Claire Danes in black Givenchy at the SAGs: awkward or avant-garde?

I love a good acceptance speech where you learn something new about your favorite show. When Claire Danes won “Best Female Actor in a TV Series” for Homeland, she dropped a great little detail in her speech: she and Morena Baccarin (who plays Brody’s wife) are tight and Morena cooks dinner for her while they run lines. For some reason, I find that so sweet – mostly on Morena’s part. Nice lady! As for Claire, she continues her sweep of all of the awards forever and always, even though Damian Lewis and the cast of the Homeland were shut out in their categories. Claire wore this one-armed Givenchy which… I kind of hate. The cut was off, right? The sleeve was poorly done, the leg slit seemed awkward, and Claire just didn’t look comfortable at all. Plus, her makeup was much, much too heavy. It bordered on ghoulish.

Morena Baccarin wore Basil Soda. I really don’t care for it at all – too much fabric, it weighs her down. I’m starting to worry about her, actually – she never gets it right for these awards shows, which sucks because I think she’s extraordinarily pretty.

Damian Lewis and ABU NAZIR!!!!!! Actually, the actor’s name is Navid Negahban and the photo of Damian and Navid together is making my life. I was sad that Damian didn’t win, but I was glad that Bryan Cranston finally got something, you know? Damian looked disappointed to lose, but he didn’t seem grumpy about it. No worries – I’m sure Homeland will dominate the WGA Awards, the DGA Awards and then the Emmys in September!

Photos courtesy of WENN, Fame/Flynet.

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  1. len says:

    That could very well be the worst make-up I’ve ever seen.

  2. Faye says:

    This dress wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t up to Claire’s usual standard. The makeup was a huge WTF. As a fellow paleface, I could have told her that dark brown-red lipstick and that eye shadow were a definite no-no. Her makeup artist should be fired.

  3. MisJes says:

    Easily one of the worst dressed of the night in my books. The cut is off, the sleeve is odd, the patterned trim is tacky and the whole look is very dated. Fail.

  4. Post-Its says:

    The make-up was terrible. Her lipstick looked black on the red carpet.

  5. alons-y alonso says:

    I’ve loved Morena Baccarin since Firefly.

  6. Emma says:

    Does Claire have really big feet? No judgement if so but I have just never seen them before I dont think…

  7. Annabelle says:

    It wasn’t her best showing. This is more of how I’d expect a new mom to look.
    At least she was more gracious in her speech this time.

  8. Chelsea's handler says:

    Ok we’ll blame the make up this time. I was about to say she looks older than 33 and isn’t aging as we’ll as her peers Natalie Portman and Anna Paquin.

  9. emmie_a says:

    Claire’s makeup was horrible – She’s too pale for those shades. Her gown wasn’t awful but it seemed to highlight her unbelievably long torso – I missed her acceptance speech because I was staring at her low waist.

  10. La Calabaza says:

    I disagree.

    Claire looked amazing. Man, she had her boy 6 weeks ago!!!!

    The make up was great. She usually went all racoon but yesterday she looked more juvenile like in her Romeo and Juliet days.

  11. Lucy2 says:

    Didn’t care for either dress, and Claire’s makeup is really awful. She looked so good at the Golden globes, don’t know what happened here.
    Cranston should always win everything!

  12. Madhubala says:

    Claire’s makeup was ghastly. The dress wasn’t much better.

  13. Apsutter says:

    In a weird way I kind of like her look. The dress is really cool and I love the print on the slit. I like that it has one sleeve but I kind of wish that it were tight all the way down instead of being loose at the top. I love Morena and have since firefly!

    Also I’m really happy that Bryan Cranston won for BB! That show is incredible!

  14. chloe says:

    I actually liked the dress, but I couldn’t get past the lipstick, not her shade at all, she looked ghoulish.

  15. Realistico says:

    Why doesn’t Clair do movies anymore? Or maybe she can’t get any more roles because of her affair with Crudup?

  16. Shira says:

    I didn’t care for Claire yesterday but I’m not sure why. I think the make up-hair situation just threw me off.

  17. crab says:

    The lady in the background behind Morena Baccarin has major back fat going on! Probably should have gone with a different style dress.

  18. Snowpea says:

    Claire’s makeup. Hideous.

  19. vv says:

    I actually like Claire’s dress but the make up is horrendous.

    Also, Morena Baccarin’s dress is not amazing but I sorta do like it. It’s probably the nicest dress I have seen of the pictures posted from this event.

    Honestly there seems to have been a lot of misses!

  20. kibbles says:

    Absolutely awful. Bad hair, bad makeup, bad dress. When I first saw her I immediately wondered if she was pregnant again because she looked sick and like she just came from throwing up in the bathroom. This would only look great on Halloween as a witch costume! What was she thinking and who styled her??

  21. I Choose Me says:

    I actually like that shade of lipstick on Claire. Not the eye-makeup though. Agree about the dress but nevertheless I think she looks good. She has that new mum glow.

    On a separate note is it me or is Damien Lewis doing a little blue steel?

  22. LeBarron says:

    “I was sad that Damian didn’t win, but I was glad that Bryan Cranston finally got something, you know?”

    Was this his first SAG award? Because Bryan Cranston won three straight Emmys for playing Walter White, so I don’t feel all that bad Damian Lewis is taking over. Both are deserving.

    Anyway, I’m glad that Cranston won, as well. I love Lewis and Homeland, but Bryan Cranston really blows me away on Breaking Bad.

  23. momoftwo says:

    Damian Lewis looks so hot in these pics. I love him…so sexy…and I love that he is married to an older woman!!

    • yoyo says:

      I nearly died laughing.

      There’s much debate about this in the uk between those who find her beautiful and those who find she looks way too old for her age cause…she isn’t really older than him unless you count 3 years an age gap. You’ve read right, 3 years.

      Don’t know what she looked like before but she is NOT aging well , she looks at least 10 years older than him. Must be terrible to have your face go like that when you’re creeping up on your mid-40s!

  24. Amy says:

    I think Claire and Morena have been friends for years. They went to high school together at some point.

  25. Marty says:

    This is a little OT but I still don’t understand why Sons of Anarchy is NEVER nominated for anything when it is such a critically and publically acclaimed show. It’s very strange to me.

  26. Merman says:

    Morena is indeed extraordinarily pretty.I miss her “V” haircut.

  27. Mitch Buchanan Rocks! says:

    Damian Lewis looks like Salma Hayeks husband with more hair added. And Claire Danes, in the third photo, looks like Nicollette Sheridan.

  28. Cathy says:

    Claire Danes looks awful. Her makeup doesn’t look good at all. The dress is ewwwww to. At least Damian Lewis is his normally handsome self.

  29. Poink says:

    Like both dresses, hate Claire’s make-up.

  30. Cait says:

    Her makeup is god-awful. To think she paid someone to do that…

  31. Melissa says:

    I actually liked Claire’s look on the red carpet, but thought it looked bad indoors at the show itself.

    What is Damian Lewis’ wife wearing? She looks like she’s going to trip over her clothes at any minute!

  32. krat says:

    I unreservedly adore Morena’s dress. I just think she looks flawless here.

  33. Chrissie Malcolm says:

    Dear God! Was she attacked by some evil make-up mugger? Colour, application and intensity ALL WRONG!

  34. yoyo says:

    Why is no one taking about Morena Baccarin . That woman is so ridiculously gorgeous and classy it’s absurd! It should be illegal seriously -lol

    I can’t even hate on her cause from the interviews I’ve seen she’s funny, intelligent and down to earth to boot. Wait no! That should be even more illegal to have the whole package like that! Darn! :)

  35. Mourning the Death of Music says:

    I can give the dress a pass, but that make-up was just plain bad.

  36. dj says:

    I love C.D.’s dress. It was different from her usual red carpet dress which is usually strapless and different colors. Blah. However, her makeup was unfortunate. Did anyone notice, I think Damian Lewis is married to Draco Malfoy’s mom (the actress)? that is her, right? M.B. is really one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. Go Firefly!

  37. Janet says:

    Danes looked like she dressed and made up in the dark.