Alex Skarsgard loves Mexican beer, probably has his own guacamole recipe

A quiet night with a Swedish Viking and some Mexican beer. Sounds nice, right? These are some new photos of Alexander Skarsgard coming out of an LA grocery store (Whole Foods? Dunno.) with some Mexican beer and a cloth bag full of groceries. Because I love you, I examined the beer – it’s “Cerveza Pacifico Clara: Imported Beer from Mazatlan, Mexico”. Never had it! But I would try it if a Viking offered it to me.

I’m assuming Alex was shopping for his (or someone else’s) Super Bowl party, right? Considering it’s not a keg, I’m guessing it’s not for his own party, but he’s going to someone else’s Super Bowl party and he wants to be a good guest so he picked up some beer and maybe some chips and dip or something. I see a plastic produce bag – maybe avocados? Maybe he’s making his own guacamole? I would love it if Alex had his own recipe for guac.

In other Skarsgard news, he was recently in Sundance to promote his latest film, The East, a drama/thriller/dystopia film. He plays the leader of an eco-terrorist/environmentalist group called The East. Apparently, the Sundance screenings were very emotional and people did like the film.


Photos courtesy of Fame/Flynet.

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  1. allons-y alonso says:

    He’s very pretty but I can’t look past the whole Bosworth/succubus incident.

  2. DailyNightly says:

    Hope he is christening his new house with a Superbowl party! Maybe he is just running out for some last minute ingredients.

  3. Oops says:

    Guacamole, Alex mmm, I want to do a lot of things with this combination

  4. Eleonor says:

    Viking arms should be shown with the “Parental advisor” it’s pornography!

  5. Ms Kay says:

    On the 2nd pic he looks like he got marks on his eye corner and nose… Fight or sunburn?

    Guacamole… I have another image now Halle Berry did something with it in Movie 43… *gasp*

  6. LAK says:

    Gosh. It must be so odd to have random people take your picture when you are out minding your own business. Whether you like it or not.

    I fully aknowledge my part in this insanity because love seeing pictures of him, but still….very odd.

    I don’t feel bad when they are on a red carpet but here….

    • lori says:

      yea, kinda ruins the magic for me when I see other photog lens in the shot. I feel like a jerk for looking at the pics now, and I think he looks kinda upset.

      • Tulip says:

        @Lori. I know! What the hell did the paps say to him? He looks like he’s trying his best not to explode and kick their collective ass. You’d think that they could at least make easy conversation about the booze, the game, etc. and at least get him to look casual rather than angry.

        Gorgeous, gorgeous man.

      • StaCat1 says:

        They go for him since his pics sell and they obviously get clicks on sites. These sites post pics that get traffic..that is why you see the same suspects.
        Sadly this part of the beast and working in this business. He seems like a big boy and he gets it. He has talked about the importance of fans and press. He knows without it..he doesn’t have a job.

    • Devon says:

      ITA. When I saw how close the paps were, I felt so incredibly horrible for looking at these. I guess when we can’t see the paps, we don’t see how much they are in people’s faces and it doesn’t make it seem as bad?

      Especially for something like going to the grocery store. And because he actively tries to keep out of the cameras/magazines. Someone like LiLo, I’ve got no issue but here? I feel bad.

    • littlemissnaughty says:

      Yeah, he always looks extremely unhappy when they catch him doing random sh*t. I get it, I really do.
      The problem with him is, he says one thing and then does another. As in, he loves his privacy and then lets his former gf wh*re him out to the papz. (Allegedly, I know I know. But come on.) He HATES the paparazzi with a passion and then keeps posing with JJ at parties etc. Excuse me but JJ’s blog relies on paparazzi pics almost exclusively. Or at least it used to. Sure, he’s celeb friendly now but his entire success was built on pap pics.

      So when it comes to AS, I believe that he really hates this and now that he’s not with Bosworth anymore, does everything he can to avoid it. But let’s face it, JJ is the one who posts every single set of pap pics, it’s not this site, it’s not Lainey, it’s not Michael K, it’s nobody but JJ. And that’s who he’s friendly with? Bitch, please. If this is what you have to do for PR purposes, fine. But don’t act like you’re being tortured then.

      Also … arms. Yum.

      • LAK says:

        Who is JJ? and where/what is this blog full of AS pics?

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        Just Jared? I always think people know. :-)

      • Missy says:

        ^^THIS! Thank you! If you really hated paps and don’t want to become over exposed tabloid fodder, then you wouldn’t have anything to do with JJ and would try and avoid places where you know are hot spots.

      • LAK says:

        littlemissnaughty – i must admit that CB is the only gossip site i read/contribute to. full on addiction. :)

        Can’t cope with multiple sites etc. too much gossip clogging up my brain. I used to read Lainey before i found CB. Didn’t really appreciate AS until i found CB.

        That whole Kate B thing was really funny from Lainey’s POV. I don’t read her site anymore, but it makes me chuckle every time i see pap pics of him or Kate B.

        EDIT: and now, despite my discomfort at these pictures i am going to google Justjared and spend a satifying hour or more looking at AS. :)

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ Missy: I have a soft spot for this guy, even after the KB debacle (Lord, did that ever challenge my girl boner). So I will even go so far as to say he shouldn’t have to avoid his favorite grocery store. I know nothing could keep me from mine. He does seem to try and avoid most pap hotspots so I won’t sh*t on him for that (much). BUT, like I said, the JJ thing bugs me. It’s hypocritical at best. So I won’t say it serves him right because yeah, seeing these pics in particular makes the pap thing seem so creepy. But I can’t feel too bad for him either.

        @ LAK: Okay, got it. :-) I still read Lainey’s blog and Michael K’s of course. Although at times I think Lainey is a bit aggressive rather than “just” bitchy but that could be me. LOVE her KB comments. When these two were dating … oh my. Yes, it made him less attractive but my gawd, was it ever entertaining.
        If you want to just drool over AS pics, I’d suggest the askarsswedishmeatballs tumblr.

      • cr says:

        LAK, if you want to look at pretty pics, including fan ones, I’d skip JJ, who doesn’t post most of what’s out there.
        There are Tumblr and fan sites for that, like Santress. And as already mentioned, Swedish Meatballs.

        He did make some stupid PR/dating decisions three years ago. And I think he knows that.
        But I do think generally he does try to avoid the paps. And some cases, as already mentioned, he’s stubborn, so if he likes a place and he gets papped there he’s still going go there.
        Could he find another grocery store farther out of the HW pap circuit? Sure, but he might feel that he might as well suck it up for the five minutes or so that they’re actually harassing him, instead of driving a 1/2 out of his way.
        He does have to play the game in some form, though I think he’s trying to play it more his way and less like a certain ex.
        It’ll be interesting to see what happens pap-wise if any of the three (and possibly four) movies that he’ll have coming out this year becomes successful.

      • LAK says:

        littlemissnaughty/cr – Thanks you guys. i just spent an hour over at Swedish meatballs tumbler. Too much AS at this point. will have to abstain for awhile.

        I like that most of their archive seems to be from official situations rather than doorstepping him on a grocery run.

      • littlemissnaughty says:

        @ cr: Yes, he probably knows he made some strategic errors a few years ago and I’m sure he won’t repeat them in the future. To be honest, I don’t even like looking at pap pics of him because he always looks so miserable. I prefer events and fan pics because he’s never grumpy when fans take a pic. I really agree with what you said but the JJ thing … I can’t help but judge him for it. Do actors really need to suck up to that guy? I have no idea, maybe they do.

        @ LAK: LOL I know what you mean. And you’re very welcome. No need to peruse JJ.

    • Shoe_Lover says:

      LAK- I am not a celebrity by any means, just a regular girl, but I can answer your question from personal experience and the answer is it is weird, bizarre and uncomfortable.

      I’m from Australia and a vintage enthusiast and last year a bunch of my friends and I, who are also into vintage, went on a holiday/ vintage shopping trip to LA, Las Vegas and Hawaii. We dress in vintage or vintage reproduction 99% of the time and so we stand out. We don’t do it for attention it’s just our style and passion. In Australia people usually just look at us but very few actually say anything. In America we had people stopping us minimum 3 times a day to comment to ask about our clothes and people were taking our photos as we walked along all the time. All but 2 people asked first and it was really, really bizarre. But unlike the paparazzi no one said anything offensive to us to try and get a reaction. The only time I found it offensive was when I turned my head to see a guy taking a photo of my boobs. But there was one amazing time it happened- we were having dinner on the Queen Mary and a little old lady cried and said we reminded her of when she and her husband were young and would go out dancing and she gave us all a hug

      But i guess I’m a hypocrite because i love any photo of Skarsgard or Ben Affleck regardless of how it was taken

  7. Gwen says:

    I’m guessing a party at his house with friends.

    I adore him and am really glad that The East got a lot of good buzz at Sundance but his discomfort with the paps makes me feel a bit sad for him. I wonder why they keep going for him? I know the Boz called them, but now that they’ve been over for a while, why do the paps keep following him? Does he go to pap-hangouts or what?

  8. Samigirl says:

    I swear, I’m sometimes rendered speechless by how good looking he is.

  9. Sandy says:

    Im a doctor and I can’t help but notice his forearms – his extensor tendons are so perfectly defined! <3
    Ahh, you Viking!

  10. Mirella says:

    This makes Monday a little more bearable :)

  11. Astrid says:

    Thank You! you made my Monday

  12. GiGi says:

    Ahh!!! Love him! I wish the agency would’ve left Fares in the photos – double hotness for Monday morning!

  13. Elceibeno08 says:

    I bet his burrito tastes good. Yummy.

  14. Minx says:

    Yessssss!!!! Because Viking arms. And no Calvin Klein Provocations? Sweet Jesus, woman. YouTube. NOW!!!!

  15. Ashling says:

    I am still recovering from watching his new Calvin Klein promo. The scene in front of the mirror is the sexiest I have ever seen him…and all his clothes were on!

  16. Laura says:

    Tons of celebs go to this grocery store so there are always paparazzi camped outside. But he lives right nearby so he probably just deals with it.

    Whoops that was supposed to be a reply to Gwen.

  17. elceibeno08 says:

    Look at all the paparazzi taking pics of him. Being a celebrity does have its disadvantages.

  18. gabriella says:

    Pacifico is delicious! Good taste!

  19. StaCat1 says:

    Poor Fares Fares– he hangs with Alex all the time and gets edited out of all the shots. Geez…the guy is in an oscar-nominted film–give him a little love? LOL

  20. Izzy says:

    I have an excellent recipe for guacamole! Come and get it, my forever-Viking-dong…

  21. Saema says:

    So very hot! And yeah, he does look like he’s controlling his anger a bit here… I can just imagine (or fantasize) his fangs coming out as he hisses at all the paps surrounding him! I would just love his magical formation into character lol!

  22. the original bellaluna says:

    Pacifico doesn’t suck. And with HIM? AND guacamole?

    Girl, you couldn’t keep me away! ;)

  23. Alana Fajina says:

    “Dream Lover, come and rescue me!!!” WHOAAAAA, this man is too hot to trot!! All I wanna do is marry him and have smoldering half Latin, half Viking God-children :droolface: Definitely #1 on my hit list!
    Pacifico’s are oh so yummy too, my lover has great taste! And his eco-friendly bag as well?!?!?? SWOON!

  24. Vivi says:

    …ok…My ovaries are multipliying as we speak..

  25. Camille (TheOriginal) says:

    All I have to say is: <3 him.

  26. ramona says:

    For some reason, I have always imagined Skarsie as being a huge Mexican food fan. The kind of guy who, if you made him fresh salsa, would be at your mercy. Why? I have no idea.

    Incidentally, I make amazing salsa.

  27. lylaooooo says:

    what´re the odds.. !! i’m from Mazatlan Mexico…!!! and i love that beer its the best!! been in the beach with a cold pacifico it’s amazing!