Beyonce reunites with Destiny’s Child during Half-time show: awesome?

So we finally got to see the much-hyped and much-analyzed Half-time show where, YES, Destiny’s Child reunited. For about two minutes before Beyonce and her wind machine kicked Michelle and Kelly off the stage. It was ridiculous! I mean, it was enjoyable because Beyonce and DC have had a lot of hits and it was fun to see which songs got picked, etc. It was also interesting because I’m pretty sure Beyonce’s booty caused a 34-minute black-out in the Superdome, right? Just after the Half-time show and just as the second half was about to begin, the lights went out. Maybe because of Beyonce’s show? Maybe because of The Booty? Anyway, here’s the video (I’m including two videos, just in case) – we’ll discuss it below.

Just a few things:

*I actually liked Beyonce’s costume, and Michelle and Kelly’s complimentary costumes. Yes, they were a little bit “dominatrix lite” but I didn’t feel like lady bits were assaulting me, you know? The costumes were sexy without anything hanging out.

*Beyonce sang live! And we know this because the vocals weren’t perfect. But how in the world is her voice totally okay to sing live with a smoke machine and a wind machine but it’s not okay at the inauguration?

*I guess we also know that there wasn’t a pre-record because Michelle and Kelly’s microphones weren’t as loud as QUEEN BEYONCE’S.

*I can’t wait to see how Beyonce “homage’d” with this performance. You know it’s coming! She can’t give a major performance without “copying” (“homage-ing”) some lesser-known mortal.

*Last thing – Beyonce had to make it all about Beyonce (!!) by announcing her new tour – the Mrs. Carter Show. This commercial was so… ridiculous.

Photos courtesy of Beyonce’s Tumblr.

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  1. Ms Kay says:

    Honestly she danced well but overall it was eh… She started screaming straight away in a “look I’m not lip-synching!” way with Love on Top, and then the usual Crazy In Love routine, nothing new.

    As for DC, uh well it wasn’t a reunion it was more like Beyonce & Her Former Bandmates aka Kelly and Who? They were more background (after all it’s was about Beyonce) Single Ladies dance was awkward Michelle was awful it was too funny, no charisma no conviction, at Kelly was doing something (bitch looked hot!).. But I didn’t see any “reunion” here they might as well have blended with the back dancers and it wouldn’t have changed anything. It was Beyonce Show!

    Then she distracted the audience with the whole lights effects, the wind machine for her hair, those two Beyonce heads special effects, because frankly it was about a show, not singing much per se.

    I was expecting something spectacular given the overhype, the tease, the Terry photoshoot, the interview, the tumblr, the this, the that… but it was just some Déjà Vu… Didn’t hate it but wasn’t gobsmacked per se. It was like any other gig she pulled during her tour imo, only that it was the Superbowl.

    That said… I want Beyonce leather outfit or underwear or whatever that was!!!

    P.S : “World Tour” I’ve seen it goes to Europe and North America so far… Well hopefully there are more dates and other continents to come up?

    • Erinn says:

      THIS. Ms Kay, that’s how I felt.

      It was soooo hyped, and it came off as a little on the meh side. It didn’t seem so much of a DC reunion as it did a “Beyonce has hired her former bandmates to do backup”.

      I think she felt like she had prove to everyone that she could makeup for the inaugural singing, that she just forced it a bit too much. I don’t know; I’m certainly no expert on the subject, and I applaud her for giving her all. I just wish there was a bit more to it than the constant gyrating.

    • BB says:

      Beyonce was fabulous!! I loved her performance and she looked fabulous!! One of the best half time shows I’ve ever seen.

    • sasa says:

      Agreed. It was the same old, unimaginative, booty shaking, hair flipping video-like performance with next to nothing engaging about it. Randomly chopped up parts of the songs as well.

      At least Madonna had the brains to figure out she’s no Bruce Springsteen and brought along the whole shebang to distract viewers with. Beyonce seems to think she’s a rock star and can carry the whole show. IMO she just doesn’t have what it takes to pull it of.

      • Jen34 says:

        Yep. I thought Madonna’s performance last year blew Beyonce’s out of the water.

      • sophia says:

        let’s see..last year madonna who’s know for her skimpy outfits and her love for controversy surprised us all by wearing an appropriate and cute dress yet Beyonce emm well the pictures speak for themselves..
        Madonna’s preformance was more visually interesting and it felt more coherent..But I have no doubt that beyonce has a great voice.

      • Pandy says:

        It was a boring performance. I dislike both Beyonce and Madonna but I thought Madonna’s performance was better. Beyonce’s was like watching a video. i was hoping her weave would have started unravelling lol. So much hype for this? Yawn.

      • TrustMeOnThis says:

        Totally agree. I’m neutral on Beyonce’s music and actively dislike most Madonna, but Madonna KILLED it last year! I’d been expecting something much more like this year’s show, but her staging and theatrical production were amazing. Flame effects and hair swinging just can’t compete with marching bands, centurions, and Vogue being played at the ultimate shrine of American masculinity. She also utilized the field more, with the projections. Last year, I expected to laugh but I was impressed. This year, I wandered off before it was even over.
        Beyonce is very pretty, though. I just expected more after last year’s show.

    • RocketMerry says:

      Agreed. Can I just add a tiny thing about but the whole “MRS Carter” thing (naming her tour to remind of her big, music-boss hubby, showing a penchant with his picture, etc…)?
      What is the message there, I cannot sell records for love nor mercy, but y’all need to buy tickets to my show because I am my husband’s wife?
      What a strange, confusing message. I’m not completely sure how that interlocks with the whole “powerful woman” thing, but ok.

      • Emma - the JP Lover says:

        @RocketMerry …

        I don’t last long on ‘Beyonce’ threads because I don’t understand the hate (and yes, damn it) jealousy at Celebitchy for this incredibly beautiful, talented young woman. However, I’ll stay long enough to say this:

        Beyonce Knowles is one of the best artists of ‘all time.’ As a solo artist she has sold 13 million records in the U.S. and 75 million records worldwide. Her tours consistently sell out, not just here, but in Europe as well. She writes most of her own songs, has an incredible voice, and still remains awesomely ‘Bootylicious.’

        That’s all I have to say. I am SO outty.

      • RocketMerry says:

        Lol, good for you for liking her, then.

        Yeah, she’s pretty, has a good body and a nice voice, but I stick to what I wrote: she contradicts this “woman-power” concept she fills her mouth with, all of the time, and does whatever to sell her records. Which lately ARE bombing a lot. That’s all.

      • Liv says:

        I wondered about that too! I mean it took them years – I repeat: years! – to tell the world they got married…and now she’s naming her tour Mrs. Carter? I don’t get her lately.

        By the way, has she messed with her face? At first I thought it’s Tyra Banks. Her nose or eyes (not sure) make her face look different.

        Oh and I really hope she sticks with Destiny’s Child now, I loved them and her image can use some better PR right now.

      • Pandy says:

        Live – yes! Came on this site specifically to see if anyone else thought she did something to her nose. So pointy!!!

      • S says:

        Yeah, I don’t think using your husband’s name, or being proud to be married to him, is at odds with being a strong woman or showing “woman power”. Actually, I think it fits right in.

        People will always, ALWAYS find a reason to snipe at Beyonce. She’ll never please everyone, nor can she do anything right.

      • Liv says:

        Pandy, I don’t get why she’s messing with her face! She was so beautiful and now this!

        @S, I disagree. I really liked her before, but it seems like she’s pretty arrogant recently. And this has nothing to do with “haters”. Years ago I knew people who hated R’n'B but loved Beyonce. If she’s getting backlash now it’s because her “new” PR strategy.

    • C. says:

      I agree. She didn’t sing that much. It was all about the dance…and her hair.

    • Lizzie K says:

      It wasn’t Destiny’s Child it was DIANA ROSS …. (and the supremes). Gross.

    • Apsutter says:

      For being such a huge star her tours never have enough destinations. I’ve been wanting to see her forever but she won’t come to Pittsburgh!! The closest was Philly and that’s an 8 hour drive. Literally every other huge star comes and does shows in Pitt except for her!

    • Feebee says:

      I thought it was the typical safe Beyonce performance. It was an okay show. I agree it wasn’t a DC reunion. Making their mics sound so bad when they had a solo line to sing was pretty naff.

      I reckon Beyonce didn’t even manage to sing a full song. She averaged three lines of whatever song was one. She sounded fine and that’s the part I can appreciate. But I think if you’re there as a singer you should manage more than that. Maybe I don’t get the need for her to be so dance heavy, isn’t that what back up dancers are for?

    • LAK says:

      Last year when she performed at Glastonbury, i was blown away because i had never seen her perform alive show. Award shows don’t count. Anybody can do an amazing award show performance.

      I could forgive the Tina Turner ‘homage’ because it was a really good effort.

      This year, as you say , Meh! same ol’ same ol’

      Her voice really bothers me. shouting is not singing.

      That Single Ladies routine isn’t a homage. it’s a straight out copy of Bob Fosse Mexican Breakfast so THAT always irks me because she presents like it’s original.

      If she did something different, it wasn’t this show.

      • Lana says:

        I had no idea the “Bob Fosse Mexican Breakfast” existed so I had to youtube it and surprise surprise, you are totally right! She keeps copying things from people we’ve never heard of before and trademarks it as hers. It’s disturbing. I also thought this show was something we’ve already seen, nothing original. And turning down Michelle and Kelly’s mics was just rude, I thought I was having trouble with my ears, but then I heard her voice loud and clear. Not good.

    • Victorri Taylor says:

      Have you’ll heard Destiny’s Child’s new single “Nuclear”? It’s hot

  2. notpretentious says:

    I loved the show!!! Let the hating begin! Take it away envies… Beyonce fans, shields UP!!

    • menlisa says:

      Shields up?
      What are you 8?

    • epiphany says:

      Hate? This has nothing to do with hate, or love, or any other emotion. This is about a public performer, who performed publicly, and our opinions on that public performance. I’m sure when Beyonce decided to become – whatever she is – she knew she would be fair game for criticism. What do you expect people to do – say that they liked it when they didn’t?
      It wasn’t good. It was loud, obnoxious, self -indulgent, and an excuse for Beyonce to watch herself on gigantic monitors for a while. And I don’t care enough about her to hate her or love her.

    • V4Real says:

      It’s not hating if what people are saying is true. For the amount of rehearsal time it was reported that she put into that show (5 months), I would have expected a fantastic show but it was just meh. Her voice was not great and the dance moves was just recycled movements from all her other past live performances. Jeez, stop putting this woman on a pedestal as if she’s the next coming of Christ or something. All that weave tossing and hip grinding is not dancing.

      • terra says:

        but the halftime shows aren’t about introducing new stuff for the megabands/performers who are featured-it’s usually a show that uses their most famous and familiar songs that people know. I definitely think people may have not been impressed because it’s all so familiar, but that is the point of a halftime show for the most part.

      • Rikki says:

        @ V4Real

        Giving a compliment doesn’t mean anyone is putting her on a pedestal. A lot of you couldn’t give her a compliment if your life depended on it. Always looking for something negative. SMH

      • V4Real says:


        I used to be a fan of Beyonce until her holier than thou attitude. It’s one thing to say you’re a perfectionist but to pretend that you are so much better than anyone else is another beast altogether. I’ll say it again for all that rehearal time she put into that show it was not great. That’s my opinion and I am allowed to voice it in the same way people are voicing their opinions about her putting on a great show. Bey’s ego has gotten out of control and she has become insufferable. She didn’t write that song Ego for nothing.

        BTW I didn’t have to look for something negative, it was already there.

    • terra says:

      she annoys me, but the girl put on a halftime show for sure. She looked gorgeous and sang well and danced her ass off. And kelly’s intro was my highlight–that looked so cool!

      • Jenny says:

        I think hating is exactly what it is. I didn’t give Beyonce a rave review, but I think I was objective. A lot of you guys go way too hard, going out of your way to tear people down, which is basically the definition of hating on something. It doesn’t mean you hate Beyonce to say that you “hate on” her.

        You didn’t like her show? Don’t like her? ‘Nuff said. Keep it moving. No need to be so vitriolic; that’s what makes people seem like haters.

        Often times on the site I find myself defending celebrities that I either don’t really like or feel sort of meh about because some posters go so hard to tear them down.

      • V4Real says:

        But Jenny this is what sites like this are for. We praise the celebs we love and we tear down the ones we feel are overrateed, pretenious or insufferable.

        There are plenty of celebs that I adore esp Ben Affleck that gets ripped to shreds on C/B but I don’t call the one’s tearing him down haters. That’s just how they feel about him and it’s their opinions. Now if I was on a fansite dedicated to Bey then maybe I wouldn’t tear her down because it is such. This is celebitchy and it’s not didicated to Beyonce, therfore she is fair game.

    • jaye says:

      I don’t “stan” for Beyonce(I’m to old for that mess)but she put on an incredible performance. Let’s be honest, though, her shows aren’t about giving her audience the “steak” of her great voice. It’s all about the “sizzle” of an overall exciting performance. And boy, she sizzled at the Superbowl.

      I really should stay away from all Beyonce posts because I don’t get the disdain a lot of you have for her. It’s like driving past a car accident. You don’t want to look, know you SHOULDN’T look, but you just can’t help yourself.

    • Crystal says:

      RME. Oh please, this isn’t Lipstick Alley. ‘Shieds up’ ? Girl, this ain’t Pokemon. Have a seat.

      • Jenny says:

        @V4real, you are missing my point. My point being, I don’t love Beyonce, or Bwn Affleck (and definitely not Leann Rimes) and yet at one time or another I have found myself defending these people against criticism that is so harsh and vitriolic, that it is quite excessive. Certainly you can understand that there is a healthy medium between critique and tearing someone down/being nasty.
        The OP is a good example of this. She said she loved the performance and she knows everyone is going to “hate” on it, then proceeded to be called juvenile, told to have a seat, etc.

        I embrace debate, but it doesn’t mean any of us need be in mega-bitch mode.

      • V4Real says:

        I do get your point but when someone like Beyonce who has made herself a target due to the crap she spews out of her mouth put on a less than stellar performance she is opening the door for harsh criticism. Have you seen her in interviews lately. She has become insufferable. Like I said before I used to be a fan until she became too pretenious and things that she has done have become suspect. It’s not criminal and most people won’t be talking about it in the years to come. I never said the woman didn’t have talent but I just grew tired of her BS and decided to blog my opinion about it. Let’s face it did she really even sing during the halftime show; a few lyrics here and there was all we got.

        I understand that posters can be excessive in tearing down a celeb but most of the people who are not in agreemnet about Bey’s halftime show is just voicing their opinions about the performance. I haven’t read anywhere (yet) where they are calling her fat, ugly, or anything in that forum. Now that would be tearing a person down, criticizing their performance is not tearing someone down. Someone did comment about her hair color but if they didn’t like it they didn’t like it.
        Have you heard professional critics talk about celebs performances, now they can be harsh and they get paid for it. Celebs probably care less what we think but those critics can probably make or break a career.

        BTW didn’t she say she loves the haters.

  3. Bored suburbanhousewife says:

    Parts of the show did not seem truly “live”, maybe because of the video screen tricks?

    Beyonce’s bleached out orange hair bothered me. The other two DC ladies have beautiful shining black hair. Why Beyonce, why?

  4. Rikki says:

    She came. She slayed. She knocked the power out. Amazing. #HurricaneBeyonce

  5. T.C. says:

    The Mrs Carter show? Ump LMAO. At least the halftime show was decent. She threw a bone at Michelle and Kelly all hail Queen Beyonce. So insufferable sometimes.

  6. Cazzee says:

    Overexposure can be a terrible thing…

    You think people might be getting sick of all the hype?

  7. Jenny says:

    Definitely far better than the recent halftime shows that I can remember, but it was way overhyped. I thought Beyonce sounded pretty good and it is rare to see a performer who can dance like that and sound decent at the same time.

    I do like that Beyonce has the “iconic” dance moves to go along with her songs and I think the dancing looked great. However, I think by continually doing the same routines she adds to the sense of déjà vu, because we HAVE seen it before.

    • CC says:

      Obviously, you missed Prince’s half-time superbowl performance. In my opinion, it’s still the best in recent years. I noticed that both Madonna and Beyonce stole some things from his performance. Madonna, the marching band. Beyonce, the stage lighting and opening segment.
      I found Beyonce’s performance underwhelming, nothing special. I saw more booty shaking/hair swinging than singing. Which confirmed to me that Beyonce can’t sing live/dance at the same time.
      Kelly and Michelle should’ve stayed home. Kelly looked good, Michelle can’t sing or dance (“Single Ladies”), she was so clumsy I thought she was going to trip over her own feet. They added nothing to the performance. Besides I loved the original DC members. Bills, Bills, Bills, Bug A Boo, Say My Name…

      Pyrotechnics= A
      Singing= D+ (practically non-existent)
      Hair Swinging= A
      Booty Shaking= C (same moves for the past 10 years)

      Overall Performance = B-

  8. Kiki says:

    I got so excited when Kelly and Michelle popped on stage and they started singing Bootyliciuos!Ah the memories!

  9. Eleonor says:

    I think she is a great performer,but that promo looks ridicoulou!!!

  10. epiphany says:

    There’s nothing “awesome” about Beyonce, except her ego. A mediocre talent whose been hyped shamelessly, mostly by Beyonce herself. Yelling, jumping, shaking posteriors and throwing around hair extensions does not denote talent.Surprised she didn’t reveal another pillow baby as a finale.

  11. megs283 says:

    I know I’m a primary pearl clutcher around here…but her outfit was just OTT. How is that family-friendly? It is possible to be sexy without prancing around in leather lingerie.

    Then again – Beyonce has never been known for her subtlety. I’ve been on a “quit objectifying women” tear lately and most of the commercials bugged me. At least Calvin Klein was an equal opportunity player…

  12. merski says:

    I dunno, it was underwhelming. She’s for sure a great entertainer, the dance routines were masterful, but she seemed to me more like an overzealous aerobics instructor with the constant shouting (yeah! come on! 1234 superdome! clap your hands!) and hair whipping…

  13. Faye says:

    Wanted more of Destiny’s Child, less of Beyonce. Oh well.

    Also, “The Mrs. Carter Show?” So much for keeping her personal life personal and not pimping out her marriage for personal gain *eye roll.*

  14. folly says:

    I watched it and I was asking my sister that is this the best beyonce can give bcos I was so much expecting something spectacular and I think many people agree that the performance is underwhelming even Nikke Finke think it sucks

  15. Nigerian Cyndie says:

    Best show ever. Beyonce was/is amazing. Even fellow stars confirmed. I’ve got soo much love for this woman. :D

  16. VV says:

    Awful. I don’t know why she bothered with the DC bit if she was just going to dismiss Kelly and Michelle. Honestly that’s what she did…it was cringeworthy!

    She looked fantastic, sounded like crap. “Sang” fragments of a few well known songs but over all it felt rushed and disjointed.

    All totaled there was a missed opportunity here. After the inauguration debacle she had an opportunity to really punch us all in the face with her talent and it never happened. Also, I am very guilty of hoping that Jay Z would have made an appearance during Crazy in Love!

    Madonna had LMFAO and Cee-lo, Nikki Minage and MIA in what was a coherent if maybe a lil ‘generic’ performance last year but at least it flowed. Say what you will about that old bag of bones her show at least tapped into the vein of what was popular and interesting for 2012. All Beyonce did was come out and essentially shake her ass and spin her hair. It wasn’t something that made the evening memorable or even added to what was a very unforgettable game!

    p.s. Dear Alicia…just sing the damn anthem in a way others can sing along with you. I always hate when performers over sing or put their spin on anthems. How can us normal folk sing along? That is always my favourite part of a live game…singing of the anthem as a group.

    • epiphany says:

      +1 on your National Anthem comments. It’s a song that should be performed with (nonreligious) reverence – not used as a vehicle to display one’s ability to sing scales or interpret a song. I could have done without Beyonce and Alicia last night. Next year they should just hire a DJ like people do for weddings.

    • Rikki says:

      Beyonce was the headlining act, not Destiny’s Child but I like that she invited them. Maybe they should’ve closed out the show but I enjoyed it. Agree on the Alicia Keys comment. She sang the longest National Anthem in Superbowl history and her voice was pretty hoarse.

    • Jen34 says:

      The old bag of bones did get it right. My kids kept waiting for the Gundam Style guy to pop up. Even they were disappointed.

    • nina says:

      madonna HAD to use those other acts though to make her performance more relevant. Like people under 40 aren’t gonna know a lot of her songs from her heyday, so she brought all these younger acts to make it more relevant.

      Beyonce’s stuff is newer, and that’s partly why people were “meh”–cause her signature songs and moves aren’t old enough for us to be sentimental about it yet-cause they happened all of three years ago. But that’s a point for Beyonce though, cause she’s acquired a nice little song catalog for someone that young already, where songs and dances that go with the songs are instantly recognizable.

  17. DeltaJuliet says:

    Well, my husband, who doesn’t follow celebrity gossip at ALL, even said “Wow, I guess the other two girls mikes don’t go up to 10 like Beyonce’s”. So it was noticable enough that even my husband picked up on it.

    • VV says:

      Yeah that was awful they sounded like they were whispering in comparison to Beyonce. I know their voices are not as powerful as hers but I do know at least one of those girls can sing but you could not hear it.

      What started out as ‘omg DC!’ turned into pity lol I felt kinda sorry for those two.

      • LAK says:

        Kelly has always had the strongest voice in DC. Range and tone. Beyonce does what i call staccato singing. she doesn’t really have range and she shouts rather than sings. There is a difference. Turned low, Kelly’s voice still managed to come through if you were paying attention.

      • ??? says:

        Agree with LAK. I remember thinking even during the good old DC days that Kelly had and still does have the best vocal capabilities out of the trio, Beyonce included.
        Beyonce’s singing voice has never appealed to me, personally. I’ll even go so far as to say that it grates at my ears. I’ll listen to her songs if they’re playing on the radio, and can enjoy them for their overall musical appeal, but she’s always struck me as the kind of vocalist who sings with the intention of PROVING that she can do A to Z with her voice. Yes, she sings with emotion (though this has always seemed to me more of a “for show” display than anything else), but as cheesy as it may sound, I’ve never felt she sings with her whole heart and soul. I’ve never been moved by her voice. She’s always so conscious of herself.

  18. Rinny says:

    I thought is was FANTASTIC. I loved seeing them reunited again, although I agree, Beyonce clearly loves that solo shine.

  19. Nigerian Cyndie says:

    I knew soo many of you would come with the hate comments but its getting boring seriously. This is a hardworking woman nd that show was overwhelming and if u think it was anything but spectacular, then u should check yourself well.

    • Erinn says:

      And you are the police on whether or not other people can have opinions? No. It’s not about being ‘haters’ or dismissing a woman who works hard.

      I know she works hard. But it’s the constant ‘Beyonce Show’ that everyone is tired of. She has been shoved into our faces so much lately, that she’s become annoying. She WAS underwhelming in comparison to the hype she received. She purposely didn’t have the other women from DC able to outperform her.

      You can work hard until you’re blue in the face, but you’re not going to be universally adored because of it. I don’t need to check myself. I can separate understanding she worked hard leading up to the super bowl, and the fact that it was what I felt to be an average performance in comparison to the hype surrounding it.

      That does not make my opinion less important than yours, and I would like to think that the people commenting on these threads could have the understanding to know that not everyone is going to love the same things that they love.

      • Rikki says:

        The other women of DC couldn’t outperform her if they tried their hardest. Beyonce was the driving force behind Destiny’s Child. She was the one with the most stage presence and superstar quality. Michelle doesn’t have a good voice and Kelly lacks the star/it factor. They’ll always be in her shadow. That’s just how it is.

      • Ms Kay says:

        @ Rikki she was the one with all the privileges because her Father decided so, which is why the very first members quit, there was an unfair balance and when they called it out, they got “terminated” and depicted as greedy bitches. Kelly was working just as hard but she simply accepted the rules that Beyonce would be put forward, whether it’s in a song or on stage. Her father made Beyonce. Had Kelly been Mr Knowles daughter – she has a way better vocal range, she can move and is talented too – it would have been the same, she gets the privileges etc. Beyonce father conditioned her path, from band to solo career, he stepped on people to put his daughter where she is, add to that an awesome PR machine.

        Michelle, indeed, is only a third wheel.

      • Nigerian Cyndie says:

        Thanks Rikki (below) for saying that. I was never a fan of DC but I like beyonce as a solo artist. Erinn, if you think Beyonce is being shoved into ur face or down your throat, its simple, look away. In a previous post, most of y’all including the writer(kaiser I think) said you wouldn’t watch. Yet y’all most of all are here nd saying it was blah etc. I just don’t get it. I grew up watching nd loving this woman nd so far she hasn’t disappointed. I’ve been reading stuff on this site since 2010 nd this is the first time I’m commenting. The hate this woman gets here is just ‘wow’. If u think a certain celeb is overexposed or overrated, you are free not to buy what she’s trading. Simple. I didn’t say u shouldn’t air your opinion but if all you have to say is how bleh her performance is pls don’t try to convince others who tot it was awesome into believing its not. Won’t work. That being said, have a very nice day.

      • Rikki says:

        @ Ms Kay

        If Kelly was in the lead of Destiny’s Child, they would never have been as successful. She has a great voice and can dance very well, but she lacks the it factor. Kelly just doesn’t have the star quality that it takes to be a solo crossover success. Beyonce’s father has nothing to do with that. He wasn’t even the original manager of the group. Beyonce always had the it factor. The producers and music industry insiders always saw that in her, even when she was young.

        Nigerian Cyndie – Well said!

      • Ms Kay says:

        @ Rikki we shall agree to disagree.

      • Erinn says:

        Nigerian Cyndie — Look, I’m not trying to force people to agree with me. I’m expressing my own opinion. You are the one who said “but if all you have to say is how bleh her performance is pls don’t try to convince others who tot it was awesome into believing its not.” right after saying “This is a hardworking woman nd that show was overwhelming and if u think it was anything but spectacular, then u should check yourself well.”

        You’re doing exactly what you said other people shouldn’t do. You’re saying that if you didn’t think the performance was amazing you need to check yourself. All I’m saying is that not everyone has to think that the performance was amazing, and that their opinion is just as worthy as yours is, even if they’re saying something negative about a woman who you grew up loving. I hope you have a lovely day as well.

    • Crystal says:

      You need to pop a Molly and relax because you’re doing the absolute most in this thread. If you know that Bey isn’t popular here then why not go to a fansite where everyone is stuck on get cl-t. It’s really not that serious. I think Prince had THE best Super Bowl show but many people on the Internet disagree, it’s not that big if a deal and I’m his biggest stan. Who forced you to read the ‘boring’ comments ? People don’t only comment on what they like here, if they did then this site would collapse into nothing. I mean, do you even go here ?

  20. su says:

    the queen shut it DOWN. i came, i saw, i LIVED! the dutty wine nearly ENDED me, i clocked a little chaka demus in there too! YES MA’AM. My black QUEENS showed up and showed OUT. YES GAWD!

  21. Miss Kiki says:

    It was less DC reunion more Beyonce and 2 backing dancers. I don’t even know what to say about B anymore, what I will say though is let’s spare a thought for Michelle, poor girl always draws the short straw.

  22. L says:

    I did like that it was show entirely made up of women. All women singers, dancers, and a all woman band. Not a oiled back up dancer guy on the stage (side eye at Madonna) Also whoever designed the stage did a awesome job. It was stunning.

    But again, Beyonce is a amazing dancer and a overrated singer. Sure she sang live in parts, but it was lots of shouting as opposed to actual singing. And there were still parts where it was clear she was lip synching.

    Should have put as half as much effort into the inauguration.

  23. Reindeer says:

    The ‘Beyoncé trolls’ on this comment thread are cracking me up right now!

  24. mln76 says:

    Uhm so we are comparing her to Madonna and the Black Eyed Peas Halftime shows and not some expectation of perfection. In that case she slayed. I’m not a huge Beyonce fan but I think the harsh critics above wouldn’t like her show period because they just don’t like her.

    • mia girl says:

      Agree. I’m indifferent to her and had no expectations other than “dont suck”
      I thought the whole spectacular was impressive and much better than recent halftime shows.
      The staging was great, she looked great, danced great, sung ok.

      That hologram thing was especially awesome… though I’m wondering if that will end up being, as Kaiser put it, the “homage’d” part.

    • Kelly says:

      I don’t know, I liked Madonna’s performance better. It was nostalgic in a good way while still remaining fresh. Beyonce did a good job but it just seemed more like same old same old.

      • terra says:

        madonna’s performance depressed me. She has always been so cocky and she acted so desperate during the performance, flexing her muscles and doing half stands like someone old trying to prove something. And then her throwing MIA under the bus post-performance was lame too.

    • LAK says:

      min76 – i will come out and say it straight out. I don’t like B. loved DC whatever the shenanigans but for some reason never B.

      So i am always overly critical of her ‘performances’ especially when it is proven that she ‘homages’ other artists without acknowledgement.

      I loved, loved her performance last year at Glanstonbury, this felt like a rehash, and not a good one.

      As for Madonna, i do have a soft spot for her, having grown up with her, but at some point i also found her tiresome. probably still do, but her performance last year was good because it was straight up old school, little to no hype, none of her usual shenanigans and ‘art’.

      I wanted to go buy her tour tickets after that performance. Something i hadn’t considered since 2001.

      Beyonce’s tour tickets? not so much.

  25. JustaGirl says:

    I really like most of Beyonce’s music, but I *HATED* that half-time show. It was underwhelming.

  26. lena80 says:

    I liked it, she did a good job…brought back memories with Michelle and Kelly performing. It was also nice to see all Black women performing at the superbowl…too me that’s the bigger accomplishment.

  27. Nicolette says:

    We turned the station and came back for the second half.

  28. Jayna says:

    The opening was great. She sang for about a minute and then for the next four minutes prances, danced to background singers, shouted out things, and then did what she did with the guitar player. Very little singing the first five minutes. Smart way to get around singing the full 12 minutes. Then the second half sang more, alternated with dancing and then sang her ballad Halo. Why were Michelle and Kelly’s mics turned down? It was a typical Beyonce show, but she took off from the get go and gave a sizzling, polished, perfect show, except in the beginning where she was laying off her mark on the stage when they shot from overhead, which was a minor mistake.

    She looked absolutely stunning head to toe.

  29. TheEntrepreneursWife says:

    I thought it was entertaining, but her pseudo-sexy/angry faces were cracking me up. I just cannot take Beyonce seriously with the scowl-cum-trying-be-sexy snarls she was making at the camera. That ruined it for me. But I liked the dancing and seeing DC made me happier than I care to admit in public.

  30. Audrey says:

    She looked good, but the sound was awful. I’m not a fan of her music, so I could barely make out the rhythm and chorus, but to me is sounded like a jumbled mess.

  31. Laura says:

    It was beyond boring. She barely even sang, just stomped around like a horse and whipped her weave (should’ve had Willow Smith come out). And poor Kelly and Michelle deserved better, I don’t think their mics were even turned on.

  32. virginia5 says:

    Honestly I didn’t really like it. Too much dancing and not much singing. It was pretty underwhelming and I could barely hear kelly and michelle.

    ps when my mom first saw beyonce come on stage she said she had big thighs. I know thats terrible.

  33. Emma says:

    Beyonce was entertaining. It was the same old stuff hair whipping and booty shaking stuff, but it was entertaining. Can we talk about Alicia? That was horrendous. Please stop making the anthem your own. It’s the anthem we want to sing along not hear your version with extra words. No.

  34. Apsutter says:

    I liked it. I wish there had been more actual singing but I love her commitment to dancing. Hope DC put out more singles that are better than that nuclear crap

  35. Dawn says:

    Sorry but it was the same old thing. She spreads her legs and shakes it down, flips her hair and sings with just an okay voice. Her talent is dancing like a hoochie mama and getting men hot. Sorta like a stripper. C+ from me and only because she actually sang on some of the songs.

    • ??? says:

      It’s interesting that she’s hailed as an amazing singer AND dancer.

      For someone who apparently received training in various forms of dance during her youth, Beyonce has never struck me as a true or even naturally gifted dancer.

      It’s clear as day when you see them perform, that this is a genuine quality entertainers like Madonna, Paula Abdul, Janet Jackson, and — ugh, as much as I loathe her — JLo have.

      Now this isn’t to say that Beyonce should be pirouetting or tapping across stage at all times. It’s just interesting that her signature, *super-original* head whipping, booty shaking, hip gyrating, and vajayjay popping — moves that (*sigh*, in my day) I’d see girls at the club do and do much better than “Queen Bey” — classify her as a great dancer.

      Oh, and her singing underwhelms me as well. Vocal acrobatics and all.

  36. Sofija says:

    Am I the only one that kind of didn’t like her show? And I know that everybody now will call me hater just because I have different opinion. I always loved Beyonce but this was simply bad, I expected so much more from her. It’s like she didn’t care at all. I can’t believe that Madonna was actually more family friendly that Beyonce. This wasn’t Beyonce’s concert, this was half-time superbowl show, Beyonce is talented artist, couldn’t she do something different and new??(sorry for my spelling, my english is not very good)

  37. Deb says:

    Meh…over hyped and under done. Not impressed.

  38. Garvels says:

    The academy and Grammy award winning Jennifer Hudson and the beautiful Sandy Hook choir stole the show…they made Beyonce’s performance look “meh”.

  39. Diva says:

    I will never understand why people think she is so great. It was the same performance she has been doing the last 10 years of her career. Same wig flipping, tacky outfits, country screeching and legs spread.

  40. Mar says:

    She looks great but it was underwhelming especially the reunion.

  41. Anna S. says:

    She did a good job. That said, it’s the same thing she always done and I’m getting bored. She’s talented for sure, but let’s switch it up, Bey. You’ve got more in you, I’d imagine, than the same old thing every time.

  42. Latifah says:

    Michelle was easily my most favorite part of the performance. I think people are giving her a little too much shit for not being perfect. She has always been my most favorite DC member and i thought she was beautiful last night. I just don’t think that these types of performances are her strong point. take a look at that, and take note of Michelle towards the end of the video. As someone said to me, THAT’S why they keep her mic down a few levels below Beyonce.

    I also really enjoyed Kelly, who i think is SO much more fierce than Beyonce. Beyonce herself was nothing special. Nothing that we’ve never seen before. I’m not a Beyonce fan at all, however, i did enjoy the halftime show last night although some of the graphics did start to make me dizzy after a while (the hair flipping-spinning-circle thing).

  43. Whiskeylove says:

    Beyonce needs to sit her old ass down! She’s been on stage doing the same pussy popping, booty shaking, hair swinging moves for the last 10 years or more. Either come at us with something fresh or don’t come at all!! I’m seriously over this Woman..

  44. lw says:

    I think it boils down to (over-hyped) style over substance. Beyonce always looks great. She obviously works really hard and strives for perfection. But there is no substitute for natural talent. I’ll take Prince in the rain over all of Bey’s wind machines and light displays any day.
    And turning down Kelly’s mic was a bad move. Michelle can’t sing at all and was clearly out of her element. But Kelly Roland is coming into her own and should have gotten her 3 minutes to shine.

  45. Samigirl says:

    I enjoyed the show (totally forgot how much I loved Destiny’s Child), but the half faces? The BEYONCE’ HALF FACE? Seriously, could this woman be more self involved?

  46. terra says:

    When she does her stomp-stomp walk, all is forgotten for me when it comes to her pretentious cheesiness.

    Love that stomp—would pay serious money to master it.

  47. Dibba says:

    I loathe the “half time shows”. They are almost always bad. They are so overdone and over hyped. To be they are like shows at Disney World or on Cruise Ships, but on steroids.

  48. Nev says:

    Her entrance was dry…the Hologram was great but she shoulda came in another way.

    Crazy in Love was wicked!

    then it was all just MEH.

    gimme more KELLY…she looked AMAZING..Destiny’s Child reunion didnt feel like one…shoulda been lighter and more enjoyable! How about a costume change?

    If Jay Z and Sean Paul were there also to sing their parts in the duets it could’ve gave the show more gravitas.

  49. CocoBelly says:

    The show was entertaining enough, I couch danced.
    Now will I go see her mrs. Carter tour?( gag me w spinach for that tour name), No!

  50. Tessa says:

    After all that HYPE I expected to be wowed. Instead I was bored, and really wanted Kelly and Michelle to stay. I realized, after thinking about it never, that I prefer Destiny’s Child to Beyonce solo. I like the group.

  51. Zelle says:

    just re-watched the Madonna show and was amazed that Madonna’s show seemed so much more inclusive and fun than Bey’s. It was like Beyonce was singing a tribute to herself or something. When Madonna came out in that carriage, it just made me laugh and i think Madonna has earned that place/right over the years. Madonna has no small ego,for sure, but Bey seemed to be shouting-Hey, i am great, look at me the whole time. Also, the songs were so broken up you couldn’t really get into any of them. But, I am 80′s girl, so no matter how spindly and old Madonna gets, she will always hold a place in my heart!

    • Dhavynia says:

      I agree. Beyonce trolled out her weave full force last night and showed us all she can sing, dance and move her hair while having a hurricane wind-force fan on her WOW

      So is she going to “announce” how shes queen USA at a future event? Ugh

    • Jayna says:

      Madonna hadn’t performed in three years. She was busy directing a movie and promoting it. And she was 53. I think she said she wanted a big spectacle of a show to entertain everyone. Not everyone likes Madonna’s music (all those men in the stands), so tried to add some fun in with LMFAO and the shuffle, etc. It was a very entertaining show. The Vogue entrance was epic, the new choreography on Vogue, the football themed Give Me All Your Love with the cheerleaders was fun, and the marching band coming on and choir and Like a Prayer with CeeLo was great. It was a joyous show, which is what Madonna said she wanted for the Superbowl fans and families watching.

      A friend was there. He doesn’t like Madonna except a couple of her classics and thought he was going to be bored out of his mind. He’s a rocker. He said the show was bigger than life watching it in the stadium and the audience was into it. He said Like a Prayer was really a huge moment in the stadium.

  52. Ash says:

    She really didn’t seem to sing that much. Just a lot of “hey!” “ho!” “c’mon!” “uh!” etc with the tracks playing in the background and her dancing around like a maniac.
    It looked to me like she was lip syncing the last song. And when she was whipping her hair into the crowd I thought that it would be hilarious if someone held on.

  53. TheOneAndOnlyOnly says:

    Agree whiskeylove and diva;
    FIrst, am I missing something BOuncy said she would sing LIVE and much of the performance was lip synched that’s called lying No one is calling her out for this – on many other sites i breezed through last nite, posters said they openly laughed at her bad lip synching and generally trashed the performance as boring/lame/same old same old/terrible, Why even bother to sing if the singing is that bad just make it a light and dance show.
    Lw don’t compare Prince to this gimmick he’s an actual musician from the old school, Bouncy is a corporate shill – she doesn’t read music, write music, play a musical instrument, or do her own choreography she has plenty of help, why are her stans so deluded. She needs a huge ego because in two generations she’ll be forgotten – the musical equivalent of cotton candy.

    • Rikki says:

      She did sing live pretty much all of it except at the beginning of Halo. She was out of breath from all the dancing. Bruce Springsteen lip synched some of his performance when he did the halftime show. All artists do. Why are you so deluded? She’s been in this business for 16 years and is at the top of her game. For someone who doesn’t read music, write music, play a musical instrument, she did hell of a performance.

  54. Vivian says:

    when i saw her Mrs Carter Show CM, i could only think two Asian divas fusing pop and the historical European Queen costumes previously – and wonder if her team got ideas/inspired from them. Not long ago, Jolin Tsai’s MUSE album photoshoot and especially the movie edit for the music video for a song call: The Great Artist. Jolin got her inspiration from Japan’s Namie Amuro’s ‘Fast Car’ music video and a commercial she did for Vidal Sasson shampoo back several years ago 2010?2008?

  55. JuJuBee says:

    I had to laugh at the rabid fans on here who can’t handle that their beloved isn’t so beloved by everyone. You can’t possibly be so oblivious to just how pathetic you sound? The show was awful and was nothing more than an homage to Beyonce from Beyonce. This woman hasn’t grown as an artist and has no intentions to do so. Why should she when her mediocre best has her at the top of her game. BTW Kelly looked fierce and Michelle totally clueless.

  56. CLJ says:

    Beyonce’s the highest paid stripper on the planet. All that was missing from that stage was her pole.

    Strippers can entertain, no doubt. But let’s not kid ourselves about the quality of the display put on up there. I felt so incredibly embarrassed for her at the beginning, before her backing tracks kicked in to obscure her voice. No wonder she didn’t sing live at the inauguration.

  57. jetgyro says:

    She lip synched at the inauguration to save her voice for the Superbowl, only to come out and shout for a few minutes and then to lip synch some more? Instead of singing live, she conserved her energy for lots of hair throwing and making sexy faces. A very underwhelming performance overall.

  58. Dutch says:

    To broach the inauguration (lip synch) vs. Super Bowl (live!-ish) question, I think it’s a matter of environment. I’m not a singer, but I’ve read where the National Anthem is a pretty technical song range-wise. My guess is that the tape was used because it was below freezing outside and BeyBey wouldn’t have had proper opportunity to warm up her voice ahead of time. Even with the wind and smoke machines, the SuperDome is still climate controlled and she was able to hit the stage immediately after warming her voice up.

  59. GirlyGirl says:

    It was AMAZIIING!!!!!

    Beyonce rocks my world.

  60. Sisi says:

    I thought the performance looked really boring, but I do think that CBS is partly to blame for that. Their portrayal of the SuperBowl and Halftime Show seemed uninspiring and undynamic in comparison to previous years.

    And those two middle-aged dude commentators were really horrible. Thank goodness BBC had their own presenters & crew there who contributed loads of info and actually tried to keep the intest up during the half hour blackout

    Bey looked nice though

  61. qtpi says:

    My Mom (who is in her 60′s) said – “those moves are not very flattering.” Not a lot of sexiness going on when she does most of those hip thrusts, etc.

  62. G says:

    I had every age group in my living room and they were all “meh” up until Kelly and Michelle “popped up”. True story.

  63. nshania says:

    Haha that commercial was shot at my school, it’s a nice mansion owned by NYU on the upper east side. The place was basically shut down for TWO DAYS while we had FINALS. And no one got to see QUEEN B at all. Least she could do was say hi to us. That commercial is ridiculous. Like her.

  64. babythastarsshinebrite says:

    The Superbowl couldn’t handle the Power that is Beyonce. Horrible half-time show, btw.

  65. Jen says:

    Nigerian Cyndie: Don’t come on this site if you want everyone to praise what you say..this site is to bitch only. You need to go on her Imbd page and praise her there. She was mundane at best.

  66. Delia says:

    Man. Too much beyonce hate here. Y’all always find SOMETHING to complain about. You don’t have to be fan. But a lot if you just like to be on a opposing view no matter what

  67. Seriously?... says:

    Gee, do ya think Freemasonry can fix this?…lol

  68. Miss You Enclave24 says:

    She performed during halftime? I was wondering who that black chick with the blonde hair screaming and trotting around on stage like a horse was. And then she brought out her two red-headed step children in the end to prove that she’s not a fame hogging monster. Right.

  69. KellyinSeattle says:

    I’m tired of pop shows being all about mirrors, lights, wind blowing, etc….I say go back to the marching bands. I thought the show was terrible.

  70. Elle Kaye says:

    Beyonce has an amazing voice and she is a great dancer. I love her energy. I just wish I could have heard more singing last night, and perhaps less dancing. It was very dance heavy, which makes it hard to sing.

    Normally, when entertainers do dance numbers, they pipe in a recording so they don’t sound winded. Everyone knows this. Because of the “controversy”, she obviously felt she had to do it all, which is very hard to pull off. I just wanted to hear more of her…that shouldn’t be considered bad!

  71. Crystal says:

    I’m confused, are all of the Beyonce fansites shut down ? Why would you come here and complain because someone doesn’t like your fave. I love King B but she don’t pay my bills so I’m not going to make a fool of myself crying because she has haters on here. People are allowed to not like her. It doesn’t affect you (or even her for that matter) Go to ONTD or ATRL if haters have you so frustrated, we were celebrating her performance on those sites. Coming here when you know she’s not popular on Celebitchy just makes you look sad. No1 is forcing you to read the comments. Be gone.

    As for the performance. She killed it but I knew she would. She may be a song stealing, lip-synching, lacefront shaking, big ego diva at times but none of these current popstars touch her on stage. The stage is where she shines and I’m real proud of her. She wasn’t as good as Prince but Prince is superior in every way so I won’t hold it against her.

    As a fan I knew she would kill it and she did but she recycled all of her performances. It’s not a big deal because this show wasn’t just for fans but it was nothing more than a Revel/Roseland/I…Am mash up. I literally could’ve just watched one of her tour DVD’s. The ending was anticlimactic but she did dance the whole way through so I get it. I think she should have ended with the full ‘Get Me Bodied’ track. That would’ve been awesome.

    I know that she’s trying to make Rubin Singer big but I find a lot of his designs tacky and this outfit might as well have come from House of Dereon. I think a gold, fringed leotard would have looked better.

    That duty wine killed me. The inner basement/dancehall queen in me wanted to join in but then I realised that it isn’t 2006. Tony Matteron would be proud Bey.

    KELLY ROWLAND is my queen. BOW. Her body is so unreal. I can’t handle it. Her weave was so on point and better than that no-volume mess Bey had on. When she popped up on stage like freshly made toast, I swear I started speaking in tongues. I died and went to heaven. I love Kelly and I love how supportive she is of the Knowles family even though Bey and Matthew did her wrong many times.’My beautiful dark skinned queen was awesome. Love you Kelly !!

    Michelle… Just keep your ass at home next time. Ugh. She looked like she was in a nursing home when she was doing the single ladies dance. What the hell was that ??

    Bey was wrong to have their mics turned down like that but Bey is a shady bitch and I’m not surprised. Leave them at home next time if you’re gonna play them dirty Bey. Just sayin’

    Love all the females in stage, all female dancers(with my girl Ashley), all female band, singing Independent Woman and single ladies at the most testosterone filled event in America. I love that but people will still say you’re not a feminist because you’re dedicating your tour to your husband and like to show a bit of skin. I say you’re more feminist than most of these armchair critics who don’t do sh-t for other women. Well done.

    I hate ‘Baby boy’ but at least Sean Paul got his first paycheque in 10 years. Ha !

    That commercial for her tour is the campest, most over the top thing I’ve ever seen and I love it. I can’t wait to buy my tickets for London. I might even go twice (probably go down to Birmingham too).

    Such a good day for Black women. I’m so happy for Alicia Keys (even though her vocals are wack) and Jhud.

    • Elle Kaye says:

      Great post…loved reading your take on it, and it was pretty darn humorous!

    • LAK says:

      babe, you think dirty wining is from 2006?

      I guess i should take you with me on a time tour of dance crazes from decades the past.

      The dirty wining dance hall B***** from late 80s/early 90s would have something to say about it.

      Beyonce’s version is so PG compared to those girls.

      • Crystal says:

        LOL. Nah boo, I know that the dutty wine has been around for long but I remember when Elephant Man and Tony Matterhon made it huge again in the 2000′s because my little sis and her friends would do it at every house party.

        Beyonce’s version was very PG but just look at all the pearl clutching she gets from her outfits alone. The real dutty wine would have these b* tches so mad. Haha. Maybe Bey should ‘Wine Pon Di Edge’ next time and really give people something to talk about.

        She could never hold it down at a carnival, that’s all I’m saying ;) I bet Rihanna could do a mean dutty wine though, she’s from Barbados so she must have some rhythm.

      • LAK says:

        “Wine Pon Di Edge” LOL. would love to see her really get down like that.

        Carnival isn’t fun anymore. i stopped going in 2006, and even then had to be dragged to it. I can’t believe i am now at the age where i tell people about the good ol’ days of carnival or dirty wining for that matter.

      • Crystal says:


        I still enjoy carnival because I still have the body for it but if I become a fat ass and I’m not able to dance to Ricky Blaze anymore, ill stay home. Carnival in London isn’t all that because there’s always someone that tries to shoot up the place but I love going to Trinidad. I’m not even from there but they hold it down and it gets raunchy as f*ck. LOL. I swear I need you to see my white husband try and dance to Beenie Man or Busy Signal. It’s just too cute because the poor man was born with no rhythm.

        2006? Girl you need to go this year !! I demand that you go and have a good time. The good old days of dutty wining. Haha. That’s something to tell the grand kids eh ?

      • LAK says:

        Crystal, we should make a date to go to Carnival this year so i can ‘good old days’ you!!!!! LOL.

        Corporate sponsorship is what ruined it for me. What the hell is a coca cola float doing in the midst of Carnival???!!! Mind you, i never really went for the floats and parades. The sideshows were always much more interesting. Unfortunately, many of them don’t come anymore. ditto no free concerts any more.

        The whole thing is so small now, and finishes by 7pm each day???!!! WTH??!!!

        I don’t think the increased Police presence helps. They ring fenced us so much so we were stuck in one area for so long before we could move on.

        My English BF’s jaw is still on the floor after i demonstrated proper dirty wining to him.

        He does have rhythm though. No way am i getting with a guy with no rhythm. deal breaker!

        I come from a dance obsessed culture in East Africa so can’t have my grannies embarrassing my dates!!!!

        As for dear old Beyonce… grannies are always entertained by her risible attempts at hip shaking and rolling because they can do so much better. And i am not just saying that to diss Beyonce. Our traditional dance has alot of hip rolling and shaking which you are taught to do as soon as possible.

    • Shelly says:

      You know that Rihanna’s ass is as stiff as board don’t you….I nearly died when she tried doing butterfly in that “Rude Bwoy” video…us Jamaicans be like this bitch can’t dance, her songs are catchy though.

      • Crystal says:

        LOL. Oh lord, Rih Rih. Haha. I remember Rude Boy. That girl uses her knees too much when she’s dancing. Between her and Nicki Minaj, none of these Carribean chicks are holding it down in the industry. Nicki can’t even move her concrete ass. LOL, I always love the banter between Jamaicans and Barbadians.
        ‘Man Down’ was a good song though.

    • ViktoryGin says:

      You’re post pretty much sums up my sentiments.

      Just the right ratio of reverence and snark.

    • LL says:

      King Bey doesn’t pay your bills? Kelly popped up like freshly made toast? Sean P’s first paycheque in 10 years?

      You win ALL of the Internets!

  72. lucy says:

    Nothing about mediocre overwrought Beyonce is awesome, except for the size of her ego.

  73. Olive says:

    No one loves beyonce more than beyonce, but it was nice to see her all female band – girl power!

  74. Jackie says:

    I was completely prepared to hate it- I think she’s way overrated. I was surprised at how much I loved it! She sang live and looked awesome! Agree that Kelly and Michelle were just back up singers for her. Would have liked to see Jay-Z, but I guess he might have taken away some of her thunder.

  75. kim says:

    It was boring. Beyonce didn’t show us anything spectacular, except her special effect, but we’ve seen those before too…

  76. Eon says:

    lol I don’t even like Beyonce, in fact, I really hate her p*ssy popping, misogynist husband and her music in general, but even I can recognize hate/jealousy.
    People going on about weave (Hello, everyone and their mother wears weave in Hollywood, Jessica Simpson, Kim Kardashian,most celebs in general) but somehow only Beyonce gets hate for it, gee I wonder why.
    And the fact that she has blond hair also seems to irritate some people. I actually think a honey blond color suits her, it doesn’t mean she wants to be white ffs.
    Stop trying to police women and let them do whatever the heck they want with their hair/bodies/face.
    Second, she’s always been lighter skinned. Just google her childhood pictures.

    Most of our so called “stars” are trashy, Lady GAGA, Madonna (!!), Rihanna, Kesha, but Beyonce seem to get the most hate. I hate her booty shaking too because it’s so degrading because of our history as black women, but i’m not even going to go there so I’ll just stop.

    I think she’s a great singer, but I don’t like her lyrics or music. Her performance was good, it wasn’t too much, like Madonnas.
    Anyway, I wonder what Farrah is up to these days…Hmm…

    • Crystal says:

      I’m pretty sure there was only one comment talking about her skin colour but more power to you for getting all that off your chest I guess.
      I don’t think people know just how light she’s always been. I’ve seen her a couple of times and she’s very beautiful and very light but she always had been so I never really get bleaching comments. People don’t even know what bleaching would come out like, they just follow the herd. One person says bleaching and the rest follow. Y’all should look at Vybz Kartel. That is bleaching my friends.

      People here always rag on Kim K and the lot for their weaves so I don’t really get your point about that. Plus Bey’s weaves look good so as long ad she isn’t looking like Nicki minaj with her cabbage patch lacefronts, I don’t get why people have a problem.

      ‘Most of our so called “stars” are trashy, Lady GAGA, Madonna (!!), Rihanna, Kesha, but Beyonce seem to get the most hate’

      Girl have you been on a Lady Gaga/Rihanna thread ?? They’re always an absolute mess of slut shaming and pure hate at their very existence. Before Blue Ivy came along people here were pretty indifferent to Bey but after her dress folded, people started acting a damn fool in her posts. Jealousy ? No, just pure foolishness IMO. But then again people here still think that Jen Anniston writes love letters to Brad so I’m never surprised by how silly some of the comments here can be.

  77. Tammi B. says:

    Beyonce and Kelly were awesome!!!! Beyonce and Kelly got themselves a new fan.

  78. MST says:

    I didn’t watch the Supe — love football, but I can’t stand either team. Also, I am not a Beyonce fan, even though I’m an African American woman, so why was this a proud day for me again?

  79. rose says:

    I liked it. Love the Destiny Child reunion. Just wish that Michelle and Kelly mics were on lol

  80. Amelia says:

    Funniest part of the show…when the three were lined up, Queen Beyonce in the middle, and the Charlie’s Angels guys voice comes on. Beyonce steps into her gun-holding pose too soo, so she has to turn it into a hair flip. Then when Destiny’s Child gals rightly posed, Beyonce did too.

    So she’s not perfection, as we’ve been led to believe.

    And why the gun pose? With the Sandy Hook kids and all, and Charlie’s Angels being 40 years old, it didn’t really fit in.

  81. Shelly says:

    Beyonce slayed…..she’s a phenomenal performer, the hate that she gets on this site is ridiculous, she’s nothing short of amazing when it comes to entertaining. The hate is unjustified, and the personal shots, disgusting. You guys reek of jealousy and malice.

  82. TOKEN says:

    Bitch gave her past group members , like, 3 minutes!! And THEN they had to sing on e of HER SONGS!!!

  83. Tommy says:

    She blew Madonna’s show out of the water, that’s for sure!

  84. lala says:

    I felt a little underwhelmed with it. Although there is no denying that she’s talented, I think people should stop comparing her performance to MJ. What I really can’t stand is her whole “look at me, I’m special, just look at how amazing I am at everything.” Her ego is getting way out of control, and I felt so bad for her bandmates. I also don’t like how everyone is literally worshipping her, and calling her the next MJ and legend, because she’s neither.

  85. LL says:

    I’d rather her call herself Mrs.Carter than Perfect Bitch (shade thrown).

  86. Zobeth says:

    I don’t know what happened but somewhere along the way the half-time show went from being about music to selling sex. I’m not trying to be some old fart- but my 4 year old was watching and it just gets tired to see all those club dance moves. There’s a time and a place for that. There was just too much special effects – would have liked more singing and less explosions. I do think Kelly looked amazing I just wish I could have heard her sing. I thought Michelle looked uncomfortable. It was amazing to have just women doing all the singing for the whole show. That was truly inspiring.

  87. F5 says:

    Desperate ho.. Those thunder thighs are bad enough when covered and wtf is with her bulging eyes? Jay-Z finds that sexy? ^^

  88. Holden says:

    I don’t get why everyone says she was singing live when all she seemed to do was yell out lines over a pre-recorded track and try to sexy dance?

  89. ViktoryGin says:

    Okay, so WERE people expecting the Messiah or something?

    She gave just what I was expecting. A Beyonce gyrating performance. No more, no less than what people have come to expect from her. And she’s really effective at it. No more. No less.

    Were people really expecting the second coming? Cuz I didn’t get that memo.

    I think that she is suffering from over-exposure. She has gambled her entire life on her career, acts like a mother protecting her cubs in order to ensure its survival. And with the fickeless of the music industry, escpecially in the digital age when pop stasr are even more disposable than they were a generation ago, I can understand her preoccupation with her own self-preservation.

    But she needs to just stop. For a while a least, because the overexposure is not only beginning to sour her to the public but it’s finally revealing her thinly-veiled irrepressible quest for domination and power.even that year-long “break: that she took a few years ago, was still littered with special box editions of her filmed tours and other tactics to keep her in the public eye when she technically wasn’t. (I never believed that it was only her father.) He may have been the power behind her orginally, but she wanted it. Badly.

    I really don’t dislike this woman. Being a native Houstonian, she’s like gold around here. Local girl makes good kind of story. I believe that she is competitive as hell, and is not completely above board with some of her decisions; I don’t think that she is the Anti-christ either, as some geuninely believe.

  90. Chelsea's handler says:

    Bey is very overrated. Three songs in it sounded like filler and she had to pad out the performance with Destiny’s Child songs.

  91. Grace says:

    Beyonce is boring. She needs a new way to perform aside from screaming, tossing the horsehair, and grinding onstage.
    And she asked for fan love because her husband is a rapper with the Mrs. Carter thing? That is desperate.
    Jay-Z must be about to cut his newer “baby mama” loose in favor of a younger model. Where’s Rita right now?
    Madonna did a much better Superbowl performance and I don’t even like Madonna.
    I also thought Beyonce and the other girls were the same age. Beyonce is clearly older than them by a few years.

  92. Madriani's Girl says:

    All of this for a woman who screeches rather than sings, and thinks swinging her hips from side to side and flinging her weave all over the place is dancing. This woman is beautiful, no lie, but she is nowhere near as talented as she is given credit for. And IMO she blew it by the way Destiny’s Child got a measly two minutes and she was mic’d over the othera.

  93. Melanie says:

    I’m going to catch sh*t from all the haters, but I wanna give credit where credit is due. In my opinion–yes, it’s my opinion–Beyonce was amazing. She looked amazing and sounded amazing (at least over my suround system) and strutted her “stuff” amazingly. I am NOT a huge B fan….actually, I am a fan of Madonna, and I think her half-time show sucked last year. A 50-something-year-old cheerleader?! C’mon. Oh, well, different strokes….

  94. dorothy says:

    Don’t like her because of her excess and ego, however I did think that her show was amazing.

  95. tabasco says:

    oh good god, the mrs. carter show? from the woman who actively courted additional media attention by not speaking about her marriage that everyone knew occurred? i can get down with the ego and diva-tude from people who are truly super talented and ground-breakers or a really entertaining personality, like say, mariah or cher or even jlo (b/c jlo has the personality and doesn’t really claim to be the “queen” of whatever) – to me, the problem with B is that she’s trying this living legend crap but she does not have the artist presence/personality, she is not original, and she doesn’t evolve. beyonce is a good looking woman with an ok but bland voice whose performances are always limited to hair whipping and ass-shaking. that’s fine, be a pop star, but it stops there. she has no range – vocally or artistically. when you listen to true artists, they’re always talking about wanting to stretch themselves, try new sounds, etc. beyonce hasnt even changed her hair in ten years, let alone shown artistry and growth. it’s formulaic and tired. she’s not bad, she doesnt suck, she can sing, she can dance, but given the level of celebrity she’s attained and the level of amazingness she clearly sees herself at, the actual talent falls short by comparison. she’s very much a product and that’s fine, but don’t act like you’re ground-breaking. maybe she’ll have some sort of real artistic inspiration at some point, but it’s been a long time and it’s always the same, so at this point, my verdict on B = bland, formulaic, tired. and i’m with the pearl-clutchers. i don’t expect her to show up in a sister-wives dress and it wasn’t so much the outfit as the moves in combo with the outfit – lay down on the floor and spread your legs for a closeup? for the superbowl? once again, not event-appropriate. cuz, honestly, that’s all she can do. that’s beyonce. ok, blanc voice, hair-whipping (could she perform without the wig? i’m not sure), sasha fierce faces and p*ssy popping. oh, and naming her tour “mrs. carter” and painting a pepsi logo across her mouth. total product, so save the interviews about independence, woman power and artistic integrity

  96. tabasco says:

    honestly, with the all the “queen” crap, the royalty sash-garb and how she likes to reference mj, i think she’s angling to be called Queen of Pop and i give a HUUUGEEE AS IF to that one. also, that ad for the tour is yet another non-original showing. madonna has done the marie antoinnette thing. mj *owns* the royaly-sash thing. the only remotely “original” thing she’s done is the black bodysuit video, which turned out to be a complete bob fosse ripoff.

    • LAK says:

      I adore Bob Fosse, so that video pisses me off when people claim it is original.

      • tabasco says:

        Oh, I agree. I just meant that, not being a person terribly involved in dance, I didn’t know of Bob Fosse, so when that vid first came out, I thought, oh that’s interesting/original. And then I saw the Bob Fosse through a friend who is an editor at Dance Magazine and I was like, well damn, so much for originality! And yes, I know, all artists/dancers/etc riff on prior stuff, but that was a bit more than a “riff” and was apparently meant to be passed off as original until it was called out by those in the know about dance.

      • LAK says:

        Soon after i discovered CB, there was a thread, possibly about her fake pregnancy, where many people posted links of the originals to practically every song/stage show/video she’s put out post DC.

        I knew about the Single ladies video the sec it debuted because i am obsessed with him, but i was staggered at how much she copies. And pretends it’s all her work until called out by people.You can’t even call it an homage because she isn’t just inspired or sampling.

        I agree that all artists are inspired by and copy from each other, but she is on another level of copying.

        It’s mystifying that she is calling herself a legend and her fans agree since as you astutely pointed out, there isn’t a single original bone in her body nor is she breaking any new ground.

    • Zobeth says:

      I had friends over for Super Bowl who had never seen the original bob fosse video that was ripped off by Bey’s people for single ladies. They were mortified. She also ripped off a Swedish choreographer too. Shameless.

    • Rikki says:

      Madonna has never been original and has copied and used from other eras, styles and cultures. She ripped off Marilyn Monroe in the Material Girl video. MJ copied the moonwalk. Beyonce is not original but still out performs every female of her generation.

      • babythastarsshinebrite says:

        Beyonce is not Madonna or MJ.

      • tabasco says:

        i am a lifelong massive MJ fan and am very well-versed in my MJ. he did NOT copy the moonwalk. there were various old school soft shoe moves that partly inspired the moonwalk, but in no way shape or form did MJ copy the moonwalk. madonna obviously riffed hard on marilyn and others, but she also did plenty to make her stuff her own and did a lot of original stuff. as far as originality goes, there is no contest between beyonce and madonna and B neither are even in the same universe as MJ.

  97. Stacia says:

    I doubt if Jay Z will name his next tour the Mrs Knoweles Show. If she’s about all this ‘girl power’, why do you need to reference your spouse’s name. Jay Z did not make her the performer she is, but I’d say her parents did. She just contradicted herself and her beliefs that you can succeed on your own w/o a man, but then used her mega million spouse’s name.

    • tabasco says:

      Yeah, the Mrs. Carter thing is just odd, right? Like, where did that come from?? For why? I don’t see how it’s a good idea for her brand or whatever either. And I wonder if her bff no one must know of my husband Goop approves. Also, I think Michelle and Kelly have achieved enough for Beyonce, as part of DC and on their own to warrant more than the two-minute low-mic treatment they got. I mean, at this point, to have the two of them with their backs to the audience with B face-front and center? Sure, she had no obligation to include them, but if you’re going to, do it respectfully. I’d love to hear the convo between Michelle and Kelly about that. I realize neither has the same level of individual success, but they certainly have plenty and neither seems to *want* to be a Beyonce-type figure, I feel like did that as a courtesy or something b/c it’s not like that bit was going to contribute much to either’s individual career nor was it particularly gracious towards them. I miss old school DC with the crazy Tina Knowles outfits – that I could get behind – just plain ol’ fun w/o all the New Beyonce crap. Flip side – Alicia Keys and JHud were great and- notably – both (ahem) entirely live performances had a distinctly effortless quality to them that you don’t get from B.

      • lucy says:

        re: the “effortless” point, spot on! Whatever B does seems like she is heaving 200 pounds of dead weight and awaiting the congratulations. Whereas, Aretha Franklin, Mavis Staples, Whitney Houston…talent just oozes from them.

        Pageant Girl needs to put it away and go home. It’s a shame she’s raising a daughter, because she’ll just pass her laughable values and diva entitlement attitude to her and tell her it’s “class”.

  98. lisa2 says:

    wow.. interesting comments.. from all sides.

    I thought the show was OK. I think Bey is beautiful and sexy. Great visually. The show itself didn’t seem cohesive. I wanted more singing. And it would have be awesome if Jay had joined on stage at some point. The DC reunion was Meh, I feel like there was not much thought into it.It could be because they didn’t have any rehearsal time, so it could be a surprise. And yes the show was very hyped, especially following the live singing at the press conference.

    She is a performer and did a good job. It was just not a very memorable show.

  99. HappyJoyJoy says:

    It was nothing special. I hate the comparison, but Madonna has 23 years on Bey and she can still take her to school. I was really excited to see her, but she underwhelmed.

  100. K-rock says:

    Am I the only one tired of looking at the inside of her thighs and gyrate with her legs spread eagle?

  101. kelly says:


    JUST tell me how to get thighs like hers !

    • Mitch says:

      She was just awful…all that hair flipping and then all that gyrating…15 minutes of that. What a bore…and singing..on occasion she would scream something out. If u want to talk about her athleticism, sure, she is incredibly fit and beautiful…but who cares, she is supposed to entertain, not just bore us with an energetic pole dance. So disappointed!

  102. Dana says:

    Best recent half-time shows:
    1. Prince
    2. Springsteen
    3. Tom Petty

  103. Jennifer12 says:

    Remember when Britney was a kickass entertainer who performed at the SuperBowl? :(

  104. Troofrue says:

    Just terrible. Aside from her awful toy music, all she ever does is twitch, gyrate and jiggle wildly while humping around like a dog in heat. It’s really, really obnoxious and honestly I’m sort of surprised that people actually enjoy her pelvic thrusting in a non-sexual way and consider her to be some sort of frightening talent.

  105. lady X says:

    (DEEP SIGH) Okay I read many of the post so here goes ….

    Yes there are some folks that will NEVER like Beyonce no matter what she does… For some reason i do not get that from this site … I am on here quite a bit when I have free time and I have a pretty good feel for the crowd …
    What made it seem lackluster or “Meh” is that the hype was soooooo grand before the show … it was like she over promised and under delivered … Look I work in the music industry as a writer and a studio vocalist and I work with many stars … There is a science to promoting yourself and she missed it this time around…
    The music did not flow at all …. it went from one song to the next … (she sang all the ones I love though)
    Kelly was great to a lot of people because as my friend said “we do not see her much” … we are so over saturated with Beyonce that when we see Kelly looking soooo damn good it took us back .. The fact is Kelly CAN SING … and she does have power…. Beyonce pulled an old trick in the book … that was actually done in the black church for years … If somebody was killing you turn their mic down or off… it is usually a very noticeable thing and she did in fact make sure that they could not outshine her… because as she said she is a perfectionist …
    Did I like the show YES but it could have been way better …
    Look I grew up being inspired by Whitney … Celine … Aretha … Gladys… Tina Turner … Stevie Wonder … the list goes on … and I attended music school from 9 years old up … I am a musician first so I will never look to Beyonce for vocals EVER ….
    Honestly she can sing … but is she a beast on the mic nooooo … There are many singers out today that sing rings around her … but they do not have the looks so they will not be marketable …
    The entertainment industry has changed 180%
    Back in the day it was talent first and looks second ….
    Now it is “oh she is fine … we can make her sing ”
    The truth is the Beyonce STANS make it bad for her… they warrant the hate
    Comparing her to MJ is LUDICROUS … she is NOT A LEGEND (yet ) … not even close …
    The truth is She is an OK dancer and a good singer but that is all …. and VERY BEAUTIFUL
    The next generation will let us know if she is a LEGEND … If my kids ( who are not here yet) are running and telling me about Beyonce in their teens then i will know she is a legend… when she is 70 like tina turner still selling out arenas and hasn’t drop an album in years then i will know …
    When people are stealing her original dance moves and passing them off as her own then she will be a legend… Right now she is a world superstar and only 31 years old … with 4 solo studio albums … While the legend Barbara Streistand has over 50 studio albums
    Celine Dion tours 133 countries and has not had an album in a few years and packs every night
    I like and support Beyonce … but I am smart enough to state the facts

  106. RHONYC says:

    love the new album cover…very Amadeus meets Gaga/Paparazzi vid.

    also, every time i see her in getups like this i fall more in love with my thighs.

    thank you Beyoncé. ;-)

  107. katie says:

    She’s a pretty girl. She’s moderately talented but has a great sense of how to work that talent to her best advantage.
    I just can’t like her. Her ego is out of control.

  108. Jayna says:

    The only major turnoff for me, and it’s a big one, is she had Kelly and Michelle’s mics turned down. It was so noticeable and going back and watching irritated me so much. People loved “them,” not just her. What an ego. It definitely watered down the performance, not having the great harmony loud, just so Beyonce could shine. The first time to see them all together again as Destiny’s Child and she mutes them and makes them background singers.

    • GIA says:

      Yes, I agree. Could hardly hear them. As always, the Beyonce worship is always most deafening when she is sandwiched between Kelly and Michelle. It’s not enough that they showed up to be part of a group they helped put together, no, they had to show up to be glorified back up singers for Mrs B. Watching Michelle, it appeared like she didn’t give a sh*t at all. Just there picking up a paycheck. Sad.

  109. Anele says:

    Guys, Madonna almost fell whilst walking not dancing or running walking. We all know Beyonce killed. You do not have to like her but she is the best performer alive. Madonna had 10 000 tweets a min during, Beyonce 228 000. come now. Madonna does not compare.

  110. Anele says:

    and for crying in a bucket she is Mrs Carter so she can call her tour Mrs Carter.

  111. Jazz says:

    Meh, I prefered Destiny’s Child before Beyonce became insufferable.

  112. Laura says:

    I feel like for as much hype as she put forth about singing live, there wasn’t a lot of singing. Lots of background vocals.
    Honestly, I have no problems with pop stars lip syncing. Pop is often more about a show, with crazy dancing and pyrotechnics, and I don’t expect them to be able to sing and do all the other stuff at the same time. She should have just done it and said screw it.

  113. GIA says:

    I didn’t think the half time show was that good – same ole BEYONCE worshipping, head flipping, inner thigh clam-hamming she always does. The girl has talent but the so-called REUNION with Destiny’s Child, Kelly and Michelle was paltry and sipidly performed. I mean Kelly always looks like she’s about ready to get down on hands and knees to lick Beyonce’s boots and Michelle’s just there collecting a paycheck knowing that throughout all the years she might be the next one to go after they got rid of the former 4th member. Notice that anytime Destiny’s child performed in the past, the camera NEVER stayed on Michelle for more than a nano-second and the band was ALWAYS ABOUT BEYONCE. Seems the motive of their management was to diminish any affect the other two singers might have had on Destinys Child while putting all the emphasis on Beyonce. I think it’s why that former 4th member ended up leaving. She couldn’t stand the constant bootlicking that was expected of her.