Superbowl commercials: which were your favorites?

There were so many high production commercials at last night’s SuperBowl, as there are every year, that it’s hard to pick favorites. (Spoiler: the Ravens won, and there was a partial power outage in the Superdome right in the third quarter that stalled the game for 34 minutes.) Here are some of the commercials which stood out for me, and they weren’t necessarily the ones with celebrities. We’re not covering the trailers here, just the commercials! Kaiser will have some trailers for you coming up. I’m sure I left some good ones out, you can see all the commercials and revisit your favorites on

Kia: Babylandia. This was creative, awesome, and funny

Doritos: Dorito-loving evil goat. The guy’s neck brace at the beginning foreshadows what’s to come

Doritos: Dad plays dress up with daughter, spoiler: his buddies join in

Taco Bell: Old folks living it up

Pistachios: Psy does “crackin’ Gangnam style”

Oreos: cookie or cream. This was my son’s absolute favorite, we watched it several times.

Jeep: I was cutting onions with this one. Oprah narrated this ad for our troops serving overseas.

Budweiser: Another tearjerker. Clydesdale horse recognizes his trainer.

Sketchers: Dude dies up cheetah to save gazelle. Simple but cool.

Coke: desert race. This ad has been called “racist” by Arab-American groups. I just thought it was underwhelming.

Paul Rudd and Seth Rogan fight over being a Samsung spokesperson and get trumped by LeBron James. I love that Saul from Breaking Bad is in it.

Hyundai: gather your team

Also, did you see those bizarre Bud Light ads featuring Stevie Wonder and Zoe Saldana as a voodoo priest and priestess? The first one was clever, where Stevie made a voodoo doll for a fan. I didn’t fully get the second one, with Zoe making a lucky chair unlucky or something.

Another vote down for the gross GoDaddy commercial featuring Bar Refeali making out with a geek with Danica Patrick introducing the action. The smacking sounds were so unnecessary. Lame concept too.

Update: Ram Trucks, “God Made a Farmer.” This commercial may have copied a popular YouTube video.

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  1. JustaGirl says:

    Jeep, Clysdale, The Farmer (my dad is a farmer :) ), Football kid, and Dorito’s goat were my favs.

  2. aims says:

    My son also LOVED the oreo comercial. He laughed so hard!!

  3. Momoftwo says:

    Yes that godaddy commercial (with bar raphaeli) was stomach churning and yes…I am becoming my parents…but it felt very inappropriate watching it with my kids!

    It bothered me way more than a Janet nip slip would have…

  4. merski says:

    I loved how at the end of that GoDaddy commercial Bar Refaeli had this face expression like she was trying so hard not to puke in her mouth, hah! Ridiculous.

  5. hmmmm says:

    definitely The Farmer commercial. My favorite by far.

    • NYC_girl says:

      Watched it all and loved that and the Budweiser commercial… and I sat on my couch practically crying (but then I realized how cute farmer/horse/boy was and was like, hmmmm!

      Budweiser did a great commercial after 9/11 with their horses and not for nothin’ it still makes me cry.

    • littlestar says:

      The colt commercial was cute, but I should NOT have watched that farmer commercial at work! I am wiping away the tears lol. I’m not religious by any means, but my dad is a farmer so this commercial really affected me. Especially the last part, when it said the son said to his father, I want to do what you do – both of my brothers help my dad farm. Baaaaaah I’m tearing up again lol! And my dad and brothers all drive Dodge Ram trucks, which is even more fitting lol.

  6. Audrey says:

    I think it was the sounds of the kissing that MADE the Bar commercial. I thought it was genius.

  7. Rikki says:

    That kiss between Bar Refaeli and that nerdy kid was pretty gross. I was eating Doritos and almost hurled.

  8. Masque says:

    Loved the Bud Light Voodoo ones and the babylandia one. Anything with a Clydesdale in it automatically wins with my family. The Jeep commercial started the leaking in our eyes but the surprise winner for us was the Paul Harvey “God made a farmer” commercial. That one just blew us away.

    Godaddy made us want to vomit. Why on earth would Danica agree to that???

  9. Nicolette says:

    ‘The Clydesdales’ tugged at the heartstrings for me, ‘Landslide’ is one of my all time favorite songs. And at the end when the horse runs up to his former owner it just got to me. Very sweet. ‘The Farmer’ was my second favorite.

  10. lamamu says:

    The Calvin Klein commercial!! A little something for us ladies…

  11. Audrey says:

    Thanks to the puppy bowl, Sandy Hook Choir, Clydesdales and the National Anthem, I cried like a baby most of the day.

  12. mrsezc says:

    I thought Taco Bell retirement home and the Dorito’s with the little girl tea party were the funniest. But my favorite was the Budweiser Clydesdale.

  13. Agnes says:

    the go daddy one was nauseating.

  14. mln76 says:

    I loved the farmer commercial but apparently its based on a YouTube video…honestly besides that one I think the commercials really sucked.

  15. sillyone says:

    I am glad we weren’t the only family sitting there trying to hold down our little smokies while watching that Go Daddy commercial.

  16. faun says:

    I didn’t find the Jeep commercial sad at all – coming from Oprah who campaigned for someone who expanded the military industrial complex and expanded drone warfare to unbelievable heights – sorry, that’s a bit too ironic.

  17. Hautie says:

    Loved the Evil Goat.

    Actually I loved all the Dorito’s commercials.

    The Clydesdale/Budweiser commercial, could make the devil weep.

    Along with the Dodge/Farmer commercial.

  18. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Lots of the ads were funny–anything with Saul, babylandia, Psy, whisper fighting and I liked the Jamaican VW Get Happy ad too. To me it made fun of bland uptight white people.

    The GoDaddy commercials all stunk & the kiss was just gross. The poor nerd pinged my gay dar and they both seemed equally repulsed by what they were being paid to do.

    All time fave ad still the cute Darth Vader kid in the VW ad a couple of years ago.

  19. Tessa says:

    I think that commercial could really hurt Bar’s career. Whose idea was that? The kiss was gross and uncomfortable, and in no way funny or cute. It was voyeuristic and nasty.

  20. DeltaJuliet says:

    The Oreo one, the Jeep one narrated by Oprah (I didn’t even realize it was a Jeep commercial, I was so overwhelemed with the content itself) The Farmer one was fantastic.

  21. Jess says:

    The GoDaddy one was gross (hated those smacking noises) and the old people Taco Bell one was great, but my favorite was Amy Poehler at Best Buy. Amy rules!

  22. Elceibeno says:

    The goat in the dorito commercial was the funniest.

  23. Masque says:

    Sidenote: after seeing that ad from Godaddy I’m now looking for an alternative company to buy my domains from. Any recommendations?

  24. bea says:

    The GoDaddie commercial is offensive. What if it were an overweight, FEMALE tech geek making out with a gorgeous male model – lots of people would be pissed off.

  25. Meerkat says:

    Babylandia, Doritos goat and loved the Clydesdale one. For Clydesdale lovers in the UK, ITV is screening a documentary about them on Thursday at 9:00.

  26. Belle Epoch says:

    Babylandia rocked! But I can’t remember what kind of car it was advertising. That’s not good.

    Skechers ad funny plus you remember what they are selling.

    GoDaddy DISGUSTING not funny. Grade F.
    Jeep ad reprehensible for exploiting our troops. Grade F.

    How much $$$ did Doritos spend on all those ads?

    • Tessa says:

      I thought the Jeep commercial felt like cheap propoganda. I was spitting out my drink. Of course everyone loved it and believed every word Oprah was spewing out. Exploitative and just plain wrong.

      • Apsutter says:

        Yup…everyone in this country clamors to that faux-patriotism crap. Just like the farmers ad. I come from a farming family and that commercial kind of pissed me off. Everyone in this country would talk up how great farmers are and blah blah blah but of course no one owns up to the fact that corporate America has decimated small farming in this country.

      • rightgrrl says:

        @apsutter I felt the same way about the farmer commercial … Does anyone really care about the small farmer when Monsanto is bent on running them all out of business? And don’t get me started on geoengineering being used to flood/ drought out small farmers in major corporate land grabs…

      • Lucinda says:

        I gotta say I live in a farming community, mostly small family run farms and the farm commercial was very popular here. I don’t think our farmers found it patronizing or exploitative. I can’t speak for the JEEP commercial and our troops.

    • iheartjacksparrow says:

      The Doritos commericals are fan-made. Here in L.A. one of the local stations did a segment on a dog that was in one of the submitted commercials (that wasn’t shown). The winners get shown at the Super Bowl and get $1 million.

  27. Cody says:

    I liked the Farmers commercial . Paul Harvey’s voice is intense. This commercial reminded me when I use to cry with the cotton commercials.

  28. Cody says:

    I liked the Farmers commercial . Paul Harvey’s voice is intense. This commercial reminded me when I use to cry with the cotton commercials.

  29. sunnyinseattle says:

    I am probably the only one, but I didn’t watch the game (Go Seahawks lol) so I missed the commercials. I did read this morning that Scientology paid 8 million for a spot. Anyone see that? Yikes, now they’re on oue t.v.. LOL :-)

  30. Apsutter says:

    I LOOVED that Oreo one! I lol’ed hard when the firefighters showed up. By you guys are missing my favorite, the Deion Sanders er..Leon Sandcastle one.

  31. Ginger says:

    The Oreo commercial kept me laughing even when it was over and the dodge farmer commercial made me teary since I grew up on a ranch. I am back and forth from Vegas to Nebraska a lot so I get to interact with salt of the Earth middle Americans a lot and I love them. The culture is so different from my large city.

  32. JuJuBee says:

    The goat commercial was funny as was the M&M commercial. That GoDaddy commercial with Bar was just foul. I’m no prude, but we all cringed and were grossed out by it.

  33. qtpi says:

    #1) Ram truck ad – My dad was a farmer and it is all true. Long hours and hardly any vacations (hard to find someone to take care off 1000 hogs while you are away for a week…)

    #2) Jeep ad – and I love owning one even more after seeing the ad!

    #3) Clydesdale ad. awwwwww……

  34. Kim says:

    The Coke ad is meant to be four different movies chasing the bottle of Coke – Mad Max, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Lawrence of Arabia, and Blazing Saddles. Not meant to be racist, I don’t think.

    My favorite is the Budweiser horse. No matter how many times I watch it, I still cry.

  35. PortlandJan says:

    I loved:

    The Joe Montana T-shirt stain
    The oldsters playing hooky from their nursing home and gettng their freak on
    The Clydesdales
    The Jeep Ad
    and The Goat

  36. Lilo says:

    We here in Germany have saphire hops? I learn something new every day!

  37. Melissa says:

    My favorite was probably the Oreo ad, but I also liked the Kia baby ad and the Doritos dress-up ad. Looks like I’m alone on this, but I positively despised the Dodge farmer ad – completely overwrought. And I missed the first Stevie Wonder ad, so the second one with the lucky chair completely confused me. I think you should be able to make sense of Super Bowl ads while half paying attention since you’re trying to pull double-duty during the ads – replenishing a beer, running to the bathroom, prepping food. I can’t stay 100% attentive for 4 hours!

  38. rtms says:

    The Farmer, the Jeep and Budweiser Clydesdale were the tear jerkers for me. The Oreo was funny but a rip off of Campells Chunky Soup. The Babylandia was a good one as well.

  39. Starlight says:

    I always love Bar, but not this one.

  40. Reece says:

    Audi Prom, Babylandia, Doritos, Taco Bell & Oreo (I’ve had that argument many times. Cookies!)

  41. claire says:

    Big No to the gross and sexist Go Daddy commercial.

    I LOVED Taco Bell, Budweiser Clydesdale, Amy P and the Oreo Whisper Fight.

  42. Samigirl says:

    GoDaddy was nauseating. I’m mid 20′s and I found it revolting. I will NEVER use GoDaddy. Ever.

    I loved the Jeep commercial, the God Made a Farmer commercial, the clydesdale (wept a little), and the Doritos Dress Up. The guy in the beard….”IS THAT MY WEDDING DRESS?” Oh, I busted a gut.

  43. G says:

    The Tide commercial…

    She washed his 49R Jersey and said “Go Ravens” LOL!!

    • valleymiss says:

      That was one of my favorites, too (and the reason I came to this thread!) The whole “Joe Montana stain on the shirt” killed me. Also liked Deion Sandcastle, the farmer one (always loved Paul Harvey’s voice), and the M&M’s one was cute, too.

  44. scarlett says:

    The uncut, extended version of that ad is absolutely disgusting. Can’t imagine why Bar would do such a low rent ad unless she was paid in the seven figures..and even if she was..still?

  45. KellyinSeattle says:

    I loved the Farmer, and hated the kissing one w/ Bar. It was just plain stupid. I didn’t see all the commercials, though. The goat one was cute; I think if I’d seen the old people escaping from their nursing home I’d have liked that the best!

  46. TrustMeOnThis says:

    You forgot the best one: that insane Scientology ad! I LOL’d!

    Also Bill Maher’s awesome tweet: “I saw an ad for scientology, i joined, and Destiny’s Child reunited! That shit works – thanks, Tom Cruise!”

    Here’s the ad:

  47. megan says:

    Whisper Fight forever!! When the guys fall over the balcony one of them goes “creeeeeeeeammm!” and it kills me! That and the police on the loudspeaker. And the go daddy one…unoriginal, revolting, did I say UNORIGINAL? they didn’t even bother trying to come up with a plot for that tired situation. they just went “here is an unattractive male and an attractive female. we’ve paid the attractive female to kiss him. here goes. watch it now. pay attention. oh you were already tuning out? (*SMACK SMACK SMOOSH SMACK* i barf) we got you good, you fuckers!”

  48. s says:

    what about audi and the prom date? that was awesome, I would say that was my favorite. I liked jeep, the farmer, the goat, and I thought the one with the geek was disgusting and gratuitous.

  49. Havik says:

    My favorite were the Joe Montana stain and “Leon Sandcastle”! Pretty much the only commercials that had me laughing. Oh, and the pistachio Psy one for the sheer absurdity of it.

    The GoDaddy one was just…ugh. When are they going to make James Hinchcliffe or Dale Earnhardt Jr. do stuff like that?

  50. bar world land says:

    I looooooooved the Oreo one! I was absolutely cracking up at the firemen.

    The GoDaddy one was just awful. I will never ever use them because of that disgusting commercial. Bleechchchchchcchhhh

  51. skuddles says:

    The Budweiser Clydesdale commercial – hands down!!

    My next favorite was the Doritos Goat commercial.

  52. Ginger says:

    Oh yes I forgot about the retirement home commercial! That was awesome!! My husband turned to me and said that’s going to be us when we’re old . I hope so!

  53. Shira says:

    I’m an Israeli and I’m embarrassed for Bar. So unnecessary. Haven’t even watched this.

  54. GoodCapon says:

    I’m not from the US but several radio stations here were updating us with the latest Superbowl scores. I found it strange because I’ve always assumed NFL was never a big thing here.

    Perhaps they were just going with the flow- ‘It’s popular right now so we’re gonna dedicate a few minutes about it even though you guys might not be interested’?

  55. Lemony says:

    teh farmer one & the budweiser clydesdale one ( I grew up on a farm) and I am sobbing as I type this :)

  56. lucy2 says:

    Didn’t watch any of the game, oh well.
    I couldn’t even watch the kissing one, the sounds were disgusting.
    The goat Doritos one was funny, and the Taco Bell one was cute.
    The farmer one had some beautiful images. The Jeep one was moving too, but felt weird that they were using that emotion to try to sell cars. A bit exploitative.

  57. Anoni Mus says:

    I get why some find the “God made a Farmer” overbearing, but no one can deny that it was original (still photography instead of moving images… well just slightly moving), gorgeous images and colors. It was beautiful, and the narration just enhanced it, IMO.

    The Jeep commercial, OTOH, felt heavy-handed and rubbed me the wrong way by capitalizing on people’s anguish.

    GoDaddy was bipolar last night, because I hated the Bar Refaeli one… revolting, and not just because of the poor guy’s looks. Did they have to zoom in and showcase the slobbering? Gah.
    But on the other hand, I found the other ad of theirs, about getting your idea out before some other annoying rich guy capitalizes on it, pretty funny and well done. So, you obviously can do other stuff GoDaddy, but yet you choose to be disgusting.

    By the way, Ms. Refaeli looked as if she was going to barf at the end of the commercial, LOL

    Kind of loved the Mercedes Benz one with Willem Dafoe as the devil. Good casting and well executed.

    Kind of hated the Samsung one with Paul Rudd and Whatshisface. Too long and them just riffing… not my kind of humor at all.

    Liked: Tide, Oreo, Sketchers, Bud Clydesdales
    Disappointed: Coke, VW

  58. Janet says:

    Babylandia, Oreos and Taco Bell. Those old folks cracked me the hell up!

  59. RHONYC says:

    Coke Chase! yes! i totally loved the ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’, ‘Mad Max’ & ‘Spaghetti Western’ references…and yeah having people dressed in Arabic garb in the desert was so. tots. racist. like, wtf? next time they should be in Alaska right? :roll:

  60. Aud says:

    I like the Ram trucks ad, because it made me think of the corporate hypocrisy. Pretty soon, even farming will cease to exist in America.

  61. fritanga says:

    Boy, Seth Rogen should NOT sit next to Paul Rudd. They both annoy me (Rogen forever, Rudd lately), but Rudd is still adorable, and Rogen just looks like even more of a mutt next to him.

    This was a very dumb set of commercials, save for the Budweiser Clydesdale one (a rip of War Horse, but still). Much better than the stupid devil goat.

  62. Aqua says:

    Thanks for posting these commercials.I don’t get them on the West Coast but I have to say tribute to the farmer is my favorite.Very heartfelt and true.Otherwise the commercials weren’t that great this year.