Ben Affleck on his Oscar snub: ‘It was disappointing at first, but I’m over it’

Ah, The Long Dimpled Campaign! Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner were out and about on Friday in LA with their kids Samuel and Seraphina. It was raining, that’s why Ben is wincing in most of these photos. Not that I’m paying too much attention, but does Ben get pap’d with his son all that much? I feel like this is a special occasion – over the past few months of Happy Family Oscar Campaigning, Ben has usually been out with his daughters. But there’s Samuel – and he looks just like his sisters!! Those Garner genes are incredibly strong, aren’t they? It’s like the Jolie-Pitt genes – all of the biological kids look really similar, like there’s only one way for those genes to combine. Anyway, Ben and Jen and Samuel were out and about for Seraphina’s karate class. I kind of like that Seraphina is enrolled in a karate class – she must be more of a tomboy, because it seems like Violet is more a girly-girl who takes ballet.

As for the neverending Oscar Campaign (less than one month to go!), Ben was honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival over the weekend – he received the “Modern Master” award (Matt Damon appeared to present him with the award), and Ben got to sit with Leonard Maltin for two hours (in front of an audience) and discuss his work as an actor and director. Hilariously, Gigli was noticeably absent from Ben’s oeuvre, and at least Ben had the balls to note it publicly, telling the LAT “I’m just relieved they didn’t sneak in ‘Gigli.’” Ben is now putting himself forth as the underdog for the campaign, which is a smart move (it worked for Meryl Streep!). Ben told the crowd, “We’re still a long shot…” for Best Picture. As for his snub for a Best Director nomination, Ben is playing an angle of “slightly hurt but still very proud of the film”. Here’s what he had to say:

“The analytical part of me really enjoys burrowing into the odds,” Affleck told me. “That said, one of the least appealing things in this process is its competitive aspect. That’s why I’ve gone out of my way to do things … like I emailed ['Silver Linings Playbook' distributor] Harvey [Weinstein] today and I’ve talked to ['Silver Linings' writer-director] David O. Russell and I made sure to run into Steven Spielberg at AFI … just to appreciate them and support their work too. That’s important.”

Without prompting, Affleck said not receiving an Oscar nomination for director has been “freeing,” giving him the chance to focus fully on the prospects for the movie itself and its many nominees, which include actor Alan Arkin and writer Chris Terrio.

“Of course, it was disappointing at first,” Affleck said. “But I’m over it. And I’m happy to still be out here talking about the movie. I’m having fun.” He finished the rest of his glass of Jack Daniels. “Except for watching those ‘Pearl Harbor’ clips again. I wasn’t expecting quite so much of that, especially at an awards show.”

[From the LAT]

Well played. I think if everyone is telling you “You’re going to get nominated, you’re going to win!” and you don’t even get a nomination, it’s perfectly acceptable to show your disappointment, just as long as you don’t come across as entitled or whiny. Ben just seems diplomatic and… somewhat decent (except for the drinking Jack Daniels – WTF?!). Who knows, maybe this nomination snub will HELP Argo’s Best Picture chances?

Last thing – Ben took part in W Magazine’s annual Oscar profile series, and in his video he’s asked who is his “cinematic crush”. His answer: “I think Brad Pitt is my cinematic crush. Brad Pitt to me is like the perfect man and actor. … Brad, I hope this doesn’t disturb you to hear.” Cute.

Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. daz says:

    The daughter looks so much like her mum

  2. mia girl says:

    Very cute little boy.

    EDIT: I am referring to the baby. ;)

  3. two_seconds_ago says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar he’s not over it, after months and months of playing happy-family for the paps.

  4. Chicagogurl17 says:

    Sam is adorable and I love seraphina’s glasses and that she goes to karate.

  5. Miss M says:

    I am sorry, but I see just Ben Affleck when I look at Sera! The eyes people… totally Ben. Baby Sam is so cute!

    • Raven says:

      Speaking of eyes, both of those girls have glasses at such a young age. I wonder if Sam will need them as well.

      • Miss M says:

        Good point! I never paid attention before. They may have very sensitive eyes and/or eye-sight problems may run in the family.

      • Scarlet Vixen says:

        @Raven: My son is 5 and we just learned he needs to start wearing glasses because he’s developed a bit of a lazy eye, and the optometrist is hoping glasses can correct it (basically he has one eye that is really strong, and the other eye is really far-sighted and has gotten ‘lazy’ because it’s gotten used to the strong eye doing all the work). This is apparently genetic, so our optometrist will be keeping a closer eye on our daughters to try and catch it if they start to develop the same issue. There’s two young sisters (about 4 & 3) in our church that have the exact same issue, too. So, I’m wondering if that’s why Violet & Seraphina both wear them at such a young age. I do know from old school pictures that Jennifer Garner wore glasses, too.

  6. Jaxx says:

    Of course he has to be diplomatic about not being nominated if he doesn’t want to ruin his career. But you know he had to be livid at the snub. I would be. How long does he have to pay for getting the “hot girl?” I have never understood why the Bennifer years ruined his career for so long.

  7. Tessa says:

    I think it’s kind of funny, just a cooincidence, how much Sam looks like Matt Damon. I know he’s not Matt’s, and I’m not trying to imply that there’s any chance he is. He just really looks like his uncle Matt.

  8. Sel says:

    Samuel is so freaking cute! And he does look like his sisters. Garner and Affleck make cute kids.

    And I’m really liking how Ben looks here- a little rugged.

    I really hope the real Ben is the one we saw at the globes. The one that thanked his kids and called his wife his everything. Sometimes I wonder if he doesn’t talk about her so much or gush in interviews because he wants to keep her to himself. I mean, he gushed about JLo while in that relationship and we all saw how that turned out. Maybe he just doesn’t want to seem so overexposed on a personal level because it burned him before. Blake and JLo and Gwenyth are all in the business and he can talk about them because he doesn’t have a private relationship with them (giving him the benefit of the doubt on Blake). Or maybe I just want him to be a good guy, like Matt Damon.

    • the original bellaluna says:

      I like your train of thought. :)

    • megsie says:

      Ben’s is looking well lately, isn’t he? He’s ageing very well.

      He doesn’t gush about Jen often but when he does I belive him. The Golden Globe speech was charming of course though I realize some thought it was a pr move. However, Ben said something similar about Jen at a TIFF q&a for The Town. Much less publicized. He told the audience that “she makes all things possible in my life” and he wouldn’t be standing there if not for her. It was quite sweet. I think the vid may be on youtube still.

      • megsie says:

        Thinking about it, I also recall a cute speech given after winning an award for HollywoodLand. He said Jen had changed his life, then joked that if he wasn’t seen back at the table it was because he had rushed home to make love to her. It was a small award show and not televised.

  9. Hoya_chick says:

    I can’t decide if I think their kids are cute….. They all have a very specific look and look nothing like Ben! And why doesn’t he have an umbrella? The little guy is getting wet. Oh and Kaiser, Violent does take karate as well. I am not ashamed to know this because they are pap’d EVERYDAY! And I have definitely seen Violent in a karate uniform. And that info has passively imprinted on my brain. Happy Sunday everyone!

  10. cw says:

    Am I the only one that thinks that kid looks like Matt damon? seriously

  11. Miss M says:

    Oh, and I see his criticism about “Gigli” much more personal criticism and directed to Jennifer Lopez because has he forgotten about “The dare devil”? Yeah, right… his wife was in it.

  12. jinni says:

    To me, other than Jen having a larger mouth and dimples, I think Jen and Ben look blood related. The both have beady little eyes, similar noses and face shape, so I don’t know how anyone can say the kids look more like the one or the other.

  13. Cool Phosphorescent Shimmer says:

    I always wonder why they are never out with all three kids at once. Where do they stash the third kid when they are featuring the other two?

    The kids are very cute. Put a hat on that little boy! It’s raining, for pete’s sake!

  14. Jayna says:

    Sam is so adorable. The problem with the Oscars now, aren’t ten movies nominated for best movie but only five best director noms?

  15. Shira says:

    That is one adorable family, I hope they never stop making babies.

  16. Dalovelee says:

    If he’s diplomatic and being understanding about the snub it is ALL because of his wife Jennifer Garner who is a sweet and endearing person. Without her he would have been a lame actor doing endless B rated Gigli movies with JLo.

  17. Suze says:

    Geez, is it that cold in LA? It’s 13 degrees here and people aren’t as bundled up as Affleck and Garner in these shots.

    • Emma - the JP Lover says:

      @Suze …

      Yes, it can be very cold (and rainy!) in L.A. during Winter. The first four of the eight years I lived in L.A. were extremely cold and rainy. That first winter I got bronchitis from biking in the mornings before work. Hard to believe, but it’s true … there ‘are’ times in L.A. when you desperately need hat, coat, and gloves.

      Then again, the last four years I lived in L.A. featured bikini beauties on the beach wearing Santa Hats, which was equally depressing for a chic from the Midwest. :)

    • Belle says:

      People who are used to living in climates that are warm for the most part, tend to think it is ‘really cold’ when it isn’t. ;) Your body just gets used to the climate that it’s in.

      There was a funny video circulating recently, a couple news anchors (I think it might have been in LA?) making a big fuss over how cold it was… and I think it was about 55 degrees!

  18. Ms Kay says:

    Eh. I prefer M. Fassbender who was very honest about it, he wasn’t disappointed he was totally upset as he really bought into the hype and it was a huge slap in his face, lesson learned he said. I prefer his raw honesty rather than tiptoeing and pretend the “I’m over it”, same for Bill Murray. There is no shame in being honest eh.

    Anyway Ben Affleck, probably later in the year in another interview he is going to be less diplomatic and admit he was totally upset etc. and hey why not put the blame on his past with J. Lo or his wife :-D

    • Dutch says:

      Actors can get away with that kind of bluster a little more than directors can. Fassbender’s star is still on the rise (and the Academy loves stars) and Murray’s spot in the HW pantheon is pretty well set.

      Ben has to be diplomatic about the snub because he is entering the stage of his career he’s going to be directing and producing films that are specifically Oscar bait.

      Not wise to raise both birds and scream “f— the Academy” about what you expect to be the first of many movies that will be up for consideration in the next decade.

      • Ms Kay says:

        I never implied that being honest means flipping the bird and other swearing. One can be honest and say how they feel. Fassbender star being on the rise he could have been seen as pretentious, theses words could have cost him too for a newcomer, he was being honest. And no, Actors don’t get away with it, it just depends on the person likeable factor, same goes for director. Marlon Brando was a pariah but still he had his place cemented in HW. Bill Murray has been overlooked many times way before Lost In Translation, the Academy is just people who like to play the donkey/carrot and other “not his/her time yet” game. Now if Ben Affleck wants to play that game as we saw him playing it real hard, well good for him, but at the end of the day he still got snubbed, and he’s in for the long long haul. For example it took 3 decades for Scorcese to finally get the overdue statuette..and for what? A remake. What I mean is no matter the diplomatic and other sycophancy, Oscars are a joke. Better be more honest at the end of the day, it may not be pretty but oh well…

    • j.eyre says:

      I think you hit the nail on the head about the timing. He still has a horse in this Oscar race with Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor nominations – he doesn’t want to hurt their chances. Both Mr. Fassbender and Mr. Murray made their comments after the awards had been passed out. Let’s give Mr. Affleck until 24 Feb and then hear what he has to say.

      • Ms Kay says:

        J. Phoenix spat on the Oscars and still got nominated, even if he kinda back-pedaled a bit, still he meant it in the first place and it could have cost him, and they replace him by John Hawkes (The Sessions) for example, and it has nothing to do with getting away with it because he is an actor, he could have been dismissed in a heartbeat. George C. Scott was sh*tting on the Academy and yet he was being nominated, he refused and still they courted him. God knows why that game of courting.

        At the end of the day, no matter the timeline game, to me it doesn’t change anything to the snub, Ben Affleck or else.

  19. Barbara says:

    I do not think on this day it is for the paps. Seraphina is showing her new certificate from Karate. Families attend special events for the kids.

  20. Aurora says:

    I can’t believe how I find him totally hot all of a sudden. Must be the beard and greying hair. That man’s really getting more interesting with age.

    Those kids are adorable btw. And I love how these people look like ‘normal’ people most of the time. Boring clothes and all.

  21. Az says:

    Of course he’s being diplomatic. He’s learned to play the game. I credit that to Garner who clearly knows how to keep him somewhat in check. I used to think he had hooked up with Blake Lively but now I don’t. More because of Blake. Interesting that he went for Brad Pitt for the cinematic crush. Then again, I guess Clooney would have been too obvious (and ass kissy),

    • Miss M says:

      It’s quite telling that he didn’t go for Clooney… He never worked with Brad Pitt and, in my opinion, he is an average actor at best. Producing is the only thing Pitt is good at… very odd choice… if he didn’t want to sound like he was a*ss kissing Clooney (if he would choose him), he could had picked another actor turned director (Clint Eastwood, Redford, etc)

      ps: I didn’t like the tone of voice he used when Grant accept the Golden Globes saying: I also produced, you know?! he is NOT humble at all, which makes me happy he didn’t get nominated for the Oscar’s

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @Miss M, who wrote: “It’s quite telling that he didn’t go for Clooney… He never worked with Brad Pitt and, in my opinion, he is an average actor at best.”

        Brad Pitt has given several Oscar-worthy performances throughout his career. Voting ‘actors’ in the Academy of Motion Arts don’t nominate on a whim … with their collective egos? … and they’re his peers, therefore more knowledgeable in gauging acting talent.

        Brad Pitt has been nominated four times for an Oscar and five times for a Golden Globe, winning once for his role in “Twelve Monkeys.” Few actors can boast that many nominations from their peers.

      • Ms Kay says:

        @ Emma, as a Brad Pitt fan and has always followed his career, the area he is utterly excellent in is crazy characters such as Tyler Durden, Jeffrey Goines, Mickey O’Neil to name a few. In other films such as Benjamin Button, Babel he has to level his acting efforts up whilst working with the likes of Cate Blanchett. He is not that funny when he tries to be funny, he comes off as wooden at times. In Inglorious Basterds he was good because he was also some kind of lunatic twat, a character he was supposed to pull off anyway.
        I give him credit for trying to try and diversify his areas but there is no doubt that what he excels at is crazy characters. I am surprised that Cate Blanchett was snubbed for Benjamin Button because honestly she was magnificent as Daisy.
        Overall the films and actors are nominated like a political campaign, whoever does the best campaign wins, and it’s not always the worthy ones being nominated, more like a popularity contest. His performance in Moneyball was like JLaw in SLP, good but no that Oscar worthy.

      • Miss M says:

        I agree with Ms. Kay.

        Being nominated (or even winning) doesn’t mean you deserve … The only two times I liked his acting was in twelve monkeys and snatch. That’s about it. Compare his acting skills to any other actor his generation he falls flat and short. He is a great producer and knows how to choose his roles. Now add the family man + humanitarian to the combo.

      • MrsBPitt says:


      • Caleb's Mom says:

        I am sorry but he killed it as Jesse James. He made my bones chill with that performance. Definitely should have won that year.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        I can think of several stand-out Brad Pitt performances that weren’t of the ‘crazy’ variety:

        Brad absolutely killed it in “Meet Joe Black,” which in my opinion is one of the most under-rated movies/best Pitt performances (and from the entire cast) ever.

        Brad killed it in “Seven”
        He killed it in “Legends of the Fall”
        He killed it in “Interview With the Vampire”
        He killed it in “The Assassination of Jesse James”
        I really like his performance in “The Devil’s Own”
        He killed it in “Moneyball”

        I’m sure I’m overlooking a couple, but the man ‘has’ delivered stellar performances.

        And really … actors and actresses are ruled by ego (if they weren’t, they wouldn’t be actors). They are less impressed by the campaigns then you (not you specifically, I’m covering more than your post here) may think.

  22. lisa2 says:

    I think the kids are all Jennifer. The way they look, walk, body type.. everything. It would have been sweet if the baby boy looked more like Ben. But Genes can’t be stopped.

    Sam is cute. I saw a picture of Hilary Duff’s son and they looked a lot like each other.

  23. The Original Mia says:

    Kaiser, Violet also takes karate. She’s in other pictures, walking on a wall beside Jen & Sera.

    Ben sounds good here. Humble Ben is nice. Argo might win Best Picture, but I never thought Ben would beat Spielberg or Bigelow (if she’d been nominated) for Best Director.

  24. d b says:

    Although I think Ben’s a really fine director, I’m pulling for Django Unchained for best picture. Yes, I’m a sucker for underdogs

  25. EllieK says:

    That is an adorable baby boy! …he resembles his mum and dad, but he also looks like a tiny Matt Damon :) Does anyone else see it? …or is it a figment of my pre-coffee delirium? He looks like the baby that Ben and Matt would have had if they could make a baby together.

  26. LeeLoo says:

    As hard as I try, I can’t respect him or Jennifer Garner. Everything that comes out of their mouths sounds pompous and arrogant. Plus, it bothers me that Jen allowed Ben to use their kids for his award season campaigning.

    Jen just bothers me with her perfect mommy-holier than thou media tours. I’d respect her more if I heard one story about her losing her sh** with her kids and not make as many of the blanket statements as she has about parenthood.

    Ben is just a d**k. I don’t know if he cheated on her and I don’t care. But I think his relationship with Jennifer Lopez and the media hype involved with that showed his true colors of having little respect for women. His comments about his wife in interviews does a lot to lead me to the conclusion he married Jennifer Garner for the sole reason of image rehabilitation and doesn’t care about HER.

    For all I know they have a happy marriage and life together and are the nicest people in the world. I can’t honestly say I was a fan of either of them before they got married but the interviews since then have made me not care for either of them as people. They do have super cute kids though.

    • megsie says:

      Had the pap pics begun turning up recently, I would be inclined to agree with your Award campaign theory. But Ben and Jen have been consistently pap’d with their kids since Violet was born, so I’m not sure there’s an evil plot behind the karate school runs.

      • LeeLoo says:

        Oh they’ve always been papped and I’m not conspiracy theorizing but it seems the paps have been out close to nonstop since Argo came out and before the Academy announced the nominees. The other weird thing is we saw more photos of Ben with his family which used to be a bit more of an anomaly. Between all the interviews (where Ben opened his mouth and inserted his foot) along with the normal amount of papping they get, it should have been enough.

      • megsie says:

        Argo did well, earned a lot of publicity so, yeah, the paps came around even more than usual. Whatever pics will sell. Unfortunately, the Afflecks are easy to find. The paps know where the girls go to school, know where they attend ballet class, know that Ben likes to take them to the farmer’s market on weekends. Honestly I see Ben and Jen in a damned if they do, damned if they don’t scenario. If the nanny suddenly made all the school runs, we’d hear that the marriage was in trouble or Jen was a lousy mom.

        I agree that Jen is pap’d with the kids more often, but Ben is away on set much more often. When he’s home, he’s invariably out and about with them.

  27. Memphis says:

    Cute kids. I think Violet and Samuel look a lot like Jen but Seraphina looks like Ben IMO.

  28. dcypher1 says:

    Samuel is so cute. I just want to pinch his chubby cheeks.

  29. Abby says:

    I laughed at the bit about Pearl Harbor. Oh Ben, those were the crush days. Don’t hate on hot guy harbor!

  30. CocoBelly says:

    That poor baby, Ben should have wrapped him up, he looks cold. Adorable! but cold.

  31. serena says:

    I think even Violet takes karate class.. anyway I kind of love this family, yeah they are pap-friendly but other than that they don’t annoy me that much.

    Samuel is a little cutie, but Ben should have covered at least his head from the rain!

  32. Maritza says:

    I think Jen and Ben’s kids are the cutest, they are and adorable family.

  33. Bella says:

    The cutest ever! been waiting for a great pic of adorable Samuel!!!They have beautiful kids together!!!!!!

  34. KC says:

    That baby looks like Matt Damon.

  35. tim says:

    Any info on Affleck’s jacket? Thanks.