Michael Fassbender is single again, Nicole Beharie confirms their split via Twitter

Britney Spears & Michael Fassbender are totally twinsies!! Hahaha. Sorry, I’m delirious from excitement/lust/sadness. The same day that Britney Spears and Jason Trawick announce their split, well… that’s the same day that Nicole Beharie announced HER split from Michael Fassbender, her boyfriend of about a year (a little bit less, I think).

First of all, I didn’t know Nicole had a Twitter, but she does and it’s sort-of confirmed – I mean, she’s posting candid, personal photos of herself, so… it’s her. And earlier today she tweeted: “After 3 weeks in Thailand, One week in the desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico. Finally heading back to LA…miss you guys…” Many have noted that she was likely with Fassbender in Thailand and New Mexico – he’s working on Frank in NM. Then a few hours later she tweeted: “Yes its true Fassbender and I are no longer dating.”

So. That just happened. They were together and she was visiting him on the set of his film and BAM! It was over. And I have genuine sadness about it because I actually liked them together. Obviously, I would have preferred if it was ME with L’Fassdong, but if it had to be someone else, I’m glad he went for Nicole. She’s pretty and she seems sweet, and I was prepared to make her my spirit animal if their love affair continued.

Still… a single Fassbender. You know everybody will be trying to set him up with EVERY CHICA. Charlize Theron’s loins probably sent out a RED (GINGER) ALERT. God knows, (newly-single) Jennifer Lawrence might even try to get on that. Hell, (newly-single) Bradley Cooper will try to get on that soon too. Sigh… come find me, Fassy. They don’t love you like I love you. They don’t understand you like I understand you. Come to me (or on me, whatevs).

Photos courtesy of Nicole’s Twitter, Esquire UK.


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  1. Kate says:

    I imagine him as the type who’s a decent partner when he’s not working, but the second he gets on a set, his girlfriends plummet on the priority list and he’s completely disengaged. He was working on like four films the past six months & I think she was just spotted for a few days on one of them. Their little X-mas vacation may have been a last ditch effort to salvage something on her part.

    • Christina says:

      I agree.

      Obviously I don’t know him, but I deffo reckon that if it’s a choice between work and a woman for him, work wins, every time. I just don’t think he wants a committed long-term relationship right now, and that’s fine. His career is at a crucial stage at the moment, and given how fickle Hollywood is, he may already be forgotten a few years from now. He seems to me the type of guy who has a ‘take it or leave it’ attitude to women. Not necessarily in a caddish sort of way, just that work is his priority right now.

    • Anonny says:

      That’s funny, because my first question was, “What actresses are on set with him right now?”

  2. maria says:

    Two very lovely people….

    Damn Fassy and his glorious ginger self.

  3. Patty says:

    Go get him Kaiser! I’m surprised she posted that though, she never even acknowledged they were together. So many hot people single to start 2013, too bad I have no chance of ever getting within 10 yards of any of them.

    I wonder who Fassy will date next. And what went down with this one. It’s not as though they just figured out they would hardly see each other. I hope we aren’t being punked and by not dating she was not trying to say they were like engaged or something.

  4. Red-Riding says:

    Who the heck announces a split on twitter? She sounds angry and her tweeting about the split when she hardly tweets at all was just tacky imho. Oh well, I hope he dates a girl as pretty as him next time.

  5. Gwen says:

    I’m not a Fass-fan but this may have been the single most funny live I’ve EVER read on Celebitchy :D

    Come to me (or on me, whatevs).

  6. Stacie says:

    Sad that they broke up . But on the other hand kinda HAPPY . I love Fassy and I want him all to myself ! (ducks for flying objects ) :D

  7. Patrice says:

    This makes me sad not just as a huge Fassy fan but also as a girl of color who loves/dates ginger men herself :( And wowzas; I had no idea that Nicole was so beautiful! The few pics I’ve seen of her have been paparazzi shots with Michael from a distance…Fingers crossed that they can (eventually) work it out if it’s just a scheduling thing and they still have feelings for each other 😊

  8. Colis says:

    I hope the crazy chicks on LSA can move on with their lives now. lmao

    • Peach says:

      Some are hoping “no longer dating” means they’re engaged or married. But IDK those tweets don’t come across as someone in love and happy to announce an engagement. Nicole doesn’t strike me as one to play coy with these things. She’s pretty private and I can’t see her playing on twitter about something that means alot to her like marriage would.

    • Aubra says:

      Please don’t bring up that brigade of crazy! LOL

      I never thought that some would live vicariously through this relationship because he’s “into black girls”…random much? Why can’t he just have been in a relationship?

      Having said that, I’m sure Zoe Saldana sees her chance and will do what she can to get in there! LOL

      • Peach says:

        I think some (don’t want to generalize so saying SOME) lived vicariously through Nicole and her relationship with Michael the way Twilight fans live vicariously through Kristen Stewart and her relationship with Rob Pattinson. Those fans are the ones who take these breakups hard cause it’s almost like the celeb broke up with THEM.

        If people only like Michael cause he’s with Nicole or Robert cause he’s with Stewart I’d say they weren’t really their fans to begin with but shippers who fancy themselves in their relationships.

      • afrotastic says:

        Peach, I think you are spot on . Some of his fans really got into him when he started dating Nicole because she is a regular black girl, pretty average. They were not this crazy about Zoe ( probably because she is light skinned)It gave them hope. Now if he had been dating Joan Smalls or some other beautiful woman I don’t think they would have been so into him and this relationship. It is quite surprising that a mature actor like Michael would have some crazy fans. You would expect that kind of craziness from 1 Direction fans, Justine Bibier fans and the Twilight fandom.

      • OMSS says:

        @Aubra & @Afrotastic, ITA.

        I find it weird (and cringe-worthy)also. (OT)It’s the same sort of vibe I get from one of my favourite shows at the moment ‘Scandal’ whenever it is discussed. I love the main characters’ relationship, not because of their different ‘races’, but because of their amazing chemistry. Some of the most vocal ‘Olitz’ shippers are crazy about this!

        Anyway, I hope they are coping well with this break up. They seem like nice people.

  9. Miss M says:

    She calls him Fassbender, not Michael?! Hm…

    A note to Mike: Dear ginger lover, I can no longer give you a second chance so easily. I have moved on, just accept it. It will be easier for both of us. However, if you cannot accept it, you have to fight with Tom (Hiddleston) to win me over.

    Love (no longer yours),

    Miss M (LucyO–> The woman you walked side by side at NYFF 2011).

  10. Patrice says:

    @RedRiding: Ummm, what is it about a single sentence that reads “Yes it’s true. Fassbender and I are no longer dating” that sounds or seems ‘angry’ to you?
    As for your thought on airing breakups on Twitter, these are CELEBS we’re talking about here. At this point I think it’d be easier to name the actors/singers who don’t air their relationship business on that site…Not my style but then again, I’m not in the public eye :P

  11. T.Fanty says:

    Those closing lines were hauntingly beautiful, Kaiser – I can imagine Hiddles quoting them on twitter tomorrow. I think you need to find Fassy and prove that romance is not dead. Follow that wet dream.

  12. Ms Kay says:

    Seriously she is very beautiful, she kinda gives me a Kerry Washington vibe… Give her a top A stylist and she rocks on them future red carpet appearances!

    And well I guess people just asked her the same question over and over again on twitter so she just got over with it by giving the info… and LOL at the followers making the tweet their favourite, some people (read : women) are happy about it!

    Eh. He’ll bounce back.

  13. Prettytarheelfan says:

    Wait Jennifer and Nicholas Hoult broke up? Where was I?

    ETA never mind, I see it now. Boo. :(

  14. Lulz says:

    She freaking tweeted about the break up… WOW! Erm, okay LMAO

    He’s probably on to the next one by now. Mr. Everwet doesn’t waste time. The Fassdong is free Kaiser, go get him. ;)

  15. marie says:

    that’s a nice top photo of him, and she’s a pretty woman-I’m sure they’ll both be all right..

  16. Me says:

    Yeah, I also thought she could totally be punking people and write something like, “we’re not dating anymore because we’re engaged”. It wouldn’t surprise me, given all the hate she gets. She’s uber private, though, so it’s surprising that she tweeted that information. Who knows? Maybe Fassy put a ring on it. If they are broken up, though, I’m sure they’ll both be okay and I hope the next chick is as beautiful, talented and intelligent as Nicole. And I hope he doesn’t f*ck it up because I have a feeling that that’s exactly what happened with this one.

  17. A says:

    Fassy and Kerry Washington! She’s single, he’s single…She’s educated, interesting, and around the same age….and he pretty much only dates black women. And JenLaw is so going to hook up with BCoop based on the gushy speeches and touchy feely photos at the CCA. Plus, they each just split up with their SO.

    • Me says:

      I’m gonna have to say NO to that one. Kerry is beautiful, yes. And while she’s very intelligent she’s a known nut job and she was more beautiful years ago before she got plastic surgery and became anorexic. I’m sorry to all the ‘Scandal’ and Kerry lovers out there. I count myself as one of them but as a Fassy lover, I hope he stays far away from Kerry.

    • Red-Riding says:

      She’s WAY too GORGEOUS and TALENTED for him.

      Fass usually picks someone attractive, plain, non-famous, or young… some combination of those, but Kerry is drop dead gorgeous and talented and famous and closer to his age etc. etc. etc. I don’t think he could pull that off tbh.

      • Christina says:


        I said on another thread that I’m starting to get Di Caprio vibes from Fassbender. He has a pattern of dating women who are much younger and/or much less famous and accomplished than him. I suppose we overlook it because he’s so damn hot, but if he goes on like this much longer, he’ll deffo be edging into Di Caprio/Clooney territory.

    • Issa says:

      He PREFERS darker skinned ladies but he has dated white girls, mixed girls, Asians, etc….. Michael probably likes the person he’s attracted to at the moment. Hate it when we label people as they will only date…Don’t most of date people the people we’re attracted to and that’s a lot of people, a variety of people.

  18. GoodCapon says:

    I can see you’re excited for this Kaiser – you posted on a weekend morning (my time) and you don’t usually do that unless it’s really BIG news. ;)

    Does anyone else find it strange that she called her Fassbender? She sounds a bit detached.

  19. Reese says:

    Totally not surprised. He’s got a lot going on and proabably gets tempeted all the time doing what he’s doing. Still, it’s sad. Break ups suck :(

  20. Kaiser says:

    *unsheathes Slut Shank of Destiny*

    As God as my witness… that ginger Forever Dong is MINE. You bitches can merely argue about who will get him AFTER I AM DONE.

  21. derpy says:

    referring to him as fassbender and saying yes its TRUE(as in no longer together like fans have been saying) seems to make me think they really did split not get engaged. Then she tweets “More interesting” like she is a little peeved. It would be weird if they secretly got engaged to tweet this but hell maybe.

  22. C'mon now says:

    It’s over they are not engaged. LSA chicks are disturbed. They way she says it confirms it’s been over. I don’t think Fass was in Thailand for three weeks. Nicole sounds angry like she found out about that other woman he’s supposedly dating. We know he’s Everwet for a reason.

    • Patty says:

      What other woman? Please share, you cannot dangle gossip like that in front of us. I think he was in Thailand with Beharie, there were a bunch of twitter sightings of him and the two them that nobody, including myself believed at the time. And he just started filming Frank, meaning she must have been in NM with him up until very recently.

      I guess we’ll never know what happened. And NB does seem very private, she probably tweeted it, so the nasty fangirls would leave her the hell alone.

      Wishing them both the best. Especially her though, I hope 42 is her big break. She is as pretty and talented as the endless number of bland actresses that seem to be hailed as the next it thing these days.

      • cmon now says:

        @patty he has been dating another women I think more than one actually. One of her friends is in the entertainment biz took to twitter and spilled that fass and nicole were already broken up. That he is dating someone else after they thought fass wasn’t being truthful about ending with nicole. The psychotic lsa chicks started bashing the girl tweeting. She called them out and then answered few questions. I dm’d her she said fass and nicole were off than on and the new chick and fass have been dating but she wasn’t sure if he’s serious. He was not in thailand for all 3 weeks either. Nicole sounds angry I don’t think she was lying she didn’t say alot but was turned off by the lsa chicks. She did say while he was in london this women has been with him. She said she wanted him to prove he’s serious first now this.

    • Anon says:

      Other woman? More details please!!!

    • Leslie says:

      What does his new girlfriend look like?

  23. Annie says:

    Ooh she mad…

    I mean “Fassbender”? She could’ve said “Yes, it’s true, I’m single.” But FASSBENDER?! That’s cold. She’s angry.

    I love Fassy but man, I think he’s kinda like his character in Shame. A detached manwhore. Not a sex addict. But completely detached, not seeing use in long term relationships. I actually imagine their relationship a lot like their first date in Shame.

    • cmon now says:

      @annie I hope not. They had zero chemistry in shame to me. It’s kinda odd they never walked the red carpet together and only three of four pics every so mnay months of them out. Looking a hot ass mess. Nicole is a pretty woman and talented she doesn’t even seem phased by this.

      • Tânia Maria says:

        I felt the same thing: I didn’t see any chemistry between them in Shame and I’ve heard about his new girlfriend since middle of december.
        They were apart for four months. It’s a long time to stay away of your love,right? Maybe they went to Thailand to talk and to try to fix things but just didn’t work. I guess that they had a long conversation and Michael opens up about his new relationship. I think that we’ll see him with another woman pretty soon.

  24. Anon says:

    Nicole will be finally rid of the haters. It is funny that he caught my attention and I fell in love with her as an actress. It is time to join a film club; get a hobby and stop spending my hard earn cash on Hollywood. I an not from the US and see no need to continue to support its pop culture. I moved away from sports;tv it is time to focus on Canada totally.

  25. lucy2 says:

    I didn’t see it for a long time, but you celebitches have convinced me. Hawt!

  26. Um says:

    If he was in Thailand with her, he was there for 3 days tops. He was spotted in London that same week and in Ireland the next. Now he’s filming in New Mexico. Was definitely not in Thailand for three weeks with her.

    • cmon now says:

      that is what the friend on twitter was saying. He left from london to new mexico. Not thailand to new mexico. That production company in the uk thanked him for his appearance and he was in ireland. I think this ended with some obvious hurt feelings. Odd to put that out there about thailand and new mexico. Right before someone in the know says they aren’t together. She starts the tweet by saying yes it’s true. Why would she start out confirming a rumor that has been going around for months?

      • Leslie says:

        Lol. He really does love ethnic women. What mix is she, if you don’t mind me asking?

      • Patty says:

        I think she wanted to put everything to rest and move on. I know rumors have been swirling that they were no longer together since the end of last year. But it actually seems like the break up itself was rather recent. She probably didn’t address the rumors when they first started because her and Fassbender were actually still together at that time.

        Whatever the case I hope people leave her alone now. Fassy’s fan girls went crazy while they were together.

  27. derpy says:

    thats true yeah. Thats a long flight I would think and there were spottings of him with that school and out in London.

  28. Jo 'Mama' Besser says:

    Maybe that’s just what she called him, it’s not unheard of. My (hated) aunt by marriage calls my uncle by his last name and they’ve been married for longer than I’ve been alive. Occam’s razor.

  29. Bestie says:

    That’s so formal. Most couples say “baby” or “honey”

  30. Ms Kay says:

    Apparently the break up seems very fresh, given that someone spotted them about a week ago at San Francisco airport together. Here it is :


  31. Leslie says:

    Well that explains her in New Mexico for a week. Seems like they broke up there.

    • Patty says:

      I think he is just too busy for a relationship. And I don’t believe the story about his binders full of women. With his schedule, I find it hard to believe he’d be trying to juggle multiple women/relationships. The guy filmed The Counselor in London/Spain and then the Malick film in Austin back to back. Beharie was in London with him for five weeks and then he was stateside, so I’m finding it hard to believe that he was involved with multiple women during this time.

      • derpy says:

        have you read this guys interviews he is a horndog. he could have easily had multiple women.

      • cmon now says:

        patty it’s not up to you to believe. He’s an actor they always a binder full of women. Surely you aren’t this naive. Is your need for fass to be with nicole so great that you avoid fact?

        first off that pic labeled jan 4th wasn’t taken in jan he has a shaved head now. He’s been all around london and ireland without nicole.

        even the irish newspaper said he was single and so did his interview in that italian mag. She spent 3-4 weeks with him in august.

        now nicole confirms it’s over! It’s been over.

        I for one believe nicole is being coy and clever. We know she posts on lsa and the timing of all this. It’s no coincidence someone was saying it was over and to @nicole if they didn’t believe her .

        I want to see pics of fass and this new woman. I hear she is beautiful.

        lets see if this one last. I’m all for him being happy as long as he makes good movies.

      • Ms Kay says:

        @ cmon now we don’t know about Fassbender every move out and about so that pic might as well been taken a week ago, and it’s a random fan who posted it clearly saying they were at San Francisco airport, which explains her timeline when Nicole Beharie says she was in New Mexico. Plus he has very short hair on the pic, on some men hair can grow back within few days like a beard, so on Fassbender it may have grown a few inches in the meantime and he shaved it again before filming Frank. The whole timeline makes more sense than the supposed reliable person tweeting the new girlfriend rumours, who has no photos nor solid back up except some words. Why is it so hard to believe that Fassbender and Beharie might have given it a try but didn’t work out so broke up a week ago? And again there is no substantiated proof whatsoever of the supposed new girlfriend, now until he steps out the so-called girlfriend he is reportedly single, or better yet having fun as he knows how to do it.

      • andy says:

        ” We know she posts on lsa and the timing of all this.”

        @cmon now

        How do you know she posts on lsa? Just curious.

  32. Mr.Smurf says:

    Aww, I really liked them together! As a pick me up for all you Hiddleston loonies, come look at what I found on ao3.org!
    You’re welcome ladies!

    • Mr.Smurf says:

      It’s Hiddleston/original character bdsm porn…worth a read to all you loonies.
      It’s pretty graphic with sex and some punishment i.e. spankings with his hand and a belt- just incase that’s a trigger for anyone.

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        It’s a bdsm fanfic…it gets pretty graphic and I’m only partway through it. So to warn anyone who reads it, you may not like it at first…portrays him as someone who is needy, a little possessive over his new girlfriend/submissive. But I’m only up to chapter 8/20, so I’m thinking it’s a learning curve for him…to learn how to be a good dominant and not be so freaking possessive. I don’t know if I’ll like the girlfriend…maybe I just don’t know enough about bdsm, but she seems too accepting of him being needy and accepting ala Bella Swan. That’ll probably change later in the story. Just to warn anyone who might read it and freak out over me essentially advocating abuse. Sorry for the paragraph.

        Also, there is some punishment i.e. spanking with a belt and hand, and Hiddles acting like a jacka** in chapter eight.

        Just trying to clarify for anyone who may read it.

      • GoodCapon says:

        Wait, what? How did the discussion of the comment thread go from Michael and Nicole’s breakup to BDSM fanfiction?!

      • Mr.Smurf says:

        Apparently the author is a submissive, so she knows what she’s doing w/his character.

        Old comment from the author:

        Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I wrote a lot on this, because I think it brings up some fascinating points about this story.

        I think Ellie has gradually come to want it more and more. I think now she’s really happy with her choices. Fear and discomfort and pushing limits is all a part of what makes BDSM and D/s in particular fulfilling for the submissive. It’s that suppression of ego that gives the sub freedom and gratification. So I think in any relationship like this there will always be pain and pleasure combined, terror and arousal at once. If Ellie ever got truly comfortable, I don’t think it would be as fulfilling. She likes it. And I know that the D/s situations I have been in personally, while much different that this, were so exciting because I never knew what to expect and that trepidation combined with physical pain brought me such sexual highs that nothing else even compares. But the sub also does have a lot of power, because hard limits are hard, and can only be changed by them, and if they say to stop, it stops. If you have a Dom that knows you and is sensitive to your emotions/physical reactions, you shouldn’t have to use your safeword, but it’s always there just in case.

        I think if Ellie really didn’t want to do this anymore, Tom would try to give her what she wanted. I mean, he did offer in Chapter 12 to have a ‘normal’ relationship or at least to try, so I Ellie chooses to be with him in this way. And I think she likes it as much as Tom does, just differently.

        I also accept that in any work, once it goes out to the reader, it is interpreted by the reader on their terms. So what you see in Ellie and Tom is just as valid as my intentions when I write it! I don’t know if this is my literature background speaking (I studied a lot of Derrida for lit criticism), lol. Sorry for the essay!!!! And thanks again for reading and commenting! It really means a lot :)

  33. Calimero says:

    I’m not surprised about the break-up, he’s very busy and probably doesn’t want a serious relationship but I find the tweet strange, weird, because she seems to be a very private and smart woman…wonder what happened.

  34. dcypher1 says:

    I challenge u kaiser to a duel for the honor of the le fassdong. Jk im engaged hes my free pass though. I can still have fun just fantasizing ha.

  35. Me says:

    If people are going to spread gossip about a new chick without proof, I think it’s only fair to note that the person that ‘cmon now’ is talking about has a twitter (@DutchessSpeaks). She is the same person who started the racist gorilla hunter Tumblr (which she has since changed to Michaelfassbendersucks) to create false rumors about Fassbender and Nicole. Fact is, she’s PISSED that she’s been proven wrong about Fassbender being in Thailand with Nicole. She figured that neither Michael nor Nicole would ever come out and talk about their whereabouts or relationship status so she thought she’d start spreading lies about them not being in Thailand. Obviously she didn’t count on Nicole throwing a curve ball with her tweets today. I bet she also didn’t count on that photo of them in the San Fran airport popping up a while ago. Anyway, this @DutchessSpeaks person claims to be some insider industry person who joined Twitter (just this month) to talk all about her time in the entertainment industry but all of her tweets consist of BS ramblings about Beharie, Fassbender and this non-existent new woman he’s dating. I suppose this person has failed to understand that people might find it pretty sketchy that she’s the only person who claims to know about any alleged new woman he’s dating, that she’s the only person who claims to have any ‘insider’ information at all. And I noticed that she hasn’t tweeted anything in response to Nicole’s tweets. BUT she might be trying to do damage control in the comment section of some websites. Fact is that Michael was with Nicole in Thailand for three weeks in December and flew back to the States last week as is evidenced by the photo of them in the San Fran airport. ‘@DutchessSpeaks’ and ‘Gorilla Hunter’ are the same person. You’ll find her going by different monikers on various Fassbender-related forums and comment sections. And please believe that she is a disturbed and obsessed person who has, for months, been spreading lies about Fassbender and Beharie any and everywhere she can on the internet. She’s counting on people’s ignorance, gullibility and eagerness to believe any bit of negativity about Michael’s relationship with Nicole.

    • Omg says:

      Omg. You really think this person is that obsessed with Michael and Nicole to make up multiple accounts just to make up rumors? That’s a bit extreme. It’s obvious he wasn’t with her for three weeks. Like someone said, if he was in thailand, it was for 3 days! There were multiple sightings of him in London and Ireland within those supposed three week that you say he was with her in Thailand. Get over your dam self. Seems no one us obsessed as you, over analyzing every single thing this crazy person does just because she isn’t jumping up and down for Michael and Nicole to be together forever. I think tweet girl and this other person you speak of are two very different people.

      • Ali says:

        As someone not suffering from Fassbender pangs it isn’t obvious to me that he wasn’t in Thailand, so I’m not sure why it is to you. The fact that they were recently spotted at an airport together is certainly a better indicator of truth than the unsubstatiated statements of a single person with what appears to be an agenda. Also, your reaction seems a bit extreme and paints a picture of someone overly invested, which is what you claim of ‘Me’. Finally, let us not act as though there is some extreme effort that goes into creating multiple Twitter accounts. It’s just as easy as changing your name on here – first with the apostrophe and then without. Whatever happened in their relationship I wish them both the best. They are both talented and attractive people.

    • Kit says:

      The jan 4 pic doesn’t prove that he was with her for three straight weeks in Thailand. It seems like he spent New Years and her birthday with her. But I don’t know about Christmas. There are sightings of him in Ireland and London those three supposed weeks that he was in Thailand. You believe in any twitter post of Michael and Nicole being together without pics, so how are the London and ireland posts any more legit or BS than those twitter sightings of Michael and Nicole with no pics? How is pointing out logic sense investing in anything. You girls are so funny!

  36. Me says:

    I’m sorry but what does Hiddleston porn have to do with this post? You’ll allow that but not actual posts about the actual subject? You’ll allow a known racist to spread lies on your site but not allow anyone the opportunity to refute those lies. Ah, okay. I think I’m starting to understand the way in which you’d like people’s opinions about Fassbender/Beharie to be steered. Hm… Thank goodness for the Fassbender blogs out there. I see why people say what they say about you.

    • Mr.Smurf says:

      What does that have to do with someone saying racist things on here? I only put it up because I thought someone would want to read it, being that he has a lot of fans on here, and didn’t know where else to put it. I made multiple posts to explain the fanfic so people would know what they were getting into when they read it.

      My question to you is: Who’s being racist on this post?

  37. cmon now says:

    so true tania marie. I believe they dated casually. He’s been partying and having fun. Before that person on twirter said anything,another poster on lsa said he’s been spotted in hackney multiples with different ladies. On another board a poster names the pub he goes to and leaves with different women. She said be asian or black and he will hit on you. I see why thew new girlfriend wanted to make sure is serious.

  38. Sway says:

    She may be pretty, but I never liked her for him. She looks common and homely standing next to him. He needs someone with the same fire and charisma he has.

    • Christina says:

      It’s interesting that none of the women he’s dated have been remotely his equal, and most are much younger than him.

      I hope I’m wrong, but I’m starting to get vaguely Di Caprio-esque vibes from him.

    • Red-Riding says:

      @ Deja I hope he dates someone that’s more glamorous and beautiful. Nicole is too plain looking and pales in comparison to Michael. I agree Leasi was gorgeous and Zoe is cute, maybe the new chick people are talking about is on his level looks wise.

      • Tânia Maria says:

        I agree with you, Deja and Red-Riding: Nicole is the type of girl that never will receive a second look here in Brazil. She has no charisma, she isn’t pretty, she does the same mouths and faces in her movies, but the major point because I never liked her is because she knew about Zoe ( while she was filming Shame with Michael) and she had no problem to be with him even knowing about their relationship. To me, she showed a lack of values and integrity.

      • Red-Riding says:

        @Tania Marie I agree she is no beauty, she is just a tacky and childish woman. She clearly wanted more publicity for her career and used Fass to try and get it. The tweet right after she announced the break up is about her new film that will be coming out. There are many reasons why I don’t like her and her playing games and then playing coy and innocent is one of them.

  39. Mr.Smurf says:


    I’m sorry this got into a confusing thing..to me at least. I was just reading fanfics on ao3.org, saw the Hiddles one and posted the link because I figured people would be interested. Then I actually started reading it, and since it got really graphic, I decided to put something up to warn people of that. Because that’s probably the most graphic bdsm I’ve ever read. I was a little concerned with the “spankings”, the writer made it a little too hardcore for me, and I didn’t want people to freak out at me. The story isn’t finished and it portrays Hiddles as very insecure, yet very domineering and possessive. I wanted to warn people of that if it’s not their bag. It’s extremely graphic, but apparently not far off the mark The girl who wrote it is a submissive, and if you read her comments, she explains.

    I didn’t mean for this to be a thing, just something I thought the Hiddlestoner’s would love. Probably won’t do it again.

  40. Mila says:

    Ok, what ever. But why announce it on social network? Its stupid, what about privacy. How annoying.

  41. Tish says:

    He just looks so old for his age.

  42. Sam x says:

    I don’t really follow all things Fassbender but I think shes a beautiful girl! Probably happy to have his stans off her back and not have to deal with the negativity they throw her way. x

  43. Carolyn says:

    Where is Charlize at this moment? Anywhere in the vicinity of Fassy?

  44. afrotastic says:

    I am not surprised. The man is a cheater. I have heard too many rumours about him in Hackney, plus seen him around Broadway Market. The man has an eye for the ladies and is always looking.

    Don’t believe they were in Thailand for three weeks. Rumour round the way was that he was in Ireland for Christmas.

    I can see there are lots of crazy chicks from LSA posting on this board.

    • Anon says:


      Hello Darklady via purseblog!! you have been busy. How is the nonexistent sing career comming along? No plans for future touring? I hope you took your meds today.
      Do not be smug, he is not returning to you. Not pretty, smart, talented,sane and proper enough. tata…..

  45. Miss M says:

    Can someone please explain what is LSA and how and if I should/can stay far away from it? Thanks!

  46. Anon says:

    MF ia a poorer man today; his no longer has his sane,beautiful gf and still has the craziest fans. LSA is the least of his problems; who needs the admiration of haters.

    • afrotastic says:

      Boy you sound like one of those crazy chicks from Lipstick Alley. I wonder which one you are. You guys are always on here when there is a post about Fassbender.

      • Ms Kay says:

        Lipstick Alley again and again, but clearly you show that you hang out there a lot to even come up with a somewhat comparison.

      • afrotastic says:

        Yes. I do just like you. I post on there. It’s a good site. The ladies on the MF appreciation thread are something else. I guess all fandoms have their own nutty fans: Fans that are fanatical, deluded and irrational.

      • Ms Kay says:

        Please, like I said before, stop smoking bath salts and don’t make unsubstantiated assumptions I figured out LSA meant Lipstick Alley only because you mentioned it, doesn’t take an Einstein mind to do so, and still I am not familiar with that website nor post there. I regularly post on CB, now please don’t attach whatever conclusion you draw from my posts or other people here that we are from the “same background” gossip website wise. Know your place i.e. tone it down to zero.

        And you definitely aren’t from around here but clearly want to troll. I and others gave you enough attention as you were rooting for it and spread like the plague. I shall ignore your plague and other lack of decorum from now on.

    • afrotastic says:

      Ms Kay says:

      Yes. I am a avid reader of this blog and have been for a long time. PS stop the naming calling.

  47. Anon says:


    Hello Gorilla Hunter; @Dutchess etc. MF relly fu%ked up when he dated you. After 6 years you have become a cancer in his life. You write the same way everyway you post. How is the new tumblr going? The one called “MichaelFassbendersucks”. I hope he renews the order of protection against you. Why would he take you back? He moved on with 3 women since you. You do not stand a chance in hell. Get some pride and seek the proper help you require.

    • cmon now says:

      @afrotastic pay them no min. They branwashed on believing anyone that isny stannin is a hater and racist.

      they will never see how psycho they look. It’s over they are taking the break up hard.nicole is promoting her movie on to other things. They mad he might really be dating a mixed race woman who isn’t black enough to them. They hated zoe and leasi.

    • afrotastic says:

      Oh, boy, you really are mad. I am not that person and I suggest you should stop throwing claims around and smearing people. The LSA girls are out in force on this thread.

  48. Patrice says:

    @AfroTastic- You’re right. Clearly from my original post the only conclusion to draw is that I’m a “sad” human being *Biggest eye roll on the planet* I would have been more annoyed by your comment but then I saw how you’ve taken the time to try and instigate a few other posters on here so now I’ll just laugh it off and feel for you. (Many would consider adults who spend their time trolling blogs name calling, prodding and trying to insult total strangers “sad”. Just saying…)

  49. Deja says:

    It’s hilarious some of those hardcore micole crazies are already not supporting Michael anymore. Knew it so predictable!

  50. Ginger says:

    I’m happily married and even I squealed with delight! He is so HOT! And WOW! Is Nicole ever pretty…I wonder who either one of them will hook up with next???

  51. FassDaActor says:

    1st, I want to say to Kaiser, I’ve been reading your post on MF for almost a year and you are hilarious. This is my 1st time posting because I never wanted to get into it with some of the weird fans. I’m a black woman and I will always be a fan of MF’s ACTING! I don’t care what race he dates!! Let us REAL fans, hope for the best life has to offer for this amazing talent. Good luck to Nicole and Michael! I’m still a true fan!

    • Peach says:

      Excellent 1st post and welcome! I don’t post much myself but I too have been reading Kaiser’s Fassy posts for about a year and love it. I’d much rather read up on Michael than any of the famewhores HW usually devotes time to (I could go the rest of my life without ever reading the name Kardashian again!)

      Unfortunately, as his star rises and he gets more press so does interest in his private life which bring out the crazy. And with twitter, tumblr, etc it just seems you can’t follow any actor these days without dealing with some insanity. Fassy’s fandom isn’t as bad as Beibers or Twilights but ya still get your shippers, haters, faux insiders, and plain ole batshit crazy nutters. And they are the loudest so it’s easy to forget there are alot of really good fans out there who just love Michael for his work (and yes, for his hotness too ;) So I hope you speak up and post more. :) This is generally a fun place where folks don’t take gossip or themselves too seriously.

      • FassDaActor says:

        Oh I didn’t forget the hotness. It’s not a coincidence that almost all of his characters ooze sex appeal. I know a dirty mind when I see one. I could just imagine…mmm…urr!! Some see photos of him when he’s preparing for a role and they don’t understand the fuss. I know better;-P I mean, he almost made Jane Eyre and X Men into a porno just by his presence. HOT!

  52. Anon says:

    Poor Michael. He is not even American; Ryan they are coming for you.

  53. LeeLoo says:

    If I could wish for any celebrity coupling it would be Michael Fassbender and Zoe Saldana. How hot would that be

  54. Karen says:

    Can Michael and Kerry Washington please go and make babies now?

  55. afrotastic says:

    I think he should hook up with Miss Kerry Washington too. She is super hot and gorgeous, prefer her to Zoe Saldana. Loved Kerry since the “Last King of Scotland” with James McAvoy. And she has been killing it on the Django Unchained European tour.

    • RealityStinks says:

      Jessica Chastain would be a nice pairing. As would Kerry Washington, Noomi Rapace, Zoe Saldana. But those women are too head strong for Fass. They are all in their career. Even Zoe Kravitz. Leasi was crazy but I think he was madly in love with her. I do. I don’t get that sort of vibe with Nicole and him. It’s not to say they didn’t care deeply for each other.

      Whoever his next girlfriend is. I do hope he really does the whole marriage and kids thingy. Fass isn’t getting any younger.

  56. Missus Björg says:

    I really don’t get the crush on/fascination with the likes of Fassbender, Cumberbatch, Gosling now let alone Hiddleston… I am totally mystified someone has got to explain it to me soon enough.

    • clay basket says:

      This. I see people here loving those guys who not only aren’t good looking but also seem strange and try hard with their interviews yet someone like Henry Cavill is called bland or not good looking. WTF?

      • Missus Björg says:

        Amen to that. Henry Cavill is bafflingly gorgeous, well educated, and very eloquent in interviews. I guess it’s because he isn’t controversial nor a bad boy nor quotes Shakespeare at length? Anyway… Still mystified.

      • Rasheeda says:

        Henry is very handsome but I think he’s a bit bland. Michael’s got some charisma and fire to him. Though, I dont’ think he’s sanctified like some of the other fans do. He’s a man, not a saint.

      • sho says:

        It’s not about mere good looks, or interviews, it’s about the whole package. There’re also reasons like… Fassbender is a great actor (I like people who are good at what they do) and I feel a strong and fiery, at times subtle and understated masculinity and self-possession that comes from inside, and signs of a complex, powerful nature.
        And about interviews… LOL I get what you mean, and yet… I live in an academic environment and can give eloquent interviews/presentations myself (in my language) if needed, and I like his interviews a lot. Don’t be deceived by his you-knows and sort-ofs, just hear what he says and look at his body language. He’s got substance. He knows what he’s talking about. Many things I’ve observed through my academic spectacles, he describes in such a thought provoking and lively way, the way of someone who has actually lived instead of just reading books. And I’m surprised because living as fast as he is, he has taken time to make those observations, pose questions and try to find answers, instead of just going ahead and trying to be a successful person. He connects the worlds of men of action and thinkers.

        There are many other things, small things that I find interesting but impossible to list right now. Sorry about the paragraph.

  57. Shira says:

    Don’t think she’s pretty and really don’t like her tweeting about their split. And calling him by his last name!

  58. serena says:

    LOOOL to the Bradley Cooper stuff, totally agree he seems gay.

  59. ichsi says:

    Uhm… has it occurred to you that she might have been asked if ‘she and fassbender were still dating’ and she simply used the same phrasing in her answer?
    That’s why i don’t like twitter. you try to put something in under 140 characters and people interpret it apart…
    Still: I liked them together, she’s very beautiful and a little more age-appropriate than the Kravitz girl. So, shame that they split.

    A part in me wishes that she spilled about their relationship…
    It’s just that my crush on him is shadowed by the ugly ugly domestic-violence rumours and I really would love to have somone diperse or confirm them for once and for all. (please disperse bc the implications for option #2 are horrible…)

  60. Latisha says:

    Everyone let’s all remember that his last 3 girlfriends were all black women that he met while filming a movie.First Leasi Bender,(Lawrence Bender’s ex wife who produced Inglorious Bastards) that he met while filming Inglorious Bastards.Then Zoe Kravitz,from X-men First Class, and then Nicole that he met on the set of Shame.I think he meant it when he said he was shy and has a hard time approaching women.It is easier for him to date the woman closest to him.I guarantee you all that his next gf is going to be whatever black woman that is cast in his next film.It doesn’t matter who,as long as she is black and single.As a black woman myself it makes me wish I was an actress. lol Not really.

  61. JJ says:

    I hate to say this but I think it really bothers a lot of you that he is into black women. It’s actually kind of funny.

  62. Linda says:

    It’s not the fact that people hate Michael loving black women, it’s that they go around on every Michael board expressing how he ONLY has eyes for black women, when it is clear that he also dated other races. I think you all need to get over yourselves. Michael loves every race (:

    • Reese says:

      It’s not a f^cking contest people. Michael likes black women, obviously. He also seems to like many other woman of different races as well. As has been shown by who he has dated and flirted with. They are all beauitful women, so why the hell does it matter so much?

    • Ali says:

      Who exactly is you all.

      Isn’t it possible to be attracted to women of varying ethnic backgrounds, but still have a particular preference for black women/women of color.

      I think it’s the word preference that bothers people, or you all, so much because it seemingly excludes those who aren’t women of color from the fantasy.

      Brad Pitt has dated women of varying ethnic backgrounds, but seems to have a particular preference for white women. Is there any problem in this case. If the answer is no then there shouldn’t be any problem when it comes to detailing Fassbender’s predilections. If there is a problem that is another matter entirely.

  63. dahlianoir says:

    Sad… she’s very beautiful, kind of tranquil beauty. If he’s a cheater, that downgrades it for me.

    • cubfan34 says:

      On places I read there are women who dislike Michael because they think he’s a woman beater. If there is no truth to the stories, I think he should refute them.

      • sho says:

        I’m afraid we will never hear anything from him. He must have refuted it when he was investigated (and claimed innocent; the LA county DA and LAPD made an investigation even after she dropped the charge). But to the public he has made it known that his private life is private and rarely talks about even other relationships. I think he knows what they say about him and is angry though. He says that some people have too strong of an opinion about people they don’t know about.

        I kind of believe he was a cheater though. You must have an enormous libido if you need a near fatal hunger to kill it off for you, which he admits. And they didn’t spend that much time together.

      • Rasheeda says:

        I think it’s unfair to say he must be a cheater. None of us know him. As far as I can tell, he’s an attractive, successful man with a normal male appetite for sex. More power to him.

      • sho says:

        @Rasheeda: Yes, it’s probably unfair. I just say I won’t be surprised if he is one considering everything I’ve heard and seen from him and those who’ve met him, including people who have zero reason to be malicious towards him.
        I don’t believe the abusing story though, for a number of reasons. But I don’t go around saying that the woman MUST be a lying evil bitch, unlike those people who call him all names on the basis of him being the accused, or a white man, or other ridiculous reasons.

  64. Amelt says:

    I like this site as generally is very lighthearted and there are usually no trolls. Most of the ladies seem quite intelligent and fair but man some of the responses in the comment section have been so disturbing! Some of the fans seem to know all the minutiae of his holiday schedule and his dating life. Creepy.

    As for the breakup, with an international and busy career and constantly being surrounded by hot people to boot I cannot imagine it being easy to maintain a relationship. Could just be a case of growing apart. *shrugs*

  65. Rasheeda says:

    People break up all the time. It’s not like they were engaged so why is there an “uproar?” So bizarre. I think people are reading too much into this. They dated and broke up. Life goes on.

  66. Maguy says:

    Hi everybody.i often come here but this is my first post.1.i am a black chick micheal can date blue purple pink red it’s HIS LIFE.2.i don’t know what is so spectacular about this breakup it’s hollywood we’re are talkin about where relationships barely last a lifetime people breakup and make up even in real life3.is he a cheater?you don’t know him enough to say that.5.i see so many girls and boys lol actin as if they know everything about his schedule his lovelife his taste for women please stop that it’s very naive childlish and creepy.
    so ladies and fellas i will advice u to be careful just because u see an actor/someone on tv or elsewhere doesn’t mean u should pass judgement on him/her whatsoever.i am a fan of micheal’s WORK he’s great actor with a bright future in the industry.i don’t worship him i dont detest him because I DONT KNOW HIM all of us DONT remember that…

  67. happyhomo says:

    I don’t believe they broke up.The way she announced it on twitter doesn’t seem right.It is like they had a fight and she is trying to get his attention.There is also something really childish and immature about dumping someone on twitter.There’s no way she’d dump a man that is that cute and loves to eat pussy as much as he said he does.I bet he even gave her his charge card.Bitch please she ain’t going nowhere.

  68. Ali says:

    Thinking a bit more on the issue of Michael Fassbender’s preferences for black women and women of color. It wasn’t actually black women or women of color who excluded you all from the fantasy of Michael Fassbender. It was Fassbender himself, so if you want to get bent out of shape about reality you need to focus the animosity in the right direction. He has preferences. Get over it.

  69. Me says:

    Where and who are all these white women that you all are saying he dated? Seriously. I’m not being facetious. I just want to know because some of you who are trying to prove that he’s dated all kinds of women keep saying he’s dated white women and you can’t give anybody a name. If you don’t know, then say something like, “I’d imagine he’s dated white women in his past.” But to say it like you know for a fact and can give names and all…uh, that’s…interesting. You know, “interesting.”

    • sho says:

      One I know of is Isabelle Knispel, a Miss Germany.
      He isn’t immune to white women for sure, although he seems to prefer those with a darker/Latin look. You can google a video of him being interviewed by a female Italian reporter and see for yourself. LOL
      Not to mention that Maiko is half white (half Asian),Zoe is biracial too.

      (I’m not white)

      • fassyistheman says:

        Sho you are obvious shonuff. Bringing up Maiko and Leasi.Sho one could argue the relationships with Leasi and Maiko were casual. They did not produce a marriage or engagement.

        Heard it all before from you. Nicole and Michael spent no time together.It was casual dating. Even know Michael brings up Nikki in an interview and dotes on her.

        Sho is a stalker herself.Sho thinks she knows everything about them.Sho hasn’t stopped posting about them breaking up.

        In her head it’s not was never a serious of relationship.We don’t know why it ended. Sho will keep insisting Nicole meant nothing to him.

        Sho gets a kick out of saying he dated other races of women. It makes her feel good cause she thinks black women don’t like him dating other races.Reason Sho brings it up all the time.I suggest you not respond to her bait.It bothers Sho he had a love relationship with black women. Even if it was casual or serious. It makes her sad that neither Leasi nor Maiko got engaged and were dumped by him.

        Sho last time I checked Zoe’s parents identify as African Americans. Zoe is a black woman.

        I feel bad for Sho he will undoubtedly date another black woman. If she isn’t she won’t be Asian. Shonuff

      • t says:

        Lisa, Lenny and, Zoe are all multiracial and I think they identify as such.

      • sho says:

        @fassyistheman: wft is this shit? Are you crazy?
        I’ve never posted here before this article, and I’ve never said anything on anywhere all the shitty stuffs you mentioned about Nicole. I’m not even talking about her!
        And I don’t know what Zoe identifies as but her parents obviously have more than one race’s blood inside them. And why the fuck would Michael have cared about the way she self-identified? Do you think if a white, very pale woman identifies herself as black (because yes, I think he does prefer a type, only he doesn’t exclusively date that type) in the hope that this will make her more attractive to him, it will work?

        And who cares if Michael was casual with Maiko or Zoe, and who knows the truth but themselves. I don ‘t know and I don’t care that much. I just answered a question the person above posted.
        I don’t even understand what you are trying to prove!

  70. fassyistheman says:

    The identify as black people. If you read Lenny’s interview with Essence you would know this.

  71. fassyistheman says:

    His sound American Women is about black women. From his statement about the song.

  72. Liz says:


    The only girlfriend that we know of he dated for more than a year was Maiko, and that happened ages ago.

    Hopefully he will have more luck next time, don’t want him to become the irish Gerard Butler.

    • fassyistheman says:

      The relationship was ages ago with Maiko.It is brought up like it was yesterday. His relationship with Maiko didn’t produce marriage.Who cares it lasted over year?

      • Liz says:

        I meant to say that at almost 36 years old you would think he would have been able to have a relationship that lasted longer than that. I like the guy but in my opinion he must not be an easy person to be with. None of us actually know him personally and we can only judge what little we know of him but that’s what I feel.

  73. fassyistheman says:

    @sho You post here bringing up Maiko and Leasi. I don’t think Michael cares what Zoe identifies with black or multiracial.You do.You make sure you bring it up.It makes you feel better to post Zoe is only half which is wrong.You needed to know she does identify as a black women.You have a problem with him dating black women.You are envious of Nicole. You can’t keep from typing her name. If you have a problem with him dating black women tell him. Beg him to get with Leasi and Maiko types. Shonuff is what you really wish for.

  74. Tatiana says:

    well this is my 1st and a last post here, if more I am reading it, than more I feel a racist tendencies opposite to a white womans. It is really more than enought. People, are you crazy??? what are you discussing about? Yes, we can notice that Michael does have a preferencies to a half-race woman, but never absolutely black. So the same way we will calculate it? – it is stupid. He likes the exotic I think that is his way for THIS time. For me some of posts here looks like focusing to seek out the superiority of one race over another. this is stupid, unpleasant and illegal. Sorry if a seemed overreact.

    • Liz says:

      I always thought he had an exotic taste in woman, no matter what race they have always being outside of what most people consider beautiful. Nicole is the only that has a more traditional beauty. He did say once he had no problem dating someone that wasn’t skinny, just as long as the woman was comfortable with herself. I would like to see him put that into action in the public eye.

  75. fassyistheman says:

    @Tatiana Nicole Beharie and Zoe Kravitz are not half race women. They are African American women.

  76. stace says:

    Um I think Zoe is mulitracial yup

  77. sho says:

    I hesitated, but then I’ve decided to post here again.
    @all: I find Michael dating Nicole and other blacks totally OK. I just don’t want to reply to fassyistheman above anymore, because this person is totally delusional, but I don’t want anyone to believe her/his crap. I didn’t “keep typing Nicole’s name” and haven’t posted bad things about her or black women here or anywhere else.

    One person asked which white women he dated. I mentioned Zoe as a part white, because as far as I knew:
    First, biologically and physically she was one. And I think that info is basically enough. Just like Michael is biologically a half Irish, half German no matter what he chooses to identifies with. Also what one chooses to identifies with does matter, but mostly socially and culturally, and only to an extend. The truth is sometimes not definite. The same person can be an Australoid biologically, a French culturally, and then chooses to identifies with another different group. Officially Gérard Depardieu has become a Russian, so he is one, but biologically and I think, culturally, one can still consider him a French.
    Second, it’s possible that Zoe is pure black culturally – this I don’t know. But I also didn’t and still don’t know what Michael finds attractive in colored women. Maybe it’s their non-white culture, maybe it’s their physical beauty. IF it’s the latter, then whether she considers herself black or white or mix just doesn’t matter.

  78. sho says:

    And if this quote is truly his, then probably there’s an answer to my question whether it is physical or cultural:

    “Well physically, I am attracted to darker women, I’m not gonna lie. To me I personally find them beautiful, but of course there’s more to a person than what meets the eye. Everyone has their own uniqueness.