, too. It explains a lot how she still keeps getting away with her shit. Even at her lowest people were still coddling her and walking on eggshells around her. We get this article now, but at the time, all this was hush-hush around her without anyone calling her out to her face.

    • Michelle says:

      I think the article made it clear that when production hadn’t started yet, she cried and demanded herself into her part in the movie.

      Once filming started, the production could not afford to replace the lead actress. That’s why she was enabled in my opinion. Enable her, of the movie dies.

      She knew this too. I think I read that somewhere in the article.

  5. Riana says:

    Well it’s not like common sense and a general awareness of the last 5 years wouldn’t have told the directors about what would happen if they hired her.

    Seriously, I can’t muster even a pinky fingernail’s worth of sympathy for anyone who hires that chick.

    At this point I’m kinda hoping she just destroys an entire studio to the ground with her bare hands, all on film, and they still don’t punish her…so I can really enjoy the ludicrousness of the whole situation.

    • LAK says:

      I actually think this director HAD her number, and dealt with her very well.It doesn’t read as though they had too many problems with her. As it says at the beginning, the director had dealt with hot messes before, so he knew not to play into her BS. It’s astonishing that they managed to stay on schedule despite losing one day [Lady Gaga flu! LOL, and James deen unavailable to substitute], and only $600 bar tab. Frankly, i’d hire this director for the miracle of that shoot.

      The producers/director on LIZ AND DICK didn’t know how to deal with her. The were stuck with $46,000 for her CHateau stay, that PCH accident when she had a driver, destroyed vintage trailer that they will have to replace or compensate. Many missed days and or prolonged work days etc.

      More shenanigans, headaches etc for them that we are still hearing about. And given the magnitude of what we became public, can you imagine the horror of what was going on privately, that we don’t know about???

      • swack says:

        He should not have had to “handle” her as she should have been as professional as she could be. Are there blow ups? Yes, just as there is in any job situation and should be handled at the time. NOT to show up to work the first day is not acceptable. To party all night long and not show up the next day is unacceptable. As I read the article, the only reason they didn’t lose any time is because they shrugged their shoulders and moved on to what they could shoot – that’s where the professionalism was – not with Lindsay.

      • Jayna says:

        It was only three weeks and look at all the problems. Fired her after the first few days. LOL She will never get hired on a big budget flick. Just some indie movies desperate for her notoriety will risk it for a few weeks.

      • LAK says:

        I know this is Lilo we are talking about, but I’ve been on shoots where the actors were worse than this and requirted a lot of wrangling and doggie treats to make them behave. And those actors are considered ‘professionals’

        I have also had a client who despite a $2M annual pay deal and only 20days work for that deal still needed wranging, coxing, bribing etc ( we called it doggy treats to her) to get them to work each day despite each work day negotiated ad naseum to accomodate her schedule, even if the schedule changed the last minute. And she felt hard done by for having to do the work!!!

        Lindsay is the tip of the iceberg in terms of famous people’s bad behaviour once they reach a cetain level of celebrity and entitlement. And believe me, it doesn’t need to reach A list levels of celebrity before they start acting out and being a pain. Even z listers do it.

        The trick is to have contingency plans and to workout how to deal with the BS whilst sticking to your plans.

  6. farrah says:

    That was probably one of the best and most epic articles I have ever read.

    And the fact that it is written so objectively and honestly tells me it might be one of the more significant cornerstones in Lohan’s career. This is a huge nail in the coffin.

    • Amber says:

      Totally agree. I cannot imagine a director or producer hiring her after reading this.

    • si says:

      coffin nail indeed. let’s see: won’t be hired for any studio movie ( no insurance + who is that crazy to hire her), no indie (see the canyons), no tv (remember glee?), no lifetime (liz & dick), no to any other tv program (million dollar decorators + she probably closed the doors at reality tv at bravo), no porn ( i don’t think she would be professional enough to show on time even for porn). She has only two cards to deal: 1) reality tv like Hey Paula(I don’t think she would be able to do it like the Kardashians), ie, film whatever is going on and then show it on tv. 2) get pregnant by some rich unaware guy .

      • blah says:

        I don’t care who she is, the fact that these idiots let this happen….

        “and at one point she gets behind the wheel of her rented Porsche after she had been drinking on the job.“

        Makes them no better than Lohan!
        I give a rats as* if she is stupid enough to be mixing pills & booze. However, that changes when she gets behind the wheel of a car.

        I had to identify a family members body after he was killed by a drunk driver.

  7. DanaG says:

    I don’t feel sorry for her she has had far more chances then the average person. Keeping her out of jail is what has made her even worse so far there hasn’t been anything major happen to her due to her ill deeds. No one is going to hire her for any sort of acting gig now. Unless she is offered to work in a porn film as one of the stars. The paps need to stop buying the pictures they can’t be selling too well people are so over all her cracked out poor me ways. No surprise she behaved badly on set she does off set. Her career is officially in the toilet anyone who hires her get’s all they deserve.

  8. Elceibeno says:

    Wow!!!! After this new info is out Lindsey will never get another part in any movie. She will starve to death.

  9. GiGi says:

    I read the article last night and it is, indeed, luscious! Very detailed, very interesting. In fact, I was so intrigued that I went and watched that James Deen in action, lol! Now, I’ve not read 50 Shades of Grey, but THIS is the guy to play that character o.O

  10. mkyarwood says:

    It made me pretty sad. If this reporter can see she still ‘has it’, can’t someone lock this bitch up for a year and fix it????

    • Elceibeno says:

      Your wish might be granted pretty soon in court.

    • Annie says:

      She doesn’t have anything, based on her most recent performances. She has absolutely nothing. She was always hype, no true talent. She was never an Emma Stone. Not even an Amanda Seyfried. She had ONE hit movie. People just hyped her up more than she deserved and she believed it, she still believes she’s Oscar material, when she was only Disney material. She was good looking and charismatic but never an acting gem.

      They knew she was trouble but she’s the only press this shitfest will get and THIS is why they put up with her. You think the NYT would’ve written a 8,000 word piece about this movie if another actress had gotten the role?

      After this article people are at least curious about the movie. But she doesn’t have anything. Many actresses around her age have been Oscar nominees. Anna Kendrick, Keira Knightley, Ellen Page, Anne Hathaway. That’s true talent.

    • swack says:

      “can’t someone lock this bitch up for a year and fix it???? ” – no, not really. The only person who can fix Lindsay is Lindsay and she has had many opportunities and has thrown them down the toilet.

  11. NerdMomma says:

    I read Every. Single. Word. of that article. It took me longer than 20 minutes, but it was soooo worth the time. Wow. Just wow. It’s not just a look at Lohan, it’s a look at how Hollywood works. Fascinating.

  12. Crack Fox says:

    Took me 10 minutes to watch the trailer. It’s so awful, I had to keep pausing. My BFF James Deen is better than this.

  13. Aussie girl says:

    Wow& wow!! She is a bigger mess than I could fathom.

  14. Cecada says:

    Perhaps THIS is the reason behind Dina’s weird “it’s her FATHER’S fault” crap earlier this week – ?

  15. mln76 says:

    It’s such a good read its going to go down as a legendary article for years to come.

  16. says:

    I’m not finding it funny anymore. It’s just depressing, mostly because I really believe that Lohan will not live to see 2014.

    Y’all can yell at me that there’s no sympathy for a girl who has been given too many chances etc., but girl really had was doomed from the beginning with her abusive, enabling parents.

  17. Riana says:

    Lindsey’s a total predictable mess but I gotta say it was more fascinating to read shot Schrader.

    That’s the nature of life, but it still sucks how badly this guy had it as a kid, how much he accomplished, and then to have a director change lead him to the pout where he’s directing movies for cheap and getting excited about Lindsey Lohan.

    God that’s sad.

  18. Elceibeno says:

    How embarrasing is it for Lindsey that the PORN actor was by far more professional and well liked than her. Way to go girl, your career missy is done.

    • iheartjacksparrow says:

      The part I found most interesting was about LiLo not being able to hit her marks, so they had to get a hand-held camera to make wherever she was standing her “mark.” How messed up was she that she couldn’t even stand where she was supposed to?

  19. Boo says:

    TMZ has a bit this morning saying that Lindsay acknowledges that “MOST of the article is true.” Guess which parts she says are lies? That’s right! She never drinks and certainly never drinks and drives. Because we are to believe that the NYT reporter carefully documented the truth but added in these hurtful details just to make her look bad. And because she has been such a model of sobriety, we are supposed to believe that she is too smart to drink and drive.

    I can now understand why she has bruises–who didn’t want to punch her in the face after reading that article?

  20. neelyo says:

    I love that the article referred to Dina as a ‘failed dancer’. Her head must have exploded when she saw that. She’s probably called her lawyers to sue for libel.

  21. Elceibeno says:

    Can this article be used against Lindsey in her upcoming court date?

  22. pinkheart says:

    i saw liz and dick ,i guess she did an ok job with it ,i fail to understand why would anyone run around as a slut and cracckie ,when u have atleast mediocre abilities to survive in hollywood

  23. Jennifer says:

    This article could be made into a fabulous movie, much more interesting than The Canyons.

    • erika says:

      exactly …if she let the cameras in on her life for just 24 hrs unbarred it’d be the most popular reality show ever!!! she could make some serious cash…

    • Thiajoka says:

      That’s what I was thinking, too–it has a sort of “Sunset Boulevard” vibe.

      P.S. To the commenter up-board who said they feel sorry for Lindsay and expected to be yelled at for it: I, too, feel sorry for her. With those screwed up parents leeching off her money and infamy, she’ll never get better. If she could get away from them she might stand a chance.

  24. Ellie66 says:

    Really good article! The trailer is beyond bad it seems like a joke or a skit the acting is horrid and Lindsey looks like hell. At this point she just needs to go to jail for a year or a rehab that’s not a spa. Is she 27 yet?

  25. epiphany says:

    There’s a link to the entire article at CDAN – stop whatever you’re doing a read it. A sad, but mind blowing exposition on the souless world that is show business. I can’t believe anyone would trade an anonymous but peaceful existence to live a vapid, meaningless life just for the possibility of fame, no matter how fleeting. A sad, pathetic commentary on the values that govern some people’s lives.

  26. Cathy says:

    Perhaps Iwill read it later. I don’t know. That girl is a waste of space now. Maybe if I need a little humor later I’ll read it.

  27. grabbyhands says:

    My only surprise about the article is that she hasn’t already declared that she’s suing the writer.

  28. dorothy says:

    She’s become such a “nobody”.

  29. mollination says:

    Did you notice the shift in the article when Gavin starts coming around? The part about her crying in the closet while Gavin blocks anyone from getting in was BIZZ-AARRRE. And the director says something about Deen shining (or something? Maybe it’s Grant Bowler? I dont know) and she goes “THAT’S WHAT I’M AFRAID OF!!!!!”……..psycho.

  30. Annie says:

    “She claims she’s not that stupid and irresponsible.”

    Really? We beg to differ.

    I liked that James Deen was professional and cool. THE NERVE of her to call him unprofessional, the freaking nerve.
    I like James. While the filming of this mess was going on I read his blog to see if he ever mentioned Lindsay and nope. He did mention becoming friends with the crew and hoping they stayed friends, so when I read that nobody visited him onset I felt so sad! </3

  31. Samigirl says:

    I don’t believe this reporter would tell the truth about EVERYTHING except for the drinking. I wonder if Lilo is going to threaten to sue him for DARING to say she drank! And how dare he say she drank and THEN DROVE!! Lindsay is a precious, sober flower, and she would never EVER do that! MOVE THAT REPORTER, I’M LINDSAY LOHAN!

    edt: I also like how she called Cooter (I forget his real name-Richard Burton in Liz & Dick) a nightmare. He had NOTHING but nice things to say about her (even though I’m absolutely certain he felt otherwise). And then talked shit about everyone else on that movie. Lindsay, maybe you should stop and think…if everything around you is awful every where you go, what’s the 1 common denominator?

    • erika says:

      I don’t think she’ll ever ‘get it’ he was so subtle about it, he insinuated but never came right out and said “Lindsay went to her dressing room to swallow another half gallon of vodka.”

      but, he insinuated big time. Remember how many times during a shoot (all day long too) she’d get up and excuse herself to go to her room. What cha doing in there for 5 min Crackie???

      But yeah, NYT, takes a paper like the NYT and respective journalist to finally have the balls to come out and put it in writing (but Celebitchy has always nailed it!!!) and not fluff it up “Ohhhh that Lindsay that crazy lil cat…” NO. finally a member of the media stepped up and told it like it is.

      They (the media) need to stop lightly sugarcoating the jabs about booze/drugs/bad behavior and really tell it like it is- this chick is headed straight to her dirt bed if she doesn’t wise up and accept help.

      good luck

  32. erika says:

    ha ha! I read this last night, it’s now officially my ‘bedtime story’ it made me feel so peaceful.
    Right with the world : )
    “Hush lil darling”, I thought to myself “Everythings gonna be allright…”

    tee hee. Journalist did a fine, fine job. His jabs at Crackroach are so, so, sooooo subtle. IF she ends up reading it, she won’t even get it. It’ll fly right over her head….as usual.

    It’s a long read, but a good one. And here I go with the same thought that the ENTIRE world has EXCEPT the few Hollywood maniacs who think “I can handle her…it’ll be a dog fight…but I cam do it.” and HIRES this bitch.

    Again, “How is CrackRoach getting any work?” Maybe not so much after this movie.

  33. neelyo says:

    Lindsay’s next movie will be a remake of CIAO MANHATTAN.

  34. scarlett says:

    Sign, when is she just going to fade. Seriously, there is absolutely nothing there anymore.

  35. Cecada says:

    As to her rebuttal about the NYT article:

    Yes, Lindsay, they DO want to work with you again. Your next PORN production is waiting. Because you’re such a big star.

    Girl is CLUELESS.

    • Sniffles says:

      Ahem. Porn actors have an excellent work ethic and are professional. No self-respecting porn producer/director would want this costly mess on their set. If she doesn’t straighten herself out, high-paid escort/prostitute will be her next gig…if she’s not already there.

      People, there are plenty of folk out in the world who deserve your sympathy, Lohan is not one of them. Girl’s had every opportunity in the world extended to her — she is a true pathological narcissist, a legend in her own mind, with no respect for the work (or any work for that matter) she claims she loves to do. Or for the people that make it possible for her to continue in working in this industry.

      • Booboocita says:

        Agreed. I don’t know much more about porn production than what I’ve seen on HBO’s documentary series, “Pornucopia” (an interesting series for its coverage of the making of the movies and the lives of those who make them), but just from that, I got the impression that the people who make porn are pretty serious about their product and very conscientious about its production. I don’t see someone who habitually locks herself away in her dressing room, and who holds up shooting while she goes to lunch with her friends, lasting long as a porn star. Lohan could have learned a thing or two about professionalism from Deen.

  36. SolitaryAngel says:

    Like the saying goes, “You meet an asshole in the morning, he’s an asshole. You meet assholes all day long, YOU’RE the asshole”.

  37. smartyparty says:

    I read the whole thing yesterday, so glad you wrote this article and I can see all the opinions of the ladies here. I agree with those who say she is entitled and a brat, and also with those who say that this is very very sad. It is. Dina comes across as a lurking, conniving leech on her daughter. Which is just what I imagined.

  38. emmie_a says:

    1. Lindsay agrees with everything in the article except the part about her drinking and driving? We’re supposed to believe the writer lied about that part? All I know is she is a bigger asshole than I thought for still drinking and driving.

    2. Lindsay says something to James Deen for being disrespectful to the director and sends Elizabeth Taylor’s nurse a TM saying that Elizabeth wouldn’t like her behavior (for trying to get her bracelet back). In both situations Lindsay was in the wrong but she has no problem putting the blame on everyone else. She is seriously delusional and beyond help.

  39. fabgrrl says:

    I hope James Deen’s career takes off (in mainstream films). He is a cutie! and sounds like a pleasant young fellow.

  40. Annie says:

    TMZ has an audio in which she berates James Deen! She says “Do you f***ing job!” Who does she think she is?! Looking down on him like that. HE is the lead. Not Lindsay. The story revolves around his character.

    Be glad he didn’t slap you and choke you like he does in his S&M movies. He’s a nice guy but you don’t want to see that scary side.

  41. lower-case deb says:

    yesterday, we were watching a documentary thing about that man who has been bitten by so many snakes he developed a certain immunity to venoms, that he’s helping with anti-venom research etc.

    my sister, fresh from reading the NYT article, suddenly blurt out: do you think this is what its like with lindsay lohan? she has some sort of immunity towards drugs and alcohol, you think?

    don’t tell me she has had so many brushes with the law that she developed immunity towards that too.

  42. Relli says:

    I read it yesterday and then spent the rest of the day reading the comments all over the internet, it was one of those rare pieces that every site picked up on.

    If you have a chance i suggest you read the whole thing, its an incredibly well written piece on how entitlement and bad behavior can ruin your life and talent. Everything I suspected was confirmed about her and her relationship with her mother and what she does to survive. At then end of the article when the director talks about the meltdown her and DINA had when he screened gives great insight to the dysfunction of their relationship.

    I also want to thank whoever posted that Cat Marnell article. I have not read much of her stuff becuase as a former party girl, its a been there done that type of situation. But her chronicle of her multiple encounters with LL and her attitude towards someone she doesn’t deem worthy of her time was pretty telling. Here is a woman who knows better than to try and help her but does anyway because she can empathize with and is immediately rebuffed.

    I think that it is the tragic tale of LL, no matter what people try and do for her, at the core she is a mean, selfish, self-centered individual who doesn’t want to change. You can lead a horse to water but you cant make it drink.

  43. butch says:

    the headline “Lohan. I’m not a trailer-trashing toilet clogger!” isn’t it related to the set of the canyons? I’m probably wrong. Either way best Lohan headline 2012.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      That was SM5, the one where she NEVER showed up for script meetings, then bitched and complained about how she was made fun of in the movie; didn’t show up for filming (claiming she had pneumonia) until producers sent a private jet to “fetch” her and drag her ass to set; ran up another hotel bill she expected production to pay…shall I go on?

  44. the original bellaluna says:

    What I find sad (“pathetic” sad, not “my kitteh died” sad) is that they had to fire Blohan JUST TO GET HER TO SHOW UP FOR HER FIRST DAY OF WORK!!

    I do wish I had been at that hotel though, so I could have witnessed her epic meltdown and resulting cracknanigans. (Can you imagine being a guest at that hotel that day? Cracken sobbing, wandering the halls, knocking on doors…it must have been terrifying/hilarious.)

    • littlestar says:

      That pisses me off too! She has ZERO work ethic. Nothing but pure laziness and entitlement. She wants the accolades and fame, yet isn’t willing to put in the hard work to get those things. Did she somehow think they could still make a movie with her in it without actually being in it?

      There’s been a crazy snow storm going on where I live. Tons of snow and high winds, which blows the snow around everywhere making it even more terrible. Yet I still went into work today!!! My little Mazda barely made it out of my driveway, and I had to park almost a kilometer away from my actual work place because there was too much snow in the parking lot to drive in (saw two cars stuck in the parking lot and decided to take a detour lol). I WISH I could have just stayed home today…

    • Booboocita says:

      “Front desk? Could you please send security to my floor? There’s a crackie running loose in the hallway banging on doors and I need to be up early tomorrow for a 9 am meeting!”

  45. Skipper says:

    That article was a gift. After all of my hard work reading speculative gossip from unknown sources, I feel as though things have come full circle for me now that we have a first hand account that is basically confirmed by Lindsay herself. I feel complete now.

  46. WendyNerd says:

    A lot of the stuff didn’t surprise me, but I did find it fascinating. I REALLY would love to see the director come out witha movie that’s actually behind the scenes footage showing how horrible she is a la “America’s Sweethearts”.

  47. Rex says:

    The sad fact is that Lindsay is probably going to keep on getting jobs in movies like these because the directors/producers are desperate for the promo. I’ll admit that I watched Liz & Dick just to see the trainwreck in action and I will probably watch this one too just out of sheer curiosity

  48. K-rock says:

    OMG Why? Why? Why? Please make it stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brain cannot process anymore Lohan insanity! *curls up in a ball in the corner and rocks myself to sanity*

  49. emma says:


    Can’t wait to read the whole thing.

  50. Sumodo1 says:

    The “three chins” remark by Blohan–too fab. The entire NYT article gave great insight into not only the Blohan cracklife, but into the delusional midset of people who cast her, pay her, follow her. “Beautimus,” as Momma June would say.

  51. Diana says:

    I read the entire piece and it just left me sad.

    It’s kind of hard to process how I feel about her situation. It doesn’t feel right to mock her because mostly she’s just sad but there are situations in which I can’t find simpathy for her. If you’re a struggling actress who can barely get a job and you are given a chance, you treasure that and work hard to keep that little hope, but this girl seems to lose touch with reality and feels to me so self destructive.

    It isn’t funny and I find it cruel to mock her because if one thing became clear to me after reading this, it is that the source of everything that’s wrong with Lindsey are her parents and especially Dina; that bitch is crazy and she is such a destructive presence in her daughter’s life that I cannot help but feel bad for Lindsey.

    It is just sad all around.

  52. Mich says:

    Read this article yesterday and then listened to the TMZ tape of her being a complete and total bitch to her co-star today. The level of condescension in her voice was un-f’ing-believable. She is a nasty piece of work and I feel absolutely no pity for her.

  53. mommak918 says:

    Interesting….sad, sad…sad article.
    I got my degree in Radio-TV and Film…after working a few years in the tv and radio business I was glad to be out. It has an ugly under belly…and I was mainly doing tv business. So I know film has gotta be worse…

  54. TQB says:

    Wow. Just… wow. Thanks for the link, that was a truly amazing read – surely better than the film.

  55. d says:

    It WAS a fascinating article. Came away with thoughts: hope Dean’s career takes off (though he seems to be making good $ now/), hope he has more friends to visit on set (although maybe that’s him being professional; it’s not like my friends come to visit me while I’m working), boy, that director seemed pretty sad and pathetic. AND, I wonder if Lindsey continues to do the silly things she does because she sees/saw it going on all the time in Hollywood, so thinks, why can’t I and why is everyone dumping on me when everyone else is doing it too? Sad thing is, no one taught her that “just because one fish jumps in the sea, doesn’t mean you have to too”. (I think that’s how it goes).
    I read the Marnell articles too. Holy hell. Sad about Lindsey in them…I’ll bet people take off on her after a certain point. She must be quite exhausting and toxic. I can’t imagine she’s a good friend.
    I also wonder what her big fear is about being alone. The course she’s on, she really will be.
    I laughed at the fit Dina and Lohand pitched over the camera giving Dean more air time. That says it all about them right there.
    Lindsey comes across as playing an actress, as opposed to it being a career that you have to nurture like any otgher, and by extension, herself.
    Sucess, as they say, is 10% talent, and 90% perspiration. She may be talented, but having a working and highly successful career requires effort and dedication and sacrifice and a tough mind. None of which she shows to have.At this point, she conducts herself like a kid going from job to job, and not someone in control of herself or her destiny. Just because you have talent doesn’t mean you’ll be successful.
    I feel sad for her today because it’s obvious no one has taught how to properly take care of herself so that she can be successful at life as an adult.

  56. skuddles says:

    At this point Lohan is no longer about the acting or the career or the credibility. She thinks her claim to fame is being as outrageous and visible and demanding as possible. I think much of her on-set behavior is about promoting herself as a memorable personality, “they won’t forget ME!” – possibly because she realizes on some level that it’s all she has left.

    I don’t see her living long, if at all, past her 20′s.

  57. Chloeee says:

    Nail in the coffin to Lindsay, however, this reporter is going to get offered a book deal. Great article. Even Chuck Palahniuk (of Fight Club fame) said it was a “drop everything and read this now piece” spent my whole lunch break engrossed. MOAR!

  58. Kathryn says:

    With that NYT article, I think we can all pronounce her career officially dead. How much worse can it get for an actor/actress to have an article written about them entitled, “What Happens if you hire ___” and it is all bad. She got fired from a microbudget, okay? I think even the last delusional directors who thought about hiring her for publicity have woken up. She has been officially blacklisted.

  59. Luxe says:

    God forgive me, but I hope she is not on her way to the “27 Club.” That’ll be her age on her next birthday. I read the NYT article and while fascinating, it was just sad and pathetic. Not just for LL, but for the director and producer (trolling for porn stars???). Ironically, the actual porn star seemed to come out of it with his reputation unscathed. What utterly bizarre behavior, but the director went into it with his eyes wide open. And the tagline…”it’s not the hills?” *cringe* What an utter disaster. It’s a shame that the backstory is more intriguing than the movie, but that could probably be said for a lot of flicks.

    We have been watching this train wreck for years and we always assume that the next thing will be her rock bottom, but clearly she hasn’t hit it yet. If her rock bottom ends up being final, I just pray she doesn’t take anyone with her.

  60. e.non says:

    So, basically she’s doing porn… One step closer to hard core — that I bet she does by the end of the year. If she’s still alive.

    • jwoolman says:

      Yes, it’s porn. The media that keep up with porn had stuff about James Deen transitioning from hard core porn to soft porn with this. I looked up some discussion about porn categories and it seems that Canyons is beyond soft porn but still not hard core. The article mentioned that the wife of somebody (producer? Director? Writer?) read a few pages and then tossed it aside as “just porn”. Lindsay was hired because she’s willing to take her clothes off and simulate sex on camera without body doubles or other guises, and for the free trainwreck publicity she generates. She also is good at sobbing and crying on cue. Can’t really stretch beyond her own self, but they didn’t need that. The article mentioned that Deen was the only person auditioning who played it with the required malevolence, which I hear he brings to his hard core roles as well. Otherwise in real life he seems to be a nice guy, guess he gets out any negative emotions on the job. He and the guy who played Richard Burton should start a Lohan Survivors Club for people who had to act with her and lived to tell the tale. They must have the patience of a proverbial saint.

  61. Brittney says:

    Why hasn’t a SINGLE person mentioned her comment about her father? (Apologies if anyone has; I searched the page for key words just to make sure, but I didn’t see anything.)

    I know it’s almost impossible to have sympathy for this girl, but that particular part of the article was almost too painful to read. I wish jail time on her, but not abuse. She was thrown violently to the floor (I get that it was acting, but the way it read…) and she was visibly shaken by it before shrugging it off because she had experience with that from her dad. And then no one even responded to her — presumably because they thought it was a cry for attention.

    With all the hate that’s directed her way, I wish truckloads more would be directed toward Michael. Dina’s awful too for pimping out her own daughter… ugh. The whole thing is just disgusting. I don’t do drugs (weed doesn’t count) and have never driven drunk, but I don’t know if *I* would have turned out any better, given the circumstances… I mean, it’s pretty believable that he beat her.

    • Shoe_Lover says:

      Abuse is no excuse for the way she is. I am the same age as Lindsay and my father is an absolute Jekyll & Hyde. One minute he is happy and then something sets him off and he is a complete and utter psycho who I am sure could give Michael Lohan a run for his money. He once punched me in the face because I took the towels off the clothes line before the sheets. Another time he started beating the living daylights out of me and then dragged me along the ground by my hair outside so he had more room to kick me while I was on the ground screaming all because I supposedly looked at him the wrong way. When I was really small he would throw me (fully clothed) under an ice cold shower for 5 minutes as punishment. And those are just three examples but guess what I’m a functioning and respectable member of society. I don’t do drugs, I don’t even smoke. I drink but not to excess and I would never drink and drive. I have respect for myself and those around me. I work hard and have held the same full time job for nearly 8 years while going to uni full time and that is by choice not because I need to work to afford it because here in Australia we have fee help so the government pays all your tuition fees (minus textbooks etc) and once you earn over a certain amount per year you start paying it back. I do it this way because I like to travel overseas during my holiday break.
      The only lingering effects I have from my childhood are that I have issues in relationships because I’m so terrified I’ll end up with someone like my Dad that I push men away when it starts to get serious and occasionally I hate my mother for never leaving him which makes me feel bad because my mother and I are really close.

      My point is Lindsay is a spoilt, entitled ar$ehole who can’t take responsibility for her own behaviour

  62. A says:

    This is just sad, tragic, and pathetic. She’s probably going to join the 27 club. Look, she has been given so many chances to redeem herself or at least gain a little credibility back…she’s been given more chances than RDJ was, at this point. The sad thing is, a few years ago she would have had a chance to climb her way back up. People often love a comeback story…somebody who was in the gutter and clawed their way back to being a star. If she had just taken it seriously…quit the drugs and stopped messing with her face. Her looks are forever ruined, and that’s a major part of the business…

    Lindsay worked with some talented people (Altman, for example), but she was never the great talent people claimed imo. That said, neither are Emma Stone or Amanda Seyfried or countless others…The difference was, Lindsay had this weird sort of charisma and personality. She was never bland and she didn’t have this “persona” that so many celebrities try to sell to the public…It seemed like she didn’t bend over backwards to get people to like her and attempt to be inoffensive, which so many celebrities do today. Granted, her downfall came right about the time celeb blogs/TMZ blew up…So celebs at that time didn’t seem to have to be “on” 24/7. But now…she just comes across as a clueless, petulant, pathetic woman. I really, really hopes she manages to pull it together…She’s never going to be a real actress again, but maybe she can pull it together and live a somewhat normal life. I do doubt it will happen.

  63. says:

    I watched Mean Girls on tv yesterday and the girl had some talent as a kid. Had she been more serious about it, taken acting classes, and worked hard instead of party hard, she might actually be considered a good actress.

  64. Lisa says:

    I feel for this woman. Breaking down is hard enough when done in private, but being public and carrying the burden of being a perfect Disney grad makes it worse.

    I’d hate for her to join the 27 club. And I find it sad that a lot of people — especially women — seem to hate her just because she’s a mess. I don’t know why she’s a target when someone like Macaulay Culkin isn’t. He’s in a similar sitch and not on anyone’s shit list. Because he’s out of the public eye, until the paps decide he’s relevant enough to snap pictures of him at his worst?

    • Boo says:

      People don’t hate her because she’s a mess. People hate her because she is a liar and a criminal who never gets the punishment she deseres and who flaunts her ability to shirk the law. By all acounts, she’s also a nasty little bitch. What, exactly, is there to love?

  65. booboocita says:

    I’ve just re-read the article and comments (not a bad way to spend a lazy Saturday), and two things have struck me:

    1. Lohan thinks that people still think of her as a Disney nymphet, so sweet and innocent that she has need of Kabuki makeup to make herself appear “edgy.” I wonder if this has some very small part of the mess she’s in now, in that she thinks she can get away with anything because she’s just a sweet little Disney princess and butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth.

    2. I saw Oliver Stone’s Savages (not too bad, although not great), and I can’t think of any part that Lohan would have been up for, except for Blake Lively’s role. She wouldn’t have been up for Salma Hayek’s part (Mexican drug don), or Hayek’s college student daughter (she doesn’t look like Hayek). Blake Lively isn’t a particularly good actress, but she’s miles ahead of Lohan at this point.

    In any case, the part required that the actress be in a drug-addled haze for much of the movie, and also required some fairly explicit sex scenes. Lindsey could have done that, heaven knows — that’s her LIFE. But appearing terrified and emotionally vulnerable? Hmmmmm …

  66. cv2 says:

    My liberal very close relative just got in a car wreck and barely survived.

    2 days in a coma. Weeks of operations and therapy.

    Yesterday he just found out HE was the drunk one, Lilo-ing in the wrong lane and the other driver in the opposite car is DEAD.

    Do you libs not get it?

    This is NOT entertainment.

    B*tch was recorded drinking and driving by NY Times! Some innocent person WILL be killed by her before she’s done and irresponsible hippies think this is something to be savored as bath tub reading.

    You KNOW she’s going to kill an innocent person and NY Times witnessed her committing a crime.

    Time for the Britney lock down. Consequences do save innocent lives.

    It worked on Brit and Lilo needs the same.

  67. Amy says:

    Also just finished the article. I am not a mental health professional, but I would be surprised if she doesn’t have Borderline Personality Disorder. Also, none of the people in that article are EVER invited to my house. Or to sit with me in a public place and drink coffee. EVER.

  68. Bess says:

    Grant Bowler, LL’s co-star in Liz & Dick, defended her & said that she never yelled at him. He should shut up & hope people forget they worked together.