Liam McIntyre & the hot dudes of ‘Spartacus’: who would you rather?

I don’t watch Spartacus, even though I had Showtime & Starz for a while (because of Homeland, and because DirecTV gave me a deal). But I always appreciate a good dong buffet, and as I was going through these photos of the LA screening/premiere of the new season – Spartacus: War of the Damned – I came to realize that the producers of the show are doing God’s work, dong-buffet-wise. I’m really just including photos of some of the dudes I was lusting after, and I apologize for not know who some of these people are besides the names the photo agency has given them. I’m starting out with Liam McIntyre, who I think is the new Spartacus? He’s new around here and good God, he is HOT. I would do filthy things to those dimples. We need to invite Liam to come around more often, correct?

John Hannah and Lucy Lawless – OMG I LOVE JOHN HANNAH. I’ve loved him for nearly two decades. I feel in love with him when he read the Auden poem in Four Weddings and a Funeral and I have never stopped loving him since. He’s gorgeous.

Here’s someone called Ditch Davey – not my type, but I bet he has an amazing body.

Simon Merrells – he has that psycho look which some of you enjoy.

Someone named Manu Bennett – there a lot of pics of him, so I guess he’s important.

And finally, for CB: Joel McHale was there! I guess he’s a fan of the series?

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. silken_floss says:

    Dan Feurreigel is notably missing :(
    Oh and Spartacus is on STARZ channel not Showtime :)

  2. Melissa says:

    I love this show. Can’t wait for it to start. The guy in black is Crixus. Very cool. Where’s Dustin Clare-Gannicus?

    • Bored suburbanhousewife says:

      +1 Dustin Clare and Gannicus BY FAR my favorites. Where is he? Honestly I thought the the prequel Gods of the Arena was better than both Spartacis 1&2. In addition to the Gannicus role, the scheming of John & Lucy was great in Gods.

  3. Cathy says:

    Lucy Lawless has aged well. She looks good in that picture. As for the guys….no, I don’t think I would do any of them. They don’t do a thing for my lady biscuits….bring on some Fassy.

  4. Brown says:

    Liam, Ditch, and Joel can line up and run a train.

  5. brin says:

    Yay…Spartacus is back!! Bloody good!!

  6. Keen says:

    Hahaha! I am laughing at the assessment of the Simon merrells person. Dead on. Either psycho or Russian (or both)

  7. deb says:

    Where has the guy with the dimples been all my life????

  8. mkyarwood says:

    Whaaaaat, he’s like Ricky Gervais’ HOT younger brother!

  9. Jenna says:

    Yes, Liam plays the new Spartacus and OMG I am kicking myself for not going to the NYC screening of the new season premiere last night! Went to an Ellie Goulding concert instead. :(

    And you really SHOULD watch it. It’s on Starz, and is very sexy and those lovely beasts are only in loin cloths. Yum.

    • V4Real says:

      Love Spartacus but I went into the new series with a heavy heart because of the death of the original actor Andy Whitfield. I must hand it to the hunchos behind that show becasue of how they handled the situation. When Andy was diagnosed with cancer instead of trying to find a replacement right away the show did the second season as sort of a flashback to the beginning without the main character. They were hoping Andy would beat his illness and be able to return for the thrid season but unfortunately he lost his battle with cancer. But Liam is a great replacement and yes I would hit it. Andy was a looker as well.

      • apsutter says:

        Agreed. Love how the show and Starz execs held out hoping that he would get better. The second season was very good too and they had a lot more story to work from. I haven’t watched last season yet because I like to binge watch the show but the bf keeps bugging me to watch it with him.

      • Laura says:

        I agree! I had a hard time getting into S3 though, especially without Andy (we called him Party-Hardy-Sparty). But Liam has done a decent job and was actually approved by Andy himself before he passed…

    • Apsutter says:

      I’m jealous!! I love Ellie!

  10. Chatcat says:

    There is very little that competes with all this eye candy and a glass of wine on a Friday night at 10 PM. But for me it is hands down Dustin Clare (not pictured) then Manu Bennett. If I can’t have either one of them in real life next to me in bed on Friday at 10 PM, then I’ll take them with their clothes off on Spartacus as a consolation prize.

  11. Apsutter says:

    So glad that this show is coming back! I’m telling ya ladies, watch Spartacus with your man and it will do wonders for your love life!

  12. Mimi says:

    Manu, all he way! Love me some Crixus!

  13. shewolf says:

    Manu… he is so dark and sexy. He’s like the grown up and sexy version of Jason Momoa.

    Andy Whitfield was just gorgeous, he played the original Spartacus. He died the day I went into labour with my second and since I was extremely hormonal I cried and cried and cried. He was so talented, so pretty, and a father to two young kids. So sad. I cant even look at this show without thinking of him.

    Sorry for bringing down the dong excitement.

    • Apsutter says:

      I miss Andy. He was great as Spartacus and I was so sad when the show was on hiatus due to his illness. Such a bummer…he finally gets his big break and starts his family and then becomes terminally ill. The way he died and the kind words from his wife made me cry.

    • Isabel says:

      I feel the same way. I loved Andy. Been hooked since the first episode and was excited to see a new one every week. I was very sad to hear of Andy’s illness and then passing. The creators/actors did a great job remembering him; they still bring him up and talk about him online and in interviews, they never forgot him. Usually on tv-shows they do a ‘in memoriam of’ after one episode and that’s it. They seemed to appreciate him very much, which tells me he was a kind, good and friendly man. His wife and kid can look proudly at Spartacus, it is his legacy.

      Liam does a great job though. Just the fact that Andy ‘had to go’ instead of leaving voluntarily makes it sad. Feel bad for Liam though, stepping in after a fan-favorite dies is very hard, but he pulled through. He deserves all the kudo’s he gets :)

  14. Britt says:

    Hmmm I’ll take Liam, but I’ll change his name because I don’t like it.

    Ditch Davey is an Aussie I think, he looks like a guy off Blue Heelers which was an Aussie cop show…He’s improved with age I see. Manu Bennett is from New Zealand, he’s a little hottie.

    Love John Hannah. What a sweetheart. I’d like to have dinner with him, but I wouldn’t hit it.

  15. phlyfiremama says:

    “god’s work, dong-buffet-wise” HAHAHAHA!

  16. Tig says:

    We dropped Starz so no Spartacus-whatever version it is now- for me. However, did have it for first season, and Andy’s story is all I can think about when it comes up- so sad.

    Wish the new version all the best, in no small part as to the class and compassion shown by the producers/network when he was first diagnosed( see comment above).

    New guy is cute

  17. lylaooooo says:

    i love spartacus ♥♥ but the best spartacus is the actor who dies i think his name was Andy and was a beautiful man!! he was amazing!!! and Manu plays crixus which is a very important caracter! this is an amazing tv show!

  18. Isabel says:

    Where is Doctore?! His guest starring role on True Blood was way too short, he is awesome! Too bad he can’t come back to Spartacus, unless they do flashbacks :(
    They brought in Lucy Lawless too and she also left the show, so gimmeeeh Doctore xD

  19. Stacia says:

    LOvE this show.

    Sorry to see that this will be this final season. My favorite eye candy is (Manu Bennet)Crixus. Love that Liam was able to take on the role, but Andy owned that character and had it nailed down in Season One.

  20. KellyinSeattle says:

    A great cast! I’ll have to watch it. Though Liam reminds me a bit of Ediot with those dimples. I think they’re all handsome.

  21. Maria_Spain says:

    “We need to invite Liam to come around more often, correct? ”
    ehm…YEASSSS PLEASE!!!!
    I Saw 1&2 dong s festival!!!! im looking forward to catch this new one on the net :p

  22. Incredulous says:

    Yeah, the first episode of the show was dire, seriously rank. It then improved and kept improving and turned into a HOLY SHIT DID YOU SEE THAT HOLY SHIT! show. Plus, nudity, so much nudity. Male nudity, female nudity, trans nudity, fighting nudity, peaceful nudity, every kind they could think of nudity.

    Wasn’t Viva Bianca there? Where’s her picture. She plays a character you truly love to hate, up there with Ashton Main in North & South.