Was Michelle Obama’s eye roll directed at a smoking joke by John Boehner?

I mentioned this in yesterday’s Michelle Obama post, but as it turns out, everybody is still obsessed with discussing the hilarious FLOTUS eye-roll at the inaugural lunch at Capitol Hill. This video has become my generation’s Zapruder film, hand to God. I’ll set the scene – Michelle was seated in between her husband and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, for the fancy lunch. At some point, nearing the end of the meal (I think the waiters were serving the desserts at this point), the camera comes in on Boehner and Pres. Obama, who were talking to each other behind Michelle – Michelle was sort of hunched over, concentrating on her food. Boehner raps his knuckles against her arm, referencing her in his conversation with Pres. Obama, and you can see Pres. Obama laughs with him. But while the men laugh, Michelle only gives a little head shake and rolls her eyes. The videos:

So the conversation has become: “What was being said? Was it disrespectful of Michelle to roll her eyes? Was it disrespectful of Boehner to knuckle her like that? Why was Michelle so unamused?” My take was always something along the lines of “Boehner and POTUS were joking around, and they made a joke at Michelle’s expense, or it was some kind of dirty joke that Michelle wasn’t happy with.” I also kind of think it was no big deal, but… whatever.

Anyway, the geniuses at Inside Edition got a hold of a lip-reader who tried to determine what was being said during the eye-roll.

It was the eye-roll seen ’round the world, and now we may know why First Lady Michelle Obama was less than impressed with Republican House Speaker John Boehner during Monday’s inauguration luncheon.

Michelle sat forward in her chair, allowing her husband, sitting to her right, and Boehner, to her left, to exchange a few words. She seemed annoyed with the banter, then rolled her eyes.

Lip reader Larry Wenig tells “Inside Edition” that Boehner asked President Obama — a longtime smoker who claims to have kicked the habit — if he’d had a chance to have a cigarette before the luncheon. The speaker, a chain smoker, then quipped, “Somebody [Michelle] won’t let you do it.”

[From Page Six]

I think a cigarette quip makes perfect sense. Go back and look at the video with those words in your head – doesn’t that absolutely make sense? Unfortunately, the DC blogs got in touch with Boehner’s office and his spokesman said that Inside Edition’s theory “is not true” but someone else claims Boehner has no idea what was being said. Guess it will have to be a mystery for years to come! Now… did anyone else notice how POTUS was chewing gum during the parade? Lots and lots of people suggested that he was chewing Nicorette. I would believe that too!

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  1. Sisi says:

    yeah that makes sense.

    I just assumed they were talking about sports or something and the eyeroll was just a ‘boys will be boys’ reaction

  2. carrie says:

    her face is very ” OMG the guys are idiot! i don’t want to take a part of their discussion”

  3. Nan209 says:

    I would roll my eyes too and not just because it was Boehner. Smoking is such a b*tch to quit. It’s been ages since I quit and I still have times where I’d kill to have just one little puff. Justice Sotomayor talked about it too…and she wasn’t even exaggerating how difficult it was, still is years later.

    I hope POTUS successfully kicks the habit. All of those methods to quit; gum and patches, never worked for me. I just had to quit and gut it out…after gutting that out I didn’t want to have to start all over.

  4. epiphany says:

    Don’t know the cause of the eye roll, but it’s pretty much an open secret that POTUS still smokes, and FLOTUS doesn’t like it.

  5. annabelle says:

    Ugh. Can you imagine having to live your life under such ridiculous amounts of scrutiny?

    All she’s ever shown is class, so whatever brought on Eye-Gate was, I’m sure, eye roll worthy.

  6. FirstTimer says:

    Yeah, probably it was a joke that warranted a ‘boys will be boys’ eye-roll. FLOTUS just wanted to concentrate on her meal.

    That clip made me hungry… LOL!

  7. LaLa2 says:

    I have done the same look when my guy friends joke around about something silly. People are making such a big deal out of nothing.

  8. gg says:

    I’m not surprised about the eyeroll especially if it in fact was about him smoking. I am very surprised though that she hunches over like a caveman and stuffs her face like that, leaning on her left arm. I’m going to be nice and assume she just had too much champagne and was tired.

    Shelly, Shelly, strong and able, get your elbow off the table, as my Mom would say. US table manners definitely don’t sanction this.

  9. littlemissnaughty says:

    Please. If the First Lady had a reaction like this, of COURSE Boehner said something completely idiotic, in her mind. If it had been something serious, this would not have been her reaction. I laughed my butt off, this is a moment to remember.

  10. Susie Q says:

    Did you notice Mrs. Boehner pocketing the silverware? Darned Republicans ;)

  11. JuneBug says:

    I was unfortunate enough to have meet Bohner last year. He smells like a dirty ashtray . After he left, the room still smelled badly.

  12. Jenna says:

    This isn’t going to sound “right” or how I mean it to sound, but I “like” that the President smokes and is having problems quitting. He’s a real person with real problems, issues, addictions, etc., just like so many other people in this country. I wish I could have phrased it better, but I’m too lazy today to verbally work that out. :)

  13. Reece says:

    As a woman I think that is very much the “Ugh Men!” eye roll.

  14. lucy2 says:

    As soon as I saw it, I figured it was an “oh men and their jokes” kind of eye-roll. It clearly didn’t look like anything angry or disrespectful.
    I’m surprised (not really) that some people are making such a big deal about it.

  15. Raised Brow says:

    Are we even sure it was a bonafied ‘eye-roll’? Looks to me she awkwardly acknowledged Bohner to the best of her ability, noting she was in the middle of eating, and simply returned to her plate. The ‘eye-roll’ could be perceived as the First Lady’s sudden response to pay attention to the person they were supposed to be listening to, seeing as said person warranted applause. {shrugs} I don’t see a scandal here.

  16. Ramona Q. says:

    OK, first, you don’t tap on the First Lady’s arm like she’s your golfing buddy. No.

    The eyeroll: I think she simply looked up when that voice started speaking. It wasn’t an eyeroll.

  17. Agnes says:

    whatever the eye roll was at, i loved it. FLOTUS can eye roll at anything she pleases, including that orange douche bag.

  18. Yup, Me says:

    And now, let’s stop and pretend that rather than a black woman (that everyone keeps trying to portray as having an ‘attitude’), she was a blonde haired, blue eyed, white woman. Would this ever be a conversation?

    It looks more like she was barely acknowledging him while concentrating on her food and also listening to the announcer. He was being rude with that backhanded knock to her arm. (and, etiquette wise, she shouldn’t have had her elbow on the table, but her body language also reveals a lot in how she’s effectively ‘closed herself off’ on that side.)

    • Danskins says:

      This ^ x 1000 – I’m more offended that Boehner’s wife is pocketing silverware and that no one had made a bigger deal out of that indiscretion in the video!

      Who freakin cares if the FLOTUS rolled her eyes at (likely) lame joke – at least she wasn’t on camera pilfering things!

      But Michelle gets blamed for everything anyway…and the beat goes on…

  19. Samid says:

    Here’s what Boehner said to Obama:
    “Mr. President, I have good and bad news for you.”
    “Do tell!”
    “Good news first, we finally found who peed ‘Obama Sucks!’ in the snow in front of the White House!”
    “Yeah. It was Romney!”
    ” Oh?”
    Yes, but it was in Michelle`s hand writing.
    “eye roll”

  20. StephanieMarie85 says:

    I think we should all be talking about how President Obama appears to be cleaning out the ole’ nose at the end of the video instead.

  21. Lisa says:

    That’s a “yeah, I know what you mean!” look. Like her mouth was full, but she couldn’t say anything, so she just looked over.

  22. Marisa says:

    Hilarious. To me, it’s more of a “Hey, Boner, just let me tuck into this slice of cheesecake” kind of look.

  23. labama says:

    I think she was eating very intently to avoid any interaction with the douche.

  24. telesma says:

    I get the impression that Boehner is a bit of an asshole and thinks the POTUS is “whipped” and makes comments to that effect (something he said in an interview once that gave me that impression). That’s pretty much the face I’d be making if some guy were acting that way around me.

    *Like he thinks his unhealthy habits are some kind of badge of honor and the POTUS is somehow less of a man for trying to do anything healthy, especially if he’s doing it because his wife wants him to.