Lena Dunham in Zac Posen at the Globes: awkward & obnoxious or okay?

Lena Dunham

Last night when Jason Bateman was grimacing alongside Aziz Ansari (who was pretending to be really baked) while presenting the Best Actress, Comedy or Musical Series award, I was actually chanting, “Anyone but Lena Dunham! Anyone but Lena Dunham! Oh … crap.” Because she won. Lena Dunham actually won, and now we can officially blame Judd Apatow for the further deterioration of Western civilization. Lena’s brainchild, HBO’s “Girls,” also won Best Comedy or Musical Series, so I guess she’s here to stay for at least a few more television seasons before the show’s gimmick wears thin. Here are her acceptance speeches for both awards, and Lena claims that she was nominated to speak on behalf of the entire “Girls” cast and crew. I guess we’ll take her word for it.

On the red carpet, Lena wore Zac Posen and claimed “[he’s] an old friend of mine so it’s very exciting to be wearing him in this context.” Of course Zac is an old friend. Why wouldn’t he be? The gown was not good though. The color — puce — clashed garishly with Lena’s skin tone (nothing against pale girls because I’m pale too and would never wear that color), and she looked so incredibly awkward. What’s even worse is that Lena couldn’t walk in whatever high heels she had on under that dress, so she simply tottered up to the stage while accepting both awards. With a dress that length, Lena really should have gone with flats instead of tight, uncomfortable heels in which she couldn’t even bother to learn to walk. No one would have even noticed flats.

Lena Dunham

Lena’s hair and makeup were basically the same as her every day street look. She could have at least worn a cute, matchy-matchy headband, right? She grates so much.

Lena Dunham

Here’s Lena with Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet. I always think of Zosia as the charismatic lesbian from “Mad Men.” She was pretty great in that guest spot.

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

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  1. Marianne says:

    This dress does her no favours. Lena is no way fat, but she is a bigger girl by hollywood standards, and I don’t think she knows how to dress her body. I also felt the look could have used a necklace or something to glam it up.

  2. some bitch says:

    There is something distinctly annoying about Lena Dunham.

    Forget Lucy Liu’s dress (I actually love it) because Lena was worst dressed for the globes.

  3. Jess says:

    Side question. Was Lindsey Lohan there too?

  4. Jenna says:

    Her entire being is awkward. And I can’t bring myself to like her or her show.

    • pop! says:

      I dislike her personality, or what I’ve eked out as her personality based on what she tries to show us. I hate that people are trying to make ‘girls’ this voice if a generation. I watched the pilot and literally turned it off after twelve minutes. I turned it back on and continued through gritted teeth, trying to see why people liked it. It is literally 21 minutes of her character complaining that her parents won’t pay for her to live in New York when whew won’t get a job, and offers to just take $1100 a month instead. I was like… Am i supposed to hate these entitled b!tches? Because i do. It’s completely unrelateable, and lacks diversity. I really dislike Lena and her shtick/personality. SUPER grating.

      • Bijlee says:

        The show just bores me. I’m not interested in the stupid girl problems. Just noting really happens.

      • girl says:

        Word! I found her show to be unwatchable. I know I vary greatly with Lena Dunham’s political beliefs but honestly it has nothing to do with that. I like so much of what is on HBO, Six Feet Under is one of my favorite series ever, I even watch Drawn Together (thank you Netflix) so it definitely isn’t because of any differences in our morals or anything. That show was just awful.

        I do appreciate that she is not the standard size zero and all of that. It would have been great if she would have dressed herself for an event like this better instead of making everyone wonder if hipsters are trying to make a statement by bringing back foot-binding. She looked very uncomfortable and that, along with her show, was very offputting.

    • Becky1 says:

      Looks like I’m definitely in the minority, because I like “Girls.” Do I think it’s great? No, but it’s entertaining and I actually like the fact that the characters aren’t particularly likable. The funniest character IMO is Adam (Lena Dunham’s boyfriend on the show).

  5. QQ says:

    Her posture, the Tottering, i couldnt even with those things an i actually like Girls

  6. grabbyhands says:

    This dress was such a horrible choice. It makes her look dumpy. In fact I was surprised at the number of unflattering dresses this year.

  7. Beth says:

    I can’t stand her. I was so bummed that she won and that the show won. I think it’s a terrible show. I can’t stand her self-important, post-hipster banality. And she looked RIDICULOUS limping around like an idiot.

    • Arock says:

      That’s exactly what annoys me about her, you put it perfectly. That “oh. You’re still a hipster.” attitude and she’s so beyond that. One of the follies of youth is that attitude (begrudgingly raises hand) and one of the great joys of age is being able to snort and roll our eyes at it. But yeah, the show sucks. Amy polher 4-eva

    • Sweet Dee says:


      I just can’t stand her. Anne Hathaway used to be the most annoying female celebrity to me until Lena came around. I am so sick of her and her piety already, but I’m afraid she’ll be around for awhile. Ugh.

    • pop! says:

      Yes! It is such an entitled, self righteous, terrible show. I said above i tried to watch it. Mostly because outwardly they look like people i would like–artistic young twenty somethings. As an artistic young twenty something, who WORKS and pays for my own education, i was aghast at the nerve of these characters. ‘i don’t need a job, I’m an artist! Parents, fund my life, all i demand is 1100 a month!’
      I literally found this show to be so repellent and the affectless, snooty tones…. ‘oh yeah, like’ ‘no, but yeah, like’ without any emotion! Emotion isn’t cool, i guess.I can see that in any coffee shop and be annoyed for free without paying for hbo. I ranted to my boyfriend who is an artist (and works) and he thought maybe they were being ironic, and they’ll learn something.
      But I digress.
      Terrible show. Undeserving actor. Go away already.

      • Lee says:

        Have you watched more than the first 10 minutes of the pilot? You are definitely supposed to think Hannah is entitled and unaware of the realities of the world. They are poking fun at the ridiculous phase of post-grad life where you think you are an adult with intelligence and experience and that the world should be knocking on your door to praise your brilliance yet the first year or two out of school you realize that it’s a tough world out there are you were far more privileged than you ever realized. Knocking the girls down a peg or 2 is kind of the MO of Girls in my opinion. At 26 years old, I am slightly past the age of the characters but exactly the same age as Dunham and even if I don’t personally identify with any of the characters, I certainly recognize people I went to school with in them.

        I just don’t get the hate for Dunham. Yes, she came from a life of privilege but so have many other successful people. She’s a woman who, at 26, has written, directed, produced and starred in a feature length film and an acclaimed tv show. I’m happy to support a successful young woman who isn’t playing by the rules set out by the boys club of hollywood. I have never seen a man get as much sh*t thrown at him as Dunham has.

      • pop! says:

        I gritted and bared the whole pilot. There was only one redeeming character in the whole show for me, and she want even worth trying to watch the next episode for. I just found myself not enjoying it, including their manner of speech. It just didn’t ring true to me or remind me of anything i can sympathize with, besides sometimes having a-hole friends, and even then it felt disingenuous because they didn’t even seen to recognize the friend were entitled a-holes.
        The show just doesn’t agree with me at all , it definitely has found an audience though.

  8. T.C. says:

    Don’t get the appeal of the show GIRLS. Gave it a chance but it’s not for me.

  9. JenD says:

    I feel kinda uncool because I had never heard of her or the show until a few days before the GG. The close up shots of her at the GG really highlighted how terrible the color was for her skin tone.

  10. Miss Kiki says:

    They all look like they’re wearing really bad prom dresses.

  11. Chicagogurl17 says:

    When she won and they cut to the crowd clapping, Paul Rudd had this this look like, “who? Whatever, these things are rigged. Ugh”. It was priceless.

  12. Kate says:

    If she hadn’t tottered like an idiot in her heels, her whole bs, hipster, anti-hollywood “I’m just a regular 20 something girl finding my way in the world” would’ve gotten a little lost, wouldn’t it? Put me in the camp of she wore the stupid heels on purpose. What a tool. Talk about try-hard.

    I loathe her, Girls and every sentence of press it gets. Outrageous that Amy Poehler cannot ever win this friggin’ comedic actress award.

  13. Katia says:

    Oh the charismatic lesbian is in ‘girls’? That’s a reason to watch..

  14. Samigirl says:

    The color, the style, none of it was good. Her hair and makeup sucked (per usual), and she was having the worst time trying to walk. Hot mess. All of it.

  15. T.Fanty says:

    I had actually just assumed that the ugly brown circa 1989 prom gown was an ironic hipster thing.

  16. annabelle says:

    I suspect she had better choices, but is so committed to looking awful, to prove a point, that she went with this sh-t brown sack.

    The fact that she couldn’t even walk in her shoes was ridiculous. I think it’s hilarious that their table was so far from the front that it forced her to make that awkward walk.

    I’ve just now seen Girls (on dvd) and I am so so tired of seeing this chick naked. While the show is a decent representation of life at that age (for some) there is just no need to try so hard. She’s the hipster version of the white JLo dress – desperate!

  17. JuneBug says:

    It’s a great, great show. I love Lena to death. Comic genius . And, she looked great !

  18. smartyparty says:

    I liked Tiny Furniture. Then I began to realize that the whiny, annoying, immature, entitled, purposefully-awkward character she wrote and played in that movie is actually who is IS. She is the most obnoxious person ever. I barely even see her on TV, and she still manages to annoy me. She reminds me of the kind of person who makes all her personal stuff everyone else’s problem in the most uncomfortable way. Case in point: she can’t walk in heels. That should be HER problem, her’s alone. Instead she insisted on wearing heels to an event where she knew she might have to walk up to stage, thus making it all of OUR problem as we were forced to cringe and feel second-hand embarrassment for her. Pathetic. And I feel like she wears awful clothes on purpose.

    • Tiffany27 says:

      I don’t normally do the +1 thing, but I’m going to have to +ELEVEN BILLION INFINITY on this comment.

    • poppy says:

      i try to avoid her like the plague without much luck. recently the new yorker had an article about her mom. they are all arhteeests in the family.
      read: they are all terrible and full of themselves

    • Scarlet Vixen says:

      I absolutely agree. I haven’t watched “Girls” but I have a problem with her winning an award for “acting” a character that she WROTE specifically for herself. Is is really acting when you created the character–based on yourself FOR yourself–and also wrote the script?

      I wanted to keep and open mind and like this girl, but she’s just another needy, obnoxious, hipster who thinks their life was so hard and interesting and we all just need to know about every single insecurity and anxiety. I’m only 33 and I’m already over that kind of juvenile eye-roll inducing behavior.

  19. Lou says:

    I rather she spent more time writing and directing her critically acclaimed, award winning sitcom than learning how to walk in high heels

  20. Attica says:

    I sincerely thought she had pissed herself with the way she was waddling to to stage.

    I’m relieved to find out it was just her heels that caused her penguin dance.

    Next time she should just wear flats…

  21. marie says:

    I feel like people (and by people I mean HW) wants me to like her, but I just find her obnoxious. Good for her I guess, I tried to watch the show but didn’t like it.

  22. Oi says:

    Is that dress supposed to look like body armor? Is she going to rip off the skirt and reveal a weapon and start fighting off zombies or something? That whole thing is bad. And as a fellow member of the Ladies with Elongated Collar Bones Club, I must say that she shout NOT be wearing straps like that. Especially with short hair.

    Edit: Just realized; zombie fighting? sorry forgot who we were talking about. I like the 80′s prom dress theory from above better.

  23. kibbles says:

    Ugliest dress ever. Must have been the worst of the night. She has the money to hire a stylist. There is no excuse here. Zac Posen should have known that this would look horrible on her body type and helped an “old friend” out by giving her a more flattering dress.

    • taxi says:

      The straps kept falling off her shoulders too. Don’t know whether she changed posture & rounded her shoulders more than usual or if it never fit in the first place. If she really wanted to show the tats, she could have gone strapless instead. Back tats weren’t in full view.
      Can she not walk in heels or was she really drunk?

  24. Lem says:

    She should certainly have worn flats. I am so glad she did not biff.
    I do like when people way in the back win.

  25. mln76 says:

    I actually like the show but I cannot stand their pretentious hipster jerkiness off screen.

  26. Ellen Smith says:

    The dress was horrible – from the color to the style. Her makeup (or lack thereof) was horrible. Her carriage and posture were horrible. The tattoos were cheap and trailer trash looking. This is the new Hollywood. (Compare with Julianne Moore, who was as glamourous as could be – simply divine).

  27. gee says:

    I really love the show Girls. She needs to work on her fashion in a serious way though.

  28. GiGi says:

    I may be alone, but I do really like Girls. The characters remind me a lot of girls I went to college with and that time of life in general.

    That being said… burn the dress. And the heels. I never understand why women like Lena, who obviously have a distinct and personal style, decide to throw on their mom’s formal night on Carnival Cruiselines ballgown and think it will work for them. It was just a big, ill fitting, wobbly mess.

  29. cf says:

    Can’t stand her. Oh I was so lonely, oh finally, someone liked me at summer camp. Girl you were born super wealthy, and your parents supported you and paid your way so you could develop the show. You are more blessed than 99% of this country. Please stop with the oh my gosh I was so sad before all this.

  30. cc says:

    this is the first i’ve ever heard of her

    what’s her story?

  31. cc says:

    i love jason bateman – am i the only one?

  32. Dani says:

    Her speech was actually so annoying and so dumb. ‘This demented child’ and ‘getting me through middle school’. Who says that??

    Fugliest dress I have ever seen. It’s supposed to be like oh I’m too cool for the GG so I just wore this random dress my long time designer friend had. Just no.

    • cf says:

      this is what drives me crazy about her. “made it through middle school” she grew up sooo wealthy. access to the best schools. Do rich people still have problems? Sure, but I find it so obnoxious to complain about your own insecurities when people are actually suffering

  33. shaniqua nunyadambidness says:

    Lena thinks a lot of herself…even if she’s acting self-effacing. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

  34. Diana says:

    I was waiting for her to fall on her face at any moment.

  35. lucy2 says:

    I was disappointed but not surprised that she and the show one. Great for her that she’s created this show and all, but I think there are vastly superior shows and comedic actresses out there – heck, two of them hosted the show.

    I don’t like the dress and it’s really distracting that it crossed over that giant tattoo, but when I saw it my first thought was it was one of the better red carpet looks she’s had. Her gowns are usually even more unflattering.

  36. Amilu says:

    Seriously. Girlfriend looked SO awkward hobbling up to and onto the stage! It pained me to watch her.

    I don’t watch Girls, and my feelings for Dunham border on blind dislike. But I did LOVE that she thanked Chad Lowe in her acceptance speech.

    Zosia Mamet looks so much like her mother!

  37. saywhat says:

    Zac Posen is not her friend. No friend would dress her in that and let her go out and be photographed in such a disaster.

    She could have at least have tried in the makeup department.

  38. andrea says:

    If her objective was to look awkward and plain (which I honestly think it was), then she was very successful.

  39. Katie says:

    I don’t like Girls. I tried, it’s just not for me. I can’t get into Mad Men, either.

    However, I liked Lena Dunham since I recently heard how she responded to Howard Stern’s criticism of her, which is to say, she was classy and diplomatic after he repeatedly ranted that she was a “little fat girl” and that her show was terrible.

    And then she thanked Chad Lowe in one of her speeches because Hillary Swank didn’t and because “I’m an asshole,” and I see now that Lena and I have the same sense of humor. So I still like her. I like the color of the dress, but the cut is a little off.

  40. MG says:

    I like the show Girls and have liked Lena up until last night. Her speech was annoying. Wear FLATS for God’s sake!

  41. tabasco says:

    she needs to get her teeth fixed. just saying. if you’re going to be in hollywood, get them teefs worked out girl!

  42. bea says:

    Yeah, I was doing the same chant, but I guess we’ll have to get used to seeing her A LOT in the next year.

    She needs to get her sartorial situation under control. That dress was an abomination – the material looked as thick as upholstery material, the color is a gross non-color and the off-the-should necklace is insanely unflattering on her. And don’t even get me started on her stupid tatoos on her back – it looked like the Haunted Mansion or something. Yuck. But the inability to walk in the shoes that could not be seen, just made her look even more awkward. She needs a stylist immediately.

  43. ZigZagZoey says:

    Let me just say I have never watched the show, but from what I have seen of her…I don’t really like her. Strikes me as very annoying.
    This reaction to this dress is so weird. I think she looks good. I think it is a MAJOR MAJOR upgrade form anything else I have seen her in for awards shows. She has looked really fat in the past….I don’t think this dress makes her look fat at all. I think it makes her look so much better than what I’ve seen her in before. And I kinda like the color too, and don’t think she is too pale for it.
    Oh well, guess it’s just me!

  44. Ycnan says:

    I love girls and I think she’s pretty awesome to write, direct and star in this show.

  45. Miss You Enclave24 says:

    I watched the Girls marathon yesterday right before the new episode of the season. The show is ok. I laughed a few times, The character I ADORE is Adam. My goodness I would love to find an Adam IRL. I think Howard Stern made a good point when he suggested that Lena stop hogging the camera so we can get to know the other characters. Hannah is slightly annoying.

    • connie says:

      I wanted to like girls because i had so many friends that were into it but i just couldnt. watched a few episodes and didnt want to continue. i can’t decide if im just being a h8r but i actually think its annoying that she is the writer director and star. i’ve worked with people like that, “I’m the owner/president/marketing coordinator,CFO, COO….” My experience is that they tend to prop themselves up without much to back it up, so maybe that is why i dont care for her?

  46. Miz Misanthrope says:

    If she had fallen flat on her face that prat fall would have been the funniest thing she’s ever done. Including her grating show. She still wouldn’t deserve that aware but I gave up awards shows actually rewarding talent years ago.

  47. Gia says:

    The show is pretty good. I mean I don’t see it as this ground breaking television that some people seem to be selling it as but either way my critique of her is squarely aesthetic. Stand up straight for Christs sake! Don’t wear heels you can’t walk in. Put your shoulders back. Her gate was so off putting…but I guess that is supposed to be her awkward charm??? I don’t get it. She’s a grown woman.

  48. becky says:

    I have been so surprised to find out, thanks to Awards season, that “Girls”is a comedy. I have seen every episode. Is it seriously supposed to be a comedy?!

  49. the original bellaluna says:

    Am I supposed to know who this person is?

  50. LAK says:

    that girl with the eyebrows bothers me. I want/wanted to reach into the screen and do something about those eyebrows.

  51. Feebee says:

    That’s a great color on a motor vehicle. Not so much on that dress.

    I find this woman insufferable.

  52. judyjudy says:

    I haven’t seen the show and no nothing about this girl.

    If I were going to be on an award show I’d at least use some white-strips and try to stand up straight.

    • Jay Elle says:

      She’s a hipster. A dirty one, at that. Of course she wouldn’t whiten her teeth, stand up straight, wear shoes that she can walk in, or take a general pride in her appearance. She’s “ironic”. HIPSTERS HAVE NO PLACE IN HOLLYWOOD, PERIOD.

  53. Rex says:

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE dress, she looked extremely uncomfortable all night. She’s going to look back at the pictures/videos and regret it for the rest of her life

  54. Jay Elle says:

    I love the show but I can’t stand her. At first I thought “oh, what a stupid character” because I hate hipsters. Then I saw an interview. Her character IS HER. YUCK!

  55. erika says:

    wait a minute lena needs to give the award back, the Globes are too ‘conformist’ and ‘mainstream’ they’re everything Lena does NOT represent.

    the color she’s wearing is ‘constipation relief prune’ you know, the little dried prunes that your grandma eats to keep herself regular…

  56. Cait says:

    She is so unfunny and entitled, it’s infuriating.

  57. BorgQueen says:

    OMG I tried to like the show “Girls” but its so annoying to me. Rich girls who get cut off and then have to figure out how to live like normal people. Boo hoo. There are people who are really suffering. I read some of the comments that say that is exactly whats the show point but I cant sympathize with it. I will say she is a smart bi*ch to cast 2 girls (I am sure there are more but I dont know) who have ties to big people.

  58. Steph says:

    Reading everyone’s comments has made me feel so much better after being so extremely annoyed that this no talent hack won two awards that were undeserved. I am equally annoyed that her show (that should be called “Very Unattractive Girls”) is airing a second season.

    I also tried to give this show a chance, seeing as I am a female in her generation, and I think it might possibly be the worst show ever created.
    Dunham needs to go away and stay away!

    • Susi says:

      Wow Steph, do you have any idea how nasty and vindictive you sound here?

      No-talent hack? She has written, directed, produced and acted in a great show. It may not be your taste, but it is lots of other people’s including my own. It is much “realer” than most shows on TV, it is edgy and different, it has a subtle, nuanced sense of humour, and it is a breath of fresh air. No, it’s not my favourite show, but I really enjoy it and I appreciate that it is different and admire someone who is so young pulling this all together.

      As for them being unattractive, seriously? Two of the main actresses are flat-out gorgeous, one is pretty and interesting and enormously talented, and Lena herself is cast perfectly, her character is not supposed to be beautiful. I get sick of looking at young casts with glow-in-the-dark teeth, perfect blow-outs and ridiculous amounts of make-up who are all stunningly beautiful and mostly minimally talented. It’s boring as hell.

      And do you seriously want a girl who is smart and interesting and who has produced something to “go away and stay away”?? So what, the old men can go back to completely controlling the industry? All those stories of “blow jobs for parts” will continue forever and talented people are overlooked for pretty ones with nose jobs and bolt-ons? Seriously? We should be cheering for every woman who makes inroads into Hollywood, every, single one of them.

  59. claire says:

    I haven’t seen the show yet, and now I don’t think I want to! Either way, I’m still pissed that Amy P. has not won yet for Leslie Knope!

  60. Kat says:

    Awful, awful dress.

    And puce is French for ‘flea’, the color supposedly representative of flea (or bedbug) bloodstains in bedding.

  61. Marisa says:

    One of my friends wanted to know if anyone had the first season of Girls to lend her…I wanted to say, “Don’t waste your time.” I tried to watch it, couldn’t get past the first episode.
    I don’t get the appeal of this chick, or her show.

  62. StaCat1 says:

    She looked fine, imo. My pet pet peeve of the night was her shoe issue..BOTH times she got up– she walked to the stage like she was on KNIVES. First of all, you cannot see her shoes under that dress…so it’s not like she is sacrificing cute shoes…we would never know. But the PAINFUL walking distracted from whatever she said.
    My ONLY memory of her is tottering/being helped to stage as if every step was torture.
    I was like my husband during a badly officiated football game…I was screaming at the TV- “take your da**shoes off FOOL”.

  63. Mturn says:

    I don’t know why there are so many harsh comments about Lena. She’s not the social Hollywood norm, but that’s what’s so lovable about her. She is true to herself! She’s not the girly girl and seems to be very much like her character she portrays on GIRLS. If she was decked to the nines and became the typical Hollywood prototype then she wouldn’t have a massive following. People love how awkward she is… I for one, find it very endearing and real. You don’t have to be the Hollywood idea of perfect to be known or awarded- so refreshing! She’s the real deal and I hope she never changes to fit the ideal image for someone else. As far as the shoes I don’t see her as the type to prance around in heels, but still knows to wear them when wearing a gown. I got such a chuckle out of her walk, and thought that was great. In fact, I expected that from her- she seems to be very approachable.

  64. Just G says:

    Omg her teeth!!! They’re soo yellow and the dress brings out her eyes in the worst way! They look reddish like a goblin, not brown as they should be.
    It’s like she didn’t prep for this At All!

  65. Lou says:

    Her posture is horrific. I can’t even deal with her.

  66. Bijlee says:

    She gets on my last nerve, but honestly I thought she looked good. She should not have worn heels because she looked ridiculous in motion, but the dress is flattering and pretty. Hate Brian Williams daughter (lena seems to adore her) she grates as much as Lena does but without talking. I don’t really like the ‘charismatic lesbian’ from mad men. Lena doesn’t seem to either judging by that photo.

  67. Susi says:

    Wow. There is a serious amount of rather nasty vitriol against Lena Dunham and her show here. Yes Lena Dunham has come from a background of relative privilege, yes she has had what many would consider a “dream run”, yes the other women and shows in her categories were also excellent, and yes, Lena really struggles to style herself for this type of event.

    However, let’s really look at this; here is a talented, funny, independent girl, who does not fall into the gorgeous face and body category that most stars do, and she has worked hard and achieved something brilliant and been awarded for it. Why on earth is everyone now ragging on her?

    I truly don’t understand this. For a start, I think ‘Girls’ is a brilliant show. Most of my friends love it. I particularly like that the humour is a little more subtle and nuanced than most American comedies which beat you over the head with a joke then pause for you to take it in. As much as I love the other women in her category, all of their shows fall into this category. Yes they are funny, with brilliant comic timing, but I think it is wonderful that a show that is really different in style and that is a bit edgier has won major awards like this. It encourages creativity and shows other smart young girls with great ideas that it can be done.

    As for people going on about nepotism and her parents supporting her… whatever. If you have connections, you use them. If I wanted a career in a sphere that my parents could help me with, then they would 100% help me and I would be stupid not to accept the help. Nepotism in Hollywood is standard fare, why is Sophia Coppola “talented” and lauded as such and Lena not? Nepotism has its downsides but in this case, a talented, smart, clever girl has come out on top, and I see no problem with that.

    I also see no problem with a girl who is not incredibly genetically blessed looks-wise, just awesome and clever, winning awards and doing well. Think of all of the gorgeous, dumb, not-really-talented actresses in Hollywood. She is a gift.

    I think when someone is really gorgeous we’re sort of used to thinking that they deserve things. But when they’re kind of ordinary looking, our jealousy comes out. We think “why her and not me??” and the claws come out. Sheath them ladies (and the few gents on here). We should be celebrating not smashing down.

    As for her styling… well, she has never said she is a fashionable person. I don’t think her current hair suits her and the dress is not the most flattering for her and the tatts look horrid. But it would be incredibly difficult lining up against all of the beautiful people and being judged. How would we all fare? I actually think the tailoring of the dress is lovely and has beautiful shapes, I just think that her head looks very small on top of something quite big due to the lack of hair that is also then slicked down, and the size of the dress. Perhaps with different hair and styling it would have looked better? As for the tatts… ah well, what’s she going to do, really? Yes there could be some improvement here, but at the end of the day I’m just relishing a smart, hardworking girl getting awarded for her awesomeness.

    Oh, and finally, no matter how much help she has had along the way, producing, writing, directing and starring in a show would be bloody hard work, any way you cut it. She has clearly worked her arse off to get to this point, good on her.

    End Rant.

    • Bijlee says:

      Yeah sorry going to have to disagree. Congrats to Dunham she got a globe. Do I think it was deserved over the ther nominees? HELL NO! Tina and Amy have worked so much harder for so many more years to get to this point? They are far more talented comedic ACTRESSES as well. On top of that they have been WAY more gracious about their achievements. I’m not bothered by dunhams body or her show I’m bothered by her entitlement and sense of self. Her inability to check her own privilege because honestly she hasn’t endured half of what others have endured. Only deschanel is in the same category as Dunham except she’s just standard Hollywood beauty. Blegh. Both annoy me.

      Does Lena have legitimate problems that she wishes to address with her show? I certainly think so. I know wealth and money doesn’t really solve many problems (as witnessed by these celebs eveyrday) I definitely think she has insecurities about her body and her “lack” of beauty but I’ve said it before I don’t think she deals with them properly. She comes off as some front runner in body acceptance and a feminist but honestly I think she’s really insecure and often comes off snarky about other women. I don’t like her. She’s pretentious and her shtick is annoying.

  68. Amy says:

    I tend to be turned off by anything that Judd Apatow is involved in. I know millions of Americans love Judd Apatow movies–they consistently perform well at the box office. However I’m just one of the few that doesn’t get his humor. People seem to be divided by Girls–from the things I’ve read, I’ll pass. I might try to watch one episode to see if I’m justified in my decision but I just feel like this girl is overrated, just like Judd Apatow. We already had Sex and the City.

    Also Dunham isn’t too pale for the dress. I’m about as pale as her (if not paler) and we pale girls rock dark colors. It doesn’t wash her out by any means. In fact it’s a really good color. It’s the cut of the dress that doesn’t suit her body. Only a tiny twiggy model could pull off that dress. The straps emphasize Dunham’s broad shoulders and make her look wide, when she really isn’t.

  69. Brittney says:

    Her inability to walk in heels (or choose a flattering dress) doesn’t even bother me as much as her poses in the last few pictures. If her whole appeal is supposed to be that she’s “unconventional” (don’t get me started on that) and doesn’t conform to Hollywood standards, then why is she trying so hard to contort her body into some awkward red carpet pose? Starlets who stick their arms out like that and suck in their chests are usually trying to make their already-thin arms look even skinnier, but ironically it doesn’t work at all when you’re a normal size without protruding bones. When she’s holding the award in one hand (and when she’s posing before she won it), she looks perfectly fine; why did she decide to go the glamour-girl route?

    • ZenB!tch says:

      It would have been better if she had worn something totally off the wall like HBC does. This girl’s schtick is being the awkward, unconventional looking/dressing hipster. When I went through that phase, I would not have shown up in a ball gown and heels. How bourgeois!

      Yes, I make fun of myself 15 years ago. I know what I was like (less awkward than she is but just as entitled).

  70. ZenB!tch says:

    This is the BEST I’ve ever seen her. Sad, isn’t it?

    However, when I first saw her my reaction was “OMG! Thank God, I decided not to get any obnoxious tattoos in my 20s!” Yes, I say “O. M. G.” vs. “Oh my God”

    It bugged me that her sleeve cut her tat in half. Either rock the things and show them off or cover them up.

    I haven’t felt this glad I didn’t do something stupid since my friends and I were in our late 20s and we had to wear hose to some work event and my one friend with the normally cute ankle tattoo looked so silly.

  71. Shelly says:

    I don’t get all the Lena hate. I am way older than the target demo for her show Girls, but I quite enjoy it, and some of it does really remind me of my 20s. I think it’s pretty hysterical, well acted and smartly written. I thought both speeches she gave were sincere and sweet. Her hands were even shaking and she seemed genuinely in awe that she was up there. And as far as her speaking for all when the show won…she is the writer of the show too, it’s HER show, her ideas, so I don’t see what the gripe is with that. Anyway…I don’t get the hate-on for Lena!

    • Mrs. Ari Gold says:


      I think Lena Dunham was very cute & sweet in her acceptance speeches at the Globes. I’ve always liked her… I am appalled by all the negativity towards her. There are so many guys who are the same age as her and are also privileged and no one rags on them like this.

  72. Chelley says:

    I don’t think the dress is bad but it doesn’t look good on her.

  73. Annie says:

    I actually love the dress on her – it’s those tats that ruin it. They’re just straight up bad tats.

  74. Sallybee says:

    I love the show Girls. I think it is extremely realistic- I lived in NY for a while and knew people just like this. It IS the 20-something’s Sex in the City. I think Dunham is brilliant and I have a huge crush on her and Jemima Kirke, not to mention Allison Williams who reminds me of Audrey Hepburn! If you don’t “get” Girls, it’s probably because you have never ventured out of your own comfort zone.

  75. kct says:

    At first glance, she reminds me of an awkward girl dressing up for the first time for prom.

  76. Leek says:

    I guess I just don’t understand why someone who is so happy to be “unattractive” by Hollywood’s standards, is making any effort to look cute. Why the awful gown, why wear heels that no one can see, why wear makeup, and try cute poses?? I will never, ever buy into her act. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she is just completely inauthentic, in my opinion.

    That being said, I did laugh a lot during the first season of Girls, however, I’m already dreading the second b/c I have a feeling she’s going to start writing in a way that’s taking her “craft” more seriously.

  77. Nina says:

    She (and her schtick on Girls) wouldn’t be what they are if she looked incredible at awards shows… it just doesn’t fit. And, let’s face it, we’d all be blown the f-ck away if she showed up in some perfectly tailored haute couture creampuff with exquisite, rare gems and bulletproof make-up.

  78. Baskingshark says:

    I know I am late to the party, but dear God, I just had to comment on that pic of the three of them together. They look like the witches in a Tom Ford production of MacBeth.

  79. MARIA R says:

    I do not know of the show or never heard of Lena. The dress and the look at the awards was hideous. The dress obviously didnt fit and she doesnt have any experience in getting fitted I guess. The designer should also feel ashamed…he didn’t fit her??? NO Her hair and makeup was just a plan everyday look, plus some teeth whiting strips would have been great. The poor girl has HIT!!!!