Adele wins ‘Best Song’ & Taylor Swift made an ungracious loser-face: LOL?

I know I’m a bitch for doing this, but here goes – a post devoted to the two big contenders for Best Song, Taylor Swift and Adele. I’ll admit that I laughed with pleasure when Adele won for “Skyfall” (because that’s a beautiful song and it’s going to win her an Oscar too), and then I laughed with schadenfreude when the cameras cut to Taylor Swift’s ungracious loser-face. Swifty was actually kind of pissed off that she didn’t win!! Hahaha. Instead, we were gifted with Adele’s magnificence and hilarity – she thought she might win, but she didn’t take the whole ordeal so seriously, you know? She got a high-five from Daniel Craig (and she gave him a shout-out during her speech!) and she just sounded like she was having a great time.

As for Swifty, the night got even worse when after she LOST (and she NEVER loses!!!), Amy and Tina made a joke at her expense. They told her not to go for Michael J. Fox’s son Sam (Sam was Mr. Golden Globe), and Tina was like “No, she needs some Me Time to learn about herself.” As for why they didn’t cut to Swifty at that exact moment – Swifty said it herself in an interview months ago – “They don’t cut to you if you aren’t laughing.” HA.

As for the fashion – Adele wore the same kind of dress she always wears, a black dress with sleeves by Burberry. Her hair looked great, fabulous makeup and everything. She just seemed to be having an excellent night, and even though the look was simple, she shined.

Swifty wore this eggplant Donna Karan Atelier dress… and it was one of my favorite looks of the night, actually. It was a beautiful color on her, and she styled it beautifully. I LOVED her earrings and her hair. My one quibble: I think the fit was slightly off on the bust. It wasn’t as bad as Jessica Chastain or anything, but there seemed to be something “off” around the sides.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet and WENN.

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  1. annabelle says:

    Swifty looks like she’s on the hunt for a MAN instead of a boy. Let’s call that progress.

  2. Sunny says:

    Haha! Taylor lost! Your fifteen minutes are almost up Swifty! Enjoy your fame while you still have it! I guess people are sick of hearing songs about your men…oops! I mean boys…

  3. mkyarwood says:

    Maybe you should buy some voice lessons, Swifty.

  4. Sarabeth says:

    Can we get a screenshot of her EPIC bitch face? And this dress was confirmation of the fake tits, yes?

  5. carrie says:

    Adèle yet wore this sort of dress/hair/make-up 358 times and her cheeky british accent was too much

    but she deserved to win :with Hathaway’s win,it’s the least surprising victory

    • Summer says:

      Errr, what are you saying? That Adele is not supposed to talk in her own accent? She IS British you know, so how else was she supposed to sound?

      • Jan says:

        I had never heard Adele talk and I was quite surprised with her Cockney accent. Instead of a soft, proper British accent, she sounded like she was trying out for a part in a play. I love her music but her accent really surprised me.

      • Brittney says:

        @ Jan, the meaning of “proper” can vary so I apologize if I’m taking your comment the wrong way, but there is no single British accent that’s more “real” or legitimate than the rest. In fact, many British celebrities with “posh” accents (Kate Middleton’s a great example) are actually doing it deliberately and did NOT grow up speaking that way.

        I’m just surprised by your surprise, I guess, because this is one of the big reasons that Adele gets so much flak AND so much love; some find it annoying, but others find it refreshing for her to stay true to her roots and not attempt to sound like she’s from a different region or class system. She doesn’t hide her background or her personality, and quite honestly I’d take a Cockney accent over more contrived, coached inflections any day.

  6. lucy2 says:

    Taylor looked great, but did she really think she’d win against Adele? ADELE? Come on!

  7. Amelia says:

    Best moment for me, personally :)
    I love how Adele is just having a good time, she’s there to have a night off, to have a party and not taking herself seriously *at all* whereas Swifty *actually* thought she could beat her!
    The high five with Daniel Craig was my highlight. Seriously, Adele needs to be a Bond girl.

    Also, slight side-note, did anyone else think J-Lo sounded a bit p*ssy when she announced Skyfall?

    • DeltaJuliet says:

      Pretty much any time they shot over to Daniel Craig made my night, but Adele and him high-fiving? Awesome :) I was pumped for her that she won (not surprised, but happy) Plus, my husband, who couldn’t get what I liked about her, cracked up when she said her and her friend were pissing themselves, so maybe he’ll cut her some slack now.

    • Lucy says:

      I mean she Really thought she’d win up against adele? Really taylor? Surely she didn’t I mean it, maybe it’s all an elaborate joke on swifty’s part and we’re all not in it, because I mean REALLY Taylor thought she would win against adele? I am absolutely dumbfounded that she thought she would win

    • LadyMTL says:

      J-Lo probably was pissy…she knows deep down that Adele can out sing anyone in the room, her included. :P

      As for Swifty, I saw a quick reaction shot during Adele’s speech and she didn’t look epically bitchy, though to me it was clear that she wasn’t going to be high-fiving Adele on the way back to her seat.

      • TG says:

        I wish our President would get Adele to sing the National Anthem rather than the much less talented Beyonce. I know Adele isn’t American but it could be a nod to our countries roots. Yes, I was happy for Adele and glad Taylor lost and I loved the jokes at her expense by Tina. I actually think Tina was trying to give her some free advice. My night would have been perfect if AnnE had lost. The most insufferable of them all.

      • Tommy says:

        “Much less talented Beyonce”?! Girl, are you on crack? Adele is a lovely woman, but she’s no vocal virtuoso. She has a very limited range that she knows how to work with. Beyonce, on the other hand, can sing from octave to octave, all the while managing to pull off extensive choreography. Just … No.

      • Mourning the Death of Music says:

        @ Tommy – “all the while managing to pull off extensive choreography”

        That’s called lip-syncing.

    • bluhare says:

      I didn’t watch (hate award shows), but I saw the clip Michael D has up showing Taylor’s face when she didn’t win, and it’s frickin’ priceless.

      That chick really does think she’s all that and a bag of chips.

      Frankly, I don’t think Skyfall’s that great either, but it worked beautifully with Skyfall’s opening sequence. I liked it much better after seeing that.

  8. marie says:

    Swifty actually looks good here, but I’m gonna need to see the b-tchface as it happens.

    Like Taylor ever stood a chance of winning against Adele, please..

    Taylor’s next beard will have to be a long contract, I’m guessing she doesn’t like being the butt of jokes. But if nothing else, this jab will give her lyrics for a new song.

    edit: the video was not there when I posted, love love LOVE Adele and the high five. EAT IT Swifty, ahem excuse me-that wasn’t very nice of me.

  9. Post-Its says:

    Adele was great. I loved her speech and I loved the high-five/shout-out she gave Daniel Craig.

    As for Taylor, why was E! making such a big deal that they had the ONLY INTERVIEW WITH TAYLOR SWIFT. Do people really care about that?

    • Chicagogurl17 says:

      I love Adele. I would love to be her drinking buddy. She seems like a hoot and that she has her priorities in check. Swifty should be jealous. Looks like she in denial, self-centered for the long haul. Woman needs some self-deprication.

      • bluhare says:

        Maybe last night was the first step?

      • ??? says:

        IA. Adele keeps it real. I hope fame and fortune never ever go to her head.

        I’d be willing to bet that Taylor — or, Swifty, is it? — won’t last the next decade, especially if she plans on continuing to twang on about her break-ups with little boys.

        Did anyone catch the segment 60 Minutes ran on her recently (the show also included a segment on Adele, actually)? I vomited in my mouth watching The Swift pull that utterly transparent “gee willikers, golly gosh, I’m so innocent, tee hee” act she’s perfected. Currently one of the most fabricated acts in showbiz.

  10. RocketMerry says:

    Like she had a chance in hell at winning over Adele! Lol
    Her yes-people need to stop telling her she’s the best singer ever, she’s starting to believe it!

  11. carrie says:

    Taylor Swift bought a new big breast?!
    she looks like Nicole Kidman before her divorce

  12. JenD says:

    She always acts flabbergasted when she wins, so it’s funny that she was surprised when she lost.

  13. Merritt says:

    Adele was so adorable when she accepted her award.

  14. Nessa says:

    Adele >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Taylor Swift. Always and forever. That is all.

  15. mln76 says:

    Taylor is such a horrid prissy little —- I was so glad to see her lose especially to someone so comfortable with herself, and talented. Adele has everything she lacks class a sense of humor and she can write a love song.

  16. Miss Kiki says:

    That really is a great colour on Shifty Swifty. I too felt a wave of schadenfreude when I saw her face. Priceless

  17. LaLa2 says:

    She was a fool if she really thought she could beat Adele. This isn’t the Country Music Awards sweetie. “Skyfall” is a great song. Sorry, TayTay

  18. QQ says:

    THAT is Girlwoman of the Sparkleponies REAL surprise face!

  19. mia girl says:

    Uh oh, I think Tina just bumped Harry Stiles off the top of Taylor’s “revenge” song list.

  20. olivia says:

    Am I the only one bored by Adele?

    • Oi says:

      No. She was always kinda ‘meh’ to me, although her voice and style are much better than most. I’m over her to the point that her songs drive me nuts. That’s not her fault, it’s radio overplaying them that’s to blame. I’m glad she won though.

    • badrockandrol says:

      But I don’t blame her, I blame the incredibly uncreative robots at radio stations who pick one or two tracks off an album and play them to death!!! Please, play more/different artists and paly more/different songs!
      Oh, and I didn’t see a b!tch face from Swifty, but I would like to get my b!tch on, and talk about JLo’s aeful awful look at me dress.

    • Tommy says:

      No. I respect Adele but I think people have fallen in love with her personality to the point where they have seriously inflated her talent. I think she has a nice voice, but people on this site talk about her like she’s the Second Coming of Whitney, and she really isn’t. She has a limited contralto range and she tends to follow the same formula with every song: sleepy, midtempo piano ballad. That being said, I love the song Skyfall and am excited for her to win the Oscar.

  21. booboocita says:

    Swifty’s song wasn’t nominated for an Oscar, so unless it’s nominated for a Grammy, the Golden Globes was pretty much its last chance for an award. That disappointed face is Swifty realizing she won’t get to do her shocked-and-surprised face again this year.

  22. Mia 4S says:

    Taylor Swift has done some good songs…this wasn’t one of them.

    I want to be Adele’s best friend.

  23. Sisi says:

    Taylor looked nice except for the hair. The hair was hideous. When she got out of the car and onto the carpet I saw her from the back and Taylor just looked like she wore a hairy helmet. If you had hit her on the head with a Golden Globe, the award would’ve shattered on that hairspray horror.

  24. DanaG says:

    Loved it when Swifty lost. I think most people thought Adele would win except for Taylor that seemed clear. Loved her jewels and the dress it’s too bad about the attitude. Amy and Tina were so funny they really stuck it to her felt sorry for Sam.

  25. Kimbob says:

    LMAO….hahaha…Kaiser, I’m glad you remembered ol’ Swifty’s quote about the cameras not panning to you if you’re not laughing. I do think it’s absolutely hilarious. I love it she’s having to eat her own words.

    Is it just me, or does anyone else think in these pics of Swifty that she seems to be buying into her own hype & taking herself a bit too serious? I mean, yes, she’s a pretty woman, but she just seems a bit full of herself, posing like she’s a fashion icon/model or something…LOL!

  26. Quinn says:

    Taylor is not one for no-bangs…she needs those bangs. Bad matronly hairstyle, also.

    Girlfriend should sit DOWN when Adele is in the room. It’s like listening to a highschool play versus an Italian opera. No comparison.

  27. Jayna says:

    The pan to her was while Adele was doing her Adele enthused excitement reaction with lots of girlish excitement and humor on stage when accepting and it panned to her just then and caught her looking like, Bitch, please. Practically like rolling her eyes in her mind.

  28. Cassie3 says:

    I’m glad Adele won, Skyfall was the nicest song in the bunch. But I can’t stand her voice, so hoarse and limited. Actually, there isn’t any singer with really powerful voices under the spotlight right now.
    I don’t like her personality but it’s ok.
    Taylor is awful. To the person who demanded her to get voice lessons I’m sorry to inform that her singing teacher is Brett Manning who is the teacher of well known people.

  29. Oi says:

    I saw a gif where Seacrest was talking to her on the red carpet and actually had the guts to ask, ” this is a song you wrote, not about you right?” Lol. Seems like everyone is ripping TS. If she’s smart and wants to survive in the industry she’s going to have to take a hint, or its going to take some serious public embarrassment and backlash. It feels like its coming.

    • Xantha says:

      It does feel like there’s a backlash brewing. This is not the first awards show in which she was mocked. First Blake Shelton mocked her “surprise” face early last year. Then Carrie and Brad mocked her love life at the CMAs. And now Tina and Amy are getting in on the act.

      I have a feeling that Taylor is not all the respected in the entertainment industry. I bet there’s a lot of people behind the scenes who probably have stories to tell about her and few of them are good.

  30. cc says:

    do you think she really believed she would win against Adele? Come on Swift, I know you seem a little “slow” to me but really?

    No chance in HeII

  31. Poppy says:

    Meh, I don’t mind it too much – people want to win these things, and Swift is so obviously massively career-driven and competitive underneath the saccharine-sweet image.

    It’s the continued bad loser attitude that annoys me.

  32. MsAubra says:

    After that shady face, I hope all her exes get together and perform a scathing song about her “We Are the World” style, lord knows there’s enough of them for it! That would be the ultimate burn!

  33. Sarah says:

    Kristin Wiigs presenter intro was a huge dig at Swift, it was the bit she did on SNL

  34. aims says:

    Adeles my girl! I love her. I love her voice, i love her personality. For the moms out there who know how it is when you have a baby. You just want a night out with your girls, i loved how she admited that. She and I could hang. As for Taylor, take this as a life leason. We dont always win and thats when you learn a great coping skill,humility. Also Taylor, learn to laugh at yourself. Thats part of the humility thing i was talking about.

  35. epiphany says:

    While I’m sure Swifty was ticked that she lost – let’s face it, she wouldn’t be where she is if she wasn’t ruthlessly ambitious – I wouldn’t call her expression “bitch face.” Glad Adele won – doesn’t she seem like a fun, down to earth girl?

  36. Marianne says:

    First of all, speaking of loser face….Bradley Cooper made one too when Hugh one.

    Anyway, Adele looked good, but it was same old, same old for me. Taylor’s dress was a little boring. But I’m glad she chose something more mature and that she’s getting farther away from “disney princess” look.

  37. yuck says:

    Sorry to say, if you put Adele up against Taylor Swift in terms of sheer talent, Adele wins every time. And I think it’s almost as clear-cut in terms of overall likability. There’s a reason Swifty seems to do best with teenage boys, and it’s not her bolt-ons.

    • apsutter says:

      And nearly everybody loves Adele! My mom is very picky about singers she likes and she absolutely adores Adele. But she can’t stand Swifty and her little girl act. She’s a good judge of character and as soon as she heard about T Swift she cut through her b.s. real quick.

  38. Skipper says:

    I love most of the songs Adele puts out, but I found Skyfall to be a terrible, annoying song. It seemed like she was kind of phoning it in with that song. I honestly have no idea what song Taylor Swift was up for so don’t interpret my comment to mean that I wanted her to win. I just wanted to express my absolute hatred of the song Skyfall.

  39. someone says:

    I was under the impression that everyone “knew” Adele was going to win and that Adele only flew all that way with her baby because she was told she had won. If we all knew that how could Taylor not know?

    Also, it is just cruel to take a side view picture of Adele like the 5th picture from the top. Why would they do that to her?

  40. ernie says:

    Of course Swifty was pissed. There she is, being a good little girl, playing by the rules, not eating, dating all the right boys, planning her every frolick through the meadow and here comes Adele who’s just come for a night out with her friend Ida and might as well pick up a Golden Globe and get drunk with Bond while she’s at it.

  41. Gal says:

    Taylor had probably been practicing her “Who me? I won? face for a long time. She didn’t even consider the “Oh, I’m so happy for Adele” face. Idiot.

    • only1shmoo says:

      Right on! My initial thought was, ‘Oooh, that dress does not fit well in the boob region,’; then I realized that this girl has used her phony ‘I’m-so-shocked-that-I-won-again!’ face so often that she’s forgotten how to look humbled when she actually loses. Bring on the schadenfreude and lock up your teenage boys!

  42. Crack Fox says:


    That is all.

    • Izzy says:

      + 1,000,000! She has one of the most beautiful faces on the planet (actually the most beautiful IMO), she is unapologetically proud of the way she looks, sounds and acts. She doesn’t go off the rails with her behavior, she doesn’t put her whole private life on display, and she’s always genuinely grateful to have her work recognized. She is a class act, and Swifty should take a few lessons from her (in manners AND in singing).

    • Lulu says:

      She is very beautiful for sure! And I do like most of her work. Her voice is so distinctive. I’ve probably heard a lot of Swifty’s stuff that I never even knew was her, because she sounds so generic. I like Taylor though. I have a young daughter and would rather she look up to someone who works hard and keeps it clean. Of course my daughter loved Adele too, and that is fine by me! :)

  43. Diana says:

    It was delicious to see Adele win. Did Swifty really thought she had a chance? I mean, come on! you’re against a true musician, sit down girl. And Adele was as fun as ever, I love to see her win awards because she laughts with such sincerity you know she’s having a good time. She said “Thank you to the foreign press association, I never thought that would came out of my mouth” or something like that, Miss you better prepare your “I would like to thank the Academy” because that golden man it’s SO yours!

  44. Chell says:

    I can’t get past the fact that these two women are a year apart in age!!! Swifty comes across as an immature, spoiled little teenager and Adele couldn’t be more opposite~ she is a mature, gracious, class-act of a WOMAN!!! Take note Swifty, the reason you are the butt of jokes is because nobody takes you seriously!

  45. Samigirl says:

    This is why I love Adele. She doesn’t take herself too seriously. She just says what she feels, who cares if it’s not “lady like?” I loved her acceptance speech and I love her. :)

  46. Memphis says:

    I’m not a fan of Taylor but she has a great career…but to go up against adele and Skyfall… Well we all knew how it was going to go so I don’t see how she was so shocked.

  47. visitor says:

    Her friend Ayda, a new mum – isn’t it Robbie Williams’ wife?

  48. lola lola says:

    I’m sure she’ll write a song about it now. Boo hoo hoo for Swifty. Next!

  49. tabasco says:

    swift’s hair still looks gray-ish. what the hell did she do?

  50. palermo says:

    I have always thought Taylor was a total phony, and look at her expressions, she just looks like a mean girl. Adele is in a league of her own, fabulous voice, gorgeous face. She is one of the few singers who just stands there and sings, doesn’t require 89 backup singers and a circus act with fire going on behind her.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      Those 89 backup singers/dancers and firey circus acts are to detract (distract?) from the fact that whomever is “singing” can’t actually SING.

      Adele can actually SING, and doesn’t need those distractions. Amy Winehouse (God rest her) was another who didn’t need all that flash. They are few and far between these days, in the age of autotune and youtube making literally ANYONE a “singer.”

      • Hmmm says:

        I was watching a Doors concert from 1968 at the Hollywood Bowl on PBS. They largely just stood there and played and sang. Absolutely compelling. Jim Morrison commanded the stage. There were no pyrotechnics, so bare bones and simple. Talent will out. And, no autotune!

    • Lauren says:

      Taylor`s bitchiness is seeping out..WTF happened with 23 year old TS and the 18 year old British boy Harry from One Direction? BTW, Harry has an incredible voice, probably thinks TS is an overbearing- phoney pop princess. Certainly do not believe Taylor is frigid..that is a manufactured image.

  51. Amilu says:

    Adele was SO cute in her acceptance speech. I don’t even listen to her music, but I think I love her personality. It looks like she was exclaiming “F*ck!” when she got up from the table. Haha.

    And I also loved Jason Statham’s eyebrow-raising “Yes” and “Wooo” when JLo announced Skyfall. Love him always.

  52. the original bellaluna says:

    Adele is just so damn adorable! How can you not love her? She’s just having fun, doing her thing, genuinely enjoying her life and where she is, and we get to go along for the ride.

    And seriously, Swifty, was there ever a question in your mind that, toe-to-toe with Adele, you’d come out victorious?

  53. Madriani's Girl says:

    I really hate this trend of Hollywood skanks sharpening their fingernails to a point. Gaga, Beyonce, Rihannna and now Adele.

  54. lower-case deb says:

    people may or may not like adele (case in point: my family)
    people may be divided about her music (case in point: my family and my work colleagues who can get into screaming matches, i kid you not).
    but i think everyone agrees that she manages her private life quite well. i mean, do we even know what her son’s name is? no leaks. no nothing.
    i admire how celeb-drama-free her life seems.

    she came, she saw, she conquered, then went home.

  55. Tammy says:

    Swifty is looking exceptionally busty here. I’m thinking she may have had a size upgrade in her bolt-ons.

  56. MG says:

    Love Adele!!! Was so happy when she won and loved her speech. And yes, I thought Taylor looked pissed then tried to crack a smile. I’m sorry but I love that Taylor lost and I loved the joke Tina cracked about her!!

  57. fabgrrl says:

    I have to admit, Taylor Swift looked fantastic! Very adult. She should got with this.

  58. Lindsey says:

    I love the Adele-Craig high five. So cyoot!

  59. michella says:

    Taylor losing means someone finally got it right. Adele has talent. Taylor is a whiney, boy crazed girl who sounds like every other teeny bopper.

  60. bea says:

    I commend Adele for always pulling it together so well for these award shows. It’s hard to find flattering formal clothes in her size, but she does. It’s her hair and make-up that really seal the deal. Perfect, age-appropriate and flattering. Her demeanor is fantastic as well – confident yet humble with an excellent sense of humor.

  61. Ravensdaughter says:

    LOL and two thumbs up! Adele is a goddess, Swifty is a twit….

  62. Amanda G says:

    That video is of Jodie Foster??? I want to see Taylor’s loser face! Any loss of Swifty’s is a win for me! She’s SO overrated.

    Adele looked nice, but I wish she’d wear some color.

  63. Belle says:

    Loved Adele’s speech, and she looked beautiful!

    As for Taylor, so much hate! LOL Seriously, I didn’t see much of a bitch face, and I think the Swifty-hate might be exaggerating it a bit. As for her look, I’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on it. Usually everyone is griping about her princess dresses and yet no love for her dress?? It was one of my favorite dresses of the night!

  64. KC says:

    OMG — Adele has the most beautiful skin.

  65. Scott says:

    The camera does not cut to Taylor Swift in that video, bitch face or no. It cuts to Emily Deschanel for a second.

  66. Kosmos says:

    HAAAA,I’m totally with you on the Swifty thing…so glad Adele won. Taylor did look a bit like a sore loser. Hey, let’s just say that although Taylor in her own right is a likable country & pop singer, she is no “Voice” if you know what I mean. Her singing has its own kind of value and style, but she is just a bit overrated & NOT a fabulous singer with a voice to rival anyone like Adele or singers with strong voices who have more range.

  67. TheTruthHurts says:

    Ungrateful? I just watched the clip, she was smiling. C’mon.

    • Brittney says:

      I don’t get it either. All these comments and stories today are flabbergasting because I have no idea what everyone’s talking about. I can sort of tell that she was uncomfortable/unhappy (at the 2:15 mark, right?), but not any moreso than any other “loser” who tries to smile and laugh through the winner’s speech.

      I didn’t even notice at all when I was watching… and I thought I must have missed something major, the way everyone’s making such a huge deal out of it. Glad I’m not the only one.

  68. GreenTurtle says:

    I’m going to be one of the few voices here cutting Taylor some slack. That song from the Hunger Games was lovely and haunting, In no small part due to the Civil Wars, I’m sure, but it’s a damn good song. So, yeah, Adele is glorious, both as a singer and a human being- Love her! But I understand why Taylor was disappointed. And she did try to smile! Swifty annoys me as much as the rest, but must we always eviscerate the girl at the least provocation?

  69. Rex says:

    As much as I think the world is on ADELE OVERLOAD right now she did deserve to win, the song is great and honestly a lot better than a lot of the songs on her own album. I didn’t even know Taylor Swift had a song on the Hunger Games soundtrack….get a grip

  70. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    I LOVE that Adele won, her speech was my favorite, I loved that she was having a laugh about it all. And she looked beautiful too.

    And I had to LOL when we saw Swifty’s loser face, that was one of my other fav moments lol.

  71. Maritza says:

    Adele’s song Skyfall is beautiful and it deserved to win, as for Taylor Swift well she looked dissapointed,that’s all. She is young and talented,I’m sure there will be many more awards coming her way.

  72. Nina W says:

    I did notice Taylor’s disappointed look but cut her some slack, she’s a pop star not an actress. It must be hard to lose an award so publicly and then have a camera in your face. I was rooting for Adele though because I love her. I love to hear her say “Fank you, fank you very much.” such a cute accent!

  73. Jaxx says:

    I ADORE Adele. I truly do have my very first girl crush on that woman. And she was adorable here. So talented and yet so gracious and appreciative for everything that comes her way.

    Plus, her speech was too cute. Pissin’ themselves laughing….can you say that on TV, or were the techs cringing that they were too slow to bleep?

    Oh, and BTW, I know people hate Jennifer Lopez, but I thought she looked amazing in that skin-tight dress. The woman has a body that won’t quit.

  74. A Fan says:

    Finally, a more interesting and real Swift all around…the whole innocent, naive act (in dress and behaviour) was wearing very thin.

    Adele looked great, as always.

  75. Adrien says:

    I actually prefer Taylor Swift/Civil War song on Hunger Games (Safe and Sound) than Adele’s Skyfall which to me sounds like an amalgamation of all James Bond themes. It’s just an OK Bond theme. So yeah, the stink eye was understandable.

  76. Miss M says:

    Adele!!!!!!!!!! How did I miss this post?! I just saw Taylor Swifty and didn’t even read the post, ops…

    Anyway…Adele is amazing, isn’t she? The high-five was awesome! What a great Bond moment, :) . Oh, have anyone notice Jeremy Renner on the background? He was on the table behind Adele’s table…

  77. steve says:

    It wouldn’t hurt Taylor to eat one cheeseburger & a milkshake with fries atleast once a day.She looks ok except her arms are too small. She needs atleast 3 pounds of weight gain. Then she would be better for a man. I think she needs a man not anyone young.

  78. Caroline says:

    I liked “Eyes Open” a lot actually

  79. Issa says:

    Swift will never be an Adele and she knows it. Adele has more talent in one breath than Swifts entire career. She had the same snug look insecure women have when they are getting ready to trash another woman.Good gossip face Swifty.

  80. tamale says:

    Sorry, just not seeing the “bitch face”.

  81. dan says:

    At least she doesn’t talk trash about other celebs all the time like Miley does

  82. Simple Red says:

    Congrats to Adele on her award!

  83. skuddles says:

    Okay, when did Swifty turn into Paris Hilton on the red carpet? She’s trying to give off that same sickening “I’m SO HAWT” vibe. She needs her meagerly talented ass booted back to reality. Girl, you are lucky to even be on the same stage as Adele. I mean c’mon, what were you thinking???

  84. Asdfg says:

    So glad Adele won! She totally deserved it! :) Taylor looks pretty especially her make up!

  85. Paul Gonzales says:

    Taylor Swift doesn’t always win try checking for Taylor Swifts awards and nominations she has a lot of nominations but not doesn’t win it all

  86. Chloeee says:

    god i love adele. must find her and become besties. shes too fun.

  87. Shira says:

    Who gives a damn about Taylor when they show Emily Deschanel’s beautiful face???