Is Justin Timberlake making Jessica Biel wait to get pregnant b/c it’s all about JT?

SUCCESS! If you’ve been reading our afternoon links for the past few weeks, you know that I’ve been laughing at Justin Timberlake’s “LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME” try-hard. Justin is going back to his successful music career, and good for him, but he’s been trying to get people interested by dropping hints and previews and teasers for weeks, all designed to steal attention away from, say, the Golden Globes and from actually talented actors. Well, he’s finally succeeded! I’m paying attention to poor JT. Hear you go, little buddy.

His new single is “Suit & Tie” – he teased this for WEEKS… and it’s really not that great, right?

So he’s got a new single and he’ll release a music video for it and then a new album soon. And he’s performing at the Grammys two weekends from now. And there will probably be a tour. It’s all about JUSTIN!! JUSTIN!! JUSTIN!! So what about his poor wife? Did you notice that even though Justin got to present at the SAGs, his poor actress wife wasn’t invited? Was that on purpose? Well, Radar says that Justin is doing the “not right now babydoll, I’ve got to work and hustle” thing to poor Jessica Biel:

Jessica Biel will have to wait a little longer before she starts a family with her new husband Justin Timberlake. has exclusively learned that the Suit &Tie singer has told Jessica, 30, to put off baby plans this year while he concentrates on resurrecting his music career.

The 31-year-old Social Network actor wants to be able to take time off to enjoy parenthood when it happens, and feels now is NOT the right time to begin that journey, especially since he will soon be performing and touring all over the world.

“Any baby plans Jessica may have had have been put on hold because Justin just wants to work right now,” a source close to the couple tells “They’ve had a long, hard talk about it, and Justin convinced Jessica that they can wait a little, especially since he will be promoting his music all around the world this year. He’s told her he wants to be a hands-on father, and that won’t be possible with everything he’s got on at the moment.

“Jessica is actually in agreement with Justin, she wants him with her every step of the way, so she’s reluctantly agreed now’s not the time to have a baby. She’ll just have to play second fiddle to his music for the time being,” the source said.

As previously reported, Timberlake posted Suit & Tie, his first single in 6 years, on his website on January 13.

[From Radar]

Do you think Justin has really told her that they need to wait? Probably. But I have doubts as to whether baby-making was first on Jessica’s agenda too. I think Biel wants a baby to “lock it down” maybe, but Jessica might be “resting” after the exhaustion of everything always being all about Justin. Poor Biel. And poor Justin too – he wants our validation so much. Here you go, JT. Happy?

Justin at the SAGs & and shooting a music video with Jay-Z:

Photos courtesy of WENN.

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  1. cmc says:

    “The 31-year-old Social Network actor”?!?!? That’s how he’s described now? Give me a break!!!!

  2. Erinn says:

    Geez. These two. I have no respect for him because he seems like a mega-douche, and none for her either because she KNOWS he’s a mega-douche and works so hard on keeping him from straying.

    That whole wedding video really put into perspective what self-centered people they must be to have the kinds of friends that think that sort of thing was a great idea.

    Jessica, for christ sakes, a baby isn’t going to keep his dong from wandering. If that was the case, there would be no women with kids getting cheated on.

    • Polk8dot says:

      I think this is just a story concocted by their PR people to keep them in the tabs.
      They are BOTH way too self-absorbed to ever want yet another person to come between them. A child/children would cause a huge distortion to the balance of power in that relationship, and actually require some selfless acts on their part. I’m not sure either one is capable of it.
      To me, they are just heading off potential inquiries from the media, family, friends; blaming work, career, etc; while in reality neither wants kids and neither is pushing the other for them.
      Seriously, are we supposed to believe that this is the first time this issue came up, and they are only now realizing what their life plans are? Bullshit! They’ve been together for ages. I bet all these issues have been ironed out long before the marriage ever took place, in a cold, business-like manner. I totally see them signing a ‘mutual obligations contract’ that dictates what will happen OFFICIALLY in their marriage for the next 10 years, at least.
      They both seem like kids would be the furthest things from their minds – EVER.

  3. Pearl Clutcher says:

    They both appear to be on the down-side of their careers, so I am confused as to what they are waiting for.

  4. Eleonor says:

    He looks like Tom Cruise on Oprah’s couch on that cover.

  5. Nessa says:

    Biggest. Tool. Ever. The end.

  6. WendyNerd says:

    I actually don’t think he’s a bad actor. He’s not GREAT, but he’s not BAD. But yeah, I have a feeling he’s been living in Justin World too long. It amazes me how he only drops an album about once every five or six years and still manages to get all this press. It’s not like he’s been starring in a bunch of HUGE movies either. The Social Network is probably the biggest film he’s been in, and he wasn’t the lead or anything. He usually plays supporting parts.

  7. 'Sup? says:

    Yup, Justin is all “cry me a river, Jess. It will always be me first, baby”.
    I used to like his songs back in the day, up to “what goes around”…I hate to admit it.

      • Amber says:

        My, haven’t the tables turned on that one? The thing is Robin Thicke is sexy, without even really trying, and Paula Patton don’t hurt. (Paula vs. Jessica isn’t fair to Jessica) This song makes me think that Justin is not actually sexy. He just adopts swagger poses, (he’s getting high and has a Suit & Tie), and uses grown-up sexy talk clichés, but the song is unintentionally(?) silly and sounds like a goofy inarticulate boy trying to impress and get in someone’s pants. And then it’s also kind of a combo of like “Magic” and “Wanna Love You Girl”. A real let down.

        BTW, doesn’t it look like JT and Jay-Z (ugh, I just caught that) are sharing a joke that only they can hear? Or maybe the peasants are instructed to not show emotion or interest.

    • V. says:

      Was totally thinking the Same Thing…when I heard Suit & Tie, I thought didn’t Robin Thicke do this song already? HAHAHA! And now with the straight blown out hair…GAWD HE IS SUCH A DOUCHEY BITER!!! If he wants to resurrect himself he should graciously dump Jessica and go back to Britney…THEN MAYBE we’d respect you again. Dumb ASS!

  8. MAP says:

    I have to admit that I can’t full on hate JT because I find him so hilariously funny on SNL.

  9. brin says:

    Ugh…settle down little man.

  10. Rachel says:

    …I still think he’s gay…

    • judyjudy says:

      I always thought he had ken doll parts.

    • ??? says:

      I am convinced he is well on his way to undergoing a complete Elton John-esque transformation over the next decade or two. Wait for it …

      I can’t believe there was a time I actually used to crush on this guy (back in his *NSYNC days). I vomited in my mouth a little by admitting that just now.

      Biel is just as big a tool as Timberlake is. We attended the same college and I had the misfortune of having been acquaintances with her for a short while. Granted she was much younger and presumably much less mature at the time, but she was 100% that girl who thought she was the sh*t because she was a “hot” pseudo-celeb. Gurl, please. She clung on to whomever she figured would make her look good and was a condescending b*tch to whomever she felt didn’t. A truly unremarkable individual, that one.

  11. keats says:

    Whatever it takes to delay that genetic material from getting passed down, I support fully.

  12. Jenna says:

    Well, it’s no ‘Sexy Back’. That’s for damn sure. I’m just happy he’s going to stop trying to be an ‘actor’ for a while and get back to what he’s good at.

  13. sunnyinseattle says:

    I can’t stand him or her for that matter. That being said, if it is true, I kind of like it. It is about time a celebrity admits everything is about them and put off having a baby until they are ready. So many times I think they have them because it is expected. Go ahead, be self centered if you want, just do it without bringing an innocent baby along for the ride! :-(

  14. Merritt says:

    I’ve thought Timberlake was a douche ever since the “Cry Me a River” video.

    As for Biel. I’ve always found her boring and try-hard. I remember back when she was on 7th Heaven (terrible show) how she did a photo shoot and interview to make herself sound bad ass. It just made her look spoiled.

    • Amber says:

      You know, I can’t remember when or where I heard or saw it, or who said it, but SOMEbody pointed out that the whole “Cry Me A River” thing, plus the video were real dick moves (I wish I could remember and give credit to the person who made me realize this). Like Justin is not the nice, always fun and funny, humble guy he wants us to believe he is. Add to the video him ratting out Britney for not being a virgin. And then there was that time when he left Janet Jackson to hang for the Superbowl incident. This is not nice guy stuff. I still like JT as a musician and I find him amusing, much the same way I find Anne Hathaway amusing…hmm… But JT’s a world-class A-hole and narcissist and always has been.

  15. Susie Q says:

    Don’t a lot of married couples put off babies for various reasons? That said, I have no sympathy for her, she knew what she was getting when she married him. Blech to both of them.

  16. Wow. Looks like JT has been busy frumping up his hair follicles as of late

  17. Feebee says:

    I thought everything he did or did not do was because it was all about Justin.

    Kinda sucks not being invited to the SAG Awards when you’re the actual actor in the family. Loose I know but…

    So he’s back to music. Did anyone really miss him? I mean his fans will be happy but I never heard any one missing him while he wasn’t producing new material.

  18. hoya_chick says:

    He is not talented. He works with urban producers/artists who create the beats and hooks it’s not him, he is generic. And I love how he always acts so cool and hip when really he is (and always will be) the guy from nsync who wore the denim tuxedo with Britney on the red carpet. Hahaha, seriously look at him in the picture with Jay Z, try hard. Such a douche.

    He is overrated in everything he does. Dancing, singing and acting. I don’t understand how he get so much press. I bet Jessica will get knocked up soon. She is lucky she got him down the isle, now it’s time to lock it down. She’s all about being married to him and he is like meh. Her career sucks so this is all she’s got.

  19. The Original Mia says:

    Isn’t it always about Justin? Am I supposed to feel bad for someone who willing married a douche? Not this kid.

  20. Ms Kay says:

    That pic of Jay Z and JT says it all : Kingpin and his Buffoon!

  21. Annie says:

    Jessica is so not planning on being a mom soon. She still thinks Anne Hathaway, Keira Knightley, etc are stealing her roles. No way she’s backing off for a baby.

  22. Holden says:

    Don’t care, his hair looks better long though…

  23. Angelia lee says:

    Everyone needs to back off of justin. Jessica is a famewhore. She is the one who thinks its bout her name dropping his name to stay relevant. Miss I won the jackpot of names. Shes so pathetic and I hope jt divorces her using money grubbing ass. And she def would not make a good mother. So with that said bravo to justin.

  24. Chrissy says:

    I HATE that People magazine cover. If that doesn’t prove it’s “All about JT” I don’t know what does.

  25. Patrice says:

    Hmm. Everything about this sounds fishy to me. I don’t doubt that he told her that but it’s the reasons for it being given here; I mean, how involved do we actually think Justin would be as a dad anyway? Seems to me it would probably be a lot more difficult for JT to two-time if there were a child involved and that’s what might be at pmay here. Afterall, I don’t think the guy is a total monster.

    This whole farce of a relationship still kind of makes me sad though. Jessica is the perfect example of a woman who CHOSE of her own free will to give up her own identity, life and career for her man and when the divorce inevitably happens-once she grows tired of his *alleged* cheating-I’m sure she’ll use those very choices that she made as a platform for over inflated alimony/a so called-”revenge pay out”. (I normally would say I don’t blame the “wronged woman” at all for going after him where it hurts, but if all the stories are true, Jessica has been such a willing and eager participant in all of it. It’s like, why do you so desperately need a ring from a guy for whom it doesn’t actually mean anything to? *shrugs*)

  26. Ryan says:

    Poor JT? Poor Jessica? Poor potential kids who may result from this union! I swear, people have kids for the most selfish reasons.

  27. Emma says:

    Can you imagine the cheating that will be going on when he goes on tour to promote the album?

  28. Elle says:

    Those black and white loafers he’s wearing in the last couple of pics are pretty fly. That’s really the only nice thing I can think to say, so…yeah. I’m done.

  29. Mandy says:

    I usually enjoy JT’s music. But this new song is very MEH for me. And it also doesn’t help that I can’t stand him as a person. Looking at these pics had me thinking that he is not going to be very attractive as he gets older. Okay I guess I’ve beaten him up enough, I’ll stop now!

  30. Meg says:

    that cover of people is such a joke! even if they didn’t pick the picture for the cover i’m sure his people approved it and they willingly posed for it-that pic says ‘it’s always about justin and i’m just going to sit her like a good little girl and know my place’

  31. leslie says:

    Cannot stand Justin. I’ve never understood the fuss over his music or his looks (fug) . And acting? Pfft! I find he can’t hide his true asshole nature well at all. Besides attempting to hijack the Golden Globes, I noticed when he presented at the SAGs, he walked up to the podium microphone & pretended to sing one of lame songs in the mic and then made a forgettable joke about HIMSELF of course. I cannot imagine Biel getting much attention from him in this marriage – here’s hoping he never reproduces.

  32. Jordan says:

    I liked Justin’s first 2 albums. That being said, this “new” song is like a throw away b-side song of one of them. Who is he kidding that he wants us to believe he has been waiting for inspiration to give us that mediocre piece of been there, heard that? The whole build up to releasing this song as if he was the second coming of musical Jesus and then to give us this song was an idiot move. But his stans and the corp $ will still bow down to him. Miguel is tearing it up as far as RnB is concerned, and to hear Justin act as if we’ve been desperately waiting for him to save us from our musical hell is infuriating. I can’t stand Jessica but I’m honestly beginning to believe being married to Justin is punishment enough, so I’ll leave her alone.

  33. sll says:

    The funny (but sad) thing about this is, even if Biel became pregnant, no one would care. There are still people who didn’t even know Justin (an A-list celebrity) is married. That’s just how irrelevant Biel is.