Idris Elba: ‘You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol’

Mmm. Idris Elba covers the latest issue of GQ UK (I think it’s the March issue?), and while I LOVE him, I dislike this photo shoot. I wonder who came up with the not-so-brilliant scheme of styling Idris like Marlon Brando in The Wild One. I mean, that was groundbreaking at the time, but in the modern world, that styling seems very campy and Village People-esque. And it’s not like Idris doesn’t know how to wear clothes – he’s got a great body, a great build, and he can work the hell out a suit… and almost anything (or nothing). So this is a let-down. Anyway, Idris is about to have a pretty big year – he’s got Guillermo Del Toro’s Pacific Rim AND the Thor sequel AND he’s playing Nelson Mandela in Long Walk To Freedom. Could this be the year that Idris really “arrives” as a movie star? I hope so. Here are some excerpts from his GQ interview:

He’s tipped to be the first black Bond but Idris Elba just doesn’t see why the ladies fall at his feet.

‘The irony is I wake up every morning, look at myself in the mirror and think, “Woah, I look like a piece of s***”,’ said the Hackney lad turned Hollywood superstar. ‘You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol.’

The 40-year-old said while he did not take the label seriously, he knew how to use it to bag the big roles.

‘I’m not sure what it is they see, not to mention that, personally, I feel very awkward. There’s no way all those women would ever sleep with me and go, “I really liked him”. Some of them would go, “He was really boring or he was a bit aggressive or, urgh, actor.” But it’s a compliment and it’s a massive tool to use in sculpting a career, especially with what I do for a living because I work in the face business. So it’s a compliment and I use it accordingly.’

And bag the big roles he has after beating Tom Cruise, 50, to the role in new sci-fi flick Pacific Rim and being plucked to play Nelson Mandela in the forthcoming Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom.

As for a life as 007, he told GQ magazine: ‘It’s a rumour. And, I have to tell you, if the producers of Bond thought that I was self-campaigning, it would be such a turn-off. I’m flattered, obviously but I’ve been advised to just pipe down about it.’

He blamed the incumbent spy for shaking and stirring.

‘Apparently, Daniel Craig said I’d be a great Bond. Daniel, why did you say that? Dropped me right in it! What an honour it would be, but also, what an indication of change. I know Ian Fleming lived in Jamaica for a long time, didn’t he? I think it’s interesting to think what he would have made of a black man playing Bond.’

[From Metro UK]

Yeah, in the past, Idris has been more gung-ho about the Bond rumors. He probably even started some of the rumors. He would make a good James Bond, I think, but Daniel Craig is going to be doing the role for a few more films, which means that producers wouldn’t be looking for a new Bond for another five years or so. And Idris will be 45 in five years – would that make him too old? Eh. I think producers would ideally want someone in his 30s when they’re starting out with another reboot. Here’s the real question though – do you think Idris would actually WANT the role or is he just using the rumors to promote himself?

Also – has anyone else seen Idris in the latest Mumford Sons video? I’ve watched it twice already.

Photos courtesy of GQ UK.

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  1. T.Fanty says:

    The styling is awful, but – IDRIS!!!! I would hit it in a heartbeat, terrible biker cap or no.

    Looks like Tuesday is lining up to be as man-happy as Monday. Hooray!

  2. Mila says:


  3. hollah says:

    As I’ve heard you say before, it looks like he’s “advertising”.

  4. Chordy says:

    I barely even noticed the terrible styling. His beauty even transcends that stupid hat.

  5. Miss Kiki says:

    I was ready to say that it was rubbish then I got to the bottom photo. I would climb him like a tree. Beautiful, beautiful man. Keep the beautiful mans coming CB.

  6. Amanda_SB says:

    Love the song. First time I have seen the video, which is amazing. He’s a very talented and sexy man!

  7. Cazzee says:

    For someone who is dressed like Popeye, this man is incredibly hot.

  8. Riana says:

    I was going to say, “Don’t worry baby, believe me you’re sexy!”

    …then I saw the first pic.

    But that last pic…mhmmm, chocolate does a body good.

  9. Ms Kay says:

    *drool*…*purr*…*heart eyes*

  10. the original bellaluna says:

    The man just OOZES sexy!! How is that legal? *steps away for a moment and a cig*

  11. Mayday says:


  12. Hoya_chick says:

    All you other gals can have all the other usual suspects you always fight over. I’m asking nicely, just this once though for everyone to BACK OFF!!! He is mine. With his fine. Sexy self. Yum.

  13. lambchops says:

    Why the crotch jutting shots when the man can wear a suit so well?

  14. LL says:

    I am HERE for you Idris. All you other slags please step away.

  15. grabbyhands says:

    I would happy to personally assure him that he is indeed sexy at 40 and will probably continue to be for some time. I would love to see him in the Bond role-too bad about the timing.

  16. phlyfiremama says:

    This man is mouth wateringly beautiful.

  17. Christina says:

    I love him. I love how is is all “I am not hot, but the ladies think I am, so I will take that and I will work it”. I like his honesty about looks being important to his job and the fact that when he says it, it still sounds humble. There is nothing boring about him. His accent alone makes whatever he says more interesting..LOL. No seriously, he is a great actor and hell yes, he is beyond sexy.

  18. Annamaria says:

    I had a sex dream about him ;)

  19. janet says:

    You can still be sexy! You are just a different sexy than a 20 or 30 year old. Accept your age and be sexy at any age.

  20. Kizzy says:

    Thank you, Celebitchy for this video. I cried, it’s so beautiful! …And I don’t particularly love a couple of the photos. I know the man has balls and a c*ck! (lol) No matter (though I know he’s got it. I’ve seen the outlines before… good). At this point, I’d take him with or without. I just love him that much! So talented he is … and gorgeous!

  21. GeeMoney says:

    Drool, drool, drool… this man is gorgeous.

    And he has a lovely accent…

  22. Ciru says:

    If Idris knew the thoughts I have about him..he’d run a shower and cry under the water rocking back and forth clutching his knees. GAH he’s so hot it’s disgusting!

  23. Linlin says:

    Errrmm idris as mandela is kinda akward if im permited to say…cmon who thinks about mandela and go like WOW dats one sexy hunk id love to hump…

  24. Huh says:

    Idris Elba is the hotness. He’s so gifted (oh, Stringer) and cool-seeming that I choose to believe that he didn’t start the Bond rumors, and is in fact so humble and grounded that he doesn’t see that he’s the hotness when he looks in a mirror each morning. (Whether or not that’s true, I don’t care.)

    He’s one of those actors that should be in many more projects than he’s in — he elevates material, handles accents well, and is just kind of a smart-seeming manly man in everything.

  25. Helvetica says:

    Idris is ALL man. He is sexy as hell.

    That cover does him no justice at all.

    • FassDaActor says:

      He’s still sexy just older. I guess it’s hard when everyone is telling you that you’re sexy. You feel like you need to maintain. I say, don’t pick it up or put in down. He should just work on the acting. That will keep him sexy.

  26. moon says:

    man those are some TIGHT pants

  27. Bijlee says:

    Love him. I read anasazi boys, the Neil gaiman book and one character was described as sexy…I just pictured idris. And basically every character after that it was variations of Elba. He’s just gorgeous and talented. Hate this photoshoot, but lov him.

  28. BooBooLaRue says:

    Who cares if he looks like he’s advertising — I’d buy!

  29. Trixie says:

    He’s beautiful. Love him. The video is awesome, saw it originally on his website. He’s so talented…sigh.

  30. shabo says:

    He has such a funny shaped head, all pointy at the top

  31. Grace says:

    It’s okay Idris. I’ll keep reminding you. I’m here for you :)

  32. Issa says:

    He looks like he smells good. This man is sexy and sexy when he’s 70.

  33. Jenna says:

    LUTHER!!! Love the man, but I don’t want to jump him or do anything of the sort. That makes sense, right?

  34. Lydia says:

    I think he’s great. I’m looking forward to see him “break out” here in the states. I also think he’d make a great Bond.

  35. RHONYC says:

    ‘You watch yourself age and it’s hard to feel like a sex symbol.’

    ha! speak for yourself, bub!

    i plan on joining good ol’ Chrissy Snow aka Sexy Suzanne Somers on the quest to Centennial Sexiness!

    i wanna literally & figuratively ‘be bangin’ at 100! woot-woot! :-D 8O ;-)

  36. alibeebee says:

    this man is delicious on so many levels.
    I told my other half he’s my hall pass.. and my other half is like if I were a woman he’d be mine too

    Ha ha !

  37. pato says:

    gosh, I am speechless…. and drooling. that man is HOT.