Kate Upton vs. Stacy Keibler at a restaurant opening in Vegas: who looked cuter?

I have no idea why the “grand opening” of a restaurant in Las Vegas got such a good turnout, but I suspect that all of the ladies featured here were paid to show up. It’s a nice gig if you can get it! I wish someone would pay me to walk the red carpet for a restaurant opening, and then I got paid to try the food. And the place is Andrea’s Restaurant at the Wynn Las Vegas, so you know it’s probably good, five-star dining too. Sigh… anyway, let’s talk about the photos. Kate Upton was there, wearing this not-cute dress. I think Upton is such a pretty girl, but her red carpet style is so unfortunate. It’s like she’s trying to be conservative when she’s at an event like this, so she thinks she shouldn’t wear flattering clothes. And I swear, sometimes I think her face is morphing into the face of the late Anne-Nicole Smith.

Stacy Keibler was there too – I imagine she was paid to show up, big time. Stacy picks up a lot of cash doing these one-night-only appearances in Las Vegas. She must have a tidy little nest egg at this point. Clever girl. The dress is boring and her hair is terrible!! That’s like old-lady hair.

Ashley Greene in an unfortunate leather ensemble. A leather tank with a peplum and leather booty shorts? Really? But I will say this – from the neck up, this is the best Ashley has ever looked. I love her with really dark hair. She looks great!

Holly Madison looks ready to pop! I feel for her. I think her baby-daddy is super-shady and she’s probably going to end up raising this baby alone. But I love her hair here too!

Photos courtesy of Judy Eddy/WENN.com.

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  1. virginia5 says:

    I just find kate upton to be so bland.

    Seriously how does the fashion world think they are doing something revolutionary with using her as a model. She is white, blonde, blue eyed which= the standard of ‘american beauty’ and yes so what she has big boobs…lots of girls do.

  2. bea says:

    Wow – everyone struck out.

    Kate’s dress – looks cheap, but I do like how it’s constructed. She should look for a similar dress that made out of nice material bc that shape flatters her large chest.

    Stacy K should never wear grey – it totally washes her out.

  3. Riana says:

    …eesh, these ladies aren’t giving a lot to work with but..:

    Best hair goes to Holly Maddison, this pic isn’t so good but I’ve seen her hair in other pics and it’s absolutely jaw-droppingly pretty. So much better than the previous blonde.

    Best Makeup Ashley Green. The outfit is unfortunate but her body is fit.

    Best dress…I say Stacey with apprehension. That’s…that’s the best of four bad situation.

    Kate Upton…I…the makeup is horrible, the hair is horrible, and I don’t understand why dressing for her body is so tough. She’s not super curvy, she’s not got a ton of boobs, it shouldn’t be as hard as she makes it look.

  4. hannah says:

    This is “good turnout”?

  5. RocketMerry says:

    “Sometimes I think her face is morphing into the face of the late Anne-Nicole Smith.”

    That’s exactly where they’re going with this. The people who are trying to make her happen are desperate to draw the connection.

    • Annie says:

      Anna Nicole Smith might have been a lot of things but “average looking” isn’t something that springs to mind. Anna had a very distictive looking face but KU is more like many averagely pretty girls you see at the mall. Also ANS was genuinely curvy when she wasn’t MASSIVE but Kate is just plain old skinny-fat. I just prefered Anna’s looks is what I’m saying. Only thing remarkable about Kate is her boobs, and I’m not convinced those are real.

  6. Zigggy says:

    Holly’s hair looks SO much better when it’s not bleached white! Too much makeup, but she’s a cute pregnant lady.

  7. Miss M says:

    Did they actually eat anything other than salad?

  8. shewolf says:

    Kate Upton needs something. She has a lot to work with but its not being worked with at all. I think I wore lipstick like that once when I was 13 and found Cover Girl sample in my issue of Sixteen magazine or whatever it was called.

  9. BB says:

    Holly looks so much better without the bleach blonde hair.

  10. Hillary says:

    It’s a tragic situation for any event when Stacy Keibler is the best dressed. Her dress is drab and her hair is god-awful as usual.

    Kate Upton is definitely becoming an Anne-Nicole clone. I hope it’s only physically.

  11. Susan says:

    What is with all the loose threads hanging off Ashley’s shorts? Not a great look, but those threads make it look worse. She should also sue the surgeon who did her nose- why do women always get that look? I bet she looked better with her old nose

  12. vic says:

    I think Stacy looks cuter but they all look good. Just once, just once, I would love to see all those, who judge so harshly, dressed at a red carpet event for all the world to judge. I think it would resemble the bar on Star Wars.

  13. Holden says:

    The Keibler elf does nothing for me, but I could wrassle Kate for a few hours.

  14. Lemony says:

    I agree w/ the comments about how much better Holly Madison’s hair looks as she’s gone darker. She is actually quite pretty, I hadn’t realized til now. I’ve heard she had plastic surgery on her face as well as implants. Makes me wonder what she’d look like if she left her face natural? Her eyes are so pretty too.

  15. SRobin says:

    Somehow Kate Upton always looks cheap to me. Don’t get me wrong, she’s a lovely looking lady but for a fashion model? Cheap.

  16. Word says:

    Looks like they were having a Famewhores convention. Welcome to your new career Ashley

  17. Nympha says:

    Wow, what’s going on with Stacy’s face lately? I always thought she was pretty, but now her face is unattractive and scary and resembles a robot somehow.

  18. INeedANap says:

    Keibler’s smile looks…pinched. Has she done something to her face? She normally has a Farrah-esque mile wide smile, but here she looks like she’s trying to hold in a fart.

    Kate Upton looks cheap in that dress because she doesn’t have the body for dresses — she’s all boobs and square torso. I think she would look fabulous in a fitted menswear style suit with skinny pants.

  19. Eileen says:

    Sigh. I miss my pregnancy hair! I had the shiniest, fullest hair! 6 months later *boom* it fell out by the handfuls. No one told me that happens-I thought I was going bald. Lol

  20. Stuart Horseley says:

    I do not find Stacey Kiebler attractive at all. Ugly, in fact. Too tan and lantern-jawed. Ugh.

  21. Pilfering Fuel says:

    Kate Upton has a pretty face.
    Stacy Keibler is damn ugly. BARF!
    Legs like a man’s.
    only her PR writes flattering comments above.

  22. F5 says:

    Kiebler looks so old here and where’s her upper lip?

  23. Patrice says:

    Stacy has sort of gotten under my skin ever since I read that People article in their weight loss issue several weeks back. She and a few other celebs documented everything they eat in a day and this chick is INSANE. Her daily food intake consists of about 16 liters of bottled alkaline water, 2 salads, 10 almonds for a snack, maca ‘pudding’ and not much else. The nutritionist in the story actually commented that at 5’11, she could and should be eating about 1,200 more calories a day without gaining any weight. (If you then take into account the fact that Kiebs always talks about how she constantly does super high intensity works, it’s kind of a little troubling.) I imagine that Stacy is the type that was on vacation w/Clooney in Italy freaking out about every calorie in that delicious Italian food and work out that she wasn’t able to get to instead of being able to enjoy it :(

    (Stacy even said in an (US?) article recently that she “indulged” in TWO bites of “tequila ice cream” while she & George were in Cabo then “had to majorly step up my cardio the next day” because of it. Two bites! I’ve known people who live this way and they’re missing out on life. It’s not like she’s a supermodel or something; she can afford to stop and smell the roses a little! There’s a fine line between enjoying something and becoming obsessive…

    • jane16 says:

      Yes, thats a stupid way to live your life. Women need fat & protein, otherwise they age horribly and have menopause/hormone problems.

      I do like Stacy’s dress & shoes the best here, I think the blond pregnant woman has the best hair. Stacy’s hair is thin and has that super high forehead, her hair never looks good unless a pro does it for her.

    • Miss M says:

      And I thought I had indulged a little too much during New Year’s Eve, eating a whole pizza by myself, dessert and few glasses of wine. *the guilt personified now*

  24. sabrina says:

    Stacy shows 50n years !!! It terrible !!!

  25. Bread and Circuses says:

    I like Keibler’s dress, but I’d wear it as awesome casual wear, not a cocktail dress.

  26. Aqua says:

    I don’t think Stacys dress is all that bad .It is appropriate for the event,and I will admit that overall I do like her except when it comes to her hair. what is it with her and her hair?

  27. Caroline says:

    Kate (she’s my age)-pretty face, flabby stomach [lazy girl!]
    It takes approximately 2 weeks to tone myself plus she’s a model…why don’t she work out more?

    Stacy-toned body
    Ashley-pretty face+toned upper body, canckles
    I really like Holly for some reason…

  28. Shoe_Lover says:

    i have such a soft spot for Holly. I don’t know why but i do