Jennifer Garner in a cream sweater and matching boots: fashionable and comfortable?

These are just some cute photos of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner out with their daughters separately. Garner was seen out with their oldest, Violet, 7, yesterday. The two went out shopping in Santa Monica, at Fred Segal, and they also went to get a haircut for Violet. That adorable little girl always looks so happy in photos. I especially love the first photo below where she’s making a silly face. Also, check out her cute pink striped animal hoodie hat! Her glasses, hat and sundress are all perfectly coordinated.

I like Jennifer’s casual style here, she looks really pulled together with those skinny jeans, cream boots and matching knit sweater. She looks super comfy and stylish. She also matched her Prada clutch to the look. (I couldn’t go out with just a clutch personally, I need to have a big purse for all the mom crap I carry, particularly the tech stuff.)

We also have some photos of Ben out at the Farmer’s Market on Sunday with Violet and Seraphina, who turned 4 earlier this month. This reminds me that Ben and Jennifer’s son, Samuel, turns one on Sunday. (I mean I was reminded when I checked wiki to make sure I was getting the girls’ ages right.) I can’t believe he’s nearly one already! It seems like just a few months ago that Jennifer gave birth.

Ben had a new interview and profile in the NY Times last week in which he graciously responded to the news that he had been snubbed for a Best Director Academy Award nomination. He said “We got nominated for seven Oscars, including best picture. If you can’t be happy with that, your prospects for long-term happiness are pretty sad.” He also recounted his career trajectory, which he seems to bring up at every turn, and talked about how he met the real CIA Agent whom he portrayed in the film, Tony Mendez.

Incidentally, some outlets are claiming that Ben’s vanity casting may have cost him an Oscar nod. Vanity Fair points us to an article on Fox which claims that a gratuitous shower scene, in which the audience is treated to an unnecessary scene of Affleck’s tight abs, may have turned off Academy voters. Affleck did the exact same thing in The Town – he included a shirtless workout scene of himself. An article in Vulture [via VF] pointed out that all the other actors in Argo looked like their real-life counterparts, except for Affleck, who is taller and hotter than the guy he plays. I don’t see a problem with that, but maybe Affleck should have cut the shower scene if he wanted to be taken more seriously. I mean I’m not complaining, but the scene in The Town really stuck out for me as not jibing with the story.

Photo credit: Fame Flynet

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  1. annabelle says:

    He can’t win the Oscar and yet he still spends time with the kids. Whatever will all the haters rag on him for now?

  2. Dawn says:

    I think she looks just fine. Cute kids!

  3. Miffy says:

    Why does everything she touch turn to frustrated housewife garb?
    That outfit on Charlize Theron (complete with buzzcut) and I’d inhale my own tongue while gasping about how awesome and casual it is. On Jennifer Garner? Meh.

  4. Happymom says:

    I loved Argo (and he was hot in it) but the shower scene was weird. I remember thinking, “He’s the director, so he chose to put it in the movie-bizarre.” And as for her clutch-she’s with her older daughter-she’s not going to need anything other than her wallet, keys and phone.

  5. JH says:

    I think she’s holding a full-zip wallet.

  6. Lb says:

    I don’t know why Ben bugs people so much. I think ben and Jen must be great parents – their kids always look happy and full of life and excited to be around their parents. Oh well. I still like him and the family. I’m excited to see his future projects (directorial projects more than acting ones though).

  7. rtms says:

    She looks much better now a days than before. Glad she’s now into better fitting jeans. I hated that baggy, bell bottom jeans she always wore, it made her look unkept.She still looks like a soccer mom but better put together.

  8. emmie_a says:

    I want her suede boots. And wow – Violet is gorgeous. I still get weird vibes about Jen & Ben’s marriage but no matter what, her kids always look happy & loved. I love how it seems the girls dress themselves and don’t look Hollywood-perfect in designer clothes at all times. They just seem very authentic & grounded

  9. Jayna says:

    He didn’t get snubbed for his acting, so the scene doesn’t matter. He was snubbed as Best Director, even though it was nominated for Best Movie. Lots of directors throw a shirtless scene for something. I can’t believe that would lose it for him. To me, if it’s nominated for Best Movie, how can the director not be nominated?

    I loved his shirtless scene in the Town and thought it fit in just fine. He was a tough guy.

  10. kim says:

    God why are we even talking about a man whor e pretending to be a “family man”? Ben is an (insert drinking, sex, drugs, gambling) addict that is now addicted to staged photo ops. He just tries too hard to make his acting resume relevant. His wife is a people pleaser and their daughters are doomed.

  11. Scarlet Vixen says:

    Their girls are such cuties. I especially love Violet’s snazzy glasses! My son just turned 5 and literally two days later found out he needs glasses. He’s (obviously) not happy about it, but I have to admit it was kinda fun picking cool glasses with him. Kid glasses are SO much cooler now than when I started wearing them in the 80s.

  12. lylaooooo says:

    those kids are beutiful!!

  13. j.eyre says:

    I want to go to lunch with Violet. Maybe start a book club with her.

  14. guesto says:

    Her blandness makes me yawn and he just leaves me cold, both as an actor and a person. As a couple, there’s just something so meh and uninspiring about them. No heat, no real connection, just two people going through the motions.

    And no, there’s nothing stylish about Jen.

  15. Hannah says:

    I think that picture of Violet getting her hair cut (without either parent pictured) is really inappropriate.

  16. KellyinSeattle says:

    I like the whole family

  17. RobN says:

    Saw the movie and don’t even remember the shower scene, so apparently his abs weren’t that great. Jennifer seems so dull that I’m not even sure why anybody would care what she’s wearing.

    • KC says:

      That’s what I was thinking! I sat through the whole movie twice with no bathroom or refreshment breaks, and I literally do not remember a shower scene. I mean, I WISH I had seen it and will be combing the DVD for it, but still. It was apparently only memorable to those who are *looking* for reasons to hate him.

  18. Jen34 says:

    Isn’t it odd that Jen is wearing boots and a sweater while Violet is in bare legs and sandals?

    Other than that, Ben and Jen make beautiful babies.

  19. angie says:

    For years, the paps seem to follow this family 24/7, but never once have I seen any of the kids have a “melt-down” or engaging in any form of inappropriate behaviour. My kids would be tearing off in all directions if they were being pursued like this, but these kids are fine holding the parents’ hand, following instructions, etc.

    Whatever the parents are doing is obviously working as the kids seem so genuinely happy and well-behaved. Nice..

  20. Lucinda says:

    She looks great. I think his response was very gracious.

  21. Ally says:

    Ben has been photographed taking the girls to the Farmers Market most Sundays for a few years now. The fact is most gossip sites, apart from CBS and maybe JJ, don’t publish them unless there’s other Affleck news.

    I think Ben has matured, I like him partly because over years there’s been many ‘kindness to strangers’ BVs about him. I think the kids are a reflection of what kind of people/parents Garner and Affleck are.

  22. GoodCapon says:

    Violet looks a lot like Chyler Leigh.

  23. Kosmos says:

    I love Jen Garner…she’s a good actress, good mother, and probably a wonderful wife for Ben. She can really look great when she puts on a glammy dress, so I think she’s the perrrrfect all around woman, if you ask me! About the boots, I absolutely LOVE her boots and the color is totally great…wish they were mine.

  24. Lisa says:

    I just realized why Violet wears so much purple… her name is violet. I feel so slow.

  25. KC says:

    Suddenly Fox News is a source of valid information?? Um.

  26. Jenn says:

    I think she looks great! Comfy and that’s all that matters when it’s down time with the fam!